Amateur big tits bbw milf gets fucked up the arse in a field tube porn

Amateur big tits bbw milf gets fucked up the arse in a field tube porn
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This is my fantasy. When I was 11 my Daddy 'Gunny' was the drill instructer at camp Pendleton in California. ME my 2 brothers and him lived off base. My Mom left when I was little she said she was tired of being a Marine. Every chance I could I would go on base an look at thos hard 18 and 19 yearold recruits I wanted to fuck them so much.I wrote about it in my diary.

I wished and wished Daddy would let me fuck and entire platoon. Soon my diary caem up missing.

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Then one night he said he was taking me out for a special treat I was thrilled because he never took my brothers to dinner only me.

I put on a cute dress and sandals. I always had pigtails in my long blonde hair and tonight I tied pink ribbons in them too. I didn't have any pussy hair yet.

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But I still thought I was cute enough. Some of the boys at school had said I was pretty. We got in the truck and drove on base Daddy said he had to stop at the barracks for a minute. I thought great I can look at some hard Marines for a few minutes and fantasize right? He took me by the hand and started walking me in. I thought it was weird because he had always said I was never allowed in the barracks.

I started getting butterflies japani xxx jabarjast story rape my stomach.Once we got in there. I was nervous. Daddy screamed for all the recruits to stop and look at what he had brough for them. He said he had never given a graduation present to any Platton before. but this Platoon had worked extra hard and he also knew some girl that wanted them in the worst way.

He ripped open the top of my dress and said 'as you can see she aint got no titties yet but I can guarentee she is going to get big ones just like her mama had.' ' Go ahead girl squeeze them and get those nipples all hard for these jar head to see.' Daddy I'm embarrassed. they all said Daddy? Yes Maggots this here is my little 11 year old cunt and she cant wait to get fucked by everyone of you marines. Aint thta right sweetie? So I am giving you 24 hours to break her in good and hard.

Is that understood? they all replied yes GUnny. Then Daddy ripped open the rest of my dress and panties and pushed me towards them. I couldn't beleive it Daddy was going to let all these Marines fuck me and he wanted them too?

I was so excited and scared. I have never had sex before and I read it was going to hurt on the first time. All of the sudden there were hands on me everywhere. pulling my pussy open and in my mouth and pushing my ass apart.

Then I was on the table and and a big cock was at the opening to my pussy. He said fuck she is wet she must be horny then he slammed it in me I screamed because it hurt for a minute but then it felt good. In the next minute someone had his cock in my mouth it tasted horrible but I sucked so hard my cheeks ached. They were all talking and saying I was so fucking tight and so wet.

That I must be a slut because my cunt was so wet. Everyone was crowding around saying hurry up I want some. As soon as one cock finished another entered me. I felt so much sticky cum all over me. I felt like such a whore none of them knew I was a virgin they just wanted to fuck this little girl pussy and they did for hours. Then someone said they were going to fuck my ass. I screamed and begged no nO NO not that. BUt good student take care of her family said Gunny said they could do anything they wanted.

So I got my ass cherry popped too and got it hurt so much I cried and cried. Before the night was over All three holes were used again and again. By Dawn I was a Marine Corp whore. ANd I loved it. I was to sore to even walk. When Gunny got there to take me home he had to carry me out to the truck. I was literally covered from end to end with come and shit and blood. He threw me in the back with a blanket and said go ahead and sleep til we get home whore.

HE had seen everything on video. When we got home he threw me in the shower and told me to wash up 'whore' I dont want to put my dick in all that used cum.

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So I showered. I came out of the bathroom and I was embarrassed that my Daddy knew what I had been doing all night. He came over and pushed me to my knees ' open up whore' And he stuck his big cock in my mouth. 'From now on you are going to be my Corp WHore' whenever, whereever with whoever I say. Got it whore? YEs Daddy. No from now on you call me Gunny. The next 4 years at Camp Pendleton were over too fast.I think I fucked the entire she is lured into oral threesome by his parents from Private to General.

And I loved every cock. For my 12th birthday Gunny got me a tattoo right on my cunt it says Corp Whore in Scarlet and Gold. ANd he says he is going to have the Marine Corp emblem tattooed on my tits. Fine with me that way everyone knows I love fucking Marines. Now Ilove fucking them with my pussy. mouth and ass too.

Marines rule. Now we are going to Japan I don't know who Daddy will get to fuck me over there. i worry I heard Aians have really small cocks, and I like big cocksBut Gunny always thinks up something good tor his Corp whore. So I can't wait to start our next tour of duty.