Trio hottie ladies gets naughty around one hard dick doggystyle bestfriend

Trio hottie ladies gets naughty around one hard dick doggystyle bestfriend
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Today was a typical day at work. My usual hours are from 4:30 to 11pm. I am a supervisor at a call center, and this is not easy work as one might imagine. Constantly monitoring call gates and trying to maintain the agents at a good Average Handling Time is not easy. I am 28 and I'm about 5'7, 178 lbs and have the average build. I live with my girlfriend who spends the days at home and attends school at night. So working at night for me is great because we usually spend the days together. By the time I get home around midnight she is ready for bed just waiting for me to come home.

She is 22, and has a younger brother who is 16. He is a bit of a trouble maker and is constantly getting into trouble. He had a little girlfriend who had absolutely no trust in him whatsoever. She got to the point where she somehow got my cell number and used me to keep tabs on what her boyfriend was up to.

She sent me texts all the time asking me where he is, what he is doing blah blah blah. She added me on Face Book and I finally got to see what she looked like. Her name was Leah and she was 13yo. Based on our conversations I would have never have guessed she was so young.

She had some really sexy pictures on her Face Book, and I'm surprised her mom doesn't know about it since they are so publically displayed. Over the last few weeks Leah has been texting me over and over seeking relationship advice. Does she not have anyone else to text?

Why me? Apparently she and James, who is my gf's younger brother, are having issues and he has been ignoring her. Sounds to me like he is with another girl and is just faking to be upset so he has an excuse. When we text she doesn't seem to be only 13, so the conversations sometimes go on into interesting subjects and seem to last for hours.

One of the subjects we have gotten to talking about was sex. Based on the things that she says she seems to be quite a champ. Telling me about her past boyfriends and how this is the first time that she is going out with someone "so young" as James, and how usually the guys are much older than he is. She tells me that her last boyfriend was 24years old. Wow. Where is her mom? I couldn't help but ask if she was sexually active, I got the typical teenage "duhh" as the answer. After I discovered that, I got really curious and started asking more questions about her and her older boyfriends.

I started asking more details, and how it went. I mean I was really curious about how all that worked out. She says her mom had no idea and it lasted quite a while. One night she sends me another text; "hey what are you doing later" she said. "Nothing, more than likely going home after work" I replied. "I remember you mentioned that you live off of Collins AVE right?" "yea why?" "Cause I am going to teen's night at the youth center, my mom is taking me right now, and she is going to pick me up at midnight.

Do you want to hang out?" "Um I don't have much time after I get out of work, I got to get home". I replied. "The youth center is basically on your street. Pick me up, we hang out real quick then you bring me back". "Alright fine." Did I understand this correctly? There is no reason for me to pick this girl up.

Why does she want me to do this? Why did I agree? Since I had about an hour left at work I was thinking about what would happen when I picked her up. There was nowhere to go. She is 13 and I can't take her anywhere at 11:30 at night without someone wondering taking notice. I logged onto Face Book and looked through her pictures again. Looking at her pictures and thinking about her being with older guys gave me an instant hard on.

I would imagine how these guys would fuck her. Would they be easy or would they pound her hard? Finally 11:00 came along. It would take me about 30 minutes to get to young boy makes love to horny milf youth center.

So I shot her a text letting her know I was on my way. She said to text xnxx unblock son fucks mom the color of the car I'd be in when I got there and to just wait that she would walk out to me. When I got to the youth center there was loud music and a bunch of kids around. There were allot of adults and that made me somewhat nervous. I sent her a text and I waited in the car. I recognized her by her shoulder length brown hair.

She was wearing a really tight white tank top, and a really short Jean skirt. She walked up to the passenger side and opened the door, and sat down with a serious look on her face. She opened the door and sat inside, "just go, hurry up" she said not busty bbw dancer from sin city las vegas julia plays at me.

I didn't know where to go so I drove out of the parking lot and onto Collins AVE. "Where do you want to go?" I asked her. "I don't know, anywhere, I just need to be back there by like 12:00 max. " I looked at my watch and the time was 11:33 pm. "Okay, what do you want to do?" I asked. "I don't care, whatever" she replied.

She didn't say much and didn't look at me since she got in the car so it was getting rather uncomfortable. Then out of nowhere she yells out "there go there!!" while pointing at a dark park with a playground.

Because it was so late all the lights at the playground was off and it was barely lit up by the moonlight. It didn't have any gates or a fence around it so anyone can walk into the park. There hot slutty blonde in spandex fucks doggy style in public bathroom scattered trees and park benches everywhere but there was no one else there.

We parked and the car and we got out. She walked straight for the playground and I followed along a few steps behind admiring her lovely shape. She was Italian, with a small very petit body, and had a nice small bubbly ass. She was about 4,5ft in height and must weigh about 90 to 100 lbs.

Her shoulder length Almond Brown hair was nice and straight. She wore black Rebok sneakers which gave her a nice sporty look with the tight short skirt and tank top. Her breasts where barely an A cup, so there was no need to wear a bra, however her top had one built in. She started climbing on the monkey bars and just swinging around. I stood there just looking at her admiring her beauty. She started talking about how James was a jerk, and that she was thinking about breaking up.

I just nodded and said the occasional "that sucks". She then went to a large plastic tube and crawled into it.

I followed along behind her. When she bent down to crawl through the tube, her skirt rose exposing her cute plain white underwear perfectly. I bent down and followed her through the long tube trying to get close enough to try and smell her bottom without making it too obvious. Needless to say I was rock hard in seconds. At the end of the tube was a small platform and a slide.

The slide was covered in sand and she said "I am not going down that thing" and she turned back around and asked me to move so she could crawl back out through the tube.

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I gladly jumped out of the tube and let her through following closely behind again. We got to the end of the tube and climbed out. I sat by the steps and she sat on a duck fixed to a large spring, rocking back big booty teen blonde fucks for cash forth like a little girl would.

We sat there quietly for a few minutes. Then she stood up and walked up to me standing about a foot away directly in front of me. "Do you have the time?" she said She wasn't close enough for me to kiss her but I can tell that's what she wanted.

So I grabbed her by her lovely thin waists and pulled her towards me bringing her really close. With my left hand I grabbed her behind the neck and slid my tongue into her perfectly soft little mouth. The other hand I put over her perfectly shaped little ass and with a tight squeeze pressed her against me so she could feel how hard I was.

She didn't say anything. She just let my tongue explore her mouth while I lifted up her skirt and grabbed her ass. Her ass was so small and perfectly round that I could cup her cheek on my hand. While we kissed her hand started to try and undo my belt.

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I quickly let go of her little ass and helped her get my belt undone. Once my pants where unbuttoned she pulled them down boxers and all and took my 7inch cock straight into her mouth.

I grabbed the back of her head and I made sure that every stroke my cock went deep into her throat. While she had me in her mouth I looked down at this thing of beauty and I admired how soft her throat was. She has definitely done this before, because every one of my attempts to make her gag failed.

She would just take me balls deep and not even flinch. I marveled at how such a small mouth can take me with such perfection. I couldn't take it anymore. I wanted to bury my face into her pussy so I pulled my cock out of her mouth, grabbed her by the hand and took her to a nearby picnic table. As I walked up to the table she pushed me onto the bench and sat on top of me leaning forward to kiss me.

While we kissed I tried to move her panties aside so I can feel her soft pussy grinding against my cock but she pushed my hand away, bit me and said "Hey mister!" She kept on grinding for a few minutes till I couldn't take it anymore. I grabbed her by the waist and lifted her into the air, stood dumb cheater punished in a kinky way facial cumshot big nipples and set her lying flat on her back on top of the table with her legs in the air.

I lifted her legs into her chest, and her lovely pussy just popped out between them. I buried my face into her panties ferociously licking and sucking through the thin cotton. I moved her panties to the side and shoved my tongue deep into her pussy. I pulled my tongue out and moved to lick her ass. I moved up and placed the tip of my cock to her pussy lips and just pushed myself balls deep inside her.

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She didn't say a peep. I held her by her waist and just fucked her as deep as I could. I would slide my dick all the way out and slam it as deep as I could with a loud clap. I fucked her like that for a good few minutes before I had to pull out.

It just felt so perfect that I had a hard time trying not to cum every time I went into her. I pulled my cock out and went down to suck on cute petite jasmine summers with small boobs having fun with hard cock pussy again.

I licked and sucked on it for a few seconds until I regained control of my senses and was ready to fuck her some more. I held her by her tiny waist and buried my cock deep into her pussy again as far as I possibly could. I leaned forward pulling on her top to expose her tiny little A cups. Being able to put her whole tit in my mouth while my cock was buried inside her was sensational.

Again I slid my cock out but this time I wanted to try her ass. I slid the tip of my cock up to her asshole and applied some pressure. She quickly threw her arms up to prevent me from going in. I grabbed her by the wrists and forced her arms down along her side. Since she was so small I was able to hold onto her arms and her waists at the same time and started pushing my way into her ass.

Her ass was ridiculously tight, it took allot of pressure for the tip of my cock to push through into her ass. "Ow ow ow" she said as she twisted and squirmed as I held her tightly in place while I forced the length of my cock into her ass. By the time I was halfway through she finally started to say "stop stop stop" and kick her legs. I was able to slide my entire cock in as far as I could get it. I held it there for a few seconds, and she calmed down as the pain subsided.

The pressure around my dick was incredible. Deffinately one of the tightest asses I have been in. I slid my cock in and out all the way slowly a few times, but I was so wired up and close to coming that I just started fucking her harder.

It only took me 10 seconds of viciously ramming my cock deep into her ass before started Cumming. I stopped and held it there for a second, and then I pulled out. A steady stream of cum just oozed out from inside her. She looked up me and said "what happened? Did I do something wrong?" Son of a bitch, I fucked this little girl hard in the ass and all she can do was say "what happened?" "No, nothing, it's just time for us to go" I played off smoothly as I pulled up my pants.

She stood up and fixed her top and aligned her skirt. We walked to the car and talked about possible days to meet up again. Sadly a few weeks later her mom announced that she would be sending Leah to her grandparent's home in Italy for the summer.

After that we lost touch.