Gode au parc avant partouze au bureau

Gode au parc avant partouze au bureau
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By 3 oclock after a long shower in which I had shaven my pussy bald and given myself 2 orgasms, I had already tried on 5 different outfits, 3 were just slutty 1 to nice the last was just right, it was a button down the front denim sleeveless skirt that showed off my breasts nicelyat the front and the sides, I had decided against underwear as I knew they would be coming off later anyway, and finished it of with some strappy sandals and painted all my nails in a bright red polish.

As I walked down to the train station some young german lads past me and I could tell they were talking about my chest which sent a tingle straight to my already soaking wet pussy, after buying my tickets I boarded the asian babe rides until the cream pie and noticed that there was only 1 old man in the carrige so I decided to have some fun, I sat on the next row of seats so that if he looked he would be able to see up my skirt under the table where I was sat, I had undone 2 of the bottom buttons and 1 of the top showing of my cleavage and as I sat down I pulled the skirt up a bit so that I was able to open my legs fairly wide.

I pretended to look out of the window but was really looking at his reflextion, the train had only been moving a few minutes when the conductor came and did the tickets when charming fuck for gorgeous legal age teenager smalltits and homemade went I resumed my open leg posture and was rewarded with him sitting lower in his seat I decided to up the game and put my right leg up onto the seat and leaned back into the chair, again I was rewarded with him stroking his bulging pants, still pretending to look out the window I lowered my hand down to my soaking wet lips and started to lazily play with my clit, I knew the train journey wasn't long so I started putting 2 fingers inside me really exaggerating the motions but steadily built up the pressure for the third orgasm off the day just as we were coming into the station, I stood up on shaky legs adjusted my dress and walked towards the door, on the platform I went to the window near where he was and blew him a kiss, I went and found the toilet and cleaned myself up a bit then left to find the kino.

As I walked along the street my nerves got the better of me and I walked past the discreet entrance on the other side of the street I walked to the end and crossed over as I got to about 40 feet from the door a woman walked out on her own carrying a plain bag and walked to her car and drove off, so as I got to the entrance I took a deep breath checked no one was looking and entered, as I walked past the large curtain just inside the door I was pleasantly surprised by a good looking well kept and presented shop and as I looked over at the till it was a woman.

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I pretended to brows for a while trying to build up the courage to ask about the cabins etc when the lady came over and asked in german if I needed any help, I spoke back and straight away she started speaking English I asked about some vibrators and she made me feel relaxed as she described various stuff. As we got to the rear of the shop I asked about the 50 dvds that were on display in a glass cabinet although I already knew why they were there, she explained without any embarrassment that the kino area was on 3 floors, the basement had individual cabins with a tv and chair in each and then she added that most in the rear also had holes for giving bjs, I pretended to be embarrassed and she just laughed, the middle floor had 4 group seats, 2 for about 20 people and 2 for about 6 people to stand which were kept dark.

The upper floor was in 3 sections a dark room, a comfy room and then she said her slow passionate missionary with a great view to creampie room was the bondage room which made my jaw drop.

She asked if I wanted to go in as for women it was free, I looked down then said quietly said ok pretending to be shy but really screaming get me in there. As I went through the door she came with me and pointed to some lockers and said if I wanted to be naked it was fine as some of the men would be, I asked if there was anyone else here and she replied about 30 men so enjoy, as she walked off she said she would put on 2 special dvds for me on number 39 and 40 and that if I was still here she would come join me at 6.30.

I looked at the lockers but decided that was for later I went to the stairs and climbed down to the basement as I turned the first corner there was about 6 guys milling about they all stopped as I walked past them each one checking me out and smiling so I smiled back knowing I was going to give them my body if they wanted it.

I reached the rear and checked the cabins sure enough there was the holes, in one I realised there was holes on both sides as I was about to step in I saw that the men had followed me round and so I decided to give them a quick show I unbuttoned my dress and pulled it completely off and stepped inside and closed and locked the door, wow what a rush I hung up my dress and sat down the stall next door was quickly filled and then 2 fingers were slid into the hole I reached out and touched them and it was replaced by a rather nice 5" cock I got on my knees and put it straight into my mouth using a couple of fingers to wank him this had the desired effect and I heard his moans after only a few minutes I pulled it out of my mouth just as he released a nice spurt of cum over my chin and tits, the cock was withdrawn and he left from behind me I heard a cough and turned round to a 6" cock coming through the other hole I went straight onto it taking as much as I could into my mouth when I heard another cough and the other hole being filled with a large semi hard cock that only just fit the hole I used my other hand to get him stiff and then turned my body and lined naughty amateur milf suck cocks with facial cumshots up with my bald pussy, I lined the head up with my wet hole and pushed back sinking half on the first push I then backed onto it completely and felt my arse push against the wall, I then put the other cock back into my mouth and pushed my nose up against the other wall, the two cocks started pushing in and out and I just allowed them there pleasure, I steadied myself with 1 hand on the chair and frigged myself with the other, my mouth was soon filled with a nice wad of cum some of which I allowed to dribble but a little I swallowed, that cock left then replaced by an old mans short wrinkly cock which I took all the way into my mouth and also sucked in the two little balls as well I sucked it hard and this time swallowed all the cum, the big cock in my pussy released a large wad of cum deep in my belly.

Both cocks disappeared but no new ones arrived so I sat on the seat and remembered that the woman had put on 2 dvds for me to watch I waded thru the channels and at number 39 I was introduced to a young girl being lead around on a leash by a leather clad mistress with a large strapon, then 40 another young girl was brought in and strapped to a bench and arse fucked with dildos and then a strapon again as she was fucked in the mouth by a group of men, I kept switching between the two until I came.

I unlocked the cubicle door after wiping the cum off me and decided the dress was going in a locker, as I approached the stairs 2 men smiled at me walking past them naked and I wondered if I had had either of them. I climbed the stairs and put the dress away then climbed the stairs ready for whatever came next.

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Part 4 coming soon x