X storys boss drinks women boob milk download

X storys boss drinks women boob milk download
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Forward I walked back from my mail box looking through the bills. I was depressed. I wondered if anything else could go wrong in my life. The stock market was down, the man I supported for president lost the election, the economy was down, inflation raged but no nice round ass on this black chick was paying attention, and a man I throughly detested was the new president of the United States.

I coughed at the mere thought. We're all going to hell in a hand basket, I said to myself. I looked at my watch, it was 3:30 pm, my wife wouldn't be home until after 6pm. As the cook of the home I began thinking of what I would fix for dinner. I decided on fruit salad and enchiladas. This was Southern California after all. It had been a warm fall.

The temperature was hovering in the high 70s, just right for my daily mile swim in the pool. He opened an envelope addressed to him. I recognized my mother-in-law's handwriting and address.

She was thoughtful, I had to admit. For a mother in law she wasn't all bad. She was kind, soft spoken, a widow, and a good cook. She also had a body I wished my wife had and a wicked sense of humor that constantly bornered on the sexual side. It was a dirty birthday card. "Whatever present you thought I was going to give you for your birthday, please accept this instead," the cover of the card read.

I opened it. The inside cover had a buxom woman in a tiny bikini with fold out lips popping out of the center of the card. It was a music card. "You're so sexy" started playing. The credits for the song in small print was "French Affair." I wondered who she was, or if it was a hint. Obviously this was a hint of some kind. It was my mother in law's way of telling me she would be visiting.

I knew I would be getting the official news she would be coming for Thanksgiving from my wife Liz. Liz was a spoiled southern girl who had endured the two broken marriages of her mother, and two of her own.

I was number three. The joke "third times the charm" was lost fairly quickly as I realized it was not the charm I had hoped it would be. A divorced father of two in my own right I was not complaining, yet.

I was hoping time would heal the wounds and allow for the baggage we both brought to the marriage to eventually get thrown out with the rest of the garbage. At least Annalisa is a challenging conversation and good for a fight or two, I said to myself.

Thanksgiving would not be boring. Little did I know the changes and excitement my life would be taking in many areas. Areas that would introduce him to a whole new world of thinking, and behaving.

As I walked in the house and put the mail down, sex was the last thing on my mind. * * * When I heard my ex-wife's mother was coming for a visit I was really bummed.

For a woman in her fifties she wasn't bad looking, that wasn't the point, but oh my god what a bitch. She was 5'4" and about 130 pounds, a plus size c or d boobs. Her daughter, my ex, was only a c cup, and much taller at 5'8" and 165 pounds. My mother in law was a dyed blond and she was to herself everything that a movie star could be. To the world in her makeup, fur coats, glasses, expensive watches and jewelry, she was someone that people snickered at.

She had been married three times and took the men she married for half their money each time so she was well healed but stingy as hell. My hot teen dick the importance of spending time was I had a man cave. A den with a fireplace, a bathroom (it had been a master bedroom on the first level of our house at one time) and I used it as my office where I do financial consulting.

(Sell, buy silver). My wife and I had a pretty good sex life I thought. In a previous life she was very sexual, now older with three children, two girls and one boy, she more married to the kids than me. More than once I had a suspicion her son was hitting on her and there might be something going on between them.

When she got horny, about twice a month, we fucked like rabbits.

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I even got into her butt more than once and she would scream for me to do it. She especially liked me fucking her butt while she had a dildo in her pussy. I got her a second soft rubbery dildo that she would shove in her mouth so all three holes were filled. During those times she would talk dirty and fantasize about a foursome, always three men doing her in round robin, fuck one hole, then move to the next, then move to the next.

She also liked to talk about a black masseur she had doing her with me watching. I never told her I would enjoy that but only because it would be so degrading. Most of my fantasies regarding her was about degrading her watching other men fuck her, spank her, tie her up. She got off on it never knowing just how serious I was. So back to this story. Her mother is coming. Great. I decided to hide in my cave. I put the four american girl hardcore as x storys screens on my computer up to watch the finance channels, and track the trading.

I figured when they went to bed I would watch a man movie, war, crime, a good western shoot 'em up, something. Late one night "granny" walked in, that is what my ex's kids called school girl xxxi story jabardasti. She wasn't wearing her normal pair of outlandish dark glasses, or a fur coat.

She came in wearing a sheer nightgown with spaghetti straps that went to her calfs, and a cover up that was just as sheer with a, you guessed it, fur collar. She had a good smell, at a couple hundred bucks a bottle she could afford to buy the best.

That was the cheap stuff for her. But it did smell good. We talked, she had been putting down a medium priced bottle of wine and my ex had gone to bed with a migraine. A migraine for her meant she would be zonked for two days. Great, I instantly wondered if I was to be the entertainment committee? So she comes in and plops down in one of my expensive leather chairs and reclines. She had good looking legs for an older woman. I would definitely call her a cougar since every workman that showed up to work on her house in Sacramento never went away without giving her a major discount.

As we talked I decided to find out something about her. Why not? The wine began to loosen her up. She told me how her roommate in college during the Vietnam war had been kicked out of Balboa for being a prostitute. They moved together to Long Beach. She confessed having many boyfriends and admirers. I asked her what she did for work then and she said "gifts from men who liked me." Oh my god the woman was a prostitute.

She was screwing men for money and my wife had to have known it. Come to think about it, my wife admitted screwing the starting members of a football team in college. Her sexuality was one of the things that attracted me to her when I met her.

She said in her youth she had sex with men she was attracted to like some women shake hands at a political fund raiser. Come to think about it, same thing isn't it? In any case I had something on her, I wanted more.

She was a prostitute and I pushed it. She finally admitted it by saying she had only done an honest days job for two weeks in her life and hated it. Getting "gifts" was much better. She kicked off her slippers. The gas fireplace was going and she warmed her feet.

Another few gulps of wine provided a pause. Her first husband it turned out thought she was pregnant, and as a prominent family from Chicago he had to marry her. The elite of Chicago it seemed didn't mind as her father in law welcomed her into the family by hitting on her.

Yes, she did it with him. Her husband though was an exhibitionist and liked to get drunk at high class parties and take his clothes off and walk around in front of everyone. That wasn't objectionable to her though. Nor was it objectionable that he disappeared during the night with various female guests. "I had money, all the jewelry I wanted, and for the first time in my life a place in society. I loved it," she said. Nor was it objectionable that in her disgust of his behavior that she finally found consolation in the bed of her father in law.

A couple more glasses of wine and I needed to go get a second bottle. I was enjoying the voyeuristic nature of our discussion so excused myself and went in and grabbed another bottle for her. I got the cheap stuff, no sense wasting expensive wine on a lush. It didn't last long either.

She was getting hot and the wrap was falling off her shoulders. When I got back with the bottle the fur top had fallen off her shoulders and was draped hot chick linda sweet gets impaled and facialized her back. She claimed it was warm in the room. She was fanning her face with her hand. I noticed the sheer nightgown really was sheer and I could see she wan't a true blonde. I also noticed she had really good boobs and they looked like full Ds.

She had great nipples that were large with great pink aerola that stood out from the boob like a mushroom top on top of a cantaloupe. Her nipples were like almonds on top of that. So without the wine, she had my attention. I put an extra log on the fire by turning up the gas a little. She laughed taunting me that I was trying to get her so hot she would take all her clothes off. I told her I didn't care if she took her clothes off or not, she could do what she wanted.

She told me more about her life and why she got a divorce. She said she put her foot down when she found her husband teaching her daughter how to give him a blow job. The daughter spoken of was my ex, that explained why she gave such lousy head and never wanted to do it. Okay, I would let up on her from now on about that. One of the spaghetti straps dropped and the cleavage between those two cantaloupes could be easily seen.

They were very smooth and pretty. They were the oldest boobs I had seen in my life up until that time. I began to stare, which she noticed and evidently liked as soon the other strap fell and the sheer gown had dropped so low that what couldn't be seen through the sheer fabric was about to be revealed. She told me how her second husband also married her because he thought she was pregnant.

An officer home from Vietnam, another child, and no she didn't have a job in between marriages. The first divorce left her with a bundle and a yearning.

She rubbed her pubic mound like it was an itch, the hem of the nightgown was now up to her mid thigh. I began to think about her legs. They were pretty and better looking than her daughters. I wondered about that itch, and noticed there wasn't much darkness there.

She was almost completely shaved. Not totally, but short hair, really short. As she moved her hand away I thought I could see the mounds and slit. One of her hands rubbed one of her breasts and the nipple stood to attention like that soldier. He didn't last long though, but the nipple hard as a rock sure did. He was a drunk and pain medication addict. The story about husband number three and his death from cancer revealed one saucy babes pleasure boners in an orgy interracial and brunette boob and half of the other.

She pretended not to notice as she bent over for an itch on her shin revealing both boobs fully to me. That was when I thought she was coming on to me. She looked up at me with those doe eyes women have looking to see if I was looking down her front.

She saw I was and smiled. She didn't cover up. "Do you think I am still good looking, my body," she asked. "Yes, you have a very attractive body for an old broad," I wasn't going to make it easy for her and really, I liked looking at the boobs but not much else. She pulled the top down to her waist, "god it's hot in here, do you mind?" she asked. "No, I told you before," I said. "Do what you want." She laughed a wicked laugh, "Oh I couldn't do that you wouldn't have your pants on for long." I decided to throw it back at her.

"I told you do what you want. Anything you think your daughter won't mind, go ahead and do." "Oh she wouldn't mind if I fucked you I can tell you that." That wasn't my first hint my marriage wasn't what I thought it was. Suddenly drunken granny was revealing more than what she was saying. "Oh?" I asked. "Tell me." "She wouldn't mind if you fucked me seven ways to Sunday." "How do you know that?" I asked.

"Because she told me so at your wedding. I said I thought you were a stud and would fuck you if I had the chance, if she wasn't marrying you, and she said to go for it if I wanted." "So do you want to or are you just playing tipsy drunk." I said. I know knew the apple didn't fall far from the tree and perhaps the training her mother gave her extended to how we ended up getting married. "So is that why you are here?" I asked.

"Oh you are too much of a chicken, a manly chicken, but a chicken nonetheless. A stud chicken," she was laughing, "a fucking stud chicken." "Well, I'm not the one saying one thing, but doing nothing about it." I turned to my computer, I have four screens on a Mac for my work, they are the big screens 27".

"Can you pull up some porn on that?" she asked. "I could, but don't really know any sites." I lied of course. Her boobs had been out long enough now I wanted to touch them. They were really good looking. Sagged a little, not much, big, round, firm looking. I noticed as high up as her hem was, she had really good looking legs all the way to her hip. Her legs were more toned and in better shape than my wife had. I wondered what it would be like to mess with them.

I wondered what she would do if I just knelt down and lifted up that hem to see any bunny mobi sleeping sister fuck brother bush and that slit. I wondered what she would do if I put that hard erect nipple in my mouth and sucked on it.

I didn't think I would be interested in kissing her, yuck. I had never kissed an older woman before. "Any site you interested in?" I asked. "Go to," and she gave me a site.

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It was a free site. "Go to the paid area," it needed a password, she gave it to me. "Search for," she gave me a name. I pulled it up. OH MY GOD!. It was her at age 42. She was naked and in nature. Walking in a forest, sitting on a log humping it, showing her butt, (great butt by the way, I hadn't noticed), her boobs floating in water in her pool at home. A second post, a third.

There was a category, "see my previous posts" and there were easily 200 pictures in all. "Do you like them?" "They are hot," I told the truth. If she weren't sitting in the room I would have pulled out my dick and jacked off to them.

She reached over to my chair and sunny leone with her husband xxxx my hard dick. "I can see that." I didn't move. Her hand fondled me a little, I just turned my hand and looked at her. Her boobs hung down and were clearly in reach.

They were not much changed from age 42, and she was gorgeous then, they were gorgeous in the firelight. I wanted to touch them. I swiveled in the chair with pictures of her naked on all four screens and looked at her boobs.

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I lifted my head to see if her top had dropped far enough to get a look at that pussy. She saw what I was looking at and pulled the hem up. I could see the homemade webcam amateur fuck more videos on sexycamsorg brown and grey bush. There wasn't much, I could see she had shaved not too long ago, perhaps a month ago. It glistened. I swiveled giving her better access to fondling my dick. She stroked it.

I unbuttoned my pants. She unzipped them. She reached into my boxers and pulled my hard dong out freeing it. She hummed getting closer. "Mmmmm". I reached out and took one of her boobs in my hand. SHIT!, they were real. I looked back at the pictures and quickly started hitting "save as" on each screen and hitting the back key. By time she had my pants down around my ankles I had saved over 50 pictures.

Her mouth enveloped my dick as I fondled her boobs, while saving pictures as fast as I could. I parted my legs and saved the pictures sideways while she swallowed my dick down to the base. She fondled my butt and tried to pull me out of my seat to get at my young huge tits mom and son watch more on n. "Take that off," I said to her. She was obedient. She stood up and let it slip from her hips down her legs to the floor.

It fell slowly. I reached out while four files were downloading, one of them of a man fucking her with her legs pulled up so high her ankles were behind her neck. I looked at the picture and at her. "Too bad I didn't know you then," I teased. "You know me now, you want to try that?" she asked. She pulled my pants off my legs along with my socks. She came closer and I reached out and fondled that pussy mound. The hair was really short, and I liked short hair pussies to suck on.

I put my face close to her but my lips met her nipples first. My head buried in her soft mounds. God those nipples were great to suck on and no matter how hard I sucked the more it turned her on. I bit them and bit them so hard I left red marks.

She was coming to a climax and I put the nipples together and sucked on both of them at the same time. Her hips bucked and rocked at me as she came. She oozed and fluid ran down her long. I stood up and while taking off my shirt, and watching another four pictures downloading, went into my bathroom and got a towel. I laid it on the carpet and she laid down on it. I quickly down loaded another four pictures while she started fingering herself. Naked, I laid down with a knee in between her legs.

I rubbed her clit with it, she came again. I rubbed more, she came more. I played with her clit with my fingers while sucking on those tits and rubbing the boobs. She came more. Her back arched, my dick ached. The towel was getting wetter. I stuck my finger up in her, then two. It didn't faze her. Three, at four she was "oohing". I pushed more and my thumb found her butt hole. She leaked so much it was so wet my thumb was covered. It went into her butt as easily as my finger in her pussy. I reached in further and further until my finger tickled her hannah heartley big booty hottie decided to drop pornstars and hardcore. My thumb and finger rubbed between the walls and she began to buck in rolling climaxes.

I sucked on her nipples so hard they were turning purple. Finally she pulled me onto her, "fuck me," she said. "Come on, put that dick in me." I moved into position and it slipped into her right to the hilt.

She was lose, but it was a good fuck. I rammed her all I was worth. I rode up on her clit with my dick and she came more but I wasn't getting a good tight fit. But my guess was where I could.

I pushed in and came out. Went in and came out over and over giving her the sensation of my dick pumping into her. Then on one of the times I pulled out I dropped my body just a bit. It hit in between her cunt and butt hole. She squealed, with delight as it turned out. I pumped the space in between pushing on it and about the fourth push my dick landed on her butt hole.

I pushed, hard, harder, and in it went. She squealed and I covered her mouth with the hand I had in her pussy. She bit my fingers and sucked them into her mouth. She pulled her legs up and out to the side giving me more access to her butt.

Pounded her pushing harder and harder. My excitement grew as she came to more climaxes. Finally I blew my load into her butt gia marshashare my bf porn video mofos my dick up into her.

Damn it was a great, far better than her daughter. She was good and took anything I did to her. After a few minutes I pulled out and walked into the bathroom and took a quick shower washing my dick off triple clean. Then washed it again to make sure. When I came out she was still on the floor. She motioned to me to come over and stand over her.

She took hold of my thighs and pulled herself up to a sitting position. She took my soft dick in her mouth and swallowed the entire thing. It began to grow in her mouth. She held it and wouldn't let it go. The harder it got the more she held onto it. "Push" she said as my dick got fully hard. She took my hands and put them on the back of her head. I pushed. "Fuck me," she said as best as she could with my dick in her mouth.

I pushed and fucked her face. It was getting better worshipping cock iii a study in cum facials better. I got harder, and the more I pushed the more she got excited.

She wheezed gasping for breath as I shoved my dick into goddess of oral pleasures interracial and ballsucking old lady's mouth harder and harder.

"More" she mouthed. I pushed harder until I was about to cum, I paused. "No, no, push," she demanded. I pushed for all I was worth as I came to a second time. I don't think a drop got in her mouth as it went straight down her throat. She sucked on my dick for all I was worth.

It hurt so damn bad I thought she was going to eat and swallow the fucking thing. Soft, I was finally able to get it away from her. She laid back down on the towel and fingered herself to a half dozen more climaxes in front of me as I down loaded another fifty or sixty pictures. "My soldier liked pictures.

He took them. I didn't know he posted them until after the divorce. You can take all you want if you will do something for me." I turned to her. "What is that?" "Do that again sometime, maybe tomorrow. Liz will still be smashed on pain drugs." I agreed as I came out of the bathroom washing my sore dick thinking about her offer. I paged through the pictures again and decided to down load everyone that was on the site.

"Ok, deal," I said. "Let's go over this again, how do you think your daughter is going to feel about you fucking me." "Oh," she waved me off, "she won't care. Believe me, I know, I told her if I had a chance to fuck you while I was here, I would. She told me to go for it that she wasn't fucking you but once or twice a month, so you were probably ripe for it by now if you weren't already fucking someone else." "So, she isn't fucking me on purpose," I said as casually as I could.

"Of course," she said as she rolled on her side and curled up. She was about asleep. "She is planning on getting a divorce and leaving isn't she, she already told me." She was almost passed out and barely could say it she was so dopey. "Yes." She passed out as I downloaded all the rest of the pictures. I looked at her naked body on the floor and the pictures on my computer.

I loaded them all onto a thumb drive and stuck it in a drawer then deleted them off my computer and logged off the site. I walked over to her and bent down fondling her butt. It was a great butt.

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She was leaking. I fondled her boobs laying there. Great nipples, but she flinched as I touched them, they were obviously sore. I got out my camera and took a couple pictures of her laying there.

Put her night gown near by, propped her up against my couch, spread her legs for the world to see, there were plenty of those already on that site. I put my dick in her mouth and took some pictures. I pulled her to the floor just for fun and fucked her while she was passed out. I had never done that and it was an interesting experience.

I decided I liked live participants. I ended up taking over 50 posed pictures. Then I dressed her in her nightgown and lifted her onto my couch and covered her with an afghan throw. I stood over her. "Deal" I said. * * * Part II - Deception is a Two Edged Sword The next day my mother in law woke up in my office and with a drunken hang over. She made her way to her bedroom and sank into the queen size bed. She didn't wake up until after noon.

By then her daughter was up stumbling around with a migraine. (I will post Part II, the next chapter, in a second post. If you have editing suggestions, or would like to be an unpaid reviewer for stories being first time fucking smoll girl for publishing, send an email to high [email protected], woman are especially wanted for reading manuscripts in the erotic and romance genre.)