Naked college hotties get oiled up at hazing party

Naked college hotties get oiled up at hazing party
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Not really sure what to think, I responded with a "sure". I got the vibe that this conversation would be a little different than the one I had with Zach. She wasn't online so I didn't get a response. I kept my lap top open as I got ready for bed and lied down. The problem was, sleep was not so easy when I sat awake thinking about what it could mean. About 45 minutes later, I saw a notification pop up on my computer.

Mind you, it was about 12:15 am at this point. I clicked to see that it was her responding to me. I also noticed that Zach was online joking with me on why I was on here so late. I ignored him for the moment to read her message. "I know this is a random question, but you wouldn't happen to be the guy that was running home today in the woman's clothes past the café?".

She added that she had seen my post before and adorable pleasuring from hot legal age teenager wondering if she had put a face to it or not. I wasn't sure whether to deny it because of embarrassment or try to follow up on why she wanted to know.

"Are you asking because you have this fetish or are you asking to try to humiliate me? Lol ", I replied. "So it was you. No listen, I needed to know who I was talking to before I got into this", she said back. I asked her what she meant by that and she replied that she has had a pissing fetish for a long time. She wasn't into corduroy Two sexy women give a bj and get pounded in pov style don't think because she never even mentioned it but she did say she felt deprived that she couldn't experiment with other people doing the piss thing.

Immediately, I felt my penis start to skyrocket with pleasure just listening to her dilemma. I backtracked for a second though to gain some more information and asked her where she was when she saw me near the café and who she was. As it turns out, she didn't even go to the college but had found the site because she had heard about it from students that come to the café.

That's when she told me she was a waitress there and had seen me out the window briefly; enough to know I was covered in some form of liquid and in women's pants. Her name was Paige and she had gotten on the site to see about anyone who liked pissing but she could never pull the trigger without knowing who she was really meeting up with.

"I had no idea if it was you or not but I took a shot in the dark because the post had very specific kinks and you matched them", she added. Now that the introductions were over, I got down to business with her. "So you are interested then even though you saw me in women's clothes?" I asked. "Honestly, you had a pretty cute face and I've done stuff with women back when I was younger so I think I'd be fine if that's how you needed to dress.

Plus your butt looked pretty nice in those pants" she joked. I couldn't believe my luck. I had just found 2 playmates the night before and now a third was right there in my lap. "You must have already had some luck with your post though based on that walk of shame you had", she said as if trying to dig for answers. I explained the whole situation with Zach and Trevor and how we use corduroy but they had never had the cross dress aspect before mixed with corduroy.

I also told her she didn't need to wear corduroy because pissing in anything still is a turn on. "Sounds like you had a good old fashion orgy then. And yeah I don't own any corduroy but I'll have no problem pissing my pants with you. I've been keeping this a secret for so long", Paige added.

And that's when I finally got the full story. She had to wait to get back on so late because her boyfriend had stayed over at her apartment and was finally asleep. She'd been with him for close to a year now and had hinted at doing piss stuff with him but got rejected. She felt guilty enough pissing herself when he wasn't there and this would make the guilt much worse but she couldn't fight her urges anymore because she was starting to get frustrated. In order to pull this off, we would need to find a time that he was working and she wasn't so he wouldn't try to find where she was at.

He worked a nine to five so that part was easy and the rest would figure itself out. I had totally forgotten about Zach who was still giving me shit for being on the site that late. I told him the whole story but said she was a girl and he and Trevor wouldn't be interested. "Woah there Mr. Judgmental, let's not jump to conclusions. If she doesn't mind peeing on others and being pissed on we could still make it work with her", he explained.

"Why don't you legal age teenager lesbo group fuck masturbation smalltits her the same way we did with you and you can report back to us how she did?" he added.

At that point the plan was in place and now the ball was in her court. The rest of the conversation we spent getting to know each other and she said she would tell me what day she would come to the apartment.

However, it wouldn't be for another week that she messaged about it or what seemed like months in my head. I promised myself I wouldn't go into the café to draw any suspicions to anyone and finally she messaged me one morning saying be ready to skip class because it's going down.

We would have enough time from when her boyfriend left to work until her shift started. She told me to dress the same way I would with Zach and Trevor so we could see how she truly fits in with the group.

When I heard a knock on the door I was more nervous than with the other two.

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What if she was having second thoughts and that's why it took her so long to respond? I wore a tight pair of women's white cords that hugged my ass and a black top because I was planning this outfit for the other two.

When I answered the door, I knew I had seen her in that shop before. She didn't commit to the corduroy but her light sexy designer jeans did just fine.

She had a red t-shirt on and a bag of what I figured to be work clothes. I didn't want to risk losing her so I wasn't going to be mean like Zach and take her clothes on her. "Hi, come in. I wasn't sure If you were having second thoughts or anything or if your boyfriend was at your house or---". I was cut off as she walked in, closing the door behind her. She dropped her bag and embraced me. She started grinding on my leg and instantly I felt a flood of warm piss coming from her jeans as she moaned softly.

I felt her hands go right for my ass as she started squeezing it. I was baffled and wish I could have seen my face. My dick could have shot a hole through my girly pants which were now being showered with her pee. I swear she was grinding me well after the piss was done flowing and she still had a good grip on my ass. "Sorry, you were going to waste all the pee because I really had to go", she whispered.

When she finished grinding me she pulled away to see her work. My pants only were stained on the one leg. Her pants didn't get so lucky. She spun around to show me her perfect ass was wet and the front of her teen nerd glasses blowjob worlds greatest stepcompanions daughter were definitely soaked.

So that answered my question and got rid of my nerves quickly. "Someone's excited", she added as she pointed at my solid boner through my pants.

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"You made a good choice giving us a white canvas to paint on". The thing about Paige later on was she was never at the orgy's often but when she was, she was amazing and like a different person because she could finally explore her urges.

Clearly she loved that she could take control because she had none with her man. She pushed me on my bed next and started aggressively squeezing my balls through the cords.

"Your pants are too dry honey. It's your turn to share", she whispered seductively. She was lying on top of me and I was at her ridding on my boyfriend until i cum all at once.

As she milked my balls through my tight pants, I let the dam burst. My eyes were probably in the back of my head as I felt the warmth of my piss cover us both. She grinded against me making sure she took as much in as she could and I think she was just as turned on as I was based on the sounds of her moans.

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I could feel it on my back underneath me since it was draining right down to my mattress. This all happened so fast and I know we were on a time schedule but I never planned it going this well. As I finished up, her hand turned from squeezing to almost rubbing the way Zach had done to me.

She smiled and told me to roll over. My ass was soaked to the point that the white was now grey and my bed sheets were done for.

"Looks like you wet the bed", she grinned. As she ran her hands up and down my legs she made an observation. "I guess corduroy does work nice with piss play.

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The texture feels so sexy and the fabric soaks up so much pee", she said as she was ringing some out of my pants. I knew we didn't have much time left and I probably wasn't getting full sex from her anyway but she still deserved to cum for making the effort to get here.

I told her she should invest in a pair and then quickly I stood up. I told her to stand in front of me so I could look at her ass. She raised an eyebrow as If confused that I was making orders now but she got up and did what I said.

Still cased in the wet denim, her ass looked better than ever. I was going for something else this time though. As I walked up behind her, I placed one hand on her hip and the other made its way right to her warm crotch. She seemed uneasy at first that someone not her boyfriend was down there messing around. I relaxed her after a couple of minutes of just playing with her wet pussy through her pants. I doubted she was wearing underwear so I was going to find out.

While making a slow motion to unbutton her pants, I whispered that I didn't mind if she peed right on my hand as I was down there. I figured she still had some left because I know I'd have to go again soon. The way one prepares for a piss orgy is to down drink after drink of whatever beforehand. When I sensed that it was ok for me to enter, I Unzipped her pants and slide my hand right down to her lovely pussy which was dripping with all kinds of liquids including both of our pee.

I felt her clench onto my pants with her hands as I teased her mound to the point that she was ringing more pee out of my cords.

Right sex taxi the veteran of aunt portia lives on I think she knew she had to let the pee out again because getting her pussy played with would make it hard to do that if she waited too long. Right as I was ready to insert a finger inside her, I felt the warm piss coming from her again.

I was grinding against her ass and she could feel my cock pressing through both off our pants trying to escape and be with her ass because she grinded right back on it.

As my hand and the front of her jeans were being washed away, I let myself go again as well. I started my piss with my boner still pointing up so after it escaped my pants it shot all up her ass and traveled down the back of her legs.

The job was done and both our pants were fucked. At the end I sped up my finger motion faster and faster and faster. She cried out and instantly came in her pants and on my hand. What a world of heaven I was in. We both sat there quiet for a few seconds in our lover's embrace. She would fit right in with my other playmates nicely and the only one going near her pussy would be me obviously which meant I didn't have to share in that regard.

Weak and barely able to stand, Paige wobbled over to the bed to lie down for a second. I don't know if she remembered it was cover in my piss too but I don't think she cared.

"Honey, that was amazing but I have to get ready for work", she panted. I didn't want it to end but I had to play by her schedule or risk losing something special. I let her shower and changed into two policewomen get nailed in hardcore fashion work clothes.

She phoenix marie and danny s the bathroom wearing black skinny jeans and her work polo.

"Do you think your friends would accept me now?" she asked. "Oh I'm positive there's a place for you with us", I grinned. I said my goodbyes to her and she said she would be in touch.

Figuring she would let her said out, I took my turn to go use the bathroom and get ready for my remaining classes. I wasn't sure how I could even concentrate the rest of the day but I would try. Suddenly, I heard her knocking at the door asking if she could pee one more time before she left because it had snuck up on her and gotten bad. That's the point where I went rogue and an idea sprouted in my head. To this day I don't know what came over me.

I kept telling her I would be out in a second and yet I was just sitting in the bathroom doing nothing. "C'mon it's getting painful!" she yelled. "Well let's fix that", I answered back as I opened the door. Before she could think of entering I shut it behind me and wouldn't let her pass as I kept laughing.

"I don't have time for --. I cut her off by dropping to my knees and blowing warm air right through the fabric of her pants so it reached her aching crotch.

One of my hands was against her ass running my finger nails on it and the other I used my thumb to masturbate her again.

Squeezing her legs together you could tell she was "pissed" at me but I don't think she could fight the urges. I kept telling her how bad of a girl she was that she was ruining her work pants and before long she was able to cum again as her fingers dug into my shoulders.

I could smell her love juice right on the other side of her sexy pants. Right after that she hopelessly gave in. The taste and smell of cum switched to pee as she let it all out down her pants. My mouth and half my face got wet from Paige pee and I rubbed my nose right in her crotch to take it all in. Her soft moans let me know she loved it even though she was ready to kill me. Standing there in her pee she looked confused on what to do now. She didn't have time to shower again. "You can't just call the shots like that.

I told you", she yelled. "But at the same time, damn I can tell you know what gets me off", she laughed. I offered her a pair of sweats or something but she said it was too suspicious. Luckily after she toweled them off a bit, you couldn't even tell the black pants were stained. Only she would know as she'd have to work in her own pee the whole shift and I loved it. She left behind her other set of clothes from our play session and asked me to wash them for her. That made me optimistic that I would see Paige again because she at least had to come back for that.

As she left, she warned me never to pull that shit again but winked as she said bye and closed the door.

I was never more excited than that moment. I changed my mind about hitting up my next class and went straight to jacking off so I could get mine in.

Later on I messaged Zach and told him the whole story as we began plotting the ultimate orgy.