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Nina elle mature lady with big juggs enjoy sex on cam vid-21 tube porn
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Hi everyone, this is my first story. And I hope to make this a series. Please do comment whatever you feel about the start. Good or bad both comments are welcome, and please do inbox me if young brunette hussy has her pussy slammed want another kind of story.

I would love to write on request. And please do like the story if you find it interesting. This is just the beginning, I intend to make the series super exciting.

Thanks for reading the story. HAVE FUN!!! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Jade was lying down on the floor on her stomach when she woke up.

Her limbs were numb. She just could not move any part of her body. She stayed like that for a really long time, as the numbness slowly faded away. As she started to feel the blood flow through her veins once again she felt the chilly breeze hitting her, as she suddenly became aware that she was lying there stark naked.

Placing her hands on either side, she slowly sat up. Slowly, she looked around. That wasn't her home. The whole place was a mess. And the whole room had a peculiar stench. It made her feel sick in her stomach. She tried stand up. But felt a shot of huge pain run through her whole body. Taking the support of the table kept by her side, she stood up anyway. And as she stood up, she could feel the pain emerging through her back.

She could feel her arse burning.

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That was the core of the pain. It was as if someone had placed a blowtorch under her. Jade, reached back, slowly, trying not to hurt herself. She touched the spot, and cried out loud as she fell on the floor. Her arse was swollen.

Two men, came running inside hearing her cry. Both of them had only a single piece of clothing, which was covering their face. Their huge cocks, dangled in front of Jade's face as sat there crying in pain. One of the man, sat down beside her.

Wiping off her tears he said, "It's alright dear. It's all over now. You will get to go home tonight little girl." As the man talked, and brushed his hands against her cheeks, she started having a strange feeling.

She looked up at him, and before anyone could react she grabbed his cock in her hand tight. The man, startled by this sudden grab, fell back. And before he could even balance himself, Jade pushed him on his back and climbed up on him, just within a matter of seconds. Her paleness of the face was gone. She was not feeling the pain anymore.

Her eyes had a weird look in them. And all she kept mumbling as she jerked off the guy was, "Please Fuck me. Please Fuck me.". The man looked over hardcore anal banging with a skinny minx pornstars creampie the other one standing beside watching the whole charade and signalled him.

He grabbed Jade from behind, getting hold of her tits, and pulled her off the other man. As soon as he left her, the pain and her previous state returned. She was unable to understand what just happened. And she could suddenly feel a heavyness in her front. She slowly slid her hands down to check whether her pussy has been abused as well or not.

As she reached down, just as her hands went below her abdomen, she gave a huge shriek and staggered back. Her right hand was holding a throbbing cock. All this time she was so drowned in the pain, and a hazy eyesight, she never thought about anything else.

But the recent incidents had led her soft cock to grow hard. And that was what making her crotch feel heavy. Jade just sat there, holding her cock in her right hand. It was really huge. Almost touching her breasts. But she was unable to understand what is going on with her. What teen cutie haley reed gets her pussy pleasured this place, how did she get here? There were so many questions she wanted to ask, but she was just unable to speak.

After staring at her new grown organ, she slowly, looked up. The two men were quitely watching her. "What is happening to me?" She spoke. In a low husky tone. Trying it all in one breath. "What eh?" Asked one of the man, bringing his ears close to her mouth.

"What is happenin." Jade was out of breath. "Ohhh yeah. You wanna know what has happened to you? Well you will know all that shit once you are back in your home young girl." Cracked one of the guy, who was considerably less sympathetic. "Hey hey, John, Please just calm down" The man who was just attacked by Jade said to the other.

Turning back to Jade he said, "I will bring your dress, and then I will drop you at home young lady. There's a shower over there. Go and get a bath, you will feel better." And the men walked away. She saw them halt near the gate looking at her, whispering something. The guy John was shaking his head in a nod as the other guy tried to make a point to him.

John started walking back towards her while the other guy went through the door to another room. "Well it seems I get to fuck you one last time lassy before you go back to your shit place." he had a wicked smile on his face. Holding her arms, he pulled her up, and started walking towards the shower.

As they walked, Jade, looked over at him, he had a huge dick. And a great built body. John looked at her, and he just let his other hand brush her semi erect dick. And soon enough, Jade went into one of those fits again. She stood straight and snatched her hand back from John's shoulder.

Grabbing by his dick, she walked deftly to the shower. Once naughty teen loves sneaking around with stepdads friend were under the shower, she turned it on and turned around, lust glaring from her eyes. "Please fuck me." She said, in a seductive voice, which made John and his partner go cold every time.

But John was happy to oblige this time. He grabbed Jade by her face, as they broke into a deep kiss. Both of their hands travelled down, grabbing each other's cocks, jerking them slowly off. "mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm it feels so good honey" Jade was moaning as John, had moved down on her tits, sucking on her nipples, which were standing rock hard. "Please fuck me.

MMmmmmmmm" Jade kept moaning in intense pleasure. John grabbed her by her tits, so tight that made her squeal, and turned her around. Pushing her head on the wall with his hand, he settled his rock hard dick on her asshole. And without any sexy porn story sunny leone foreplay rammed his 8 inch dick right into her tight asshole.

"AAAAghghhhhhhh Please fuck me. Please Don't stop." Squealed Jade. John kept thrusting with full speed, as his hand jerked her massive dick from the back. He pulled out his dick, and Jade turned around in no time, with anger bursting through her eyes, as she spoke with a gritted teeth, which made John's spine go cold, "I didn't ask you to stop, you retard".

And with that she grabbed his cock and placed it her asshole.

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Placing her hands on his asscheeks, she pulled him hard inside her, making her cry. She wrapped her legs around him as John kept fucking her ass with full speed. She jerked herself off as John fucked her. "I am going to cum babe.

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Am gonna cum." John panted. "Cum inside me. I am going to cum too. Please fuck me. mmmmmmmm" Bringing his thrusts to full speed John slammed hard and deep some more times before unloading his balls inside Jade's asshole. Jade increased her speed of thrusts too, and soon enough she was spurting loads of her cum on her own face. She smiled at John, before passing out. Jade opened her eyes, to find herself at the back of a car.

Dressed in her school dress, wearing boxers under her skirt to hide the semi erect cock. Her school bag was kept beside her on the seat. The two men were at the front. She moaned as she woke up.

One of the guy looked back. Gave a small smile and told the other, "Well i didn't know that thing kept her hard for so long." Jade, looked out of the window, she knew this road. In the next block, right turn, the third house was where she lived. As they passed, Jade could see pictures stuck on every passing tree and every post.

As the car took the right turn, Jade caught a glimpse of the nearest tree around the corner which also had a picture stuck on it.

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And to her horror, that was her.