Double fisting and stretching marias ass tube porn

Double fisting and stretching marias ass tube porn
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After the virus had hit the world, thinks changed, women were treated as things, men toys. There were a few women left that were able to breed.

They were kept in huge camps.

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The other women, lags, for short, (slag's) were kept as slaves, sex toys. Men owned the world now. Women weren't allowed unless permitted, to wear clothes, the only things that they were to wear were coloured colours. The colours were from white to black. When a child was born, it were taken from the female and scanned to see if they were a breeder or a lag.

If a breeder then it went to the camps to be taken care of by the breeders. If a lag then it was equipped with a coloured collar and sent to another camp.

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It was here that they were kept innocent, until they are to be taken by a male. She stood in a small cramped like wardrobe space, in front of a long window. No room to move, nothing to do but to stand there and watch.

Men came past and stared at her. She had often seen these men walking past the huge fences around her compound, but never to talk to one. After a while, the door behind her was opened, and the leash that was attached to her collar was yanked, making her stumble out of the enclosed space.

She was yanked, pulled, to another room. It was here that she was to come into contact with her master. The man who she was to serve till she died. Her leash was tied to the ring in the wall and she was told to kneel on the cold concrete floor.

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She heard him walk in, saw his feet as he stood a couple of inches in front of her bend knees. "Stand," he ordered, She stood, keeping her eyes on the floor, The man walked around her, roaming his hands over her young body, feeling her small firm tits. His hands roaming down to her slightly parted legs. "Open," he ordered again, She opened her legs still keeping her eyes on the floor. She felt his hands now roam up between her legs, into her hole.

"she pure?" he asked the other bloke in the room. "Of course, they all are when they leave the camps, " "Okay, I'll take this today, how much?" he asked as they both left the room.

After a while she was taken to another room this one had a glowing fire in the centre. She was pulled over to a small iron table that was bolted to the floor, and had heavy iron bracelets connected to the bottom of the four legs. She was pushed heavily onto the table, the man behind her held his hand on the xxx new sex full story of her back holding her down.

Her hands and feet were then pulled down to the bracelets. Hearing the loud clangs and now knowing she couldn't move, fear began to creep into her soul. He moved in behind her, his hands roamed over her body.

He placed his hands around her waist, big thick callas hands that seemed to take up most of her body. He moved his hands down her body, over her young bottom and between her now outstretched legs.

She could move, could stop him as his fingers penetrated her. She cried out in pain, it felt like she was being ripped wide open. He pushed more, she felt his wet fingers digging in more deeper. She almost felt relief when he withdrew his fingers. He 18 bay 16 gall sex around to the front of her, bent down and lifted her head, "This is my cock, I am going to ram into your peephole and fuck you till you till I have finished.

It's going to hurt, and you are going to scream, but you see I don't care cause your mine." He smacked her face with his cock and laughed as he walked behind her again. Again she felt his hands behind her prying her tiny bottom apart a little.

She felt the head of what she had just seen, what had looked like a huge piece of sausage meat, close to her peephole. She screamed as he rammed it in, she could feel her insides ripping as he shoved it in deeper.

He started to move backwards and forwards, pumping his huge meat inside of her. She could hear him groaning as he pumped harder and harder. Tears rolled down her cheeks, her wrists banging around inside of the iron bracelets every time he pounded her. He began to pound harder and faster, intensifying the pain inside of her.

She became aware of another heat, a heat on top of her lower back, she tried to crane her neck around, what she saw made her scream louder and struggle as much as she could. This seemed to encourage him more and with a laugh he shoved harder, it yanked on her hips pulling her towards him "Now," he yelled, as he fucked her a couple more times loading her up with his semen, ignoring the smell of burning flesh.

She came to a little while later having passed out. She was still attached to the table by the bracelets, her lower back hurt like hell, she had redhead takes big cock outdoors exhibitionist stockings out when the red hot poker had hit her back.

She lay quietly as she heard someone enter the room. "Can I take her now," "She's branded and used, so yes" came a reply. "She's a red yea, so she can be used any place, by any one, and have done what ever, yea?

"yes, okay mate thanks." She learned what the voices had said later, she was a red collared lag. The day she was taken out of the camp and used by her master to be she was branded with his mark, to let other men know who owned her, who she belonged to.

New 2019 pron xxx storys was fucked by other men when ever or where she went. This is the first of many, I hope although the rest will just be telling it like a day in a collar. This was just to explain how the collars get out of the camps. Branded and used!!!