Mom and aunt strip for son

Mom and aunt strip for son
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This will be my last story for this year but i will continue after the new year so thank you My name is Vito scaletta i was born in Sicilli 1992 son of an Irish father and an American mother and this is my story Chapter 1 Just like stiflers mum 5:08pm I was only 18 when I replied to an advert to rent a room near the city centre, I phoned up and made an appointment with the lady who owned the property, when I turned up at the door to check it out Mrs.

Dunn answered the door and I was shocked to see the sexiest MILF of my life. Mrs. Dunn was about 40 and fit as fuck with long blonde hair that came to her big pert breast that I would guess were a DD may be an E i dont know but trust me they were huge she did have an hour glass figure and a lovely big arse just like stiflers mum. Mrs. Dunn was my kind of woman and I didn't care if the room was damp and over priced I would be moving in just to see more of her.

As it happened the room was perfect and the price samantha g blonde bbw in threesome pornstars big tits affordable. A week later and I was settling in fine and getting on with Mrs. Dunn just great, she often caught me staring at her sexy body and just smiled at me.

Then one morning I was having a bath when Mrs. Dunn walked in on me (I had forgotten to lock the door) she was only wearing a silky red and black kimono she stared at me and under her gaze my cock started to grow, I could see her stiff nipples poking through the silk robe and I was aware I was becoming erect in front of her.

Mrs. Dunn just stared at me then asked in a husky voice if I wanted my back scrubbing, obviously I excepted and as Mrs. Dunn stepped up to the bath my cock started to throb. I let Mrs. Dunn gently wash my back and we chatted about my sex life and if I had a girlfriend or not, I told her I had not had a girlfriend in three months and that I needed to find one soon.

Then as she giggled Mrs. Dunn inquired if I was masturbating in her house, I must have gone bright red and informed her that I had not had a wank in ages because the bed was too noisy and she was always in the house, She then told me to get on my hands and knees so she could wash my back properly. I did as I was told and after running the sponge over my back a few times Mrs.

Dunn soaped up the sponge then began to wash my balls, I very nearly shot my load there and then but just about managed to hold it back, Mrs.

Dunn then asked if I was ok with her washing my private parts, I moaned a sure it's no problem and to my delight her over hand gripped my erection and she slowly started to jerk me of under the pretence of washing petite asian amateur fucks her first big dick cock. There I was on my hands and knees getting wanking off by the very sexy Mrs.

Dunn, Then just as I was on the verge of Cumming I felt a soapy finger enter my ass hole up to the knuckle and massage my prostrate, My cock exploded shooting thick jets of sperm all over the place, Mrs. Dunn continued to jerk my cock and finger my ass till I was totally milked. Then she washed her hands and told me to get dried and she would make some dinner for us. Chapter 2 Riding till Dunn I was dried and heading down the stairs in my bathrobe as quick as humanly possible, Mrs.

Dunn was sat at the table her kimono was open enough for me to see a lot of cleavage, my cock was getting stiff again and I sat down quick in an attempt to hide it but Mrs.

Dunn didn't miss a thing, she smiled and asked me if I needed to cum again so soon, I apologised and told her I found her very sexy. On hearing this Mrs.

Dunn stood up and undid her kimono revealing the best pair of tits it has been my pleasure to gaze upon in my life and a clean shaven pussy to go with it, she dropped her kimono on fascinating tempation for innocent hotty hardcore blowjob floor and walked to the sofa in the living room, I followed her and dropped to my knees between her curvy legs, as I leant forward Mrs.

Dunn got hold of my head and guided it to her juiced up pussy and ordered me to lick her to an orgasm a task I was more than willing to perform. I must have been tonguing her wet cunt for a good half hour bringing Mrs. Dunn to two strong orgasms when she finally let me free from her steaming pussy my face was covered in her juices, her only words to me were to lie down on my back as I did this Mrs. Dunn straddled my cock and impaled herself on me, I nearly shot my lot on the spot but managed to hold back, as she fucked me all I could do was gaze at her massive tits bounce about above me I tried to hold back but to no avail, my cock exploded shooting my baby making juice into her womb, Mrs.

Dunn realised what was happening and pulled away so the last of my cum dripped onto my belly & balls, I was in heaven then in a strict domineering voice Mrs.

Dunn raised her sloppy cum filled pussy over my face and told me to clean her up and not to cum in her ever again, so there I was licking and sucking my own cum out of Mrs Dunn's soaking wet cunt and I was loving it, Mrs.

Dunn orgasmed again in my mouth then raised herself up and just left me naked on the sofa as she went to get cleaned up, as she stepped out of the living room I heard her say she would see me at bed time when she would tuck me in, I couldn't wait to go to bed and at half past nine I decided to have an hurly night so letting Mrs Dunn know my plans I went upstairs stripped of to my boxers and sporting a 7" erection I dived in to bed.

It was nearly half an hour before my bedroom door opened and Mrs. Dunn came in just her black and white kimono again, but this time there was no messing about Mrs. Dunn sat on the side of my bed reached under the covers and take old of my floppy cock shook her head then pulled my covers back and just stuck my semi hard cock in her mouth and sucked me to ebony bethany benz swamp buggy booty bigbuttslikeitbig hardcore impressive erection then to my surprise she threw her leg over my head and for the second time in that day I was licking her big shaven pussy that I so wanted to fuck.

After sucking me till I managed to make her climax in my face she then moved round and dropped down taking my erect cock deep into her sloppy wet cunt, she rode me for a few minutes then we rolled around till I was on top and FUCKING her as hard as I could.


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Brie larson teen mature xxx then pushed me of and got on her hands and knees sticking her ass up in the air, I got behind her slammed my 7" cock straight into her juicy pussy and started to shag her as hard as I could slapping her big arse and having the best sex of my life when of my life long fantasies came true, Mrs.

Dunn screamed out in orgasm and told me to fuck her dirty arse hole, How could I refuse I pulled out of her wet cunt and pushed the end of my cock against her bum hole till the tip slipped in. Mrs.

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Dunn let out a scream and begged me to push harder which I did till my cock was fully embedded in her bum, I began to slip in and out of her arse making her climax time and time again till I could take no more and I injected her arse with what felt like gallons of cum. 1:41am i couldnt sleep that night all i wanted to do was to FUCK MISS DUNN Have a merry chrismas and a Happy new year.