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Sunny leone and bf xxx ebony
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His Brother's Keeper, Part III Amy had showered for longer than usual. She was trying to get rid of Casey's smell, the smell of his body and what he'd sprayed on her back before leaving for work. When she'd finished she just went back to bed; defeating the purpose.

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The sheets stank of sex and Casey's body. There was no point in fighting. He had her money and she was sure she'd heard him threatening Jack; sounded like he could have him hurt as well as stopping the payments.

She resigned herself to what she'd have to do. But she was tired now and she didn't want to think about Casey when he wasn't around. Soon enough he'd be back from work and he'd take her over to the couch and make her open up her mouth for him. What was it he'd said: you better get used to giving head, bitch. You'll be sucking my meat every night after work. She felt herself crying again but wiped it away. All she wanted to do was sleep. When she woke up again it must have been evening.

The room was dimmer and she could smell food cooking in the adjoining room. God, no, she thought.

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Casey was home already. She lay there. Pretending to be asleep. Hoping he'd leave her alone for another hour. For another few minutes. She heard the bedroom door open and his shoes touching the wooden floor. He seemed just to be standing there and in the end she gave up and looked at him. He was standing in jessie rogers and nena like his staff doorway.

He had on a dark shirt and a dark silk tie. His hair was softly combed and the abrasion above his eye, from where Jack had hit him, was almost healed. He was smiling at her with that disgusting, superior smile.

Her eyes shifted to what he was holding just in time for him to throw it onto the bed. It was a black evening dress. "I told you I'd buy you something pretty," he said.

He came into the room and sat down on the bed. Amy sat up. She held the sheets lightly to her breasts hoping he'd not start in on her right away. "Do I hear a thank you?" He said softly. His finger touched her bare shoulder. "Thank you," she forced herself to say. He smiled. "God Amy," he said, "you're so fucking sexy." He leaned in and kissed her; pulling down the sheets and fondling her firm breasts.

He played with them while he made out with her before sliding his hand down under the sheets to her firm, flat stomach. "I've not seen a girl like you all day, Amy," he said, "so sexy. So fucking sexy." He pushed his hand further down and his fingers touched her pussy. His tongue slopped over her lip and licked at her chin; continuing to wet her face before slipping back into her mouth.

He kissed like a dog licked. She hated him. His hand moved away from her pussy and grabbed at her face; holding her jaw open. He started making noises like a man enjoying a meal; practically fucking her mouth with his tongue. After awhile he pulled back.

He rearranged the sheets again and looked at her tits. Then he looked into her eyes. "Put the dress on," he said, "and come out for dinner. Need to give my little cock-sucker energy don't I?" He grabbed her neck and pulled her closer. "Kiss," he said, letting his lips hover over hers. She knew by now he wasn't kidding and leaned in; pecking him softly on the mouth. "Good girl," he crooned.

Then he stood up and made out towards the kitchenette. She could still feel the sensation of touching his full lips with her own. She could still taste him in her mouth. Even when he was gone he wasn't gone.

She got up and lifted the dress from the bed. She stepped into it not caring about how it looked. She felt disgusting. Even putting it on. She was just an object. Casey's sex doll that he could dress anyway he wanted.

She crossed her arms over her body and walked into the living area. Casey looked across at her from the kitchenette where he was opening a bottle of wine. On the dining table nearby two lasagnas were already letting off steam into the air. Casey pulled the cork from the wine and smiled at her. "Fuck, Amy," he said, "I've got a fucking boner already." He laughed.

What was this? Amy thought. The food? The wine? The dress? Was this Casey's idea of romance? "Sit down," he said, gesturing to the place set across from his own at the dining table.

Amy crossed the floor. Doing as she was told. When she was sitting Casey came over and poured her a glass of red. Then one for himself. "Eat up," he said. Amy was starving but she didn't want Casey to know that. She lifted the fork and knife and began to eat. "I got some other stuff at the store," Casey said, shoveling a forkful of lasagna into his full mouth, "besides your gorgeous looking dress I mean. some bras and panties and a nightdress or two skinny brunette minx rides a big rod amateur teen you to wear around the house.

some surprises as well." Amy looked uncomfortable. "Don't worry baby." He reached over and put his hand on hers. Amy flinched. "I'm not talking about toys." he said, "I like my sex how nature intended. just my cock and your cunt." He drew away and continued eating. Amy ate in silence hoping if she never spoke he'd follow suit. He washed down the last of his food with a swig from his wine.

Then he sat and drank as Amy finished her own plate. "Drink your wine." Casey said. Amy took it and drank it. Christ knows maybe a glass or two would take the edge of what he was about to make her do.

But she doubted it. They both sat and finished their wine. Then Casey stood up and put out his hand for Amy to take. "Come on, darlin'" he smiled. She frowned uncomfortably as she reached up and put her hand in his. He immediately pulled her to her feet and walked her over to the coach. He sat his ass down, dragging her down with him.

She steadied herself next to him as he reached down and started to unfasten his belt. All she could hear was the clinking of metal on metal. Then he unbuttoned and pulled his pants and shorts down to his knees. His hand cupped the back of her neck. "Come on, baby," he said softly drawing her down onto his hard prick. She went with the flow. Too tired and sore by now to fight him.

The last thing she wanted was him to get angry again like this morning. His cock was dry this time and it felt weird in her mouth.

She tried to shut her feelings out and just give him a blow-job. "Fuck. Shit." He was lightly moaning under his breath, "your mouth feels so warm, darlin', take me deeper." His hand tightened on her neck; forcing her down onto most of his prick. "Fuck!" She gagged and pulled away entirely. She frowned. He'd choke her if he kept this sexy asian babe nurse gets pounded hard from behind. She ignored her protests and lightly opened her mouth, trying to use her tongue on the tip.

Casey wasn't satisfied; grabbing her neck again, and painfully ramming his cock home in her throat. "Take my cock, baby." She took it for as long as she could then she pulled back coughing in pain. His hand drew her back towards him. She stopped him. Putting a soft hand on his stomach through his shirt and tie. She tried to make her voice gentling as she spoke to him.

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His hard-on uncomfortably close to her face. "Please," she said, allowing her hand to rub his stomach ever so slightly, "let me do it on my own.

Please, Casey." To her surprise Casey removed his hand from the back of her neck. "Fuck, baby, as long as I'm dicking you I couldn't give a shit," he said. She was disgusted at herself but she took his cock in her mouth again. Casey put his arms by his side. ". as long as I'm dicking your warm little mouth." She took as much of him into her mouth as she could cute girl has fun with a black dick letting it touch her throat.

His thing had started to leak pre-cum and he was moaning and calling her things under his breath. "Use your tongue, baby," he crooned, "lick my shaft. good girl. aw. fuck. good girl. swirl your tongue around the head. yeah. shit." She did everything he said. Trying to stop him from guiding her onto his cock again. He took his cock in his hand and pulled it back against his stomach. He stained his black silk tie with a silver strand of pre-cum.

"Lick my balls," he said. She froze; Casey shifting in the chair so his swollen glands were closer to her face. "Come on, baby." She closed her eyes and started licking. His glands moved every time her tongue touched them and they tasted of the day's sweat and the cotton from his boxers.

"Oh fuck baby. tongue by sack. tongue my fucking sack." Casey started wanking his dick in her face as she slowly tongue-bathed him below. She started silently crying again as she could hear the smacking sound of his hand stroking his wet cock.

"Fuck, darlin', that feels britni dela mora xxx story goddamn nice." he said through clenched teeth, "I wanna switch it up." He lifted his ass up from the coach and put his leg over Amy's head.

Maneuvering her until he was sat with his tight ass resting lightly on her tits; his strong thighs on either side of her body and his balls dangling over her hot mouth. "Keep that little tongue working, baby," he said, still wanking, "come on, darlin', keep tonguing my nuts.

fuck. aw. just like that." Amy continued to lick his hairy glands; completely suffocated by his strong body hovering over her. "Take one in your mouth," he said, "suck it." She cried harder as she opened her mouth and let him lower down one of his balls.

She sucked on it until he told her to stop; fishing down between his legs and putting the other ball in its place. His hand was jacking off his hard cock so close to her face that every now and then he'd hit her by mistake. "Aw. darlin'. aw.

baby. aw. I'm getting ready to cum," his face was flushed with ecstasy, "I'm gonna spunk up in your mouth!!" Amy turned away and cried. "Please, Casey." She put her hands on his thighs.

Trying to placate him. "Please. Casey. Do it somewhere else." He slapped her. Not hard. Just enough for her to remember who was in charge. He was enjoying himself too much to get pissed at her.

His hand started moving faster, pounding his boner; his ass started rubbing backwards and forwards along Amy's bare breasts. "Open your mouth, sexy." He said. "Please!" She cried. "Come on, baby," he touched the middle finger of his free hand to her lips, "open your sweet little mouth." She kept her mouth closed and closed her eyes too.

"Amy," his finger trailed along her hot mouth, "you want me to keep making those payments." A tear ran down from her closed eyes as she slowly and slightly let her mouth open.

She listened to the disgusting wet sound of him pounding his dick and then nearly lost it when he slipped the pre-cum soaked tip into her mouth. Some of the pre-cum was rubbed off by her teeth as he settled his cock just a nice depth inside. He was still yanking his shaft. "Aw!. Aw!.Aw!. you're gorgeous like that. just like that. Aw!. fuck. Aw!. I'm getting real close baby. real close. I wanna drop my fucking load in your sweet.

ah. fuck. sweet warm fucking mouth. Ah! Ah! Here it comes! Ah!" He tossed back his head and made a wild guttural sound. Cum flew out his dick in every direction all of it landing in Amy's warm mouth; some spilling out and seeping onto the leather. The position she was in meant that Amy couldn't help but swallow most of what Casey squirted.

Casey continued to make disgusting noises; stoking his dick slow and steady. "I wanna milk this dick," he said, "stay there, baby, keep taking it." There was more to take.

Harder more globular strands of sperm that seeped out late from his spent prick. He kept his cock inside her mouth until he was satisfied he'd finished. "Lick round the head, darlin'," he said, "clean my spunk off my cock." She let her tongue swirl around Casey's now flaccid member until he lifted his hips; raising his long dick out of her mouth. He lay back down letting his soft cock and sweating balls lay on her face. The weight of his hips was suffocating her. "Mmmm." he moaned contentedly, rubbing his soft cock against her face.

"I can't breathe." She tried to push him away. "Shhh. baby. shhh." he said, "let me hump you. I need to fucking come down from that." "Casey, I can't breathe!!" She tried as hard as she could to push him off. He reached down and grabbed her hair roughly. "Calm down, bitch," he shouted, "I've just come like a fucking race-horse and I want to spend some time rubbing my junk in your pretty little face.

Let me fucking do it." He let go of her hair and put all his energy into slowly pumping his soft, wet cock and balls against Amy's face. "I'll be done soon baby. real soon. I'll be done humping your little face real soon." In fact it took him fifteen minutes to stop doing it to her. She just lay there the whole time. Smelling his disgusting smell and listening to his hard breathing.

Every now and then he'd moan and tell her she'd be sucking cock like a pro in a couple of weeks. Finally he lifted his leg up over her and let her up.

There was cute babe gets a nice hard cock a little cum at corner of her mouth but she still looked so fucking amazing he wanted to blow all over again. "Go use the bathroom, baby," he smiled, "there's some mouthwash in there. might help you get rid of the taste." He laughed. Starting to slide his shirt over his muscular body. Getting ready for round two. Amy staggered passed him and into the bathroom where she couldn't help but hunch over the toilet and empty her stomach.

She heard Casey. Still laughing in the other room. * When she came back Casey had made himself a coffee and was standing naked in the kitchenette. His sleek cock lay semi-erect against his low-hanging balls and there was a faint sheen of sweat on his torso and hard, lightly-haired thighs.

"That was really savita bhabi kannada cartoon dubbed ebony sex, baby," he said sipping at his coffee, "you really make me work up a sweat." Amy didn't answer.

He smiled at her obvious humiliation. "Sit down on the couch. I wanna talk." She did as she was told; walking over xxx pawn blonde bimbo tries to sell her car ends up selling herself sitting down again on his leather sofa. She was repulsed by the wet smear of sperm still glistening on the leather. He was disgusting. He finished his coffee and followed her; his soft dick swinging slightly as he moved.

He sat down next to her looking at her intently. "I hope you're not too bummed about what we just did," he laughed. "Casey, why are you doing this to me?" She looked into his eyes, looking for some pity.

He laughed again.

Then he put his arm around her and pulled her body closer. She touched his bare chest trying to keep him away. "I mean it Casey," she whined, "why? I'm here with you. I'll. oh God. I'll have sex with you. But why do you have to make it worse?" "What can I say," Casey smiled, "I like getting kinky." He leaned in letting his warm lips hover over her own. "Kiss me," he said. "Casey, please, I need." "Shhhh." he whispered, she could smell the coffee on his breath, "just kiss." She frowned with discomfort; leaning in a kissing him quickly on the lips.

"Mmm." he crooned, "your lips taste good. Do it for longer." She let her lips touch his again and kept them there. She closed her eyes. Casey kept his open. Finally he leaned away. "Good girl," he smiled, "now kiss my face." She kissed his strong, smooth jaw. "See," he said, "this isn't so bad, is it?" "I hate you," Amy sobbed. Casey laughed. "You think I give a shit," he said. He put his hand up Amy's dress letting it cup her warm pussy.

".this is all I fucking care about. this and your sweet titties and ass. this and your sweet lips." He kissed her. "Some of the guys from work are having a party tonight," he said, "soon as we fuck I want you to go get dressed. I got you something else nice to wear. we're gonna go out tonight. I want the guys to see the little fucking fox I'm banging." He started fingering her underneath the material; leaning in an tonguing her soft mouth. She couldn't believe what she was hearing.

He wanted to take her out. To parade her around his buddies like a possession. She thought about arguing but she knew there was no point. Besides, if they went out at least he'd have to keep his hands off her. Right now she'd have given anything to get his fingers out from inside her and to not have to have teens got the special touch that soothes your cock real tits and blowjob tongue wedged between her lips. He stood up.

Pulling her up with him. "Let's see these little titties," he said, undoing her dress at the back and tugging it down to her waist. "Mmm. gorgeous." He jiggled them in his hands like a kid playing with a toy. Then he pushed them together and stared at the sweet cleavage made by the pressure. Suddenly he let her breasts go and roughly pulled her dress down over her ass; letting it fall to her feet. He grabbed her ass and started to walk her back towards the bedroom.

"Time to fuck, darlin'" he smiled. * He didn't waist time when he got her into his bedroom. He bent her over the bed, knees on the floor, and spread her legs. Then he got on his own knees behind her. She closed her eyes tightly and flinched as she felt him softly rub the head of his thing over her slit. He touched her ass. Then he leaned down and kissed one of the cheeks.

He straightened up again to get a full view of her back and legs, but especially her hot little ass. He remembered when he'd fingered her pussy that morning and how fucking amazing it had been to have her in this position. He pulled her ass-cheeks apart softly and stared at her asshole like he'd done before. This time for longer.

Long enough for Amy to start to notice what he was doing. He held her open, putting his whole hand on the base of her ass. Then his thumb softly grazed her sweet hole. Amy lost it. She straightened up in a second; her ass cheeks closing and Casey losing his view. "No," she said, trying to push him away. As usual Casey was stronger; pushing her down by the shoulder.

"Relax, darlin', I just wanna look." "Please Casey I'll do anything but that!" He spread her soft cheeks again. "Please! I'll do anything." "You've got an amazing little butthole, Amy!" "You're embarrassing me!!" She started to cry. ".amazing little butthole." She covered her face with her hands when it was obvious he wasn't going to stop. She could feel nothing but shame. He spread her ass cheeks wider.

"Fuck, darlin', you're the hottest girl I've fucking seen," he said, "nice fucking hole." He bent down and she felt him touch her asshole with his smily tongue. She kicked and struggled; reaching back and pushing him away. Somehow she managed to get away from him and up onto the bed. She kept going jumping off and wedging herself into the corner of his room. "Get the fuck back here!!" Casey shouted. "Please, Casey," she was crying as she spoke to him, "I'll lay on my back.

We can have sex Casey. Please I don't want to do it from behind." "And I want to lick your fucking ass!!" "Oh. God. no." Amy closed her eyes. She would've done anything to be anywhere else but here. She heard Casey climb up onto his bed and cross the room towards her. He pressed himself against her body his arms round her waist. "Fuck baby," he said, "you're shaking." "I'm scared." She whined. "Aw.

it's okay, darlin'," he kissed her face, "it's just like when I eat out your pussy." "I don't want to." She cried. Casey smiled. "Well I don't give a fuck what you want. I want to put my tongue in your lovely little butthole." He kissed her again. She could hardly stand. "Please. please." "Come on, baby." He tightened the grip of his arms around her and started walking her back to the bed. She was still crying and begging him not to but Casey was too far gone with lust to hear.

He bent her back over the bed and parted her cheeks. "So fucking beautiful." He started licking her tight little hole. "Mmmm. Mmmm. Mmmm. cute little asshole. Mmmm. Aw. you taste amazing Amy. Mmmm. Aw. Mmmm." He pushed his tongue inside. Amy winced. It was the weirdest thing she'd ever felt. "Please stop." "I can't baby. Your hole is so fucking fucking tight. I love how it feels on my tongue." Her crack was wet with long white streaks of his spit. He kept opening her up as far as she would go and tonguing her.

The sounds that came from the whole disgusting thing, the black guy with a big dick fucks my ass outside video sound of his spit and his moaning, were so vile that Amy wanted to be sick.

Finally Casey pulled back. Letting go of her cheeks. They went back together still wet on the inside with Casey's filthy spit. "Fuck Amy, I could eat your asshole out all night." He kissed the small of her back and then straightened up. "Get up on the bed," he said, pushing at her. She moved. Laying down on her stomach. "No," he said, "on your hands and knees. I wanna fuck you doggy style." She cried as she got up onto her hands and knees feeling Casey get onto his knees behind her.

She heard him spit into his cupped hand and rub it into his now raging cock. He wanked off for awhile; every so often rubbing the head against Amy's entrance as he had before.

"Are you ready for this cock," he smiled. Amy whimpered, making his laugh. Then he reached down and gathered some of the spit from between her cheeks rubbing it roughly into her pussy. He lined sadie black sucking her pervy step bros big cock and started to feed his massive dick slowly into her hot little hole.

Amy tried to steady herself on her hands and knees as the weight of his body hit home. He was way heavier than she was and the difference nearly threw her off balance.

His cock was now fully inside her. It felt horrible; stretching her. He started slowly thrusting his hips backwards and forwards; pulling out and pushing back in.

"You're so sexy." He smiled. He grabbed her hips and started moving them in time with his fucking. "Move your ass, baby," he said, "make me feel good." He fucked her slow like that for around fifteen minutes; finally reaching down and grabbing her soft hair.

He teenie climbs on top of a large weenie her up off her hands turning her head around to the side.

He started making out with her while his cock pumped in and out of her from behind. His tongue slopping out at regular intervals into her hot mouth. He quickened his pace. Beginning to fuck her harder and faster.

She reached back and put her hand on his thigh. Trying to steady him. But he responded by lowering his body into her back. She couldn't take the hard weight of him and finally ended up lying on her stomach while he raped her at high speed.

He started to revolve his hips as well as thrust. His dick was beginning to hurt her again as she lay there face to one side; slowly crying. "Fuck. aw. Jesus. I'm getting to the fucking bottom of this pussy.

shit. aw. mmmm." She could hear the skelping sound of his crotch against her ass under his disgusting comments. Then he slowed a little and she could feel him begin to go through that familiar spasm. He pulled his cock out with ssxxxx story sex stories 2019 first time. "Fuck. turn over." He grabbed her arm and flipped her over quickly onto her back.

He put his thigh over her thighs mounting her chest and forcing his wet dick up against her pretty face. He was taking a wank.

"Shit!! Get ready!!" Amy turned her face to one side. Casey's fit ass rubbed against her tits just like it had before as he roared pulling his hand back one last, hard time on his throbbing penis. White spunk rolled and dribbled out over Amy's cheek and neck.

She closed her eyes and waited for it to be over. He kept wanking off until the puddle of his shit covered the whole bottom half of Amy's face. He relaxed, breathing hard, sitting back on her chest. His ass and back, his thighs and his torso, were absolutely slick with sweat. He started rubbing the mushroom head of his thing over Amy's neck. "Fuck you make me cum like a fucking horse." He got off her and lay down with his face facing her.

"Open your eyes," he said. She opened slowly; showing him that she was still about to burst into tears at any moment. "Kiss me," he said. "Can I go get washed up?" She begged, she didn't want to move with his disgusting fluids soaking her face. "You can get washed after we make out," he said. "Casey, I've got your. your. Casey, please let me wash my face." He leaned in and kissed her mouth. "It's okay, baby, I'll go get you a towel after we make out." He started kissing her for real.

Making her take his tongue. After about five minutes he pulled back and looked at her. He dipped his finger in the hot cum on the side of her beautiful face, gathering a little beat of his sperm on the tip. Then he let his finger hover near Amy's mouth. "Taste my cum," he said. "No, Casey," she begged. "Come on, open up," when she didn't respond he grabbed her hair, "Come on!" She opened for him letting him push his cum-stained finger into her mouth.

"Good, baby, you're doing fucking fine," Casey smiled. He dipped his finger in his revolting seed again; getting more this time. Amy thought she'd throw up right there. He put the shit into her mouth. She gagged and nearly vomited. "Just a little more, baby," he smiled. "Please!" He scooped up more with three fingers and made her take it in the mouth; keeping his fingers inside for a long time.

"Suck the cum off my fingers, Amy," he laughed, "come on, bitch, what's your fucking problem. Taste it." He pulled his fingers out of her mouth when he was done. "Does my cum taste nice?" Amy didn't answer. She just looked like she wanted to be sick. He grabbed her hair and pulled it again. "Tell me my cum tastes nice or I'll fucking stop the payments!" She closed her eyes. "It tastes nice," she said, defeatedly. "Does it baby.

does it taste real nice." he started kissing her again, "well it better baby. because I'm gonna be wanking on you every night." She cried. ".you're gonna be sucking by meat until I fucking cum. every night, darlin'" She cried harder. He took his tongue out of her mouth and licked her tits.

Then he pulled himself up out of bed. "I'll go get you a towel," he said, "then taboo is ok as long as everyone agrees can get your little ass out of bed and get dressed to meet the guys tonight. I've told them I'm fucking you." He adjusted his cock.

"They'll be fucking jealous as hell," he laughed. He turned and left the bedroom; leaving Amy there with his stuff still wet on her face. For the first time in her life Amy considered suicide. She just couldn't stand a year trapped here with Casey.

She hated him and the things he did made her feel lower than an animal. She closed her eyes and cried; listening to his bare feet on the hard floor as he returned with the towel.