Sexy teen bffs enjoyed licking twats after playin basketball

Sexy teen bffs enjoyed licking twats after playin basketball
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Nicky packed her bags and we went to my car.

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It was a short drive to her apartment. As I followed her up the stairs to the second floor I could see her big dick clearly visible under the short dress she was wearing. I was getting hornier be the second. The inside of her roomy apartment was filled with pictures and statues.

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It was all done with class and good taste. - 'I will get ready first' she said. - 'Get yourself a drink from the bar'. I made a couple of drinks and sipping on one I followed the sound of running water.

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Trough an open door I could see the sun tanned body of Nicky covered in soap. She payed a lot of attention to her cock as I stared at it with awe. It was almost fully erected and her face was showing her excitement as she moved one hand to her back and started massaging her anus. She turned around and looked at me with glazed eyes.

- Come on, it's your turn. She stepped out of the shower and pulled my shorts down.

Looking me straight in the eyes she took my hand and led me towards an old bathtub. I was asked to get on my knees and bend down. My arse was in her full view.

What happened next was a dream. She took a large funnel attached to a rubber hose and applied some cream to the end of it. The next thing I knew I had a rubber hose stuck in my anus and Nicky started pouring some warm water in it.

The last enema I had was when I was twelve, before my appendix operation. This time it was much more pleasant. I could see her holding the funnel high in one hand and the warm water was filling my bowels. I was excited like hell.

At the same time I felt the shame and humiliation. She did not make it easy for me talking dirty to me and at the same time describing her view.

When she pulled the tube out I did mom and dad son girl have any control. Everything just shot out. I looked at her to see eyes filed with wild excitement. She cleaned me up thoroughly and led me to her bedroom. I was light headed and without control. For the first time in my life I wanted to be fucked in my arse, to be violated. But she was very gentle. The tip of her lubricated cock was teasing my ass.

Ever so gently she was putting more and more pressure on it. Then she would stop and turn me around, play with my erection making love to it. Her lips and tongue were teasing it, licking my balls.

Then I felt her tongue putting gentle pressure on my anus. It started opening up and my excitement grew even stronger. She played with me like this for ages. Whenever I was close teenmegaworld beauty-angels blonde dives into pussy tube porn cumming she would stop and then start again until I was begging for her to fuck my arse. Nicky took a small dildo from her bedside drawer and knelled between my legs putting them on her shoulders.

She placed a pillow under my arse and started pushing the little artificial dick in my arsehole. It felt nice.

She massaged my manhood with one hand and fucked me with her dildo with the other. - 'I think you're ready for me now" Nicky whispered. But I was not fully prepared for the enormous size of it. Although she was gentle at first I was getting uncomfortable. The tip of her monster felt two amateur hot babes sucking and boning in my arse.

She kept on thrusting gently. In and out, in and out… Each time she was pushing deeper. I could see she was getting very excited as the expression on her face has changed. My own dick was so hard one would think it was made of glass. She started playing with it, putting her saliva on my tip and pulling the foreskin back.

I could feel her dick deep inside me, reaching for my heart as she slammed it deep inside me. My orgasm was incredible. The thick sperm just kept on squirting out, my moans loud and passionate My juices dripping of her large breasts.

She kept on pumping and then suddenly she pulled out and sat on my chest feeding her dick to me. It flooded my mouth with her thick cream. It felt sticky on my lips. We both collapsed in a hip. I took almost ten minutes for our heartbeats to get back to normal. And then she started again. What followed was the best head job I ever had. We still keep in touch and become good friends. Quite often I visit her at her hairdressing saloon in a trendy part of town and from time to time we engage in a wild weekend sex marathon.

Next I will tell you about the day I staged a play at a beach for the benefit of my new wife… Ever since I got married my sex life has become great. My French wife Jacqui is absolutely stunning. She is in her late thirties, blond with a slim body to die for. Her only complaint is her breasts size. I can't find anything wrong with them, but then again women know better. She is highly sexual and she admits she masturbates 2-3 times a day, any chance she gets.

Our sexual relationship is very open, we can talk about anything, do anything as long as it involves only the two of us. She is incredibly jealous of me. We have tried anal sex, water-sports, toys, oral and we love doing it outdoors. With her, lovemaking is always an adventure. Right from the start of our relationship she admitted she admirers looking at other women but she denied having any sexual relationship with one and I do believe her.

There's one thing about her; she does not lie. She will tell me the truth even though sometimes it hurts. I trust her, she would not betray me, and she would not be unfaithful. One day after school, with a guilty look on her face, she told me about her relieve teacher. She described her as a good-looking woman in her early forties with large breasts and huge nipples showing trough her blouse.

She told me she could not concentrate during class and kept on staring at her tits. She was sure she was caught doing so. She then admitted she was so wet she double fisting and stretching marias ass tube porn to go to the restrooms and relieve her sexual tension.

This gave me an idea. It started forming in my head and after working out the details I rang Nicky at work. She was surprised to hear from me and even more surprised and delighted when I told her about my plan… Jacqui came home from work on Friday night. After dinner and a couple of bottles of wine and a long lovemaking session that stretched to early hours of the next morning we finally went to sleep. When we got up I told her we should spend the day at the beach, as the weather looked promising.

Jacqui loves the ocean so without a word of protest we packed our things and drove to my favourite St.Kilda beach. I picked the spot in a secluded clearing in the bushes and with a bottle of wine and some books we layed there enjoying the warmth of the Sun.

On the top of our backpack I placed our video camera strategically pointed toward the entrance of our small enclave. Carefully I was checking my watch. By 11.45 I was on my feet pretending to look for a place to take a pee. Nicky did not disappoint me; she was right on time. I switched the camera on and layed on my back so I could not see her approaching, and under the cover of my sunglasses pretending to read my book and listening to my disc man I started observing Jacqui.

Something must have caught her eye as she stopped reading and moved her sunnies down her cute little nose to get a better look. There was a total concentration on her beautiful face.

With a quick glance she looked in my direction but I pretended to be consumed by the book in front of my face. My poor darling was stunned.

From our later conversation and the videotape here is what she saw… Nicky was wearing an almost transparent yellow dress contrasting nicely with her sun-tanned body. The outline of her huge tits clad in the tinniest bikini was clearly visible and what a view it was. Without stopping she entered our small private enclave and with a smile and a wave she put her bag down only 4 meters away from us, banding down in process, showing her shapely arse to Jacqui.

She then sat on her beach towel removed her dress and the tiny top and started applying some suntan lotion to her body.

She spent a long time rubbing her tits paying a lot of attention to her nipples. She was pinching them between her thumbs and fingers bringing them to attention; her head tilted back, her tongue licking her lips; what a show off. By then Jacqui's lips were dry and her eyes fixed on Nicky's breasts. Ever now and then Jacqui looked at me not shaggy oriental hardcore sex japanese and blowjob for me to see what was happening in front of her eyes.

Just looking at her I found it hard to keep my erection under control. Nicky lay down on her towel and flicking trough a magazine occasionally would touch her breasts and threw a look and a smile toward Jacqui.

After a while she put the magazine aside and lit a smoke. She was simply starring at Jacqui exhaling the smoke in her direction. I looked at Jacqui's arse as her muscles started contracting and her thighs were pressed firmly together. Casually I looked at my watch.

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Half an hour has passed since Nicky's arrival. It was the time to proceed with part two. Nicky got up from her towel and after putting a shirt on left all her belongings behind and went for a walk toward the water edge. I took my headset of and poured some white wine from a cooler. We had a smoke and talked for a while. I gave Jacqui a kiss and took of her sunglasses. Her eyes were glazed and excited. I offered to buy us some ice cream. I put a pair of hot porn sexy faking english on and went for a walk to a beach side kiosk about 500 meters away.

I could see Nicky waiting for my departure out of Jacqui's sight. She gave me a wave and exposed her tits to me blowing me a kiss with a smile. I took my time coming back. The ice cream in my hand started to melt by the time I came back only to see the two of them chatting happily with a glass of wine and a cigarette. Both of them topless, legs apart, facing each other.

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Nicky's crotch started to bulge; it was a dead give-away. I wondered if Jacqui has noticed it or was she still shamelessly absorbed with her tits. Jacqui introduced me to our "new" friend and with the second bottle of wine and then the third our inhibitions started to melt away under the warm Sun. By then we were talking openly about sex in all aspects. Then Jacqui started asking Nicky about her breasts. It took only small amount of encouragement, for Jacqui to start a close examination of the subject.

She was gently touching them as if weighing them in her hand, then form medical like examination, Jacqui's shaking hands went for the erected nipples. That was the end of it. Jacqui's g-string was riding deep inside her, exposing her soft cleanly shaved pussy to the world and Nicky's dick by then was ripping the thin material of her bikini and its head was clearly visible. Jacqui's lips attached themselves to one of the enormous breasts toying with it using her tongue.

I was watching her angelic face, her sad eyes asking for forgiveness, as she reached between her legs placing a finger on her chit massaging it gently. It didn't take long for my wife to reach a shuttering and vocal orgasm, which was something new to me. She collapsed on the blanket still massaging her damn bride gets jumped on a big cock taxi driver to have fun. I could see tears running down her face.

She turned to me and said: "I am sorry" I felt like a real prick. But we sorted it out in the end, with a vengeance.