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Busty redhead asian masseuse fucks in oil hardcore and european
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"Hey, babygirl, I'm home!" I walked in the door to see my daughter, Natalie, come running towards me. "Daddy!" I picked her up and hugged her, looking around the hallway. officer and cassidy agreed on banging each other mommy, Natey?" Natey smiled at me, that cute little smile that always seemed to make me spark a little.

"Mommy left a note for you. It's in the kitchen with dinner." I put Natey down, walking to the kitchen and picking up the note. Hi honey. I had to leave for Colorado. Erin's having some problems and landed in the hospital. I called your office but they said you were in a meeting so I made you dinner and left this note for you. The boss told me you could have the rest of the week off too, so Natalie won't be home all alone. I'll call you and let you know when I find out what's going on.

I love you so much, baby! Take good care of our little girl for me. Oh, and I left you a little surprise in the DVD player for while I'm gone. Kisses! -Faith My mind jumped to what could have gone wrong with her sister, but I trusted her. I knew she would call when she learned what was going on.

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"Daddy? Is Mommy okay?" I looked at Natalie, worry on my face but I smiled.

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"Yeah. Yeah, babygirl, mommy's just fine. You should go get ready for bed though. Daddy's had a long day at work." Natalie looked sad as she asked, "But what about our movie date, daddy?" I sighed, smiling even more, knowing I couldn't resist her sweet little pout. "FINE. But only one movie, and then daddy needs some sleep. So do you, you've got school in the morning." Natey's face lit up, and she almost screamed.

"I'll be out in a few daddy!" She ran off to the shower, wiggling her cute little ass as she went. I smacked myself from all the dirty thoughts running through my mind. She's your daughter, Mitch, and she's 11! What the fuck are you thinking? I must have been talking to myself.

"I'm thinking about how much my little Natalie looks like her mother, and how much I wish her mommy was here right now! Damn it, Mitch, stop this now! I made my way to the living room, flipping on the DVD player and TV and stretching out on the couch.

Completely forgetting that Faith had left me her surprise in the player, the video flipped on. With the volume turned up so loud it was almost impossible for Natey not to hear the moaning coming from her sexy mother, even with the shower running.

"Ooooohhhh, fuck, Mitch, I love this cock inside me. I wish it was yours. so big. so hard. so fucking thick. Ooooohhh, baby, I'm so close to cumming on your cock. Fuck me harder." I was so caught up in Faith's surprise and stroking my cock that I didn't hear Natey come back downstairs. "Ummm. daddy? Is that." I jumped, grabbing the remote and trying to pull my shirt down over my cock, flipping the TV and DVD player off. "Natey! Honey, don't scare me like that!" I tried to smile, but that quickly faded as her reply just spilled from her mouth.

"Well, you shouldn't be laying there playing with your dick watching mommy fuck herself!" I'd never heard anything like that come out of her mouth, and surprised, I said, "Natey! Watch your language, or I'll-" She interrupted me again, this time with a cocky little grin on her face. "You'll what, daddy?

Pop your cock in my mouth and fuck my throat like you do to mommy?" Her words caught me off-guard again. I was so astonished that she'd even say anything like this. "Natey, I'm warning you-" Her smirk got even smirkier as she cut in again.

"Oh, daddy, I'm so scared." Her hands moved to her hips, and she gave me the same sweet, sexy, dark smirk her mom gave me right before we fucked every night.

"Come on, daddy, you're smarter than this. You haven't caught on yet?" I was dumbfounded for one of few times in my life, and my mind went blank. "Umm, no? Caught on to what, Natey?" Her smile grew bright again and she came over and jumped into my lap, wiggling her ass against me.

"Mommy said I should keep you company while she's gone. AND she said if you take good care of your little princess, and I do a good job keeping you company, then she'll have another surprise for both of us when she gets home." Before I could say anything, she slid off onto her knees on the floor in the front of me.

My cock popped out from under my shirt as I lay back on the couch, relaxing a little. I watched Natey wrap her tiny hands around it, obviously too small for all 8 inches. It wasn't big but it looked huge as she wrapped her lips around the head, suckling softly and stroking up and down with both hands. "Mmm, daddy, it's so big. Why wouldn't mommy share you breasty beautiful chick likes fucking very much naturaltits hardcore now?

I love this." Her head bobbed up and down as she took inch after inch into her mouth. I couldn't believe that she was taking almost all 8 inches down her throat. It felt good, her warm breath blowing on my shaft with every stroke, her tongue sliding along the base of my cock, tickling me.

Her moans made her throat vibrate on the head of my cock, almost sending me over the edge. Her mouth came off of my cock, covering it in slobber as she said, "Mommy definitely should have shared you before now, daddy. Can we do this more often?" She climbed on top of me, grabbing my cock and slipping the head inside her pussy.

I couldn't help but kiss her throat, sliding my tongue over her soft sweet-tasting skin. "You're just like your mommy, Natey. Soft, sweet, beautiful, smart, talented, and such a little slut." Natey's mouth opened wide as a long, low moan came from her throat. "Oooooohhh my fuck, daddy, it's so big! I can feel it splitting me open!" Her eyes went wide as her feet slipped out from under her, accidentally impaling her balls-deep on my dick.

"OHMYFUCK DADDY, IT'S ALL THE WAY IN! IT FEELS SO FUCKING GOOD!!!" I grabbed her ass tight in my hands, slowly bouncing her breasty pretty teen deepthroats large cock hardcore blowjob my cock. Her moans were so squeaky and soft, low and sweet, turning me on even more. "I like fucking your mommy Natey, but I LOVE fucking my little princess even more. Don't tell mommy I said that, okay?" Her breath was coming in ragged gasps by now, her moans becoming deeper and louder with every pump in and out of her.

"I won't tell mommy if you fuck me harder daddy! Tear me open.

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Make it go deeper. Please, daddy, I want it deeper!" I stood up, leaning her against me, and slid a finger inside her ass, forcing my cock even hot ebony babe in stockings hardcore fetish and deeper into her pussy. I could feel her stretching and tightening around my dick, almost coaxing the cum from my balls. "Daddy, I want you to cum inside me. I know I might get pregnant but I want to feel what mommy feels!

I want my pussy to drip with your cum, daddy!" She bit down on my neck as my cock pumped harder and faster in and out of her with every stroke. She bit harder and harder the closer she got to orgasm, and as soon as she was ready to cum, she was almost breaking my skin. "Oh, fuck, daddy, I'm gonna cum!

You better fucking cum with me!" I moaned and slammed my cock in and out of her pussy as fast as I could, "Natey, baby, daddy's gonna fill you with so much cum you won't be able to walk straight for a week!" Natey moaned even louder, "Fuck my like a slutty little princess daddy!

DO IT! I want to be your little slut like mommy is! Please!" She was begging me for it as she shook and moaned, creaming all over my cock. I couldn't take it anymore and laid her down on the couch, shoving my cock as deep as it would go inside of her.

"Daddy's gonna cum, baby! Oh my god!!!" I could feel my cum gushing out into her pussy, filling her womb and leaking out around my shaft.

Her pussy tightened and loosened around my cock, keeping me cumming for almost 5 minutes. Her moans turned into little squeaks of joy as I pulled my cock out of her. "Natey. we shouldn't have done this." She giggled, that cute little giggle that always turned me on.

"but daddyyyyy, I loved it. And I know mommy would too. She'd love sitting on this couch next to us, rubbing her pussy while she watches you fuck me just like you fuck her every night." She winked at me, biting her lip in ecstasy as she felt my cum oozing from her little cunt. "Mmm, daddy, we're gonna have to do this more often.

Maybe you could even get me pregnant." My cock got hard again at the thought of making my little girl pregnant.

"I think maybe that should come a little later, don't you think baby? Come on, it's time for bed. You've got school in the morning."