Kerala malayali house wifes blue film story

Kerala malayali house wifes blue film story
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Vengeance 23 After a long evening of homework, Ellie was on her knees in front of me. I sat on the futon with one hand stroking her cheek, and the other lazily lying off to the side. She worked slowly, hypnotically, up…down all the way…pause…and up again. My dick glistened with her spit. I closed my eyes and moaned softly, letting her do her work.

Her right hand found my left and our fingers intertwined tightly as she blew. We were both tired, and I had finished eating her out just a few minutes before. Her freshly shaved pussy still dripped with my saliva and her juices.

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I let out another long sigh. I was getting close and she knew it.

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She pushed me over on my back on the futon and climbed on top of me; her breasts pressed into my chest and kissed me.

After several seconds she pulled away and gave me a devilish grin. I cocked my head to the side, curious. "Let's go fuck in the Science Labs." The Science Labs was actually a building full of both Labs and classrooms.

Since the first floor of Labs was built first, and the classrooms added on several years later, the name stuck. I pulled on a pair of sweatpants, valentina nappi pure nympho valentina nappi more, grabbed a backpack and filled it with the appropriate equipment.

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Finally I grabbed the sleeping bag. Ellie had yet to put anything on. "I'm too lazy," she said, and I laughed. I love this girl.

We set out, me carrying the stuff, and her completely naked. Luckily no one was in the hall, even though it was still the fairly early hour of 11pm. We hurried downstairs and out the door.

Once outside, Ellie shivered, but continued on. Her nipples hardened immediately at the cool air and she pulled her hair around in front to give herself a little warmth. It perfect ass shape beauty dior takes a bbc left her breasts mostly uncovered. The Labs were about a five minute walk from my building. A few lucky people got a view of Ellie's fantastic body, but no one from up close.

I hurried along, enjoying Ellie's plight and mild uncomfortability, but not wanting her to get sick as a result. Finally we walked in and headed up to the third floor. The place was completely empty, and the lights dim, a perfect setting. The Lecture hall we were heading too was an amphitheatre style, pie wedge shaped room that seated around two hundred.

I walked Ellie up the steps to the top row, and laid the sleeping bag on the thinly carpeted floor. I pulled her close and kissed her again, her hands already tugging my sweatpants down. Slipping off my sandals, I let her haul them down the rest of the way and toss them aside. Her lips closed on my dick again, sucking a few drops of pre-cum off the tip before deepthroating me completely. She pressed her nose into my stomach, and gave a long low, sexy, and muffled moan.

I grabbed a handful of hair, pulled her off and pushed her from her knees to her back.

I laid down on top of her, rubbing my dick against her clit, but not penetrating. She moaned happily, and thrust her hips towards me. I slid farther up, now kneeling so my dick hovered over her face.

I slid up further still, and allowed her to lick my balls, coating them in the same layer of spit that still covered my dick.

After several minutes, I slid back down, and entered her, slowly, but deeply. She moaned the whole way in, her juices now mixing with her saliva. Finally I stopped, and kissed her again, slipping my tongue in between her lips to mingle with hers. They rolled around each other while my dick enjoyed the tight, warm, wet confines of her pussy. After several minutes I slid sideways and began kissing her neck while I slowly thrusted in and out.

Her head rolled to the side, eyes clamped shut and mouth agape in ecstasy. I increased my pace, and her arms wrapped around me, pulling me tighter. I thrusted deeper, harder, and her arms wandered, caressing my body, grabbing a firm hold of my ass, then finally laying off to the side.

Having orgasmed not long before, I knew the second one was going to take a bit longer, but be more intense. I felt myself growing close and pulled out. Before mmv films kelly trump is my anal school teacher could protest, my mouth found her pussy and my tongue slipped in between her lips.

She let out a half scream, half moan that echoed in the empty room. I sucked her clit into my mouth, playing around with it with my tongue as her ragged gasps grew heavier and heavier. I slid up once more and entered her yet again. Another scream as I started thrusting hard, no build-up this time. Quickly I was about to cum, but I knew I had her close enough this time. Strong streams shot out, filling her pussy with a new warmth. Her mouth opened in shock, but no sound came out as her second orgasm began.

Her body tightened, until finally she let out a moaning sigh, as she finished. I laid there for a while, still insider her, breathing the same relaxed, happy sighs.

She turned and kissed me before resting her cheek against mine. She whispered three words into my ear, and I kissed her again, smiling. Completely soft now, I slid out of her, and pulled the sleeping bag around us, resting my head on the soft cushion of her breasts, and shutting my eyes. Quite dangerously, we both drifted off to sleep.