Lovely young dykes pleasure each others pussy

Lovely young dykes pleasure each others pussy
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Let me make some details clear for you. I'm 16, around 5ft 9in and of Indian ethnicity. I currently study in Year 12 in the UK and moved here when I was 7 years old.

Perhaps my obvious lust for my teacher stems from the fact that I go to an all-boys school. Obviously, girls at a premium, so in a testosterone-fuelled environment, we have to make do with teachers. My teacher, Miss Garrad, was not the greatest looking woman I had ever set my eyes on, but she had that certain something that others didn't have. She stood at around 5ft 6in, weighed around a healthy 140lbs, had light blonde hair, just below shoulder length and was, I would hazard a guess, around her mid-20s.

She had small tits, around 32B, but what she lacked in the breasts department, she more than made it up in the ass. Her ass was a work of beauty, as I'm sure I've mentioned before.

Perfectly formed, not too big to stick out and grab everyone's attention, but just big enough for me to fantasise what I would do with it. Naturally, she was the subject of several masturbatory fantasies, as I usually knocked one out, as teenage boys do. So going back to the beginning, there I was, staring and mentally ravishing the beauty, who had now sat down to some work on her laptop, whilst she set us some work to do.

'Yo Raj, what's the answer to A?' said my friend Ivan, sitting next to me. That snapped me out of my daydream, and I quickly started doing the work, trying to not arouse suspicion. 'Huh what? Oh, sorry man, haven't done it yet,' I replied. Once I was confident that he was looking away, I returned my gaze to Miss Garrad.

Today, she was wearing the black knee-length skirt, black tights, heels, a plain black shirt with a brown cardigan tied around her waist. Her hair was tied up. Suddenly, the bell rang to signal the end of the day. As my foxy brunette lizzie enjoyed a long cockride pornstars and cumshots was diverted from her, as the mass melee of students made a beeline for the door, I realised with impending dread, I HAD DETENTION THAT DAY!

It was given to me by my bitch of a Chemistry teacher last week, and I had completely forgot about it. I trudged off to the hall, where detentions are held. My mood had been lifted seeing my favourite teacher but it turned sour as I entered the hall, waiting for the teacher who would oversee the hour of hell. I waited there for a good 10 mins, and I was just about to go when in walked Miss Garrad! My mood again uplifted, and I had a spring in my step, even father and son room tv and mom I'd been asked to write an essay, on why running around in a Chemistry lab is dangerous.

An hour later, I had finished the work, and made my way over to the desk to hand it to Miss Garrad. Being so close to her, my cock sprang to attention.

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Just at that time, she decided to look at me, and I could tell her eyes were fixed on it. Shit, I thought, I'm dead. 'Erm. Raj, can you explain this please?' she frowned, looking at my engorged prick and back to my face. 'What do you think it is, miss?' I was shocked at my boldness. I guess now that I'm screwed, I might as well go the full distance. 'Well, it seems like you have.

an erection,' she paused before saying the dreaded word, but the interesting this was, she had a quizzical look on her face, rather than a furious one as I had expected. Continuing my boldness, I said: 'Touch it, miss.' When she hesitated, I grabbed her hand and slowly guided it towards my throbbing dick.

Her eyes grew wide, and she looked at me.

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My cock wasn't huge, about 6 inches, but I was proud of its girth. It was a handful. Suddenly, I lost all control, bent down, and kissed her flush on the lips. To my surprise, she responded, and that encouraged me even more. I lifted her up from the chair, pushed her against the wall and continued making out with her.

My hands were roaming her body, and I quickly stripped her of the cardigan and the shirt. She was wearing a plain black bra, which I quickly lifted up to reveal her delightful tits.

The nipples were sticking out, which I quickly placed in my mouth and sucked.

A moan escaped from her lips, and she arched her head back. I continued my assault on my teacher's tits, swapping the tits on at a time. I loved being in control.

Once I was done with her tits, I pulled down my trousers and boxers, to expose my throbbing cock. It was literally rock-hard, and at that point, would've cut through a diamond.

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I placed my hands on her shoulder, indicating her to go down. Once she did, I guided my cock into her mouth. Oh my god, it was heaven! I started slowly, allowing her to get used to the size, but later, my lust overwhelmed me. I unclipped her hair, grabbed a handful of her hair and started throat-fucking her.

I felt cum boiling up in my balls but I wasn't ready yet. I thrust all my cock into her mouth one last time, held her there for around 10 seconds and slowly withdrew.

She had started scratching at my thighs, begging me to release her, but I held her there, until I knew that any more and I was going to explode. Once she had recovered, she turned around and smiled at me, and I knew she wanted it just as bad as I did. 'I want that fat cock in my pussy NOW,' she exclaimed.

I was aching to fuck her, so I lifted her up, pulled down that skirt, unveiling her delicious ass. I spanked it several times, each time producing a yelp from her. She laid back on the desk, opening her legs for me, as an invitation to enter her pussy.

I didn't resist. I put the head of my cock at her entrance, teased her for a bit, rubbing my cock up and down her shaved pussy, and thrust it into her in one go. I almost erupted at that point; however, I regained control of my emotions and proceeded to fuck her nice and slowly.

'Yes, yes, oh my god, YES!' she shouted. I had never seen this persona of hers before, so naturally I was shocked, but I soon regained composure. I increased the speed of my thrusting in her now dripping pussy.

Lucky this was after school hours, I thought, otherwise I'd be dead! Soon, after god knows how long ravaging her pussy, I felt near the edge. 'I'm gonna cum, Miss Garrad!' I shouted. 'Call me Rebecca.

That's right, yes, in my pussy! Aaaaaaahhhhhh.' no sooner had she said those words, I felt that familiar feeling.

My knees went weak, and I released what seemed like a truckload of sperm right in her pussy. I kept fucking her through it, and let me tell you, it was the best feeling in the world.

Right after that, she too had her orgasmed, as her juices cleaned away the sperm on the head of my rapidly flaccid cock. To both our astonishment, I felt my dick getting hard again. Rebecca immediately jumped off of the desk, and took my prick in her hands, wanking it furiously in order to get it back to milf too got horny so she wants to join health. I had other ideas though.

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'Suck me dry, beautiful,' I said, as she looked in my eyes, gave a sultry smirk, and took my prick in her warm mouth. Once again, I felt I'd died and gone to heaven.

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Even though I was sexually spent, I thrust my cock in her face. Grabbing a bunch of her hair, I directed my prick to the deep regions of her mouth, till I felt it touching the throat. I continued doing this for some time, until my cock returned back to its full erection.

'Raj, I want it in my ass. Please.' she said in a pleading voice. She got up, turned round and placed her hands on her table, whilst sticking her ass out to me.

And who was I to resist? Rediscovering my energy, I positioned my cock behind her tiny hole. Although it was small, I was sure that she was not an anal virgin.

I didn't really care, I was finally going to fulfil one of my best fantasies. I slowly inched the cock in her ass, one at a time, until the head was nestled in her impossibly tight butt. A soft groan escaped her lips, which gave me confidence. I slowly pushed the rest three porno sluts fucking a lucky dude my cock through, until all 6 inches were firmly positioned in her derriere.

The pleasure was immense. I brought the cock out and thrust it back in, but this time faster. 'Oh shit, oh shit, oh yes, GIVE IT TO ME,' she screamed, and that was my signal. I pistoned my cock in and out of her, the savage in me taking over. After 10 minutes of intense fucking, I was ready to deposit my load in her sexy brunette gives oral to her boss. I had no doubt ripped her a new one, and I was quite proud of the feat.

'Do it on my face, Let me taste that teenage cum of yours,' Rebecca panted, exhausted from taking my cock in her ass. I pulled out of her ass just as I was about to explode and started jacking off furiosly. She quickly rose from the desk and squatted down, eagerly awaiting her reward. She wasn't disappointed. Despite having jizzed unreal amounts just 30 mins before, I let rip one of the biggest of my life.

It splashed on her face, covering her eyes, nose, lips everything. And it continued for a good 10-15 seconds. At the end, you couldn't even recognise that this was Miss Garrad. I cleaned myself up, as did she, put on my clothes and left the building. I had just had the best fuck of my life and I was hoping for more.