Elegant college girl is teased and pounded by her elderly instructor

Elegant college girl is teased and pounded by her elderly instructor
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Let me refresh all of you from the last time. An old friend of mine asked her daughter to help me with my college algebra because I just couldn't figure it out. Cathy's help was fantastic but what was even better is that she asked me to help her explore her sexuality. After several study sessions she had not only taught me algebra, but I had eaten her pussy like a pro, she learned how to suck a dick and even let me take her virginity.

Cathy has the sweetest pussy I have ever tasted, could suck a dick like a natural and was so tight to the point that it was hard to completely penetrate her without coming. The last time we studied together she taught me graphing, and I introduced her to the 69. I let her be on top so that she could control where my semen shot and I could relax on the bottom and enjoy her sweet young taste. While licking her to orgasm after orgasm, she sensed that I was ready, pulled my cock out of her mouth and pumped me to an incredible climax.

The semen shot kelly star gives great head and is anally rammed video over her chin but she didn't seem to have a problem with it. After cleaning up, Cathy once again laid her head on my chest. "I want to try some of what you've showed me with my boyfriend" she said with worried eyes. I kissed her forehead and told her that it was fine.

She needed to interact sexually with someone her own age. "However, be careful. Make him wear a rubber. I don't trust a prick like him". "I will". She answered back. We rested for an hour and I fucked her again. Her pussy was so new 2019 pron xxx storys and so wet so I only lasted for a minute or so. She no longer showed any signs of pain, just pleasure. Withdrawing and coming on her belly I told her that she was the best I'd ever had.

Somehow I had to make her cum with just my cock pumping in and out of her sweet pussy. A week later, I talked to Sheryl again. Sheryl told me that Cathy seemed to be more energetic than usual and thought that it was that she was teaching me. I shrugged it off for obvious reasons. Sheryl then asked me for a favor.

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She had an electrical outlet that had shorted out and wanted to know if I could replace it. I told her that it would be no problem and that I'd come over the next morning.

Arriving the next morning Sheryl told me that her nubile films show me what you like, Dave had to be at work early to solve a distribution problem at work. Cathy was in school and would not be home until later that afternoon. As I worked on the outlet, Sheryl stayed close.

When I finished she approached me close and asked me how she could make it up to me. Realizing what she wanted, I turned her around and pushed her up against the wall. She reacted first, pulled my face to hers and jammed her tongue into my mouth. As our tongues swirled around each other I could feel myself begin to stiffen.

Sheryl could feel it as well as she pushed her hips against me and began a slow grind. Sheryl was a few years older than me and not a particularly attractive woman.

Her boobs sagged some and had no firmness left to the at all. Her ass had grown with age and was wider than mine as well, but she did know how to kiss. She pulled away from my mouth and started to nibble on my neck as my hands found her breasts and her hips ground against me harder. Reaching down, she un-buttoned and un-zipped me then started to stroke my rock hard cock through my underwear.

Sheryl was still nuzzling my neck while I licked slowly around the shape of her ear. I whispered "suck it" and she immediately dropped to her knees. Pulling my pants and underwear down she grabbed my organ and plunged it down her gullet.

Like mother, like daughter I thought. I was enjoying her oral attention too much, so I lowered myself to my knees and started another long French kiss with her. Pushing her backwards she lay on her back on the carpet as our kiss never broke as she reached down and un-buttoned her pants.

I broke the kiss just long enough to sit up and pull her pants and panties off then laid back down on her and continued our kiss. Moving my hips around I was able to feel her wet opening with the head of my cock in the midst of her loose and stretched labia and pushed myself effortlessly inside. Pulling her mouth away from mine, she moaned "Oh yes. Fuck me deep". I began pumping her womanhood deep and hard as her moans and breathing started to get deeper and more frequent.

My hands reached her breasts and I tweaked her hard nipples. Although her pussy was anything but tight, it still felt good as I thrust in and out of her, balls bouncing off of her ample ass.

As my cock began to firm up, I could feel her pussy start to contract. She was breathing and moaning deeper than ever. We were going to climax at the same time. With one last hard deep thrust I began to empty myself inside her as her hips quivered against mine. Spurt after spurt of semen filled her cavity as she wrapped her legs around my ass as to pull me in even deeper. I kissed her again and then told her "paid in full".

She pornpros charley chase messy deepthroat with bambino still shaking some as I withdrew my now flaccid cock from her and sat up. Glancing down at her pussy, I could see that some of my fluid was starting to seep out. Her labia xxx man man sex storys flabby and stretched from age and childbirth but still could hold a dick quite well.

"Thank you. I really needed that" she said. I gave her a hand up and she collected her things and headed to the bathroom. I redressed myself and headed towards the kitchen to grab a soda just in time for her husband to come through the door.

"That was too close" I thought to myself. "Hey Dave how's it going"? "Not too bad" he replied. Sheryl walked into the kitchen and had the same shocked look on her face. "Your early hon". "Yea the distribution problem was a lot simpler than they had me believe. Did he get the outlet done". He asked. "Yea I just finished a couple of minutes ago". I replied.

With that I faced Sheryl, winked and said my goodbye's to them both. Returning home, I had a thought. While burying my bone in Cathy's perfect pussy, I would just have to imagine fucking her mother. Yes I had come rather quickly with Sheryl, but it was all just to bust a nut. I kept my eyes closed as we kissed and just concentrated on the feeling of her loose vagina wrapped around my cock, plus remembering the great head she gave.

The next day, Cathy came over, but she had different plans. When we were done studying she asked if she could bring her boyfriend over when I wasn't home to experiment. I told her "fine, but I want to watch". She looked back at me with a worried expression and said, "YOU CAN"T WATCH, HE WILL NEVER ALLOW THAT"!!!

I pulled her to me and said, "Relax, I don't want to be in the room with you two, I just want to watch from some place secret". "Oh God" she exclaimed, "I thought that you wanted to take notes or something".

"Nope, just want to see this little prick in action". I told her. With that we went into the bedroom and undressed. I wanted to try something new with her, so I asked her to be on top. I then instructed her to come up and sit on my face.

She had a curious look, but complied. I worked her clit and darted my tongue in and out of her until she told me that she couldn't take it anymore. With that, I asked her to move her hips down so that she could ride my cock. She did so and I slid into her slowly. She's so tight that I almost came before I was half in.

Once inside her I told her to stop and just sit there. She then leaned down with her perfect beasts resting on my chest and kissed me. Although we had done so much in the last few weeks, we had never kissed lip to lip.

As her tongue mingled with mine, it was more than I could handle. "Cathy take it out"!!! But it was too late. My cock convulsed and full shots of my sperm entered her young vagina before she withdrew me from inside her.

"SHIT" I said yelling aloud. Cathy started to cry thinking that I was mad at her. Pulling her to my side, I told her that it was my fault. "I can't last inside you and I shouldn't have asked you to go as far as you did".

The last thing that I needed was a pregnant 18 year old. Cathy stopped crying as I calmed her down. She apologized. She busty brooklyn chase earns her reward of big dick pornstars big butt no need to though and she dozed off laying her head on my chest. Once she sunny lane in wonderland gets fucked! up, I gave her a kiss. She didn't expect it at first, but once it happened, she was fine with it.

I then rolled her on to her back and stared working on her neck, breasts and face with my lips and tongue. As I slipped my tongue into her mouth, she reciprocated. As our tongues joined, Upskirt voyeur 3 tube porn slipped my dick back into her for some more action. As before, I couldn't last inside her tightness and I came again.

Since she had already had my seed inside her, what did I have to lose? The next day her mother was at the door. I wasn't real excited to see her, but invited her in. "That was way too close with Dave" she told me. "No shit" I responded.

She sat on the couch and started to circle a nipple through her shirt with her finger. "No worry about Dave here" she told me, nipple becoming erect.

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"Why not take me now"? "Sheryl I don't have the time right now. I need to head for school". With that she angrily arose from the couch, and walked towards the door. I stopped her and apologized. She responded by planting another epic kiss on me and asking if I had the time for a quickie. She said that she needed to have my hard cock in her even if she didn't cum.

I responded by dropping my pants and showing her the hard-on that she needed so bad. Pulling her shorts off she sat back down on the couch and spread her legs showing me her well used pussy. Although I had been spoiled by Cathy's young beaver, I was fascinated by what I saw. Her hair had thinned with age and was greying.

Her labia stuck out flabby and un-inviting. Regardless, I dropped to my knees and began to lick it like it was her daughters. It didn't take long until her hips began to buck as she came. Knowing this, I stood on one foot with my cock level with her wetness and dove in.

She didn't even whimper as I plowed the whole thing yousex fairy tales depika porn real story. Looking down, I watched my hard cock slide in and out of her tunnel and felt just a little sick.

Making the best of it, I just closed my eyes and thought of Cathy. Doing that helped and it was over in just a few seconds. What was left dribbled inside her. Pulling out, Phat rack katrina jade and huge black dick told her that she needed to leave so that I could get to school.

She grabbed her shorts, put them on and gave me a quick peck. "Thanks" she said and walked out the door. Great. Sheryl seemed to be addicted to my cock.

Feeling just a little disgusted with myself, I went to my class. A couple of days late, Cathy called me. She had talked to her boyfriend Pete and they had decided that tonight was the night.

I told Cathy that I was going to hide in my closet and observe. Living in an older house, most of my closet doors had skeleton key locks that were easy to see through. Just in case, without Cathy knowing, I had set up a small surveillance camera to record the action. Thinking that I was at work, the "happy" couple arrived. Pete wasted no time coaxing Cathy into the bedroom and closing the door.

As I peeped through the keyhole I could observe the two of them making out. Pete looked like a rabid dog trying to chew Cathy's face off and groping at her perfect tits like candy. Cathy was very patient with him, trying to compensate for his over compensation. The view from the keyhole was low, so it was hard to see what really was going on. Pete then pulled his shirt off and tried to tear Cathy's off as well. I had to restrain myself as Cathy told him "no' I'll do it" as he still pawed at her clothing.

Once her shirt was off he started to slobber on her breasts like a newborn pup. This guy just had no patience. Cathy calmed him by rolling him on his back and stroking his very hard cock through his pants. She unbuttoned and unzipped him and started to kiss his belly. I thought that this guy was going to cum in his pants at any moment by watching the way he shook.

Lowering his pants and undies Cathy revealed a very hard, very purple cock that needed a release. Not wasting time, Cathy grabbed it and plunged the whole thing down her throat. After just a couple of strokes that made me want to nut, Pete exclaimed "you're not doing it right"!. Pushing her face away he said that he needed to put it in her to get off right. Cathy very frustrated at this point agreed and stripped the rest of the way.

As she lay on her back she told Pete that he needed to wear a condom. "I don't need that crap Cathy, I'm just going to stick the head in and see how it feels". Once again I suppressed my desire to toss this punk out the window and continued to watch. As he positioned himself between her legs, he reached up and grabbed her hands like in a loving display. He then forced his cock inside with no thought to find the wet spot, if she had one at that point.

After a few strokes he started to grunt and pant. Cathy knew what was coming and started to wrestle herself from underneath him.

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Just as she got him out of her and on his back, he began to ejaculate semen all over himself. Cathy slapped him hard and told him 'DON'T YOU EVER EVEN LOOK AT ME AGAIN"!!!!

Pete murmured "that's the way guys do it Cathy". Cathy gathered her clothes and exited the room. Pete lay there for a minute stroking the rest of the cum from his shrinking cock.

Getting up he started to pull his pants up when I burst from the closet and screamed "GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY HOUSE"!!!!!!

He tripped several times on the way out the front door, pants still only half on and sperm running down his torso. "Prick". Through the bathroom door, I could hear Cathy giggling at what had just happened. "Are you ok hon"? I asked through the door. She opened it up and had the prettiest smile on her face. "Thank you" she said. "I can't believe that he acted like such a pig". I pulled her naked body close and gave her a good hug.

"Anytime babe". Giving her a kiss, I suggested that she head home and come back later if she could. The next day Cathy called me with very good news. "I started my period today"! I don't know who was more relieved. Her or me. However, later that afternoon, Sheryl showed up on my doorstep.

"I'm fucking late". As the blood drained from my face she explained that ebony beauty fucks for free cab drive in public normally got the shot every month but since Dave's co-pay had went up and he hadn't given her any in a while, she skipped that month.

She said that was only a couple of days overdue, and that maybe we didn't have anything to worry about. Well praise the Lord but 6 days later, her period started as well……&hellip.

To be continued.