Sexxxxxx story sex stories download mp4 first time in

Sexxxxxx story sex stories download mp4 first time in
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The whole week I longed for saturday to come, and it finally came. Meanwhile, I was getting used to the fact Janet grabbed my book again and put it into her bag. She didn't need to say something. I just followed her, and, as the week before, we wandered through the house until the next hour began, then headed for the changing room. I hoped that maybe she'd let me fuck her for real this time.

Once we were in the changing room, much to my surprise, Janet took out the book from her school bag instantly. I decided to say nothing, and it wasn't necessary. She opened the book at a random page and laid it down on the bench. "Guess you want to keep this book clean?" "Of course I do! I'm really not into getting shouted at by this old hot indian girl showing pussy tits to bf lady." "So you'll just have to keep it clean.

how you do that is your problem." With that, she unzipped her jeans, put them off, this time not taking the time to slowly show me her panties. Instead, she took off her panties too, so she was naked from the ass downwards. Then she stepped onto the bench - and squatted down right above the book. "You're gonna shit, aren't you?", I asked with a shaky voice. I didn't dare to imagine what would be coming up to me if she soiled the book.

"Well. yes, of course I am! I didn't shit for two days now." "Em, big butt hoes playing with pussies in the pool ass. wait a minute. I think I can handle you shitting, but what if you're gonna piss, too?

Please don't be unfair!" She thought for some seconds, considering the matter. Then she came to a conclusion. "You're right. Pissing is crap. a wet book wouldn't be fun at all. I think I'll have a piss right now, before we're getting started." "And where d'yer wanna piss?" She looked around the room. "Since there is no toilet in here, one of the basins'll have to do, I guess." And so she headed for the washing basins.

I just wondered how she was to piss into them. I could have easily done so (and knew some cases where boys had done so for real, even some from my class), but she was a girl, but that didn't stop her. She leaned backwards against one of the basins. "Help me up." Now I got it. I grabbed her hips and helped her getting up to the height of the basin until she sat right above it. As soon as she was in a good position, she let it flow - a stream of hot yellow piss shot into the basin.

She, obviously, didn't care I was staring at her pussy. Luckily, the basin lasted to her weight. a broken basin was the last thing we needed.

Once she was done, she slipped down from the basin and went back to the bench, not caring to remove the remaining piss inside with some water. I decided not to care, too. She squatted over my book again. "Now things are getting serious." In a second, I was behind her, watching her slightly shitty ass (it looked much like it had done two weeks earlier). She began to push, and I could see her asshole widen. How should I avoid her shit landing on my book?

There was only one chance, and, of course, this naughty girl had exactly planned so - I had to catch her shit with my bare hands. To be sure the boy and girl hot sex book remained clean, I took both hands together, holding them flat right on the book, covering the sheets so they wouldn't get soiled.

Janet continued to push, and her shit started getting out of her butthole. I could see and smell it and, once again, got horny by the sheer view and smell of it. After some seconds, the turd was long enough to reach my hands.

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it's hard to describe the feeling of her warm and soft shit landing on my hand. She was still pushing year old talon from exploited teens gets to swallow more and more shit, and it started to fill my hands.

obviously, she hadn't taken a shit for two days indeed. After maybe a minute, she was done, and a nasty, big brown mass of shit laid there on my hands. At least, no shit had gotten onto the book. Janet relaxed, obviously being done, and her asshole closed. Suddenly, I got an idea. This girl wanted to play, so why didn't I play a game, too? I lifted my shit-fulled hands up to her ass, covering her ass in her own shit, then put them down again, just to bring them up again and smearing around a bit her shit on her buttocks.

Soon, she had a nice brown ass and lots of shit in her butt crack. As I had expected, she didn't a very very very bad girl doing - she seemed to enjoy it. Then she got up and stepped down from the bench. "Now you had your fun. Now smell my shit", she commanded. Slowly, a bit hesitantingly, I lifted my hands up to my face to smell her shit. When they were near my face, she made a sudden movement with her arms, pushing my hands up to my face quicker than I could react - the result was my nose and face stucking into the soft brown mass.

I took down my hands - but I felt I had shit on my nose and the rest of my face, and I could clearly smell it - the smell of girlshit being directly at my nostrils and thus spicing every breath I took.

She laughed. "You should see yourself. Wait." She began to search her school bag and soon took out a small mirror. She held it so I could see myself: my nose and nostrils being covered with shit, and, of course, there were shit stains in the rest of my face, too. "I like you looking like this. Maybe you deserve a little reward." She unzipped my jeans and took them down, then doing so with my panties, too. Then she began to play with my dick - it just felt great. But she stopped before I reached climax.

"Well, we're not done yet. let's just have a little walk." She placed my clothing back in place and looked at me. "And where do we put your shit?" She giggled. "There still ain't a toilet in here, so I guess I have to take it, just like last week." She put on her underwear. "Now, drop the load in the back of my panties." "If you like." I put all the shit (it was still a pretty good load despite of the fact that something was already "used" at her butt and in my face) on one hand, then used the other hand to pull open her panties, then put the shit in them, producing a nice shit bulge right behind her butt.

I then couldn't resist and pressed against it from the outside to squish it right over her ass, not taking care not to soil the outside of her panties - the outside got a bit shitty, too. I'm sure she must have noticed, but didn't protest. Instead, she took her jeans on and put them in place. They were tight-fitting so the shit inside her panties got pressed right against her ass well - she obviously liked it. Then, she looked at me.

"Now clean yourself, and then let's have a little walk." Luckily, I had some paper tissues in my pockets - I used them to clean my hands and face as good as I could, then I went to the washing basins and chose one of the remaining basins Janet hadn't pissed in earlier. I had no intent to remove the remaining piss in it.

should the older boys wonder who had pissed in the basin.

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At the other basin, I continued to clean myself as good as possible. When I was done, Janet looked at me. "Now we'll start our walk. Let's just get up to the 3rd floor and walk along the corridors." I looked at my watch. "But there will be the break between 5th and 6th hour in about five minutes, and that means the older classes will be changing class rooms!" "You're a quick remarker.

that's the sense of it!" Resistance would've been futile. Janet got my book, and we started. First, she went in front of me, and I could clearly smell she had shit in her panties.

Then she turned to face me. "If you want, you can put your an anal threesome fuck for cathy heaven right on my ass." She didn't need to tell me twice - I got to her side and laid my hand on her butt, feeling the shit squish inside her panties as she walked.

The smell was still there. Without much talking, we went up to the 3rd floor where nearly all classrooms were crowded. We had just arrived there when the bell rang for the break I had mentioned. I withdrew my hand but didn't dare not to walk side-to-side with Janet. Soon, doors flew open, and older students poored out and into the corridors for changing of their class rooms.

We soon found ourselves in the crowd, Janet with shit-filled panties and an undelieable shit smell around her. some of them noticed the smell, some didn't, and some commented about it - but no one seemed to take care I was at her side.

Then, we got into a traffic jam - at one point, corridors were separated by a large two-winged door, but for some reason, only one part of the door was open - maybe the other one was locked or blocked. There was, as usual, much pushing and pressing in the crowd before this door. I got right behind Janet - and took the chance to get right behind her and pressed my crotch against her ass, pressing against it even more.

She, of course, noted and pressed back. a horny feeling. When we had passed the door, the break was nearly over. We continued to wander the corridor until the bell rang again, then she headed back for the basement. "Just do me a favor and let's not get into the boys changing room again", I said. "I always wanted to see the girls changing room." "You never were inside our changing room?" "No, I just wanna see it from the inside." "No problem." So we headed for the girls changing room.

She just opened the door and went in - I followed her and closed the door, then took a look. The result was disappointing to me - the room just looked much like the boys changing room, only that everything hottie nina dolci gets her holes drilled hard pornstars hardcore mirror-imaged and girls clothing laid around.

"Now you're happy to be in here?" "Don't know. it just looks like the other room I already know." She giggled "There's just one difference. The air in here smells like girl, the air in the other room smells so good like boy." I sniffed in the air, but didn't notice any difference to the air in the boys changing room.

"So I just don't understand why you were so hot after getting into the boys changing room, since there really isn't much difference." "And I shy indian model vivian in her first nude casting understand why you wanted to get in here.

We're even about this, I'd say. Now, I think we're done for this week." She took out my book and put it into my school bag, then got ready to leave, but this time, I stopped her. "Wait! What about a little fuck? You can't get a boy hot and then just leave!" She smirked at me. "You're hot, aren't you? Well. fucking. I don't know. but I see you wanna cum, you can have this. Lower your jeans and panties and sit down." I did as told.

She then lowered her jeans, too, presenting her shit-filled panties to me. My cock got up like a piece of steel. Then, she sat herself on my elis likes when he fucks her passionately, sliding backwards and forwards on my upper legs.

She grabbed with one hand behind her, grabbed my cock and started playing with it. The feeling of her soft ass on my legs, the smell of her still warm girlshit, her hand playing with my dick.

it didn't take long before I shot my load right onto her ass. She smiled. "Time to leave, I'd say." While the last waves of my orgasm slowly went away, she got back to her feet, dressed and was gone.

I checked myself - except for the fact I had to clean my hands and face again with soap once I was home, there wasn't anything I had to clean this week. Good thing, I thought.

Then I got dressed myself and left. That was the 3rd part of the story. If you like, the story continues with part 4 and the next saturday.

and a new nasty game by Janet played with me.