Allinternal tiny teen squirting cumshot from her ass

Allinternal tiny teen squirting cumshot from her ass
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Victoria dropped to her knee's in front of the first man and took him in her mouth as soon as he was in her mouth he pushed his cock down her throat making her gag.

After about a minute Victoria was pulled hard by her hair and dragged to the next man this went on until she had sucked all of them for a minute or so. Again she was grabbed by a handful of hair and walked over towards the bed. Suddenly Victoria yelled out as she was literally swung onto the bed by her hair.

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"Get on your hands and knee's" She heard a voice say getting on her hands and knee's one man got up behind her and one in front of her and at almost the same time rammed their cocks into her mouth and cunt.

Victoria groaned and felt a hand on each of her tits and them being squeezed hard. "I think she needs punishing she is not sucking me hard enough" The man in her mouth said a few seconds later Victoria screamed out as she was hit hard across the back with one of the man's leather belts. The man pushed deeper into her throat Victoria opened her mouth wider to take him. The man fucking her from behind grabbed her ass cheeks and dug his fingers in Victoria pushed back into the man and let out a groan.

She felt the man fucking her push in deeper and release his load as a parting gift he bit her hard on one of her ass cheeks.

Moments later another cock was being rammed into her cunt. James knocked on Victoria's door when he got no reply he opened the door and popped his head in.

"Sorry iam late had a last minute meeting" He said as he walked into the office and shut the door behind him. He was more then a hour late and knew Victoria would be pissed at him. He called her again thinking she was probably in the shower but when she still didnt answer he sat at her desk and looked in her appointment book and seen Victoria had a appointment at 7pm what sparked his interest was the room it was in room was not used that often.

Pushing the seat back James walked to the monitors and turned them on every room had a camera so Victoria could check up on the girls. James pushed the next monitor on and stepped back his eyes opened wide at what he was seeing. Victoria was bent over and a man was fucking her ass another was ramming his cock down her throat as soon as the man finished blew his load in her ass another stood up behind her and rammed his cock into her ass again.

James could see welt marks all over Victoria's back her ass as well. James turned up the volume. Once the two men finished one of the men grabbed Victoria by the arm and dragged her to the side of the bed and put a collar on her that had two leather straps on either side. "Now this will be more interesting you have some sweet toys here and slut we will use every one on you now turn the fuck around." he said and spat in her face just as she was about to turn around.

Grabbed the leather straps he yanked them hard pulling Victoria's head back at the same time entered her ass. Victoria let out a yell and gasped for air. "Tell me slut you want this you love this and you want more" He said and pulled the straps again. In a strained voice Victoria asked for more. A man grabbed her face and rammed his cock down her throat.

"Put her on the bed lets Dp her this slut is coming all over the place." He said jenni leigh and chanta rose lez it out together a laugh as Victoria was pulled onto the bed she straddled the man laying down and lowered herself down on his cock another holding the straps reefed her head back and entered her ass a third stood and rammed his cock down her throat.

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James wanted to walk away but the scene in front him kept him there he had never seen Victoria a st xxx story laef this he knew she like it rough and some pain but never had he seen this before. He watched as she was beat with the belt she was pissed on made to crawl around the floor and lick their feet .Spat on and what amazed James she begged for more and it was not just because they wanted her to say it she was smiling she really wanted more.

A little while later James watched as Victoria was bent over a table and her legs strapped apart and her hands tied and stretched out in front of her.

A few moments later dogs were lead in and one was lead to Victoria he sniffed her cunt then licked it a few times before being encouraged by his owner to mount Victoria which he did. As this was happening one of the men laid down in front of Victoria and told her to suck his cock. James watched as the dogs took their turns then were lead back out of the room Victoria was left there for a few minutes.

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Then the men started their assault on her body again this time the men took turns fisting her cunt and a huge vibrator was being rammed into her sweet legal age teenager fur pie licked. "Scream for more slut" One man yelled out Victoria did scream for more and she did want more as she came over and over. James put his hand to his mouth as they started fisting her ass and the vibrator was now being rammed into her cunt .Once they had finished they untied her and dragged her back over to the bed.

"Now slut lets see how you go with two cocks in your cunt." he said and pulled Victoria down on his cock and pulled her forward as another go behind her and pushed his cock into her cunt as well Victoria screamed out.

The man on bottom laughed and squeezed her tits hard. "Your ass is next." He said. For the next hour James watched as they fucked Victoria every way they could. When it was over Victoria put her robe back on and stood in front of the men. "So did you get your moneys worth?" She asked. "Hell yeah and then some we want to do this again if you agree to it." He said as he started to dress. Victoria smiled and nodded her head.

"Oh yeah i want to do this again you want to bring a few more men please." She said and left the room and walked slowly back up to her office. As soon as she entered the office she seen James and that the monitor for the room she had just been in was still on. "I need a shower badly." She said and started to walk passed James as she got in line with him he grabbed her arm and spun her around. "What the fuck was that all about Vicky for fuck sake you let dogs fuck you?" He said.

"It was a job James you know what i run here and the dogs its what they wanted and paid for it was not to bad dont know the attraction to dogs fucking a woman i preferred the cock in my mouth alot more." She said and pulled her arm away and went and had a long very hot shower. James was pacing when she came back out he stopped once she entered and just stared at her. "Dont look at me like that i dont answer to breathtaking czech girl gets seduced in the mall and screwed in pov James i answer to no-one and for the damn record i loved very minute of what happened in that room and i will be doing it again and hopefully with a few extra men." She said and sat down on the lounge she was so damn sore and swollen she had to sit on a cushion.

"Tell me why Vicky i know you like it rough but fuck Vicky look at yourself." James said and sat down on the lounge heavily. "Ok James i will tell you. I come from a family who were drunks and took drugs my parents were young when my brother was born and two years later i came along. No affection was given only the bare essentials they need money for drink and drugs .Lets jump a few years it was my 13th birthday i came home from school to hear the usual laughing and the sound of alot of voices.

I went into the house and straight to my room the usual routine but this day i messed up and walked out into the kitchen to get something to eat. As i head back towards my room my dad grabbed me and hugged me and wished me a happy birthday i was just happy he remembered. Then i heard someone say "fuck she is ready to have her cherry popped maybe it already has been" The voice said my dad looked down at me and asked was i still a virgin i was so embarrassed and blushing so bad and told him i was.

Again someone called out " I would check with hd teen peach first time hatefuck my hippie asshole amount of men coming through your house someone cogiendo con una amiga mexicano and mexicana nail her for sure" The voice said then alot of voices started egging my dad hot blonde eurobabe cherry kiss gets drilled in the park to check then i heard my mother's voice and seen her stagger towards me hoping she was there to save me.

She stood in front of me and smirked then looked at my dad. "We didnt get her a birthday present so iam thinking you could kill two birds with one stone check to see if she is virgin and that can be your birthday present to her and then i will give her mine." She said with a laugh and suddenly she bend down and pulled my panties from under my school shirt. My dad dragged me screaming out into the lounge room and in front of eveyone he raped me then looked up at everyone and laughed.

"She was a virgin" He said and got back to his feet then my mother came over to me and made me roll over onto my back and told two men to hold my legs open i was screaming for them to stop as my mother went to work on my cunt when she was done she wished me a happy birthday." Victoria said.

"A few minutes later i heard men offering dad money to fuck me right there and then and my parents got so excited and took up their offer so on my birthday i was raped repeat over and over and my parents made money.

The next day still sore and so scared i went to school as usual as soon as i returned home my father was waiting for me this time he fucked my ass god how i screamed but it did not stop him. Then that night a number of men came over and i was shown by my mother how to suck a man's cock other school kids were doing school homework my was practicing sucking cocks and getting hit if i did it wrong.

So that became my life everyday i was fucked and beaten by my father and mother and other people paid money to fuck me, Then dad had this idea that i could make them more money so i was taken to truck stops and drivers paid money to fuck me in the back of their rigs. If i didnt perform to my father's satisfaction i was beaten so bad all the sex was rough James and i was hit continuous from men who were told they could do anything to me.

Then i was hired out for parties and at these parties i learnt what Dp was and how to eat out a woman properly. After about three weeks i just gave in and it occurred to me then that while these men and my parents were fucking me i had all their attention what i craved all my life so i just went with it. The next day after i decided to just enjoy the attention i walked into the house and smiled at my father.

And told him to lay down i wanted to be on top and right there in front of the door i rode my father's cock. The look he gave me was so worth it and the decision i made was the right one once i was done with him i walked over to my mother and knelt between her legs and licked and sucked her cunt until she came twice.

A few years later once i left their house i became a highly paid sex worker and saved every dime i could until i could open this place my dream i called it Inflictions because i was inflicted with so much pain for so long just seemed fitting. I still go home twice a year and yes as soon as i walk in my father is pulling out his cock and we fuck he does what ever he likes to me.

James this is who iam and its the only life i know and iam damn good at it. If you cant accept my life style there is the door use it and dont ever come back." Victoria said staring at James. James said nothing for a long time then looked at Victoria and smiled. "Can i be in on the next one?" He asked. Victoria smiled and got to her feet and let her robe fall open and lent down to James. chubby blonde loves bouncing her big ass on your dick would love you to be there now iam horny again fuck me James." Victoria said with a grin and let the robe drop to the floor.

To be continued maybe