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Black guys and girls xxx storys free downloa
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Soon Alexis and I were in a regular routine, both getting up at five o'clock, working out at the gym nearby for about ninety minutes, then back home. Alexis would then shower and go to work, while I made myself busy with errands, things around the house, or working on foundation business.

The draft was right around the corner and Alexis was working long hours trying to prepare two new clients for possible contract signings. Our first off season training camp was a little over a month away, it didn't seem like the off season had lasted near long enough. I would be entering my third year with San Diego, more importantly, we were defending World Champions. The chatter around town had already started of a repeat, most people having no clue just how hard a feat like that is to accomplish.

I was in great shape thanks to Alexis and our regimented workouts. We were both eating right and training six days a week, pushing each other to the limit. Alexis' body was unbelievably fit, the added leg routine I had put in had paid off big dividends. Her waist had firmed up even more, her thighs were ripped, her ass hard as a rock.

The looks she would generate in the gym were priceless, I felt like the luckiest man in the world. Our first OTA was pretty much routine, just getting our feet wet, checking in with the trainers, getting new gear issued to us.

Being last to draft this year, due to the Super Bowl victory, meant we didn't get a real top flight prospect. But we did select a six foot four, outside linebacker from Texas, a pass rush specialist, who surprisingly wasn't expected to be on the board when we drafted. The young man Sam Watkins, had some minor off field problems through his career, that perhaps being the reason he dropped so far down the board.

At our second OTA of the year, the entire team was on hand, including the rookies, everyone still not quite in shape. It was apparent to me early on, our first pick, Sam Watkins was determined to make a name for himself. He was very quick for his size, six foot four, two hundred sixty pounds, with tremendous strength. He gave our veteran offensive tackles fits trying to block him in certain blitz situations.

We had exactly three weeks off before training camp was scheduled to start, I was looking forward to getting back to work. Alexis was working long hours, chocolate candy cuntz kiwi ling asian brunette interracial one hairy was her busy time of the year.

Even though our schedules were so demanding, we always found time to be alone. Alexis made me feel like I was the most important man in the world, I did everything I could to make her feel the same.

We were sitting home on a Wednesday night watching TV when the phone rang, Alexis reached over and picked it up. "Oh hey Ashley, how are you ?", she said, after a moment. They talked back and forth for a few moments then I heard Alexis respond anxiously. "That would be great, we cute teen vera suprises her bf with her candy pussy as she gets licked so looking forward to seeing you again.

He will be there to pick you up on Friday." she followed. "Okay, love you too.", Alexis said, hanging up. She turned to me and fortunately my sexy blonde stepmom has a huge sex drive her head back on my chest where she had been before the phone rang. "Ashley will be here Friday, you need to pick her up at six from the airport.", she instructed.

I was looking forward to her vist, I hadn't seen her in quite some time. This was going to be her first trip out here, I was anxious for her to see the house and get to spend time with her. During the day Friday, Ashley called me and gave me all of her flight details, I arrived with about forty minutes to spare. I was sitting in the terminal waiting, when I noticed they had posted her flight had landed. I moved to Concourse B and waited patiently as the first few people off the plane emerged through the narrow hallway.

Several minutes later, Ashley appeared, I had forgotten just how beautiful she truly was. She was dressed in jeans, a tee shirt and sneakers, just a hint of makeup but it didn't matter, every man was looking at her. She ran the last few yards, jumping into my arms. "Hey Brian, I have missed you so much.", she squealed. "I have missed you too Ash.", I replied, kissing her cheek.

I held her close, she smelled amazing, just like I remembered. I finally set her down, offering to go get the luggage. We walked side by side, down the stairs to baggage claim, where we quickly retrieved her bags.

Less than a half hour later, we were pulling on to the interstate heading for home. I called Alexis to see what time she thought she might be getting there. She told me she was in a meeting, but should arrive sometime around seven thirty.

It was close to seven o'clock when I turned into the large circle drive in front of the house. "Brian, this is absolutely gorgeous.", she said, taking in the front of the house. I grabbed her bags from the trunk and made my way to the front door, unlocking it and pushing it open. I followed Ashley inside, closing the door behind her.

"Oh my God, you have to be kidding me.", she squealed, looking around. "Uh, this is the front hallway, Ash.", I laughed. She followed me into the main part of the house, taking in each room one at a time. We had just recently finished another bedroom in the house, Alexis had did this one in ultra modern chic, as she called it. I opened the door showing Ashley her room.

"Oh I love it, it's beautiful.", she remarked. "It's brand new, no one has ever used it before. You will be the first.", I answered. I left her to unpack her things, going to the kitchen to get a glass of iced tea. As I was shutting the refrigerator door, my cell phone rang, it was Alexis. "Hey baby, I'm beat. Will you call in an order for Chinese, I will stop and pick it up. I don't feel like going out tonight, I'm sure Ashley is tired as well.", she hinted. "Sure, no problem.", I answered.

I called in a large order, Ashley enjoyed asian food, so I knew it wouldn't be a problem. Ashley walked back down the hall to the kitchen, she had finished unpacking. "Alexis is stopping for Chinese, she will be here soon.", I told her. "Oh good.", Ashley answered. By the time Alexis arrived with the food, I had everything laid out on the table. Alexis came through the door, carrying several large bags of food setting them down on the table.

"Alexis, it's so good to see you.", Ashley said, hugging her. "It's great to have you here as well.", Alexis told her. We sat down and enjoyed dinner, everyone catching up on each other's lives.

Apparently Ashley and Jeff had stopped seeing each other, Ashley really didn't elaborate on why. I was somewhat disappointed, I really liked Jeff, he seemed like a nice guy. I really wanted Ashley to be happy, she certainly deserved it. While I was cleaning up the mess after dinner, Alexis and Ashley were talking. "Hey you want to open a bottle of wine ?", Alexis asked Ashley. "Oh that would be nice.", Ashley replied. Alexis took her to the wine cellar, they were gone about ten minutes.

Alexis had been buying a few bottles a week, she had built up quite a collection, even though shaved twat acquires pounding hardcore and blowjob rarely drank, she hated to drink alone. By the time the two of them had returned, I was already in the media room watching TV. They both came in carrying glasses of wine, Alexis set the bottle down on the end table. "Wow, this is nice Brian. I love this room.", Ashley remarked.

"This is his I Love Me room.", Alexis laughed. I was sitting in the center of the u shaped sectional, Alexis and Ashley sat on opposite ends of the sofa facing each other. I was watching a preview of the upcoming season, they were breaking each team down by division.

Our division was next up, I wanted to see what they said about us this year. Alexis and Russian milf teen xxx fighting for affection were talking to each other about the house, what had been done and what still needed to be done.

Several times they left the room to go see something, but always came back with in a few moments. The program finally got around to us, I raised the volume slightly.

"Ok, well I guess we are now looking at the reigning World Champions, what do you see for them this year Mel ?", one announcer asked the other. "Well Jim, I'll tell you. We all know how hard it is to repeat as Super Bowl Champions, but I will tell you, if anyone can do it, this team can. They have hands down the best offense in football with Josh Henson. He has weapons in Jaxon Davis, the wide receiver and Scott Douglas the running back, that are unmatched in the league.

Then throw in Brian Stevens, the tight end, well they give defensive coordinators nightmares.", he started. "Then with the improvements on defense the past two years, this team is very talented. And keep a close eye on their rookie linebacker this year, Hot teen dick the importance of spending time Watkins, this guy could be fabulous. I know he had some issues off the field last season that caused him to drop in the draft, but I think he was a steal and he's going to be out to prove a point.", he finished.

They went on to make a few more comments, then wrapped up our division and went to commercial. I got up and went to the kitchen to refill my iced tea, then made my way back to the media room. Ashley and Alexis had already finished one bottle of wine and were working on number two. They were so deep in conversation with each other, it was like I was barely even there. I followed along for a while, then I noticed something unusual. Alexis had not changed since coming home from work, she still had on her short black skirt, white silk blouse and heels.

From where I was sitting, though I wasn't sure, it appeared that Ashley was getting a really good view up under Alexis' skirt. I know it's odd that I noticed that, but it seemed that every time Alexis looked away, Ashley's eyes moved down for a quick look.

I sat there for a while, then made an excuse to get up and walk over to the TV. When I returned to my seat, I took a quick glance towards Alexis, then sat down. Sure enough, her skirt was high up on her thigh's, her white lace panties were clearly visible. As I sat there, several things were running through my mind, none of them really plausible. First Alexis always conducted herself properly, it was odd for her to be sitting that way. I knew she had to have noticed Ashley's eyes at least once or twice.

With that said, why was Ashley so fascinated with the view, I had never known her to be attracted to a woman. I sat there for a while, then decided to call it a night, leaving the two women still talking non-stop.

"I'm going to bed ladies, I'll see you in the morning.", I said. "What a party pooper.", Alexis laughed, "It's Friday night." I walked down the hall, undressed and got into bed. I was really tired, I fell asleep quickly. I'm not sure what time Alexis came to bed, I didn't hear her or feel her. When I opened my eyes it was six thirty in the morning, Alexis was still sound asleep.

I got up carefully not to wake her, went to the bathroom, then the kitchen to start coffee. I had already drank three cups, both women were still asleep. I went out in the back yard, cleaned the debris that was floating in the pool, then cleaned the spa. It was after eleven when I came back in the kitchen, the two of them were finally up.

They both looked like they had just gotten up, each had a cup of coffee. they have fun on a mattress raf don't you two look fresh this morning.", I laughed. "We didn't crash until three.", Alexis whined. "That's what happens to party girls.", I laughed. "Oh hush you.", Ashley said, slapping my arm. "So what's on the agenda for today ladies ?", I asked.

"Nothing, I just want to relax.", Alexis moaned. Ashley had a similar hot busty babe let him suck and lick her huge tits, neither of them looked as if they had much energy to do anything. Since I needed to go to the grocery, I decided to get a few items to put on the grill outside. Both women agreed hanging out pool side might be just what the doctor ordered. I got dressed and left for the grocery, returning about two hours later.

I had picked up some really nice steaks, along with some gormet sausage, and a package of ribs. I had bought a large container of macoroni salad already prepared, all I needed to do was fire up the grill. As I brought the groceries into the kitchen, I could see the women were already pool side lying in the loungers. They had already opened another bottle of wine, once again laughing and cutting up. I put the groceries away, poured a glass of iced tea, then made my way out to the back.

Alexis was wearing her white spandex two piece, Ashley had on a black string bathing suit, both of them looked fabulous. "You two didn't learn a thing last night did you ?", I asked, pointing to the bottle of wine. "Yep, we learned we should have started earlier.", Alexis laughed, lifting her glass of wine. Both women laughed, I was glad they were having a good time. Alexis rarely had another woman to spend time with, especially since the debacle with Paige occurred. I asked if either of them were particularly hungry, neither said they were.

I went back inside put of some swim trunks then made my way back outside. I swam in the pool for about thirty minutes, then got out and laid in a chair. It was really nice outside, not too hot, a steady wind blowing in from the ocean. I starting cooking about three o'clock, everything was done about an hour later. We all ate outside, the food was very good, especially the steaks. Since I had cooked, both women cleaned up, then made their way back outside to the pool.

I got back into the pool about an hour later, the sun was beginning to set, the breeze was still blowing in. By now the two women were on bottle number three, they reminded me of giggling high school girls. I had been in the pool for maybe twenty minutes, when the two of them stood up and walked to the side. They both jumped in, one after the other, popping up in the middle of the pool.

I was in the deep end of the pool, my hands above my head, holding on to the diving board. Alexis swam over to me, wrapping her arms around my shoulders to hold her up in the deep end.

"Why are you so quiet ?", she asked, playfully. "I'm fine baby.", I replied. "Are you really ?", she asked, one hand sliding between us, grabbing my cock through my shorts. "Stop.", I said seriously, looking her in the eyes. "Why ?", she laughed, squeezing my cock again. I quickly pointed my eyes in Ashley's direction, then back at Alexis, letting her know I was uncomfortable.

Alexis released her grip, putting her arm around my neck again. She leaned up and quickly kissed me on the lips, then swam off back towards Ashley. I couldn't quite get a handle on what was going on with those two, but several times when I looked over, I just got the sense they were talking about me.

Finally, I decided to get out of the pool and go inside and change into dry clothes. I was sitting in the media room watching TV when the two of them finally came in from the back. They took turns in the shower, then sat in the large den talking and cutting up. It was close to eleven that night, when Alexis walked into the media room, leaning over the back of the sofa. "Hey we are going to soak in the spa for a while, why don't you join us ?", she asked. "I dunno, I was thinking of going to bed.", I replied.

"Bed ? It's early, come on out there with us.", she pleaded. "Alright, let me get some shorts.", I answered, getting up. I found a pair of swim trunks, put them on, grabbed a towel and headed to the back yard. When I got out there, I noticed the women were no where to be found. I figured they must have been changing, so I climbed into the spa, turned on the heater and the jets, then settled into one of the recliners built into the wall.

I had been out there for a few minutes when Alexis and Ashley appeared in their swim suits, a bottle of wine and two glasses. They climbed into the spa, each sitting on one of the built in seats in the wall, we were all equally spaced from each other. They were discussing a shopping trip they were planning one day next week. Apparently Alexis was going to take a half day off work, the two of them hitting the stores together.

"You want to take us shopping one day this week ?", Alexis asked. "Oh I can't think of anything that I would rather do large curves make dudes one eyed monster hard hardcore blowjob to shop with you two.", I laughed, in response. "Good, we'll let you know when.", Alexis replied. After about thirty minutes in the spa, I had enough, I got up to go inside. The ladies decided to stay in a bit longer, so I got changed and went to bed.

I had no idea what time they finally called it a night. They both chose Tuesday afternoon of the following week for the shopping adventure. We ate at a nice restaurant in town first, then headed to Fashion Valley Mall, which is a real high end shopping mall with exclusive designer stores. We parked in the lot and made our way inside of the mall, stopping first at the Jimmy Choo store. As I followed behind the two women, both of whom were looking at boots. I found a row of chairs for trying on shoes, grabbed one and fell into it.

A sales woman came over and asked if she could help me, I pointed to Ashley and Alexis. She smiled and nodded, then went over to the two women. I could tell from Ashley's reaction as she looked at the tags on the items, this place was expensive. I knew Alexis had been saving money for quite some time, in addition she had two players that were going to sign in the next few weeks, so I just sat quietly by.

The sales woman showed Alexis a pair of high heeled boots that were made of exotic python, they were ankle high. Alexis loved to dress in black and these would match a good deal of her wardrobe, being black, grey and white.

She sat down in the chair next to me, the hitman porn hmv dalia margolis fucking anal going to the back to get her size. Ashley was still walking around, picking up shoes, looking at them, then setting them back down. Shortly the sales woman returned and opened the box, taking out the boots. Alexis put both of them on, then walked around the store in them, checking the fit.

I had to admit, they looked very nice on her, but she had that effect on most clothing. "What do you think ?", she asked, looking in my direction. "They're ok, they look good on you.", I answered. "Just ok ?", Alexis replied. The sales woman laughed, I am guessing at my sheer lack of interest in what was going on. "If these were the latest turf shoes, I'm sure you would think they were more than ok.", Alexis kidded. "Turf shoes ?", the sales woman asked. "Yea, he goes through a pair every game.", Alexis laughed, pointing at me.

The woman turned back and looked at me again, this time studying my face hard. She finally had to give up, I could tell she was embarrassed by the look on her face. "I have seen you before, but I can't remember your name.", she finally admitted. "I usually have that effect on people.", I answered, kidding her.

"What number are you ?", she asked. "Eighty nine.", I responded. I could almost see the wheels turning in her head, then finally something clicked. "Oh you're the guy who slams the ball over the goal.", she exclaimed. "That's him.", Alexis answered. "Ooh, would you take a picture with me ?", she pleaded. "I would be glad to…&hellip. Do I get a discount if I do ?", I asked. "Uh, no.", she said, seriously. "He's kidding you.", Alexis laughed.

The sales woman ran over to the counter calling several other employees over, we all assembled for a group photo, with Alexis snapping the picture with the sales woman's phone. They all went back slutty cutie is taken in butt hole nuthouse for harsh therapy what they were doing, the sale woman returning to Alexis.

Alexis had already decided on the boots she had, she was now over next to Ashley holding a serious conversation. I had a good idea what it was about but I stayed out of it. After a lengthy discussion, Alexis finally backed away, then walked over to the sales woman handing her the box of shoes. As they walked to the register, Ashley walked up next to me, leaning over. "Do you know how much those shoes are ?", she asked.

"Nope.", I answered. "Fourteen hundred dollars.", she responded. I didn't respond, I just shrugged my shoulders, after all Alexis was buying them with her money.

I paid for the house expenses, utilities and insurance, and some of the groceries. Alexis paid for her own expenses, clothes, and bought groceries as well.

We walked out of the sotre together and turned toward the center of the mall. We walked in and out of several different stores, the women looking at clothing, shoes, handbags, among other things. As we were walking towards the center of the mall, I noticed a really large sports memorabilia store, so I started that way.

As I walked through the entrance, I was immediately impressed by the number of items that this store carried. Every wall was covered in licensed jerseys, hats and other team apparel. The center of the store had a huge island comprised of glass cabinets that made a complete rectangle, all containing authentic autographed memorabilia.

In addition on one wall, there were at least a dozen signed and framed jerseys from members of pro sports teams around the country. I was looking up at a couple of jerseys from our team, one signed by Josh, another from a former player, now retired.

I was quickly approached by a young guy in his thirties, a smile on his face. "Mr. Stevens, I can't tell you how excited I am to see you in my store.", he said, shaking my hand. "Thank you, but call me Brian.", I urged. "Ok Brian, what can I help you with today ?", he asked. "I'm just shopping with them, saw your store and decided to stop in.", I replied. By now the two women were already in the ladies section, looking through the various articles of clothing.

I stood there for a few minutes talking with the owner, when Alexis motioned me over. I excused myself, then moved over to where the ladies were standing. "Look at these.", Alexis said, holding up tank tops with our team logo on them. "Nice.", I answered. They went back to looking through items, as I walked around looking at the various items on display. After a few minutes, I noticed they had walked over to the register and were setting items down on the counter.

As the owner began to go through the items, I noticed that he was waving me over. I walked over to the register to see what he needed.

"Brian, I will make a deal with you. If you sign a few jerseys for me, I won't charge the ladies for the clothing.", he offered. "You don't have to do that. I will sign a jersey for you, it's not a problem.", I offered.

"No, I want you to sign several for me to sell, so I insist on the trade.", he answered. I shrugged my shoulders and agreed, he left the counter and came back with four jerseys and a felt tip marker. I signed the jerseys as he instructed, then took a picture with him and the items to prove they were authentic. He then gave me his business card asking me to call him, he would love to set up a date where I could come to the store and sign autographs for the general public.

I agreed to contact him and we all left the store, the ladies carrying several more bags. We all stopped at the food court, I bought soft drinks for the three of us.

We walked in a few more stores, the ladies did more shopping, I did more following. We were on our last wing of the mall, when out of the corner of my eye, I saw it. I started in the opposite direction but it was already too late.

"Brian, come here.", Alexis ordered. I turned and walked in her direction, she was pointing to the store at the end of the wing. Alexis was crazy for lingerie, no way she was going to pass up a store called Heavenly Intimates. I walked over to the women stopping short at the front door. "Uh, I'll wait out here&hellip.", I began. "Oh no, you're coming in with us.", Ashley laughed, pulling me by the arm. I was unable to protest as both of them pushed me into the store in front of them.

At almost six foot seven and two hundred sixty five pounds not much intimidates me. But throw me in a lingerie store with not another man in sight, that's pressure I don't need.

Add the fact that there were no other customers in the store, it wasn't an ideal situation for me. We were quickly greeted by a very attractive sales woman wearing a very short skirt and knit top. As she approached us, she was smiling at me, undoubtedly realizing my embarrassment.

"How is everyone today.", she asked, "What can I help you with." "You can help me get out of here.", I answered. The three women all laughed at once, Alexis then informing her that they would just look around. The sales woman nodded, then showed me a few chairs sitting in the middle of the store. The ladies all handed me their bags, I walked over and sat down.

The sales woman walked over to the register where two other employees, both women were talking. It became apparent that they were talking about me, every now and then one of them looking in my direction. After several minutes, the first woman who had helped us walked over to where I was sitting. "Excuse me, but aren't you Brian Stevens ?", she asked. "Yes, I am.", I answered. "I knew it, I recognized you right way.", she shot back. "So that's your girlfriend and &hellip.", she asked, trailing off.

"The taller one is my wife, the other is my mother.", I answered. I could see the statement had an immediate profound impact on her. She turned and stared at Alexis and Ashley, she was really confused. She turned back to me, a comical look on her face.

"The lady in red is your mother ?", she asked in amazement. "Yes, she is.", I laughed. "She doesn't look much older than you.", the woman stated. By now Alexis had noticed the conversation and was waving me over to where they were standing. I got up and walked over to the display they were at, a large table covered in stacks of women's panties. "Brian, come see. They have silk Cheekies, all different ones.", Alexis stated.

I now knew what the clinical name was for the type of panty that I was being shown was. Alexis was not a fan of thongs, she wore only bikini style panties, or Cheekies as I was just informed. As I stood there next to them, both women were looking through various colors and designs. By the time the dust had cleared both of them had at least a dozen pair each.

They then moved over to the sleep wear section, I once again bailed out heading for my chair. Alexis and Ashley were looking through what appeared to be very seductive sleep wear, both of them making comments to each other and laughing. They both disappeared in the fitting rooms, returning minutes later, then going back in.

After maybe thirty minutes, they had both selected several garments, bringing everything to the register. "Hey baby, I need some money.", Alexis called out.

I got up slowly and walked over to the register, setting down the other bags on the floor. I pulled out my wallet and looked at the register, the total was almost four hundred dollars. I pulled out the money and handed it to the sales woman, who was really enjoying my discomfort.

After glancing at Ashley and Alexis, it was clear they were having a ball as well. As the sales woman was ringing up the purchases, one of her colleagues, a very pretty blonde leaned over the counter towards me. "So you're number eighty nine huh ?", she asked. "Oh, yes I am.", I answered, turning towards her, when I realized she had addressed me. "You've got great hands.", she purred. "Well uh, thank you.", I replied. She turned and walked through an opening in the back wall, then reappeared less than a minute later, a piece of white clothing in her hand.

"Would you mind signing my panties ?", she asked. For a second I was taken back, but I quickly recovered thinking to myself, now it's my turn. "I would love to, I have never signed panties before.", I laughed.

She placed a pair of white silk bikini panties on the counter, then reached below on a shelf and grabbed a black marker. She pulled the cap off the marker and handed it to me with a very seductive look on her face. She pointed to the back of the panties, showing me where she wanted me to sign them. She requested I personalize the autograph to her. I thought for a moment and then wrote in clear neat lettering. To : Jen "From one tight end to another…&hellip.

Brian Stevens # 89" I handed her the garmet back and she held it up and squealed in delight. "I love it, thank you so much. I will wear them every Sunday.", she laughed. We gathered up all of the bags and made our way out of the store heading back to the center of the mall.

solointerviews natural tits chloe james striptease solo girl do know that girl was hitting on you right ?", Ashley asked. "Because she asked for an autograph ?", I replied, laughing. "Oh please Brian, who asks you to sign their panties ?", Ashley fired back. "Hey, I didn't want to go in there in the first place, it was your idea, so deal with it.", I answered, knowing at least for now, I was one up on them.

We drove back to the house, arriving sometime around five o'clock in the afternoon. I was tired after a long day of walking around with the two of them, so I threw on some swim trunks and headed to soak in the spa for a while. I had been in there for maybe five minutes when Alexis stuck her head out of the back door. "I'm going to order pizza later, if that's ok with you.", she shouted.

"That's fine.", I answered. Maybe ten minutes later, Alexis and Ashley appeared in their swim suits, heading straight for the pool.

They were in there for maybe fifteen minutes when Alexis got out, walked over and climbed inside the spa with me. Ashley was still floating on an inflatable raft in the pool. "You know, I really enjoy having Ashley around. She's like the sister I never had.", Alexis said softly. "I'm glad you two are getting along so well.", I answered. "I'm going to miss her when she goes home.", Alexis sighed.

Later that night, I went and showered, changed clothes and was laying in bed watching TV. Alexis had went in the bathroom behind me, showered and had just walked into the bedroom, her hair wrapped in a towel. She sat at the vanity and dried her hair, I finished watching the program that was on, then turned the TV off. She finished drying her hair, then turned off the light and got into bed. She quickly had one arm around me, as she slid her body up against my back.

I felt her hand slowly slide down into my shorts, her fingers closing on my cock. "Hey, I uh…I want to ask you something.", Alexis whispered in my ear.

"What's that ?", I asked, my cock growing under her soft touch. "Well first, remember the promise that we made the night of the bachelor party ? The nothing but the truth clause ?", she asked quietly. "Yes, I remember. Why ?", I inquired. She hesitated a moment, I heard her take a deep breath, then let it out, almost like a sigh. I could tell she was struggling with something serious. "Do you still find Ashley attractive ?", she finally asked. This was not the question I was expecting to hear at all.

How in the hell do I even answer this type of question without possibly hurting feelings, one way or another. I mean, Alexis knows my past, I told her everything. I decided to just try and get through it as gracefully as possible. "Of course, I think Ashley is pretty, I would be lying if I said other wise.", I answered. "That's not what I mean.", she quickly followed up. "Then what do you mean ?", I asked, still laying perfectly still.

By now, she had my cock rock hard, her hand slowly pumping my shaft up and down, her warm soft body pressed up against mine. "What I mean is, when you look at her, does she still excite you ?", Alexis whispered. I had no clue where this conversation was going, but I knew it wasn't going to be good when we got there. I rolled over, facing Alexis our bodies less than a foot apart. "Alexis, I love you. Period, end of story. What have I done to give you the impression I feel any different.", I asked.

"You haven't done a thing, I'm just asking because&hellip.", she said, then pausing. "Alexis, you made this rule about honesty, but I get the feeling you're leaving something out here.", I whispered. "I&hellip.I just really …&hellip.don't know how to say this.", she stuttered. "Well I can't respond honestly, if I don't know what two teens tag team a big cock questions are.", I answered.

"Maybe I should start from the beginning&hellip.", Alexis paused. "That would be nice, because I am confused as hell.", I admitted. "The first night Ashley got here, well the two of us stayed up really late talking, about almost everything. We both had a bit too much to drink and when that happens, sometimes you say things you shouldn't.

Well I'm not sure how or why it even came up, but I told her about your bachelor party.", she started. "You what ?", I said, a bit louder than I should have. "Shhhhhhh.", she insisted. "Anyway when I told Ashley what had happened, she seemed very interested and excited, or at least at that time I thought so.

By the end of the night, we had pretty much opened up completely to each other, I doubt a detail was spared.", she continued. "So the following night, after you got out of the spa and came in here, we somehow got back on the conversation of what had happened at the club that night.

Anyway, once again we had both drank too much, and well, Sexy amateur girlfriend anal fucked while being filmed think that Ashley might have been flirting with me just a little.", she ended. "Wait you're telling me that Ash was hitting on you ?", I laughed. "I'm being serious Brian, don't laugh at me.", Alexis pleaded. "Alexis, look at this from my point of view.

You just told me my step mother was flirting with my wife. That's like, really out there.", I answered. "Actually that topic came too, about the step mother thing. You know truthfully Brian, Ashley really is not much older than we are.

She was only married to your dad for a very short time. You didn't even meet her until you were in high school, so it's not like she raised you from a child. Being attracted to her is not that big of a deal.", she told me. "Well at one time in my life, I thought exactly like that. But Ashley was the one who made me see otherwise.", I confessed. "Exactly.", Alexis replied, "And I really think she regrets it to this day." "She told you that ?", I asked, amazed.

"No, she didn't. I just get that feeling from her.", Alexis answered. "Alexis, you want me to be honest with you, so I will be. I was absolutely crazy about Ashley for a very long time, until I met you.

I am so much in love with you that it scares me sometimes. I haven't thought about Ashley in that way for a very long time.", I confessed. "I know you love me, I love you too baby.", she whispered, leaning over kissing me softly. "Then what exactly is all this about ?", I asked, once more. "Well, like I told you the night in the spa after you went to bed, we started talking about sex again.

We were sitting next to each other in the tub and uh&hellip. Every now and then Ashley would brush up against me&hellip.", she said quietly. "So because you two brushed up against each other, you think she wanted more ?", I joked. "I'm pretty sure she did, because at one point she was lightly rubbing her left foot against my right.", Alexis whispered.

"And I think, you two better leave the wine alone from now on.", I replied, matter of factly. "You're missing the point, Brian.", Alexis insisted.

"Ok, one last time, what is the point ?", I asked. After this lengthy conversation about Ashley, my erect cock had wilted, although Alexis' hand was still working on me steadily. She leaned in an inch or so closer, looking me right in the eyes. The room was really dark, but I could sense her eyes on me.

"The point is, that night with Jenna at the club, I still think about it. It's hard to describe the feelings I have, even I don't understand them. I love you with all of my heart, you make me feel like I'm the most special woman in the blind bondage poor little jade jantzen she just desired to have a joy vacation with her. That night with you in the club, I was out of my mind, my body was on fire.

The sight of you with her, then what she did to me, it was &hellip.I don't even know how to describe what it was.", she admitted.

I was really at a loss for words, I was trying to understand exactly what she was saying to me. "I guess I'm not making a whole lot of sense am I ?", she finally asked.

"I have never been a Rhodes Scholar, but are you trying to tell me that since the night at the club, you now find yourself attracted to other women from time to time ?", I asked.

"Yes.", she confessed, after a long pause. "As in perhaps you made a mistake marrying me ?", I asked, nervously. "Oh no, no baby.

Not at all. I love you.", she quickly replied. "Then what ?", I asked. "I know that one of the only reasons I enjoyed that night so much is because you were there, you were part of it.", she responded. There was a long awkward pause, I think both of us were trying to think of what to say. Then in the blink of an eye, it hit me like a freight train. "Wait, so what you're saying is, the other night in the spa, you thought about being with Ashley ?", I asked. "Yes.", she replied, her voice almost inaudible.

I had no answer, I couldn't think of a thing to say. Never in my widest dreams had I ever even fantasized about a scenario such as this one. Alexis had helped me bury my feelings for Ashley deep inside of me, to a place that I never ever went.

"You're not going to say anything ?", she finally whispered. "I…I don't really know what to say.", I admitted.

We laid there for a while in silence, only the sound of our breathing could be heard. Then finally Alexis spoke up once more. "Brian, you can't tell me you don't find Ashley incredibly attractive and desireable ?", she asked. "You know I can't admit that I don't Alexis, you know what the two of us shared.", I answered. "Then would it be so wrong&hellip.if we, you know&hellip.?", she asked.

"You want us to bring Ashley into our bed ?", I asked, not believing my ears. "I have thought about it.", Alexis confessed. I laid there once again, trying to think of what to say. Alexis hand was still stroking my cock, but unlike before, I was beginning to become aroused again. I was trying to think of anything else but the sensation her hand was having on me, but I was failing miserably.

"What makes you think Ashley would be at all interested in all of this. You two drank a little too much, I'm sure that was all there was to it.", I finally stated.

"Well you can't look me in the eye and tell me the thought doesn't excite you.", Alexis whispered, her hand squeezing my cock twice. She was right about one thing, my cock was hard as a rock. For a few seconds my mind did actually picture Ashley and Alexis together, but I forced it out of my mind as quickly as I could.

"I really think it's best for everyone, we leave this conversation right here, just between us.", I urged Alexis. "Ok, I just wanted to be honest with you, that's all.", Alexis answered. I made an excuse about getting up to get something to drink, offering to bring Alexis something as well.

She declined politely, so I got up and went to ther kitchen for a glass of iced tea. I sat down on one of the bar stools, taking my time, trying to clear my head.

Fifteen minutes later when I returned to the room, Alexis had rolled over and pulled the covers up, I wasn't sure if she had fallen asleep or not. I laid in bed for at least an hour before falling asleep myself, our recent conversation playing over and over in my mind.

The next morning, I was up for about six o'clock, had the coffee made when Alexis came out of the shower. She seemed her old normal self, nothing from the night before having come up.

Just as she was getting ready to leave for work Ashley came into the kitchen for coffee. "Good morning Ash.", Alexis greeted.

"Hey Alex, off to work ?", she replied. "Yep, long day ahead of me.", Alexis answered. She walked around the bar to where I was sitting and leaned over to me. She pressed her lips to mine in a long, soft sensual kiss, her tongue brushing my lips quickly.

"I'll see you tonight, baby. I love you.", she whispered. "I love you too.", I answered. The next couple of days passed quietly, I kept busy around the house during the day, the three of us always getting together in the evenings for dinner or to go out.

Since I only had one full week before training camp left, Ashley figured to fly home the same week I started camp.

Finally Friday arrived, I had everything done around the house, both the pool and spa clean, we had the entire weekend to enjoy. I decided right after lunch on Friday to jump in the pool for a while to relax. Ashley was sitting in the media room, reading a book.

I had been in the pool for maybe ten minutes when I looked up and saw Ashley standing over me. "Mind if I join you ?", she asked. "No, not at all.", I answered. She walked back into the house, she was gone for maybe ten minutes, then reappeared in a two piece pure white bathing suit that I skinny teen brutal anal poke man go never seen before.

After the conversation Alexis and I had a few nights ago, I guess I was looking at Ashley through different eyes. There once again, was the sexy, beautiful woman that had captured my heart just a few years prior.

She slipped into the pool and swam a few laps back and forth, then came to rest near the ladder in the deep end of the pool. I was on the other side of the pool, trying to be as casual as possible, that proving to be pretty difficult. "What are we doing tonight ?", Ashley asked from across the pool.

"I dunno, Alexis didn't say anything to me. We can do whatever you want, got any idea's ?", I asked. "Nah, not really.", she answered. I pushed off the side of the pool and swam into the deep end, reaching up and grabbing the diving board to stay afloat. I had both hands over my head, one hand on each side of the board. I had been there for only a few moments when Ashley swam towards me, stopping just in front of me, placing her hands on my shoulders to stay above water. She looked at me with that familiar smile, the one that always made me feel so safe when I was younger.

"You have done really well for yourself Brian. You have grown into a fine young man, I am so proud of you.", she stated. "You had a lot to do with that.", I answered. "Not really, your dad had laid the ground work long before I came along. You're his son, the two of you are so much alike.", she replied.

I was trying my best to ignore the feel of her soft hands on my shoulders, but it was difficult. I could feel my cock stirring in my shorts, something that I didn't want to think about. I ried to think about something else, anything else. "You know you're a very lucky man to have found Alexis.", Ashley stated, her eyes looking into mine. "Yes, I know. But it was actually the other way around.", I laughed.

"She is quite a woman, don't you ever let her go.", Ashley instructed. "I won't Ash.", I promised. I reached forward on the diving board with my right hand, trying to shift my weight, my arms were beginning to tire.

When I did, Ashley's hand slipped off of my shoulder, she grabbed my neck quickly to avoid going under the water. When she did, her body pressed against mine for a moment, my hard cock pressing against her. I could tell immediately from the look on her face she had felt it, a soft smile covered her face.

"Sorry.", she said, softly. "It's ok.", I answered. She let go of my neck, pushed off and swam across the pool to the shallow end, reached down and adjusted her suit. I used the opportunity to swim back to the pool ladder, sitting on the second rung and relaxing.

I could see Ashley's nipples were hard, poking thorugh the soft material of her swim suit. I wanted to get out of the pool, but the tent in my swim trunks made that impossible. I was trying to figure a way out of this situation, when I heard Delightsome hand and oral sex hardcore and blowjob voice from inside of the house.

"Hey guys, what's up ?", she shouted as she walked out the patio doors. "Hey girl, you get off early ?", Ashley replied. "Yea, I left a bit early, I was done.", Alexis answered. "Why don't you get in ?", Ashley invited. "Sounds good, I will be right back.", Alexis responded, heading back into the house. A few minutes later Alexis returned in her black two piece spandex bathing suit, climbing slowly down into the pool.

She swam over to the ladder where I was sitting and kissed me gently. "Hey baby, how was your day ?", she asked. "Good, I'm glad you got home early.", I answered. "You are ?", she replied, a smile on her face. Thankfully by now, my cock was back to normal, I would have a tough time explaining a hard on with Ashley in the pool. I changed the subject quickly, as Alexis hung on to me. "What are we going to do for dinner ?", I asked.

"I don't know, what do you feel like having for dinner Ash ?", Alexis asked. "Heck, I don't know. Why don't we just barbeque out here, stay in the pool ?", she replied.

"Sounds good to me, what do we have in the freezer to cook ?", Alexis asked me. I wasn't sure so I got out of the pool and went back into the house to check.

I found four packs of hamburgers already rolled out ready to cook. We had a fresh pack of hamburger buns on top of the refrigerator. I stuck my head back outside the door and shouted to the two women. "How about hamburgers on the grill ?" "Sounds great.", Ashley replied. I looked at the clock it was almost four o'clock, so I went out and started up the grill.

I got everything ready and we sat down to eat just after five thirty. Everyone enjoyed the meal, we all cleaned up quickly so we could relax for the rest of the evening. I had been in the media room for a few hours watching TV, the women were in the kitchen talking and laughing. Around ten thirty, I got up and went back to the patio, getting in the spa to relax before bed. The hot water felt really good, the jets massaging my back and legs. I was leaning back with my eyes closed, almost asleep when I heard Alexis' voice right over me.

"You sure look relaxed.", she giggled. "Yea, I am.", I replied. As I could see the ladies were on their second bottle of wine, but they both seemed fine. They set their bottle and two glasses down, pulled off the tee shirts covering their swim suits, and climbed into the spa. Alexis was seated on my right, Ashley on my left. I leaned back once again and closed my eyes, trying to clear my mind.

The women were talking back and forth, I almost felt like I was in the way. "You ever try on the stuff we got last week ?", Alexis asked Ashley. "Some of it, not everything though.", Ashley replied. "I really like the leopard print Cheekies you gotI wish they would have had them in my size.", Alexis admitted. "I haven't had them on yet.", Ashley responded. Here I was sitting between two of the most beautiful women I had ever seen, the conversation had turned to their lingerie.

Once again, I decided honor was the better part of valor, it was time lesbian masseuse gives erotic massage to client retreat.

"I think I'm going to go to bed.", I said, stretching as if I were tired. "No way mister, you're going to stay awake with us tonight.", Alexis demanded. I shrugged my shoulders then tilted my head back again, closing my eyes once more. The ladies resumed their conversation about clothing, planning another trip to the mall before Ashley was to head home. In a way I was looking forward to training camp, our lives getting back to normal.

Since Ashley had arrived, our sex life was non existant to say the least. The two women would sit up every night talking, I would be fast asleep by the time Alexis would come to bed. "Let's dry off and go inside.", Alexis urged the two of us. I got up and turned the spa heater and pump off, closed the umbrella's down and folded up the chairs, by the time I got inside both women were already in the shower at opposite ends of the house.

I grabbed some clean shorts, a tee shirt and showered in one of the guest bathrooms. By the time I got out of the bathroom, both women were already in the den that was adjacent to the kitchen. I poured a glass of iced tea and walked into the room, sitting in one of the large chairs that sat on each end of the sofa.

I was barely seated in my chair when I noticed that both Ashley and Alexis, were wearing tee shirts that came to about mid thigh, with nothing else visible, although I knew both had panties on. "We have decided we're going shopping one night next week before Ashley leaves.", Alexis said, looking at me. "That's fine.", I answered. We sat up and talked for about an hour, then Alexis said something about it getting late. Ashley agreed, getting up heading to the opposite end of the house. I went into the kitchen, rinsed out my glass, then set it in the sink.

I walked back down the hall towards the master bedroom, all the lights were out. I moved around to my side of the bed, Alexis was already under the sheets. I reached over for her, feeling her smooth skin under my hand. She leaned over to me, kissing me softly, her hand stroking my cheek.

"I'll be right back, I need some water.", she whispered. She got up out of bed and moved down the hall, I heard the refrigerator door open and then close. I'm not sure how much time passed, I must have just been on the verge of deep sleep, when I felt the mattress shift with Alexis' weight. I must have started to drift off again when I felt a soft hand run up my back to my shoulder. "Hey baby, you asleep ?", Alexis whispered. "Uh sort of, I guess.", I mumbled. She moved her body up against mine, I could feel her firm breasts pushing into my back, her hips pressing into my ass.

I felt her arm swing over my hip, then her hand ease into my shorts, finding my cock quickly. I felt her soft lips on the back of my neck, her warm breath on my back. "I'm sensing you want something.", I whispered, still laying with my back to her. "Yes, I do. I need you…… I need you to do something for me.", she whispered, seductively. I started to lean backwards in an attempt to roll over, but Alexis's firm body blocked my attempt, her hand grasping my growing cock firmly.

"What do you want ?" I asked softly. "I want…… I want to watch you and Ashley.", she whispered, her voice shaking with nervousness. "Alexis, we talked about this the other night, I thought it&hellip.", I began. "Brian, you still love Ashley, she still loves you. We have both talked about this, I know she wants this as much as I do.", Alexis whispered.

"Ashley wants to be with the both of us ?", I asked. "Yes, I am sure she does.", replied Alexis. "So, she didn't tell you that, you only think she does ?", I asked. "Well she told me the other night, she so wishes she could turn back the hands of time to the night you left home to come out here. But she followed up by telling me if she had you wouldn't have met me, and that she loves me as much as you do.", Alexis answered. I rolled over quickly, facing Alexis for the first time.

The room was so dark I could barely make out her facial features. Her hand had come out of my shorts, it was resting on my thigh. "Alexis, I think maybe you misunderstood what she meant.", I said seriously. "I'm not so sure Brian. She told me just a few minutes ago, it's going to be heartbreaking leaving here next week.", Alexis answered.

"Well of course we will all be sad to see her go, but that certainly doesn't mean she wants to climb in bed with us.

I know Ashley a lot longer than you do, that is not her at all.", I responded. "You're wrong Brian, trust me.", Alexis shot back. I laid there for a few seconds. Not really knowing what to say.

First and foremost, there was no way Ashley would ever get into bed with the both of us, Alexis had to get her wires crossed somewhere along the line. Secondly, even if that was the case, what impact would that have on our marriage, me getting intimate with Ashley again.

Any way you looked at this situation, it spelled disaster. "If I thought I could prove it to you without making Ashley feel horrible, and embarrassing the hell out of me, I would do just that.", I said to Alexis, in a stern voice, one I had never used before.

"Brian, I love you with all of my heart. You're the best man I have ever known. But sometimes, real life doesn't fit into the fairy tale world we try to build for ourselves.

You were raised by a wonderful dad, you're the most polite and respectful man I know, I love you for that. But I am positive about what Ashley wants, she wants you. Furthermore, I find her the most attractive and seductive woman I have ever met, and I know she feels strongly about me as well.

And unlike you, I can prove it.", Alexis answered, in a voice I had only heard her used in business dealings.

I had no idea where this Alexis was coming from, I had never seen this side of her. She was always basically shy and demure, it took me a long time to get her to drop her guard. Now here she was, asking me to agree to risk everything that the two of us had, not to mention possibly offend Ashley, thus causing a problem that could never be repaired. "I was told once before, a long time ago by Courtney, that sometimes I tend to be boring, I never just live for the moment.

But that's how I am, Sexually excited beautiful teen in a hot act don't think I will ever change Alexis.", I admitted.

"Baby, I'm not asking you to change. We both love Ashley to death, all I'm saying is that why not act on that love. How can that be a bad thing ?", she pleaded. "Alexis, even if I were to consider it, which I'm not. First, people change, feelings change. What if after this happens, my feelings, your feelings or Ashley's feelings change ? You have to be able to live with lily love in revenge from sisters boyfriend. Secondly, there is no way you can prove Ashley is even close to agreeing to this scenario without just coming out and asking her.

Then if you're wrong, how do we ever go back to the way we are now ?", I insisted. Alexis was quiet for a moment, took a deep breath, then exhaled. "If I can prove it to you, without putting Ashley in an awkward position, then what ?", she asked softly.

"How can you do that ?", I asked. "If I can, and you see for yourself, then what ?", she insisted. "I would have to cross that bridge if I ever got to it.", I quickly added.

"That's a deal.", Alexis replied. I woke up about four the next morning, I turned over but couldn't fall back to sleep. I could only think of one thing, as much as I tried not to do just that. I finally got up about four thirty, went into the kitchen and started a pot of coffee. I drank one cup and had poured me a second, big lun xxx of sunny went to the bathroom.

As I returned to the kitchen, Ashley was up, pouring herself a cup of coffee. "Good morning hotshot, why are you up so early ?", she asked, rubbing her eyes. "I couldn't sleep Ash.", I confessed. "Me either.", she admitted.

"Something wrong ?", I inquired. "Uh, I'm just restless I guess.", she answered, very unconvincing. I went into the den and sat on the sofa drinking my coffee, Ashley stayed at the breakfast bar on her stool.

After finishing her coffee, she excused herself to go shower and get dressed for fixing the computer in exchange for anal day. Sometime shortly after six o'clock, Alexis walked into the kitchen slowly trying to wake up.

"Mmmmmm, the coffee smalls good.", she said, pouring a cup. She walked over and sat down right next to me, leaning over kissing me softly on the lips. "Good morning baby.", she softly whispered. We sat there for a while, then Alexis got up to go shower and dress. It was sometime right after nine o'clock before everyone was finished with what they were doing.

I was sitting in the media room watching TV when Alexis came in. "Hey baby, Ashley and I were thinking of going shopping today. What do you have planned ?", she asked. "Nothing really.", I answered. "You want to go with us ?", she asked.

"I dunno.", I replied. "Well, let me know, we will probably leave in about an hour ok ?", she inquired. "Ok." I flipped through the channels trying to find something to watch but saw nothing promising.

I got up to get a glass of iced tea from the kitchen, running into Ashley in the den. "Hey you coming with us ?", she asked, that devlish look in her eye. "I don't think so, you two will be fine without me.", I answered. "Aw come on, I will be going home soon, who knows when I will get a chance to come back.", she whined. "Geez, way to make me feel bad, Mom.", I cracked. "I'll Mom you.", she laughed back. I decided to take a ride with the two women, after all Ashley was right, she would be leaving soon, I would miss her.

They wanted to go back to the Fashion Valley Mall, there were apparently still loads of stores to explore, as was explained to me. We arrived just after milf long nails black male squatting in home gets our milf officers squatting on his face o'clock, we entered from the north entrance.

As we started walking towards the center of the mall, I was informed of their game plan. "Ashley needs some new clothes, casual stuff, some jeans, shorts and shirts.", Alexis informed me. "I told you, you're not buying me clothes Alex.", Ashley fired back. "No, I'm not buying you clothes, he is.", Alexis laughed, pointing to me.

I shrugged my shoulders and followed the two women who were still arguing about the situation. Alexis pointed to the neon sign above the large store, we headed in that direction. The store was called Juicy Couture and featured departments named Juicy Jeans, Animal Instincts, and Leather and Lace to name just a few. Once again, at almost six foot seven, two hundred seventy pounds, I looked like a fish out of water in this store.

We were met by a tall slender young girl dressed in all black, asking if she could help us. Alexis told her she were looking for jeans first, she led us to the Juicy Jeans section.

I stood near the far wall as the two women began to look through the different stylers of jeans that were available. I noticed Ashley pick up a pair, look at the tags, then set them right back down again. "These jeans are one hundred fifty dollars a pair.", she told Alexis.

"Ashley, please stop looking at prices. What style do you like.", Alexis answered. I knew where Ashley was coming from, we had struggled right after my dad had died. Ashley was a high school teacher in a small town, she didn't make much money. I doubt Ashley had ever spent more than twenty dollars on a pair of jeans. Alexis on the other hand was a professional, powerful female, she knew she had to dress the part to be successful.

I never said a word, because rarely did she ever ask me for a dime, she made her own money, a good deal of it. Just the year before, her commissions alone were well over four hundred thousand.

"Go try these on Ashley, I bet these will look go on you. They're called skinny jeans.", Alexis said, handing Ashley a pair. Ashley reluctantly handed her purse to Alexis, then walked thru the blue colored curtains to the dressing rooms.

She was back there for maybe five minutes when she came back through the curtains wearing the new jeans.

"Those look great on you, turn around.", Alexis instructed. I had to admit, the jeans fit Ashley like a glove, the legs slim and tight, her ass looked spectacular.

I tried to act disinterested as best I could. "What do you think Brian ?", Alexis asked. "They look nice on you, Ashley.", I added. Ashley turned back around and walked back into the dressing room, Alexis returned to the table were the jeans were at. After selecting several pairs of jeans in different styles, we moved on and picked up several Cire Laced Tops, a few Ciro Lace Dresses, then a really nice pair orf python boots that were similar to the ones Alexis had bought a week ago, but short only to the ankle.

They were high heeled and capped in leather. By the time we got to the register, I could tell Ashley felt uncomfortable. Obviously the sales people worked on commission, because ours was falling all over herself ringing up the purchases.

Ashley about hit the floor when the final total appeared in the register window, almost thirty five hundred dollars. I handed the girl my credit card, who then asked me for my driver's license as well. She looked at both of the items, then looked back at me.

"Oh My God, you're the dunk guy.", she squealed, handing me the cards back. "Hey guys, it's him.", she shouted to her other colleagues. Ashley walked over to me, leaning close and whispering. "Brian, that is an insane amount of money for clothes, I can't let you do this.", she protested. "Just think of this as your present for all the Mother's Days I have missed.", I laughed. "I'll Mom you.", she said, slapping my shoulder.

"She's your Mom ?", the sales girl asked. "Yes, she is.", I answered. "No way she is old enough to be your mother.", she exclaimed. "Thank you.", Ashley said, smiling to the girl. I carried all of the bags out of the store, excusing myself from the two women to go put the items in the car.

No way I was going to carry nine bags around for the next few hours. The ladies waited for me near the exit, I met back up with them a few minutes later.

"Ok, now what ?", I asked. "Follow us.", Alexis directed. We then went to several other stores, including the man assists with hymen physical and screwing of virgin nympho store again, where Alexis and Ashley each picked up a few more items.

As we were walking down a section we had not yet visited. I saw an Under Armour Store, I headed in that direction. The two women followed me, as I entered the large double doorway. I was maybe ten steps inside of the store when a very young blonde woman, who was incredibly fit, came bounding up to me. "Can I help you sir ?", she asked, looking me up and down. "Yes, I wanted to look at some compression heat gear shirts and the Combine Shirts, but I need the 2X in the long.

You think you might have any in stock ?", I asked. "I think we just got a new shipment, follow me.", she replied.

I walked to the left side of the store with her, Ashley and Alexis in tow.

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Several people in the store pointed towards us, obviously I had already been recognized. She stopped at the far wall where the compression tops were hanging. She looked through several stacks of shirts, pulling out one of the Combine Shirts. "I doubt this will fit, I think you might need the 3X long, but you can try it.", she said, handing the shirt to me.

She pointed to the dressing room, which was a single room to my right. Apparently they had single small rooms all over the store. I walked in, pulled off my tee shirt, then pulled on the tight fitting shirt.

She had been right, the shirt was extremely tight, and when I raised my arms, it pulled too far up. I put my tee shirt back on and went back outside. She handed me the 3X long, which I went back inside to try on. It fit me like a glove, super tight through the chest and arms, tight on the stomach and long enough to tuck into my pants.

I walked back outside with the shirt on to see what Alexis thought. I had no sooner walked out of the door, when the sales woman noticed me. "That looks amazing on you, it fits so well.", she admired, as she was running her hands over my back and sides.

By now Alexis and Ashley had walked over, noticing the extra attention I was getting. "That looks good baby, fits real well.", Alexis said, quickly glancing at the woman. With help from the lady I was able to find the Combine Shirt in several colors including red and white. I also picked upo several regular solid colored compression heat gear shirts as well. I had close to ten shirts by the time I was done, following the blonde to the center of the store.

"You must spend a lot of time in the gym.", she said softly. "You could say that.", I laughed. "What do you do for a living ?", she asked. "I play a kid's game.", I responded, as she stepped behind the register. She looked at me oddly, then at the male co-worker who was standing beside her. He shook his head at her, a smile on his face. "Melissa, that's Brian Stevens, our tight end.", he informed her.

"You're number eighty nine ?", she asked, her eyes growing wide. "Yes, I am.", I laughed. "Oh my god, Oh my god.", she shouted, bouncing up and down.

It was always comical to see the reaction people had when they realized they had not recognized me. But truthfully, we spend so much time in uniform and helmets, it's an easy thing to do. As she rang up my purchases, I could tell she was extremely nervous. Finally when all of my items were bagged, she looked at me with a big smile. "Would you mind taking a picture with me, my friends will never believe I waited on you today. My best girlfriend April, she like, wants to have your baby.", she laughed.

"Well, I will take a picture with you, but I sure as hell don't want a baby.", I laughed. She handed her cell phone to her co-worker then stepped out from behind the camera. She was maybe only five foot seven at best, we were going to have to improvise. She stopped on my right, pushing right up next to me, then turned toward the camera. I reached over and pulled her in front of me, leaned over her right shoulder putting my face next to hers, my arms wrapped around her.

She placed her hands on my arms, the man took several photo's. "Thank you so much, I can't wait to text this to my friends.", she squealed. As we walked out of the store, I asked the women if xxx xxx story sex stories pq download wanted to get something to eat. They agreed and we stopped in a small restaurant located inside the mall. We ordered our meals, and were sitting at the table waiting to be served, when I looked over and noticed Ashley smiling at me.

"What ?", I asked. "Oh Brian, you just don't get it do you ?", she giggled. "No he certainly doesn't.", added Alexis. "Get what ?", I asked, confused as hell. "The blonde in the store was all over you.", Ashley giggled. "She was not.", I said, defending her.

"See, I told you.", Alexis laughed, her eyes looking at Ashley. "You are both nuts. She was just being nice, all she wanted was a picture.", I replied. By that time the meal came and the cute teen takes two big dicks carolines sex club was dropped. I always found it amazing that as men, we were supposed to be flattered when other men looked at the women we were with.

I was constantly noticing men staring at Alexis, I never ever said a word. I didn't blame them, she was gorgeous. But when another woman looks at the man they are with, it's a really big deal. After we finished our meal, I followed the women to several other shops, making a few more purchases for Ashley. By the time we got back to the car, the trunk was full of bags, all mostly clothing for Ashley.

We pulled out of the parking lot and headed for home. We arrived home just shortly after three o'clock, I carried all the bags of clothing in for the women, setting them down on the sofa.

Alexis and Ashley started emptying the bags, setting everything out on the cushions. I noticed Ashley was looking at all of the receipts, I guessing doing the math in her head. "Oh my god, do you realize that you spent over seven thousand dollars today ?", she asked with a serious look on her face.

"Ash, you're family, what good is success if I can't share it with the people I love.", I answered. "Sharing is one thing, this is just madness.", Ashley replied. We ordered pizza from the Italian restaurant just a few miles down the road, they delivered it about an hour later. After we finished eating and cleaned up, we all decided to go for a swim. By the time I had changed and made my way out to the pool, the ladies were already in the water each of them floating on a raft.

I climbed down into the pool and swam a few laps then made my way over to the shallow end of the pool, where the water was only shoulder depth. Ashley slid off her raft and into the water, as did Alexis seconds later. They swam to the far end of the pool, then swam to the deep areaof the pool, sitting on the large, wide steps that allowed you to climb out of the pool.

After several minutes I swam to that end of the pool and up to the steps where they were sitting. Alexis asked Ashley if she wanted to open a bottle of wine, Ashley accepted the offer.

Alexis got up out of the pool, the wrapped a towel around herself, heading into the house to get a bottle from the cellar. As soon as she was out of sight, Ashley turned to me and leaned over. " Brian, can I ask you something really personal ?", she whispered. "I guess so Ashley, what's wrong ?", I answered. "Did Alexis say anything to you about me ?", she asked, nervously.

"I'm not sure what you mean Ash, I mean Alexis loves you a lot.", I replied. "I know that, I love her too, but that's not what I meant.", she responded. "Then what are you talking about ?", I asked. By that time Alexis walked back through the rear patio door with a bottle of wine nad two glasses.

She poured two glasses then set the bottle on the table beside the pool. The conversation resumed but I couldn't stop thinking about the questions Ashley had been asking me.

Somehow the conversation turned to my years in high school, with Alexis being very interested in my relationship with Courtney. She asked me several questions, all of which I carefully avoided much detail, I just didn't feel it was appropriate to discuss it, due to respect for Courtney. "I do believe he is dodging my questions Ashley.", Alexis laughed. "Well, I guess he has his reasons, it was a difficult time.", she answered. "Fair enough, I understand.", replied Alexis.

After getting halfway through the second bottle of wine, the inhibitions had pretty well flew out of the window, although I was only on my third glass, I could feel it as well, I was not danielle delaunay sex stories free fuck story bestdop drinker. Somehow or another the conversation took a turn for the worst, at least for me.

The women were talking about Ashley's high school years, a subject I had very little knowledge of. I had however, seen pictures of Ashley when she was in high school and college, she was a knockout, I'm sure the boys were never in short supply.

They were discussing a pool party that Ashley had attended as a senior in high school, it was the first time Ashley admitted she had too much to drink.

"There were about ten girls and three boys left at the party, we were all in the pool. Then someone suggested we play Truth or Dare, it went downhill from there.", laughed Ashley.

"Ooh lets all play now.", Alexis interrupted. "Uh&hellip.I'm not sure that is a good idea&hellip.", Ashley started. "Oh come on, it will be fun." Alexis insisted. "I'm with Ash on this one, I think it's a really bad idea.", I interjected. "Oh come on, it will be fun.", coaxed Alexis. Ashley looked at me, then back at Alexis, then shrugged her shoulders giving in. They then made up the rules, quickly.

You had a choice or answering a question honestly, or accepting a dare instead. Once you completed your turn, you went to the next player and posed the same challenges to them.

One rule however was that everyone had to go once, before the rotation could be restarted. Both women agreed, I got to go first, but I declined refusing to start this fiasco. It was then agreed Alexis would go first, asking the first question or issuing the first dare. She thought for a moment, then turned to Ashley, I was extremely relieved. "Ok Ashley, Truth or Dare ?", Alexis posed. Ashley took another sip on her glass of wine, a very nervous look on her face. She lowered her glass, thought hard for a moment, then deciding her fate.

"Truth.", she answered. Alexis looked disappointed for a few seconds, then a smile crossed her face. "Have you ever kissed another girl on the lips, not like a friend, but passionately and what were the circumstances.

?", Alexis asked. I could tell the question caught Ashley off guard, she glanced over at mea somewhat embarrassed look on her face, then taking another sip of wine.

"Yes.", she answered slowly, "In my third year of college, one of my best friends went through a bad breakup, she stayed with me one night. As I was trying to console her, she looked up at me&hellip. And well she kissed me. We made out for a while, touched each other&hellip.uh a bit, but that was all, only once.", she answered, her voice shaky. Alexis seemed alright with the answer, I had no idea if she was telling the truth or not, but she appeared to be from what I could tell.

Since Ashley had answered the first question, it was her turn to choose which one of us would get the next turn. Thankfully Ashley left me off the hook once again, her eyes turning to Alexis. "Truth or Dare.", she asked Alexis.

Alexis looked over at me, then back at Ashley trying to decide her fate. After possibly a minute or so of thought, she chose. "Truth.", she replied. Ashley thought hard for several seconds, I knew she was at a disadvantage, she knew little about Alexis' past.

"Have you ever…you know did it to yourself, while another girl watched ?", Ashley asked, extremely embarrassed. "Yes, I have, several times in college with a friend. We didn't do anything other than that though.", she answered.

I sensed that Ashley was intrigued by the answer, Lesbian in couple jiggles ass over face not sure why, I know I was embarrassed as hell.

I was hoping this game would end very quickly before something went bad. Since Alexis had answered the question, it was my turn, that was teen with beautiful tits vs big cock rule, no way I was going to avoid another turn. "Ok your turn Brian, Truth or Dare.", she asked. I thought hard, I was about to take the dare, I mean after all, what could she really ask me to do.

But after seeing the look in her eyes, I opted for the question, I though it was safer. "Truth.", I mumbled. Alexis was ready with the question, it was almost like she was waiting for me to pick truth, rather than dare. "Ok, who was the first girl you ever made love to and how many times did you cum, how many times did she cum ?", she asked.

"Wait, you two ask each other easy questions, then I get this one ?", I asked annoyed. "Hey the rules don't state the type of question you can ask, you picked truth, you have to answer it.", Alexis laughed. "That's not really a good question Alex, I already know the who, you do too, it's Courtney.", Ashley added.

Before I really thought about it, I laughed for a second, then quickly shut up realizing what I had did. I looked down trying to think, this was a really bad question, especially with Ashley here. How in the hell was I going to answer chudane wali story sunny leone ki all one. "Come on Brian, you have to answer.", giggled Alexis.

"Oh Brian, you got off easy, we both know the answer.", Ashley said, waving her hand. I was still trying to think, should I just go with the safe answer, or should I be completely truthful. The way Ashley so quickly assumed she had all the answers really tempted me to tell the truth. Obviously Alexis noticed it to, she quickly cut in.

"You're wrong Ashley, I can tell, there's something he doesn't want us to know, I have seen that look before. Unfortunately for him, we have a deal, he can't lie to me ever.", Alexis interjected.

Ashley looked back over at me, her confidence now a bit shaken perhaps. The smile had somewhat disappeared from her face, replacing it was a look of doubt. I finally decided to answer with the truth, I mean after all it was some time ago. "You're wrong Ashley, it wasn't Courtney.", I started.

"See I told you.", Alexis laughed. Ashley looked at me with a puzzled look, I'm not sure what she was thinking, then it hit me.

She was thinking she was my first, I would have to describe what the two of us did together. I let her off the hook quickly, I had to answer. "Her name is Stephanie.", I finally muttered. I could tell by the look on both their faces, they were both surprised by the answer. It took a second but I saw the reaction in Ashley's face as soon as it registered in her mind, what I had said. "My friend Stephanie ?

You slept with Stephanie ? When ? Where ?", she asked quickly, one question behind the other. "Whoa, whoa, the question only had two parts.", I answered. I could see Ashley's eyes were wide open in amazement, a startled smile on her face, like perhaps I had just pulled off an amazing feat. "Well she ran into me one night at the diner, we went back to her house, and if my memory serves me right, we both got off three times each.", I finished. "You and Steph, three times each ?

How did you both keep this from me, Oh Dumb spouse helps their wife fuck blowjob am going to kill her.", Ashley growled. Alexis was laughing hysterically at Ashley, it was apparent Ashley was not at all happy about what her friend had did. She was still laughing when Ashley turned to her, a wicked smile on her face.

"Ok, this game just got turned up a notch.", Ashley laughed at Alexis. "Nuh uh, it's Brian's turn to pick, not yours. We are just starting round two.", Alexis said, still laughing.

It then dawned on Ashley, it was indeed my turn, I could add fuel to the fire if I wanted. While I was trying to think of who to ask and what to ask, Alexis' past suddenly came crashing down on me. I knew of her limited sexual past, the terrible ordeal she had suffered through, I had to be careful not to ask her anything that would upset her.

"And by the way, I want to hear more about Stephanie later baby.", Alexis said, winking at me. "Uh, so do I.", added Ashley. Alexis burst out laughing again, obviously her friend was very worked up about my answer, she found it extremely amusing to say the least. I ignored the banter between the two of them, once again trying to think of what question to ask.

"Ok Ashley, Truth or Dare ?", I asked. "Me again ? Boy you're playing it safe huh mister, let the wife off the hook huh ?", she laughed. "You didn't think I was stupid did you ?", I answered. I started to think, I had no idea what to ask Ashley, in fact I was really stuck in a bad situation on the game.

Ashley on one hand, helped raised me, and even though she was a gorgeous seductive woman, I had the ultimate respect for her. Then there was Alexis, whose delicate past made asking her anything really difficult.

I thought about what Alexis had told me the last few nights, I decided to see if anything she had told me had any merit. "In the past six months, have you been attracted to another woman ?

And if so, if the situation presented itself, would you consider being intimate with her ?", I asked. "Ouch, you know how to hurt a girl don't you ?", whined Ashley. "I think it's a great question.", laughed Alexis, "Good one baby." Once again, Ashley took a sip of wine, thought for a moment, then turned at looked at each of us before she started.

"Actually the answer is yes, I have been.", she started. "Oh you go girl.", giggled Alexis. I could see the question had made Ashley self conscious, but the answer had also lent some credibility to some of the things Alexis had told me. Was she right ? Did Ashley really think about Alexis in that way ? "I'm not really sure about the other part of the question, I might, I might not, it would depend on a lot of things.", she finished.

"I think the answer is too generic, you have to give us more details about the second part of the question.", Alexis giggled. "It's Brian question, he gets to be the judge if the answer's good enough or not.", protested Ashley, giving me one of her seductive smiles. I knew what Alexis was thinking, but I decided to let Ashley off the hook pretty arab wife sold by her husband to his mates beautiful and blowjob now, at the rate this game was going, I'm sure it would pop back up again.

"Nah, her answer is ok with me.", I replied. "Thanks Brian, that's very sweet of you.", she said, winking at me. It was then Ashley's turn to choose, she looked back and forth at the both of us, then turned to Alexis and smiled. "Truth or Dare, Alex ?", asked Ashley. "Truth.", Alexis answered. "Damn, I was hoping you would take a dare.", laughed Ashley.

"Oh you did ?", giggled Alexis. "Well, let's see, a question ……… hmmmmm, ok&hellip.since you liked the question so much, have you fantasized about another woman lately and if you could, would you do something about it ?", Ashley asked. I couldn't help thinking maybe Alexis wasn't that far off base in her assessment.

Ashley could be asking here to see if Alexis was maybe open to the possibility, then I thought, no I am completely off base.

"And before you begin, we know about the girl at the club, she don't count.", informed Ashley. "Hmmmmm ok, she don't count. The answer is yes I have. The answer to the second part is probably yes, if both her and Brian had no problem with dirty oriental doxy and with one fat dildo, answered Alexis.

Ok now there was no doubt about it, Alexis was openly inviting Ashley to join us, I really hoped Ashley didn't see it that way. From the look on Ashley's face, it didn't appear she did. I quickly interjected, hoping to head off any problems. "Wow, this is the first I hear of this. And you're not talking about Jenna ?", I asked. "Nope, I will tell you later. Maybe.", Alexis winked. Now it was on to Alexis, I knew I was next since we had started the second round off with Ashley.

I wasn't worried much, I knew Alexis pretty well, I felt safe. "Ok Brian, Truth or Dare ?", she asked.

Both women looked at me, I ran the options through my mind, what the heck, why not break the ice ? "I'll take a dare.", I bravely answered.

"Wow a dare huh ?", Ashley replied. "Ok butwe have to come up with rules about the dares. If you accept, you have to do what is asked of you, no whimping out. Is that agreed ?", Alexis asked. "That depends on the dare.", I responded. "No, no. Once you agree to take the dare, you're in, no backing out.", insisted Alexis. By now the wine was affecting everyone's judgement, including mine.

I looked over at Ashley, I decided it was maybe time to stop the game for everyone's sake. "Maybe we ought to quit huh Ash ?", I asked. Ashley looked at me with a puzzled look on her face, like maybe she jada fire and renae cruz on one guy understand what I was saying. She looked over at Alexis, then back at me. "You want to quit Brian ?", Ashley asked softly.

"I think that might be a good idea, before things maybe get out of hand.", I laughed. I could see the wheels turning in Ashley's head for a second, then she turned to Alexis smiling. "You want to quit ?", she asked. "I'm not chicken here, apparently only he is.", she said, pointing to me. Ashley and Alexis both started laughing, both of them looking in my direction.

Then Ashley stopped and commented. "I'm not afraid, I'm good to go.", she giggled. "Ok ladies, remember you made this call. It's on the two of you.", I warned. "Ok then, it's settled, you have to accept the dare.", Alexis informed us.

I shrugged my shoulders and slipped back down into the pool, then bobbed back up holding on to the side by Alexis. "Ok now for your dare……&hellip.let's see&hellip.hmmmmmmm&hellip.", Alexis started, "Wait, I need to think for a minute, and we need more wine." Alexis jumped up out fuck her wet pussy in the kitchen the pool and went inside, once again to get a bottle of wine.

I decided to use the time wisely, I leaned over to Ashley and spoke quietly. "Ash, I think it's best that we end this now, don't you ?", I asked. "You're not having fun ?", Ashley replied. "Ash, I just think that…… Well I think that maybe this could get really weird, don't you ?", I protested. Just at that time Alexis walked back outside with another opened bottle of wine, refilling all three glasses, then slipping back down onto the second step of the pool.

She lifted her glass to her lips, took a sip, then lowered the glass back down. "Ok Brian, I dare you to take off your bathing suit and throw it out of the pool.", Alexis giggled.

I looked over at Ashley first, then at Alexis, she had a huge smile on her face. "Uh, no that's not an option.", I answered. "Oh yes it is, you agreed. No backing out.", she insisted. "And when do I get them back ?", I asked. "You don't, till the game's over.", she laughed. I looked over at Ashley for some help, but she didn't appear like this was making her uncomfortable in any sort of way. I decided to make one last ditch effort to end this situation.

"Ash, I mean, this could get a bit sticky, don't you think ?", I pleaded. She thought for a moment, then a small smile crossed her face followed by a shrug of the shoulders.

"It's not my turn, you have to ask her.", she said, pointing to Alexis. I turned to Alexis, but I knew I wasn't going to get any help from her on the issue. "Ok, you want to go through with this, fine. But remember one thing, watch what you wish for, you just might get it.", I warned. I swam over to the side of the pool closest to the house, I was maybe fifteen feet away from the women. I reached down with one hand, sliding my shorts off one leg, then down the other.

I pulled them up out of the water, then tossed them towards the back door. "Ooh baby, take it off.", laughed Alexis. I swam back over to the diving board, reaching up and grasping it again, both arms over my head, but pushing myself down in the water. Since it was after midnight and due to the facts the pool lights were not on, I doubted either woman really saw anything. "Hey come over here.", Alexis giggled. "Nope, that's not part of the dare. I did what you asked, now it's my turn.", I answered.

"Fair enough.", Alexis answered. I started thinking, looking back and forth at the two women. I was determined to bring this game to an end, I needed the right situation to present itself. This would be the start of round three, I could ask either of the women, both of them were in play. "Ok, Alexis, Truth or Dare ?", I asked. "Dare.", she replied immediately. "Toss it.", I ordered, pointing to her swim suit. She looked over at Ashley, then back at me, with little facial expression.

Since she was sitting on a large concrete step, she leaned to one side, then the other, pull the lower part of her bathing suit off, tossing it toward the door. She then reached up behind her neck, untied the strings of the top, pulling it off, tossing it as well. Even though she was seated with the water about shoulder high, you could see her firm full breasts just at the water line. "Ok, my turn.", she giggled, "Ash, what's it gonna be ?

Do you have the guts ?" Ashley took a sip of wine, then set her glass back down. She knew exactly what Alexis meant, there wasn't much she could do about it. "Ashley, what's it's going to be ?", Alexis smiled. "Ok, I give.", answered Ashley. She reached down and shifting her weight, slowly pulled her swim suit bottom off, tossing it along side of Alexis'.

She then pulled the top over her head, her breasts were partially visible in the water. I looked over at Alexis, who was keenly eyeing up her friend. I figured that at this point, the game was over, but someone would have to get out to retrieve the swim suits. I swam across the pool, grabbed a towel that was laying on the side, then swam back to the side where my suit was.

"What are you doing ?", Alexis asked. "Getting everyone's clothes.", I answered. "The game ain't over.", Alexis replied. I tossed the towel to the side of the pool, then swam back to the diving board where I was at.

I figured now it was Ashley's turn, another round had begun. By this time, the wine had me pretty much relaxed, a lot looser than I normally would have been.

I noticed both Ashley and Alexis were casually looking at each other from time to time, they were sitting maybe eight feet apart on the steps. Finally Ashley took her turn. "Alexis, Truth or Dare.", she inquired. "Truth.", Alexis replied. I could sense this was not the answer Ashley was looking for, the disappointment on her face was obvious.

She thought for a moment, I knew she didn't have a question ready. "Have you ever gotten yourself off at work, and if you did, what were thinking about ?", she finally asked. "No, I haven't&hellip.not yet at least.", Alexis answered. "I knew that was a bad question, I shouldn't have asked it.", laughed Ashley. "Ok, my turn again.", Alexis giggled.

"Brian, Truth or Dare.", she asked. "Honestly ?", I replied. "Yes honestly.", she responded. "I'm bored with this game.", I laughed. She looked at me for a minute, I sense she was maybe annoyed. She then looked over at Ashley who just smiled. "Truth or Dare Brian, what's it going to be ?", she insisted. "Dare.", I answered, hoping I could end this game.

I glanced over at Ashley, she was looking directly at me. I turned back to Alexis, waiting to see what she was going to ask me to do. I could almost see the wheels turning in Alexis' mind, as I waited for the verdict. "Hmmmmm ok, I dare you to…&hellip.uh kiss Ashley for two minutes straight, and it has to be a real good kiss.", she blurted out.

"Ok, really Alexis, what do you want me to do ?", I laughed. "I told you.", she replied, smiling. "Alexis, I mean really…………&hellip.", I started. "It's not like you two haven't kissed before, what's the big deal ? Unless Ash says no, you have to do it.", she instructed. I looked over at Ashley, I needed some help here, big time. Ashley was looking at Alexis, then looked back at me, I could see she was nervous.

She finally looked back at Alexis, her head slightly tilted downwards, her eyes looking up. "You really want us to passionately kiss each other in front of you ?", Ashley said, softly.

"Um, yes…I do.", she replied. I looked over at Alexis, I just couldn't figure this out to save my soul. She knows how much I was in love with Ashley at one time, now here she wasasking me to kiss her, and to top it off, neither of us were clothed. "I think it's time to call it a night.", I stated. "Ooh, the big bad football player is scared………&hellip.

You want to go nighty night, baby ?', Alexis laughed. For some reason, the tone of her voice really dug deep, it was like a dagger to the heart. I don't think I had ever heard Alexis talk to me in that tone, it was almost condescending to a point. I gave her a really long hard stare, she immediately sensed my displeasure, I could tell my the look on her face. I swam over in Ashley's direction, stopping right in front of her, my hands on the steps, one on each side of her.

I looked at Alexis one last time, then laid it all out on the line. ""Let's put the women and children to bed, then go look for dinner.", I answered Alexis. Before she could reply, I turned and moved against Ashley, leaning into her slowly. Her eyes were wide open, I saw her tongue wet her lips quickly, as I moved towards her. I gently placed my lips on hers, applying slight pressure, tasting her for the first time in a long while.

Within seconds I felt her arms around my neck, her tongue pushing past my lips. It's really strange just how long two minutes is when you're doing something that feels really uncomfortable. But halfway through our kiss, I felt those long buried feelings rising up in my chest. By the time Alexis stated time was up, my cock was standing straight up against my stomach, rock hard and throbbing.

My tongue was deep inside Ashley's mouth, my body was tingling from head to toe. In fact, I completely ignored Alexis when cute asian sits on big fake penis japanese and hardcore first told us the time was up and continued to kiss Ashley passionately. "Uh guys………… It's time.", Alexis stated for a second time.

This time I pulled my lips from Ashley, our eyes just inches apart, looking at each other. I could sense she felt it too, it had been such a long time. I finally sank down into the pool, still hanging out on the steps, then turned and looked at Alexis.

"Was that good enough ?", I asked. "Um, yea&hellip.that was good.", she replied, looking somewhat confused. There was a slight few moments of awkward silence, then Ashley spoke up trying to relieve the tension. "Whose um&hellip.turn is it ?", she asked. "Actually mine.", I answered.

"Oh ok.", she replied. It was time to end this game, things had already gotten way out of hand. I was thinking if I pushed my challenge way over the top, both of the women would decide to end the game. Since I could only direct the question or challenge to Ashley, I decided to put Alexis' theory on the line once and for all. How Ashley reacted to this next move would sex germans 18 com bulo any doubt how she felt.

I was going to ask if she chose a question, would she feel weird about getting in bed with Alexis and I. If she chose dare, I was going to dare her to make out with Alexis for a few minutes. Either way, this situation was going to be resolved. "Ashley, Truth or Dare ?", I offered. Ashley looked at Alexis, then back at me, she seemed really reluctant to answer. "I'm almost afraid to choose.", she replied softly. She thought for a couple of moments, still having a hard time making up her mind.

She kept looking at Alexis like perhaps she was going to let her off the hook, but for some reason Alexis was enthralled with this game. She finally looked back at me, took a sip of wine, then answered. "I really not sure what to do here, but I guess I'll take a dare.", she stated. I was already prepared, as the two women looked at me, I guess I had a smile on my face.

"He looks like he was ready for that Ashley.", Alexis interjected. "Oh yea, I am.", I replied. "I'm almost afraid to hear the dare.", Ashley laughed. Once again, both women looked at me, awaiting my answer.

I glanced quickly at Alexis, then over to Ashley. "I want you to make out with her for two minutes.", I told Ashley, pointing to Alexis. "Do what ?", Ashley answeredsurprised.

"You heard me, if I had to, you two have to.", I responded. Ashley looked over at Alexis, their eyes held and met for a long while, as if they were trying to come to a decision. I had brought the game to a head, either they did what I asked, or the game was over.

Either way, it was put up or shut up time. Ashley moved over towards Alexis, they leaned in together very closely, then began to whisper to each other. After well over a minute of conversation, I finally had to interject.

"What's up with all the talk. I was told I had to do it period, I didn't get to hold a discussion on the matter.", I complained. "Wait, just a second.", Alexis instructed, waving her hand at me. The women went back to whispering to each other, neither of them appeared to be distraught however. It continued for several minutes, then finally then both of them turned to me at pornlovo free fuck movies high definition adult videos part 419. "The game has been suspended for a while, it will resume in maybe an hour.", Alexis informed me.

"Wait, what the heck are you two up to ? That's not the rules, You can't change them midway through. Since you two failed to comply, the game is over.", I stated. "Just go get the suits.", Alexis instructed. I swam over to where the towels were, pulling myself up on the side of the pool, then out.

I had my back to the women, I grabbed a towel and wrapped it around me. I walked over to where their two swim suits were and tossed them into the pool towards them. I turned and entered the house, grabbed some dry clothes then took a shower immediately.

By the time I came out of the bedroom both of the women were in different bathrooms, I could hear water running. I got a drink of iced tea, then went to the master bedroom, and climbed into bed. I had been laying there for maybe five minutes when Alexis appeared in the room.

She was wearing a short top with small straps and matching lace panties. She slid into bed, placing her cell phone on the night stand beside her. She leaned over to me and immediately put her mouth on mine, her lips and tongue hungry with desire. After she pulled her lips from mine, she looked at me with those beautiful jade green eyes.

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"I want you so bad right now.", she whispered. "You do ?", I replied. "Oh yea, but first Ashley has to finish her dare.", she answered. "Forget it, the game is over.", I answered, reaching for her. "No wait, I'm serious.", she insisted.

"Ok, what are you serious about ?", I said giving in for the moment. "Well when you dared Ashley, we started talking, and…&hellip.we decided we would do it, but only if…& uh&hellip.join us.", she confessed.

"Wait, wait. You're telling me that you and Ashley want to have&hellip. I mean all three of us& one time, together ?", I stuttered. "That's what I'm saying.", she responded.

"Well I know you were kind of thinking of this, but Ashley, my Ash……is really on board with this ?", I whispered. "Very much so.", Alexis assured me. "I still find it hard to believe Ash is ok with this, but even if she is, have you really thought this through Alexis ? Do you realize the emotions that may come into play ? Angel smalls has her ass filled with cock ass fucking hardcore mean, if something goes even a bit wrong, things will never be the same between the three of us.

Is that something that you have thought about ?", I asked. "Look, I love you, you know that. I know how you feel about me. The one underlying fact that neither you nor Ashley will admit to is that you still love each other. I have come to love Ashley as well, more than you know. Since we all love each other, how can it be wrong ?" she insisted. "Alexis, it's not that simple. This is the woman that raised me. I know she's not my mother, in fact she wasn't even my step mother for that long of a period of time.

But I was head over heels in love with her at one time, have you thought of that ? I mean, what happens if old feelings start to come back.", I insisted.

"You're over analyzing everthing, relax, it will be fine. Do you trust me ?", she asked. "Alexis, you know I trust you, it's me I'm worried about.", I warned. "Then it's settled.", she said, reaching for her phone. She scrolled down her contacts, found one, then sent a quick text message. Within thirty seconds the chime on her phone went off, she looked at the screen and smiled, setting the phone back on the night stand. She rolled over and faced me, pulling me into her arms.

I was softly kissing her lips, when the silence was broken by a soft voice. "You guys have room for one more in there ?", fat cougar have sex with young guy Ashley, who was standing in the doorway.

Through the dim light, I could see she was wearing a pink top, with pink laced panties, her hair pulled back in a pony tail. "We sure do.", Alexis replied, sliding towards me, patting the bed where she had been lying. Ashley walked over slowly, then gently climbed into the large bed, laying next to Alexis. My mind was spinning out of control, I knew I was awake, but this could not be real, it had to be a dream, one that I would wake up from very shortly. I could feel the blood running through my veins, it felt like it was boiling.

My cock was rock hard, even though I had not yet been touched. Ashley was leaning her upper body up on one elbow, as Alexis laid flat between the two of us.

Ashley looked down at Alexis, then back up at me and smiled. "Well I guess this is where I pay off on my dare.", she whispered. Alexis reached up with one arm, placing her hand on Ashley's shoulder, pulling her down softly. I was mesmerized as I watched the distance between their mouths close, until finally their lips were pressed together in a soft kiss.

After several seconds, it was apparent, their tongues were dancing in each other's mouths. I laid there not making a sound, just watching these two gorgeous women kiss each other less than a foot away from me. Finally after what appeared to be an eternity, they lips parted, there eyes lock in a lustful gaze.

"So was that good enough ?", whispered Ashley. I didn't know who she was talking to, I thought maybe Alexis, since they were still staring at each other. I felt Alexis' right hand travel down my body to my hard cock, squeezing it firmly through my shorts. "From what I feel here Ash, I would say it was more than good enough.", Alexis giggled. Ashley looked down at Alexis' hand and smiled, then back up at me seductively.

Alexis leaned over and whispered in my ear, her warm breath caressing my face. "I want to watch you and Ashley, please make love to her.", she pleaded. I looked into her eyes for something, I'm not sure what, but she only nodded twice, then reached over and pulled Ashley over her body so that she was between us. Ashley was now lying flat on her back, her eyes looking up at me, as if she knew what I was expected to do. I leaned down over her, pressing my lips to hers, my tongue easing into her mouth.

I felt her arms around me, holding me tight, as she pushed her body against mine. I moved my hand down her body, past her flat stomach until my fingers were inching there way into her panties. I pulled my lips from hers looking down her body, pushing my hand inside of her underwear until I felt her hot, soaking wet pussy. She moaned softly as my finger slid between the two thick folds for the first time.

I could feel Alexis' eyes on me, almost as if they were burning a hole right through me. I slid my body down the bed, until my mouth was softly kissing Ashley's smooth flat stomach. Both women's eyes were locked on mine as my tongue traced it way down the outside of Ashley's panties, finally pushing the damp cloth between the lips of her pussy. She responded by gently squeezing her thighs around my face, one hand softly stroking the top of my head.

I reached down and pulled the fabric of her hot swedish lesbian sex with puma amp sadie pussy licking girl on girl aside, quickly driving my tongue deep inside of her. "Oh Goddddddddddddddd.", she moaned, her entire body arching up from the bed. I eased my tongue from inside of her, slowly licking her slit from top to bottom in one slow, long stroke, pausing to gently flick her swollen clit.

I pushed both of my hands between her ass and the bed, pulling her deep into my mouth. As I pushed my tongue in and out of Ashley's steaming pussy, I watched Alexis extend her tongue and softly begin to lick Ashley's lips. Soon the two of them were locked deep into a passionate kiss, their tongues plunging in and out of each other's mouths. In less than five minutes, Ashley was beyond the point of no return, her body was trembling with desire.

The feel of two pair of lips simultaneously caressing her body sent Ashley over the top, her pleasure being very evident. "Oh…oh…ohhhhhhhhhhhhh Godddddddddddd.", she cried out, as I gripped her ass tightly, pushing my tongue as deep inside of her as I could.

I felt her secretions thicken, as she emptied her orgasm down my throat, her body heaving in desire. I slowly worked her pussy with my tongue, bringing her down slowly, as the two women softly exchanged quick, soft kisses with each other. It took a few moments but finally Ashley's breathing started to return to normal, her hips falling back to the bed completely.

She gently pushed Alexis to her back, then rolled over towards her, their lips once again touching in desire. I simply slid over to my left and reached up, sliding Alexis' panties down her long firm legs. In just a few seconds, my tongue was deep inside of Alexis, her thighs over my shoulders.

I knew from experience, Alexis was already well on her way, her juices were pouring from her pussy, I couldn't swallow them fast enough. Ashley slowly slid her hand down Alexis' smooth flat stomach, her finger finding her friend's clit. As slowly pushed my tongue in and out of my wife, Ashley began to work her clit in small, rapid circles, as I'm sure she had done her own, many times.

Soon Alexis' hand was covering Ashley's urging her on, as her other reached for the back of my head. I looked up to see the two women's faces just inches apart, their eyes locked in a lustful gaze.

"Cum for me Alexis, cum all over my hand baby.", Ashley whispered. That was all it took, as Alexis screamed out in ecstasy, her pussy spraying my face in orgasm.

"Oh fuck, I'm cumming.", she screamed. Alexis' body shook violently as her orgasm surged through her, Ashley's finger was still flying over her clit. I lifted my head and watched as Ashley brought my wife down from her orgasm with just her hand, slowly working her pussy with several fingers, intently watching Alexis' reactions.

Soon they were once again softly kissing each other, as I moved back up the bed to the place I originally had been in. Finally the two women broke their kiss, Ashley turned her head in my direction, then leaned over and softly kissed me. I eased my tongue into her mouth, she responded with passion and desire. I pulled her over to me, my hand sliding down her back grabbing her ass.

I felt Alexis begin to move beside us, then felt her body move across my legs. She reached up and slowly pulled my shorts down, then off of my legs completely. Just seconds after Ashley pulled her lips from mine, Alexis lowered her mouth around my cock, taking the entire head in at once. The feeling was absolutely incredible, never had I been this excited in my life, my heart was about to jump from my chest. Ashley turned her head and looked down at Alexis, who by now was working my cock in and out of her mouth, as she had many times before.

Ashley looked back up at me, her eyes were wide and bright, she leaned back over and kissed me quickly on the lips. I felt Alexis move from between my legs, sliding up the opposite side of my body from Ashley. I turned just in ghettgaggers cherise roze in ghettgaggers porn story to meet her lips, her tongue forcing it's way inside of my mouth.

Ashley's hand had replaced Alexis' mouth and was now stroking my cock with long, slow movements. Alexis pulled her lips from mine, her eyes opening, looking deep into my own. "Fuck Ashley for me baby, make her cum again.", Alexis urged. I turned towards Ashley, my hands reaching for her, pulling her to me. She pushed her panties down her legs, tossing them to the floor beside the bed. She threw one leg across my hips, quickly positioning herself over my cock. She reached down and guided me to her cameron diaz look alike gets passioned by cock, then slowly lowered herself down, my cock easing inside of her.

As she steadied herself with her hands, both flat on my chest, she began to rock back and forth with her hips, looking right into my very sexy shemale gang banged bareback pornstars group sex. "Mmmmmmmm, does her pussy feel good baby ?", Alexis asked, in my ear.

"Oh yea.", I answered, my hands on Ashley's hips. Alexis leaned over me, pressing her lips to mine as Ashley continued to grind her clit against my pubic bone, her breathing becoming more shallow. I was having a tough time maintaining control, my cock was aching for release.

Alexis pulled her mouth from mine, moving her lips to my ear, whispering softly. "I think she's ready to cum again.", she informed me, "She just needs a little help." With that said, Alexis got up and moved behind Ashley, straddling my thighs.

She pressed the front of her body into Ashley's back, her arms encircling her, both hands going to her pussy. Ashley leaned back slightly into Alexis giving her better access, tilting her head sideways. Alexis' fingers found Ashley's clit, as her lips found the soft side of her neck.

I could feel Alexis' fingers manipulating Ashley's clit as they danced on the top side of my cock. I felt Ashley lean back even further, then both of her hands went between her legs, covering Alexis'. "Im gonna cum.", she announced. Alexis reached around a little further, then began to rub Ashley's clit as quickly as she possibly could.

It took several seconds, then Ash once again erupted in a mind numbing orgasm. She quickly pushed Alexis' hands off of her now sensitive clit, leaning forward, her hands once again on my chest. My cock was still throbbing, deep inside of her pussy.

"Oh my God. That was incredible.", she panted. She fell into my arms, her face buried in my neck, her hot breath warming me. I felt Alexis slid back on my legs just a bit, her hands sliding up my thighs. Ashley moved her lips to my ear, kissing me softly, blowing her hot breath over me. She eased her hips up, allowing my cock to slip from inside of wwe natalya sex storys only, snapping it against my stomach.

She moved over and fell to the mattress beside me, letting out a deep sigh as she did. Before I could move Alexis had my cock in her hand and was rapidly stroking me up and down. I was so ready to cum, my balls were actually beginning to ache from the tension.

"Come on baby, shoot your load for us.", Alexis urged as her fist pumped my cock rapidly. Ashley leaned over and whispered in my ear, very softly, very seductively. "Mmmmm, I still remember when you licked your own cum from inside of my pussy.", she whispered, so only I could hear. I felt the first contraction of my cock, then the cum racing up the shaft. The first spurt painted a thick white stripe across my belly and on mother id like to fuck sex outdoor Ashley's left breast.

The next two were even more intense, covering my stomach and belly, as Alexis continued to work my shaft in her fist. I know I felt at least six or seven intense contractions as the cum flowed from cock, now coating Alexis' fist. I have never in all of my life, experienced an orgasm this intense, it felt as if my soul was being milked from my body. After a few minutes of silence, I jumped up and made my way to the shower.

Before the water was hot, both women joined me. Within minutes we were back in bed again, this time, the pace was slower, more passionate. Ashley was laying on her side watching as I was above Alexis, slowly pumping my cock in and out of her pussy. Ashley's right hand was between us, her finger softly stroking Alexis' clit, as I eased in and out of her slit.

Ashley's eyes were glued to Alexis' pussy, as my cock continued to piston in and out of her wet opening. I had this intense feeling both women wanted the same thing, but neither of them was going to be the first to admit it. I pushed my cock deep into Alexis' pussy, my face leaning down right above hers. "I want you to taste Ashley's pussy baby. Then I want her to taste yours.", I whispered.

"You do ?", she asked. "Uh huh.", I admitted. I knew both women had thought about it, how could they have not ?

I just thought neither of them would bring it up, so I did. I eased my cock from out of Alexis' pussy, and moved from over her, then to my left. "It's good baby, trust me.", I whispered softly. I watched as Alexis nervously moved over Ashley once more, this time, a veil of uncertainess between them. Alexis leaned over and began to softly kiss Ashley's stomach, inching her lips ever so slowly down her body.

I watched as my wife extended her tongue and for the first time, tasted another woman's pussy. My eyes were glued on Alexis as she slowly, but steadily began to work over Ashely's pussy with her tongue and lips. Ashley's hips were rising slightly from the bed, pressing her pussy against Alexis' mouth, her eyes closed in ecstasy. I moved up so that I was over Ashley, I softly touched her cheek, her eyes opening, looking right into mine.

"How does it feel ?", I whispered. "Like nothing I have ever felt before in sexy ebon amazing gf plays with a marital device hardcore and blowjob life.", she answered. I leaned down and pressed my lips to hers, my tongue probing her mouth once again.

With our mouths together, Ashley continue to moan into my mouth, another pending orgasm around the corner. I pulled my lips from hers, moving down to softly kiss her smooth, silky neck.

She turned so that her lips were in my ear, then almost inaudibly, I heard those three words. "I love you.", she whispered. I moved up from her neck, my lips in her ear now as well. I kissed her once softly, then replied to her. "I love you too, Ash.", I answered. I pulled back from her and looked down, only to find Alexis' eyes closed as she continued to greedily lap at Ashley's pussy.

By now, her own hips were bucking against the mattress, she was lost in her own desires. Ashley suddenly reached down and placed both hands on Alexis' head, arching her back, exploding in a violent orgasm. Alexis continued to work Ashley's clit as the waves of pleasure coarsed through her friend's body. She waited until Ashley's body went limp under her tongue, before she lifted her mouth from her. She then moved up Ashley's body until their lips met again, in a long passionate kiss, both of them sharing Ashley's orgasm.

After a few moments, Ashley pushed Alexis off of her and to her side. She quickly moved down Alexis' body, her tongue finding her hot, soaking wet slit. Alexis had already worked herself up into quite a state, now the thought of Ashley's lips were going to make her insane. "Oh my fucking Godddddddddd.", she moaned. Ashley drove her tongue into Alexis, both of her hands holding the top's of her thighs.

Alexis' hips were bucking against Ashley's mouth, I knew she wasn't going to last long. "Come here, I want you in my mouth.", Alexis said, pulling me towards her. By now my cock was rock hard again, I didn't have to be asked twice. I slowly worked my way next to Alexis' head, kneeling beside her gently.

I grabbed my cock and pushed it down, holding it steady as Alexis wrapped her lips around the head. I looked down to see Ashley's eyes locked on us, now one hand between her own legs, moving back and forth.

I knew Alexis was about to go off any minute, she was panting with desire. "Cum in Ash's mouth baby, cum for me.", I urged. Alexis' titfucked latina cum dump pornstars big tits jerked suddenly, her back arching up high from the mattress, her lips releasing my cock, snapping it against my stomach.

Her mouth was open, her eyes closed tightly, the veins in her neck were buldging out. "Oh fuckkkkkkkkkkkkk&hellip.Yes……That's so fucking gooddddddddd," she screamed out. I looked down to see Ashley's nubile films show me what you like open wide, not ready for the torrent of cum Alexis was pushing into her mouth. Ashley lifted her mouth from Alexis, her tongue still rapidly flicking across her clit.

Alexis continued to bucked her hips up and down, her hands gripping the sheets in sweet agony. Finally Alexis collapsed on the bed, she was spent. Ashley slowly moved up towards me, I knew exactly what she wanted. I met her mouth with mine, my lips open for her tongue. I held her tight as she coated my mouth with Alexis' thick cum, her tongue probing every inch of my mouth.

Finally she released me, then pushed me down on my back, moving her head down. In one quick movement, she pushed my cock, deep into her throat. I could still hear Alexis panting next to me, trying to catch her breath. It took maybe thirty seconds for Ashley's mouth to finish me off.

"I'm gonna cum.", I warned her. "Mmmmmm,", she replied, pushing me deeper into her mouth. My first spurt, hit the back of Ashley's throat, causing her to gag slightly. She quickly moved up, keeping only the head of my cock in her mouth, her fist jerking my cock up and down. The next four or five ropes of cum were now running from between her lips and on to my body, but she continued to suck on me with as much force as she could.

My orgasm finally subsided, as Ashley continued to lick me clean, my cock shrinking between her lips. I'm not quit sure how many times anyone came that night, I know we were at it for hours.

When I finally laid down to sleep between these two beautiful women, I was worried, worried that tomorrow, these wonderful feelings, would prove to be too much to handle.