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Big colombian ass at the car wash perfect ass bubble butt
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This is nearly the same story as the original one. I just added some length and spaced it out. Hey, I'm Tyler. This story is my single greatest memory from my high school days. I was a quiet kid growing up I had two great friends growing up. Steven and Will, They were rowdy and was up for anything, which often got them in trouble. I was the calm collected one out of the bunch. If we got in a sticky situation I was the one who found a way out of trouble.

We all lived in the same neighborhood and would hang out every day. We were all great athletes and played three different sports together. We went to a mid size high school in the suburbs. As soon as we walked in high school we were the chosen ones. Our school had a tradition of being great athletically but had recently fallen on hard times.

So we were the ones the town and school were looking at to save the school's reputation. We all had our positions, I was usually the ball handler be it football, basketball, or lacrosse.

Steven was our flash, being he was so out there it was just natural for him to be the show stopper so he was our main scorer. Will was the enforcer; nobody crossed Will without some blood spilt.

So on the field we all were deadly and as well all know success on the field has it perks. Steven always had a different girl on his arm and all the girls knew he was a player but that never stopped them from wanting to be with him. It was understandable he was a wild time waiting to happen.

Will would have a girl for a while and it would eventually go sour and he would find another one nearly as soon as he ended the other relationship. I was different being a star on the field didn't help me get the girls because I was still painfully shy when it came to girls and big crowds. The fields were my comfort zone I could be me out there without any consequences.

The girls were there they would compliment me on the game and hold on to me as we all walked places but I couldn't even find a way to talk with them. One day the guys and I were at the park and we were throwing around when we noticed that the Carter house had sold and a family was moving in. We didn't think much of it and continue to throw around. Finally Steven got a call for one of his girls telling him to come over that her parents had left for a dinner and will had to go pack for his summer camp councilor job, which he was leaving for after the weekend was up.

So I was left to walk back by myself. As I walked back to my place I walked past the Carter house. I took notice of the family. The family seemed normal, two parents, three kids and a dog, and fairly nice vehicles. I saw what would be the younger two kids who were twin boys une salope offerte pour un fan de stephaneprodx the age of 12 or 13 as they round the porch.

But my jaw dropped when I saw what followed behind them. She turned the corner and instantly made eye contact with me. I nearly ran into their mailbox as we locked eyes.

She was gorgeous. She was about 15 or 16 and was toned and tanned. She was had brown hair and about 5'6" or 5'7" and from the clothes she was wearing she was confident in her body, which was a pair of short running shorts and a pink japanese milf magic mirror linkfull in my frofile top.

As I walked by she blushed a little bit and I nervously turned away. As I continued to walk I couldn't help but smirk at what had just happen. I got home I immediately went to the bathroom and started the shower.

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I couldn't get her hot body out of my mind. My cock became hard thinking about her. So started jacking off thinking of her nice long legs and how I would love to put those up around her ears but I would never get to do that I couldn't get a girl to begin with. The next week was awful. Will went to a local summer camp that he was counseling at. Steven had found a new girl he was trying to get with. So I had nothing to do during the day. So I decided to go down to the park and shoot hoops while my parents were gone to work.

As I crossed the street to the park I noticed the girl who had moved into the Carter house was running the track. I shot around for a while, but wasn't as focused as I usually would be on my own personal shoot around.

As she would pass we would make eye contact. Finally she finished running and crossed my path on the court. I finally called out "Hey!" not knowing what I was doing. She quickly turned around and I ran toward her. "You just moved into the Carter house didn't you?" She smiled and replied with "Yea, My name is Liz? I introduced myself and I asked her where she was originally from and why they decided to move here.

We talked awhile and turned out she was from Georgia and they had moved here because of her father had recently taken a job with the FBI and need to be close to headquarters. We talked as we gradually walked back. She asked me several things ranging from where I was from to what sports I played.

Soon we reached her front steps. She smiled and said "See you tomorrow?" I quickly replied with "Yea!" She countered with "Park 2 o'clock?" "Sounds good to me" I replied. I quickly walked home knowing I was not going to miss that for the world. The guys all text me later that night and I intentionally left out Liz one because they wouldn't know who she was and two I didn't want Steven trying to steal her away.

The next day I fixed lunch for mother id like to fuck gladly jumps on hard one eyed monster hardcore blowjob and my sister, ate, and told her that I was going to the park and that she could go over to her friend's house, which was also great because it was the neighbors so I didn't have to drive her anywhere. So I quickly threw on some gym shorts and nice sneaks and headed toward the park. As I walked down the sidewalk I saw her sitting on their porch in the porch swing as I got close she hopped up and meet me on the sidewalk.

She was again wearing short running shorts that showed off her long toned legs and a tank top. As we walked we picked back up where we left off the other day. We made it to the park and she asked if I want to tag along with her on her run. I wasn't going to let this girl out of my sight so I nodded and we started off. As we ran she asked about the high school being that was where she would be going once summer ended. I told her modestly that it was ok and that it was a nice school.

Quickly she said "My dad checked out the athletic program and all they could talk about was three star players that would lead them to state." "That's not you and your two friends is it" I didn't know how to answer it because I had always been modest about our success as a group, so I replied, "Well yea, everyone thinks we will bring the school back to prominence." She laughed and said "Well are y'all going to win state or not" I countered with "Yea we will, but I don't like being so brash about." As we ran I couldn't help but watch her breast bounce as we phoenix marie and danny s. It was taking all I could do to keep up with her after a while.

We finally finished and went over petite teen vs monster cock anal this fresh generation of teens is even more clueless the nearest bench. As I was bent over trying to regain my breath she placed her hand on my back and laughed poking fun at my endurance level. She started playing with my hair and I let instinct take over being I wasn't experienced in making moves. I turned my head and made my move. She steaming young lovely chick fucks old dude me with equal intensity.

After a few minutes of heavy making out she broke loose and tore out running looking back long enough to smirk at me. As I chased her I quickly caught her. We slowed our pace as we walked back to her place as we got to the top step she asked "What is there to do in this town?" I replied with "Well I will show you?" She flirted back with "Are you asking me out on a date?" Knowing what my answer would be I replied with "No, I want to take out you regardless of what you say." Smirking, She laughed and turned away saying alright "8 o'clock then." I hurried home to get cleaned up.

Once I reached the door my mom shouted out that they would be leaving to see my grandparents and wouldn't be back until late. I showered and threw on a fresh polo and jeans. I pulled into her drive way right at 8. I nervously rang the door bell meeting me at the door was her mom. She was an older duplicate of Liz. She introduced herself and the twins as she did Liz walked down the stairs in a sundress that hung to her body nicely showing off her nice long legs, while still clinging to her body nicely.

We quickly left and started driving around the town. I showed her all the main attractions in the town from the theater to the mall none of which was very impressive. We ate at the local hot spot.

As we entered she turned every head in there and I was greeted like a local hero asking me how football was going and if we were going all the way. It was the best entrance to a place I have had to this date. We talked while we waited for our food and couldn't keep our hands off each other. Once our food came it didn't take long for us to finish it and leave. Once we were back in the car she asked "Is there a place you would usually go to finish off a date." Well with my inexperience and not wanting to look like a dork by calling Steven to ask I quickly replied with "Well my parents are gone and want be back till after twelve or so." Once we got in my house it wasn't long before our lips met.

She broke free and ran up the stairs smirking. As I ran up the stairs she went into my room. Once I got to my door she met me with another intense kiss. This time we didn't break free I slowly pushed her over toward the bed.

We feel with a crash onto the bed and she rolled on top. We continued to make out. I began to start sliding my hands up her dress.

I grabbed hold on that nice bubble butt of hers and she whispered in my ear "I never let anyone get this far" I replied with "I have never gotten this far either." I slide my hands up her back which caused her to let own a low soft moan.

She release from our kiss and leaned back lifting her dress over her head causing my cock to jump. Her stomach was flat which made her tits stick out all that much further and her pussy was shaven. She was a solid B cup and her nipples stuck out a little. Once she threw her dress to the side I felt her naked body brush up against mine as our lips met again. I rolled her over and started kissing my way down her neck to her hard nipples. I slowly ran my tongue on her rock hard nipples which caused her to squirm a little bit and moan.

I started sucking on her nipples alternating back and forth every few minutes as I did that Liz started moaning at a constant rate. Finally she said "I want your cock inside of me." I replied with "I don't have a condom" Which her reply was "Its ok I'm on birth control." She rolled me over and sexy eurotic tv vk xxx storys my pants seeing my cock for the first time.

She gasped at the size. I had never thought of myself as big but I was around 8 inches and decently thick. She mounted me and said she was going to go slow that she was scared it might hurt too much. As she inched her way down on my dick I could feel the heat coming from her wet pussy. As her pussy lips reached the head of my dick she threw her head back and moaned "OH! God that's big" but she never stopped inching more and more in her.

Finally she hit her hymen moaning at how full she felt. She took a deep breath and pushed herself down on my hard cock letting out a gasp as she pierced her cherry with my dick. She sat there for a moment letting the pain subside. After that she began to ride me like a champ she was moaning and grinding her clit on my pelvic bone. She was bucking and squirming all over my dick. Her pussy felt like a glove on my dick. I couldn't last much longer and neither could she. Finally my balls tighten and I yelled out "I'm going to cum" She moaned loudly "Cum in me" As I did her pussy clinched down on throbbing cock and her body tightened up and she shuttered and scream out "OHHH MY GOD!" and collapsed on top of me.

Her tan body was glistening with sweat. She lifted her head up smiling. She hot blonde fucked in her office telsev "Oh my god that was great." I didn't know what to think. I had never had a grils xxx girls hot school this beautiful kiss me let along have her naked beside me. She rolled off the top of me and just laid there for a minute trying to catch her breath.

Once we had recuperated she again got on top but this time she slide down my slick body. Down to my semi hard cock she grasped it with both hand and started slowly jerking on my dick getting it hard in no time.

She asked "Have you ever thought about me while jerking off" I smiled and said "Yes" "Ohhh really" she replied. "What did you think about why jacking off to the thought of me" again I smirked and replied "I wanted to bend you over so I can see those long legs lead up to that pretty little ass of yours up close and ram my dick In and out of your nice tight pussy" I had been taken over with lust I had no idea I could talk like that.

She stood up and walked off the bed.

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"Well do you want to fuck me like you dreamed or not?" I was shell shocked. For it to be her first time to she wasn't scared to try it all out. I quickly rolled out of bed and bent her over the foot of my bed. She widen her legs and I slowly pushed in allowing her to get used to the new position and the feel of my cock. In no time we were fucking like bunnies. I was pistoning in an out of her pussy and she was meeting my thrust with thrust of her own.

She was screaming "More! More! Give it to me" as her body started to shack a little bit. I reached up and grabbed a hand full of hair and pulled tight so I could maintain a grip on her. She let out a scream as I pull her hair tight. It didn't take long until she screamed "I'm going to cummm!" as she did my cock throbbed as I was about to blow my load again.

She felt the difference and Yelled "Cum inside me! I like having your cum inside me" Once we both came she looked at my cock and hd passion hd lily carter ass fucked hard it in her hand. She stroked it a little while noticing it was getting hard again. So she dropped to her knees and asked "have you ever had a blow job." I shook my head no.

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She said well my friend back home said that if you wanted to make a guy happy you need to suck his cock. They said their boyfriends loved blowjobs." She licked the head of my dick and withdew for a moment before swirling her tongue on my head again. After a few swirls she took my head in her mouth. She ran her tongue up and down my shaft getting a taste of her own cum. She finally put the head of my cock in her mouth and started sucking.

Once she became more comfortable with the size of my dick in her mouth she started going deeper. The deeper she went the more by balls tightened up. I could tell this was her first busty redhead milf vanya vixen massages big black cock but it was a night of a lot of first for both of us.

She was trying her best to give a good blow job. She continued to suck and bob on my on my dick. I could feel my load building up in my thai ist hot and gets hard fucked. As she continued to go deeper I finally shot my load. She started gagging at the surprising. She pulled away and started coughing. She looked up and asked "how was it?" I stated that it was "amazing" As she got up she knew she wasn't the best at it and said "Well I will need to use you from practice sometimes." She went into my bathroom to clean up as she did I rolled over and checked my phone and realized the time and shouted "what time do you need to be home?" She replied with "around 11" so I said "we got to go then" as she threw on her dress I threw on some gym shorts and my keys.

We pulled up in her drive right at 11. She kissed me good night and said "Park tomorrow 2 o'clock?" I replied with a kiss. That week went by fast me and Liz was inseparable. Going to the park together was our usual afternoon activity.

One day we saw Steven shooting hoops on the court as we finished up our daily jog. So I told Liz I would introduce her to one of my best friends. As we got closer I yelled out, "What's up super star" He quickly looked up and stopped in his tracks. As we got up to him he replied with school girl rap sex vedio up man" I said, "nothing man, this is Liz, my girl friend" and He stammered saying, "girl friend?

Wait you got a girl friend? And it's her?" Pointing to Liz. Liz replied with "yea, he didn't tell you about me" Steven stated "No I believe that I would of remember him talking about you" She just slugged me in the arm saying "how could you have not mentioned me to your friends" I plead that "Well I wanted to not have to compete with Steven and Will to get you." Steven could notice a difference in me since Liz had stepped into the picture.

He noticed I was starting to be a lot more outgoing and friendly. We all stood there for a while talking and of course Steven had to meant some of his accomplishments, which none of which he would have received without my help.

Not that I would tell him that. So finally we all dispersed and I walked Liz back home and told her I was going to shower and that I would talk with her later on.

Once I got out the shower and dried off I received a text message from her saying her parents were going out on the town and that she was left to baby sit and for me to come over once they left. So I got dressed and went down stairs to watch TV waiting on her to text me when I could run over there. Shortly after 7 she text me saying "the coast is clear" with a winking face. I headed over there as soon as I got the message and she met me at the door once I got on the front steps.

I asked her where her brothers were she replied with "they are upstairs playing their newest video game." She said anal balls deep bbc freeazzsex fairy tales had went to the local movie store and rented several movies for us to watch.

So we flipped off the lights and put in the first movie and went over to the couch. After about 15 minutes we started making out. Her lips met mine as they were old friends. Her lips parted and our tongues met and immediately started wrestling with each other. After a few moments I began to slide my hand down her stomach. Inching closer and closer to her shaven pussy as I got to her pussy lips I lightly pressed and pulled away causing her to squirm a little bit.

I proceeded to tease her for a bit before finally inserting my middle finger in her wet cunt. Once I did she let out a slight moan into my ear causing me to go from semi-hard to fully erect.

I continued to slowly slide my finger in and out as she continued to softly moan. Just as she was starting to warm up we heard her brothers' room go quiet and their door fly open we scurried to compose ourselves as they ran down the stairs. Once they got to the bottom floor they came running up to her asking for them a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. So she quickly popped up and went to the kitchen.

All of us following her, she threw together to sandwiches and the boys ran off to their room. I stood there propped up against the island I said "Should we pick up where we left off at." She smirked and walked toward me kissing me once she got in reach. After a few pecks she whispered in my ear "I want that wonderful cock of yours again." I said "we can't go upstairs your brothers will hear us." She countered with "I know, but no one is in the kitchen, but us" She slide down her shorts reviling no panties.

She dropped to her knees and undid my pants freeing my cock for the entire world to see. She quickly gave my cock a few tugs. Once she stood up I turned her and bent her over the island in the kitchen. My cock nudged up against her cunt as we adjusted, which caused her to let out a little shrill. In no time I was buried deep in her tight pussy. Slowly sliding in and out of her, we got in a rhythm quickly my hips meeting hers like clockwork.

After a few deep strokes she was biting her bottom lip trying to keep from screaming out. As I was sliding deep inside of her I could feel her pussy tightening around my cock knowing she was about to cum. I pushed a finger up against her clit and pushed deep inside of her. With that she shuddered and I could feel her juices hit my cock causing me to lose my load.

As I pumped my load into her she collapsed on the island. Once I had shot my last load my legs went weak and I nearly fell backward catching the counter as I went weak. We both rested awhile her bent over the counter and me up against the counter. Once we recuperated we slide back on our pants. Once we did we went back to the living room and crashed on the couch cuddled up and finished watching the movie and talked awhile being that the next week practice would start up and I wouldn't get to spend the day with her like I had been.

She asked about the team and the coaches. We chit chatted about things as the movie neared to an end. Once the movie ended I kissed her goodnight and left for home before her parents got back.

The next Monday we started football workouts and Will was back in town. We were back to working out in the morning and running routes after lunch. So mine and Liz's time was cut down to hanging out after practice.

Steven told will that I had a girl friend before I could even mention it to him so that was all they talked about in between running their routes. Right before they were to run their routes Steven said "Yea I know it's shocking, but she is hot." Just to get his attention focused back at what we were doing at the time I fired in a bullet at him throwing the ball as hard as I could at his head, which he wasn't expecting as he tried to finish his train of thought.

Once we were through the guys wanted to plan a group outing so Will could met her along with the rest of the group that hangs out with us. So Will called around and the group decided that we would throw a bonfire out at Will's granddads farm which was way outside of town. I told Liz about it she said she would ask her parents for a later curfew that way we wouldn't have to leave early. Me, Steven and Will went out to the farm where we had several get togethers throughout the years.

Her parents ended up giving her a longer curfew and as we loaded up the trucks for the woods I picked her up. Will and one of our friends Sarah was already in my jeep as I swung by to picked her up. Will had left open the front passenger seat for her.

Once we got out there Steven had the bonfire already set up adorable stunner is showing her stretched tight honey pot in close up the lawn chairs put out.

Once the sun went down one of our friends broke out his guitar and begin playing all the old songs that we knew by heart. Soon we had all paired up and Steven and Will were making their moves on their respective girls all while me and Liz sat back and watch them snickering. She whispered to me "Steven thinks he is the shit doesn't he?" I laughed and said "Yea, but that's because he is the only guy that doesn't mind bouncing from girl to girl and the girls don't mind that they have to be in a relationship to get a play." She laughed and whispered that she thought it was time to leave.

Knowing what she meant we got up and started loading up our stuff just before we left Steven called out "yall two kids don't do anything I wouldn't do!" laughing I shouted back "There's nothing you wouldn't do" as I stepped up into my jeep. Once I fired it up we were gone. After we were a mile away I turned down an off road that Steven had told me about. We drove down it for a minute of two and it came to a dead end which over looked a lake.

As we got out the truck I grabbed the blanket and walked with her down to the water's edge. Once I laid down the blanket we curled up with each other and started kissing. After a minute or two she jumped up and asked "have you ever been skinny dipping?" she smiled and kicked off her flip flops, tossed her shirt and dropped her cut off jean shorts and off she went to the water.

I got up threw off my clothes and walked into the water. She met me and wrapped her arms around my body. I could tell she was horny because her nipples were poking me in the chest. We embraced kissing our bodies tangled together as one. As I kissed the nap of her neck she reached down and lined my dick up with her pussy and sank down.

She was just out the water enough that her breast was just above the water line. As we met each other's thrust with an equally slow rhythm all while staying in constant contact. As I russian bride d by stranger free movie up and down her body Teen toothbrush sex lesallys sons from mama bear could hear her breathing pick up and become shallow.

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She continued to slide up and down my dick she threw her head back. I leaned in a wrapped my lips around one of her rock hard nipples. She let out a deep moan and picked up the pace. Soon she was ramming down on my dick. She wanted to cum and cum hard. I matched her pace stride for stride. Our thrusts were so strong that we had started making wave in what had been a still pond. With one deep thrust I felt her pussy clinch hard on my dick and she started to shutter letting out a scream that woke the woods.

She collapsed on me and nearly went under the water. I grabbed hold of her and walked her out of the water. I laid her down on the blanket that we had laid out earlier. As I laid her down I laid down beside her. She opened her eyes smiling like she was the happiest girl in the world. She leaned up and said I think I should finished what I started and lowered her head near my cock.

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She licked the tip of my head getting a little taste of cum as she did. She started stroking my cock as she swirled her tongue on my now engorged head. She slowly lick down and back up my shaft before taking my cock in her mouth. As she slid xxx vdsex com sex stories my dick I was near cumming. She took one deep breath and sucked in as much as her lungs could possibly hold.

This drove me over the edge I began to shoot ungodly loads into her mouth. Once I was empty she swallowed all the cum I had shot. We got up and dressed knowing that she had to be back soon. We loaded up in my Jeep and drove back into town.