Double teaming keisha grey in outdoor threesome

Double teaming keisha grey in outdoor threesome
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The alarm on her phone went off at 5:00AM and Danielle begrudgingly woke up.

Turning the alarm off she swung her legs and sat up on the edge of the bed. Her hair fell down in front of her face and she yawned as she pushed it back and got up. Stretching she walked over to the mirror. It was summer time and insanely hot and humid in Georgia so she slept in a bra and panties set that she only wore to bed because they were so worn.

Stripping down she examined herself in the mirror. Her tangled brown hair fell down past her shoulders and she looked at her naked front; how her nice c-cup breasts and small tits stuck out on her toned and tanned body.

Keeping up her athletic form was important to her since she after her first year of college she didn't want to lose everything she had earned throughout her years as an athlete.

She went further down and saw that some pubic hair had started to grow back.

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She didn't care though since she had only a couple of weeks ago broke up with her boyfriend so she didn't have the motivation to shave it. Moving away from the mirror she opened her top drawer in her dresser and pulled out a sports bra and running shorts, next drawer down she pulled underwear and short socks. She laid her outfit out on her bed and then walked into her bathroom she turned the shower on. It had been a late night with her girlfriends and even though she wasn't hungover she enjoyed the water cascading on her body.

After a few minuets of freshening up in the shower she stepped out, toweled off, and went back to her bed. She got dressed and slipped her running shoes on and she was out for her 5:30 morning run.

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Jogging down her road she turned down a hill which would take her to the trail that she would jog for 5 miles down and back. She loved this part of her routine because it allowed her to be alone with her thoughts in the Georgian nature.

Well she thought that she was alone, but the thing about routines is that they make you predictable and easy to prey on. That's what Anthony had been doing; stalking his prey, learning her routine, and figuring out when she was most vulnerable.

He knew that a mile and a half into her run she would be passing a small hut which used to be used by grounds keeping, but now sat abandoned. He had spent the past week prepping it: moving tools around, cleaning it, and bringing the supplies he would need and could possibly need. He had timed her and knew that she would be there any moment, watching out the window where he would see bustful babe bree gets to join in a hot lesbian threeway sex striptease and hardcore coming he was restless.

Danielle came in view and Anthony dashed out the back door and went around to the opposite side.Slipping a mask over his face he could hear her getting closer and closer when he saw her shadow he got ready and he saw her and he grabbed her from the side. Taken by surprise Daniele tried to cry out but a hand shot over her mouth and she was being slowly dragged around the but she had passed everyday. Trying to get away she was flailing her limbs trying to hit the man attacking her, but he had grabbed her in such a way her effort was futile.

They went into the hut with Danielle trying to hold onto the door frame, but was yanked away. She was thrown to the ground and the door was slammed shut and locked.

Danielle got up ready to fight back, but suddenly she found a knife pointed right at her throat. "Don't move." The man said and Danielle froze raising her hands.

"Turn around." He said and she did that fearing that he would kill her. The man grabbed each of her arms and put them together, pulling a zip tie out he tied her hands together and made her get down her on the ground with her hands digging into her back. His cock stirring he pulled out a gag and put it in her mouth, brushing the knife against her face as he did so.

Anthony stared at his prize through the mask and couldn't believe his luck; it had gone better than expected and he was excited to begin. Daniele started to cry because she didn't know what was going to happen. The man knelt down and wiped the tears off her face. He then grabbed her bra and taking the knife cut it off her exposing her breasts.

She screamed, but the gag hot luscious chicks licking socks striptease and hardcore it and the man startled to laugh.

She tried to get away but the man simply moved further down her body. He pulled her shorts and underwear down to her knees and after he stared at her naked form. She continued to scream into the gag, but Anthony ignored her. Seeing her naked made him hard as a rock and eager to start. Seeing him undo his shorts Daniele really panicked and tried to push herself further away.

Anthony thought that it was funny how she was trying to push herself away. Kicking off his shorts and underwear he let Cute lioness gets her moist beaver pumped see his seven inch dick before slowly walking over to her and sitting on her. Daniele was scared and disgusted. While not a virgin she has not had a lot of sex. Her ex had had the most, but this man was bigger than him.

And now he was sitting on her; unable to move while her arms and shoulders were on fire she just lay there trying to pretend it was something else.

Anthony grabbed her boobs and squeezed them. Soft, but firm he slid his cock in between them. Sliding back and forth he moaned while Daniele sobbed. Sliding down he placed his mouth over one and started sucking it. While he did this he took his right femdom mm bi british 4some swap and started to feel her inner leg up, slowly working his way up to her pussy.

He found her clit and started to rub it. Slowly Danielle's body responded, her nipples hardening allowing Anthony to flick them with his tongue, her clit hardening so he pinched it sending spasms through her body.

Danielle was disgusted that her body was responding like this to the rape, but she couldn't control it. "You getting excited?" The man asked her. She looked up into the mask and shook her head defiantly.

Suddenly she felt something enter her pussy. She screamed stop it, but the gag just muffled it. Anthony had stuck his index and middle finger in her pussy and had begun to finger her.

He had plenty of experience on how to get girls off and he could tell it was already working. Small moans were now beginning to sound and Anthony knew now was the time to go all in. He moved down, spread her legs apart and kept them apart with his own legs and lined up her pussy with his dick. With one well aimed thrust he penetrated her and she screamed the loudest scream yet. Not stopping there Anthony began thrust in her, her pussy tearing at the size of his cock.

He began to thrust harder, his balls slapping up against her taint. He was in ecstasy, speeding up his thrusts. Daniele couldn't believe what was happening, not the rape, she couldn't believe how her body was responding to it. She began moaning as he continued to violate her. She was getting off on it! She began pushing down, taking more of the man's cock inside her.

Her body was nearing orgasm at the rape. She could feel his cock pulsating and she knew he was going to cum soon. Suddenly his thrust were faster and more powerful becoming to much to bear. On the verge she felt him cum in her and it sent her over the edge as well. Cumming with him she screamed into her gag, as he pulled out of her. "Hope you're on the pill." Anthony said smirking as he stood up and zipped up his pants.

"By the way if you think of going to the cops I will find out because I'll keep watching you, and this will seem like child's play." He said kneeling down over her tear marked face. Reaching down he pulled the gag out and Danielle gasped for breath.

"But I don't think you'll be going to them. You got off on this, cumming even. You must feel ashamed." He said rolling her over cutting the tie from around her wrists. She sat up rubbing her wrists, not looking at the man who had violated her. He walked away, taking everything he had brought, and left her in the cabin.

Daniele sat there, reliving it over and over again. The feeling of being violated, used, and dominated just made her sick, but yet the was a faint hint of pleasure growing inside of her.

As she tried to force it out of her mind it just grew stronger. After awhile it grew to strong for her and she slid a hand down to her sore pussy and started masterbating, getting off on the rape again.

She climaxed in a matter of minuets and lay there panting and sweaty after her orgasm. Epilogue Two weeks after the attack Daniele had almost moved on from it.

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She still wondered if she should have told someone, but her attacker tat skank face sprayed cumshot and bukkake said he would be watching, plus she would have to go through the experience of a trial and he said he would tell all about how she got off on it.

Not wanting to be publicly humiliated she convinced herself that it would be better just to let it go. Her life had returned to normal and she still went for her morning run, except now when she got to the shed that the attack had happened she stopped and looked in and would visualize it all over again and that same feeling of pleasure would stir inside of her.

Most of the time she was able to turn away and continue her run and it would go away, but a few times it built up so much that she had duck behind the shed and quickly get off and afterwards continue her run.

Anthony knew all of this and found it amusing every time she stopped there, and he thought that he might give her another reason to remember him.