Korean mom swallow son massage

Korean mom swallow son massage
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During my 8th summer I had gotten my 14 year old brother and our next door neighbor, Danny, to let me in on their secret game, a game of secret sex that, I was told, if discovered would land us all in reform school.

The secret game also entailed my doing whatever I was told by the boys as tasting a gigantic shlong deepthroat and blowjob price of admission into the game. I was 8 during the summer, average size, a little baby fat but just starting to develop. As Danny pointed out my tits weren't much but better than nothing.

It began with my having to pull my shorts and panties down in the back of the garage and showing myself to them, to kissing their dicks, to sucking them off, to getting fucked by them. As time wore on my brother would fuck me on nights when my parents went out but he kind of lost interest in the other stuff, but not Danny.

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Danny was a nerd who lived alone with his mom and spent too much time on his computer watching porn of the internet. He had me do all kinds of things from french kissing to pissing and shitting for him to french kissing his asshole to letting his dog lick my pussy after he had fucked me to letting his friend watch the whole thing.

Whatever he found on the net he did with me. After the summer, Danny was home early after school and never missed an opportunity to get me off alone and have me do stuff for him.

It wasn't as often as during the summer but he did his best. When school started again Danny and my brother had turned 15 and I had turned 9. I had done more sexually at 9 than most girls have done by the time they're 19. I liked being fucked by my brother because it was the only attention he paid to me and he was nice when he wanted it. I didn't mind the stuff with Danny, and I didn't even mind so much the day he had his friend over and had him watch Danny fuck me in Danny's room while my parents were out and my brother was supposed to be minding me.

I did mind he and his friend holding me down while Danny's dog licked Danny's cum out of my pussy but what could I do. Danny just did what he wanted with me and if I acted like I didnt' want to he would threaten to tell on me and have me sent to a bad girl's home. I like that a whole lot less. Not sure how it was arranged but one Saturday my brother had a football game out of town and my parents were going but I had dance class.

My mom thought maybe ballet lessons would make me more graceful or something. I was getting bigger and I guess she thought it would help. I guess out of a loss for a babysitter it was arranged that my parents would drop me at dance class and after my lesson the teacher would drop me at Danny's and he would watch me till my parents got home later in the day.

I knew what japanese stepdaughters rape sex mi meant, a couple of hours of me being Danny's sex toy but there wasn't much I could do. So after my lesson I was dropped off at Danny's and he was sitting on his front steps waiting for me.

He came over to the car and was so polite to my teacher I wanted to gag. As soon as she turned around and left Danny took my arm and led me inside and up the stairs to his room. As we went up the stairs I could hear voices in the kitchen so I figured that not much would happen cuz someone was home. Danny was a nerd who lived alone with his mom and she was gone alot, but I could hear male voices so I thought maybe I would luck out.

In his room Danny gave his usual "game time" which was the signal for me to take my clothes off except for my socks and sneakers. Today I still had on my leotard and tights and sneakers so I had to take everything off and was totally nude. As soon as I was naked he took my arm and said let's go and we started for the stairs and I pulled oral stimulation previous to anal hammering hardcore and blowjob and said Danny there's people here and I'm naked and he said yeah, so?

And I said no I'm not going down there and he grabbed my arm real tight and shook me once and said Eileen, this is the game and you have to do it and Horny milf meets young guy with big cock said no.

Before I could realize what had happened I felt a huge stinging hurt on my cheek as Danny had slapped me hard across my face with his free hand. Tears welled up and ran down my face and Danny shook me again and said look, you little slut, if you don't play along I'm gonna tell my mom why Dukie keeps sticking his nose in your crotch and I'm gonna tell your mom that I saw you and your brother fucking and when she takes you to the doctor to check it out he'll see you been fucked and you'll go to the girl's home and your asshole brother will go to jail so if that's better ok, but you better play along or else.

I was sobbing but I could see I had no choice so as tears ran down my face I nodded my head and murmured ok. He grabbed a handful of my hair and pulled it and said go wash your face off and stop crying or you'll really have something to cry about. He led me naked into the kitchen where 6 or so nerdy boys of various ages were either sitting at the table or standing around. Her she is Danny said and pushed me into the room. I tried to cover myself but Danny held my arms up over my head so they all could see me.

Ok? Danny said. The nerds kind of looked at each other and smirked and Danny said ok, whose first? An older boy with glasses said I've got #1 and held up a slip of paper and Danny said ok, come on and led us back upstairs to his room.

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He told me to do whatever I was told and he told the boy he had 10 minutes. Danny closed the door and when he was gone the boy kind of smirked and said lay down and I did and he opened his belt and took his pants and briefs off. He straddled my chest and stuck his dick in my mouth, not a big dick, a pencil dick but already hard.

He moved his dick in and out a few times and then pulled it out and lay down on top of me putting his pencil dick between my thighs and said open up and I spread my legs and he rubbed the head of his dick against my pussy.

He pushed a few times and sat up, spit on his hand, put the spit on his pencil dick and lay down on top of me again, guiding his dick between my legs and into my little pussy. This time he got it in and in about 5 thrusts he shot his load in my little pussy. The whole event didn't last 5 minutes and he got off me and put his pants on and left Danny's room.

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Danny came in with a towel and said wipe yourself off and I'll get the next one. Now I realized that I was to be fucked by every boy in the kitchen, but if they were all like the first then it wouldn't take 40 minutes. But they weren't. The next one was much older than the others. He was short and he told me to stand up and he said Danny said you kissed and I said yeah so he started kissing me sticking his tongue into my mouth and panting.

This was getting him all fired up and he rubbed my ass as he frenched me getting his hand between my ass cheeks and rubbing my asshole.

He was fingering my asshole and then he stopped kissing me and told me to turn around and bend over so he could see my ass and he put his finger in as he kneeled at eye level to my ass and kept finger fucking my ass for what seemed like forever.

There was a tap on the door and he said ok only 5 more minutes so lay down and I laid on the bed and hot teen gets plowed by an officer laid on top of me between my legs and thrust his dick into my pussy, now lubed with cum from the first boy. He tried to kiss me while he was fucking me but even though he was shorter he was taller than my head, so he finally grabbed me behind my knees and pulled them up and really drove his dick into me.

He kept fucking me hard and I put my hands on his shoulders to sort of hold on and he kept pounding his dick into me and thrusting harder and harder into my little quivering pussy.

He had just cum when Danny was back in the room. He and Danny had a brief conversation about wanting another turn but Danny said only 1 turn today. And then the next boy came in, and the next, and the next . The parade continued and all in all, 6 boys fucked my pudgy 9 year old body. 6 boys stuck a variety of cocks up my pussy and shot their cum into me.

One spanked me a few times on my bare ass but the rest just either had me feel their dicks or they played with themselves while feeling my baby fat tits before laying on top of me and spreading my legs. They all came within the required time except for one fat guy who could not get a hard on and got all worked up when he couldn't and ran from the room. A sweatin it lacey duvalle creampie and brunette of the guys said they wanted another turn today and had the money.

Money?!?! So Danny was charging them to fuck me. These nerds were paying Danny to fuck a plump little 9 year old girl, me. After the last one Danny hurried him out and told me to go in the bathroom and clean up and get dressed that his mom would be home any minute. I sat on the toilet and let cum run out of my pussy and washed my face rubbed red from friction of being fucked by 6 bigger boys and put on my leotard. Danny's mom came home and we were seated at his computer.

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She didn't notice that I didn't have my tights on and that the only way I could have taken them off was to strip. I guess she didn't care what her son did with me. She left us alone and Danny ran his hand up and down my bare leg and had me play with his dick. When he was sure his mom was busy elsewhere in the house he pulled his dick out and had me suck on him on and off until he heard his mom go into the bathroom and then he had me do it quick so he could cum in my mouth.

Because I had been playing with him for a long time he had a lot of cum and it tasted good. Danny was a bastard but he had good cum. Soon my parents were home and I left and Danny told my mom that I had been a really good girl and as I was leaving I saw my mom pay Danny. Danny really cleaned up that day and all I got was fucked.