Pornlovo free fuck movies high definition adult videos part 419

Pornlovo free fuck movies high definition adult videos part 419
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It was Stace's turn to be pleasured now.

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Jenna's red and white cherry scarf covered her eyes as she sat on the table behind her, not knowing what to expect. Jenna leaned in for a kiss as she grabbed Stace's breast over her white tee. Stace moaned from her touch easily, wrapping her legs around Jenna's waist.

Jenna reached under her shirt feeling her soft, warm skin against her hand. She lifted Stace's shirt over her head as she softly kissed her chest above where her white lacey bra was covering. She unclasped the bra from the front letting it fall to the sides as she grasped her naked breasts and flicked her tongue against the nipples. Then hungrily sucking on the left then the right. The sensation sent tingles all the way down to Stace's clit, which was still wet from having pleasured Jenna.

Jenna gently pushed Horny officer lynn takes advantage of criminal with a big loaded cock back as a way to tell her to lay down on the table which she obediently obliged in.

She pulled off Stace's sneakers as she began to tug at her skinny jeans, pulling them off impatiently. She noted the matching panties that went with the bra as she pressed her lips against the panties taking in the scent of Stace. It was a smell she'd never get tired of. She slipped her panties off as she began to lick her clit.

Flicking her tongue against it, taking in all her juice. Stace had her hand on the back of Jenna's head, grasping handful of her soft curls as her hips raised into Jenna's mouth wanting more.

Jenna decided to step it up a notch, slipping a finger inside Stace as she continued eating out her sweet pussy. Stace began to moan loudly enjoying herself as she said, that feels so good.ah.more.I want you so bad right now. Jenna added another finger shoving it in her pussy harder and faster making Stace moan louder. Out of nowhere, Jenna felt something pressing behind her back.

She stood up from her position of licking Stace but kept fingering her, not wanting to startle Stace for no reason. With her free hand, she reached behind her to see what it was, since she couldn't tell in the dark but she soon realized it wasn't 'something' anymore. It was someone.

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She stopped fingering Stace, just leaving her finger motionless inside her pussy as a sense of panic came over her, not knowing what to do.

Finally, the person whispered, If you don't want your pretty little girlfriend to get fucked, keep fingering her like nothing is happening.

It was a man. Jenna quickly started moving her fingers in and out of Stace again, not wanting anything to happen to her. Stace quickly began moaning again from the pleasure. The man pressed his face against the side of Jenna's face as he took a deep breath in of her scent, he whispered, "you smell so good." His hand grabbed her breast that were still naked.

She could feel how hard his cock was since he was press against her back. If you say anything or scream, I'm gonna be showing your girlfriend a good time, he whispered as he kissed her cheek. She could feel his 5 o'clock shadow poking against her. The only thought running through her mind was that this was not good.

I want punished by your tutor for jacking off to lick her pussy and tell her how much you want her, he ordered. Jenna was trap and she knew she didn't have much of a choice.

She bent over and began licking Stace's pussy as she took a moment to do what the man wanted and moaned, Mmm, I want you so fucking bad right now then returning to eating her pussy out. The man was turned on by the fact that Jenna didn't use Stace's name. It was as if the comment was intended for him. He grinded his rock hard cock against Jenna's ass that was sticking out so invitingly and welcoming.

He wanted her so bad. He wanted to just shove his cock in her hard and deep, making her cry and beg for more. Jenna's cheeks were flushed. She was ashamed of herself right now. Being in this situation, she should be terrified and angry but the truth is. She was turned on. Maybe that was part of the reason she didn't fight back.

She probably wanted it as much as the mysterious man did. Possibly even more. He leaned forward against her as he whispered into her ear, fuck her, fuck her hard with those fingers of yours.

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Jenna shoved the finger faster and harder. She could feel Stace's juice flowing onto her fingers and her tongue. It had a hint of sweetness to it. The man couldn't bear it anymore. Hearing Stace moaned, he knew he had to make Jenna moan too. He pulled her panties down to her knees and she knew what was going to happen next. He dropped his jeans and slammed his cock into her hard.

She felt a sharp pain ripping through her. It had been a long time since a guy filled her pussy. His every thrust was deep and strong. The pain stopped her from continuing to lick Stace.

She held in her moans as best as she could but that wasn't what he wanted.

It only made him want to fuck her harder. He reached under her, rubbing her clit as he continued thrusting into her and commanded, Moan with her and tell her you sunny leone with her bra her to fuck you Jenna let out her moans that seem to echo Stace as she said, I want you to fuck me so bad right now Stace became even more turned on by the fact that Jenna was moaning with her.

The man picked up his pace and began to fuck her faster. His balls pressing against her every time. He was close. He knew Stace would be too. Jenna began to fuck Stace harder as she, herself was getting closer.

The man fucked her like there was no tomorrow until he finally shot his load of cum deep inside Jenna's pussy, just as Stace reached her climax. He let his cock soften as he then took it out. Pulling his pants and zipping it up. He slipped something into Jenna's bag as he then walked away into the night. Jenna raise Stace's blindfold from her eyes.

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Stace was hot and sweaty as she said, That felt so good, you've never fingered me so deep before. Jenna grinned and replied, "I'm glad you liked it" as she gave Stace a quick kiss. They gathered up their clothes and Jenna drove Stace back home. As she waved goodbye to Stace disappearing into her house, she reached into her bag to find her phone to check her messages.

She ended up finding a little card instead. She brought it out to see what it was and saw that it was a note the man left for her. It read, If you'd like to have a good time again, come back tomorrow.

Same time. Jenna never thought of herself as seachemgirl fucked by black guy beastyality cheater, but this feeling of ecstasy. She might not be able to help herself.