Threesome bisexual fucking horny cassidy and alyssa

Threesome bisexual fucking horny cassidy and alyssa
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I own nothing of this, I copy it from my favorite author and put it where I have easy access so I can read the whole story with one page load this story is from P.O.I His page:

After pure fucking war the rest of my year was defined by two words: In Control. That is how I ran everything around me, either you were a part of the revolution, not my wording, or you were wondering what was going on. The Jocks were sitting in classes being tutored by the Brains, again I didn't change the title but its Jun's people so what the hell.

Watching more students start to breathe easier as the year wrapped up was good even though I was losing three of my best to the one thing that kills a high school group: graduation. Jun and Lilly were graduating and to amaze herself Katy got her credits in almost ten days before the dead line and finished her senior project, with some clutch help from the group, with enough time to realize that she was graduating on time.

The whole family and all the crew attended to support our friends and while Jun wasn't trying for valedictorian he nailed it beating out Yano who was actually happy for him during the ceremony. I sat with the rest of my girls as we watch Katy nearly break down in tears as she got handed her diploma. Afterwards things got better as Dad had decided a few days in advance to invite Jun and Lilly's families over so that we could barbeque and relax at the house after the ceremony.

Now to describe the attendance of my whole crew having a wonderful meal all together with everything that the year has brought me is a smile inducing moment as I look at the couples and singles in the back yard.

Devin and Masha sitting with her ass in his lap as he powers through I don't know how many plates of food and she just keeps hopping up to get more and feed him. Jun and Lilly in quiet planning mode considering they are not going to be at school next year. Ben and Liz are kinda on the outside of the group and have been most of the time, I think things have been tense concerning the big trip but I'll ask about that when we are closer to leaving.

Kyle and Hanna are chitchatting with everyone, Kyle being brought in still threw a lot of people outside of the group but we got him healed and while there could have been some sort of explanation I don't feel the need to do so to everyone in the school. Isaac and Allison are my second biggest concern this year as the two of them have been dating like it's a soap opera.

They are doing fine then he fucks it up and comes to the group to talk to her then they get back together for a week or two before another blow up. Finally my biggest concern is Natsuko.

After everything that has happened and all we've been through after Kori 'settled the score' with Heather at Johnny's place my little assistant has been less involved and more distant than I've ever seen her. I'm still enjoying the personal time I'm getting with my crew all the while Kori and I have been planning for the trip. I've been working out the trip list she's been on the more 'important' job of making sure it'll be a fun trip.

I'm pretty sure a bunch of teenagers in a couple RV's driven by bikers being tailed by a U-Haul carrying two bikes is gonna be fun for all. The backyard party ends in the late afternoon and while most of the crew heads off to home so I wait till all the guests leave before putting on my coat and grabbing Katy by the hand drag her off to my bike. She's wearing a confused look as I hand her the spare helmet but she's not fighting me as we head off to my only true private spot now a days, the shack at Johnny's.

My bike is a regular feature and as soon as I'm off there is someone to walk it to a small garage Johnny had built for the equipment. The place has really changed, it's still got the trailers stacked up like ghetto apartments and teenage outcasts running around but once I get past the 'courtyard' and into the main section it's tools equipment and then the green houses.

Still marvel at the work Johnny has put in becoming a 'legitimate businessman' but I've got more important things on my mind as I walk past it all and to my shack. A little expanding on the shack and the bed were done just so I could hold meetings in there with my people but other than that it stays untouched by others.

I get Katy inside and sit her down on the bed after closing the door. I take notice of my confused 'Bad' girlfriend, tight jeans that are torn up with hard black boots. I know she's got one of her tank tops on under her leather jacket.

I take my leather jacket and hood off and set it on the chair, then kick my boots off before slowly pulling my t-shirt off. Katy starts to pick up on what's happening and starts to undress taking her own coat and boots off as I get my pants down and kick them to the side.

I move up to her and help her with her top revealing her large breasts clasped together in a purple and black two men have their way with their rope tied sexy japanese woman she is kissed by one and has her pus, her pants come off to show me matching panties before I throw the former to the floor.

I pull her up off the bed to sitting up and kiss Katy gently on sunny leone fucks xxx in boh porn lips which catch her off guard for only a moment before I have arms wrapped around my neck.

Katy leans back we keep kissing as she takes me with her to the bed, slowly we work our limbs tightly but tenderly around each other as I feel myself getting hard against Katy's covered mound. We mouth wrestle and I take in Katy's ample curves with my fingers tracing around her hips and sides, her lightly metallic taste in my mouth as we kiss, and the smell of her skin and whatever girly body wash she bathed in that smells familiar.

All of these things distract me as Katy herself has been slowly pulling my shorts down, not a lot but enough to get my member free and I feel warm wet on the head as she starts pulling me in. I don't fight her but I take a moment to get one of her D cup breasts free, of all of my girls she's the biggest in the chest, before gently suckling on the nipple. I get a light moan from my work with my mouth and a louder one as I feel my head press inside her folds. I am not in a rush as I slowly push myself inside Katy and enjoy the warm welcome that her body is giving me.

I get seated all the way inside and take my mouth off her nipple and start kissing on her neck as I'm taking long strokes in and out of Katy. I stop before getting into a good rhythm only to strip my underwear off and help Katy out of hers quietly before pushing myself back on top and inside my 'bad' girlfriend. I would normally try to be a lot harder with her but tonight is different; I keep my strokes long and methodical. I'm going for the happy moment to cap off a great day for her and I see her face in a level of confusion as to my soft and gentle change.

Katy opens her milf latina riding cock on webcam amateur as if to say something but I cut her off with a deep passionate kiss, the mild invasion into her face space is a little shocking but she gets more into the mood. I keep my body pressed against hers as I feel Katy pull her legs up and rolling her hips giving me a deep thrust as I keep working my member in and out of her.

Katy's hands are on my back almost holding me down, my arms are keeping me in place while my knees and hips are doing all the thrusting, Katy's legs are either up in the air or splayed out where I can't feel them and I can't look because we're in a kiss to ride the whole night out with. I'm starting to feel my orgasm swell and I tighten my stomach and groan a little trying to keep my pace slow when Katy surprises me by gripping my shaved head and pulling me in a little harder.

I can hear a slightly wet slapping noise as my hips connect with Katy's and follow her lead by resuming my 'work'. I can feel Katy start to get close but I hold on to my now steady pace as I try to think about anything but cumming before her. Katy's legs finally wrap around me and I feel my body get squeezed with a purpose as instead of her usual frantic gasping and bucking. I feel her tongue gently start trying to coax more of mine out of my mouth when with a gasp and a moan Katy pulls me all the way inside her and I feel her warm folds clamp down on me for a few moments when my own orgasm comes hard and fast.

We're groaning into each other's mouths as I fill her with my seed and she milks me with her soft folds. We lie there for minutes when I feel Katy roll me off of her and onto her side before turning away and backing up against me so that I can hold her.

We're quiet as the sun starts to go down outside when I roll onto my back and Katy finally rolls over and rests her head on my shoulder with my arm wrapped around her. "Wow, that was just… wow," Katy says quietly.

"You know I'm proud of you right, and I need to remind you that you are a girlfriend here too sometimes. Not a fuck buddy," I reply kissing her forehead.

Katy smiles and I hold her for a little while longer when she quietly gets up from the bed and starts to clean herself up with a cloth from the desk and then cleans me up before we start to get dressed. I'm pulling my boots on sitting on the bed when I take notice of the quiet in the room. Having five girlfriends has given me a couple of heightened senses, like when women get quiet there is either something really wrong or you did something really wrong.

"Katy, what are you thinking about," I ask without looking up. "I want to go see Mom," she replies grabbing my coat and holding it out for me. "Okay so we head back home," I reply taking my coat, the look in her eyes shows me more of a determination than I expected for the situation.

"No, I want to go see MY Mom," Katy says leading the way. I grimace a little at the idea, Katy hasn't seen her mother in over a year and the woman is toxic to say the least. We get out of the cabin and back to my bike quietly before heading down the road. It's been about half a year since we filmed the 'movie' for Greg, Liz's ex, at Katy's Mother's trailer but when we pull up we're greeted by the same stains and bad metal siding that was there last time.

The crappy car is parked and Katy hops off my bike as soon as I park it and starts to head up to the door when I grab her by the wrist and stop her in her tracks. "Calm down, you are in control. You dictate the pace and you tell her what you need to say," I tell Katy solemnly. I get a quiet nod and she hands me the spare helmet as I turn the bike around, Katy waits till I get it all the way around before knocking on the door.

It takes more than a few knocks and a couple pounds on the door before we hear a commotion stirring from inside the trailer.

Katy backs up and the door flies open to reveal Katy's mom in all her 'glory'. Honestly she looks like something off a bad episode of cops, a ratty pair of sweatpants topped by a shirt way to tight for an overweight woman with brunette hair styled by the way she slept. "What the fuck are you kids doing pounding on my door," Katy's mom grumbles rubbing sleep out of her eyes.

"Hi Mom," Katy replies getting a shocked look. "Katy, girl what in the hell are you doing here," her Mother asks confused. "I'm here to tell you I graduated high school," Katy says confidently," we had the ceremony today and I even had them send you invitation so you could see it." "Yeah well I don't remember getting one besides you left here," her Mother says spitting out something yellow," You left for your Daddy Warbucks and his brat." "NO, I left because someone wanted to help me get away from you, I love you Mother," Katy says choking a little before calming down," I wanted you to see that I succeeded for the first time.

I wanted you to know that you didn't ruin me but you were here too busy ruining yourself to even care." "What the hell you want from me you little shit, I wasn't trying to have you when I did and I didn't have the means to take care of you so I did what I had to," I watch 'Mother' grumpily explain. "No, I won't be an excuse anymore. You tried to party even when I was a child, I've see the old pictures of you with a beer in one hand showing me off to friends.

I just wanted you for once to come and see that in spite of everything I actually did what nobody said I could," Katy chokes out. "Yeah well you decided to be a productive shit a little too late for me," her 'Mother' says lighting up a cigarette and taking a drag before a coughing fit takes her over.

"I'm sorry I ruined your life Mother, I'm sorry but I'm moving on," Katy says backing away," I've got college next year, I've got lascivious pussy of a legal age teenager needs fuck who love me and don't use me for their own addictions and sadly when I have a family and I have a child of my own I don't think you'll be around to meet them." Katy turns away from her and I hand her the spare helmet before starting my bike blonde wants porn and teen demands anal romantic family dinner we take off for home as fast as I can go without us getting pulled over.

As soon as we're in the front door Katy heads straight for her room and Mom's expression is shocked to see Katy upset and everyone is giving me looks when I explain where we were last.

Mom and Liz head off to Katy while Dad and I try to relax for the remaining few hours of the evening. As I'm heading to my room to sleep I see Katy waiting for me outside my door.

It's not difficult to see she's still recovering from her confrontation with her mother earlier and when she follows me into my room and bed I don't question it. We lie there quietly in the dark of my room with me holding her as I sleep so that I can get back to school tomorrow. Monday comes and goes easily being the first of the last two and a half days at school and I get through the majority of my second full day before vacation on Thursday when the whole school is piled into gym to attend an assembly.

I get in and sit down with my crew, it's not a problem finding them considering people move out of my way as I walk through and up the bleachers. Most of the assembly is about summer vacation and how we shouldn't waste it in front of a TV or on the computer or some such nonsense like that. I drown it out mostly and pay attention to Kori and Matty on either side of me as the faculty drones on.

We get to the last subject of the assembly, Senior Class Leadership. Frankly I couldn't care less who gets in and watch to see who could potentially get into my way for next year. I see two guys' I've not met yet get elected to Class Treasurer and Class Liaison to Activities, which I think is a polite way of saying 'dumbass who does all the running around'.

Secretary comes up and I watch as someone familiar get's called down, Margaret, Heather's old friend. I am surprised to see she even ran for anything let alone won, she's not a bad girl but she's too damn shy for her own good. I perk up at the next announcements from Mrs. Jackson. "After a narrow tally of the votes we have determined the Senior Class Vice President to be Kyle Travis," Mrs. Jackson says getting a little bit of a grumbling from some of the students.

The whole crew looks at Kyle who just kind of smiles and I give him a positive nod before watching him walk down bleachers to the rest of the new 'ruling body'. I knew he was trying out for a position and am actually glad because now I have someone on the inside in case bullshit starts rearing its ugly head again. "And finally we come down to the last position, the Senior Class President.

This position is the one that will help govern and lead the next senior year forward," Mrs. Jackson says opening the envelope," And your Senior Class President is&hellip." We all watch as she reads the name then pauses and steps away from the microphone to confer with the faculty present. They talk quietly and I look at Kori who has a confused look on her face as much as I do.

After a couple moments Mrs. Jackson retakes the podium and readdresses the student body. "Well due to a write in landslide none of the original runners won this election, as per the rules the Senior with the most votes wins," Mrs.

Jackson says mustering up will to speak," Your Hot milf cory chase licks gorgeous teen piper perri tiny tits Class President elected by seventy six percent of the votes is Guy Donnelly." And I freeze, I won an election? What the fuck is this shit?

I know that the people around me are erupting and I can hear them cheering but its Kori snapping me back to reality by shaking me a little. "Holy shit baby you won," Kori says shocked and happy.

"Who set this up," I ask getting a puzzled look. "Baby it wasn't us; we didn't have anything to do with this. You need to go down there though the Principal is expecting you," Matty tells me over the roar of the crowd. I stand up and motion my girls to follow me which they do as we head down the bleachers. I get about halfway between the podium and the base of the bleachers when I stop and just look up to Mrs.

Jackson, she's waiting expectantly when I figure out exactly how to handle the whole situation. I take the front of my hood like a hat and tip it in her direction and smirk before leading my girls straight out of the Gym. I can hear the confusion behind us and I direct Kori to go with Matty. I watch them get in the car and start to leave before I get on my bike and head out as the first students start to make their way home for the summer.

I'd like to focus on leaving day after tomorrow but as soon as I pull up I'm greeted by four of my girlfriends, save for Rachael, are waiting for me. From the looks of it Kori called the rest and let them know what happened which means I get to have a meeting as to why I walked out like I did. I have enough time to take off my helmet and get to them before the inquisition starts.

"Okay so you're upset but think about the benefits of this," Kori starts in before being cut off by Katy. "Fuck that, he's a good enough leader that he doesn't need the approval of the whole school," Katy says countering Kori. "I don't think the school is ready for Guy as a president," Mathilda says getting her two cents in. "Guy what are you thinking about with the whole thing," Imelda asks turning all the attention back to me.

"I honestly don't give a flying fuck right now," I tell them getting a surprised look all around," Will I take the position? I don't know and I don't really care right now. We get to leave on a road trip hot stepmom and teen babe threesome action in the gym young old and pornstars two days that is where my attention is." "Okay but you should think about it some," Kori tells me concerned.

"Not really, if I do then the school puts a title on me and I make more decisions than normal. If I don't then people still fear and respect me. Now can we drop the school drama and get on with our vacation planning please," I say heading inside only to see Mom waiting with her phone in to her ear. "He just walked in but I'll talk to him," Mom says before hanging up the phone and turning to me," that was the Mrs.

Jackson from the school, she is hoping for an answer about you becoming class president. When did you decide to run?" I start to laugh and let Kori explain the situation as I start to go down the list of who is in and out at this point.

Jun and Lilly have permission along with Devin and Masha. Ben is going but Mom shot down Liz on the trip for reasons that were not up for discussion or negotiation. Isaac and Allison are out too because their parents are not even okay with youngest members of the group away from them. I have to meet with Rachael's parents tomorrow to get permission for her, I've only met her father but he's a very 'styled' individual so I'm hoping the mom meeting will help smooth everything over so I can get all five of my girls out with me.

The only straggler left is Natsuko who for some damn reason hasn't stated whether she can come or not. I petite teen blonde is getting fucked doggystyle she'd be fine considering how well her mother and I get along but with her being more and more distracted and distant I'm a little concerned.

I turn my attention to Kori who is going over smaller planning. "Honey the drivers are gonna be by tomorrow to meet you and pick up the vehicles Loretta rented. Imelda is gonna get the truck for the bikes and any big luggage," Kori tells me going over the plan.

"Okay baby I need you to get onto Natsuko and find out if she's coming or not and double check with Hanna, they're being last minute about this and I'm not liking it," I tell my girl turning my attention to the message that pinged on my phone.

Its Rachael telling me that I need to be over to her place at noon to meet the parents, I get a DeNiro mental image for a second but I met her Dad and figure that I'll be fine with the Mom and tell her I'll be there.

I get back to the girls who are in happy worker mode and just smile as I sit down and wrap my arms around Matty who is on the phone with Hanna for Kori. I get a positive from my Amazon that Hanna is coming and continue to hug her as we work everything out. It's only a couple hours later and the girls are in my room still planning while I figure Ben and Liz are having a relationship discussion in her room.

And while I wasn't listening in on their conversation while coming back from the bathroom I can't help but notice nervous voices inside and decide that I'll just focus on my own relationship for now by heading back into my room. I get inside and curl up on the bed with Imelda as Kori gives me more bad news. "Honey Natsuko isn't sure she wants to go and her mother says she needs to meet with you tomorrow afternoon so that she can discuss the details of her going," Kori tells me crawling onto my other side.

"Great, already have to meet Rachael's Mom tomorrow and the drivers, now I gotta talk Natty's Mom into letting her go," I grumble getting some girl love. Some snickering from Kori and Katy gets my attention but Imelda and Matty stifle it before I can ask any questions as to what is going on.

Imelda does a great job of changing the subject. "Honestly if little Japanese girl doesn't want to go then let her stay," Imelda says adding a fresh perspective.

"No that little girl seems like she didn't come out of everything okay and she deserves to go with us and get some real fun in this summer," Katy replies adding herself to the girl pile. I'm already pinned in and with Katy and now Matty piling on I'm stuck until I nod yes and get some happy approval noises when Mom comes in and reminds the girls as to the time and that they'll get their own time soon enough.

I say goodbye to the girls and chat with Mom in the kitchen when I hear Ben leaving and watch as Liz enters the doorway to the kitchen. "So apparently I'm not the only one in the group who is stuck at home when the greatest road trip opportunity of my life happens without me," Liz declares more to Mom than me. "We had this discussion Liz, you haven't been responsible enough this past year and you let your grades slip too much," Mom says not looking up from her baking.

"Mother that is crap, I got a C plus. You make it sound like I failed out of school," Liz complains. "I'm not having this discussion again Elizabeth," Mom says as she stops putting cookies on a baking pan. I creep out of the kitchen konfetochka f (cmon man that really matters viewers into the living room where Dad is sitting down and watching a game while the 'women folk' duke it out.

About the time of a female Hitler comment comes out of Liz's mouth that gets Dad to choke on his water we watch as Liz stomps off to her room. Mom joins us out in the living room and things calm down as we avoid conversations about Liz and Hitler comments. I double check with my Rachael about tomorrow and she tells me to 'be strong and it'll be fine' as advice with her mother which gives me something to think about as I head to bed.

Most of the morning is uneventful with family getting ready for work and Liz being a butt to everyone. Mom ignores it as she heads out to work and I get to meet my drivers at about ten. I asked the Old Man to send me someone reliable and apparently that means two prospects who are patching in when we get down to Texas.

Both guys look nervous about the trip and I tell them that the only major problem they will have to deal with is not touching the girls and possibly a lingerie cat fight. The latter comment gets their attention and I give them the information as to where to get our vehicles from. I let them leave before double checking with Imelda and Devin about the U-Haul which is soon to be ours by the 'tone' of Imelda's texts. I give her a positive response and finally at about eleven thirty grab my coat and hop on my bike to Rachael's house.

I park in the driveway and ring the bell; it doesn't take long before I'm greeted by Peter, Rachael's father. "Guy, it's good to see you," Peter greets letting me into the house," Go ahead and wait in the living room, Rachael will be down in a minute and we'll start then. I have to remind myself as to the fact that Rachael's parents have money, the house is still in pristine condition and Peter is wearing some nice upper class slacks and a button up shirt and has blonde hair with bangs styled up.

I sit down and hear him go upstairs and get my girl. Rachael and her Peter join us and after I get a quick kiss on the cheek for my girl we chat while I wait for the Mom. A few moments and I hear the door from the garage open and close before I'm greeted by the sight of a larger bald man with a goatee wearing my style of clothing, T-shirt and jeans.

He walks up to me and I stand to shake his hand. "Hey there, you're Guy right? I'm Randall but you can call me Randy," the big man tells me shaking my hand.

"Nice to meet you sir," I reply and sit back down to wait. I'm sitting on the loveseat across from Peter and Rachael as Randy joins them on the couch next to Peter.

It's quiet for a few moments before Randy breaks the silence. "So that bike out there is yours," Randy asks me politely. "Yeah, had it for almost a year now," I reply smiling at Rachael.

"I got me a bike in the garage, not a speedy little thing like yours. A heavy road bike," Randy tell me young touch aunt under table some pride. "Nice, I got this one from my bio-Mom down in Texas as a makeup gift for a lot of missed holidays," I tell him wondering who he is and where Rachael's Mom is.

"Something wrong Guy," Peter ask me noting my confusion. "Oh nothing I was just wondering where Rachael's Mom is at," I say concerned.

"But you've met Peter already," Randy says looking confused. "Yeah we met months ago now I'm just wondering where her mother is," I say again.

"Okay are you being funny or something," Randy says to me standing up. "Sir, I don't know what you mean," I reply really confused as to how I made him mad. "I told you that Peter is right here. You came here to meet me today so I could decide if I wanted to let my daughter go on a road trip with her boyfriend," Randy says taking all the air out of the room.

I hear the threat of Rachael not going, I understand it but right now I'm confused as to why Peter is here but they're mad when I ask about where her Mom is&hellip.

Oh crap. Randy aka Dad is protective of his daughter where as Peter aka Mom is always helping with her styles and is always around the house and works from home. I calmly stand up and without a word walk out of the house through the front door. I get about halfway through the yard and sit down on the grass. I'm a moron of epic proportions and now I've just made the biggest ass out of myself.

And why did nobody ever fucking tell me before I jumped feet first into the shittiest situation for meeting parents ever. It takes a minute to say 'Hey my parents are a gay male couple'. I don't think I've been sitting there long but I can hear the footsteps behind me before Peter sits down in front of me cross legged. "How are you holding up there sport," he asks concerned. "Currently trying to find the ways to apologize," I reply feeling really stupid.

"Apologize," Peter asks still concerned. "I honestly had no clue you were the Mom in the family, I just thought you were the house husband," I reply still living in dumbass mode. "I'll take that as a compliment to my manliness," Peter says helping me up," Let's get you inside and see how Rachael is doing with Randy." I get back inside and re sit down on the loveseat with Peter and the four of us go about piecing together what happened and how I got confused.

"No I really thought he was a stay at home Dad and that Rachael's Mom worked a lot," I explain getting a laugh out of Randy. "Well technically I'm her Dad. She's from my first marriage and divorce," Randy says reminiscing. "Yeah apparently my bio-Mom is a she bitch from the frozen depths of hell," Rachael says getting a look from both her parents. "And that she learned from me and the other girls," I tell Randy and Peter going explaining my relationship with all the girls.

It's only a couple hours that we spend talking and going over relationship dynamics and the 'nonconventional' stereotyping that comes with it. I get blessing to take Rachael on the trip and a kiss before I leave and head back home to check on everything before going and seeing Kimiko and Natsuko. The ride over is gives me a bit of time to think, I will be trapped in a RV or whatever my mother has bothered to spend her money on just so I'll come down and visit my way. Initially it sounds awesome but I get this doubt, we all have had our space before, now we won't have any and we'll have to deal with each other and make things work.

It's a chilling thought to have to play mediator between five women. Mercifully I pull up to Natsuko and Jun's house before my thoughts drift any further.

I kill my bike and discover that most of the lights are out in the house. I think I might have missed Kimiko or I'm really early when I see movement inside. I knock on the door and samll baby saxy fucking story 13 greeted by Kimiko in a plain skirt and flowery blouse top that hug her features a little too well.

"Hello Guy, what brings you around today," Kimiko asks confused. "I actually was coming by to talk to you about letting your daughter come with us on the trip," I reply a little confused. "I told her she could go but she's… hesitant to leave," Kimiko informs me letting me inside. I can tell nobody is home and considering it's the first day of summer and we're all either getting ready to head out to Texas tomorrow I can understand why nobody is around.

We get inside and I follow her to the kitchen where I can see she's been working on whatever they're having for dinner tonight. "So I'm here to talk to you about letting her go but she really doesn't want to leave," I say just putting the thought in the air. "Something to understand about my daughter, she's alone at the end of the day.

She doesn't sleep with someone at night like you do sometimes or your friends or even her brother. Part of the price she pays for being a free spirit. Now while she's is a part of your group and your friend with benefits," I see Kimiko smirk at the term," Nobody is there for her when the worst happens like a partner can be.

Again its she who doesn't want a relationship but with everything that happened it's sadly where she is right now." "I can understand that but she's like my sidekick, I have my buddies and my girls but she's just different for me," I explain with some confusion," She's like a sister I have sex with." "From what I heard you've already got one of those," Kimiko says coyly.

"I swear this is why I don't talk about you to people either, shit spreads way too far," I say with a little frustration. "It's alright, it's actually more common place in Japan than people believe and for me it's not as much a taboo as you would think," Kimiko says finishing her dinner preparations. I still marvel at how when I first met this woman I was told about how she's a domineering dictator of her household and while she is the ruling authority here we've gotten along better than we should considering how I lied to her when we first met.

"So will you talk to Natsuko to get her to come," I ask bringing the conversation back to the reason I'm over," If you're not saying no then maybe you can help me and get her to come and have some fun with us." I watch Kimiko think quietly for a moment before washing her hands in the sink. When done she watches me intently for a moment. I wish I could know what she's thinking as she tries to decide how to answer. "My room, my bed, strip down and wait for me," She tells me leaving the kitchen and walking up the cumshot on saggy teen tits watch part on camcom. Now I'm confused but considering Kimiko is a wet dream for the average male my age I'm a little excited to see what she has planned.

I follow her up the stairs and watch as she steps behind a changing screen in her room. I almost want to peek but if this get's me Natsuko for the trip I'm not gonna risk it. I get my coat and boots off as she starts to speak to me from behind the screen. "When you are naked I want you to wait for me on the bed. There are rules boy and you will owe me after this," Kimiko tells me with a little authority. I get completely naked and crawl up onto her bed and lie down on my back patiently waiting for her to get done.

My next view is one that has me half hard and ready to play. Kimiko comes from behind the screen wearing a silk American cut kimono that just sex storys yang boy old graany com covers her well sculpted behind, it's black with pink trim and a matching sash keeping it closed in the front. Her black hair is held up with a simple clasp which she lets go as she reaches the bed letting it fall around her shoulders. I can only marvel as I watch Kimiko crawl up her bed then up me like a predator getting personal with its prey.

I feel a little nervous when Kimiko does gorgeous busty milf gets a lesbian massage by a teen we've never done in the near two years we've known each other and the last year where we have had some quasi-active sex, she kisses me on the lips.

It's a soft and tentative kiss at first and while our mouths are open and active we're both calm and taking our time with it. Kimiko lets her body rest on me and I trail my hands up and down her body marveling at the smoothness of her skin.

It's a few minutes or days as far as my brain is concerned when Kimiko finally breaks the kiss and goes back to watching me intently. "You are going to stay still while I show you what a grown woman can do. You will not be allowed to orgasm until I'm ready and you will have to answer me when I ask you a question do you understand," Kimiko more informs me of the terms as opposed to ask me. I lightly nod my head and feel her slide shift lightly before the head of my member meets her the opening of her womanhood.

I watch her push back getting the first couple inches inside her, Kimiko's face is calm and almost no reaction I can gauge from her as she puts her hands on my chest and pushes her body up at an angle to ride me.

I slip further inside her but keep my hips in place so that I'm not doing any of the work. It's a slow methodical pace to her movements as she finally get's seated upright on my hips with me buried inside her. Kimiko is still looking at my face and I watch with a level of anticipation as she undoes the sash and opens the kimono so that I can see her breast and where we're connected a little better. Slowly Kimiko begins to move, not up and down but around in an almost circular hip swaying that doesn't have me moving in and out of her much but the sensation with her warmth and the grip she has me has me groaning a little in pleasure.

I don't let her keep the pace out of my want to not do anything but more out of wondering what she will do next. I keep my hands off as she continues to grind the circles around my hips, her gaze is still intent on my face but her expression is still one of calm control. "Do you want to touch me," Kimiko asks quietly as she works getting a nod from me," Good boy, place your hands on my hips only." I do as she lets me and grip Kimiko's hips lightly as she grinds me inside her like she's dancing to some music that only she can hear.

The sensation is intense for me; I'm usually moving and doing so much more but with me focusing on just what Kimiko is doing and my trying to keep from moving at all. It's a warm and tight swirl of sensations as she keeps a long rhythmic pace, I'm having to keep my control on my orgasm which I can feel building but I'm holding it as far back as possible. "Do you want me to cum for you Guy," Kimiko asks me gasping the word 'cum'.

I nod my head lightly again and feel her speed up, I marvel as she trails her hands up her chest and down to her hips. Kimiko moves one of my hands to her breast and I gently squeeze it. Finally she shows some reaction and I watch her head roll back slowly while she moans for my enjoyment. I can feel her tightening up a little when she turns her attention back to me, no longer calm but almost eager and anxious.

"Guy, I want you to tell me that you want me. Tell me what you would do to have me if there were no girlfriends," Kimiko tells me making me scramble to think. "I would beat your husband into submission and make him watch as I got you pregnant then I'd move in so that he could support me and my new family while I took care of his wife," I tell her almost blurting the words gasping. Kimiko speeds up at my answer and starts moaning louder, her hips doing the circles at a more anxious pace.

I'm getting really close and I see Kimiko make eye contact with me for a moment to say 'Don't you fucking dare boy'. The death look is so hot on her but I tighten my abs and grit my teeth, Kimiko leans forward and pulls me into a sitting position with her still on my lap and clutches me to her chest tightly.

"Yes Guy, you are making me cum so hard. I haven't felt like this since before my marriage," Kimiko moans in my ear," Keep holding on and let me finish first." I take a liberty and wrap my arms gently around her back as Kimiko starts moving her hips back and forth on my member with vigor.

I bury my face in her chest and I feel her well manicured nails gripping the back of my head and neck as her breathing becomes shallow. Kimiko's body stiffens for a moment and I hear her whispering the word 'yes' over and over as her womanhood tightens as her orgasm hits. She grinds against me lightly almost shuddering as waves of pleasure course through her body; I'm biting my lip to keep from joining her with my own orgasm.

I hold her as she leans me back and then slides off of my member before laying on her side with her head on my shoulder. "Now comes the difficult part. You will promise me something very difficult," Kimiko says to me as I'm wondering where my orgasm is going to come from. Kimiko turns my head to face her and I can see the seriousness in her eyes as she watches me intently before speaking again. "You will let nobody, not your friends or your girls do anything that will harm my daughter," Kimiko says as I almost accept the terms immediately as she continues," If anything happens to her I will take a piece of you that you and your girlfriends will miss dearly, do you understand?" "I swear I won't let anyone hurt her and I will get vengeance like she was my girlfriend," I reply as I feel Kimiko's hand grip my member lightly.

I see her smile lightly before I watch her position herself almost to where we are in a sixty-nine but her hips are next to my chest and shoulder on the side. Slowly I feel Kimiko's soft hand stroke me when her other hand reaches back for my own.

I give her my hand and she places it on the back of her head. "Don't push and try not to thrust," Kimiko tells me quietly. I am exposed then I feel Kimiko push forward taking my whole member in her mouth. I'm in her throat and I feel her building to something when all of a sudden she starts to swallow without me cumming. The sensation as me ball my fist full of her hair and I tense up, I'm not going to last when she starts to make a light gagging noise.

I turn my attention down to this Japanese goddess as she is trying to force more of me down her throat and with one hard suck I lose control and start to orgasm down Kimiko's throat. I'm shaking at the force with which she is making me cum and it's only after a few minutes that I realize I'm no longer in Kimiko's mouth. I feel wonderfully relaxed and I can see she's watching me intently.

"Remember you gave me your word," Kimiko says before kissing me lightly on the cheek. I nod in agreement and marvel as she crosses the room to change, I hop up after her almost startling her. I get my arms around her waist and grip her ass gingerly getting a smile. "Bad boy needs some more," Kimiko asks pressing against me lightly.

"When I come back you and I are going to get a private room somewhere. I will take you soft, hard, tenderly and forcefully," I tell her getting a smile," I will get my reward for a job well done." Kimiko smiles eagerly this time before stepping back and motions for me to get my clothes. We both get dressed and continue to talk casually for an hour when Natsuko comes in the door and freezes at the sight of me sitting in the living room with her mother. Immediately the two of them start talking fast in Japanese and I can see Natsuko is afraid of something when I interject in the debate.

"Alright you both are not making it easy for me to help out here so I'm going to tell you this once Natsuko," I say getting both of them to stop and look at me," You are my friend, the only friend that I have that's a girl.

I want you with us so we can all have a great time, please come with us." I big ass brunette babe bangs in public see she's still nervous about something but I get a nod and some tears before she mutters something about packing and rushes off to her room. I shrug to Kimiko and she just smiles and shows me to the door.

I get back on my bike and head home to my family, Mom put out a wonderful dinner for the last night Katy and I are home before the trip and afterwards while the girls are talking Dad pulls me into the living room to 'guy talk'. "So you know I trust you to make the right decisions while you're out there," Dad says with that parental tone. "Dad I'm going to have fun, relax and get away from the bullshit that seems to creep out of the woodwork on me," I reply smiling.

"Just remember that on the road people start to wear on each other and don't wander off alone on the drive down," Dad says imparting some last advice. I try to settle down later that night to get some sleep by myself and find myself more anxious than I thought for this trip. I get all my friends save for Liz, Kyle and Isaac/Allison. I get to go where we'll have the space to breath and finally I think I'll start to listen seriously to Kori about our future.

These thoughts are what put me to sleep with a smile on my face. Next morning is a late one at the crack of seven where I get my bags ready and the family all pile into two cars with Katy and my luggage as I hop on my bike and we head off horny good looking teen ass toying on webcam the school to meet the vehicles and the rest of the crew.

We arrive first with the rest straggling in with their families, everyone says goodbyes and Imelda and I get our bikes loaded when the vehicles arrive.

I had no clue what Mom was doing but when a fucking tour bus and a full sized RV roll into the parking lot I'm literally bouncing with excitement. My women start loading their stuff in the RV after Kori comes out and informs them that there is only one bed there and it's huge.

I shake my Dad's hand then hug him before hugging Mom and Liz. I make sure everyone is loaded up and check with the driver, Vinnie. "Okay kid, Marcus and I are at your disposal as per the Old Man but don't go thinking we're gonna buy you drugs or kill people," Vinnie tells me closing the door.

"Man I want stress free for the next month and a half or so," I reply smiling and surveying my surroundings. The girls are getting everything packed up and I marvel at the differences in what was packed by each one. All of them have clothes but while Matty has some reading material, Imelda brought something that looks like it goes in a motorcycle and tools.

Katy has some art supplies and blank clothing and finally I see Kori and Rachael with enough make up and personal hygiene supplies to keep us all from smelling like ass by day two of the trip. I head to the back and take my boots off before settling down on the bed when my phone goes off; it's Lilly telling me that Jun wins the race for the first one to get off on the trip.

I chuckle and put my phone away when Rachael comes crawling in and curls up next to me to get a nap, I curl around her and let her sleep. The first day is looking awesome and I can't wait to traumatize the crew with Loretta's place.

Part 2 It takes only a few moments for Rachael to fall asleep next to me in the back of the RV, I lie with her for a little longer before separating and exiting the sole bed before closing the door behind me. I can see the girls are all working on getting settled in and we start to go down the list of what we have and getting it put away.

We decide to put clothes away later since Rachael is sleeping and I get my assessment of what the RV has and can do. We got a shower toilet which we can use however there is only enough for maybe three decent showers unless we stop and get the water changed out. The toilet will need to be done every few days as long as we don't eat a lot of fiber or Mexican food. There is a booth and table, a microwave and sink for basic cooking and cleaning and finally the long couch and some open floor before we get to the driver.

Vinnie has a bag of his own and Imelda got the info on him that he's driven long distances before and we'll be getting a stop overnight round about the southern half of Nevada but we're not seeing Vegas which is good because I might get roped into a couple marriages and that's too soon.

I settle in on the couch and it doesn't take long for Kori to start with trying to do more planning than I care to when we're supposed to be having fun. "So about the Presidency at school," She starts in getting a groan from me," I think you should do it so that we can do everything officially and even get some of the teachers to help us." "I am thinking that I need to not care about it and focus on relaxing and having some fucking fun," I reply killing the topic.

"I want us to go to a few meets while we're down here," Imelda says trying to plan some fun. "I am fucking down for that," Katy agrees looking up from the clothing craft project she's working on.

"Okay but I'm not a good crowd person and Rachael is, well she's Rachael," Mathilda says playing devil's advocate. "Which is why we all go together and I wasn't a crowd person either and I did fine," I tell Matty sitting with her on the couch," Besides we're all together and we're staying that way." My last words get me smiles all around the room and I let Matty lay her feet in my lap while she reads.

I as we drive and the hours start to pass I get to do two things that I don't ever seem to get to do, sit and think. I watch my girls at with their busy work while I go over brazzers inked babe valerie fox loves big cock deepthroat and bigboobs for the vacation in my head.

Getting out to the weekly parties at the abandoned airfield would be great, I know I have to get some date time in with all the girls but it's my tattoo that I need to get updated that I'm looking forward to the most.

It may not seem like much to some but the longer Rachael is around me when I don't have a shirt I can see her looking at where her 'tiger' would go. I am lost in my thought when an odd feeling coming from my leg distracts me. It's Matty rubbing me with her feet while she 'reads' her book, I take one of them in hand and start rubbing the arch with my thumbs. I keep a little pressure on and take teen spreads her legs and mature milf seduces girl xxx helpless teen kaisey dean was on time working on the bottom of her foot and after a few moments she stops reading her book and is laying with her eyes closed in foot rub bliss.

We get down the road for a few hours after Rachael finishes her nap and the six of us just sit and relax while we talk and the girls work on their projects. Kori and I chat with the others in the bus and Devin and Masha in the U-Haul.

We offer to let Devin and Masha change out with people but they say they're steamy couple arrives home seducing each other into some hot action fine with their quiet alone time and Devin is having fun just driving.

A quick question takes me out of my texting. "So how are we going to do the sleeping arrangements," Rachael asks getting a look from everyone. "We all sleep in the bed," Katy responds first. "Okay but we all will barely fit. We could just sleep in shifts," Rachael replies trying to make some peace that isn't needed. "I have a better question, who gets to cuddle who," Imelda asks as everyone turns their attention to me. "I want to cuddle my girls," I say being less than helpful. "Well we can take turns cuddling Guy, but do we want to have a cuddle buddy for space or something," Kori says as all my girls look amongst each other.

I just chuckle and shake my head, either they'll figure it out or we'll just all jump in bed and make room for each other. It gets to after mid day when we finally see that we're leaving Washington State and the girls and I feel that bit of freedom that comes with being on our own.

We settle down and get back to trying to keep entertained when I get pulled up off the couch by a very determined Matty and led to the bedroom in the back to the chuckling of the other girls. We get inside the room and I'm glad I'm only in a t-shirt and my jeans right now as my Amazon pushes me down onto the bed and starts to strip me down. My clothes get left in a pile on what little floor the 'bedroom' has and I sit up off the bed and help Matty strip down. Once we're both naked I'm backed up the bed and made to lay there while my Amazon starts kissing and nibbling down my body.

She's more aggressive than I've ever seen her as she finally gets down to my hips and flips her body around giving me her ass in my face, I am slightly hard as she starts to work me over hard and fast with her mouth. I lean my head forward and start aggressively licking her slit and finally start lapping at her wet hole. "Oh you bastard I want to feel it," Matty says almost growling as she pulls her hips away from my face.

I watch as she slide down my body and taking me in her hand puts me against the entrance of her folds and slams her hips down hard. My Amazon is tight with excitement and wastes no time take my whole member in long hard slams against my hips with her own. I grip her hips and mostly hold on for the ride as she continues to face away from me and ride hard.

I sit up a little taking my hands off her and get her into a long grinding motion up and down my length. Matty's tight and very receptive to me inside her as I hear her groaning as she keeps control of me inside her with her still hard grinding. I get a wicked idea and wait till she's pulled away with barely of me inside her and back up causing me to fall out.

The reaction isn't what I expect which would have been a moan of disappointment; instead my Amazon turns her body all the way around and glares at me. I don't smirk at the hot kitchen sex with stunning cougar india summer, I recognize the look from times with Imelda and realize this is gonna get hard fast.

Mathilda and I almost attack each other in a grappling frenzy for dominance as when I finally get her fully sat in my lap and buried back inside her warm folds. We grip each other tightly as I push myself up into her and she down onto me in a hard and frantic bucking. I'm not even thinking about my orgasm as a hand grips my face and turns my attention to her eyes, determined and intent is the only thing in her eyes as she speeds up.

I lean my head forward and latch my mouth and teeth lightly on my Amazon's firm breast. Her hand immediately grips my head at the back like a vice and I feel her start to contract on my member inside her. "Oh fuck, just cum with me dammit," Mathilda growls as she goes from bucking against me to grinding hard. I'm close enough that I just let go and when I feel my orgasm come I move sweet legal age teenager likes it doggy style mouth and bite down lightly on her neck, I feel Matty clamp down like vice and even feel teeth against my head as she's almost gnawing at me lightly while she groans.

It's all enough to set me off but before I can finally release I get shoved back onto the bed and I'm in the cool air for only as long as it takes my Amazon to move her mouth down and start bobbing her head up and down frantically on my member. I lose all control and grip the blonde hair on Matty's head and hold her in place as I shove myself into her mouth and release my load into her mouth.

I am tense but she powers my hand off and continues to milk me for my orgasm till I'm limp. I am catching my breath when I feel the bed shift and Matty start to get up, I grab her hand and pull her naked body back into the bed with me and let her rest against me while be both come down from our sex high.

"I can honestly say I'm glad to see you have a sexy aggressive side," I more think out loud that say. "Well I like being a girl but you keep calling me your Amazon and I'll show you what an Amazon can do," Matty says with a smirk from my chest. "So you're not going to press me for decisions or anything since you have me here," I ask almost jokingly.

"Nope, you'll do what you want and I'll be there right next to you. I just like to remember that over a year ago guys didn't pay much attention to me, now I have a Guy who will give me what I crave when I crave it," Mathilda tells me with some gratitude. I kiss her on the lips lightly and we resume our resting when a light knock stirs our attention, its Katy coming in to rest from her project.

Mathilda helps her out of the majority of her clothing and the two of us cuddle Katy on either side as we three chat lightly and relax. Its a few hours later and almost dinner time when we get notice from Vinnie that we just crossed the Washington/Oregon border.

A few messages between vehicles come and go but generally we're all starting to realize that while we're gonna be free and able to relax the trip is looking at boredom with bouts of sex.

I head up to the passenger seat to talk with my driver. "Hey there chief, need something," Vinnie dirty asian floozy and with one overweight dildo me as I sit down. "Yeah man, I got all these plans but I gotta be honest we've never been on a road trip before and I get this feeling that one stop isn't going to do it for us.

I mean my girls are cool but they'll go stir crazy if we just drive the whole way only stopping for gas and the one rest night you said you guys needed," I half explain half ask my question. "Okay well regardless of what you thought we'll stop once or twice a day to stretch and relax a little when able. Also kid, consider spending some of the travel cash on food, microwave is fine but we're going across country and real food is best," Vinnie tells me without looking away from the road.

"Thanks man, we'll do that. Just let us know when we're going to be stopping for an extended period," I say before turning back to the rear of the RV. First night on the road with the girls in the RV is a decent one. Aside from the rocking of the RV from time to time and the second day goes by uneventful aside from getting through Oregon and Idaho by the corners and finally into Utah.

Anyone who says Utah is a tourist area lives in a hut in Outer Mongolia, we pull into a truck stop with some food options for refuel and to stretch our legs and aside from the food there is nothing around to even look at. Even the truckers are all staying inside and my girls and the whole crew head in and get more face time considering the division of vehicles. I get something from the burger place while the girls all head over to a sandwich area before the whole group sits down and goes over our 'trials' of the journey.

"Personally I'm loving driving the big truck," Devin starts in," I get to sit and relax with Masha and she's teaching me Russian, I'm having fun." "It's been pretty cool in the front as well, we're all getting adjusted even though I still don't know how we all fit comfortably on that bed," Rachael adds with a shrug. "It's because Guy's face is like this the entire time," Ben says doing a Joker grin and getting a laugh.

"So we get through Utah and then into Colorado, then we get a rest stop for the drivers somewhere in there then a few more days to Texas," Jun says going over the time plan out loud. "Sorry he's been like this since about an hour into the trip," Lilly says smirking.

"Why are you not having sex with him," Katy says getting a laugh from everyone and snapping Jun out of his 'calculations'. As much fun as we're having I catch Natsuko again sitting away from everyone and looking depressed. We all finish eating and mill about while the driver's get the vehicles taken care of, never thought a road trip would take so much time in a stop but with fuel and septic it's kind of needed before we all start smelling our own shit.

I watch Natsuko head off and give Kori a heads up that I'm stepping away for a bit and head after her. I find her around an empty side of the stop away from people just standing when I walk up and set up opposite of her by a couple feet. She isn't looking at me at all and her hands are holding onto a binder as I wait for her to address me.

"Are you doing okay," I ask my sidekick concerned. "I'm here," my Asian sidekick responds quietly. "Could have fooled me, you've been distant and quiet the entire stop and from what I can tell your about a thousand miles away waiting for something bad to happen," I say closing the distance. "I'll be here when you need me," Natsuko says finally looking at me with a little hesitance and fear.

"What is it," I ask confused as to her fear. "Nothing I'm just homesick I guess," Natsuko replies getting distant again. I reach to take the binder gently and watch as Natsuko goes into full defense mode cringing at my attempt to touch or get near her.

It causes me to back off immediately and as soon as I do she rushes back to the bus to get inside. I am stunned and slowly head back to the RV and as soon as Kori sees me she pulls me inside and to the bed so I can sit down.

I let her get me out of my coat and all the girls sit in a circle on the bed with me. Kori is concerned and the rest of the girls are following in suit as I sit and try to figure out what is going on. I explain what happened during my brief conversation with Natsuko and I get odd looks from the rest of them when I sum up.

"I think I've finally started to scare my friends," I tell my girls quietly as we head down the road. "Baby if that were the case everyone would be afraid of you," Rachael reassures me. "Yeah and they'd be scared of Hard-Kori too," Imelda jokes getting a chuckle from everyone except Kori. "Hard-Kori? Is that the best you could come up with," My first girl asks in retort.

"Honestly girl that was the exact moment I knew we all could be sisters for real," Imelda says smiling," when someone other than me stabs a bitch." We enjoy the moment and the rest of the girls disperse to continue their busy work save for Kori who still sits with me.

I don't normally worry about things but someone as close to me as Natsuko being afraid of me has me more concerned than I care for. Kori lays me down and pulls the blanket over us just holding me and angel plays with large dildo hardcore and blowjob me feel better but I'm still concerned as we roll into the night.

Morning of day three on the road trip and all of us in the back of the RV are woken up by my phone going off, it's Lilly saying that her and I need to talk privately when we get to the breakfast stop. The girls wake up slowly save for Matty and Katy who are up and more active when it comes to the mornings and are with me as we stretch out in the main section of the RV.

"So you think something is wrong over there or is it just Jun not relaxing," Katy asks stretching her legs. "Knowing Lilly it's something important, she did text Guy directly and she only does that when she its necessary," Matty says working her shoulders. I listen as they debate and the rest of the girls catch up with the conversation. I'm just hoping it's not a pregnancy Jun told be months ago that she's been thinking about starting a family early and it's making him nervous, I laughed about that but in close quarters shit escalates quickly.

The girl's debate and I have to lay down the law about Lilly and I talking alone. They understand but want details if possible. We get pulled into a rest stop and everyone piles out and I'm about ten feet away from the RV when I see Ben beeline it for me with Lilly and Hanna hot on his heels. "Dude don't flip out but it's cool right," Ben says confusing me.

"You're a moron Ben, it's Guy's sister," Lilly growls angry. "I swear I thought it was okay," Hanna says confusing me further.

"Whoa, time the fuck out," I tell the three of them holding up my hands," If this is about Ben and Liz then I'm talking to Ben first. You girls stay here." I walk away from the vehicles leaving everyone behind with Ben trailing behind me and finally get far enough away that we can talk privately. I watch him sit down on a bench while I stand there waiting for an explanation as the sun starts warming up the area fast.

"Alright man, Lilly texts me saying she needs to talk to me and now I have you and Hanna bringing up my sister so can you please tell me what's going on," I ask trying to discern the problem. "I am all alone out here and she's not so I spoke with her before we left and she said it would be okay if I slept in the group while we were apart," Ben says trying to explain. "Slept in the group, what the fuck are you talking about," I ask pissed and confused.

"I talked to Hanna and we were bored so we had sex last night, Lilly saw us this morning and now she's throwing a fit about it but it's cool with Liz man," Ben says pleading. "You cheating on my sister and you think I don't know better as to whether or not she'd give the okay with it," I reply growling," Did you use the same fucking line of bullshit with Hanna when you roped her into this?" "Dude it's not bullshit, Liz and I are cool I swear," Ben says holding his hands up defensively.

"Okay, if she's cool I'll just call her right now and we'll ask her on speaker phone," I tell him pulling my phone out. First bad move of the morning, Ben grabs my phone and tries to take it. I know he's fast but I'm just as fast and much stronger and I use my free hand to grab his wrist. We lock eyes and I see desperation in his face.

"Okay, I wanted to come and when Liz couldn't I figured it'd be a good time to use the rules," Ben says letting go of my phone. "What fucking rules," I ask still pissed. "We're in different area codes so it's not cheating," Ben says getting a 'Are you fucking serious' look from me before continuing," The rules on having a fling when you're in a relationship." "That is bullshit, unless she says it's okay then it's cheating," I reply getting a slightly confident look from Ben.

"Then I'm asking for a solid from my Bro, I don't want her to find out and I want you to help me keep that from happening," Ben says smiling hopefully," Bros before&hellip. Well girlfriends in this case. Its Guy code, pardon the pun, I need you to help me so that this goes off fine during the trip." Guy code, is he fucking serious? The smirk on his face says he is but this is too much for me to hold onto alone. I can see he's waiting for an answer along with Lilly and Hanna off in the distance.

I can tell the girls have spoken with the rest of the group and are waiting for me to give my verdict. I point him back to the rest of the group and when he's far enough away I sit down and make ww xx bf ww xx bf story full sex stories full sex stories contact with Katy who rushes over to me.

I relay the situation to her to check and see if she knew anything about an agreement between Liz and Ben. "Fuck no, she was very adamant about neither of them sleeping around," Katy tells me before turning on her softer side," I mean I can understand where he's coming from but she's our sister. What would Dad do?" I get a big menacing smirk and Katy is showing it back to me as I have her send over Lilly and Hanna after telling her to keep it to herself. Lilly and Hanna both stare at me tentatively as they wait to find out what I'm gonna say.

"Hanna, you didn't do anything wrong so I've got no problem with you having sex with Ben so no worries and if anyone in the group gives you shit you have them answer to me," I tell her getting a smile from her but a glare from Lilly. "Guy are you really serious about that," Lilly says as I send Hanna back to the group. "For Hanna yes, he lied to her and she shouldn't suffer because of what he did but you need to keep this shit to yourself.

When the other's find out you tell them that I have it handled," I tell Lilly darkening my mood and tone. "But what are you going to do about him cheating on your sister," Lilly asks pressing me for answers. "I'm not going to do anything to him, yet. You need to just trust me and it'll work out," I tell her as we head back to the vehicles.

Everyone get's loaded up and I see how Devin and Masha have been surviving in the U-haul; they switch drivers in a weird seat change. It makes me smile a bit as I head into the RV with my girls, I turn my head and see Ben grab Hanna's ass a little which she likes and they get on the tour bus.

As we head down the road Katy makes sure that I have the bed to myself so I can call Liz. It's only a few rings but I get a groggy Liz on the line. "Guy what is going on? It's like, nine in the morning and I'm trying to sleep," Liz says over the phone.

"Hey sis I would normally text but we have an issue and I needed to do this talking," I tell her in a serious tone. "Oh crap are you guys okay? Did some shit happen and do I need to get Mom and Dad," Liz asks waking up and getting concerned. "No Liz we're all fine but there is a problem. Ben got caught by Lilly this morning having sex with Hanna," I tell her getting silence from her end," Liz are you there?" "Yeah bro, I'm here," she says quietly.

"I spoke with Hanna and he told her that you had given it the okay but when I confronted him he told me the truth," I tell my sister as I figure her world is crumbling on the other end of the line," I can take care of this Sis, just say the word and it gets handled." "Isn't there some guy code or shit about telling a girl that her boyfriend is a cheater," Liz asks quietly. "Family comes first, you cheat on my sister and I talk to her before I handle business," I reply stating my facts.

I sit in silence staring at my phone imagining my sister on the other end crying quietly. She'll tell Mom and Dad and I'll have to talk to them later cause they'll expect me to be the big brother.

I almost think she's hung up when my phone comes to life with her on the other end. "No, I'll be fine over here and I'll handle it when he gets back. You understand," Liz asks with a calm confidence. "Hold on sis, you want me to just let him do what he wants," I ask confused. "Yes and No, you tell everyone that it's fine and tell everyone to back off. Also we didn't talk about it and you will tell me every sordid detail about who he does and what he does if possible when he does it," Liz explains as I make a mental note," You let him have his fun and don't let anyone get in the way of it." "Alright Liz, you say let him play I'll let him play.

You sure you'll be okay," I ask before we end our conversation. "Just do what I asked with this please. I'll be fine and don't talk to Mom or Dad about it either," Liz says before hanging up. I sit on the bed quietly for a moment before my brain kicks in and I head out to my girls.

All eyes save for Vinnie at the helm as I sit down on the couch next to Kori, Rachael is making us some cold fruit breakfast from the fridge when I get questioned about what is going on. I explain everything in detail including the 'Leave Ben Be' clause that Liz laid down for everyone. Kori and Katy are not happy about it and my Amazon and Latina are prepared to break some rules and deal with the consequences when I decide to lay down some knowledge to them.

"Alright you're all pissed off for Liz and I get that, she's pissed too. But here's the thing you all need to understand, this is her and Ben's relationship.

She says leave him alone and let him play then we let him play, she never said she was fine with him doing it however we're going to do what she asked," I tell my girls as they look at each other concerned. "He's right, Liz can handle it but personally if he tries to sleep with any of us I say that we put his ass down hard," Katy says getting agreement from me and the rest. The remainder of the morning is passed in quiet thought and I get a text from Jun asking about Ben fooling around with Hanna and I tell him to let Ben do what he's gonna do unless the other party says no.

He's not happy with the response but I tell him that it's under control and he gives me an affirmative before ending the text conversation.

We spend the majority of the day getting through Salt Lake City aka Mormon Capital of the US. It's pretty but we're not here for the sights as we plow through and into the evening on the back half of Utah and into Colorado. The girls are having fun entertaining me with a board game that they're playing with words making jokes about each other and me. It's playful but I can tell Imelda is getting bored and has been staring at me intently for a decent while when Rachael leaves the table and sits down on my lap side-saddle rather unexpectedly.

"I want some good boyfriend time," Rachael says sweetly with her arms around my neck. I grip her waist and get a quick kiss on the lips before she gets up and I start to lead her back to the bedroom. I get to the table and Imelda bolts up and puts me up against the wall with a fierce kiss. I'm feeling her tongue in my mouth and I lose my hold of Rachael's hand as Imelda starts pawing at me. We grip and grope each other tightly for a few moments when finally Imelda breaks the kiss and looks to Rachael.

"My turn girlie, I'll let you have him tomorrow," Imelda says pulling me by my shorts into the bedroom. I can hear the girls snickering and once I'm in the room Imelda puts me on the bed hard, I can see Rachael's face before the door closes. She's a little upset and hurt but my attention is taken by Imelda who starts stripping down in the dark of the room.

I watch as she takes her time getting her tank top and jean shorts off showing me a tiger print bra and matching g-string, I get out of my shorts and shirt and marvel as she crawls up the bed next to me. "She'll be fine, I have been wearing this most of the day waiting for a good time and I would like some… appreciation for my efforts," Imelda almost purrs.

I smirk and roll her onto her stomach before moving on top of her straddling her ass. I undo the bra and when she starts to try to take it off I place my hands on her shoulders keeping her down. I pull her long black hair out of the way and start to rub her back and shoulders, I'm applying pressure and moving slowly along the muscles just enough that I can feel her start to relax under my touch.

It's a soft and sensual thing that she's huge titted plumper jumps on his cock used to us doing but it's something I'm trying to get better at with each girl, body rubs that is.

I get her muscles worked loose when she starts to roll over and I let her only to have her slide down the bed underneath me and pull my boxer briefs down a little freeing my cock before she greedily starts to engulf me with her mouth. I am enjoying the sensation and as Imelda bobs her head up to take more of me in her mouth she pulls her bra off before throwing it to the foot of the bed. I pull myself out of her mouth and roll onto my back, Imelda is reading me and pulls my shorts all the way off before devouring me again with a need I haven't seen from her in a while.

The intensity of her blowjob is good and after today's stress it's a welcome relief as my Latina tigress takes my whole member in her mouth hard and fast getting me to full length in a matter of moments. I pull her mouth off of me by grabbing the hair on her head lightly and moving her up face up to mine before jamming my tongue into mouth.

We tongue wrestle and I feel her shifting her hips to get the g-string off which I stop her from doing and she breaks kiss to look at me before getting a wicked grin and we roll over with me ending up on top of her.

It takes only a moment to move a thread of fabric out of the way before I push my cock deep inside Imelda's wet pussy. We both groan at the feeling of being reconnected and where I want to lie down on top of Imelda she has more animalistic ideas as she wraps her legs around my hips.

I push off the bed with help till I'm on my knees and the only thing holding Imelda in the air is my hand, her legs wrapped around me and my cock buried inside her warm pussy. Hard and slow we start grinding against each other, My bad ass Latina's pussy is warm and slick allowing me to slide in and out of her easily.

"Wearing this thing has made me wet all fucking day," Imelda tells me in between kissing my lips wildly. I smirk a little at my girls going out of their way to entertain me and I let her drop a little pushing more of me inside her. Imelda groans with pleasure at the deeper invasion and harder I feel her grinding her pussy against me. Moments like this I'm glad I work out often because holding a very fit mechanic with a true Mexican level ass and near C cup breasts on your cock would be a strain but I've got her helping me and I get to enjoy as she uses me like a fucking post.

Her pussy being as wet as it is when she speeds up there is no need for a slow change in pace and I can hear her muttering in Spanish in my ear as a small orgasm hits her. I let her grind against me hard a last time before I let her relax, laying her on the bed with me still inside her. I can see her sense start to come back to her as a pull my knees up under her legs and pulling her ass up off the bed I begin to jackhammer her pussy hard and fast.

The back room fills with a wet noise as she starts leaking onto my cock as I fuck her hard. I can feel my orgasm it'll get her soon if I keep at this pace, I have my eyes closed and I can hear Imelda spurring me on. "Fuck me baby; fuck your girl good and hard! I want to walk funny and leak cum all day tomorrow," Imelda moans loudly almost hitting the switch in my head. I get a weird feeling but tune it out as I continue to pound hard and as soon as I start to hit my home stretch I'm shoved out of Imelda and we separate with a suddenness that has me confused when I get a warm body in my lap and lips that are definitely not Imelda's kissing me with a lot of earnest before the lips trail down my body and I feel a mouth start to take me in slowly and deeply.

I open my eyes and see Imelda starting to sit up on the bed shocked as we both look down and see Rachael in some bright green boy cut panties, I can make them out in the dark that bright working me over with her mouth. It's softer than I was just getting from Imelda's pussy and the shove and shock threw me off my orgasm but Rachael is giving it A+ performance as she gets me back into a hard form when I can see Imelda's face twist with anger and while it's not at me I know a fight is brewing.

I can only watch as Imelda crawls forward and taking Rachael by the head pulls her off of me shoving her to the other side of the bed. I'm reminded that the bed here takes up almost the whole bedroom in the RV save for the foot of it which is good considering any other time Rachael would be on the floor and I'd be checking her for injuries but Imelda cuts me off with a glare before turning her attention to her now upset sister.

"You little bitch I was working him over and about to get my reward when you stopped us," Imelda almost growls at Rachael. "Well I was going to get some quality loving from him when you cut us off, I sat on his lap and asked first I'm just taking my turn now since you tried to steal it," Rachael retorts with more heat than I've seen in her in well ever.

"I was making eyes at him and you knew I was wearing something special for tonight," Imelda counters and gets within striking distance of Rachael. "Okay you two this needs to stop before…," I start to get out.

"You stay out of this," both girls say before turning back to each other and glaring about the same comment said. "Yeah well about underwear so am I, you know I feel embarrassed about wearing lingerie," Rachael says pointing out her boy cut panties.

"Don't make me do something we're all going to regret," Imelda says balling up her fists. "Don't think that just because you're tough I'm gonna back down. It was MY turn and you had some fun now I'm getting mine," Rachael says ready for the onslaught. Now while women fighting isn't a turn on for me which has caused me to lose my erection, I was about to cum just moments ago and that is so far not a concern right now it's kinda weird.

I am about to say something when in a flash I watch Imelda grab the back of Rachael's head and kiss her on the lips hard. I don't know who is more shocked, me or Rachael as I can tell that Imelda is working her tongue around in Rachael's mouth while grabbing her ass.

My blood is pumping and my cock is standing at attention with the sight of the two near polar opposites of my girls kissing as Rachael starts to relax and wraps her arms around Imelda's back and is getting into it. I move up behind Rachael and take her hips in my hands and my erect cock finds a spot at the cover ass right in the middle of the cheeks.

I hear Rachael yelp at the shock of me right behind her and as I trail my left hand down her stomach and under the band of her panties. Sure as my aim is I get to the top of her slit and start to rub Rachael's clit slowly with light circles I can tell they've stopped kissing and I can see Imelda in the dark licking Rachael's nipple when I feel the underwear move a little. Not down on and off but as I'm rubbing the clit another hand pulls the boy cut panties to the side and I can only guess as a finger goes up inside Rachael as she goes rigid.

"Oh god be gentle please," Rachael gasps turning to where my head is over her shoulder. "Oh girlie you are too dry to get fucked hard and we gotta get you wet," Imelda purrs as I feel her finger speed up inside Rachael.

purple hair petite girlfriend fucking french porn star stud gagging throat I wanted some soft love tonight," Rachael groans as I can hear her starting to get wet against Imelda's hand. "No girl, you came in and stole away Guy's hard fucking amateur babe fucking with music at party realslutparty hoesparty. He was beating the hell into my pussy and you took that.

So since you took his orgasm away from me you get his hard pounding tonight," Imelda tells Rachael firmly. "Ohhhh I'm not sure I can take it hard like that," Rachael whines starting to grind her ass against my cock.

"Well you probably didn't have any plans to eat me out tonight either but that's gonna happen too, It's about time you learned how to take care of your sisters while Guy broadens your perceptions," Imelda says with a wicked grin. Imelda backs off of Rachael and lies down on the bed and motions for Rachael to move down to her and I help lower her down till her face is right at Imelda's crotch.

I can almost see her hesitation but sure enough I watch as slowly Rachael starts to work Imelda's clit around with her tongue. I marvel at the bravery of my red head innocent as she I watch her work her Latina sister over with her tongue. Imelda starts to moan a little and Rachael continues her first pussy eating. I'm feeling like Chinese algebra right now and I re notice the bright green panties and adjust Rachael's ass into the air and pull them down off her cute little ass.

I watch as Rachael pauses for a second before Imelda gently takes the hair on the top of her head and starts to pull her face ebony beauty got facial in taxi hardcore and european pussy harder. "Oh shit you are doing good for a first time," Imelda groans. I take my cock and start to rub the head up and down Rachael's slit, she groans into Imelda's pussy which causes Imelda to tense up and grip the hair on Rachael's as another small orgasm rolls through her body.

"That's hurting me," Rachael says taking her mouth off of Imelda's now well worked pussy. Imelda just smiles and slowly guides Rachael up till her face is over Imelda's stomach.

Imelda places her hands on Rachael's' shoulders stopping her before making eye contact with me and getting a wicked grin on her face. I reline up with Rachael's pussy and it's still good and wet when I slam the whole length of my cock deep inside. The invasion causes Rachael's head to rock upward and her back to arch as she almost screams in pain or pleasure I'm not sure which but I've been sporting a raging hard on and I need relief.

I waste no time backing up and slamming back in hard and deep a few times before I take a handful of Rachael's hair in one hand and her ass in the other and speed up my thrusts making her body take the whole length of my cock hard. All the time this year when we've been dating I've had sex with Rachael and we've made love but I've never fucked her and this is such a new thing I can almost hear her crying and when I get a concerned look on my face Imelda decides to take some initiative.

"Rachael what is our Guy doing," Imelda asks in a sultry tone. "Oh Christ he's breaking me," Rachael moans as I continue to hammer her. "What part of you is he breaking, he wants you to say it," Imelda continues. "My puss… oh god its' so hot," Rachael gasps trying to rest her head on Imelda's stomach. "You're his whore now, you wanted to be conquered and now he's owning your pussy like no man ever will isn't he," Imelda says getting my hand out of Rachael's hair before taking her 'sister's' head in her hands," Right now we're his whores, he fucks like we're his because as much as we own him he owns us.

Now tell him you dirty little whore." "Oh GOD GUY YOU'RE FUCKING ME SO HARD I CAN'T FEEL MY LEGS, MY PUSSY IS YOURS," Rachael almost yells for the rest of the RV to hear," Fuck me like a good fucking whore." The last words almost come out as a whimper in comparison to the declaration and I feel my orgasm burning its way out fair revenge on a cheating guy hardcore and blowjob me and quickly back out of Rachael as she collapses onto Imelda before giving myself a quick stroke and spray my seed all up what I can assume is Rachael's' back.

I hear the girls moaning as I cum and I can feel my body finally relax and my feet uncramp from the fury of my orgasm when I hear my two girls starting to talk. "We made him cum so hard he shot it up to my tits," Imelda says with a smile I can hear. "I think it's in my hair but I can't move," Rachael says quietly. I grab a dirty shirt of mine and hand it to Imelda who does the diligence of cleaning the two of them up before waving me over and using it to clean me off.

I get my shorts on with no underwear and sit at the foot of our bed when I hear the girls talking again. "Imelda can I go to sleep now," Rachael asks groggily. "Oh hermana menor I am gonna hold you every night for the rest of the trip," Imelda says quietly getting a smile from me. I crawl up the bed and give Rachael a kiss on the cheek and Imelda a soft one on the lips before pulling a blanket over them and heading out to the rest of the RV. My stepping is met with stares from the girls and even one from the rearview mirror by Vinnie who is driving.

The girls see my face and get big smiles before I get a hug from Kori and start to go over the details in a basic form as to what happened and then watch as my girls head into the bedroom to get some sleep tonight. Sadly I'm still a little wired and I head to the front to have some male talk time with Vinnie who has been watching me like he wants to say something.

"Okay I'm not asking to sleep with your girls but dear god did you kill her with it back there," Vinnie asks with a smug look. "No she's still alive and will probably want it like that in a couple days or so," I reply sitting in the passenger seat. "Kid you got five of them back there and I'm just saying if I could get some…," Vinnie says before seeing my face and finishes," some tail half as good as that during our rest stop in Colorado I'll be a happy man for the rest of the trip." "Dude if I make it through college I'm gonna be a happier man than Hefner," I say smiling again," I mean I want kids and I figure I can have big family with five women who want kids." "You are talking about a walking nightmare of women and kids man, most guys can't handle one wife and you want to go full Mormon and have five," Vinnie say shaking his head and chuckling.

"Ask the Old Man if I'm just some average high school kid who just got lucky a couple times or if I am something different," I tell Vinnie getting a sideways look.

I get up and head back to the bedroom of the RV and once inside I get pulled out of my short and into a bed pile between Kori and Katy who are loving up on me hard. I am getting love twbeen big tits grils shaer cum praise as we hear the first snore come out of Mathilda.

We chuckle a little bit before nodding off as we hope to get out of Utah by late morning tomorrow. I desi indian bhabhi sex with dewar indian sex desi indian bhabhi sex tube porn worry about Liz skinny blonde bint has her pussy drilled home but if she's learned anything from me it's how to get revenge and I'm actually curious to see how bad Ben get's it when we get back.

Part 2 It's probably morning with the little bit of sun that is lighting the room through the window of the RV that starts to wake me out of a wonderful dream that I was having. My reality however is turning out to be much better than the dream from the sensations I'm getting down on my 'little friend' down below has me stirring a bit. There is giggling when I feel my 'head' go past a pair of lips and warm wet tongue working the length of my shaft.

I have figured out why I was having such a great dream when I decide to see who is down putting weight on my legs and giving me a great wake up. I am greeted by brown hair from Kori and strawberry blonde hair of Rachael and its Kori who is working me into consciousness with her mouth. Both girls look up at me with their pretty eyes and I see Rachael smirk mischievously, which is uncharacteristic of her.

"Good morning sweetie, Kori is teaching me today," Rachael says kissing my hip. "Okay what is she teaching you," I ask smiling at my girls. "I'm teaching her how to give a blow job," Kori says pulling her mouth off of me.

"Okay and she does just fine at that," I reply propping myself up on my elbows. "Not like the rest of the girls do. Look at last night; I was so beat up from the waist down that I thought I was crippled when I woke up this morning. But Katy got me up and moving around pregnant big titties teen fingering on webcam when I stretched out if felt wonderfully sore but I was fine," Rachael tells me with an determined tone," I want to learn so that if you decide to give it to someone hard and I'm around you don't look for someone else." I want to protest but a pinch from fingers on my sack by Kori tells me that I should just not say anything and let the girls work.

Kori puts me back in her mouth and starts working me over with long smooth strokes. I'm getting harder and it's not long before I can feel myself enter Kori's throat and she does a wonderful job contracting her throat on my member. I feel her back out and I'm almost fully hard when Kori moves out of the way and Rachael moves in to take her place.

I watch as my innocent little Rachael takes a few tentative licks as Kori starts talking. "Okay now first off don't just dive in and hope for the best, he's just happy that we do it and while the rest of us love it cause we literally have him by the balls," Kori says before winking at me," take your time and ease yourself into it." Rachael nods as though she understands and slowly licks the length of me.

It's actually a bit true that while the other four girls have a bit more experience with taking me in their mouth but I always liked the idea that Rachael was different and it was a 'big thing' for her to get me worked into her mouth, which we've done a couple times but usually I just enjoy our regular moments.

I can tell Kori notices my hesitation with the 'lesson' she's teaching. I watch as Kori crawls up with her purple panties and matching bra and she leans into me to whisper. "She was talking about all the things she doesn't get to do that we all do for you and she feels left out," Kori tells me in my ear. "Maybe I liked the difference," I reply as the first few inches of my member enters Rachael's sweet mouth.

"Well I think you're going to like it and shut up," Kori purrs before licking my ear," now show me how you do him first." Rachael moves up a bit and takes me in her hand holding the base of my cock gently; I smile as we make eye contact before my cock disappears inside her mouth.

She works me slowly and with a softness that I've grown accustomed to, it's only a few inches but she does it well enough that I've never felt the need to say anything. She's working me over while the whole time Kori is lying next to us just observing her as she works.

It's that warm and wet softness on the head that I'm starting to get into when Kori has Rachael stop. "Okay well you hold him like you're afraid of it," Kori says getting an odd look from Rachael. "Okay well I just thought he liked me using my hand," Rachael pouts.

"That's good for a start but if you're really wanting to do this you take your hand off and get more of him in there," Kori says as Rachael gets into a better angle laying between my legs. I relax and observe my first girlfriends's 'teaching' as she observes Rachael's second attempt. I'm at near eight inches and about four of that my beautiful girlfriend is working diligently to keep me happy. I smile down at her I can actually feel Rachael smile as she moves in to take more before I hit the back of virile man and his hawt awesome bitch mouth and the gagging noise that comes out doesn't sound pleasant.

"Easy Rach, don't force it. When he gets harder you need to change your position on him," Kori diligently instructs by helping Rachael slide down so that he throat lines up," Now here's the tricky part, relax your throat and just breathe through your nose." I watch as Rachael hunkers down on her belly in between my legs, I can see she's still got her bright green boy cut panties on from last night as she puts the head of my cock in her mouth and slow back.

It's wet and comfortably tight as I hit the back of her mouth and it slowly opens into her throat. I can tell she's struggling but Kori is rubbing her back and I marvel as she slowly backs up and slowly pushes my back into her throat a little deeper this time. Finally I watch as her nose touches my stomach barely and she backs up quickly before gasping a little and smiling. "Good job," Kori says rubbing Rachael's back.

"It gets so tight I almost panicked when I couldn't breathe through my mouth," Rachael gasps. "Sadly now we have a problem," Kori tells Rachael getting a concerned look from here," You got him all hard and I think you need to really feel him cum." "Oh no I'm still sore from last night I don't think I could take that again," Rachael says a little panicked.

"Well then let him fuck your throat like he does Imelda and Katy," Kori says dropping the bomb on a wide eyed Rachael. Rachael moves back skinny amateur ebony girlfriend blows in bathroom sucking and blowjob and starts taking me in her mouth hard and fast hoping to get me off but the look I'm getting from Kori is telling me to hold out and do something with her. I'm not sure what or how to handle breaking in my innocent girl friend and while last night was a hard spur of the moment thing this is different.

Rachael is giving me her all when I just let my carnal side take over. "I'm done waiting, get ready," I tell Rachael taking the sides of her head in my hands. Rachael's eyes widen a little and I can feel her tense up a little when I pull her head and push my cock back into her throat.

It's warm and even tighter than before 3jp king sex story com I back only two inches out before pushing it back in deep. I don't know why I'm feeling more turned on now but I can tell Rachael is trying to remain calm as I feel panicked short breaths come out of her nose as I 'gently' fuck her face for the first time. I'm surprised when all of a sudden a moan comes up my cock from Rachael's mouth and almost sends me over the edge.

I look down and see Korinna's hand down the back of Rachael's panties and I'm guessing rubbing her worn out folds. The whole thing is hotter than it was for me a few minutes ago and I realize that I'm going faster than I thought into Rachael's mouth than I had intended, sadly for her I don't think of this as a bad thing since she's moaning and when she tightens up from what I can only feel is a orgasmic moan of her own I buck my hips hard and bury my cock as far down her throat as I can before shooting my load as a direct shot to her stomach.

I am cumming hard and I feel Rachael almost voluntarily start to swallow which just adds to my sensation as I let go of her head and lie back completely awake and spent. Rachael's mouth finally comes off of me and I'm flaccid in the cool air before both girls cover me up with the blanket and start to chat while getting dressed. "You took that so well, I could see you swallow him down and everything," Kori says, praising Rachael's efforts.

"I almost passed out but you rubbing me made me breathe and that was awesome," Rachael reveals getting a pat on the ass as they leave the bedroom.

I lie in bed for a while before finally getting some shorts on and a tank top and joining my girls in the RV. They're all chatting about different things and mercifully I'm not the subject of any conversation as I grab a piece of fruit and move up to the passenger seat and start to chat with Vinnie. "Hey man are you doing alright up here," I ask as I take the seat. "Yeah kid, just checked in with Marcus this morning, we're set to get into our motel stop late afternoon today and then when we get our rooms we're gonna go try to relax because it's not easy to drive you kids," Vinnie tells me smirking," I thought I would be dealing with some ridiculous kids just wanting to party and do dumb shit but you are all squared away with what you're doing." "Yeah we have too many adventures already we just want a vacation so we can relax and be with each other," I reply taking a bite of apple.

"Fair enough kid, besides you and your crew are doing us a solid by being the last piece of bitch work we get to be before we patch in for good," Vinnie says with a sigh.

"Sorry if we're a burden and all but you wanted this," I retort chuckling. "Yeah I do, but do me a favor, please try to keep the girls from running around in their underwear. I'm trying to drive here," Vinnie says jokingly. "Oh okay so nothing like this," I say before turning to the back of the RV," Hey Kori, babe?" Vinnie looks at me funny from the corner of his eye as Kori makes her way up and leans down over the seat to talk with me.

She's got on beige capri pants and a big t-shirt as I pull her around the seat and into my lap. I pull Kori's shirt up and she giggles as I stuff my head under it and start kissing the tops of her breasts. "Guy this is the front seat, you said only in the back," Kori says attempting to admonish me. I grip her ample ass with my hands and squeeze gently.

I can tell she likes it but the whole thing is still a funny moment and she's tapping my head to get my attention when I hear Vinnie chuckling.

I mumble something from in between her breasts and get a laugh out of both of them. "Okay, Guy stop you need to shave because that's not playful anymore," Kori says taking my head out of the shirt. I let her get up off my lap and watch as she heads to the back where the rest of my girls are laughing about my antics. I turn my attention back to Vinnie who is calming down from his laughing fit and calls me a dick before I get up and head back to shave at my girl's request.

Leaving Utah and getting into Colorado is a nice change and over the hours of drive we go from mountains and deserts to trees and more mountains. The scenery is a nice transition and it's a little after four local time when we finally roll into the outskirts of Denver and get into the motel that the drivers picked so they can rest and recuperate. I watch as they get all the rooms situated and we start figuring out who among us is getting a room.

It's Devin and Masha who are first up for a bed and considering they've been cooped up in the U-haul for days we all agree they get one and finally a two bed room is the second and last one that we get for Jun, Lilly, Hanna, Ben and Natsuko to share. Natsuko decides to stay in the RV alone and I figure I'll talk with her again when we've had time to stretch out and relax.

"Okay kid we're got a ride coming for us so until ten tomorrow morning you are all on your own," Marcus tells me as he and Vinnie head out. I nod and watch our drivers leave only to remember we have their numbers if we have an emergency.

I find out from the girls who spread out that we have ice machines and a pool that we can use till eight, I head into the office and talk the man inside into letting us use it for longer and he agrees after giving him a twenty and promising no drugs or a giant mess.

I let the rest of the crew know the change in details and get almost unanimous praise from around the board as everyone starts to get changed into swim suits. I get mine on and don a shirt as I follow five wonder asses of my girls clad in bathing suits as we head to the pool.

To go down the list, Korinna is sporting a cream colored one piece that does a wonderful job holding to her full figure. Mathilda in contrast to her personality has on a bold red two piece that looks more like boy cut shorts and a sports bra. Imelda and Katy are playing opposites much to my enjoyment with Katy rocking a two piece with a zip up top in black where as Imelda has on a one piece that you have to zip up to cover her chest in white.

Finally Rachael is in a pink two piece with a strapless top. I'm in love all over again as we head to the pool and the girls get wet while I sit in the shade and relax. The rest of the crew comes out save for Jun, Lilly and Natsuko.

Devin cannon balls into the pool and we all laugh as everyone just chills out and relaxes while swimming and playing around in the pool. We must be there an hour when I see Lilly in a blue one piece looking like she's having a not so happy word with Natsuko outside of the bus. I don't know what's going on but I'm more concerned since Natsuko has been so distant and head over to see what's going on.

As soon as I walk up I can see Lilly has Natsuko's binder and is sounding really fucking angry as she's talking fast in Japanese. "Okay I don't need a translator to know your pissed Lilly but you need to step back and explain to me what the hell is going on," I say stepping in between them.

"No it's okay Guy, we're okay," Natsuko says with more fear in her face his meat enters her butt and nails her very well when we talked at the rest stop. "No we're not. You need to read this Guy," Lilly says handing me the notebook," I think everyone does." "Lilly what's going on," Jun asks running up in his swim trunks from the room.

"I can't read this Lilly," I tell them handing back the book," It's written in Japanese I think." Jun takes the book and starts to read when I watch his eyes widen in shock before turning to his sister. I'm still out of the conversation since it's all in Japanese and I can tell while Lilly is mad Jun is more concerned and I think asking questions when Kori and Imelda come over to see where I went.

"What's going on Guy," Kori asks confused. "Basically the note is a confession," Jun says quietly," my sister was talking with Heather before we started the year last year and sending her pictures of you, Guy. It even talks about how she said that Heather's idea to come at Kori and the girls may have come from what she told Heather anonymously." My stomach sinks at the news, Natsuko betrayed us.

She got Kori hurt because she was talking to Heather behind all our backs. I'm at a loss for words and the rest of the group comes around at some point and I can hear them all going back and forth at each other. I'm almost separated from the whole situation and observing from the outside. Kori has her hand over her mouth in shock while Imelda is almost holding her up and staring a hole through Natsuko. Katy is being held back by Devin as she is yelling profanity at Natsuko.

Masha is making Lilly back off with outstretched hands and I'm watching Jun and Ben shout at each other while Hanna is trying to get Natsuko to speak. Rachael is the only person to see me in my state and shakes me out of it.

"Guy you need to do something," Rachael says to me panicked," Everyone is fighting." "Everyone stop talking," I say stepping into the middle. I listen as opposed to look as I hear everyone start to quiet down. I know what I want to do but sadly Ben decides to put his two cents in first. "I say we put her ass on a bus back home," Ben starts in. "She goes we go," Jun says getting a look from Lilly, not accusatory but angry and understanding. "Stay or go I can't believe you did that to us.

We're friends and you told Heather to come and hurt us," Katy spits as I see Natsuko cringing," I am gonna kick the shit out of you right here for starters." I move Devin out of the way and make eye contact with Katy, she's pissed but I watch her soften as I sienna west fucks a cock like a pro her to back down.

I look to Kori who is still shocked and to Imelda who nods and takes her inside the RV. "Nobody is doing anything to her," I say getting quiet from everyone in shock," You will leave her alone, all of you. Nobody will touch her, nobody will harm her, and nobody will get any sort of revenge of any kind." "Guy that is such bullshit," Ben says as I turn my attention to him. "Guy I get that she was a friend but she's betrayed us and Kori got hurt," Katy says making a valid point," We don't let people who hurt us go unpunished." "Maybe I didn't make myself clear.

Not anyone of you is to harm her in any way, you do that and I will personally make you regret ever seeing my face again," I say turning to Katy and Imelda," And if you think that means that it won't hurt me to leave anyone of you behind because of this I will." "Guy why are you defending her," Kori says quieting the group from the door of the RV.

"Because I gave my word that nothing would happen to Natsuko on this trip. No matter what I would not let anyone, not even the women I love, harm her in anyway," I say as Kori stares into my soul," I gave my word to all of you and I can't break this like I can't break your hearts. Please just trust me." "She hurt me. Nobody touches her," Kori says getting a look from everyone," If anyone deserves to hurt her for this it's me and I'm not going to lose him just because one of you did revenge on my behalf." "Okay everyone needs to step away right now and breath," Rachael says bringing the final calm to the storm of our lives," Devin and Masha can Natsuko stay with you two for a while till I come and get her?" "Yes we will keep her safe," Masha says calmly leading Natsuko away.

I watch everyone disperse and I follow Kori inside the RV, the rest of the girls get inside and I can feel their questions burning through me and I calmly head to the bedroom and change into jeans and a black t-shirt along with my coat and boots. I rejoin them and all my girls are still in their swim suits as I say my piece. "I gave my word to Natsuko's mother, I didn't understand the reason why she made me do it and I figured alexa grace pussy filled with hot cumshot after fucking be a nothing task.

Now I know better but I have to keep my word," I tell my girls quietly. "Okay but why do you have to keep your word when it's one of us short best xxx down lode was hurt," Katy asks confused," If you were manipulated then it doesn't matter and we should deal with this now." "Except it doesn't make sense, since everything ended Natsuko hasn't been acting like everything is fine," Kori says bringing focus to her," She's been scared of Guy and distant with all of us.

If she did what she did for gain then why the guilt, I want to know more first but not tonight." "Okay sis that's great and all but I'm stuck on Guy 'having' to keep his word," Katy says becoming upset again. She's the only other person in the room who is standing with me and I can tell she's too mad to understand. I know I'm going to have to break this down quickly; I back her up against schnuggie91 gummi gerissen cousin spritz wall and slam my hand against the wall next to her shocking the whole room.

"I break my word to her and that's where it starts, what promise have I made do I break next," I ask before backing off," I either keep my word on this or I might as well just cut ties with all of you.

Now you want me to start breaking things off Big boobas sex stories sexy story start right here and now." "No you won't," Rachael says pulling my attention to her," You get some space and think, then you come back and we work it out.

But you come back to us we'll be here." Rachael takes my hand and gives it a kiss before I head out from the RV and make my way down the road. It's still bright outside and I'm down the road alone.

Normally I'd listen to music or try to figure out how or why this happened but tonight I'm just dark and angry and I have nobody to blame but myself. Shit was going too good, I should have seen it but I was too blinded by the fucking moment that I missed Natsuko's demeanor for months. She was tired of hiding and so what she just writes a confession in Japanese for us when only her brother and Lilly can read it. It's not making sense as to why she would do anything like this to Kori or any of the girls.

I was good to her Upskirt voyeur 3 tube porn think, always respected her and gave her my time when she needed it. I've treated her almost like a girl friend but she's too much of a friend for that and we both know there are no feelings so I'm stuck back in the immortal question, why? An hour of walking and I'm passing through a more inner city than I'm used to but I keep my head down passing people and they mind their own business.

I must have a shadow about me that is keeping people from talking to me when the homeless guy doesn't even try to ask me for some cash. Yeah I'm that far down in the black that when I hear the unmistakable sounds of anger and fear coming from across the street.

My curiosity gets the better of me and if I can't cause violence I figure I can watch some. It's down a large alley, almost big enough horny british brunette dildo facialized on cam a car to get down save for the dumpsters. My entertainers are what looks like a small tanned guy in a light purple hoodie and grey sweat pants being threatened against a back wall by an angry Latino male in sagging jeans and a button up shirt.

I don't hide my approach from them but they seem to be more interested in their own conversation when I watch the Latino turn the smaller guy around and start fumbling with his pants. I went from curious to disgust in under four seconds. All I want is some violence but now I'm stuck with a gay porno.

Well if you want something done right you better do it yourself. I sprint up and grab the Latino by the collar and pull him backwards before bringing my shin in contact with the back of his knee hard. I watch as he hits the ground and starts to get up but I catch him flush with the bottom of my boot and I can feel the teeth loosen as I send him rolling against a dumpster.

I'm seeing red and where I would normally wait for him to defend himself but instead I bring my boot toe into his ribs. Over and over I kick him before dropping to my knees and holding his head by the hair at the top start slamming my fist into his cheek and eye repeatedly.

I don't tire out after raining countless shots to the head but I do take notice of my work with blood on my hands and a face that resembles hamburger. Nose is all sorts of sideways and I think I'm being asked to stop but it's coming out funny. I stand up and see movement out of the corner of my eye and turn to strike my new target, my reaction being better than most I stop my fist in mid flight and see that the little guy is more of a woman now that I can see her face.

She's about 5'7" and has dark brown skin almost Arab with very plain features and simple glasses. She's staring at me with a healthy amount of shock and my brain kicks back in with what to do about a bleeding person in an alley and blood on my hands, walk away. I get clear of the alley and notice that the world kept on spinning no matter the carnage that did or could have occurred in the alley.

I don't know what to do but I know exactly where to go, Kori. I want Kori and I want her right now more than I've wanted anything in a long time. Not saying I don't love and want all my girls but for some reason the only thing on my mind is Kori. I am walking faster than normal when I can tell I'm being followed and stop suddenly to see the young woman, still probably older than I am about three steps behind me.

"What," I ask quickly. "I wanted to thank you," She says a little scared and confused. "So you did now go home," I tell her turning back to my walk. "Hey are you okay," she asks trying to keep pace but ends up jogging a little.

"I feel like I just fucked Mila Kunis without a condom and she called me back," I tell her not breaking stride. "Well I mean I could do the real thing for you," she says causing me to stop and glare at her," I mean you did save me from an alley rape or something so I figure I owe you one." "And explain to me why, when I have blood on my hands and women waiting for me back at my place that I would want to fuck around with you," I ask backing her up against a wall," Really I don't have time for your crush on the knight in shining armor because I'm not." "Not a what," the woman asks me confused.

"Not some stupid… fuck it nevermind," I want to say knight but she's not following the conversation and I'm getting distracted from what I want right now. I keep walking and she keeps talking to me trying to gain some sort of information as to who I am and what I'm doing here. I don't really answer and she just keeps dumping information, apparently her name is Lana and she's down here for college and was jogging home when she got stopped by a guy and dragged into the alley.

I haven't even shown her the slightest interest and yet she keeps talking and while I'm planning on fucking Kori in front of god and the world this little twit is making a case for gagging her with my cock.

I'm not sure about stopping and just getting it over with but as soon as I see the RV I am hyped up for Kori in the worst way and as I get to the RV I yank the door open and rush inside to find nobody is 'home'. I left them all here and they're not here, I came back and they're not here. Fine I'll wait for them to get back is my thought and I sit down on the bed all decked out with my hood up and blood on my hands.

"So do you want to talk about where the 'girls' are," Lana asks following me inside and closing the door.

"Sit down and shut your fucking cock sucker," I tell her coldly," I will wait for my girls and you can either wait with me in silence or you can leave.

If you are serious about fucking me then you're going to have to wait because someone deserves it more than you right now." My words startle my new 'fan' and I watch as she quietly sits down at the booth and table facing the door and we sit quietly and wait. Mercifully I don't wait for more than what feels like a half an hour when I hear voices of my girls and as soon as the door opens the first thing that they see upon entering is Lana as she bolts up from her almost nap. "Who the fuck are you and what the fuck are you doing random girls flash their nice perky boobies for money flashing and reality here," Katy says being the first one in the RV.

"I came with him, I followed him here and he said he was waiting for his girls," Lana replies worriedly. "Came in with fucking who," Katy asks covering distance before looking up and seeing me on the bed. I watch as my girls pour into the RV but apparently there is something about me that has them at a loss for words.

I see they're still in their suits and Kori is in the middle of the pack when I lock onto her. I gesture for Katy and Matty in the front to move out of the way before standing up and calmly stalking my way up to Kori. She isn't afraid as much as concerned, I let her put her hands on my head like she's gonna try to read me before scooping her up off the floor of the RV and kissing her like it's been years apart. I'm on fire and she's making squealing noises for surprise as I adjust my arms to keep her up in the air and when she doesn't quite react to my full force kissing the way I was hoping, I lower her down and back up a bit.

"Too much," I ask coyly while smirking. "Guy what the fuck happened? Why do you have blood on your hands," Kori asks confused while leading me to the sink. "Oh it's because of Lana," I say nodding over to our guest," She gave me the gift of violence and followed me back here to have sex as my reward." My words get a mixed reaction from all my girls, Katy and Imelda are pissed about her wanting to have sex with me I think while Rachael and Mathilda are just concerned about me and violence.

I let Lana explain what happened from her point of view while Kori checks my hands and washes the blood off. She's taking her time listening and watching my reactions but the whole time Lana is talking all I'm thinking about is take Kori to bed and ride her till my hips break, or her hips, or the RV bed breaks.

She is trying not to look at me too much and after watching her wash between my fingers again for the third time I pin her to the counter with my arms on either side of her and stare straight into her steely grays. "I want my Kori," I say like a grumpy child. "Guy according to Lana you beat a man into a hospital bed almost two hours ago I think you need to calm down and…," I let her get that far before latching either of my hands on the sides of her head and force her to look right at me.

"I… Want… My… Kori… And… I… Want… Her… Now," I tell her firmly as she does her soul gazing. "Guy maybe you should calm down and recover for a minute," Rachael says quietly.

It's Kori this time who latches onto me hard and finally I am almost right where I want to be I get her ass on the counter and she wraps her arms and legs around me gamerwife masturbation and titplay compilation part gamercouple and gamercouple we kiss each other with more passion than we've had in the past six months.

Not saying there wasn't love but this is some much more right now as I lift her ass off the counter and carry her to the bed room. Once inside I kick the door closed and lie Kori down on the bed maintaining our kissing as I pull my coat off with some effort and press my entire body against her.

We're a mad ball of limbs just pawing at each other and finally Kori puts the brakes on and stops kissing me and get's my attention. "Stop for just a moment and strip down please," Kori says gasping for breath. I back off the bed and kick my boots off before pulling off my shirt, while I do this Kori sits up off the bed and pulls off her cream colored one piece freeing her breasts before lying back and pulling them off her ass.

I get my pants and underwear down before I see Kori crawl to the end of the bed and start to stroke my rigid member. I'd love for some foreplay another time but this is not that time, I stop her and crawl back up Kori's body backing her up the bed again and I feel her spread for me. No hands are needed as I hit the entrance to her velvety folds and with no resistance press my whole cock to the hilt inside her. Kori gasps at the rigidity of my intrusion and I start slowly pumping in and out of her warm folds.

It's hot and gripping me with firm intent as I savor the sensation, each thrust accentuated by a sharp shake at the end. Every time I finish a thrust Kori's body jumps a little and we lock lips again and I feel her start to buck against my steady thrusts.

I'm on fire and from the feel of her so is Kori as our bodies start filling the bedroom of the RV with a slapping noise every time we connect. Kori locks her legs around mine and I start to feel a bit of a rush but instead of letting it take me over and blessing out I push harder and faster.

"Oh Jesus Guy I'm almost there don't stop," Kori gasps as she stops moving against me. She's just taking it all now and waiting for her reward for finally listening to me and while I the hottest maid vanessa decker to give it to her I won't settle for anything less than her being in the same manic and happy/pissed off mood that I'm in and if that takes all night I'll have someone get me some Viagra and a few Monsters because I'm not going anywhere.

I prop my body up on my elbows and bring my legs up and 3x suny leon full story taking short fast thrusts into Kori's wanting pussy. Kori tries to bring her legs up to wrap them around me but I pull my arms back and lock my elbows under her knees almost pinning her thighs to her sides.

My fast strokes are hitting Kori deep and I'm enjoying her face as it contorts in a rush of pleasure when her eyes open suddenly along with her mouth in a silent scream. Her hands take my face and we kiss open mouth as she moans into me, her velvety folds shaking around my cock as I bury it deep and wait for the orgasm to subside.

I let her legs down and she starts to relax when I make my cock jump a little inside her and she gives me a startled look of disbelief.

"Are you serious, I thought you came," Kori asks still catching her breath. I grin mischievously and keeping myself inside her as I sit up and roll her onto her side. Just the rotation of her pussy around my cock is enough to make me thrust once inside her and I do getting a groan of approval.

I get her all the way on her right side with her left leg hiked up and her left leg under me, the position has her tighter than before. I see she's still reeling a little from the adjustment but I'm not wasting time as I push the rest of my cock back inside Kori. I watch her shudder and I start pumping long fast strokes in and out feeling pawg bbw ruby larose first time being exposed slickness of her first big orgasm.

It's almost like I'm on automatic as I grip Kori's ass with my hand for a grip and jam my whole length inside feeling my sack rest on her thigh, Kori groans in reaction and I see her smiling a little which spurs me to keep punctuating each thrust with a hard push at the last inch. We're sweating from the exertion but I don't feel tired and Kori's not complaining in the slightest as I take my hand off her ass and slap it once but grip it hard while grinding my cock inside her. I smack and grip Kori's ample ass again and watch as her hand takes mine and holds it there, I speed up going faster and watch as her large C cup breasts start shaking with my working of her pussy.

Kori is trying to pull me in deeper and I feel her get wetter than normal when music hits my ears from her mouth. "Oh fuck I'm cumming again, how are you doing this," Kori asks eyes wide in shock," don't stop for anything, I am gonna cum for you again baby." I'm rabbiting my cock in and out when Kori's left leg hooks my ass and holds me in place, her whole body shudders for about a minute and I see her shaking as she rides out her second major orgasm of the evening.

I stop and pull out finally feeling the sweat on my body as I enjoy the aftermath that I've put my first girlfriend in. She's still on her side breathing deeply and fast but it's slowing down as time ticks by and finally she looks up to me still perched on my knees near her ass. "That was amazing, I don't know what happened to you but I get what you're doing now and its okay baby. We're gonna be okay," Kori says before looking down and seeing my still erect penis," Oh no you cannot be serious?" I watch as gingerly she checks herself to see if I came and when she sees I haven't her eyes widen as does my grin.

I straighten Kori's leg softly and take a pillow and lay it down on the bed at about where her hips are. It takes me a moment but I get her on amanda cerny had sex storys stomach with her ass in the air slightly thanks to the pillow.

I put Kori's knees together and start lining up my cock head with her folds, each swipe past her lips gets me a groan of approval and sliding into her now is tighter than expected and I'm a little shocked she's not more accepting of me physically. I force my way in grunting and laying over her propped up on my elbows Kori turns her head towards me. "I came so hard my body is trying to hold on by clenching down, you sure you can continue lover," I hear her say as a wicked grin hits her face.

Finally she gets what is happening and I back up half way and slam back inside Kori's velvet furnace hard. Her ass is an ample cushion allowing me to pound and hard and fast filling the room with a slapping noise once more.

I'm working at break neck speed with my thrust and I can feel my orgasm screaming at me for release, Kori is grunting hard and encouraging me. "Fuck me baby, fuck me and cum like you want me to have your child.

Make me cum with your hot cock and fill me with your seed," Kori says almost purring. Never does she say anything like this to me during sex or love making and I start to feel the rush of my body and grind hard with short thrusts as I reach my apex. Kori's eyes are closed and her teeth are clenched but I'm the one making noise as a growl loudly as the first shot of my cum leaves my cock and coats my girlfriend's pussy.

It's hard and I'm still shooting as I can feel my eyes roll up in my head, I'm breathless and instead of rolling off Kori a softly collapse still shooting my last into her. Kori is whispering words of encouragement but I can't tell what they are as I'm exhausted on top of her back. Finally I hear something not expected from underneath me. "Help girls, we need some help in here," Kori says as loud as she can.

The door flies open with Matty and Imelda bursting into the room. I can't see what's going on due to my inability to move but Kori is more collected than I am right now. "I need him off of me, I can barely move and I don't want to and he's exhausted," Kori says as the girls start to help. I get moved off Kori and my next sensation is the cool air of the RV on my spent member. Instinctively I reach for Kori but Imelda stops me and gets me under a sheet before her and Matty move Kori over so I can hold onto her.

I hear the girls talking and Lana is confused as to what is going on but Rachael is handling it by the tone as I pass the fuck out with my body cuddled up to Kori.

I can tell it's early morning when I wake up sore and sticky, I must have been out and sweating because the girls are all in bed and sleeping as I get up. I figure a shower would be good since we can take a moment to refresh supplies before we leave the state.

I stagger out of the bedroom and into the small shower, it amazes me how the compacted the bathroom is as I get in and kick on the warm water. I am feeling refreshed as I stretch a little in the confined space, barely big enough for two standing, I know because Katy and Imelda tried to get cleaned up at the same time on day two and the fight was hilarious and didn't end in family violence.

I'm getting close to done and I can tell that I'm not alone but with my face in the water I start to feel small hands tentatively take hold of my cock like it's going to bite the person handling it. I take a moment to figure out who it is and quickly grab the culprit by the hair and pull her in the shower with me. "Ow that hurts, you're hurting me," Lana says as the water starts pouring over her.

"Who said you were allowed to touch that," I ask sounding angrier than I am. "I just thought that I could see it and touch it for a bit since you already had sex tonight," Lana says still holding me as I let go of her hair.

My eyes are clear as I see her body for the first time outside of her sweats. She's a tight little thing with breasts that are more of nubs and a clean shaven pussy. She works out a little and that makes her wiry but mostly she's got barely any curves to speak of but I do see enough. I take note of her as she still hasn't let go of me and with me half hard I make my cock twitch in her hand causing her to jump. "Oh shit how did you do that," Lana asks looking down at me in her hand.

"Seriously? When was the last time you had someone make you cum," I ask plainly. "Well it's been a while since I made myself cum," Lana says looking away," my ex broke it off when he found someone who had more to offer than me." "Yeah a piece of shit would do that and I'm guessing outside of porn you've never seen my size," I ask her getting harder as she starts unconsciously stroking me. "No I haven't and holy shit you're hard," Lana says looking down and then back up at me," Can you go again tonight?" "I can and I can be gentle if you want, I can just put the tip in so you'll feel like you're with your ex," I say with a little bit of sour humor.

"The tip would be good so I can adjust slowly," Lana says ignoring my bad humor. "Yeah and I'm gonna say no on that one. I'm going to put your skinny ass against this wall and then I'm gonna fuck your pussy has hard and as deep as I want.

When I'm done I'll finish wherever I want and you will be fucking grateful," I inform Lana in a stern tone. Lana starts to sidestep to get out of the shower but I stop her by using my arm to block her escape and take my free hand and start to rub her slit. The sensation of a new hand on her causes Lana to back up against the wall as I find her clit with my finger and apply a small amount of pressure. Lana's mouth opens and a low moan escapes her lips as I start to get her to wet herself up for what is gonna come next.

I put her against the corner of the shower and take my hand away from her slit; I bend down slightly and spread her legs before hiking them up with my arms so that she is spread eagle with my cock just rubbing her clit. The whole thing has her nervous and excited all at once and I'm aroused to see how tight she is when I try to adjust so that I can get inside her to only be met with some 'aiming' issues.

I stare at Lana for a moment and she finally figures out that she's gonna have to guide me and using a hand gets me to her hole before wrapping both arms around my neck.

I get the head of my cock inside and almost immediately Lana starts whimpering and biting her lip. I'm almost wishing I had some lube because while Lana is wet it's like trying to fuck a closed fist.

I get about an inch in and I can see her shaking her head frantically. I don't push further and I feel her try to get me out of her which I help with more than a little put off as she hits her feet and stands in front of me shaking her head. "Too much, that is gonna split me in half," Lana says embarrassed in the running water. "Yeah he will but it's a great fucking ride," Katy says startling the both of us.

I don't know how long my bad girl has been there in a barely fitting tank top and panties but the look on her face is an approving one as I watch her shut the water off and help Lana out.

Katy get's her sat down on the toilet and hands her a towel before turning to me and grinning wickedly. "First lesson chick," Katy says to Lana behind her," Never let your man waste a hard on." I watch Katy as she squats down in her tank top and panties taking me in her hand and leading me forward a little so that my cock is right in front of her face.

I get a grin upwards from Katy and a look of confusion from Lana as Katy wastes no time proving why she is such a bad girl by shoving my cock to the base into her mouth and down her throat. It never ceases to amaze me that she can do this often as she wants but when she backs up till just the head is in her mouth and slams the whole thing back in at break neck speed I'm grabbing the handle on the shower to help me keep balance as the rush of her mouth sends me into high gear.

I look at Lana who is rubbing her self quickly like she's trying to match the pace of my blowjob while pinching her nipple. Cumming now is going to be a lot easier than with Kori earlier because there I had a goal, now it's Katy with the goal and I can feel it my peak coming soon as I keep hitting her throat.

I hear the same whimpering from Lana again and see her start to shake a little at her orgasm, it's almost cute how timid she is but she wanted to stop and now Katy get's the win from me. "Katy get ready," I tell my bad girl bracing myself for my orgasm.

Instead of slowing down to take me she just starts slamming her mouth harder and tightens her mouth and lips to give me a suction effect that has the base of me ready to blow. As the first shot of my orgasms hits I groan and Katy quickly pulls her mouth off me and moves her head to the side.

She aims my cock and in the close quarters of the bathroom I watch my first shot hit Lana in the face, then the next few in her chest and stomach. The whole thing shocks the hell out of her and Katy has a wicked grin for me as she sucks the last bit out and hands me a towel to dry off. I into a pair of shorts and dressed we exit the bathroom when Katy grabs Lana by the hair and puts her face against the refrigerator forcefully but not painfully.

"You better understand something bitch. You ever touch him again like that and I swear I will…," Katy starts to say but get's cut off. "I'm sorry, I won't do it again I promise," Lana whimpers afraid of what comes next. "Bitch I will finish my sentence," Katy says slapping Lana's panty covered ass," You ever touch him like that again and I swear I will take the big strap on step mom son shear bed in hotel rrum keep and fuck you silly if you don't finish the job." Katy lets Lana go and while she's scared she's not running from Katy which is good because two women chasing each other through the motel parking lot in their underwear is either a good porno, horror movie or episode of cops depending on the context.

I start to feel weak and Katy notices it helping me back to bed, we get cuddled up and Katy pulls her new cuddle buddy in wrapping around her like a daisy marie bound and gagged mean animal would with its prey. I curl into Kori who responds to my touch by backing against me as I drift off to sleep again. I wake up to a moving vehicle and the smell of warm food which makes me start to get up when Kori who is sitting against the back wall of the room with pillows pats the spot next to her and I crawl my ass up to her and we sit together sharing her plate of food.

Imelda comes in to check and seeing me up lets the other girls know that I'm awake and I watch as they pile onto the bed sitting around waiting for someone to speak. "Okay before we begin what happened to Lana," I ask looking out the door way. "She left this morning and said that she'd text you later when she get's herself sorted out," Matty tells me plainly. "Yeah aside from the random girl you saved and brought back we need to talk about Natsuko," Imelda says bringing a heavy mood to the room," she's a friend and she's been there longer than a few girls here have but you hurt family and that means you go." "Okay girl I get that but here's my problem, we know she huge tits blonde coach tribs in gym fitnessrooms yogabanging something with Heather but we don't know what.

She's been talking to her but we don't know what she said or even if she gave Heather the idea to have me beaten or worse," Kori says taking my hand," I want to get us back to relaxing and having fun on this trip and that is what Guy did for me last night." "That and fuck you like a Terminator," Katy says getting a laugh from all of us. "He did do that too but why are we dana dearmond leah livingston june summers lesbian Kori asks plainly," We are here for us, this group of girls with our man.

It's our time to enjoy and think about what to do with ourselves next and have some fun while doing it." "Okay but what about Natsuko," Rachael asks bringing the topic back where I don't want it right now.

"Easy, we ride out the trip. Ignore her like we should and the second we're all back home take her to a field and kick the shit out of her," Katy says dropping her bombshell on the rest of us. "No you won't, Natsuko is mine," Rachael says getting an odd look from the girls," I want answers, when I thought Kyle was keeping things from me I wanted the truth and Guy gave it to me hard and brutal but I finally knew the truth.

We need that before anyone does anything to her. Isolate her from affection fine but let me talk her into telling us the full story and then if she's really done everything you think she has I will not say anything to what happens back home." The room is silent save for the sound of the road under the tires and our breathing.

Kori leans her head on my shoulder and I watch as Imelda quietly takes a moment to leave the room and bring me a plate of food for myself, girl made eggs and bacon which is good start to my morning.

I eat as all of us sit in the quiet when Katy starts to cry a little. I place my hand on her shoulder and Matty sitting next to her puts an arm around her.

"She's my friend, I just don't understand why she hid it from me," Katy chokes out her words. "Fear, Natsuko is our friend and a free spirit. We're tied to each other and that scares her," I tell Katy getting a solemn look from all my girls," You touch one of us and all of us will hunt you down.

She knows that's what we do. How scared is someone when they know exactly how bad it can get when they turn their backs on their friends?" I see Imelda nodding and we all take a moment to get into a massive hot lesbians shyla and taylor lick and fingers each others pussy masturbation pornstars pile before Kori kicks everyone out so that her and I can get dressed and join the rest of the world.

I catch up with Vinnie over the next few hours; apparently they hit a strip club and had a good time. I confess I've never been to one and he laughs at me. "Kid you have five women that I know about, you could run a strip club with those girls," Vinnie says still laughing. "Except they're mine, don't want people touching what's mine," I say chuckling back. I spend my time back with the girls rotating who gets a foot rub or shoulder rub as we ride down the road enjoying the new upbeat mood.

We hit the border into New Mexico and less than ten minutes in we see flashing lights and Vinnie calls me to the front. "Hey kid they're telling us to pull over, anything I should know about now," Vinnie asks concerned. "Nothing unless you brought it with you," I reply as he slows the RV down.

I don't know who it was that saw our caravan but apparently since Colorado is weed free state and New Mexico isn't their Highway patrol has four cars and two dogs going through our vehicles while we stand in the sun on the side of the road.

All of us are talking while our drivers are being asked a gauntlet of questions. The whole thing seems ridiculous as they run our ID's and the dogs proceed to rummage through our belongings. "Hey don't let that crotch sniffer eat my edible panties," Katy blurts out getting all of us to laugh.

Her comment even these damn hot girls get a real cock too a Patrolman to chuckle a little as the resume the search.

I feel eyes on me and find they're coming from Natsuko. She is staring at me like I'm going to do something horrible and I decide to approach her tapping Kori and Rachael to follow. The three of us aren't the most intimidating trio but right now Natsuko is the one behind the eight ball. "Guy I really need to let you know I didn't mean for&hellip.," Natsuko says before I cut her off with a gesture.

"I don't want to hear it; it's not time for you yet. When we decide to deal with what happened concerning you and Heather then will be your time to speak to me. Until then nobody but one person is to touch you and that's Rachael," I tell Natsuko getting a fearful look as Rachael puts an arm around her," I want you to think about this Natty, nobody will touch you till we settle this.

No hugs, no kiss, Hanna won't come for some quick fun, and Ben won't even try to get in your pants. You are alone with your deeds till Kori and I say otherwise." My words sound like a death sentence and I step away with Kori while Rachael starts to let Natsuko vent a little.

Sadly one of the Patrolmen see's Natsuko starting to cry and heads over to talk to her. I can barely hear him but he's trying to see if there is something wrong with our group and if she's okay.

He promises her that if she's in danger she can tell him and she'll be safe. I watch a officer pass her with a dog and immediately Natsuko goes into hysterical rambling in Japanese putting the officer between her and the dog. Jun and Lilly head over and Jun translates that Natsuko had a bad bite from a big dog when she was little and she's been horribly afraid of them since.

The whole thing is as stupid as a plan could be but the cop let's her move away from the dog and she composes herself and the officers wrap up their search and amazingly find nothing inside the vehicles.

As I head inside the RV I see Natsuko getting in and she waves at me a little before getting in the bus. Vinnie gets our vehicle down the road and we're all laughing about the stop by the cops.

I sit down next to him and can see he's still not laughing with us. "Hey man we didn't do anything wrong and we're clear," I tell Vinnie as he checks his mirrors. "Yeah kid well speak for yourself," Vinnie says focusing on the road. "Wait what did you do," I ask getting concerned. "The Old Man had a pick up for us back in Denver; we're sitting on about ten pounds of Jamaican prime export to deliver to the Union when we get you kids dropped off," Vinnie tells me noticing my growing anger.

"How the fuck did you sneak ten pounds of weed past the drug sniffing dogs," I say loud enough to get all the girl's attention. "In the shitter box, we haven't emptied it since before Denver and we'll be doing that after we drop you off," Vinnie tells me smugly," You're in the free and clear kid." "I'm calling the Old Man and getting this shit out of the vehicles before we get to my 'Mother's' house," I tell Vinnie bringing the number up on my phone," Anything else you wanna tell me like about a dead hooker taped to the bottom of the RV or a prostitute you left high in the room at the Motel?" I don't let Vinnie answer as I walk away and the phone kicks on, just one fucking thing after another.

It's Kori who takes me by the face after I get off the phone with the Old Man and has me rest my head in her lap to relax; tomorrow we arrive in Texas in the morning. I get to see the Old Man, Hector and Carlos, Abigail and Bethany, even Jackie and Detective Escalante. I remember Loretta aka Mom and Mr. Delauter; they are never going to see this coming. I'm bringing the horde with me and we're taking over. Part 4 Our evening was a tense one with me being pissed off about now being drug mules without our knowledge.

The girls keep me from doing anything now since we're gonna be in Texas in a matter of hours and after a good night's sleep. Problem is my phone goes off with a text message from Lana of all people, apparently she's wondering where I'll be staying and I tell her I don't know in a not very playful mood.

She asks that if I give her a little time if she could come down and reward me properly, I tell her that she doesn't have to but I give her the city I'm in and say that if she is in town I'll give her one night. I get a smiley face and show Katy who chuckles at the messages. We all settle down for bed and I hear whispering among my girls about what to do when we get to the house, Kori and Imelda are keeping things on the quiet side so that we can surprise everyone with the sheer awesomeness that is the Delauter estate.

We sleep and we wake up a lot later than I'd like and I start to formulate an idea with how to handle the drugs in the septic tanks that we're hauling as I see we're hitting the city limits and start the last leg of the journey. "Hey Vinnie, do me a favor man," I ask quietly as I get to the front of the RV," Could you bring us home first then take care of the vehicles?" "Yeah sure kid, we cool with yesterday and the whole not telling you thing," Vinnie asks as I start to head to the back of the RV.

I nod but I know better and I have back up from the girls as we cross town and take the through town routes as I send a text message to Loretta asking if she's home. The response is enthusiastic to say the least and now I'm seeing three of my girls with a little apprehension about meeting the parents part two.

Kori and Imelda do a wonderful job calming the other three down. It's about ten in the morning when finally we pull past the gate and I am watching Mathilda, Katy and Rachael's faces go from okay to holy shit as they see the estate.

I notice there are a few new additions but it's the assembled people on the front that have my attention. Loretta has the whole family out front and I can see she's sporting the doting mother look with a simple skirt and top. The vehicles get stopped and I step out first leaving my girls behind me. The rest of the crew hasn't even bothered to disembark as I approach and get a hug from 'Mom'. "Oh my god I didn't even believe that you'd come down on your own," Loretta says squeezing me tightly.

"I needed to, I had to get away and this is the best place to get away and feel at home," I tell her getting an appreciative smile. I wave my crew out of the vehicles and greetings go around as I see that my girls are still inside.

I almost get back inside when Kori and Imelda exit first and greet Loretta getting a hug each before Loretta looks confused. "I thought there were more, are they not coming," She asks concerned. "Well Mother Loretta we want you to brace yourself for our sisters," Kori says with a sweet smile. My remaining girls disembark and I hear a low whistle from behind us and see it's Mark admiring my girls, gonna have to break it to him gently later. Loretta is smiling happily and the introductions go around before I see Vinnie and Marcus start to get ready to leave when I catch them outside the vehicles.

"Oh don't worry guys, we're gonna take care of the rides," I say getting a shocked look from them both. "Its okay kid, we'll do the last bit ourselves," Marcus tells me trying to press the issue and get away with the stash. "Is there a problem here," Mr. Delauter asks standing next to me.

"No sir, the drivers were just grabbing their luggage and leaving. We can hold onto the vehicles for a bit longer if that's okay with you sir," I ask getting a blanched look from Vinnie and Marcus.

"Of course, you're making my wife happy so if this keeps things going I'll be more than happy to hold them as long as needed," Mr. Delauter says before stepping forward," That will be all gentlemen, on your way please my family and guests need to get unpacked." I know Vinnie and Marcus are pissed and I watch as they debate about taking the rides anyway but the long driveway capped off by a brick wall and metal gate have them reconsidering.

I let them go and keep my phone on standby for when I get a call as I head back into the RV to start grabbing bags. We leave the girls to start to look around while the men do most of the heavy work save for Masha who is right beside Devin as we start hauling bags inside. Loretta has already done the arrangements for sleeping and I get directed by Kori to a different room than the one I used last summer and I can see why as soon as I enter.

The bed is fucking huge, I could fit all the girls on it and myself and we could lose each other as we sleep. There is also a computer set up and at flat screen that could double as a picture window built onto the wall with a couch under it. I get our bags in and let the girls start unpacking in the full closet with built in drawers. I turn to see everyone getting settled in Ben and Hanna are getting rooms upstairs while Lilly and Jun along with Devin and Masha take rooms down stairs.

Built oriental threesome fuck scene japanese and hardcore get my own stuff unpacked and when I notice the quiet in the room I turn to see that all my girls save for Rachael are staring at Natsuko as she stands in the doorway. "Jun and Lilly want their own room and I can't find space with anyone else," Natsuko says with some fear. I'm grumpy about being put in this situation and honestly I am about to lose my cool when Imelda and Katy cut me off.

Natsuko looks like she's ready for whatever I can do to her but its Mathilda and Rachael who make the decision for us. "You sleep in here on the couch till Guy says otherwise," Mathilda says helping Natsuko with her luggage. "But Guy doesn't look like he wants me here," Natsuko says like I'm not there almost. "Guy does but with what's going on he's in pain, some of us are still in pain from what we heard but when your time comes I'll make sure everyone listens," Mathilda says sitting Natsuko down.

"We both will," Rachael adds sitting next to Natsuko on the couch. "Well what about me," Kori says moving in front of Natsuko," Guy's not the only one in pain here." "Kori it'll be fine," Rachael tells her calmly. "We've been friends since before Guy, I don't think that you'll do anything to us while we're all in the same room together," Kori says pausing to chose her words," But I will let you know that IF you try to come at me alone or I find you trying to corner Guy alone I will never for…" "Enough Kori," Matty says backing Kori off," She understands and she's had the chance to fuck with us and she hasn't so we need you to not do this right now." My girls in a confrontation with each other isn't a good thing for me right now and thankfully Kori steps back and Matty covers the distance to her and hugs her in a level of understanding.

I watch them hug before Kori turns back to the unpacking. With seven of us in one room the only problem with the unpacking is negotiating the area and while the girls are coordinated I'm not so I head out and down stairs to find Mark Jr.

talking on his cell phone in the den. I lean by the door and wait till he's off the line, sounds like a woman he's talking to, when I finally let him know I'm there. "Hey man, good to have you back. And thank god you brought all those women with you," Mark tells me a little too excited. "Really got eyes on anyone in particular," I ask jokingly. "Oh man I want to take that big titted fucking with sexual arse pinches pornstar hardcore Katy and fuck her against a wall and see if those things can hit me in the face," Mark tells me holding nothing back.

"Except she's one of my kitty carrera lets make our daughters happy I tell him with a smirk. "Really, well then I can hook up with that fucking tall girl. She looks like she could give me a work out," Mark says switching girls. "Again she's one of mine man," I tell him watching his face turn sour.

"Fuck man which ones aren't yours or your friends," Mark asks with his hope dying out. I think about it for a second, I could offer up something to the guy but really I'm not sure where I stand with Natsuko and Hanna doesn't need his 'I'll fuck anything with a slit' mentality to turn her straight back to being a lesbian.

"Well honestly the only one who doesn't have a boyfriend is Hanna," I tell Mark getting a smile before finishing," But she's not usually interested in men so I'm guessing you're gonna be out of luck with the girls I brought down man." Mark literally looks like I just ruined his summer but with the way he goes through women I figure that he'll get over it sooner than later. I let him mope for a minute before I get to the reason why I came down to see him.

"All the women issues aside I have a favor to ask," I tell him getting a puzzled look," I need to handle some not so friendly business soon and I could use a hand from someone who knows their way around a machine without asking a lot of questions." "Well I guess I can help but it still sucks that literally every piece of tail you bring in the house I can't touch," Mark says disappointed.

"Okay well what happened to Vicki? You two were going fine last I heard," I ask him as we head off to the kitchen. "Yeah we're on an off period for us, she's mad at me because I accidently broke our arrangement," Mark tells me as we look head into the kitchen. "What arrangement," I ask confused. "Well we have an open relationship and she told me that she'd be busy but would let me know when I could come around. I got drunk and went over to her place and saw her with another guy and flipped out and she isn't talking to me now," Mark explains," I was drunk that should give me the opportunity to at least apologize." "Well I don't know what to tell you man," I say a little sorry for the guy," I just don't have those problems." We sit down and I wait for my friends as they get done unpacking and we start to look around the grounds and house.

My girls note the bathrooms and pool where as the guys are checking out the space save for Jun who is still wondering if he can hook up his system to the house lines and not get in trouble.

My biggest problem is Imelda has a look on her face like something is wrong and I get that feeling she needs to tell me something. I get her pulled aside with Kori and can tell she's torn with what's going on. "It'll be okay girl just tell him, he'll understand," Kori tells Imelda. "I don't like asking for anything and this is a bit much," Imelda starts in but I cut her off.

"You don't ask, you tell me you need something and I make it happen," I tell her plainly," This is how we do things in this relationship. Now what are we doing?" "I wanna seductive blonde plays around with her muff masturbation and toys see mom, I've been sending her money and it's been so long now that I just miss her," Imelda tells me quietly," I know you just got in but could I head out in a couple hours?" "No fuck that and no," I say getting a shocked look from both girls as I turn to pussy of angel is banged pornstar hardcore rest of the crew," Devin help me get the bikes out of the truck, I gotta enjoyable legal age teenager sucking cock wildly something quick." "Guy what are you doing," Kori asks concerned.

"We are not waiting a couple hours so that Imelda can see her Mom, her and I can go right now and we'll be back after they catch up," I tell Kori," Can you get me my coat babe?" I watch as my first girl heads off for me and Imelda is following me a little shocked as Devin and I roll the bikes out. I do a quick check but Imelda still looks concerned. "My bike isn't ready to go, I've been repairing a part on the trip," She tells me still concerned. "Then for the first time in the history of ever you get to ride behind me for a change," I tell her getting a grumpy look.

"No, I'm your woman but on a bike you're my bitch," Imelda tells me finding her fire again. I give Kori a quick kiss and hop on my bike behind Imelda and she heads out like a bullet down the road. For me it's been a year but for her it must have felt like a lifetime being away from her whole family.

It's a bit of a drive considering it's almost the opposite side of town but with the way my Latina is driving I'm sure we made it in a new record for her. We arrive in front of her old home and see its a little worse for wear on the outside and there is her mother's old car in the driveway thankfully.

We head up the walk way and Imelda knocks on the door tentatively and I can hear someone calling in Spanish from inside when the door opens and I see Imelda's mother in what appears to be her work clothes but her face lights up when she sees Imelda.

I watch two of them hug and speak in Spanish to each other and I let them have their moment when the mother turns to me and finally addresses me. "What is wrong with you boy, you don't even say hello to me after I let my daughter come to live with you and your other girls," Mrs. Ortega says to me with her thick accent. "Hello Ma'am, it's nice to see you again," I reply smirking as she grabs me by my wrist and leads me inside.

"I see she isn't cooking for you or you wouldn't be so skinny," Mrs. Ortega says before leading her daughter into the kitchen and they continue their conversation.

I still speak no Spanish but I can tell Imelda is getting a bit of a lecture as her mother starts to pull food out of the fridge and starts cooking up some already prepared items and Imelda starts to help when her mother checks the clock and starts issuing more orders before grabbing her purse and addressing me.

"You eat what my daughter makes and I want my daughter to come see me at home tomorrow after my shifts," Mrs. Ortega tells me before heading out the door.

"Okay so apparently I have to make you food because mother said so," Imelda tells me taking her riding jacket off. I sit and casually watch as she starts to cook and I realize that I've never even seen her in a kitchen to do anything save for pick up or put away a plate.

She's got tight jeans and a white t sleeveless t shirt on that is showing off her figure very well. I see her start to panic about what to do as I move up behind her and take her hips in my hands. Imelda stops at my touch and I can feel her soften as she backs up against me. "I don't hear any of the other girls around and I think you still have a bedroom here," I tell her quietly in her ear.

"Mom will be mad at me if I don't feed you something," Imelda says trying to cook but barely. "And I can't eat after," I say reaching past her and shutting off the stove.

Imelda puts down her attempt at cooking and turns in my hands before wrapping her arms around me and giving me a soft kiss. I back her against the stove for a brief bit as we kiss when she breaks it and grabs the front of my jeans leading me to her old room. It's a lot different than I remember most everything is folded up like she was moved out and never coming back and I can see her freeze at the sight of it.

"It's packed up to keep it clean baby," I tell her as she sits on her barren bed," See everything is in the closet." "Mom didn't know if I'd come back," Imelda says to me with some sadness.

I can't bear to see her like this and I pull my coat off and drop it to the floor, she's a little emotional as I get on my knees on the floor in front of her and between her legs.

Imelda looks lost right now and I move in and kiss her again softly and tenderly. She wraps her arms around me and pulls me up off the floor and onto her as she leans back on the bed. We take our time slowly exploring each other's mouths and bodies like we're remembering the first night together almost a year ago.

Soft and tender turns to more emboldened touching and I break away from Imelda and start to peel off my clothes with assistance from Imelda before we strip her down till both of us are bare to each other. Imelda backs up the bed further and I crawl up after her.

Imelda spreads herself for me and gingerly starts to stroke my member with her hands helping me get harder. I kiss Imelda again with a little more eagerness and she replies in kind as our bodies press together. I don't need any guidance from Imelda as my head finds her slit and we gently press against each other. "Mmmm maybe this time Rachael won't barge in on us," Imelda jokes quietly. I smile and press myself inside her and we both lock up at the sensation of me invading Imelda's warm folds.

I take my time slowly pressing till my length is buried deep inside and I rest my hips against hers. Softly we grind against' each other kissing and exploring as we grind together finding a deep and steady rhythm.

It's a slow and tender thing but I back up a little pulling just a few inches from Imelda before sliding back in and feeling Imelda tense up as I get rooted again. I take slow and short thrusts in and out of her making sure to savory her body wrapped around me. I am savoring every single thrust and Imelda is responding to me with approving moans and I feel more anxious about the feeling burning its way through the base of my cock.

Imelda feels it as well and we grip each other tightly as my thrusting speeds up and my body feels more intense as we press harder against each other. I want to release so badly but love making is trickier than sex, you have to feel it out.

Imelda can feel my swelling inside her and to my surprise she stops moving herself all together and just lets me do the work. I feel her hands gripping my ass and our mouths locking together as I work myself in a more anxious pace when I feel Imelda's body, more specifically her pussy just relax around me. The whole thing catches me off guard and my body betrays me by making me cum hard into Imelda. The first shot goes off in her and suddenly she locks up around me holding me in, milking me for everything that I have.

I break our kiss and groan out my orgasm and Imelda kisses any part of my flesh she can find till I relax on and inside her spent. We lie there for what feels like hours but is probably minutes when Imelda starts kissing me again sweetly. I kiss her back and we separate our bodies and head to the bathroom to clean up.

Cleaning up isn't easy when we're both pawing at each other and kissing but I feel just as spent now as I did with Kori the night at the motel. We dress and head back to the kitchen where Imelda looks at her new problem, making me a meal because her mother told her to.

I'd like to say it was an easy fix for my Latina girlfriend but let's just say I know baking soda can put out a fire and once I started helping her things went a little smoother. It's nothing fancy mind you but it's spiciery than hell and while she's loving it I'm drinking more milk now than I would in a week just to survive. We get done and she locks up her old house before hopping back on my bike and cruising back to Loretta's home. We've only been gone for a few hours but when I get in Mark is ready to go and apparently Devin moved the tour bus and the RV around so that their access points are facing each other.

Imelda takes one side and Mark takes the other as they start taking the panels off and get into the more disgusting portions of the vehicles. The smell along is enough to make us gag and even with masks I watch Mark nearly puke on the drive. It takes us almost twenty minutes but we get all the bags out and Mark is staring at me with a level of shock on his face. "Dude you smuggled drugs down here," he says dumbfounded. "No our drivers did and we found out about it after we were almost here," I tell him as we bag it up," now we put these back and go about everything like nothing happened." "Except I know a couple guys from college who will pay for that man," Mark tells me as I look at him with some shock," Dude it's college if you don't know people who are getting drunk and high you are doing something wrong." I shake my head and take the bags into me and the girls' room before stashing it under the bed for safe keeping.

I'm almost out of the room when I notice Natsuko sitting up from the couch. She's hesitant to say anything and I have nothing to say yet. "Do you need me to step out," She asks quietly. "No but for all intents and purposes you should at least try to socialize with the locals," I tell her starting to leave.

"I want you to hurt me. Not because it'll make you break your word to my mom but because I just want to feel something," Natsuko says almost begging. I move in front of her and crouch down to her eye level. She's a little afraid but I can see she's accepting of what I could do next.

I have never wanted to hit a woman before and right now I still don't. I back up and sit sex xxx red tub comnigrhard the bed across from her.

"I remember a little Asian girl who came in my room one day when I was pissed off and talked me down before screaming in Japanese while we had sex," I say keeping my head downcast," I remember handing her a bat and letting her 'execute' someone who wanted my blood and she seemed to enjoy herself and even surprised me a little then.

You're close to me Natsuko, so I need you to understand why I can't talk to you about this now. I want to forgive you and I want to let the girls turn you into paste on the pavement and I want to put you against the wall and wrap you around ebony girl spreads pussy and ass for you masturbate homemade right now." "I'd like those too, except for the paste thing," Natty says trying to make a joke.

"When I'm ready to talk to you and I want your explanation I'll let you and all my girls know. Your brother doesn't get to be there because this is about you and us," I tell her getting a nod of acceptance. We head down stairs and I see all the crew talking with Loretta, Abigail and Bethany in the den and when I approach with Natsuko I get a look from Kori which I shake off and smile at her.

I figure out they are talking about relationships, particularly mine. "So really there are five of you and all of you just share," Bethany says getting a nod from Kori," I can't get one of my friends to share a phone and you share Guy." "Well you gotta understand it wasn't Guy's idea in the first place which is why it works so well. It came from a woman," Kori says nudging me as I sit next to her on the couch. "Well I can understand why you all like him. He's nice but not a push over and he just doesn't give up on anything," Abigail says getting looks from around the room," Hey he could have ruined Carlos and me but he didn't because he was being nice." "Why did we never hear this story," Mathilda says a little grumpy.

"You did, it's the one where he met me," Imelda says smiling big. Everyone has a good laugh at that and we mostly spend the hours stretching out from the road trip down and talking with the family. I find out that Carlos and Abigail are still going strong since the last time we chatted but Bethany broke off her relationship with Tyrell. Apparently when an athlete gets injured they turn into a major asshole to their cheerleader girlfriend and even though they could have worked it out Beth is over being his trophy girl.

I learn the Loretta has consolidated most of her charity work combining a few of the houses so that she has more of the same forms and less hassle when she takes care of the girls. I think about Jackie for a moment and want to ask what's going on when my phone goes off to a familiar number. I step away from the room and answer my phone.

"Hello you've reached Guy Donnelly," I say cheerfully into the phone. "You know who this is kid so cut the shit," I hear the Old Man over the line," Where is my delivery?" "Delivery, I didn't know about any delivery sir. You were helping me get down here on a road trip by supplying me with a few drivers. Did they not make it back to you," I ask innocently. "You know mmv films kelly trump is my anal school teacher well what delivery I'm talking about boy so don't play around with me," he says getting annoyed.

"Well here's the thing, I might have learned about how someone I trusted to help me did something to betray that trust. I also might have gone on my own and taken care of matters involving things that should have been brought to my attention and discussed with me before I was put into a position where I felt I needed to protect myself and those close to me," I tell him turning my tone from happy to a quiet rage. "Boy you better not have done anything stupid," the Old Man says almost warning me over the phone.

"What we've got here is a failure to communicate. So tomorrow here's what I'm gonna do. I'm going to finish out my first day down here and relax with my family and friends and tomorrow morning after breakfast I'm going out on a drive to see about an addition to my tattoo. Now if you want to talk to me like a person then I'll be more than happy to sit down and we can both complain about who wronged who, sound fun," I ask at the end.

"Peachy fucking keen. I'll be here tomorrow but you better show up and have a damn good explanation for this shit," the Old Man says hanging up.

I shut my phone off and turn to see some of my girls are watching me, they know I was not having a pleasant conversation but I wave them off like I'll be okay and smile as I head back in as we ride out the day with catching up and everyone gets to know everyone else. Dinner was nice and we had to eat outside because there was no room for everyone inside the dining room but we made it work and everyone headed off to relax when I get waved over by Bethany.

I follow her for a bit and make a mental note that denim shorts and a bikini top on a tanned blonde cheerleader are a very nice thing to watch as we get away from the crowd. I can tell she's got some 'permission' style questions and I lean up against one of the trees in the back yard and wait for her to find her courage.

"Okay so I've got some problems Bro and I need to run them by you first," Bethany says as I choke on her words. "Bro, I'm Bro now," I chuckle. "Well yeah, I mean you're back down here again and we're pretty much family," Beth explains.

"Okay but what about the times we were having sex and you let me finish in you," I ask making a joke. "That's part of the problem, I've got people asking me for some 'not so quiet' time and some of them I'm pretty sure are gonna get me in trouble with you," Beth says nervous. "Well first off who's asking and who are you interested in," I ask taking note of her reactions.

"Well there's that big guy Devin, I just think he'd be a great lay but his girlfriend scares me a bit so I was wondering if she's okay with it like your girls would be," She asks a little hopeful. "No Beth, Masha doesn't share and they are very in love," I tell her getting a small frown and shrug for my answer. "The other problem is I have two people wanting to get in my pants. One is your girl Katy with the big boobs.

She says she wants to hear me cheer while we have sex, I told her I like guys but she said that if you were there then I shouldn't say no," Beth says with a little curiosity.

"Remember the video from last summer, Katy wanted that. Sometimes that girl just likes to have really hard sex," I say enlightening her to Katy's nature. "Okay but how would she and I have sex, I mean with you there I can have you but what is she gonna do," Beth asks almost getting me to laugh. "I'll talk to her but if we can find a time I promise you that the two of us will make sure every itch gets scratched," I say getting a bit of a smirk from Beth.

"Okay and finally that guy Ben," She says and my face must show signs of disapproval," I'm guessing you're not okay with him or the little Asian girl? You seemed really tense with both of them and she seems scared." "What happened with her is not your concern first and second Ben is a bit of a problem. What did he tell you," I ask waiting to hear the new story. "Well he said that he was in a break up a before the trip and that he wants to settle things with her when they get back if possible but since he was free he thought that we could fool around," Beth tells me making my blood boil a little," I'm guessing that red head he was touching isn't his exgirlfriend." "No Hanna is just a friend in the group and she usually prefers girls but as for his girlfriend," I say leaving the ex out," she's my other sister.

From up in Washington." "So he's down here fooling around on her and making up stories," Beth says moving next to me against the tree," Now that just puts me off something fierce, and to think I wanted to try something new." "Yeah well my other sister, Elizabeth, knows and said to let him play and I was to let her know everything when it happened so she could do whatever she has planned," I tell Beth letting her in on the secret.

"Okay, I want to talk to her," Beth says holding her hand out for my phone. I hand it off to her and watch as she finds Liz's number; I follow the conversation a little bit as Beth paces and talks with Liz after an awkward introduction. I figure if Liz had come down here the two of them would be friendly considering they've got a lot in common but as Beth tells Liz about Ben's story.

I can tell that Liz isn't happy but she's not shouting. They continue to talk and for some reason exchange email addresses before saying goodbye and Beth hands me my phone back. "And do I even want to know what you two talked about," I ask curiously. "Well it's a girl thing but she understands and she said if I want to then do it but she had a few terms and I offered to get him into some more trouble and she said that it would make things easier when he got back home so since I'm a third party and a girl she was cool with me setting him up since you two are friends," Beth explains as we slowly walk back up to the house.

"So you are gonna go for it," I ask as we hit the door. "Not tonight, gonna let him wait a bit first," Beth says shaking her ass at me a little. I give her a playful slap and she jumps as we get inside. The sun goes down and everyone heads off to their rooms, I see Beth and Ben talking a little and while he pushes she points downstairs and says later.

No love for Benny boy tonight but the women have a plan and I figure I'll be hearing about it soon enough. I see the girls have the TV on and are in bed clothes and are sprawled out, I pass Natsuko on the couch and see she's awake but just laying on the couch alone. I motion to Matty to help me and we move the couch, with Natty on it, over to where she can see the TV.

I get a quiet thank you from her but I don't respond as I get stripped down and into bed. We all relax and chill out and I watch as one by one every other girl falls asleep until it's me and Katy still awake. I pull her over to me and put an arm around her as we continue to watch the some old action movie. "So your Step brother wants to fuck me," Katy says quietly resting her head on my chest. "I know he told me so today," I tell her continuing to watch.

"I think he wants to fuck all your girls," Katy says still looking at the TV. "Probably, he's having relationship problems with his girlfriend," I tell her as she rubs stop mom n son forced stomach with her fingers.

"Do you want me to do him a favor," Katy asks looking at me questioningly. "Not that favor, remember what I told you a long time ago," I try to remind her as she looks confused," Mine!" Katy smiles big and I get a happy girlfriend on my lap and Katy and I kiss her softly as I feel her shift around for a second and her bra come off.

I let her lean back and move my lips down from push her large and wonderful breasts up so that I can kiss and suck on them. Katy takes my hands off of her breasts and moves them to her ass using her own hands to hold up her breasts for me. I take a nipple in my mouth and suckle softly eliciting a groan of satisfaction from Katy.

I'm enjoying her grinding against me and I know she's feeling me get hard against her when she starts to calm down and pull her chest away from my face. I've never had Katy put the brakes on with me so quickly for no reason and I can see she's thinking about something deep. "Okay I'm getting that feeling that you want something now," I ask holding Katy in place on my lap.

"I'm thinking we should see other people," Katy says before smirking," together." "Okay so aside from the minor heart attack what do you propose," I ask recovering from her statement and getting back into boyfriend mode.

"I want to prove why you're THE male around here, I want to take a girl in here with you and I want us to fuck her silly. I want the other girls to watch and be amazed as we cause her to lose all bodily control," Katy tells me expectantly.

"Okay but I know that you are interested in Bethany," I tell Katy getting a surprised look," and she's not a girl on girl fan." "She's not yet and besides I'm thinking about you and me having some fun with her," Katy says sliding down my body. All the way down Katy is kissing down my body and when she gets to my underwear and pulls the waist band down with her teeth.

I get kisses around and on my hardening member and while I'm used to more this is still nice. Katy stands my cock up and starts taking me deep in her mouth and throat in long tight strokes.

Katy is the most adept at taking me down and only time I ever hear her make a noise is when we're being rough and she does it for mood and fun. I can feel her tighten her lips as she works me over with a slow and methodical purpose. I stretch out and start to relax as Katy is less taking her time with me and more making me feel every single stroke as she bobs her head up and down with me buried in mouth.

I get a little greedy and decide to watch my bad girl work milf toying her wet pussy and ass with this fake dick tube porn over and I move her hair for a better view. It's always a nice thing to watch a girl take you in her mouth but some movement not involving us catches my eye. It's Natsuko on the couch, she's all wrapped up in a ball under her blanket but we are staring right at each other and I can see she's got a few tears in her eyes as my gaze trails down and I can see a rhythmic movement coming from where I can only guess is her hand rubbing her pussy.

I am a little turned on by being watched but I'm still not pleased with what's been going on between her and the girls and me. I know I should say something before Kori finds out and gets pissed. "Baby I'm…," is as far as Katy lets me get as a hand covers my mouth. Katy looks up at me with her pretty green eyes and I can feel her humming as she speeds up. I'm groaning on the bed and I take Katy's hands in mine and feel her going all out. I'm hard and her mouth is wet as she keeps fucking me with her mouth more than giving me a blowjob.

I can feel my orgasm building and I look over to see Natsuko is still staring at me and covered but she's going at herself frantically. I really want to fuck her, not like I fuck Katy or the other girls. I want to fuck here and let her feel used, I'm feeling really dark imagining me pounding her out while she's begging me to be gentle as I hit my orgasm.

My body tenses and I groan as Katy keeps just the my head in her mouth and jerks me as I coat the inside of her mouth with cum. I'm making a bit of noise and see Natsuko go rigid in the corner of my eye. I'm breathing heavy and I see Natsuko roll away from the bed as Katy finishes taking the last little bit out of me. "Mmmm, baby that was really hot," Katy says after swallowing. "Yeah I usually don't get 'that' far into a blowjob," I tell her as she crawls up next to me.

"Well maybe we can show the girls why I'm the BJ champ in the group," Katy jokes as I turn the TV off. I cuddle up to Katy and sure enough she is off to sleep before I am. I almost want to just do it but there is a nagging in me that keeps me in bed.

Nothing seems right with the situation and I shouldn't be thinking about punishing her like that, exile maybe but not a hate fuck. These are my thoughts as I drift off to sleep. We left Washington on last Thursday and I wake up for the first time in Texas on Wednesday the next week feeling wide awake and ready for the day. I rouse the girls and we head down to find that breakfast is in buffet form and Loretta has decided to start us off for our first day big.

We get fed and I discover that I'm gonna be by myself as Loretta has some errands to run and wants to take the girls shopping. Devin and Masha are looking to head out and see the sites and Jun and Lilly decide to go with them. Bethany on the other hand decides she wants to head out on her own and Ben 'volunteers' to go with her. I shake my head at it when I realize that the only person to help me with my meeting is Natsuko until Rachael says she wants to bring her along.

We get everyone set up and I discover that the girls got cars last year and while Abigail is driving the smart Prius Bethany is rolling around in a Ford F-150. I watch as everyone heads out and I get goodbye kisses from the girls and head back inside to see Mark getting ready to head out himself.

"Hey man I'm gonna go hit the gym and try to figure out what I'm gonna do for the next couple days," Mark tells me as he heads out," If parents ask just say I have my cell if they need me." I almost want to stop him from leaving but it's too late as his Charger peels out of the driveway leaving me in a house all alone. I'm at a loss for what to do, I can't carry two large bags on my bike down there and talk to the Old Man and I can't just take a bus or cab either.

I'm scrambling when I remember I do have a couple solid friends down here and grabbing my phone shoot a text message off to Hector. He responds with a welcome back and asks how I'm doing, my response of I have troubles gets me a where are you and I tell him the house and he replies to stay put. I'm waiting for about an hour when the gate buzzer goes off and I see Hector's car come pulling up with a few trucks and almost twenty of his homies all over the place.

I almost want to laugh but the situation has me being thankful for last summer. Hector exits his vehicle and I see some familiar faces and some new ones as I get a handshake and hug from Hector. "Man it is good to see you back. Really glad you decided to come down again," Hector tells me breaking the hug. "Hector you are a mind reader man," I say looking at his crew," Carlos is with Abigail I take it?" "Yeah he still runs the show but people got a little bit more respect for me now," Hector says showing me the stabbing scar.

"Yeah it's funny how people try to kill you and when you come back others just fall in line," I joke. We both laugh and he has his boys relax for a minute when I tell him about the bags of drugs and we head up to see it with a skinny little fucker who I almost mistook for a chick by gianna foxxx is a pool hustling bitch face.

I let them see and the skinny guy lets out a low whistle. "Dude you are holding Union goods, that Old Man is gonna skin you alive. Patch or no you stole from them," he tells me as Hector dismisses him. "So what are we doing," Hector asks falling in line for me.

"I need to talk to him but just me and him so I'm gonna head to the tattoo parlor and do that but I need you to stay nearby and hold the bag as it were," I explain getting a nod," If everything is cool then we give it back and everyone goes about their lives. If not you get out and you take it to the police." "You want me to get you in trouble with the cops," Hector asks as we get outside with the bags. "Either the Old Man and I come to an understanding and things are cool or he guts me and I am dead," I explain," I just don't want him profiting off my death." Hector doesn't like the plan and I can tell but with him and almost twenty boys hanging around I figure the bags are safe enough.

I watch as both get loaded into Hector's car and got my coat and helmet on as I lead them assembly out and into town. It's a bit of a drive and I wave off Hector to break from the line with his boys and watch as he does before I cover the last couple blocks and park my bike in front of the tattoo shop.

I see Vinnie and Marcus out front waiting for xxx sex egilsh sex stories school kajal gilrs and both are not happy to see me. I have my hood up and tip it towards them as I step inside. It doesn't take me long to figure out everyone knows who I am as I'm staring at what looks like a slow day in the shop as is see nobody but Smitty and the Old Man.

I pull my hood back and as my eyes adjust I can see the Old Man sitting in his chair for a moment before standing up and heading towards me. "You really bothered to show up but I don't see what you were supposed to bring," the Old Man asks a little impatient.

"Yeah well after yesterday I figured we'd talk first and then if things were fine I'd have it brought to you," I explain calmly. "That shit isn't for you kid and this isn't a fucking game. Return what you took right fucking now," the Old Man growls. "No we talk and then I will decide what to do," I say looking to Smitty," Can we be alone please?" "Kid I'm not leaving you alone with my father after the shit you pulled," Smitty says with a bit more anger than I've seen in him.

"Boy head out, I'll be fine," the Old Man says heading back to his seat. I watch as Smitty nods to his Dad and bumps past me out the door. I let it get closed and head over to sit down in front of the Old Man when I hear a familiar clicking.

I slowly look and see he's got a fucking hand cannon of a piece casually gripped and aimed right at me. I put my hands up and see him smirk a little. "You wanted to talk so we talk but this is so you realize that I've got six little friends and they are a lot faster than you are," the Old Man says waving me to a chair," and put your damn hands down kid this is for my safety." I lower my hands and sit down slowly and the both of us are silent as the only thing I can seem to stare at is the large firearm pointed right at my chest.

It's really the only thing I can focus on as he starts talking. "Kid I like you, I trust you more than I should which is why we're talking but you are pissing me off by taking from me," the Old Man starts," Now I figure you have a counter argument for why you took MY things?" "You hid it from me, that's lying. You put my girls and my friends in danger, that's you being careless with MY people. I tattooed jenna foxx erotic fuck with a huge cock in the couch hardcore and erotica you a lot and when I asked you for a simple favor you hid a giant bulls eye on my back without me knowing.

What if I came in here and was carrying Vicki in my arms as she bled out on your floor. Or if I got Smitty busted because I decided to play fun and games and the police found an illegal fire arm on him," I say as I watch the barrel of the gun ancient gay rome slave market looking the Old Man in his eyes," That is the very real threat you put my girls and my friends lesbians fucking double dildo in fake taxi. You had Marcus and Vinnie hide it from me because you thought it was best.

So what would you have done if something happened to us?" "Shit kid I don't know, you're a paranoid little shit but fuck you have a point," he says as he lowers the barrel of the gun," It wasn't planned from the start it was an opportunity and I needed to take it, it's complicated but it's a peace offering for some friends and a little something for me." "I get that but we're both in the shit with each other from where I stand until something gives and we can agree," I say looking down at the gun and back up," Or you can shoot me and this gets a lot worse for everyone." "Yeah well worse is my three marriages, better is the Union so I wronged you and you get some petty revenge against me and that's supposed to make it even," Old Man asks plainly.

"No, you were wrong and I don't steal from people I respect. It's in holding but if you respect me then I need something from you. Not the Union or your family, just you," I tell him getting a raised eyebrow," And I need safety from what I did, I know that there are probably people who know outside of us here so I want no blowback since I'm giving everything back and clear." "Kid the only people who know in the Union are here now," He tells me laying all his cards out," Personally kid you're an odd negotiator, you could ask for a payment or a handout.

Hell you could ask to get patched in honorary and I'd go for it but a favor from me, not the union?" "Yep and sadly I have no clue what it will be but I swear that I can turn it all over and that's it," I say being as honest as I can. "Deal kid, worst you can do to me personally is knocking up my granddaughter and run," He says laughing. The noise of him laughing brings Smitty back in the shop and he's confused but his Dad explains what will happen and the two of us make arrangements to have things moved quietly.

It's another hour of waiting and hand off done elsewhere when I get a message from Hector saying it's cool and I tell him to head on home. The Old Man gets a message and breathes a sigh of relief before smiling at me. "So when am I going to meet all these girls you have running around you," he says as we finally breathe easy around each other.

"Soon actually, I need touch up work done and an addition and I know for a fact that more than one of my girls wants a matching tattoo," I explain leaning back in the chair. "I'll do those but it'll take time," Smitty says shifting his large tattooed frame against the counter.

"It'll be a treat boy, you keep earning that patch the more we deal with each other," the Old Man tells me," And I'll tell the boys that you talked to that cop friend of yours down here and knew something was up so you did us a solid and it'll be squared away." I nod and we chat idly as the business starts to pick up a little, Marcus and Vinnie get pulled aside and are given a good job for what they did and both give me a curious look before they head out on their way.

I'm just watching the work and bringing the Old Man up to speed on Johnny's farm in Washington when I hear someone very familiar. "I knew that was your bike outside," I hear come from the side door. I turn to see Vicki in all her glory, about 5'8" and lean but with some firm breasts held together by a tied up flannel shirt and her obvious black bra.

I watch her put her stuff down and that shows me the firm ass that I remember from last year in a denim short skirt and her long legs end in tall socks and boots. She comes over and passes me handing a cold drink to her Grandpa a before hopping on my lap. "What brings you back here," she asks putting an arm around my neck. "I was helping out your family and making an appointment for me and a few of my girls," I tell her as she rubs up against me. "Well do you need him Stunning petite cutie gets her pink slit and little anal hole shagged cause I want a bike ride," Vicki asks hopping off of me.

"We're done here girl," the Old Man says chuckling," Take care of my Granddaughter out there." "I would but I really can't," I say in a serious tone before standing," It's too messy and personally I'm not getting into your dirty laundry." I pull my hood up and say bye to Smitty as I head out to my bike. I can barely get my helmet on when I hear the door to the shop slam shut and boots come stomping towards me.

"Explain to me why the fuck I can't go on a fucking bike ride with you for fun," Vicki almost yells at me. "Because you need to get your shit in order and I'm not going to get knee deep in problems I don't have to," I almost growl at her voluptuous milf marie black needs sexual relief chubby mature chubby milf my helmet off.

"What the fuck do you mean get my shit in order," Vicki asks still being louder than I care for. "How about Mark walking around like a wounded puppy because he made one mistake and you decided to punish him for it," I say getting in her face," Or maybe the fact that I have all my girls down here and maybe I don't need to be fucking around with you just because you want to.

Contrary to how Mark feels the world does not revolve around you." "Don't fucking tell me about what's going on in my relationship with him okay? We had a rule and he broke it right before breaking down my door and throwing a guy off my balcony," Vicki says explaining the incident. "Wow, you get fucked and he's drunk and you're pissed because he forgot and got jealous," I say mocking her anger," You don't give him the chance to apologize or even work shit out, just a fuck you and get away from me.

How long ago did this wonderful event happen?" "Three weeks ago and what the fuck does all of this have to do with me and you on a fucking motorcycle," Vicki finally asks lowering her voice. "Because with you Vicki it's never just one thing. First you want a ride, then you want to come over, then you want to have sex.

You don't quit trying until you get your way and I'm not doing that at Mark's expense," I tell her before attempting to put my helmet on. "Okay fine I get it but can I just go for a ride with you for a little while and we talk somewhere private then? I swear no bullshit from me," Vicki says keeping me from putting on my helmet. This is bad fucking news and I know it, Vicki is hot and fuckable in the ways you want a lightly tattooed girl to be but she's still making Mark's life miserable with what she's doing to him.

I've got a pair of expectant brown eyes locked onto me and I know she's planning something but either I figure out what it is and turn it or she keeps making Mark miserable. I pull my helmet out of her hands and get it on before hopping on my bike and starting it up.

She's confused until I look at her and nod, she doesn't smile like she won anything special. She gets her own helmet on and I head off. I'm not going anywhere in particular and I figure about an hour worth of riding is enough as I pull into a gas station and park the bike in a stall and wait as Vicki hops off and I kill the engine.

We both pull our helmets off and she's a little apprehensive about what she wants to say to me since her adrenaline has come down. "Can you understand why I'm pissed at Mark," She finally asks. "Honestly I'm more wondering why you didn't like the fact that when he saw you with another man he busted down the door and threw the guy off a what, two story balcony," I say with a little bit of questioning in my voice.

She nods and we sit in silence again as she contemplates what to do next. I know she's gonna ask for something and I'm ready with a 'No' on my lips.

"Can you take me to my place please," Vicki asks putting her helmet back on. I get the bike started and helmet on before heading out and down the road again. Vicki gives me directions on where to turn by tapping my shoulder with her helmet when I need to turn and I know I got turned around once when we finally pull up to a white stone building with only two floors of open apartments. It's not cheap but Vicki isn't rolling deep in it as I park the bike and let her off.

I can almost see her wheels turning as the helmet comes off. "Can you come inside for a minute so we can talk more," Vicki asks trying to hide and obvious plot from me. "I said we are not doing this," I tell her annoyed.

"You can come inside now and we can figure this out or I can just come over to the house and break things off with Mark tonight," Vicki says trying to pressure me. "Maybe that would be best for him," I say getting a shocked look," You're not interested in him by your actions and you don't care about him like he does you so I'll do you a solid.

I'll go find him and I'll let him know that after you tried to fuck me that you don't want him to come around ever again and you two can get on with your lives." I pissed her off with that and I can see there is something in her that might actually have real feelings for Mark but the bullshit cloud is still in effect. I watch her move over to her steps and sit down, I'm being baited but Bratty sis step sister makes deal to fuck hard and swallow need to see where this goes to try to figure out a plan for Mark.

Although I should just tell him to man up and tell her to fuck off. I step over and take my hood off waiting for her to say her next piece. "I just want you to come inside and we can talk about this," Vicki asks standing up," I promise if you don't showing her big tits in the library watch part on suzcamcom what I have to say I won't try to stop you from leaving or do anything stupid." I shrug and follow her ass up the stairs to the second floor, we get inside her apartment and I can see that it's cleaner than I thought it would be with some nice furniture and hand drawn and painted wall art.

"Nice place, whose work is that," I ask pointing to the pieces. "Mine, Daddy does tattoos and I draw them for him," Vicki says pointing out a painting," that one was the only one my Dad had done that he didn't come up with himself because I drew it." "Well it's nice but I'm here and you want to talk so either we get to the discussion or I'm out," I say not taking a seat.

"Okay well yes I'm pissed about the rule breaking but I used to have guys in a bar who would try to pick me up and now they're afraid because one guy got thrown out of a window and while he's been hooking up with women I haven't had a single bit of attention and it's been going on weeks now," Vicki says embarrassed," I am really needing some and that's where you come in." "And here we go with you wanting me to fuck you again," I say exasperated," Can we please not do this for Mark's sake?" "No that's exactly why you can do this.

One time today, you have sex with me like I was one of your girls. Don't fuck me or slap me around in some kinky rage. I mean sex like you were trying to get invited back for a second time," Vicki says laying out her master plan," You do that and I will go back to Mark today, I will apologize and I promise you that I will let you mediate any fight we have incase I'm not being fair to him." "Ya know what, no," I tell her getting a shocked look.

"Please okay I don't want to be the girl who comes crawling back and tries to get her boyfriend to take her back by having sex with him," Vicki pleads. "Maybe you should, he is hurting and you want to fuck me before you go back to him," I say with the subtlety of throwing a brick in a duck pond.

"No I want to have sex with someone and I can't seem to get any now that he screwed that up for me so you're my only option. Just once, simple basic sex and you treat me like one of your girls for the time. After that I will apologize because I didn't think he was hurting and I will make things right," Vicki pleads once more. I hold my hand up and take out my phone, Vicki is confused and I step out the door and motion for her to wait there while I make my call.

I figure she'll be trying to listen in so I head back to my bike and wait for my call to pick up. "Hey Guy how did everything go with your friends," Matty asks picking up the line. "Baby it went great and we're all clear but I have a new problem," I tell her before starting my story. I explain it all leaving no details out about what I learned between Vicki and Mark.

Matty is a great listener and doesn't interrupt me as I get to the heart of the matter which is 'saving' Mark's relationship. I tell her the deal and I can almost hear her thinking when she decides to come back on the line. "I'll let the girls know what's up and I am saying do it," my Amazon says shocking me a little. "Are you sure honey," I ask confused. "Mark hit on me yesterday while you were talking with Bethany, he was being sweet and lonely but when turned him down he didn't press and that doesn't seem like him from what Imelda and Kori have told me.

Now if he's hung up on her and she's just doesn't want to look weak then that's fine and after that you need to clear anything with her through us because she's tricky," Matty says explaining her point," And I want something special for me since you're doing this." "Okay honey I will give you whatever you want just name it," I reply curious about her wanting something.

"No I'll tell you when I want it and you'll do what I say because I said so okay," Matty says more than asks. "Alright Tantalizing sex with hot oriental adorable chick feel kinda used taking one for the team but I'll get it sorted and see you girls back at home," I tell her as we end the conversation.

I head back up the stairs and see the door is still closed but a turn of the handle gets it open and I can see Vicki is pacing when I enter. She stops and looks to me expectantly. I put my phone away and it takes me a moment to get my head around Matty's order. "First off I have to wrap my head around the fact that you want me to treat you like you're one of my girls and my girls wouldn't do this to me or jerk me around like that but I'm gonna figure out how.

Now when you mean like a one of my girls you need to clarify what you think that is because what I do with them can change by the hour," I explain taking my coat off. "Okay well I want you to kiss me, I don't want to be fucked or have really rough sex I want something nice but I want to feel it, a LOT," Vicki tells me losing a little control over her excitement.

I am spinning a bit as Vicki takes my hand and leads me to her bedroom; it's nice and has a full queen sized bed. I drop my coat off and pull my shirt over my head as Vicki waits patiently for me to make the first move. She wants a freaking seduction and everything, I pull her against me softly but with purpose and I watch she closes her eyes expectantly. I kiss her gently at first letting her adjust as she presses herself against me; I lift her up to my mouth a little by grabbing her ass and pulling up gently.

My soft kisses change into a small mouth war as our tongues battle and our bodies grind against each other. We're going good and I'm just focusing on making sure to give Vicki everything she's going to be paying for. I back her up to the bed and lay her down slowly still keeping our lips locked onto each other.

I get her all the way down and go from kissing her lips to her jaw and slowly working my way down Vicki's lightly toned and very tanned body.

I get her tied up flannel open and as soon as that's done I watch as Vicki undoes the clasp for it in the front exposing her very firm breasts to me. I take my time kissing around the sides and trail my tongue around her nipples before gently sucking on one then switching to the other. She is moaning at my touch and I like the receptiveness but I wish it were different circumstances as I nibble her nipple a little getting a yelp of surprise.

I stop and back Vicki up the bed to the top before restarting my journey down her body kissing a trail as I go. I finally get to her denim skirt and while the whole way down she smelled and tasted a little salty from sweating it's a much sweeter smell as I pull her skirt up and see a pair of black panties covering her tight mound.

I pull them to the side gently and can see a tattoo just below the top of her panty line and above her slit that says 'Rub for Service'. I would laugh normally but now I'm just trying to get through this as I push my face against her slit, slowly licking her clit and folds eliciting a moan for my efforts. The only times Vicki and I had sex were last year and they weren't about me making her feel more than I wanted to give her but now I'm face deep in her wet folds taking my time licking a path up and down her slit.

I grab her ass and pull it to the edge of the bed so I can rest on my knees and continue to work. I'm working over Vicki's box and clit as much as possible trying to see if I can get her off quickly enough or hard enough to plan a quick exit when I imagine something I didn't think I could, Katy coaching me. "She wanted the girlfriend treatment then you fucking give that shit to her! We love it when we see bitches who can't live without you have to fucking stare because you are our fucking sex god," Katy is screaming at me in my head as encouragement," Now be a fucking sex god and make this bitch cum and when you are done we will want details." My internal pep talk has me gripping Vicki's hips tightly with my hands and furiously start to suck her clit.

My vigor is having an effect and I can feel her start to tense up and she's panting hard as I refuse to let her relax after what I believe was a small orgasm. I can feel her getting wet on my chin and I'm damn near to the point of using my teeth to help me hold on as Vicki's hands grab my own and I hear her talking to either me or herself. "Oh fuck me I'm cumming, I haven't cum this hard in months…,' is about all she says before repeating the word fuck more than most.

I am in a vice of Vicki's legs as her big orgasms hits and stop sucking her clit and take to licking her as she recovers.

I finally look at her and see she's slowing her breathing down but has a smile on her face that reads satisfaction and not manipulation. I stand up and she can see that I'm not making a break for it after her first orgasm which causes her to hop off her bed and finish stripping out of her clothes.

I let her get naked and she looks at me curiously as I only kick off my boots and wait in my jeans. "Well my girlfriends usually aren't so damn shy when we're having sex," I tell her coyly.

I get a big grin and Vicki could have set a record for getting my belt undone and my pants off before she sees the bulge in my black boxer briefs. She looks me right in my eyes as she pulls my underwear off of me and turns me to the bed before having me sit down. I'm half hard and the whole time she is just staring at me as I let her spread my legs and watch her move in between them before using her hand to gently take hold of my cock.

Only time Vicki gave me a blow job I was pissed and it was a face fucking that would have made Katy cream her pants but now I'm patient as Vicki slowly licks the head of my cock and gently trails her tongue down my shaft. I feel her other hand start to massage my balls and I am starting to enjoy myself as I feel my cock harden as she works me over.

I don't get the blow job I was expecting as Vicki is mostly using her hand to jerk me hard but she's more enthusiastic about what we're doing and I smile at her which super hot blonde mom in lingerie bangs me a big grin back and finally she stops working me up and moves over me forcing me to lean back as she kisses me with an impassioned purpose.

We slowly crawl up her bed kissing the entire way with me underneath her till I get to pillows and feel as Vicki moves her hips to where she's straddling me. I'm actually curious what this will be like and Vicki can feel how 'eager' I am as she takes me in her hand and starts and starts rubbing me against her slit.

As wet as she was when I was eating her just her rubbing my cock head has me lubed up and ready for the main event. Vicki starts to press herself down onto me but I stop her and get a questioning look.

I pull her hand off my member and pull her face down to mine kissing her deeply, the sensation of which causes her to relax and I feel my cock head press into her tight hole.

We both tense up at the new sensation and we go from kissing to mouth warfare minus tongue as Vicki gets me all the way inside her. I feel her body press down against mine and we wrap our arms around each other as we grind together hard.

I break our kiss and Vicki gasps for air as I start to kiss her jaw and neck, she gives us a little separation and keep my hips still as she goes from grinding to moving half of my eight inches in and out of her tight pussy.

I can feel her move her hips in a circle as she fucks me with long slow strokes up and down the lower half of my cock. It's a first rate job she's doing and I'm trying not to disappoint her for at the very least now Mark's sake and marocaine avec arabe du moyen orient maroc of my reputation. I feel a distance between our bodies but Vicki is still working me as I open my eyes and see her bouncing on me while holding young boy makes love to horny milf breasts in her hands.

"Oh Christ this is so good," Vicki says gasping. I grip her hips with my hands and let her ride me out as she seems to be enjoying herself, can't say I'm not but I am starting to feel bored of having her do all the work.

I let her push down against me before holding her hips in place and letting her feel my whole girth inside her. I watch as she bites her lip and moans but I'm not letting her move and when she opens her eyes I pull her down over me again and give her a light kiss before putting her arms behind her back and holding her up off me.

Vicki starts to object to the being held until I back my cock all the way till only the head is inside her and slam it back inside. I grunt at the sensation and Vicki groans as I repeat the process making long hard thrusts in her wet hole.

I'm starting to feel like she could cum again as she starts to clamp down on my member as it repeatedly invades her wet hole. I feel her feet lock around my legs in a weird grapevine and it spurs me into moving faster as I'm fucking her from below. Vicki's mouth is open in a wordless scream and I can feel her want me to let go of her arms but I hold out for a bit longer till her eyes open and we start slamming our hips together in a good hard fucking.

I'm almost on auto pilot and I take the time to appreciate the little things. The tattoo of a paint brush behind her left ear, the subtle blue highlight in her hair, the flowery skull tattoo on her right bicep. I'm noticing all the little things when she snaps me back to reality with loud groaning.

"Baby I'm gonna cum again, you're making me cum with your big cock," Vicki tells me loud enough to be heard in the whole apartment. "Then cum for me, you're my girlfriend right now and I wanna hear you appreciate the good sex you're getting," I tell her smiling. I start to kiss Vicki's neck and I hold her hair tightly as she groans against me cumming hard for her second time. I feel her body contract against and around me and I slow us down to help her ride out the rush of feeling in her body.

She kisses me again softly and with a warmth that I'm used to from my girls, it's still a little odd feeling but I accept it and when I start to move Vicki pulls herself off of me and I move her into the spot I was in on her back and spread her legs wide before lining my ready cock up and pushing back inside her deep. We both groan at the reconnection of our hips and I prop myself up with my hands next to her waist as I take to her again with long hard strokes.

I'm feeling every single thrust and Vicki is as well by her contorted face that screams pleasured to me. I can feel Vicki bucking against me and it's helping me along as I feel Vicki start to squeeze down on me in an attempt to get everything she asked for. I figure out one last thing to get her going before I finish and stop my movement altogether causing her to check me to see if something is wrong.

"Guy what happened," she asks concerned at the stopping. "I wanna cum in you," I almost beg her but not really in my head," Can I cum in you Vicki?" "Please give it to me, I wanna feel you cum in me," Vicki tells me as we resume our movements.

I'm almost there and I move my arms up under Vicki's shoulder and she wraps her legs around mine as I start to thrust in and out at a pace that is only good for finishing hard. I can feel it over take me and I arch my back allowing Vicki to kiss and lick my neck. I hit that spot and I can feel my cum filling up Vicki's warm pussy. In my bliss I can feel her clamp down and her hand moves my head so that she can kiss me one last time before the end.

We continue to grind and I feel every little movement as she milks me with her now worn out pussy before I pull back for a breath and out of her. I only get a moment of separation as she pulls me back down and gives me several appreciative kisses on my face and neck.

I don't know how long I was lying over her but I roll off and stare at the ceiling for a few moments and process what just happened. I feel a little used still but I go back to my girls and they will make me feel better emotionally and probably give me a little reminder why the love me so much.

My cock twitches at the thought and I hear a quiet gasp before looking at a shocked Vicki. "Are you getting hard again," she asks almost concerned. "No, it's just the aftershocks," I tell her keeping my thoughts to myself," So was that everything you were hoping for." "Other than Mark you are the only man I let cum in me without a condom. It's really a thing I only like on special occasions," Vicki tells me getting up and cleaning herself.

"So I'm a special occasion," I ask getting off the bed gingerly and starting to get dressed. I get back in my clothes and get my coat on as Vicki comes out of her bathroom in a robe.

I can see she's still got that 'girlfriend' mentality rolling around in her head but all I get is a quick kiss on the cheek which I'll take gladly. She walks me to the door and I open in almost running into my new problem, Mark. I don't know how long he's been here but I can see that my being here has told him more of the story than I'd want him to know. I can' t understand how or why he'd show up out of the blue like this then it hits me, I was on the phone and so was Vicki apparently.

I'm waiting to get punched, I won't defend myself if he does I figure he deserves it and I can see his body register the shock of it all when I see something I never expected, fear and sadness. "I'm sorry Vicki, I fucked up again and with Guy over too," Mark says almost choking out the words," I'll leave you alone." "Oh god Mark don't leave its okay baby," Vicki calls to him as he heads down the stairs. I'm pissed off would be the metric ton of understatements and I guess the look on my face says it as I look at Vicki and watch her back away from me.

I've got her afraid and Mark almost in tears as I address her first. "Put some fucking clothes on, sit on your fucking couch and do not fucking move," I growl before bounding down the stairs.

Finding Mark in the late afternoon is pretty easy, big white guy in a sleeveless t-shirt with a gloom could over head. I catch up brandy charlotte blue cums over and over on a inch dildo him and finally cut him off when he doesn't address me. He's like a big hurt puppy and while a girl would find it cute I'm fucking done with moping Mark.

"Turn your big ass around and get back in her apartment now," I order him getting a defeated look. "I fucked up again man, I get that you can have a good time with her and that's okay but I came over too soon man," Mark tells me quietly. "Either get back in the apartment or I call Matty," I tell him getting a puzzled look," I will have her come down here and explain to her what you don't want to listen to and when she hears all of it you will find out that she's descended from the ancient Viking village of Slap-a-ho on the peninsula of Cunt-punt in the sea of Choke-a-bitch." I can hear the other people in the alley Mark was walking down chuckle and the thought of Vicki getting her ass kicked at my request has him thinking which is a start.

After a moment he turns and I follow him back up to Vicki's door and open it for him, guiding him inside. "Oh my god Guy I'm so sor&hellip." Is all I let her get out of her mouth as she hops up off the couch.

"Plant your ass on the couch now," I order Vicki who is in the same thing she wore before our sex. I get Mark sat down on one end of the couch and Vicki is at the other when she decides to start talking again. "Guy listen I'm really sorry I didn't&hellip." Vicki starts again before I have to cut her off a second time.

"I said 'plant', plants don't talk they just sit there," I tell her with more venom than I've had it a while," Now this is how this will operate, I will ask questions, you two will answer them. If I haven't asked you a question you will keep your mouth shut. Do you both understand me?" "Yes," I get from both of them.

"Wonderful you two can follow simple instructions. Now Mark, Why did you come down here man," I ask calmly. "Vicki sent me a text," Mark tells me pulling out his phone and reading," Listen we need to talk, things have been really shitty and I want to see you but not immediately. Come by at four so we can talk." I check my clock and see that it's almost five and just shake my head at Vicki before turning my attention to her.

skinny schoolgirl rides a long meat pole tell him four if you KNEW I was still going to be here," I ask her. "I just got the times wrong, I planned to talk to him and I sent it before you agreed to anything," Vicki says but I can see she's holding back. "And what else, I know you did more so tell me now or I am going to make what Mark did look like a fucking lesson in modern home redecoration," I growl at her.

"I just wanted him to know that I was still getting some to see if he'd get pissed and break the rule again," Vicki finally admits. "So you manipulated him to come here so he could find me and you together just too fucking test him, that's one Vicki.

I get to three and I promise you you'll never get a man in this city again," I tell her hotly before turning my attention to Mark," Why did you come down here so late man." "I figured she was having sex and didn't want to interrupt but when I didn't see anything for a while I figured I'd try knocking," Mark says as he starts to break down," But then I heard you two talking and I knew she had been enjoying herself with you and I tried to walk away before the door opened but I couldn't move and then you saw me…" If you've ever seen a 6'3" and 240 pound wall of muscle break down and cry in front of you then you have the idea of what I'm seeing now.

I've seen my girls cry, I've seen my family cry, and I even saw my Grandpa cry but this is just fucking sad and I almost wanna slap him but Vicki is trying to step out of turn and I shoot her a withering glance. She moves back to her spot and waits as I try to calm Mark down. "Mark I need you to focus buddy and listen to me now, okay? I'm here because I know Vicki likes to get just a little bit more out of every situation. It's just who she is, now you made a mistake. An honest mistake and got jealous because you saw your woman with another man," I tell him more than ask.

"Right here on this couch," Mark tells me but I let him talking out of turn slide. "And you got jealous because when you drink you have no filter for how you feel, you saw the woman you love," I tell him getting cut off by Vicki. "Wait, love," Vicki asks but I'm letting that slide too before continuing. "As I was saying, the woman you love have sex with someone else.

It made you mad and you wanted to prove this was your woman and not his right," I ask getting a nod in response," So you busted down the door grabbed this bar hopping jackass and threw him off the balcony in the kitchen." I get a nod in response and Mark is starting to think and calm down as I move in front of a nervous Swim meet rebel lynn kate england masturbation smalltits. "You like the attention don't you Vicki," I ask with a sinister tone and get a nod in response," You like games so much that when you make the rules you just have to rub Marks nose in it when he fails?" "He threw someone off my balcony and I had to pay damages.

Add to that that nobody would touch me because they were afraid of him," Vicki tries to defend herself but I'm not caring. "Answer my question or when I leave neither of us is ever coming back," I tell her quietly. "I get punished when he randomly hooks up with a girl so if he breaks the rule he should get it back," Vicki says quietly.

"When has he fucking punished you," I ask exasperated. The silence between the three of us tells me more than she ever could and I can finally see some real guilt coming over her face. I start to shake my hands out like I'm trying to get blood into them and both Mark and Vicki are like scolded children and I have to remind myself to my humor that I'm the youngest person in the room.

"Vicki how many real boyfriends have you had," I ask before clarifying," Ones that were actually around for more than a month." "I guess eight since high school," Vicki answers confused.

"Mark I know you've hot teen big tits dancing xxx the sugar daddy dilemma a lot of women but how many actual relationships have you had," I ask keeping my calm. I hear him mumble and get very ashamed, I'm not normally concerned but with Mark crying and scared instead of angry and fighting. I try to calm him down and what I hear next honestly shocks the shit out of Vicki and me. "One. This one," Mark says embarrassed.

"One, you've only been in one relationship all this time baby and it's with me," Vicki asks stunned into speechlessness. "I fuck things up and girls get pissed when I am talking with other women so it never lasts long so I never tried then we started dating and I didn't think we needed the rule with other people but I thought she was giving herself an out in case she got jealous," I hear Mark say to me but my shock is still in effect.

"Baby I like fun and you like fun too, it was just to give us some space so we didn't get jealous and bored," Vicki tells him moving over to Mark on the couch," I just wanted us to have fun together and apart." "Well that didn't fucking work now did it," I say finally bringing the conversation around to the real problem," And as of now you to are gonna make up, put on your big kid underwear and have a real relationship.

No more fooling around with other people for either of you, that shit caused this problem and it has to go." "But Vicki still wants to do a threesome," Mark says making me groan audibly. "Maybe later baby, He's right and he's got better luck with his relationship then anyone I've ever heard of," Vicki says quietly. I let them talk it out for a few and stay quiet as wounds get mended and hearts get put back together.

I get a handshake from Mark that turns into a shoplyfter skinny teen blackmailed and stripped down and I almost need to tap out before he lets me go.

Vicki chuckles a little and gives me a hug before whispering in my ear 'threesome or group sex with your girls' as a question. I calmly break the hug step outside and down the stairs as they close the door after me. I get to the bottom and send Mark a text telling him to smack her ass hard and in a few moments I hear Vicki yelp and start to raise her voice at Mark.

I don't wait for the questions as I hop on my bike and head back home. The drive is long but I'm feeling good, sex with Vicki was good and I was able to get her and Mark to settle up. I also got the Old Man to listen to me and we're still friends which makes me feel alive and happy as I pull into the driveway and park in the garage.

I get inside and see all the girls are in the den with Loretta talking but all eyes are on me as I approach. Matty gets up to ask me if everything is okay and I give her a surprise kiss and hold it till she starts to melt before breaking it.

"That is for being a strong and thinking woman," I tell her getting a dopey grin. I turn to Katy and she looks confuse from her spot on the couch and I gently tackle her and force a nice hard kiss on her. My hood gets pulled over my head and we're in the dark listening to cat calls from the rest of the girls and I remember something very important, breathing. We break the kiss gasping and I get off her letting her sit up again. "What did I do for that," Katy asks confused but happy.

"You are that hard ass bitch who knows just what to say to help me do 'everything' that makes things better," I tell her getting a playful smile. All of us start to relax and I find out they were out shopping and Loretta took them by her work and to more than a few stores.

Apparently Kori, Matty, preordered prom dresses for next year, Rachael got something very private but I have a feeling that I'm gonna find out much to my delight sometime in the future what it is. Katy went craft shopping and is decaling all of the girls new hooded jackets. Imelda went and saw her mom who is doing well but tired from too much work.

I listen intently at their events of the day and remember the girl's homes they visited. "Hey when you girls were out did you meet Jackie at all," I ask curiously happy. Ever get that feeling that you are now going to get some bad news.

As soon as I mention Jackie everyone in the room stops laughing and gets really quiet. I can tell Loretta has something important to tell me and it's been weighing on her apparently since I got here but it's Kori who moves over to me and sits on her knees in between my legs facing me. "Guy we found out kaci star has her moist snatch demolished brunette cumshot and don't get mad at your Mom, she did all she could but it's just the system," Kori explains quietly.

"What happened to Jackie," I ask as Kori takes my hands to calm me down. "Jackie got pregnant, she was facing eviction if she didn't terminate the pregnancy and instead she left the home," Kori tells me as I start to fume," We talked to the girls and she isn't with the baby's father. He turned his back on her and she can't go back to the home now that she filed out." Jackie is pregnant; Steven got her pregnant and shut her out.

It's a spark really, the fuel of my rage is already there but you take the first person to accept me down in Texas last year and you not only dishonor her by turning her away when she's pregnant but you but you leave her homeless and out on the streets? Meltdown and explosion to go off in 3… 2… 1… Part 5 I was sitting quietly listening to Kori, word being was. Now there is a small army of women consisting of Loretta, my girls and Natsuko attempting to calm me down.

Better luck convincing a starving dog to not eat a hunk of meat. I am in the main foyer of the house pacing like a mad man barking out orders. "We need the rest of the crew back here now. Get Jun up and running on where the homeless camps are in town and we start there. I want Ben and Devin in one car and the rest of you girls need to split up so we can cover more ground," I'm yelling at everyone assembled.

"Guy you need to calm down it's not that simple," Katy says trying to get me to slow down. "No it's is that fucking simple now get on your shit and let's get this going now," I tell them as they stare at me in shock," What are you waiting for?" "Guy, honey, you need to listen to your girls, there is nothing we can do. Jackie left on her own and that's been done for weeks now," Loretta tells me in a quiet tone. "Yes it's been for weeks and nobody bothered to tell me my friend was in trouble because I couldn't do anything weeks ago but guess fucking what!?

I'm here and we got shit to fucking do," I scream loud enough to be heard outside. Kori steps front and center and takes my head in her hands, I resist but she doesn't take no for an answer as she tries her hand at talking me down. "Guy you need to stop screaming at us and blaming Loretta for what happened. She can't do any more than she did or she'll get removed and a lot of girls will need her help in the future," Kori says trying to reason with me.

"I don't blame Mom for this, it's not her fault this happened," I tell the women taking Kori's hands off my head," It's Mine and it's Steven's and when I get a hold of his ass I'm gonna kill him." I step past the women and grab my coat out of the TV room and beeline it for the garage.

I grab my helmet and start to search for my key to my bike in the pockets of my coat to find they're not there. I scramble for a moment emptying each one when it dawns on me they took them. I was enraged before with them not helping me but now I am about to explode as I head back in and find them almost right where I left them in the foyer.

"Who took my keys," I ask shaking with rage. "Guy you need to calm down and we'll help you find them," Katy says quietly. "Don't mess with me," I growl," I want my keys back and I want them now." "No," Imelda says showing me my keys before closing her hand around them.

"Do you really want to do this with me now," I say getting less than a foot away from her face with my own. "No Guy, are you gonna to do this with me now? I have the keys and we both know what it'll take for you to get them back and that's not going to happen and we both know it," Imelda tells me with a cold resolve. I won't fight her for them, hell I won't even try to grab them and she knows it. I've got plenty of control to keep from doing anything to women and especially all the women present.

I drop my coat off my shoulders and see all the girls back up a bit including Imelda before I turn towards the back door and stomp my way over to it. It's a nice big door made of some deep stained wood with all these little glass windows in it to let plenty of light in.

I barely notice all of that as I swing the door open hard and watch as it pops back in front of me, mocking me by trying to close on me. I officially lose what little control I have and grab the frame of the door tightly before slamming it against the wall it's connected to hard. I don't let go after the first slam, I keep smashing it and even feel my knuckles contact the wall hard but it doesn't faze me as I repeat my slamming till I see barely any glass in the door as it's mostly broken on the ground at my feet.

I storm out into the back having conquered the mocking door and am so pissed that my stomping past the pool leaves me confused as I hit water and am drowning in shock till I pull my head out and start screaming and thrashing. I want to know who pushed me and I finally pull myself out of the pool to see nobody was even close to me as all the girls are still by what's left of the back door.

I continue my now soaking wet walk and when I get to the first tree I find I slam my shoulder against it and try to push it out of the ground. Granted it's almost as big around as I am and it doesn't move but I throw everything I have at it to not avail before finally walking past it and collapsing on the far side away from the house. I don't know how long I'm staring off into the distance but it was late afternoon when I got home and I can feel my wet clothes getting cold against my skin as night starts to take over.

I can hear people approaching me from behind but right now I don't care who it is. "Guy honey, we're all inside eating dinner," I hear Loretta say from behind the tree," did you want to come in and get some food?" "Nope," I reply barely loud enough to be heard.

"Honey it's getting cold outside and I think you should come in and at least get warm," Loretta says again this time with a little more concern.

"Nope," I say again to her still not moving. I can hear her start to head back to the house and some talking behind me but as much as I would normally want to know what is being said about me right now I couldn't care less. The sun finally goes down and my wet clothes are mostly dry but cold as hell as I continue my vigil of impotent rage. I can't go help my friend, my own family won't help me and not a single person in my crew is coming out to back me up and help me get this started.

More footsteps, multiple people this time and I hear male voices this time. "Guy you want to come inside and try to get started with finding your friend," I hear Jun say like he's waking me from a sleep. "Nope," I tell him almost dead panned from my spot.

"Guy we're here to back you up like always man. Come on and get out of the cold," Devin calls to me. "Nope," my new vocabulary is doing me wonders right now. "What did you all do to him," I hear Ben ask the other's present.

"We tried to get him to calm down but he just wouldn't stop, then he broke the door," I can hear Kori trying to explain it desperately," And fell in the pool before trying to knock down the tree. Now he's been sitting her for over four hours." "I think we should just pick him up and carry him inside," Devin says as the rest of the crew gets silent. I can hear footsteps stomping up to me and see Imelda as she steps into my view.

I watch as she squats down in front of my face and just stares at me. "Come on babe it's time to get up now," Imelda says pulling my shoulder. "Don't," I reply shifting my gaze from the space she occupies to her face.

"No I said come on and that means get up and start moving," Imelda orders me again trying to pull me up. "I said no, now leave me be," I tell her brushing her hand off my arm. "Good you can use more than one word at a time babe now get up," Imelda says trying to pull me from my spot.

I'm dead weight and in the struggle to pull me Imelda loses her grip and slips falling on her ass. Normally everyone would laugh but given the moods her and I are in nobody even makes a sound until I see Rachael step into view to help Imelda up.

Rachael has on what would normally be a nice full length cotton skirt and a light colored top but right now it's just clothing to me. Imelda is seething from her fall and Rachael is right in front of her as Imelda starts barking orders at the crew. "Alright Devin, Ben and Masha I need your help getting him up and inside, he doesn't want to listen then we just carry his ass," Imelda says ready jmacs monster cock swallow by lia ezra deep throat burst.

"No," Rachael says getting a look of confusion from Imelda," You need to cool off and everyone needs to go inside now. I'll take care of this." "You are going to pick him up and carry him in by yourself," Jun asks confused. Imelda wants to do it her way but Rachael is standing her ground with a calm peaceful expression. It takes a few moments and I hear the crew heading back save for Rachael who is still in front of me watching the others leave.

I see her looking me over for a moment before she crawls into my lap and curls up against my cold damp chest. She's light and a little warmer than the rest of the world as we sit in my sulk. I don't know how long it takes for a sun to go down but the chill sets in outside and I can feel Rachael shiver against me trying to keep warm. I don't get why she's still in my lap like this, usually one of the girls would be trying to talk to me or even just tell me the obvious about the cold or dark.

Rachael isn't and I can tell she's awake. "Rachael go inside," I tell her quietly. "Nope," I hear her say but not mockingly. "Rachael you're cold and shaking, you need to go in and get warm," I tell her trying to get her up. "No, you want me to go inside you go first. You want to sit out here in the cold fine, but I'm not going anywhere without you," Rachael says looking up to me with her pretty hazel eyes. "Don't do this to me okay, just go inside please," I ask her now almost pleading for her to abandon me.

Instead of answering me she just curls up and hunkers down trying to stave off the cold. Damn girl is going to freeze out here and while I'm fine doing it myself it's her I'm worried about as I start to nudge her to get her up. Finally after a few moments of shifting we get up, both of us gingerly from the cold ground and start to walk back up to the house.

I am moving slowly since all my joints are cold and my muscles tired but Rachael is like a helpless little ball as she nearly loses her balance after only a few steps from the tree. I sigh and turn around to get her; she's almost not wanting the help but after scooping her up in my arms she tucks her head against my chest as I carry her up to the house.

Rachael doesn't weigh much but as sore and cold as I am it's rough anal piss and women talking dirty kinky nicole finds a good match bit of a strain as I get to the doors and pull one open and step inside. I can hear Loretta talking with Mr.

Delauter and she sounds concerned, I figure they're talking about me as I pass their room and get silence from inside. I can hear him tell her 'see he came in and he's carrying her, they're fine' but Loretta doesn't sound convinced as I head up the stairs to our room.

I pass my friends rooms and hear quiet as though they're sleeping which is fine because I don't want a conversation as I get to mine and the girls room and push the door open.

I see some stirring and Kori is the first one up try to help. "Jesus it's like eleven thirty, you two are freezing," Kori says as I lay Rachael down on the bed.

"He brought me in so I wouldn't be cold," Rachael says sounding a little too happy for someone so cold. I get Rachael's shoes off while Kori helps strip her out of her clothes and more of the girls are stirring at the movement save for Natsuko on the couch. Imelda sits up and stares at me with a more than a little grumpiness.

"Finally decided to come in and use your brain," Imelda says trying to resume our war. "No, you stop that now Immie," Rachael says shortening Imelda's name to sound like 'Immie'," You help him out of his clothes and you two cuddle with each other tonight." Imelda just stares at Rachael with a level of disbelief but my innocent little Rachael shows us both something we've never seen before, her stubborn side. Calmly Imelda gets up from the bed and starts to pull me out of my cold stiff clothing.

It's a chore when it comes to wet jeans as zipper doesn't budge and she resorts to yanking them all the way off taking my underwear with them. I'm naked in front of my pissed off Latina girlfriend as I watch her get back into bed emphasizing her grumpiness as she throws the blanket back and crawls back inside. I get a pair of boxer briefs on and see Rachael in a small pile of girlfriends getting warm where as on the other side of the bed my Latina fire goddess has decided to burn alone.

I crawl in the bed and slide under the covers, I could try to just cuddle up with the larger group but Rachael sees that and I'm going to be in trouble with her and I'm not sure I want to see what that leads to right now. I roll over and face Imelda who has her back to me and see she's got on a simple white tank top and athletic shorts.

I move over and do as I was told spooning up against her which gets me a 'cold' reception. "You're cold," Imelda tells me as I press against her. "You're warm," I reply cuddling in. "You're stubborn," She retorts grumpy. "So are you," I reply moving my head behind hers, I can smell her shampoo and it's like fruit. "You're an asshole and I'm mad at you," Imelda tells me as I pull her in closer against me.

"You're a bitch and I love you," I tell her leaning in and nibbling on her ear. "No you don't get to do that now," Imelda says grinding against me. I start to rub her breast through her tank top continuing my nibbling on her ear and the whole while Imelda is grinding her ass in to my pelvis. I don't know if I'm warming up or not but I'm getting hard as hell and she's not letting up against me.

I move my hand down from her shirt to inside the waist band of her shorts as she separates her legs giving me access to her warm folds. My fingers find her clit easily enough and I use my middle finger making circles around it slowly as Imelda moans under my touch. I feel her free hand snake down my hip and into my shorts taking hold of me and griping me tightly start to jerk me. I groan at the hard treatment I'm getting and start to flick Imelda's clit faster and move my mouth to her neck biting her lightly.

Imelda is groaning and writhing as I seem to be winning in the 'who gets to make who cum first' race that we've been having to establish dominance. Suddenly Imelda's hand moves out of my shorts and onto my hand in hers and holds me in place as I feel her stiffen at a smaller orgasm takes over.

I can't see her face but as she pulls my hand out of her shorts I can feel her mood change back to grumpy and watch as she up from the bed and out of the room.

I'm raging hard right now and not in the mood for games as I stagger out of bed after her. I get to the first bathroom on the second floor and open the door since it's the only one with a light on and see Imelda standing in front of the sink washing her hands. "I told you no," Imelda says glaring at me a little in the mirror. I don't say a word as I enter the bathroom and close the door behind me and lock it before turning back and see she's turned to face me.

She's got that 'not happy with you' look on her face as I move up next to her. Her fists are balled up like we're going to fight and I'm not happy with being left hanging when we're in the process of what I thought was making up. I start to pull Imelda's shorts down off her hips and she stalls me for a little bit but I get them off and see she's without panties as I sit her ass on the counter by the sink. "I'm still mad at you and I said&hellip.," is only as far as Imelda gets as I pull my shorts down and push the head of my cock into her pussy.

It's a weird stalemate as I'm inside her and she says she doesn't want me there but her hand grabbing my shoulder isn't pushing me away. I press forward slowly inching myself deeper as Imelda groans. I feel her leg shaking and she tenses up as I take her ass in my hands and finish pressing in all the way. We're face to face and eye to eye staring at each other as I feel her soften to me inside her. I slowly back out half way and press back in with a little extra push at the end making us both groan.

She's wet around me and as I repeat the process I can see her brace herself for the jolt at the end but it's no use as Imelda groans again. "I'm still mad at you," Imelda tells me as I get buried inside her," And you're being an asshole." "You're being a bitch and I still love you," I tell her backing up and sliding back in.

I keep taking short slow thrusts in and out of Imelda and she's holding onto me like she's undecided as to whether she wants to push me away or pull me in harder. I'm getting a little upset and she's not helping with her absent consent.

"Do you love me or not," I ask her stopping all the way inside her. "I don't like you right now, you're not listening and you're being an asshole," Imelda tells me grinding her hips against mine. "I am listening as much as you do and you didn't answer the question," I tell her squeezing her ass.

"I said I don't like you right now asshole," Imelda tells me defiantly," think whatever you want." Little bitch is the next words to run through my brain as I force my mouth against hers. It's an awkward kiss and when she finally pushes my face back I am greeted with a slap across the face.

My blood is boiling and I back out and jam myself deep inside taking to time to let her enjoy the invasion as I kiss her again. I feel her struggle to push me off and if I were at a hundred percent she'd be in trouble but my sore muscles and cold limbs let her push me back as I get slapped again.

My adrenaline is pumping hard and I lunge in with my mouth latching onto the base of Imelda's neck with my teeth biting down hard. I feel her tense up and she struggles against me as I keep my cock fucking her. I take my teeth out and see some minor bruising from the bite before Imelda moves my face away from her again and I'm ready for the slap this time.

It doesn't come as I am pulled hard into a kiss and we war our mouths against each other. I can hear her getting wetter as my balls slap her ass. There is no rhythm in what is happening right now, I'm fucking Imelda and she's sister brothet xxxx sexcy muvi fucked by me.

The simplicity is a nice change from the romance purple hair petite girlfriend fucking french porn star stud gagging throat softness that I normally get, even the regular sex feels a little too clingy sometimes and the animal is out to play right now as Imelda breaks the kiss. "Goddammit you are a fucking asshole," Imelda tells me as our foreheads rest against each other. "And you're a fucking bitch," I tell her pounding her pussy harder and faster," But you're MY fucking bitch and I love you for it." "Yeah asshole, prove it that I'm your bitch," Imelda says black ghetto bbw gets sperm on her nose at the fierceness of the pounding her pussy is getting," and let me love you for it." If the sink and counter weren't built into the floor I'd be slamming it against the wall and with Imelda clinging to me like a horny bitch she'd be hitting it too.

I feel myself rushing and the tingle in my cock hits me hard as I start to cum. I don't slam in and let it rest like I would normally, I keep fucking and grunting as Imelda's body starts pawing at mine as I'm filling her up. I can feel some nails digging into my skin as we come down from our orgasmic high. I am being kissed again and while it's not soft and sweet it's not a raging war either.

I back out and we both start to clean up with Imelda taking the time to make sure she gets me all out of her before pulling her shorts back on and we exit the bathroom.

We get back into our bedroom and crawl back into bed. We both can tell that the other girls are awake with anticipation of a million questions but we are done talking for the evening having had our fight and makeup all at once in the bathroom. I cuddle up next to my fire goddess, my Latina biker bitch, god I love her and fall asleep.

Next morning to say that I'm sore would be an understatement. I'm mostly alone in the room save for Natsuko who is sitting on the couch looking at her phone as I start to get up. As soon as I'm moving I hear her get up and watch as she goes running out the door.

I'm confused and getting dressed hurts as I must have been bleeding is a few spots but I get a black metal t shirt on and a fresh pair of jeans just in time for the girls to come up the stairs at me.

"How are you feeling this morning," Katy asks with a wicked grin. "Hell with that what happened with you and Immie last night? We all see her get up with a couple bruises and a bite mark on her neck before she leaves taking your bike," Rachael tells me very upset. "Wait a minute, she took my bike," I ask ignoring the first part of Rachael's question.

"Yeah she was all quiet as she got up and left today didn't even stop for breakfast. Which by the way is waiting for you down stairs with the rest of the house," Katy says as I step past all my girls.

I get stopped by Korinna and Mathilda who are blocking my path. I know what Kori is doing as she 3x suny leon full story my head in her hands and stares me down. I can feel her soul gazing when she kind of shakes off something and goes sarah blue has always wanted to have a threesom again more intently.

Finally I figure she sees what she needs to see and leads me down to the kitchen where everyone is either there or the dining room and I get a plate from Rosa who is smiling big as she sees me. Apparently I've still got a friend in her down here as I take the plate and sit with squeeze in with everyone including Mr.

Delauter at the table and start eating like it'll go bad. "So Guy I can get everything up and running so we can start to find your friend today, I've even worked out the teams to maximize their effectiveness for covering a search area," Jun tells me starting to go down his list as Lilly stops him.

Everyone is looking at me as I stare at Jun like he just said that I was queer save for Mr. Delauter who is reading his paper intently. I put my fork down and make my new orders known. "None of you are going to help me with this. I will find Jackie on my own or I won't, either way I'm doing this solo and that's it," I tell everyone getting a wide eyed response. The cacophony of voices arguing with me are coming from all angles except Loretta and Mr. Delauter as my crew tries to reassure, explain, question and outright demand that they help.

I slam my fist down on the table and the force causes everyone to stop, I'm not close to the rage I had yesterday but all eyes are on me and Mr. Delauter has looked away from his paper to pay attention. "I will do this alone, I fucked up and left her with Steven without even bothering to figure out what kind of guy he was. Now she's pregnant and alone on the streets, I left my friend to the whim of a sorry ass excuse for a man and I will find her myself," I tell everyone with a cold tone.

"Done," I hear from Mr. Delauter at the other end as he tries to resume is reading. "But honey this isn't some small town where he could just wander for an hour and have her magically appear," Loretta says starting to give her two cents.

"Sir with all due respect your wife is right, this isn't an MMO where you just click quest tracker and get an instant guide line to where she is," Jun says immersing us in his gamer knowledge. "I won't even pretend to know what that is but let me explain it from MY point of view. I have a lot of money, so much that I can casually spend several hundred dollars on a couple large transportation vehicles so my loving wife can have her son come down here with his girlfriends and bring their entire accompaniment of friends with them while they eat food I pay for and sleep under my roof.

I do this because I love the woman and seeing her this happy lets me know that I'm doing something right in my marriage," Mr. Delauter says happily before turning his tone stern," But when her son has a legitimate concern and is trying to do the right thing by his friend and rescue them he gets told the no, this angers him so much that in a rage he breaks half of a pair of Mahogany Shinda styled doors that cost no less than twelve hundred dollars but more here because I needed them to be bigger.

So since I'm the gracious host and loving husband I am going to say that since he's able to cause that much damage you all are going to leave the subject of helping him find his friend alone or the next thing he breaks will be worked off to the very last penny and if you think house work pays horribly unless you are a professional like Rosa then I implore you to imagine what I can have you do at my office for minimum wage at sixty plus hours a week to make it back sex westintid xxx nigri xxx the end of the summer." The whole table is silent at Mr.

Delauter's words and I can see not one person wants to argue with him about letting me handle my own task of finding Jackie. It's Lilly who finally breaks the silence for the table. "Excuse me sir but I've done some research on your firm and cases," Lilly says turning her attention to Mr.

Delauter," I would like to be able to learn a bit firsthand about spoiled girls fingering their lucky friend in group your practice operates if that is alright?" "Yes but not today, I have a partners meeting and a firing to handle," Mr.

Delauter tells her getting up from the table," However I will check my schedule and we'll get you and anyone else into the office that wants to come by and see what I do for a living." I hear Mr. Delauter's own kids groan but Lilly seems really interested and Jun is even perked up a little bit at the thought of seeing our host's workplace.

Mr. Delauter leaves and the rest of us start to bring the dishes into the kitchen where Rosa starts to try to take over the task of cleaning up after us but it's to no avail as the girl's assembly line clearing and cleaning plates before handing them to her to be put in the dish washer. Everyone thanks Loretta for the breakfast and we start to mill about the house aimlessly. I'd go get started on my search but I have all my girls and my crew looking bored as I pass Mark in the Foyer.

"Everything okay man," Mark asks checking up. "Not really man, I mean yesterday you seemed really down and honestly I think you're getting soft on us. I mean you hugged me and I didn't feel a single thing pop," I joke leading him to an idea. "Dude you are fucking on," Mark says before bellowing," Get your shit bitches its GYM TIME!" The shouting has everyone confused but I've bolted up the stairs and Mark is heading to his room as the girls attempt to catch me on my way to change into better clothing.

A pair of green basketball shorts and a black sleeveless t shirt later along with some tennis shoes as my girls start to change and get their stuff together to join us. I can hear Mark getting his sisters in on it too help out with transport. Now to describe my girls in work out clothing I'm in two departments.

With Katy and Mathilda I am looking at sports bras covered by tight athletic tops and longs shorts where as Kori and Rachael are decked out in Yoga pants and tight short tank tops that leave nothing to the imagination.

God bless Wallace Carothers. Abigail and Bethany help us out with transport but even then piling all of us except Natsuko in two cars and a truck isn't easy but we get it done and we head out with Mark leading the drive. All of us get to the gym that Mark uses which leaves a few people struggling for words at the sheer level of space and equipment and Mathilda nearly drooling at the options for what to do.

Mark gets us all in and starts to set people up on machines as I head off to the combat room to relax. I'm still sore from yesterday and more than a little stiff but this gets the aggression out almost as much as Imelda did last night.

I am a little confused by her taking my bike but I figure her own isn't fully repaired yet. I get a little bit of alone time in when Katy comes in and decides she wants to brush up on her technique. I'm in the middle of blocking a round house when Rachael bursts into the room with overly hyper news. "Guy they have a Yoga class, Kori says all the girls need to go right now," Rachael says rushing onto the mat and grabbing Katy by the wrist. "I had him Rachael," Katy groans as they head out of the room.

I find that the guys are all working on weights while Mark helps out Jun who looks desperate as he's trying to get the bar up off his chest. "Come on kid this is more than you weigh, you're girlfriend is heavier than this," Mark says trying to motivate Jun.

"I don't try to carry Lilly around though," Jun gasps finally getting the bar up and rested on the safety slot. "Okay big man, you're up," Mark says turning to Devin. "I think I'm okay," Devin replies casually. We watch as Devin walks over to a bar with weights on it, it's pretty heavy by the size of the weights but Devin bends down and picks the whole thing up with both hands before walking it over to Mark.

"Dude what the hell are you on, that is three hundred pounds," Mark asks laughing. "It has a handle, you think this is tough try lifting this much but there is no handle and have to walk it twenty feet to the truck," Devin says smiling before putting the whole thing over his head and throwing it to an empty spot of floor where it slams down scaring everyone in the area," then you have to throw it up and on the truck which is about six to seven feet up sometimes." The people working at the Gym come over and start berating Mark and the rest of us until Mark heads off to talk to their boss.

I take over helping Jun and start with smaller weights and more reps to help him feel worked out and not half dead. Devin wanders off to find something better than weights to do and I see him talking with one of the trainers about his 'training' regimen.

Ben on the other hand is nowhere to be found as I continue to work with Jun. Devin comes back with Ben who is excited about something. "No seriously they really have to see this," Ben says too excited for his own good.

"Okay guys you gotta come see this or Ben will start peeing down his leg or something," Devin says shaking his head.

We follow our two friends off to some of the private rooms and see a few classes for aerobics and tandem stationary teens analyzed a good excuse for anal shaved pussy and ass fucking, which looks as ridiculous as it sounds. We get to a middle door in the hallway and Ben starts to give us the 'shhhh' face as he cracks the door open. I'm greeted with the sound of moaning and it doesn't sound like the kind that comes from working out.

I peer inside past Ben and see women all over the floor in teams of two doing poses, ones that make sex look more complicated than it should be. I'm really wondering what is going on with this class when I hear a heavily accented woman speaking.

"Sexual Yoga is about working all your muscles to achieve an orgasm with your lover that leaves him no question that you are his goddess of love," the woman says before I see her step into tony pony forcing sex with asian tourist in hostel. She is obviously of Indian decent with hips that show me that she's had at least one child and breasts that confirm it however it's the toning of her legs and arms that catch my eye as she walks around coaching all the pairs.

I can't see my girls but I can see Lilly struggling with Masha in some sort of reverse cowgirl. "Hey guy's what are you doing over here," Mark says loud enough to get the attention of the every female in the room. To say that the instructor was a calm and peaceful Indian woman is a flat out lie.

As soon as Mark gave us away she came flying out of the room and started to read us the riot act. "This is a female only class, men are not allowed here nor is this a class where I allow spectators," Deepa, her name by the way, says to us with authority," What do you have to say for yourselves." "I'm sorry ma'am and my girlfriend is in there," Devin says first apologizing.

"Mine too and I'm sorry ma'am," Jun adds as the attention turns to Ben and me. "What about you two, what do you have to say for yourselves," Deepa says with some fire. "Honestly ma'am I came here because I heard you were beautiful," Ben says making me want to drop him with an elbow to the face.

"And you boy," Deepa says softening only for a moment at Ben's compliment before turning her attention to me. "You have four of my girlfriends in there and you might want to be careful when you leave them alone or they will start to play around," I hear a moan from Rachael somewhere in the room and chuckle," Like that." I watch as she returns to her class and looks back at us one last time, especially Ben and I, before closing the door.

We drag Ben back to the weight section and I have Devin and Mark keep an eye on him as I head to the track on the roof with Jun. I keep him at a decent pace and we get a good run in when I notice we've been at the gym for a couple hours already and head inside to see our fellow men folk are watching as Mark talks to an attractive blonde on a weight machine. "Dude he's gonna hook up with her," Ben says to Devin. "Yeah probably I think it was the excessively low cut top and her nearly falling out of it that gave that away," Devin replies turning to see Jun and I.

"She's got no chance in hell," tell them smirking. "Dude I think you're losing your mind in the sun," Ben says poking fun at me. We sit and watch as the woman keeps throwing herself at Mark for the next ten minutes but he keeps playing it off till I decide to save him by interrupting. I quickly tell him that his girlfriend needs him to call her and we both head off leaving her confused.

We finally watch as the girls get out of their 'class' but I can't seem to find my girls as Lilly, Masha, Abigail, Bethany and Hanna rejoin our group. I head down to the class room and see Deepa speaking with them at length about me.

"So you say he's more than adept at lovemaking and in various forms," Deepa asks plainly to my girls. "Well Katy and I have been around the longest and when he's sweet and loving it's an honestly made me want to cry tears of joy," Kori explains softly. "And when he goes all out on you it's like the devil himself created him in a factory built solely for the purpose of leaving women completely decimated sexually," Katy counters grinning wickedly.

"He was my first and honestly it was what you want, I needed him at the end and I wasn't disappointed," Matty tells her almost blushing. "My previous boyfriend was a soft lover, he wasn't bad but with Guy it's like he doesn't even ask you what you want he feels you out and then does it," Rachael tells her wistfully. "Wow if I ever meet this guy I think I'm going to have to ask him for advice," I say startling the females. "What did I tell you about my classroom," Deepa says with her authority.

"That your class is for women only and that there were no spectators," I reply smiling," But you're not holding class and I'm checking in on my girls." The girls leave with me and we rejoin the group but I can see that some are bored and most tired from the amount of working out they've been doing. Most want to head home but Matty is insistent on staying when Kori decides for us to head home with the rest of the group.

"I haven't done all my working out today and I'm going to hang around," Matty says determined. "But you'll be here all alone," Kori says confused. "Guy is going to stay right," Matty says with a smile. "Wait I'm doing what," I ask confused as to what I'm being roped into.

"I'll hang around too if that's cool," Ben chimes in happily. "Guy if you want to stay it's okay we'll be at home and let everyone know where you are," Kori says giving me a hug and a kiss. I get one from each girl before the rest of our group leaves leaving just Mathilda, Ben and I at the gym. Ben is gone in about three seconds saying he's off to work on his cardio leaving my Amazon and me to our own workouts.

I've worked out with Matty before but now we're in public and it's like she's sexy glamour babe in nude thigh high stockings and stiletto high heels to get me to sweat, which is easy, but she's determined about something as we spend another hour just keeping ourselves busy when I get off a machine and get a towel in my face. "Come on honey, we need to relax," Matty says as I carry the towel and follow her.

We head past the pool and into a changing room where Matty tells me towels only before stepping into the women's side. I get all my stuff in the locker provided and lock it for safety before wrapping a towel around my waist and heading out the other side. I figure out what Matty is up to as I see her talking to an attendant and I approach as the attendant passes me with a smile. "Okay Ms. Smug, what did you do," I ask smirking. "I am getting what you owe me sexy," Matty replies opening a door and leading me into a sauna unit.

We get inside and I watch as my Amazon closes it after us before securing a small bolt to lock it behind her. I take a seat on a bench and watch as Mathilda sits on a shorter bench in front of me and starts rubbing her shoulder. "Babe could you give me a shoulder rub," Matty asks without turning. I might be a little tired and very sore but I'm definitely breasty mother id like to fuck loves sucking peckers hardcore blowjob enough to give her a rub down and I move my tough girlfriend up onto a higher bench before removing her towel and laying her down on her stomach and taking the time work over every sore spot in her shoulders and back.

She really is a muscled marvel, all tight and thankfully not super bulky to make people think she's a guy at the wrong angle. I feel my cock nudging the side of the bench as I continue to work on Matty. I notice her hand move from under her head to my towel pulling it off so that we're both naked in the sauna. I keep working the muscles in Matty's back and after a few more minutes before she sits up showing me her very womanly breasts. I start to move in when Matty stops me with a hand on my chest, again with my girl playing hard to get I think till she takes one of my hands and places it on her trimmed pussy.

I don't need instructions but something is up with Matty as I slowly trail my finger up and down her slit, taking my time to run the length slowly and watching her reactions. She's interested and enjoying herself but I'm seeing Kori's level of planning here as I find her clit and start rubbing it with my thumb as I spread Matty's legs wide. Once apart I have better access and keeping my thumb on her clit I start to press my middle finger into her wet hole.

Matty doesn't lock up at the intrusion but she's watching me intently and moaning lightly as I keep my pace slow and let her feel my work.

I can feel Matty's pussy trying to pull more of my finger in and I start to try and add a second when she places her hand on my wrist stopping me. I'm a little confused and watch as she puts her legs together before standing up. I get sat down in her place with my back against the highest bench and the middle bench under my ass as Matty rubs her pussy a little making my cock twitch unconsciously. I see her smile and sit patiently as she climbs on top of my lap keeping me outside her.

I can see she's got an idea forming and wait to hear my instructions. "I am going to use you now. Please just relax and enjoy me," Matty asks quietly. I remain still and lean back as Matty get's her feet next to my hips and latches her hands on the bench behind my head.

I watch as she frees her hand for a moment and lines me up with her pussy and slowly pushes me inside her. I thought Matty could be hot before but now she's a furnace and I'm almost melting inside her as she starts to take long slow strokes with her pussy fucking my cock.

It's maddening to just lay there and take it but what the lady wants the lady gets as she focuses her pale blue eyes onto mine and keeps her henti sex story of mistreated bride episode 4 pace. I see very little expression on her face and her normally wavy and in her words 'pain in the ass' hair is wet with sweat and water from the steam. I marvel as her breasts sway with every thrust onto my cock and finally I see her why she's so focused.

She's trying to pleasure me, I didn't catch in when she said it but I take my mind of holding onto my orgasm and relax like a piece of metal being plunged into a furnace. I roll my head back and groan at the sensation of my Amazon claiming her territory, it's a different experience as she starts to speed up a little and I can feel her clamping down on me. I want to move, I want to take her hips in my hands and start slamming myself up into her but I'm being 'used' as she said and while I'm relaxing I can see that Matty is almost cumming a little for me.

I take a small risk and tighten my abdominal muscles making my hips shift slightly and roll my head back again as the small change start to set me off a little.

Matty can feel it and instead of going faster she slows down. "Just relax baby, I want to do this please," Matty says keeping her pace steady. "I want to kiss you," I tell her getting an odd look. "Soon I will kiss you all you want but let me do this first," Matty asks regaining her composure.

I nod and feel her speed up again, I can feel her struggling with something when instead of tightening my Amazon relaxes her muscles and I can feel myself hitting her in her deepest parts. We both groan as she finally hits her stride for thrusts and I can honestly say that this is getting me closer to cumming than I thought possible when Matty feels me swell and shakes her head emphatically at me.

She doesn't want me to finish, now I'm confused and that helps a little but I focus on the last time I was in the dentist and the fact that no matter how much I brush my teeth the tear and pull at my teeth and gums leaving me sore and bleeding.

It's these thoughts and a dozen more unpleasant ones that keep me hard until I lose my focus and hear Matty hissing.

"Almost… almost there… just a little more," Matty gasps quietly. I feel her harden her thrusts onto my cock and at one time she bottoms her hips out against my own and burying me inside her. I see her mouth open and instead of groaning she kisses me hard and with an intensity that makes what I have been feeling pale.

It's a great kiss as I feel her shake a little from either her balance and fatigue or her riding out her orgasm. Finally she breaks the kiss and slides off my member smiling contentedly.

I don't say anything and after a few moments she turns her smile to me and moves up to sit on the top bench with her back against the wall. "Sit right here and spread your legs," my Amazon tells me as she separates her own and pats the bench space in between her thighs. I am unsure of what is happening but comply as this is about her and less about me. I get my legs separated and feel Matty take my arms and place them on the outside of her thighs resting my hands on her skin.

She leans me back against her and while I'm tall she's still a little taller than I am as her arms snake around me rubbing my chest with her strong hands. I close my eyes and lean my head back till it's next to hers as she leans forward and I feel her breath on my busty buffy gives an unforgettable tit job. Slowly one of her hands reaches my erect cock and starts to stroke the length of it with long purposeful strokes.

I groan as my body starts to tense up at her working me over with her hand. "You are such a good man to me. I never feel left out, you make sure I'm treated just as good as the other girls and you praise my differences like I never thought a man would," Matty tells me in a sexy tone," Now I want to make my man cum all over this room. I want you to tell me when you are cumming." I groan as she ends her request by nibbling my ear lightly. One hand is on my chest rubbing lightly while the other is stroking me harder and I'm tense all over.

I start to buck my hips uncontrollably which causes Matty to moan an 'Unh uh' to me in admonishment. I try to relax as I feel my orgasm building and it's becoming difficult to even focus on anything but being wrapped up in her strong embrace. "Oh fuck Matty I'm cumming… oh shit oh shit oh shit&hellip.," are the last intelligible words coming out my mouth before my climax.

I don't watch much of what happens with my body as every muscle in me tenses up and I press back into Matty as she jerks me faster causing my orgasm to take over hard. My head rush is amazing and I can see briefly that I'm shooting cum out anal fuck of stunning brazilian gorgeous babe hardcore blowjob the bottom bench and onto the steam stones in the middle of the room.

I'm writhing as my Amazon doesn't stop until I start to flag and groan against her hand's touch. Finally she takes her hand off my flagging member and continues to hold me until my senses come back. "Did I do okay," Matty asks tentatively.

"I don't know what you did but it was painful," I tell her as I feel her tense up," But it was worth it. I lost all control at the end there." I can feel her smile as she kisses my neck and we sit in an embrace for a little longer when she finally pats me to get up and we get our towels wrapped around us.

I unlock the door and check to see that there is nobody else in the hall as we head back to the locker room to wash the sweat off.

I'm standing in the cold water when I hear to men talking from the bench. "Did you see those teenagers in here earlier," man number one asks. "Yeah, those girls are a bunch of little sluts walking around with no underwear on and tight pants like that. I should spank one and see if she likes it," the second one jokes.

I hear them laughing but I'm not even remotely amused as I step out of the shower unit and dry off. I pass the two men and get dressed as they continue their degradation. "That pudgy Asian girl could probably suck a mean piece of meat," number two says looking like a guy who sells used cars in a bad polo shirt and khakis.

"Maybe but you like them big like that, personally I think busting open the ass of the little red head girl would be a highlight for my night. I'd tape that shit," man number one says putting on his bad stripped button up shirt and slacks. "I don't think either of you could sleep with them on your greatest day unless you drugged them or paid them way more money than your worth," I finally say biting down on my rage.

"Fuck you say kid? I make more money in a day than you will asking me if I'd like fries with that," the striped shirt says hot. "Fine, I'll prove it," I tell them walking out of the locker room. I wait for a moment and sure enough Mathilda joins us standing tallest in the group but I'm still eye level with both men. She looks confused as I start to explain. "Honey these two 'gentlemen' believe that they could sleep with any of the girls in our group," I tell her smirking at them.

"Really, two grown men hitting on teenage girls? Okay well let's see them," Matty asks looking bored. "See what," The car sales man asks confused. "Take your cocks out of your pants and let me see them," Matty says standing beside me.

I can see both men are struggling to comprehend what she is asking and I'm smiling big when she turns her attention to me.

"Honey pull it out and show them what I mean," Matty says using her body to block other's from viewing. I shrug and lower my shorts enough in the front enough to let my cock out and it's pointing at the two assholes feet as I get the waist band of it under my balls.

"Now sirs, this is what ends up fucking most of the girls in the group you were talking about. It performs regularly and," Matty looks down an smiles wide," And even after I just got done making him cum like a fire hose he's starting to get hard again.

So I'm telling you 'gentlemen' take it out and prove it." Both men are floored and after a few seconds they walk away mutter to themselves. We don't laugh right away as I put my member back in my shorts. We get back to the main lobby and have a good laugh as we I take out my phone and text Loretta asking if she's free to pick us up.

I get a very happy response and am told to have everyone ready when she gets there. I realize I have no clue where Ben is and we start to walk the halls looking for our wayward Native. It takes about ten minutes before Matty finds him back in the Yoga class she was in but from the sounds of it and the look on her face she's not too pleased. I peek in and there is Ben perched on his feet with nothing on as I see Deepa, the 'sexual yoga' instructor, with her pants pulled down bearing what I can only say is magnificent ass.

Her expression however is more of a questioning nature as she seems like she's giving her class to a student of one. My phone is out and I snap a few pics of Ben and a little of Deepa keeping her face out of the shots.

"Keep your abdominals tight Ben," She instructs. "I am Deepa, god your ass is so beautiful," Ben replies struggling. "Ben I haven't started flexing yet and you're swelling. It's been fifteen minutes and you reaching orgasm too soon," Deepa admonishes.

"I'm sorry but you are doing so much I can't help it," Ben says as Deepa pulls herself off of him. I watch as she pushes him over and pulls the condom off him before taking him in her mouth and working him fast and hard. We back away from the door as we can hear Ben groaning as he reaches his apparent orgasm.

I head back to the beginning of the corridor with Matty and start to call out like we're looking for Ben. We only get half way down the hall when we see him come out of the Yoga class flushed and surprised. "Hey guys, I was talking to your instructor Matty," Ben says scrambling," Apparently she doesn't have much to teach me." Matty just stares at him and walks past and into the classroom as Ben turns to me. He looks so smug about it and I wanna punch him but I'm doing what Liz asked as he starts talking.

"She actually said that there wasn't much she could teach me considering how fruitless her experience was with me," Ben tells me as I stare at him confused. It takes me a second to figure out that he doesn't realize that she was insulting him and that he thinks it's because he didn't cum inside her. I wanna laugh but I'll save the laugh for Liz later and when Matty comes back she has a bit softer of an expression on her face. We meet Loretta out front and start the drive home with Ben in the front and Matty and I in the back as Matty talks about how nice the gym was to Loretta.

We get home around three thirty and I settle in to relax in the TV room with the rest of my crew who are less sore than I am as we veg out. It's about an hour from dinner when the door to the garage opens and I watch hot milf aaliyah makes tiffany cums hard in wild lesbian sex determined Imelda come flying through it and head up the stairs. My girls look at me curiously and I nod at them to go get her.

I watch them leave and ask for the room from my family and crew which they give me warily as I move to a chair facing the door. It's only a few moments before I can see Imelda less leading the pack and more having the rest chase her as she heads straight for me.

I can see she's all fire but it's twinged with something hot blonde daisy lee banged hard by big old dick bruno sx as she moves to stand in front of me in a tight pair of jeans that have white paint spots on them and her white racing jacket is opened showing me a kind of loose and dirty shirt.

"Get up," Imelda says quickly. "Excuse me but you want to try that again," I reply to her obviously not in a mood for shit. "Please get up," Imelda asks again this time with less fire and more nervousness. I stand up and follow her to the garage where she has what I think is my bike under a blanket. I stand there with my girls behind me and watch her pull the blanket off to see that my bike has had a few panels replace to look a bit more menacing and there is a patch of white paper over the engine case.

Imelda waves me over to her and I move closer to look. I watch as she pulls it off and see my all black bike with its first hint of color a silver decal with the words 'Black Sunshine'.

It's wonderful and I love it but I'm confused as I straighten up and address my Latina girlfriend. "Why do all this," I ask and I can feel tension from all my girls in the room as I do.

"We fought alright. I was a bitch and you were an asshole but I just thought that I should try to apologize and since I was being more of a bitch than you were an asshole I wanted to do something big and now I'm standing here looking like a perra emocional que parece más tonto de lo que…," Imelda says frustrated turning to Spanish which is where I lose her. "Baby stop, baby really just stop," I tell her as she freezes at my words," Apologize for what, being stubborn?

Angry at me for not listening? Or about taking my bike? I don't care about the bike and you being stubborn and angry is why we got along so well the first time we met," I explain taking her hands," You wanna know why who I'm mad at babe, I'm mad at me." "But why are you mad with you," Imelda asks starting to cry a little.

"Because I let Jackie down. She is in trouble because I left her with someone that I wasn't sure if I could trust him and now she's hurting because I didn't do the right thing," I explain pulling her in for a hug.

I get a little bit of sniffling from Imelda and my girls add themselves to the hug as we all stand in the garage. It's a warm moment when Imelda puts the brakes on and gets her tough face on. I let the girls head back in and check my bike out a bit, she really did a number on it but it looks awesome.

Like a panther in bike form. I smile and head back inside and nod to the crew that things are cool. We ride out Thursday well and Friday is spent by me mostly recovering from all the activity of the previous days. All my rage, workouts, epic sex and emotional draining from fixing problems left me pretty much bed ridden but I had five nurses who were content to fawn over me in bed and make sure I was warm and fed.

Katy got a little weird about being the one to take me to the bathroom, not like she didn't want nataly gold anal teen hd porn but she wanted me to stand to pee the whole time and even wanted to hold it till I got on her about how weird it felt. We both laughed at it afterwards with the other girls and heading into Saturday we are all happy and prepping for Imelda's return to the races.

I texted Vicki to see if she would be there and bring Mark but she said they wouldn't because she wanted some alone time with her boyfriend. I tell her about the Gym and the woman hitting on him and how he reacted, she replied that he was already getting rewarded and not to make him out to be better than she wanted tonight.

I didn't get the last bit till Katy said 'bad boy' to me and it makes a lot more sense. At about six I get a text from Carlos who is there to pick us up and when he and Imelda see each other it's a family hug and a lot of talking in Spanish. I go to shake Carlos's hand and get a hug of my own in return. "Man it's good to see you back down here, I was telling my boys about you for a while now and they're excited to meet you," Carlos tells me happily.

"I met some of them the other day when Hector helped me out," I reply as we wait for the girls. I introduce Carlos to the men in my crew and its Jun that has him laughing. I'm dressed in my camo cargo pants and a black t shirt with my hooded leather jacket. Ben is almost matching a metal shirt and a sleeveless hoodie and cargo shorts and Devin has on Jeans and what I can only guess is a military vest from his grandpa's days that leaves his arms exposed for the world to see.

Then we turn to Jun who is wearing slacks and a white button up dress shirt with sneakers. I watch as Carlos turns to his boys and starts talking in Spanish, I think he's insulting Jun for a moment till Carlos sees my face and gives me an it's okay look.

A low whistle lets me know the women are here and my gaze follows showing me every man's dreams. Save for Mathilda, Katy and Imelda every girl in the group is wearing tight tops, short skirts or shorts, stockings.

It's like a rap video just showed up and the only thing I can think of is a song that just repeated 'ass and titties, ass and titties' over and over. Imelda has on her racing leathers in white with the yellow stripe, Katy is leathered up as well but she's got more spikes and patches with her hood up and finally Mathilda is decked out in cargo pants like mine with a sports bra and her hands wrapped in tape.

I can hear one of the guys talking to his boys in Spanish and Imelda's face sours and I watch as she starts cussing him out in two languages and pointing at Matty. Matty on the other hand calmly walks over to the 'gentleman' and stares his 5'8" ass down before taking him by his shirt and lifting him up her eye level. "You have something to say," Matty asks getting a enthusiastic head shake from the guy," I hear one comment about me in Spanish tonight you will tell me exactly what was said in English or I will personally fuck your whole world up." "Man you're girl there is one hard woman," Hector says as we watch Carlos's crew fall in line.

"I know, God I love her," I say smiling as we mount up. I get Kori on my bike with everyone else piling into the cars, Carlos and Hector only brought a few guys and Hector is taking most of the girls in his car and Carlos has Abigail and Bethany in his. The rest just file into what's left save for Rachael who is on Imelda's bike and Natsuko who is nowhere to be found.

I want to stop and look for her but if she isn't ready by now we can't afford to wait as we head off. It takes about an hour to get to the meet but it's a little bigger and a lot louder than last year and I find Carlos sent people ahead to make sure we were close but not too close as we park up. I remember that Hector brought a large group of people around when he helped me out Wednesday but apparently that was the tip of the iceberg as Carlos is rolling about fifty strong and I end up getting introduced around by him to his crew.

It only takes about ten minutes without me before the girls wander off to dance and mingle and while I like the happy atmosphere I'm feeling a little bored and decide to walk around. I can see a few racers from last year, a lot of new ones, A couple new factions and finally I get to my friends the Union. The Old Man is having a big turnout tonight and I can see another group in leathers with a slightly younger leader talking up the Old Man when I come around. "You heard about my Pariah over here," the Old Man says waving me over.

I get introduced to Sid, leader of a roaming group called 'The Devil's Best'. They drive around the country as opposed to the Union who has chapter houses on the west coast. I let them talk and play dutiful and quiet as they go over me as the Old Man's new hand. I get some praise and the Old Man even mentions how I 'helped' conceal their half of the tradeoff for them when I came down.

I get released and shake hands with Smitty who offers me a beer which I shake off and rejoin the chaos. "Hey Guy," I hear someone female say and I start to look around when I'm standing face to face with a familiar face. "Holy shit Marta," I exclaim startled at Carlos's little sister," I didn't know you came out to these things." She's a little taller than last year when she was dating Romeo but now in front of me she's every bit as pretty.

About 5'7" and sporting a tight black dress, low cut with the skirt stopping at her mid thigh, her hair is down past her shoulders and wavy with a little jewelry on her ears and neck. I get a big hug hello and can feel her soft c cup breast pressed against me. "It's so good to see you again, where is everybody else," Marta asks breaking the hug.

"They're wandering around having fun," I explain as we head back towards the vehicles. We get in and for some reason I have some of Carlos's people staring at me.

I soon find out why when Carlos heads back over with Imelda and they both see me talking with Marta. The conversation turns to Spanish which makes me wonder what the problem is.

I get pulled aside by Carlos and he's got a pissed look on his face. "Do you know where she came from," Carlos asks as I shake my head no in response," She's supposed to be at home." "Dude why? She's a big girl and she's got people around," I ask not understanding. "After Romeo's shit last year I've been keeping an eye on her and guys away. Too many people wanting to pick up the pieces and help her if you get my blonde babes bree gets to join in a hot lesbian threeway sex natural college Carlos tells me in a serious tone.

I head back and see that Marta doesn't look like she's having as much fun as she was when we got reintroduced. Normally I'd like to help her but I don't wanna get in between Carlos and his family business. I rejoin the festivities and make sure all my girls are having fun, Kori and Rachael are busy dancing while Matty is chatting up a few gym monkeys, and Katy is shit talking with a few muscle car enthusiasts.

I make my rounds over the next couple hours and find Imelda talking to a bet taker and being turned down till her bike can get inspected fairly, apparently there are some rules to the races now and while she can accept it she's not happy about it. "Babe it's fine, we wait a week and your back taking money from chumps foolish enough to take on the fastest Latina in the state," I tell her calming her down. "I need the money now, if I can get enough I can help mom by paying rent for a few months and she can stop working so many doubles," Imelda tells me frustrated before stopping and staring onto the dance floor.

I find what she's looking at and see that it's Jun standing in between Lilly and some racer punk in bright neon blue and black. The guy is nearly glowing in the dark and he's speaking sliping mom fuking son xxx story in another language at Jun and Jun is replying in Japanese back at him with more anger than I've seen in him well ever.

I step up and see that the Union has as well by sending over Smitty. "What the fuck is going on here," Smitty bellows causing the music to get turned down. "This fucking shit walks in here and thinks he can tell me who I can't dance with," the little glowstick spits out staring at Jun. "My girlfriend said no, maybe if you stayed in school you'd have learned that she says no you should walk away," Jun replies coldly.

"Well either you can walk away or we can settle this the old fashioned way," glowstick says taking off his coat and showing a few tattoos on his arms and chest covered by an equally neon tank top. "We got a challenge," Smitty says as bikers start to make a ring around Jun and the glowstick," terms to be set for?" "I win I get his girl," glowstick says cocky. "And you kid," Smitty asks Jun. "Ummm…," Jun is confused and I step forward and when he sees me and busty ebony babe sucking a dildo with oil all over her body his nerve again," I want his clothes." Everyone freezes at the terms and even Smitty has a weird look on his mia kgalifa new sex stories fool but the terms are even and people start placing bets.

I am scrambling around and get Carlos and everybody I can to start placing money on Jun, they're giving him five to one and those odds are perfect if you ask me. Jun takes off his shoes and socks before Lilly helps him with his shirt and belt. Imelda and the girls are around me and wondering what I'm doing putting money down on Jun. "Baby you do realize this is Jun we're betting on," Katy says skeptically. "Yep, little Jun and light weight work out and almost no real fighting experience," I say smiling and turning back to the fight.

The glowstick is still in his clothes but Jun is down to his slacks as Smitty takes the center to get everything started. The girls are expecting a beating by the comments I'm hearing behind me and so am I but I know more than most about my crew and apparently I'm not the only one as Lilly is standing patiently holding her mans clothes.

The kid looks like he's going to box but I watch as Jun places both of his palms together in front of his lightly muscled chest and bows his head before turning sideways and pulling up his pant legs a little for movement.

Both look ready and Smitty raises his hand and steps back quickly, the first shot happens fast enough that even Smitty is startled a little bit as Jun does a quick sidestep and plants his foot in glowstick's chest knocking him on his ass.

Jun steps back moving his feet in a slow and bouncing shuffle before settling down and bringing his hands up keeping them closed but not tightly and waiting. Glowstick gets up and stagger a little before finding his composure and you can hear the crowd is stunned as he starts to approach Jun again.

Glowstick swings wide at Jun and he barely gets out of the way from the first shot but a second one catches my computer expert flush and he staggers a bit.

Ever have that moment in the movies where the good guy sees his own blood and the rage boils over, this is one of those moments and I could never feel more proud of Jun than right now. "Jun, tear him a new asshole," I yell loud enough to hear over everyone. Glowstick starts to move in again but Jun is faster this time and instead of sidestepping Jun puts a straight right into physician watches hymen checkup and virgin girl plowing gut hard, then a standing back fist to the face followed by a palm shot to the chest winding him.

I watch as glowstick staggers to catch his breath and by that time it's too late as Jun takes flight and does a full extension kick right into glowstick's face ending the fight in an overly dramatic fashion. You could hear a pin drop for just a moment before the crowd erupts and while I'm grinning like the Cheshire cat I turn and see my girls are stunned. I head around and collect the bet that I placed which at only three hundred dollars with five to one odds I'm sitting pretty looking at fifteen hundred dollars and as I walk back over to my girls I'm being demanded for an explanation.

I continue smiling as I head over to Jun who has Lilly fawning and fussing over him in equal measure and I gesture to my women behind me and lean against Carlos's car.

"Okay explain to me how the guy who can't even punch like a man does that shit," Katy asks confused. "After what happened last year, with the moralists you said that I couldn't fight. I've been doing training at a school four times a week every week since then," Jun says smiling.

"And it cut into our personal time like crazy," Lilly says before smiling," But after that it was worth it baby." I let the lovebirds have their moment and Carlos's crew are loving their winnings as I step over to Imelda and hand her my wad of cash.

She looks like I just gave her a ring and I'm being rewarded with affection from all my girls and watch as things start to return back to normal with dancing and people having a good time. I watch as Jun gets handed a pile of clothing and a pair of tighty whitey underpants by Smitty who just chuckles as he hands them off and steps away.

We're still hanging around for another couple hours and I lost track of the girls taking care of a few things for the Old Man when I get back to the crew I see something that makes me sink with memory and regret.

Most of my people save for Rachael and to a lesser extent Imelda have been drinking. When I approach all of them see me and start laughing at some joke that I didn't hear. The disappointment must be all over my face as Kori and Katy are the first to pick up on why I'm so upset, I hate drinking. Loretta used to drink and gave me a shitty childhood, now everyone I care about is drinking or drunk damn near ebony adorable hottie get love tunnel poked squirting japanese while Carlos is confused I'm pissed.

"Oh shit baby we're so sorry," Kori says getting up and almost stumbling into me in her heels. "Guy we were just having a few drinks," Katy says staggering. "And a few shots," Imelda adds chuckling. "Carlos get your people together and take them home," I tell Carlos as I start to walk Kori to one of the cars. "Baby you're not coming with us," Kori asks as I start to put her inside.

"I will try to but I have to go tell the Old Man that I have to leave because my girls have been drinking and need to be scolded," I say with no hint of playfulness.

"I'll take care of them Guy, you just meet us back home," Rachael says giving me a kiss on the cheek. I watch as my crew piles into the cars and Imelda gets on her bike before I turn and head back to the Old Man and get asked to stay even further as he needs my non Union hands and I head back to tell Carlos before they leave. I am however stunned to see that not only has everyone left but my bike is missing too.

I am scrambling around to see if anyone took it when a hand grabs my sleeve and I turn sharply to see Marta holding on to me. "What happened," She asks concerned. "My whole group left with your brother and his people and I hope they took my bike," I say frustrated," Everyone was drinking and I thought my friends knew how I felt about that." "Maybe they just forgot," Marta says trying to calm me down," people just want to relax and be free sometimes." "Then talk to me about it dammit, don't just do shit I hate and expect me to be cool about it later," I tell Marta fuming," To make matters worse my bike is gone." "No it's not; one of Carlos's boys took it back.

I thought I heard Imelda say they wanted it back safely," Marta tells me trying to improve my mood. "Well now all I have to do is find a ride home," I say frustrated. "I have my car," Marta says with a helpful smile," I'll wait to go home till you're done and then I can get you home safely. But I want something?" "Oh crap what do I have to do to get a ride home," I ask in a deadpanned tone.

"I want to talk to someone. I have been dealing with every one of my brother's friends for the past year. I can't talk to new guys and can't date anyone and I'm going a little stir crazy. I had to go with my mother to buy this dress. The only reason Carlos knew I was here tonight is because I saw you and thought 'what is the worst that can happen'," Marta says with a little desperation in her voice.

"You just want to talk, that's it," I ask feeling a little better and a bit confused. "Yeah, but you have to be honest with me and no holding back," She says with a little firmness in her voice. "Same to you beautiful," I say complimenting her.

I get her to blush a little and head back around to the Old Man and Smitty who have more light work and talking to people on their behalf for me to do. I check my phone and see it's almost midnight and I have several messages on my phone from the girls apologizing and asking me to come home.

I do a reply all saying that I'll be home when I'm done and that I'm not happy before putting my phone away. I start to look for Marta to leave and as luck would have it she's been keeping an eye on me and is ready immediately. I find her small car a bit familiar as I hop in the passenger side and we head back towards home. "Okay so here we are finally getting the date you wanted," Marta says smiling big. "Carlos told you," I ask watching her as she drives.

"No I figured it out when I was still with Romeo," She says before patting the steering wheel," And this is all that was left that I wanted so Carlos and the boys fixed it up and now Gremmie is all mine." The car did seem familiar, it's the car Romeo had when I chained him up in the desert. I almost wonder if there is any blood on the front but I keep it to myself.

We stop at an intersection and I watch as Marta digs around in the backseat giving me a near faceful of her cleavage before coming back with two bottles and twists the top off. I take it and stare at her for a moment as she takes a pull off hers. "It's a sports drink, I don't like alcohol either," Marta says smiling. I nod and smile, it's nice to sit and talk and I get through about half of the drink in the next few lights realizing that I'm really thirsty from all the walking and talking I had to do.

I'm feeling nice as I can see Marta has some thoughts running through her mind. "So would you have made me one of your girls instead of Imelda if I was single back then," Marta asks going for the big questions.

"I don't know, I thought you were pretty and at the time I just thought about getting to know who you were. What happened with me and Imelda was just fate," I tell her getting an accepting nod.

"Yeah but I look at how happy she is now and I kind of wonder," Marta gabi mamou e o cara gozou na cara a little down.

"I'll do you a favor," I tell her as we get to another stop light," I'll talk to Carlos and tell him he needs to back off and let you breathe.

Deal?" She nods again and I can see something is bothering her as we continue down the street. We're not on the freeway and it's got me a bit confused and then I am starting to feel a little goofy as I finish my drink. I'm kind of tired and very much enjoying myself when I should be an angry about my girls getting drunk and fucking around but I honestly don't care right now.

I'm a little warm and my clothing feels wonderful, so much so that I'm sporting a bit of an erection as we head down the road. "I'm really happy right now," I say chuckling," I shouldn't be this happy with everyone screwing around with me tonight but I am." "Maybe it's me," Marta says smiling.

"I wish I had gotten to know you sooner," I say resting my head on the head rest behind me. "I wish we could have hooked up a year ago, maybe even before you had girlfriends," Marta says in a serious tone.

"I like you Marta. I think I should take you out on a real date. I mean that way we can get to know each other and maybe we'll enjoy ourselves," I tell her rolling my head to look at her.

Her hair is wavy and all the lights are brighter but it just shows off on her jewelry as sparkly. I am staring hard at her body in the tight black dress and remember that my girls are home and I should focus on that. I shake my head and roll the window down a bit to get some cool air in. "Guy are you feeling okay," Marta asks glancing over to me. "I don't know, I just feel really funny right now. Like everything is just, I don't know, just more," I say trying to explain.

"You could be tired," Marta says checking me at a stop light," Look at me." I do and god she is pretty, I didn't feel this way before but now with me being running around and taking care of everything at the meet but now I'm really into her. I can see she's got no bra on and it just makes things more difficult to focus as she puts my head back and continues driving.

We get to the gate and I tell her the code and she gets it open before bringing the car slowly inside. Once stopped I stagger out of the car and Marta catches up to me in her heels, I fumble around and remember my door key is on my bike keys. "Okay so let's get you in this," Marta says guiding me to the tour bus.

We hop inside and the whole thing is dark and from where I stand empty as Marta leads me to the back and sits me down on the bed. I fumble getting my boots off and finish crawling up the bed when I realize that Marta is on the bed still in her dress and laying on her side looking at me.

I smile and she looks really pretty but I feel really off but in a good way if that's possible. "Guy what if I don't want a date with you," Marta tells me in a sultry tone," Maybe I just want what some of what every other girl seems to get from you." "You want me to fix a problem for you," I ask confused. Slowly Marta crawls over to me and straddles my body before leaning down and kissing me deeply. She tastes a little salty and she's so soft I can't help but reach up and place my hands on her hips.

I'm still in my full clothing save for my boots as Marta presses her soft warm body against mine. We grind against each other for a moment when she bolts upright and grabbing the bottom of her dress proceeds to pull the whole thing up over her head and I'm marveling at a pair of soft Latina breasts and a sexy black thong covering Marta's untouched in over a year pussy. I grind against her again and I can see her smile in the little light coming through the windows brunette ebony babe kendall woods gets fucked in her tiny pussy interracial pornstar the bus.

Marta leans back down and we kiss again but this time she's more intense and I feel her shift upward giving me the chance to kiss her breasts. Two large c cup breast in my face and I'm taking my time kissing them and rubbing my face on them as they feel so soft and wonderful before I figure out she's doing something above my head with her hands. I stop and she comes back down to my face and kisses me lightly before righting herself above me again.

"I wanna do something a little kinky," Marta says with a smile," Is that okay Guy, I promise it'll be worth it." I nod in agreement before Marta closes my eyes and takes my hands and puts my arms over my head. I feel furry things around my hands and wrists and when I'm kissed again I open my eyes and see Marta smiling as she kisses me. I feel her break her kiss and I wanna touch her but I can't because my hands are in furry cuffs and connected to the tour bus. "What is this," I ask feeling more worried than I should a very confused.

"Guy I want to have you once myself first then I'll take the cuffs off and let you do everything to me," Marta says rubbing her body with her hands. I calm down a bit but last time I was bound like this it hurt but Marta isn't Imelda and Kori so I should be okay, right? Sensing my apprehension Marta hops off my lap and methodically takes her time undoing and taking off my pants and slowly pulls my boxer briefs down exposing my the 'hardest' part of my body right now.

I can see her get a little shocked and finally smile before looking at me happily. "So much bigger than Romeo," Marta says before leaning down and kissing the head. I groan as I feel like I'm on fire as she touches me, I can only look down and watch as she slowly takes less than half of my cock in her mouth and I can feel her gently working my balls with her hand.

She doesn't go out of her comfort zone but I swear she's better than Katy right now as I am feeling so hot and bothered I start grunting which makes Marta stop and look at me. "I want to have you inside me, think we can go that far," Marta says but doesn't really ask as I feel her pull my underwear all the way off. I see her fumble around for a minute on the bed and she comes back with a pair of big scissors.

Now I'm panicking and Marta is quick to calm me down. "Baby baby baby, it's for your shirt. I don't want to hurt you or this beautiful body you have. I wanna worship it," Marta tells me seductively.

I watch as she gently takes the bottom of my shirt and cuts up my body before slowly and carefully making sure my neck is safe and cut the collar.

A few more cuts at my nut on my face sophie dee interracial pounding and Marta pulls my now destroyed shirt off of me and throws the scissors to the floor at the foot of the bed. I'm smiling again now that I don't think she's going to cut parts of me off and we kiss briefly as she straddles me again and pulls her panties to the side.

I marvel as she presses her exceptionally hot pussy against the shaft of my cock and starts to grind against me. We're both moaning as she grinds against me and I can feel how wet she is before she stops and lifts her hips up. I can only observe since my hands are cuffed as she takes me in her hand and puts the head of my member up to her entrance and pushes just enough inside her to let go.

All I feel is warm soft flesh adjusting to my size as Marta slowly slides down my cock till I'm buried inside her. I can barely move but Marta pierced vintage amateur cumsprayed by old guy young old reality on that task slowly moving her hips up and down letting feel every texture of her pussy.

We both lay there groaning and Marta leans down to kiss me lightly before resting her hands on my chest and starts to fuck me faster. I can hear the wetness of Marta's folds as every time her hips connect with mine there's a light wet slapping noise. I feel wonderful and I can tell for Marta it's been a while as he face is contorted into a pleasure filled shape.

I want to get my hands out of these cuffs but she'll let me do more later. I gently buck my hips up with every down thrust of Marta's hips and I can feel her tighten up around me as her orgasm hits. Suddenly she's in my face kissing me and speaking in Spanish as I feel her pussy throb around my cock. Marta rights herself with her hands on my chest and smiles happily. "This is how I want to feel when I get pregnant," Marta tells me smiling. "Wait, you're on birth control right," My warning bells finally kick in for the first time tonight.

I start to panic and Marta puts a hand over my mouth and slams her body against mine with me still inside her. I am straining against the cuffs as Marta keeps whispering 'shhhh' to me.

I am staring at her and I can see softness in her face as she starts speaking again. "Guy I need you. I can't get out of here, they won't let me. I'm going to be stuck here wasting away till someone can rescue me and I don't want to wait for that to happen. I knew you'd be here and I'm sorry it has to be like this but once we have the baby the other girls will understand," Marta tells me starting to fuck me again this time more intense.

I don't want to feel this, she feels so good and I was getting close before but with her grinding hard and fast against me I don't know how much I can hold out and start to jerk on the cuffs hard.

It hurts my wrists but the damn things don't budge and I'm wide eyed as I feel the end coming. Kori will be destroyed, Imelda will leave me, I don't even know what the rest of the girls are going to do and I want to cry or beg or do something to make her stop but I'm cuffed and my body is betraying me right now. "Don't worry baby, give your new girlfriend a nice healthy baby.

Cum for Marta and cum deep so I can have your baby," Marta purrs righting herself and taking the hand off my mouth. "Please don't do this Marta, I don't want this. You're going to ruin realtor sucking guy before sex in house reality and blowjob life," I plead trying to move out from under her.

"Shhhh, I'm going to make it all better and after the first one you'll want to do it again and again and again&hellip.," Marta growls as she speeds up and I start to swell inside her. I'm freaking out and scared shitless for the first time in forever as Marta's head rolls back and she continues to moan as she starts to bring me to orgasm.

I'm done, she's won and I let her, I am going to fail my girls and they will leave me. I'm starting to get the tingle in my cock when I watch an arm come into view and grab Marta around the neck pounded so hard she screams with pleasure pornstars pull her hard and fast off of me.

I'm exposed to the air and I instinctively curl up in case Marta comes back but what I hear is a small fight and then high pitched angry Japanese before hear more of a struggle and see a shadow taking items from the room and throwing them out the door. I can hear the door to the tour bus open and close followed by a car engine starting and peeling out away from the bus.

I'm pressed against the back wall of the bus by the top of the bed and my wrists hurt but I'm curled up as my savior shadow comes into view. "Oh my god Guy what did she do to you," Natsuko says trying to come closer to me on the bed.

"Don't touch me, not you. You are hurting everyone and you can't be here now," I say panicked and desperate. "Guy it's okay I'm just going to help you get out of the cuffs," Natsuko says starting to reach but stops seeing my eyes and I can see she's about to cry," Oh god she messed you up. I'll go get Rachael okay, I'm coming back." And with that Natsuko in her pajama shorts and tank top runs out the tour bus and out of my sight.

I'm scared and shaking but I know I didn't finish and everything will be okay. It has to be okay, I can't lose my girls. I don't have any way to judge the time but I can hear panicked voices approaching the bus and I cringe at whatever may come through the door. "What do you mean she was raping him," I hear Rachael say as she enters the bus. "Just go look at him, he won't let me touch him," Natsuko says concerned.

As soon as Rachael comes into view and turns the light on I'm crying and begging for forgiveness. I can't tell what she's doing until I feel her hands on my wrists and struggling to get the cuffs off. "Dammit why don't these things come off," Rachael says straining against my cuffs. "There's a release on them by the top part," Natsuko instructs but Rachael is still having trouble.

"Get up here and help me," Rachael orders her before turning her attention to me," Guy look at me Target practice handjob with faith reach around handjob at handjobhu tube porn is our friend, she is going to help you and then we can make sure you're alright." My sweet Rachael is so calm and peaceful that I barely notice Natsuko undo the cuffs until Rachael moves my arms for me.

I wrap her up in me still crying, begging and pleading for forgiveness. The whole time Rachael just holds me and hums lightly till I'm calm down mostly.

I sit covering myself with my coat as the girls talk. "I don't know what happened but I was sleeping then I heard him with some girl, Marta I think.

They were talking and having a good time when she started going on about being girlfriend number six and getting pregnant," Natsuko explains trying to dispel the awkwardness of me nude and shaking. "I don't know enough to understand the whole thing down here but do you have any proof," Rachael asks looking around," I mean are her panties here or something so when we tell the other girls they will believe you?" "I will tell them that she raped me," I say quietly as Rachael takes my hand and squeezes it lightly.

"I recorded them," Natsuko says embarrassed. "You what," I respond quickly. "I have been watching you and the other girls when I can and I play with myself when you're not around. Hard, soft, mean, and loving I'm so damn lonely that I recoded it just to play with myself later while listening to it," Natsuko admits ashamed.

"You're a little slut but you're also a lifesaver for all us girls," Rachael says hugging Natsuko who warms to the affection.

"Rachael I want you," I tell Rachael still feeling aggressive now that I'm able move. "Holy crap baby are you sure you don't want to…," Rachael asks before moving my leather jacket and stops," Oh yeah he needs attention stat and I have just the girl to help me." Both Natsuko and I are staring at her before our gaze turns to each other and I can see she's nervous but moves closer to me.

I watch as she takes her pajama shorts off followed by her tank top, she starts to reach for me but something else just takes over and I grab Natsuko around her waist and jam our mouths together. She freezes and panics a little but I'm being taken over as I naughty nurse cfnm babes give hot bjs my hands down to her ass then to the backs of her thighs spreading her legs around me as I sit upright on my knees.

Natsuko isn't so much as warming up to my kiss as she is relenting to my onslaught, I get her legs wrapped around my hips and feel a hand guide me up into Natsuko's waiting pussy. She was wet from earlier and that helps me as I force the whole length of my cock deep inside her I feel Natsuko lock up and she breaks the kiss to whimper as I start to pound her pussy hard. I'm kissing aggressively down her tight Japanese/American body and nibbling at her skin as she cries and yelps at my invasion.

"Guy you need to go easier on her," Rachael tries to tell me. "NO, I want this I want him to fuck me," Natsuko says desperately. I need no prodding but the encouragement has me pounding Natsuko's pussy hard and deep. Each thrust gets a yelp from her and a grunt from me as I feel my blood boiling in my veins. I'm thrusting up into Natsuko, slamming her hips down against mine, grinding my teeth against her lithe body any where I can. The whole while Natsuko is just clinging to me for dear life and I feel her get wetter which makes me speed up when I feel my orgasm finally surge through my body.

It's not spurts of an orgasm it's me flooding Natsuko's pussy as she cries out with me buried inside her. I feel her kissing me and she's starting to go limp as I let her down and lay her on the bed. I see Rachael move towards me when she stops and sees what I already know, I'm still raging hard. For the first time I can see some fear in her face but slowly she holds up her hand before moving onto her back and pulling her panties off.

The only thing on her left is a thin cotton tank top but I don't care about that as I grab Rachael's ankles and drag her hips towards me. She is startled and a little nervous as I move over her; it's like an animal stalking his mate while hungry and horny. I move my hips towards Rachael's and like it knows where to go my cock lines right up with her entrance. I can feel her reach down to either touch me or spread her legs, I don't wait to see what it is she is doing as I press inside her and bury myself in different pussy for the third time tonight.

Rachael isn't as wet as Natsuko but she's been with me more recently and that is helping as she tries rolling her hips against mine. I don't know what is possessing me but I grab Rachael's legs under the knees and pull them up giving me a much deeper access to her pussy and start to pound away like I never stopped in Natsuko.

After the shock of the first few thrusts Rachael is staring at me with her eyes wide and covering her mouth to keep from making noise. It doesn't faze me that this harder than we've ever been before as I'm taking the full length of my cock and slamming it in till my balls slap Rachael's cute little ass. "Guy you need to slow down, this is too much for me right now," Rachael start to say as I watch her eyes roll to the back of her head," oh fuck me, fuck fuck fuck fuck." No commands needed here as I let her legs down and start fucking Rachael fast and deep like a rabbit on speed.

I must be on something at this point because I can feel another orgasm building up and it's edgier than the first as Rachael grabs my hips and I can see tears starting to come down her face but she doesn't look sad.

I'm pounding her deep and hard when I grunt and erupt a second time in Rachael's now hard fucked pussy. She's gasping for breath or life as I fill her full and groan as my body relaxes a little from the strain of the orgasm. I'm throbbing inside Rachael and I start to move again feeling more alive now than the first two times but Rachael is trying to stop me.

"Guy please&hellip. I can't take anymore," Rachael gasps as I am moving again. "Guy look at me," Natsuko says gaining my attention. I turn my head and see Natsuko on her stomach with a pillow under her hips and her ass in the air slightly. She spreads her asscheeks and I back out of Rachael getting a sigh of relief from my innocent little redhead. "You don't want to fuck her pussy again, you want something new. Come over here and break my ass with your cock," Natsuko says with a little fear in her face," I want you to fuck till I die happy or you can't fuck anymore." "Natty he's gonna hurt you like that," Rachael says rolling onto her side and facing us.

I move over Natsuko's ass and wedge the head of my cock against her other hole. I'm covered in three types of cum and that helps a lot as I get the head up Natsuko's ass. I watch her go rigid and start panting for breath as the next inch goes in. I can see she's having trouble taking it and for the first time since I started I hesitate. "Fuck me, make me your good little Asian girl again," Natsuko growls at me trying to push her ass up onto more of my cock.

I feel alive again and slide the whole of my cock down till my balls are resting on Natsuko's ass. She's panting heavy and hard but her asshole is so tight that I don't know if I can hold out when I feel Natsuko let go of her cheeks and move her hands up by her head. I place my hands on top of hers and interlock our fingers before backing half of me out of her ass and plunging it back in.

We're going hard against each other and I'm starting to feel my exhaustion creep in but I'm victoria filmed while riding big dong near pool it off as Natsuko arches her back changing the angle of my penetration slightly and as sending a shiver up my spine. It's keeping me going when she turns her head to face me and I see she's desperate for something and breaks our grip on each other with her hand and reaches up to me as much as possible.

I lower my head down to hers and she latches on to me with her hand and pulls me in for a soft kiss and I'm boiling once more and hopefully for the last time. "I love feeling you inside me. I love it when you cum and I will only ever let you take me like this. Now please cum for me," Natsuko begs quietly in between kisses.

Despite the softness of our kissing our bodies are slamming into each other and my cock is plowing the way for an orgasm like I haven't had in over a week since Kori. "Fuck I'm cumming," I groan loudly and empty the last of my cum into Natsuko's willing ass. I am buried inside my sweet Asian sidekick's ass and I'm spent. I can feel her grind up against me trying to get the last of my cum out before I collapse onto her.

I'm tired, all sorts of messed up in the head and I've literally fucked two girls so hard my balls ache. Rachael helps me roll off Natsuko and as I lie there on my back feel Natsuko curl up next to me as the lights kick off.

With Rachael on one side and Natsuko on the other I lie on my back and sleep takes me quickly. I am blinded by sunlight in my eyes and turn away from it to find Natsuko still lying in the bed next to me. She's not asleep just lying next to me staring, I see her smile and get a quick kiss before putting my arm around her and letting her cuddle my chest.

I can hear two voices talking and they are getting closer when I make out Kori talking over Rachael. "He's home safe but I need to see him now before he gets mad," Kori says barging into the bus," Guy I'm really sorry about last night, we were just having fun and I forgot about everything. I mean it wasn't needed but we're away from all our parents&hellip.," is about as far as Kori's explanation goes as she sees Natsuko and I sit up. Oh my god I know that expression, I've never seen myself in the mirror before but I'm guessing that is what I look like before I go into a complete homicidal rage.

Kori is staring at me and Natsuko. In the same bed. Naked, and she doesn't know what happened and I don't think I will have time to explain it to her before she saucy blonde minx likes being fucked hard european teen. Girlfriend number one meltdown in 3&hellip.

2&hellip. 1&hellip. Part 6 I can see Kori's brain go from thinking to fight mode and the only thing I can think of to do is roll over on top of Natsuko shield her from Kori's onslaught. Slaps, punches, claws and I think some jewelry hit me in the back and back of my head as Kori is swearing at Natsuko through me. "You fucking bitch, I will fucking fuck you up you dirty lying cunt&hellip.," Kori keeps going with more profanity than even I care to hear as she beats on me.

"Kori? Kori?! KORI?!!!," I finally scream at her but to no avail as she's in a full blown rage. The beating stops and I hear the sounds of a struggle behind keisha grey explores the pleasure of threesome act and turn slim busty babe fuck on fake interview see Imelda and Mathilda dragging Kori out of the bus.

I get up and see watch as Rachael and Katy enter to see me sitting on the edge of the bed and Natsuko getting dressed behind me as I see Katy's face turn sour. "I ought to kick the shit out of you," Katy says as I stop her spy cam toilet blowjob switching things up standing up naked and stomping towards her with a grumpy look on my face.

I get into the blinding sun and hear the girls struggling with Kori as I start to step down and end up on my face as my balance is not the best the morning after. Driveway is warm all over and I can hear the fighting has stopped as I start to get up and I hear more than just my girl's voices.

"Someone grab him some underwear or something," I can hear Rachael saying to whoever is able to listen. "Why," I hear Bethany ask with a smile in her voice. I get up and I see Kori's rage turn to shock and apparently it's a trend as I feel my face and see blood on my hands. I'm fucking bleed out my nose and when a pair of underwear is handed to me I lean against the bus to get them on and not fall on my face.

I'm barely dressed and everyone is looking at the principals wondering what happens next when I get pissed again and decide to do what everyone seems to come to me for, handle shit now. "Everyone inside right fucking now, my girls and Natsuko in the TV room and everyone else outside," I say waving off a helping hand from Matty as I stomp my way inside the house. I get inside and pass Loretta who is standing shocked as I have blood on my face and am in my underwear as I stomp my way to the TV room and sit down in the chair facing the door.

I feel a bit woozy curvy chick abella danger gets her pussy demolished I need to focus on the now and get this done before someone other than me gets hurt.

I watch my girls and Natsuko file in and where everyone tries to find a seat I point Natsuko to the TV to stand before everyone. "Alright so we're getting all this out right fucking now and I swear to god if someone speaks out of turn or interrupts I'll stand up too fast and put my whole face through the glass coffee table.

Are we clear," I ask getting wide eyed stares and nods from everyone. "Honey don't you want some clothes or to have me look at your face first," Loretta asks from the doorway next to the rest of my crew. "No Mom, this is a priority but please come in and sit with Kori," I say getting another set of odd looks as she does so," Alright Natsuko let's get this started with you.

Did you tell Heather to have Kori beaten down last year?" "No, when I was talking with her I was telling her to find some friends of her own. I didn't think she would go so far as to get in your face and come at everyone," Natsuko says trying to explain. "So what did you actually do exactly and don't keep anything back," I ask still woozy and upset.

"I sent her pictures of you because she asked if I had seen you. I talked to her about moving on or to try getting through to you if she wanted to be around you," Natsuko admits with more than a little fear.

"And why would you do that," I inquire. "Because Kori and I talked about it and I figured it'd be the best way to get you back into who we knew you were," Natsuko asks as the whole group starts looking between her and Kori. "When did I ever say we needed to get Heather to go psycho and make Guy's life hell," Kori asks hotly but sees my pissed off face and cools down barely.

"It wasn't so much as Heather as you telling me that we were losing him and that he's not pushing enough so I came up with a way to get him to be motivated," Natsuko explains before looking to me and seeing my pain," I didn't want any of that last year.

I didn't want a war or Kori to get hurt, I just wanted her to push your buttons and twgirls and a guy fucking you'd get into being your angry but sexier self. Kori said that." "I'm sexier when I'm angry?," I ask getting a couple of nods from my girls," Aside from all that did you give her information on us?

Did you tell her how to get at MY girls? Did you even give her my location at any point in time so she could fucking ambush me?" "No, I didn't tell her anything about anyone else. I just had her focus on either trying to get close to you or her getting her own friends.

She started going on about how she was going to take over and until Kori got beat I had no clue how bad it had gotten," Natsuko says scared," That's why I did everything you asked, it was my fault because I tried to get you back to being what you are." "And what am I exactly that all you women seem to need to hide behind the scenes," I ask more confused and a little betrayed.

"You are a machine, a sexy machine that loves us and destroys anything that hurts us. You fix everything we ask and you never compromise for anyone which makes you better," Imelda says speaking for the others.

"We thought you were going to start regretting everything that happened the year before when Natty and I started talking about it. I was scared I was losing you, that we were losing you," Kori says quietly.

"We'll get to that in a minute. Now Kori, what happened last night," I ask turning my attention off of Natsuko. "We were partying, Jun had won his fight and we were talked into having a celebratory drink since you weren't around we just kept drinking. Then you came back and I realized what we were doing baby," Kori says apologetically," But I wake up this morning and find you're not home and then I see you in bed with Natsuko and I lost my temper." "Yeah I'll say so but you all got drunk then my bike gets brought home without me and I'm stranded at the races alone," I say as everyone starts to wonder.

"Yeah Guy, that was Carlos's people's fault. They thought you said to bring your shit home and that you'd be along later," I hear Lilly say from the back of the crowd outside the door. "Everyone get in here and sit down on the floor now," I tell everyone and wait till they're inside and Devin closes the door," Now you all got drunk, fine and I sent you home before something bad happened and planned to give you some grief about it today but in light of recent events I think we need a little show and tell of what happened." I look at Natsuko and she has her phone but shakes her head and Me masturbating with cumshot tube porn stare at her with my best 'You fucking do it now'.

I can remember last night in full detail but there are a bunch of blurred emotions and I can remember how I felt more than what was fully happening.

Natsuko turns up the volume and plays the audio for the room to hear. I can hear the sounds of Marta and I talking, I sound fucked up and more than a little bit. I can hear us kissing and we get to me being cuffed which brings back some memories like a bolt. I'm feeling it all over again as it replays on the phones audio when I hear my own voice come blaring through the speaker. "Please don't do this Marta, I don't want this. You're going to ruin my life," my voice comes blaring through loud and clear as I can feel my stomach knot up.

Everyone is either staring at the phone in horror or staring at me as the audio turns to the sounds of violence and a Japanese harpy screaming obscenities or threats before Natsuko's voice goes to panicked and it cuts off as you hear Rachael start to ask what happened.

"That can't be Marta," Imelda says being the first one to speak, her face etched with horror. "Oh I think it really could be," I reply staring at everyone coldly.

"Baby we didn't know," Kori says as I cut her off with a glare. "No you didn't know, because you were drunk and Guy sent you home to be safe," Loretta says with some pained authority," He got left behind and he almost ended up being the one to pay for your fun. He paid for my fun for nearly nine years and that's what we're dealing with now aren't we?" "No we're not.

You drank and I sent you home to be safe, no matter what anyone says that is on me. What we are here for is her," I say pointing to Natsuko," We have a lot of opinions and I am calling a vote right now with everything in front of us about what happened.

She fucked up and she went around our backs for the group trying to do what was in 'MY' best interested and bad shit happened. She's had the chance to hurt us and get us in trouble and she's stayed true even though I've been treating her like shit.

Now when I had nobody around and nobody was able to be there to save me she was there and she helped me keep my word to you, MY women that I love more than myself, when I was going to fail you." "Wait what vote," Jun asks confused. "Either she's with us or she's out," I say as everyone starts to feel the weight of the situation," Everyone was wanting her gone when we found out now we see who's willing to stand by what they say in front of everyone else. All those who say she's out?" The room is quiet and only one hand goes up in the air, Ben.

I'm kind of confused and my staring has Ben looking at Kori before addressing me. "She got Kori hurt, she didn't come forward when shit was happening and she might have been able stop the violence before it all happened," Ben says as everyone waits for their turn.

"And all who say she stays," I ask as hands start to go in the air but Kori stands up to stop the vote. "No, this is between Natsuko, Guy and me," Kori says stepping around the coffee table and facing off with Natsuko. There is a height difference between the two of them and I can see Kori is really pent up when everyone is treated to the shock of Kori slapping Natsuko in the face.

It's that loud smack across the cheek and while Natsuko doesn't fall I can tell people are about to get involved including me when everyone is put in their place.

Kori helps Natsuko straighten up and hugs her, there is a few seconds of confusion and awkwardness when we everyone hears Natsuko crying and Kori telling her thank you over and over. "I want my pants, my coat and my boots from the bus," Mofos margo dresses like a dirty schoolgirl pigtails and all say standing up slowly," Bethany we need to borrow your truck." "Whoa Guy what are you doing," Hanna asks contributing her questions for the first time in a while.

"I'm going with my girls down to Marta's house, I'm going to walk through their world and then I'm going to prove why I'm a very scary son of a bitch," I say before turning to Loretta," No offense Mom." Loretta waves it off and I get handed my clothing by Jun, I get dressed slowly and it's the coat that takes the longest since I have some wonderful bruises and claw marks on my back.

Katy get's in the cab of Bethany's truck with Kori and Rachael, I get in the back with Matty who is playing my crutch since everyone thinks I'm going to fall over again. I might but I need to do this now, you hurt my girls I don't wait. If I get hurt my girls need to see the attacker first hand and I will bring terror and pain if my body allows it. Imelda leads us out on her bike and I'm being held my Matty as she plays blanket to me in my weakened state. It takes us a little while to get there and it was barely after Noon when we woke up as we pull in front of Carlos's folk's home.

I can see Marta's car is in the drive way and it looks like Carlos has most of his people there as I take my time getting out. Imelda is the first one to start to head to the back yard but Hector comes out to greet/stop us.

I can tell they're speaking in Spanish and as my girls flank me all the hoods are up my head is down as we're moving slowly when Hector tries to speak with me. "Guy man this isn't a good time, Carlos is on a warpath and something happened with Marta last night and its pretty bad homes," Hector tells me placing his hand on my shoulder. I take my hand and place it over his as we are friends but when I look into his eyes there is a dead feeling inside me and I can see his face register with an 'oh fuck' before he steps aside.

Imelda looks to me and I see her nod, I reply and she proceeds to plow a path through Carlos's people who stop talking as my girls and I step through the crowd of maybe twenty or twenty five homies. Carlos is going off about letting her out as we round the corner and I can see Marta sitting at a picnic table facing him with her mother sitting next to her.

All eyes are on me and mine as my girls stare down Marta from across the yard. I start my very slow walk and I feel a very empty and painful emotion as words just come out of me from a song long ago. "My girl my girl don't lie to me, tell me where did you sleep last night.

In the pines, in the pines where the sun never shines and I'll shiver the whole night through. My girl my girl where will you go, I'm going where the cold wind blows. In the pines, in the pines where the sun never shines and I'll shiver the whole night through," I sing stoically as I cross the yard.

Carlos sees where I'm going and he's telling me to stop while standing directly in my way but I will not be stopped. He's panicking and I watch as he pulls a gun and places the barrel against my chest telling me to stop. I keep singing beautiful blonde cheerleader has her pussy drilled stare my friend in his eyes, I can see fear of me and looking at me he sees I have none and that scares him the most.

I calmly place my hand on the pistol against my chest and slowly take it out of Carlos's hand and step past him as I cause my one of my best friends to stand in terror as I pass. I drop the gun, I won't need it for what I'm feeling right now and it's not my way. I finally finish my crossing and am standing in front of Marta.

She's in plain jeans and a t-shirt as I stand there and motion for her to come to me. She is terrified and shaky as she stands up but I stop her at arm's length before turning my song into a scream at her letting my emptiness out as I remember everything I felt as I do.

There I am with blood on my face still, tears in my eyes from painful memory staring the woman who attempted to steal my life from me in her face. "My girl my girl don't lie to me, tell me where did you sleep last night! In the pines the pines where sun never shines and I shivered the whole night through!

My girl my girl where did you go, I'm going where the cold wind blows," I scream at Marta as she breaks down and starts crying," In the pines the pines, where sun never shines and I shivered… the whole… night through." I stop and want to fall down feeling drained emotionally and that's when I hear Marta speaking in Spanish.

I don't know what she's saying but the look on her mother's face is one of horror and Carlos nearly knocks me over as he tries to figure out what his sister means by everything that she is confessing to. Imelda and Matty place their arms around me and help me step back before Imelda stands there looking at her cousins.

Marta finishes her confession and stares up at Imelda. I can see just enough on Imelda's face to know where she is with her emotions, disgust and bitter resentment. Imelda takes a moment and spits on the ground right in front of Marta before turning hot wife gets fucked good amp orgasm loud amp get creampie pussyfucking and doggystyle to me and coldly walking away.

We leave the yard peacefully and Hector starts clearing out Carlos's crew before hopping into his own car and leaving himself. Back in the truck again with Matty and we're off for home with some somber emotions riding through everyone. Normally I'd stay and hammer the point home but this was too much for me but I had to do it now. We arrive back at home and the girls lead me in as everyone is walking on egg shells around me and I finally let have Imelda take me to a bathroom, the same one we had sex in the other night and clean the dried blood off of my face and out of my nose.

She finishes and tries to leave but I close the door and I can tell she's hurting, we both are and it's that debilitating pain that just puts us in each other's arms. I don't know how long we're in there but knocking on the door to check if it's occupied has Imelda pulling herself together and we exit the bathroom past Ben who looks a little taken aback by me.

I don't know what his deal is this time but I'm not in a mood for it as I head down stairs and see Loretta sitting on the couch and watching TV. Something inside me shifts a little bit night mom and san sex I find myself walking in and lying down on the couch facing the TV with my head on her lap.

She doesn't turn the TV off but I get a blanket thrown over me and I just lay there as she strokes my head till I pass out. I spend the remainder of Sunday mostly on the couch just being a bump people have to move around. Monday comes and goes along with Tuesday and I've just been not motivated to do anything. My friends are heading out to see the city still, some with Mr. Delauter, and some with Loretta or the girls. Mostly for those two days I just lay in bed and do not much of anything, my girls dote over me like a wounded puppy but I just feel unmotivated.

I actually catch Ben and Bethany having a go at each other hard and barely remember to take a couple pictures from the open doorway for Liz before heading back to my room. I'm waking up lazy on Wednesday and the girls apparently all have plans out for most of the day, Loretta attempts to talk to me about getting out and finding Jackie but even that doesn't seem important as I head back up to my room and hear my girls having a conversation where Katy is the one left standing in the room as my girls give me a hug each as they head out and I'm left alone with punk nurse.

An hour or two into everyone being gone puts me at about noon for the day and I'm just droning on TV. Katy is going through clothing and finally I'm watching her strip and put on some very 'fuck me' lingerie. I'm more curious than anything when she starts to model it in a mirror. "You look really good," I tell her as I big boobs teen cali carter gets slammed the black lacy corset and thong combo Katy is sporting.

"Yeah well I hope it works for what I have planned," Katy says not looking at me. "What do you have planned," I ask just casually from the couch. "Well I was talking to Mark Jr. and he told me about a frat house that he knows if I show up I can probably get fucked by at least seven or eight guys there," Katy tells me finally look at me with a serious expression. "Are you fucking with me," I ask more than a little shocked by her statement.

"No, nobody is fucking with you, you aren't fucking with anyone. You don't want to do anything so I'm going to go test out some new guys and if everything works out I'll bring the rest of the girls down later this week," Katy says finding a pair of denim short shorts to put on. "Wait you all are going to just start fucking around with other guys just because I'm not feeling well," I ask getting up off the bed to confront her.

"Listen to you," Katy says leaving the room carrying a button up shirt," 'I'm not feeling well'. Did that bitch cut your balls off while she was at it?" "Hey if anything like this happened with you I would wait and make sure you were better before trying anything," I tell Katy now getting upset and following her, t minus 3.

"Yeah well we'd also be trying and you're just, well you're not even crying which makes me wonder which would be more sad," Katy almost spits out at me starting to head down the stairs, t minus 2.

"Listen I know I'm not in the right head space but you want to just go out and fuck some random college guys because I'm having problems," I say raising my voice as we get down the stairs, t minus 1.

"You know what Guy, fuck you. I'm tired of holding your fucking hand when we were all promised fun. We're not your girlfriends we're your fucking nurses. I'm not taking care of whatever this is you're calling yourself now because it's NOT the Guy I started dating, go find my number when he decides to come back," Katy say starting to turn away and head towards the garage, and we have ignition.

Everything in my body kicks back on and the surge of adrenaline that hits me puts me into a more action and less thought category as I cover the few feet of distance and snatch Katy by the back of ada fucked the girls like a pro with a huge dildo head with a handful of hair. Her whole body stiffens is I start to drag threesome with hotties breanne benson and tasha reign in fucking heels back towards the stairs.

"Owww Guy, you're hurting me," Katy says as we get to the stairs. "You said real ref xxx story sex stories you Guy' and now here you are having doubts," I tell Katy in a sinister tone while sitting her on her ass on the steps," Take it out." "Guy you need to calm down," Katy says trying to right herself.

"Lazy fucking bitch, well here, let me do the work for you," I spit pulling my bed shorts down and freeing my cock. "Guy I'm sorr…," is about as far as Katy gets when I grab the hair on the top of her head getting a yelp of surprise. "Open your fucking cocksucker now," I order Katy as I rub my cock all over her makeup. Cautiously Katy complies and I shove my cock into her mouth getting only half way inside.

Katy tries to remove my hand from her head but I slap her a little on the cheek and that shocks her into putting her hands down to her sides. I'm not gentle as I use Katy's mouth as my own personal hard on maker, going from semi hard to raging bull in only about a minute of her sloppy face fucking.

"See now we're getting somewhere," I tell her pulling out of her mouth and smearing saliva on her face with my cock," Now take off your fucking clothes." I watch Katy start to take of her shirt and hesitate for a moment.

That's a bad move on her part because as soon as her shirt comes off I let go of her hair and grab her nipple, pinching it hard. She's groaning in pain or pleasure, I'm not sure which and she stops stripping. "I said take your fucking clothes off now or I swear I will pinch your nipple so fucking hard you'll be able to use a pencil as a fucking piercing," I growl twisting lightly.

Katy adjusts her ass and pulls the shorts off and kicking her heels off to the esperanse gets a big cock in her ass past me, I release her nipple and grab the very punk belt from her shorts. It's all leather and studs but in my hands it's a fucking instrument of punishment forged by the Devil himself.

"Up the stairs now," I tell Katy who stands up and starts to head up when I just use the tip and connect it with her ass. "I am going, Guy I'm sorry I'm doing it," Katy howls in pain as her knees buckle. "Now you're getting the idea, you want to be fucked like a bitch you can crawl up the fucking stairs like a bitch," I tell her as I adjust the belt to get a little more length out of it.

Slowly Katy in her black corset and thong slowly crawl up the stairs, every few stairs I bring the belt across her ass getting her to pause and make what I think is a whimpering noise.

It takes us only a minute or two till we're at the bedroom and Katy's ass is red with marks from the belt. I didn't draw any blood but then I didn't want to make that much of a mess in the hall way.

I watch as Katy, in a very dutiful and submissive move, sits her ass on her calves with her hands behind her back. I strip out of my shorts and t shirt before picking the belt back up which has her staring at me expecting the worst.

"Jesus you can't do anything right can you," I ask sounding annoyed," I said to take all your clothes off." "But you stopped me from…," Katy starts to get out when I slap her across the tit with my hand. "The fuck did you just say to me? Because it didn't sound like words that come out of a bitch," I tell Katy as she's reeling in pain.

"I'm sorry Guy," Katy says stripping out of the corset and standing only to take her thong off. I motion her to come over to the foot of the bed and I forcibly turn her towards it and bend her over at the waist.

Katy places her hands on the foot board of the bed with her ass out and looks back at me waiting for what happens next. I drop the belt and head over to Kori's goodie bag for the girls and after searching find a big clit stimulating vibrator. I have to plug the fucker into the wall and I've seen them used in some really hard core porn, the kind where the girl usually isn't in a position to do anything but cum and cum some more. In essence it's perfect for what I'm planning as I kick the thing on to medium and touch it to Katy's clit.

Immediately Katy moans at the contact and I can tell she's actually enjoying herself now for the first time in minutes. I can see Katy start to shake in the knees a little but a slap to her ass stops her from losing her composure or balance as I turn up the vibrator a little higher. Katy's ass is shaking and I slap it again but that only spurs on the moderate orgasm she's having as she cums to the touch of the vibrator.

Katy's pussy is wet and I smile at my work as I take my middle and ring finger jam them in her hole before kicking the vibrator up to maximum.

Katy groans loudly and doesn't stop as I am working my fingers in and out of her pussy hard. The sounds in the room are so simple anyone could tell you what was happening from anywhere in the house, Katy's moaning like a good bitch, the vibrator is humming along loudly, and the palm of my had is making a slapping noise as it hits Katy's shaved and wet pussy. I'm not flagging in the hard on department either and while I remember what I did with Natsuko and Rachael as being hard and impulsive Katy wanted to push my buttons, good work bitch.

"Katy are you going to cum valentina nappi and danny d only story I ask taking my thumb and rubbing it against her asshole still fingering her. I see her nod and then stiffen and groan as my thumb finds its way into her asshole. Katy is moaning and panting loudly and I can tell she's enjoying herself a little too much when I start to move my hand faster and harder. Her legs are shaking, she's out of breath by the sounds of it and I'm not stopping till I get the satisfaction I want and we're not even half way there by my 60 plus mature french granny lesbian. "Guy, I'm gonna cum.

You need to stop," Katy says with a bit of real desperation in her voice. "Oh you're going to cum, well cum then," I retort going at her harder with my fingers. "No Guy I'm really going to cum," Katy pleads starting to shake in the legs again. I don't stop, hell I don't care if she cums so hard right now she passes out.

She doesn't mind you but one second she's gasping and then she's moaning loud enough to make a dog howl as I'm treated to Katy spraying cum out of her pussy and onto the carpet. I stop fingering and take the vibrator away as she continues to cum and I can see a very big wet spot on the pale blue carpet of the room.

Katy collapses and I let her sit on her knees and shake out her orgasm as I lay down on the bed at the top with my erect cock resting patiently as Katy recovers. "Well what are you waiting for bitch," I ask Katy who looks up and I can see more hesitation in her eyes as she sees me not satisfied," Get your ass out of your puddle and crawl up here and get back to sucking my cock." Katy is on shaky legs as she forces herself to stand before slowly crawling up the huge ass bed that I and my girls sleep on.

I don't know if this is a game or not but she wanted to piss me off and now she's got it. I watch as she moves up and starts to take me in her mouth slowly, I feel hands on my balls massaging them sweetly.

I don't want sweet I want my bitch. "Put your hands behind your back," I order Katy as she quietly complies. I watch as she takes her time and I enjoy the feeling of her mouth working me over, up and down slowly and in an effort to 'please' me. It's a wonderful effort but I want more, as I start to guide her head down into deeper strokes.

I can feel her throat opening up and taking me in as she keeps half of me in her mouth. I make her bottom out with me in her mouth and her chin on my sack, Katy's green eyes looking up at me expectantly as she keeps her composure. I smile and reach a hand down and pinch her nose closed cutting off cadence science experiment caused her to orgasm uncontrollably but the small amount of air she's getting past my cock in her mouth and throat.

If Katy was panicked before she's losing her shit now as I watch her struggle to breath, a firm glare from me keeps her from trying to pull away entirely. I'm enjoying as she tries to 'breath' my cock into her lungs and I wait to see her eyes glaze over slightly before pulling her mouth completely off of me. Katy lies on the bed gasping and I'm moving in for the kill, so to speak, as I move behind her as she lies on her side recovering.

I place the head of my cock against her asshole and with no subtlety shove my cock up her ass. Katy's body tightens up at my invasion and I only take a few long deliberate strokes before hammering her ass hard and fast.

I wrap my arm under her body and around her chest and keep her from running but I feel like the fight is all out of her as I'm driving myself towards an orgasm.

"Are you well fucked enough bitch," I ask grunting. "No Guy, I need your cum in me. I'm your bitch and I need your cum," Katy moans leaning back into me. "My bitch, my woman. FUCK I'm cumming," I howl as my orgasm hits.

The first shot causes us both to freeze a bit as it leaves me and enters her, the next few has us grinding abella danger twerking for miami each other. We're milking my orgasm for all it's worth as I finally finish and pull out of Katy who rolls onto her stomach and lays there breathing heavy. I step around to check her and marvel as she pushes herself up off the bed a little and cleans my cock with her mouth.

I'm actually getting a little hard when she pulls off and just lies there lazily. "I'm sorry I said all that," Katy tells me quietly. "No you're not," I tell her smiling. "No I really am, I don't want to fuck other guys but I just couldn't take that anymore," Katy admits to me with a few actual tears. "Well maybe I need to be reminded sometimes that I have to take care of my bitch," I chuckle out giving her a kiss on the lips. I just watch Katy for a few moments, all fucked out with her makeup messed up and a light smile on her face.

I cover her with a blanket and put on a pair of shorts, and relax on the bed next to her and wait. It's only a few hours when I hear the garage door open shaggy oriental hardcore sex japanese and blowjob more than a few of my girls talking with Bethany and Abigail. I am bounding down the stairs as they get to the clothing pile and seeing me has them all confused.

"Guy are you okay," Kori asks confused as I give her a kiss. "Yeah I'm fine, I'm gonna be in the pool," I tell them heading out the still broken back door.

I know they are confused by my new mood but I need to cool off as I hit the pool and just wade in the water relaxing. I swim around a bit and enjoy the shade that Mr. Delauter had built to cover the pool on days that were too much for the 'fair' skinned. I have never really enjoyed the pool or water because of the sun but I'm enjoying myself for a good bit when I catch movement out of the corner of my eye and stop to see Rachael walking past the pool in her pink two piece bathing suit.

"Having fun Guy," Rachael asks as she sits down on the side of the pool with her feet in the water. "Somewhat, checking up on me," I ask in turn holding the side of the pool and treading water a little. "Well kinda, the girls are wondering what happened and honestly I haven't been around for as long so I'm just trying to learn," Rachael tells me lightly kicking her feet. "Do you know who I'm worried about," I ask with a smile as Rachael shakes her head no," Kitty." "You mean Katy," Rachael says clarifying.

"Nope I mean Kitty, I was kinda mean to Kitty recently. I was forceful and didn't really play very nice with her," I tell Rachael moving to where her legs are in between my arms. "Guy who is Kitty," Rachael asks getting more confused.

I pull Rachael forward till her ass is barely on the side of the pool and separate her legs before leaning in and tugging on her bathing suit bottoms with my teeth. Rachael is giggling and trying to stop me when I snake my tongue barely inside the crotch of her suit bottom the games seem to stop for her.

"Guy people are going to see us," Rachael hisses as I persist with getting to her 'kitty'. "And? Seriously I'm either going to do this right now or I'm going to pull you into the water with me and I'll do it with less air to breathe," I growl nudging her covered mound with my nose.

"I can't believe you're doing this," Rachael whispers as she pulls her bathing suit bottom to the side. As soon as I have access I dive in and start licking Rachael's clit for all I'm worth, she immediately tenses up and starts trying to hold back her moaning.

I feel her lean back and my tongue goes right to her sweet little hole, she's lightly shaved and trimmed which is a different contrast to most of my other girls who prefer to be smooth.

"Guy you need to slow down," Rachael tells me a little desperation. "Here Kitty Kitty Kitty," I mutter as I dig in for more of Rachael's sweetness when I feel hands on my ears pulling me out. "Kitty is hungry," Rachael almost growls at me with a new intensity. I watch as Rachael slides her body into the pool and I'm hard from playing around with her as she keeps herself afloat with one hand on my shoulder and the other tugs my shorts down.

The cold water on me feels a bit more freeing with my shorts down and I can feel Rachael's stroking me with a light smile on her face.

"So you're going to have to keep us afloat aren't you," Rachael asks as I nod and she smiles at that," So you have to just sit there and keep me up while I do whatever I want." Oh I'm in some wonderful trouble and I grip the wall behind Rachael making sure we're not going anywhere before I put my feet on the wall just to insure that I won't fall away anytime soon. Rachael seems to be struggling with something and finally dips her head in the water for a minute before coming back up with her pink suit bottoms in her hand.

I feel her adjust me for a moment and I know I'm at the entrance to her sweet folds and I stay still as she slowly dips down getting most of me inside her.

We can't get me all the way in as I'm 'Spiderman' on the wall of the pool but Rachael is taking her sweet times using long strokes up and down most of my length. "It's nice to have you hold out for me for a change," Rachael whispers with her arms around my neck. I grunt in satisfaction as she just takes her time letting me feel every little bit of her pussy as she's feeling every bit of me inside her.

My grip is good and I get greedy for a second and when my hand starts to slip I regrab the wall and shake off the idea of being more playful. I love the differences in all my girls and right now Rachael is showing her more possessive side as she starts to speed up making me grip the wall a little harder and grit my teeth a bit more. "Is my 'Kitty' making you feel good," Rachael asks enjoying her control of the situation. I'm groaning in pleasure and Rachael is smiling as she starts to make sure that everyone knows we're having sex by looking at the pool water.

I'm not getting close yet but Rachael is biting her lip and I jokingly bite my tongue as she looks at me. I see her close to the perfection siliconetits and ridingcock frown a little before I get kissed hard and deep, my member is swirling around inside her as our tongues are playing tag in each other's mouth. Rachael breaks our kiss and starts to bounce quickly and with a purpose. There are no words for her this time as she latches onto me with every limb and I feel her head against my chest as her sweet folds try to milk my non orgasming member.

I feel her buck against me a few times before her senses come back and I wait for her to move again. "Guy I'm sorry but I'm feeling really tired," Rachael says pouting a little. I start to crab walk along the wall till I get to the ladder spot and we settle for a moment with me inside her as she comes up with another plan. I feel her hop off of my member and the cold is a bit more intense and in the shifting of us getting organized Rachael's legs get put together with my cock in between them and rubbing against her folds.

I start to back up but the difference feels good and I push back in causing both of us to moan. I start moving like this and we're both pushing out hips together and I'm panting as I can feel the intensity of my orgasm from this being so different change and as I start to tighten up Rachael start moaning. "You're big fucking cock is rubbing up against my tight little pussy," she tells me nibbling on my chest.

I start cumming from her uncharacteristic dirty talk, the cold of the water with the warmth of her thighs and the sweet feel of her pussy all over me.

The first few spasms have her jumping a little with surprise and I'm just hoping nobody else is getting in the pool for a while so they don't get me on them as I pull out from between Rachael's thighs. I help my innocent girlfriend get her bottoms back on and get a deep kiss before she turns and climbs the ladder out of the pool. "Maybe you should cool off a bit more before you decide to come in," Rachael tells me smirking before she heads inside the house.

I get out myself and do something that I normally wouldn't do, just sit outside and think for a bit. Katy may have been getting me riled up so that I could get moving again but why. It is a bit of a problem and my mulling over it has me realizing that I'm covered in chlorine water from the pool and it's going to start getting cold outside.

I head back indoors and see Loretta working on dinner and all the crew is back and staring at as I pop into the kitchen. "Guy are you feeling okay," Loretta aka Mom asks with a little concern. "Well I'm not feeling like I need to lie in bed all day with people waiting on me as if I were some baby," I say with a bit of a smile.

I can tell she's confused but I head off to get a shower when I see a pair of very muscular legs head into a bathroom on the second floor and I start to get an itch again. I take my time heading up the stairs and do a quick check in on my room. Katy is lying on her stomach with an icepack on her ass while Kori, Rachael and Natsuko are watching TV with her.

Katy is the one that sees me and all I get is a wink before I head back down the hall and creep into the bathroom where I hear Mathilda showering. I am as quiet as I can be slipping inside and closing the door. After I get out of my shorts I wait a moment before pulling back the curtain and slipping into the shower behind Matty. She has her head in the water and I'm wondering how to play this when my other head tells me to go for it.

I slide my hands around Matty's waist and press my body against her back. "What the fuck," Matty hisses pulling her face out of the water. "How do you have such soft skin when your muscles are so hard," I ask my Amazon kissing her back. "What is wrong with you," She asks turning around in my arms and pulling me back so she can look me in the eyes. I lower my hands from the small of her back to her ass and squeeze lightly before lowering my head and taking her nipple into my mouth.

Matty's confusion lasts for a moment but I'm playful and tender as I gently suck on her. I have strong but gentle hands holding my head as I feel one go down my back and keep me close. Matty is enjoying herself by the sounds of the moans and I slowly back her up against the shower wall and move in hand to her front slowly trailing my fingertips around her hip till I settle on the space just above her slit.

I get my head lifted by the chin and once my face is turned upward my lips are met by Mathilda's. All the time when we're doing anything she is so powerful but right now we're alone and I can feel her lip quiver as we kiss. It's tender and I move my fingers down into her slit and slowly rub a circle around her clit. She tenses up a little but it's more out of enjoyment when the hand from on my chin moves down my body and I feel Matty grip my growing erection.

My Amazon takes her time stroking me hard as I continue to trail circles around her clit with my finger, our mouths still locked together in a softer than I've had all day. We're pressing our bodies together in the running water of the shower. Mathilda is locked against me as I trail my finger into her slit; she hikes her leg up letting me have more access with my finger rubbing her wet hole. Matty's head leans back breaking our kiss and moaning as I feel her wet hole tense up, I start trailing kisses down her body and stop again taking her breast in my mouth this time being more needing and hungrier for her than before.

I only linger on her breast for a moment before kissing further down Matty's body, her hands moving to my head, I get to her mid riff and then down to her sweet folds. I take a few tentative licks of my Amazon's clit as I work one finger inside her. She has a gentle grip on my head and I'm working her over when I hear some of my favorite sounds.

"Baby its good&hellip. Keep going please&hellip.," Matty whimpers as I feel her tighten up reflexively. She's moaning lightly and I'm taking my time giving her every single of my personal attention and effort as I work a little faster more intense. I don't have much hair on my head but Mathilda is trying her best grip something on my head with tender need. I'm tasting more of Matty and quicken the pace of my finger and tongue, I hear my Amazon goddess moaning lightly and desperately when I feel her clamp down on my finger and I freeze my finger but gently suck her clit as she rides out her orgasm.

I let her calm down and relax before feeling her paw at me to pull me up by my head. I'm hard and start to line myself up with her slit when I get turned around and big but friend let me smash again up against the corner of the shower I get a quick kiss before I watch Mathilda move down onto her knees in front of me and strokes my erection gently but purposeful.

"My turn, unless you need to rest first," Matty asks with a questioning look. I take her hair in my hand gently and guide my cock into her mouth. Matty is working the end of me in her mouth in short strokes while her hands stroke my shaft and balls in equal measure.

I rest my head against the cold tile of the shower and Matty is persistent and consistent with her ministrations. I feel tongue over the head of my member and a different rhythm of my shaft as I'm now groaning as I mia magma loves playing with her wet pussy masturbation and pornstar feel Matty smile. Her hand leaves my balls and grips my one free hand, interlacing our fingers together.

Her difference in pace between her mouth and hand have me reeling and I'm about to reward her effort when she stops with no warning. I look down to check on what happened and when I see her pale blue eyes looking up at me.

My head in her mouth and her hand falls away before I see her wink and proceed to shove almost my whole length into her mouth. I let go of her head and both of her hands are interlocked with mine, it's only a few deep thrusts into her mouth skinny bint has her tight slit pounded cunnilingus and brunette I'm name of porn story played by jhonny sins and mia khalifa as body boils and I cum hard.

Matty keeps half of me in her mouth and just takes my orgasm as best as she can considering we usually don't finish anywhere but her warm pussy. I'm coming down from a wonderful moment as I feel her mouth come off of me and look down to watch my Amazon goddess take a moment and swallow the load I just gave her.

I don't have to help her to her feet but we latched onto each other in a warm embrace before we decide to finish our shower. "So what brought all this on," Matty asks taking her time with her hair in the towel. "Don't like it," I answer her question with a question. "I love it, just talk to us a bit more. Okay," Matty orders me with a smirk. We dry off and get back to our room where the rest of the girls are lounging around watching TV save for Imelda who is nowhere to be seen.

I get some shorts on and with Natsuko on the bed next to Kori and Katy still lying on her stomach with her panty covered ass covered in an icepack. I lounge on my stomach next to her and all of us make small talk well into the evening until we fall asleep in bed.

I wake up and check the clock on my phone to see it's barely past one in the morning but I'm awake and confused as I pry my arm out from under Katy and get Natsuko dislodged from my back before quietly exiting the room. The whole place is quiet and I even see Ben passed out naked on the foot of Bethany's bed which makes me shake my head but remember slave amateur xxx fucking ms police officer I don't have my phone with me for a picture.

I get down the stairs and into the TV room, quietly closing the door after me and sit on the couch before turning on whatever I can find that isn't an infomercial or a straight to DVD movie. I'm not tired and it's a monotonous boredom that I'm sitting through when I hear the door quietly open and Kori's purple robe clad form creep inside.

She closes the door after her and with me at one end of the couch I watch as she moves down to the other and sits pulling her feet up. It's an odd quiet between us as I watch a cyborg chase a blonde woman through a club in a classic action flick before I can feel Kori wants to say something. "I can hear you thinking," I say quietly. "I am worried about you, and us. I have been a mess and after our really bad night and shocker of a morning I know something is wrong. I feel like you're slipping away from me," Kori says breaking her gaze from the TV and facing me.

"Which us are you talking about? Us as in you and I or us as in me and the girls," I ask waiting for some clarification. "You and I, it's like since that one night in the RV you've been all over the place with your emotions and all I seem to do is screw things up. I get drunk, again and it pissed you off. Then after everything with Natsuko saving our relationship I don't wait to find out what happened I just assumed you were manipulated and flew off the handle and beat you in the process," Kori says just dumping her emotion out all over.

"Well I have been all over the place but let's switch places for a minute. If I was all messed up and the next day I found you in bed with Ben after all we've been through would I try to beat the fuck out of him, definitely. And what about Natsuko, we went through enough crap about you and her worrying about me losing my edge or whatever and I could be mad with you about it but it's you looking out for what you thought was best for me, and it was," I explain to her trying to help her understand me.

"But you're not alright. Every time I look at you something is more off than it was before. I am worried about you going through so much I think emma ash vs mandingo huge black dick should consider heading home sooner than later," Kori says and I can see some desperation in her eyes. "No, so we got hit hard in a couple of spots.

Sexy honey gets sperm load on her face sucking all the spunk was raped by someone I thought was my friend and my real friend who I treated poorly saved me. I'm not looking to go home; I'm looking to make this place learn that we're not going down easily.

Derek, Kamran, Heather, Kyle, Taylor, Heather again, Romeo. These are a list of names that I think of whenever I have doubts and I realize that I should have failed a long time ago and I would have failed but I have you," I tell her finally turning my full attention to her," I had you first, you worried you weren't good enough and I wanted you. You saw room for more in my life and we added more. I don't have five girlfriends because I can handle all of them; I have five girlfriends because it takes five to support me when I've got my back against the wall." "But you keep getting abused and hurt.

How much longer till you can't even work anymore," Kori asks frustrated by my optimism. "I don't get up because I never learned to stay down baby," I tell her moving to the middle of the couch and taking her hand," I get back up because every day I need to prove that I'm worth five women supporting me and I love you just for being there to watch it." We're both in a different mindset as we sit quietly on the couch, me holding her hand in mine.

She's still scared about losing me, like I'd go anywhere without her or any of my girls but she's the heart and if she's scared my work isn't even remotely close to done. I watch her wipe her eye to keep herself from crying, I don't like my best girl crying and she's holding it back perverted oriental pussy stretching stockings and japanese we sit in silence save for gunfire on the TV. Kori isn't looking at me but she knows I'm watching her and we're too quiet for my liking as she wonders about me, our relationship and everything else that could be happening around us.

I can see she's about ready to cry and when she goes to say something I lean in and kiss her softly. I can tell she's confused and I move my hands to her face gently cradling her and getting as much out of this kiss as I can before she breaks it. Much to my surprise she doesn't, in fact I get her hands holding my own face and feel our bodies shifting down so that we're lying on the couch with me on top of her. I keep my body weight off of her with my elbows propping me up and we have a leg in between each other's as we take our time slowly kissing and feeling.

I love all my girls but Kori is like coming home after being away for too long and I press myself against her as she finally lets go of my face and wraps her arms around me. It's tender and while I've needed all my girls in the past twelve hours or less this is what I've been craving since I woke up and with nobody else on the couch we are able to be alone. I feel Kori go from timid and nervous to passionate and hungry as she begins pawing at my back and the waist band of my shorts.

I push myself up off of her a little and start to undo the cotton wrap holding her bathrobe closed. I barely get it open and I feel something very new pressed against me, silk underwear. I don't break our kiss to look and I have been keeping my eyes closed this whole time as I feel Kori's hand work its way down the front of my shorts and her palm start rubbing the underside of my member.

I groan a little and let her get me hard as I use one hand to knead her silk covered breast, it only lasts a moment as I feel a hard nipple under my hand. I don't waste any time before putting my hand inside her top and the flesh on flesh contact is electric as we're both moaning at each other's touch as we kiss.

I haven't felt like this in a while with Kori and my hips are shaking as she reaches lower and cups my balls. "Baby&hellip. That thing&hellip.

Is gonna feel&hellip. So damn good&hellip.," Kori says in between kisses. I take my hand off Kori's breast and get my shorts down just enough and lower my hips to meet hers, no adjusting needed as I we line up and I press inside her slowly.

I get seated fully and we both start groaning at the sensation, it a velvet furnace and I'm melting like butter as we hold our bodies together. I feel Kori start milking my member by flexing her muscles and I start making myself jump a little inside her.

I can feel her smile as we sink all the way down onto the couch and I have her at my mercy or she has me in her trap. It's one of those love situations that you can never pay for when you and your partner are trapping each other wanting everything you can get and you don't want to detach from each other till you both pass out.

I feel Kori squeeze me gently and I back out just a little to start pumping half of my near eight inches in and out of her. Every time I back up she relaxes and when I get all the way back in Kori pushes against me a little trying to get me deeper inside her and flexing on me. We keep to this slow rhythm and I'm in no rush when I feel Kori's legs for the first time wrapping around mine and we both settle in for the only possible outcome.

I don't so much as speed up but every time I bottom out inside my first girl making us groan. It's warm and welcoming every time and Kori's whole body is hugging me like I'll be gone after we're done.

The whole thing is hard fingertips pressing into flesh, lips locked only to change position of our tongues trying to find each other again, legs wrapped up in each other with toes curled.

I am trying to only focus on Kori and that is where I feel the ending coming up on me fast, Kori can feel it to and her hand slows my hips down from the sweet semi hard pace super sexy olivia teases in the shower a slow and soft rolling and grinding. I don't even pull back from her as we keep grinding against each other and I feel her tense up and with me so close I just let go.

I send my seed like lightening into Kori's warm folds and she clamps down all over me hard and I even feel her biting my lip as we're both sexy asian babe nurse gets pounded hard from behind and moaning. My hips shake but I keep pouting until it feels like my balls have been drained completely, at least for now before we finally break our long kiss.

I am resting my head against the couch and Kori is rubbing my back when we barely unhook our bodies from each other and I take the remote and shut the TV off. I am still catching my breath as Kori lies in my arms thinking quietly and rubbing my hand to calm me down.

"I thought about getting pregnant on the trip," Kori tells me shaking me a little out of my daze. "You thought about it," I ask propping myself up a little to look at her face. "Yes but you're not ready yet. I'm not either but I really just want to have your baby Guy," Kori says rolling to look at me," Is that weird?" "I was terrified at the thought that you wouldn't be the first to bear my children, I'd say if that's weird then we're made for each other," I tell her smiling.

We kiss again and lay in each other's arms on the couch before drifting off into a blissful sleep. I'm awoken not by noise and alarms but by silence and humming. I feel a blanket over the two of us and see Natsuko my little assistant is dressed and sitting in one of the chairs.

I see Kori is still sleeping with a softness that I love to see on her face and while it pains me to do so I have to finish what I started yesterday and get up from the couch.

Natsuko helps cover Kori up and shows me she has all my clothes, including my coat. I get dressed quietly and sit down to put on my boots when Natsuko surprises me by doing it for me, we quietly exit the room when I notice she's using my phone and not her own. "Okay boss since you're putting shit back on track you should know that Imelda is at her mother's house and her mother even texted you late last night asking if you'd come by this morning before nine," Natsuko says checking the clock," Which is in two hours.

Bike is fueled up and I'll make sure everyone is updated. Also I think we need to at least get some outside assistance in finding your friend Jackie and recommend we pump her 'baby daddy' for information. I have a plan about that to discuss with you when you get back." I take my keys and phone from my smart little assistant and give her a hard kiss, she yelps a little and I'm smiling as I get out of the house and down the road on my bike. I am zipping through the beginnings of Thursday morning traffic and pull up to the Ortega residence and park my bike.

I get up to the door only to have it open and see Mrs. Ortega looking a little tired but smiling at my presence. "You got my message, we need to talk about my daughter," She tells me inviting me inside. "Yeah I need to get with her about a few things too," I say keeping my voice down. "Boy she's been drinking and is passed out," Mrs. Ortega tells me as she notices my quiet voice," I will have to wake her with a pot and pan before I leave. No she's very upset and you are the center of some of it along with my niece." "Yeah I'm guessing you heard about what happened," I say taking a seat at the dining room table with her.

"Yes and I understand if you are taking your time but Imelda isn't very patient. She's also upset because I've been thinking about selling the house," Mrs. Ortega tells me plainly. "Okay but why sell if you're doing well enough to keep it," I ask trying to learn about the situation.

"Because as much as I love my home I'm getting older and more tired as the days go by. Imelda doesn't want to hear about us selling but her place is with you now and I want her there," Mrs. Ortega tells me with some happiness," I need to look at what's best for me and working two jobs is killing me when I'm penis enlargement hypnosis by brazilian king size pawg scraping by." "And with what happened involving Marta and I it's Imelda thinking she needs to come back home and save her mom," I say putting the pieces together," but what would it take for you to keep the house?" "Aside from a better job that pays more and has me work less most days I don't see anything," Mrs.

Ortega tells me sipping her coffee. "Okay so we get you a better job," I say causing her to almost choke on her coffee. "You think you can just get me a better job in a few hours," She asks a little confused.

"Not a few hours but give me some time and I'll have you in a new job and out of the two you've been doing before I leave," I tell her getting a laugh but it stops when she sees I'm serious," I am not joking ma'am. New job before the end of the summer, you have my word." We sit quietly for a moment and she just absorbs what I said, I am starting to turn the gears in my head about how and what to do but with so much on my plate I'll have to start delegating and asking for help as I get a brilliant idea.

"Ma'am can I use your kitchen," I ask hopping up and searching for pans. "I guess so boy but what are you doing," Mrs.

Ortega asks me confused. "I'm making breakfast," I reply getting out my materials. I have an interested audience for a little while as I start putting together just some basics for everyone to eat. Scrambled eggs, Bacon, toast and juice; not very fancy but considering I didn't put every hot spice on the planet in it I know I can at least eat it.

Mrs. Ortega changed while I was working and I serve her a plate with a fresh coffee and she's buzzing past me for some spice in the kitchen for her own plate. "Put some of this on my daughter's eggs when steaming young lovely chick fucks old dude take her plate to her," She says handing me a funny little bottle with green sauce," It'll help wake her up and get the sickness out of her." I start to dish up Imelda's plate and say goodbye to Mrs.

Ortega as she heads out for job number one. I get a serving tray from under the counter and take a full meal with coffee and juice down to my Latina's room. I get the door open quietly and see she's passed out on her bed face down and has her pants down like she was trying to get out of them when she fell. I adjust her a little onto her side and help her look decent, all of which she doesn't even respond to. I douse her eggs with the green sauce her mother instructed me too and get an idea.

I take a little of the sauce and put mia khalifa virgin sex storys on my finger and gently put said finger inside her mouth. I feel her start to suck on my finger and moan lightly as I move my finger from her mouth and sit her up on her bed with her back against the wall. I put the tray in front of her over her lap and watch as she starts to wake up.

She's groggy as hell and licking her lips before she sees the food and goes from sleepy to hungry demon in less than four seconds. Her plate, my plate, both juices and her coffee all gone and she's looking around for a moment when she realizes I'm the one feeding her and not her mother. "Guy what are you doing here, where's mom," Imelda asks me confused. "It's almost nine and she's either at work or heading there," I reply moving the tray from her lap," We need to talk." "Yes we do, I am staying with my mother at the end of the summer," Imelda tells me as I smile and shake my head.

"No you're coming with me at the end of the summer," I counter chuckling. "Guy you don't understand, she needs me," My Latina tries to explain desperately. "Well here's what you don't understand, there was a meeting of all parties involved this morning that you neglected to attend to so when we voted it was two versus and abstained vote saying that you're coming back with me after the vacation," I tell her getting a more than upset look.

"My mother doesn't get that she can't sell the house and she has to stop working two jobs," She tells me frustrated," I have to help her and that means moving back down. Besides that I need to square away my family." "You're family will be squared away when it needs to be and OUR family needs you. I have spoken to your mother and we're handling it," I tell her going into the conversation Mrs. Ortega and I had earlier.

"Why aren't you listening to me," Imelda say starting to get up and pace. "Why aren't you letting me help," I counter. "Because my family broke you, my stupid cousin tried raping you and you've been so messed up that you can't even be bothered to help your friend Jackie," Imelda says as I stand up and get in her face. "Do I look messed up to you?

Do I look like someone who is lying down and taking his kicking from the world? Katy got me fired up and moving again," I explain backing her out of her room and into the hallway," I'm going to help your mother, I'm not losing you for any amount of time ever again and I'm telling you right now Ms. Sexy Ass, either get on board or I will make you get on board." "Don't you tell me what to do," Imelda growls putting her finger against my chest.

"No, you don't tell me what I can't have and what I can't do," I growl back. I can see her register that we're in a fight mode and with neither backing down I can feel myself getting ready for her to start screaming and shoving when my brain, the lower one, kicks in again. I move inside her arms and jam our mouths together in a passionate and fierce kiss. We're pulling clothing off and I get my shirt off over my head before grabbing the front of Imelda's white wife beater tank top and rip the whole thing open down the front before lifting her up by her ass and start sucking and kissing her breasts.

Her legs get wrapped around me and I got her against the wall cursing me in Spanish as I get to her nipple and damn near try to suck it off. I feel Imelda start to pry my head off her breast and when she finally succeeds it's the Spanish/Irish American mouth war of the week as our tongues and teeth fight for supremacy. We're like rabid horny animals as I yank her pants down while she fumbles with my belt. I finally help her and as soon as she gets it undone she goes down to her knees with my pants to the floor and starts greedily taking my cock into her mouth.

There is no soft foreplay as Imelda is slamming my cock deeper and deeper into her mouth and I feel her throat a little as I grab a handful of hair and just let her work the base around her lips. I feel her hands grab my ass and she tilts her head slightly before forcing me to hold my entire cock in her mouth.

I am amazed and still the enraged version of four singles get paired up and have a some as I growl at her when she starts to gag a little for me.

Finally she pulls off and I stand her up and seeing where I bit her just last week has fully healed I lean in and start to suck on the same spot while hiking up her legs under the knees so that she's off the ground with her back against the hall wall.

I feel her guide me up and as soon as I feel her opening meet my cock head I stuff as much of my length into her getting a loud moan from my fiery Latina. I take a few simple thrusts to help her adjust in this position before I start slamming into her hard and deep. I have her little nails in my back and we war our mouths together again groaning like dogs in heat as I fuck her against the wall.

It's hard fast and brutal, if we weren't pleasuring each other we'd both be bleeding as I'm going for broke. Imelda latches her lips onto mine and I feel her body clamp down and her teeth sink into my lip a little as she groans with a nice little orgasm. I keep fucking her through it and she's still talking in Spanish amateur strip tease and fuck interracial ass tit anal domestic disturbance call me but the fight is going out of her and the full pleasure centers are kicking in finally.

I shake her to her sense a little and she looks at me with confusion. "You're wimping out on me now," I ask continuing my thrusts. "It's too good right now," Imelda says panting as her pussy takes the beating.

"So you want me to stop," I growl starting to slow down. I get a quick slap to my cheek and Imelda's fire kicks back on as she starts pawing at me again. I watch as she touches my lip and pulls a little blood from it before sucking on it and then kisses me deeply. Our mouths aren't fighting anymore and I feel her start to force me to put her feet on the ground and my cock comes out of her. We stare at each other for a moment when my instinct takes over and I grab her wrist and take her back into her room before putting her on the bed on her hands and knees with her ass right at the edge.

My cock would air dry from her juices if I let it but a quick adjustment of my cock head against her wet hole and I'm slamming back into her in hard long strokes. Each thrust makes us both groan a little and I take her hips in my hands giving myself the leverage to make her feel every bit of my cock. I am giving it to my Latina biker babe in hard long strokes and notice her hand dart in between her legs and start to rub her clit frantically.

Imelda starts moaning sex stories xxx razzers network com again and I can feel her body stiffen as her orgasm hits, this one a bit bigger than last time.

I waste no motion or time and giving her no rest start fucking her as fast as she was rubbing her clit. "Oh FUCK," is the only intelligible thing to come out of Imelda's mouth as I take her orgasm up a couple notches. I'm in high gear and Imelda's long brown/black hair is flailing about as her head thrashes along with the rest of her body as her orgasm starts growing instead of calming down. My hips are a cheetah on speed when I start to feel my own orgasm start to take over finally and I'm with Imelda thrashing around I can't hold on and in a fever pitch I fall out of her.

Imelda feels it and is quicker to respond and whips around from facing away from me to sitting in front of me with her hand on my cock jerking me as hard and fast as she can.

My legs lock up and I feel the first shot come flying out as Imelda gives my orgasm the same treatment I was giving hers and doesn't stop to let it rest. I'm groaning loud enough to wake neighbors as my head has rolled back and my eyes have gone up into my brain. I'm a little dizzy when I feel hands pull me onto the bed to sit and I flop onto my back and stare at the ceiling. I hear heavy breathing that isn't mine and look to see Imelda staring at the same ceiling I was only she has some of me on her face and more on her chest.

"Who did you have sex with before coming over here," She asks catching her breath. "Kori last night and it was very loving, before her Matty in the shower, then Rachael in the pool before that, and then there was what Katy and I did," I say as she finally looks at me confused," I have no words for what Katy and I did but the little bitch had it coming." "I made you bleed," Imelda says smirking.

"I made you cum," I retort smirking back. "I made you cum too," She replies getting a little haughty. "I made you cum twice," I counter as my fight instinct comes back into play," And I made you breakfast." "Wait you made breakfast," She says sitting up slowly.

"Except for the coffee, even your mom had some," I inform her sitting up as well. We both do the best thing for us right then and shower, taking time to wash each other quietly and softly as we're done with our argument and sex. I get myself some of the little food left and Imelda I explain to Imelda what Katy did the day before and how it all came about.

We joke about it a little and she says she has to spank Katy when we get back home. I can tell she's still worried about her mom and I take her head in my hands and kneel down in front of her. "I will not let her suffer like this and I will not fail," I promise her before getting a kiss on my forehead. We clean up the dishes and get redressed, mostly her and a little myself when a knock at the door surprises both of us. I am sitting at the dining room table when I hear a familiar voice come in from outside as Carlos comes into the house.

I stand up and he's a little concerned as I head over to him and shake his hand before getting a brotherly hug. We sit in the same living room I was taking care of business in earlier only this time Imelda and I are on the couch while Carlos sits in a chair. "First off man I need to apologize, I pulled on you and that isn't right," Carlos says more than a little embarrassed. "And you were defending your sister, who didn't deserve it, but she's your family. No apology needed and besides it's not like you shot me," I say as he sighs a little relieved.

"Well Marta has been given the riot act by our mother after what she heard. I knew she was a little lonely after all the shit last summer but why you man," Carlos asks confused. "Who else has she seen that not only stood up to you and your boys but you actually apologized to on more than one occasion," I ask letting him do the math," She told me that she couldn't get away because you never let her out of your or your crew's sight.

It made her desperate and she tried to escape not realizing that she was going to hurt me and my girls along the way." "Yeah that reminds me," Carlos says turning his attention to Imelda," My mom understands that you're pissed but did you have to throw an empty tequila bottle at the house?" "I was drunk and she's lucky I didn't think to go inside and whip Marta's ass," Imelda retorts in defense.

"Enough, both of you. I want Marta out and walking free again, make that happen," I tell Carlos getting a shocked look. "Dude if she went crazy and drugged you then why let her out when I should be keeping her away from people," Carlos asks confused.

"You suffocate her and she's going to do something even worse next time, like I don't know, go into big brother's room and blow her head off with his back up piece," I tell him as the reality sets in. We settle on my option considering I'm the one most wronged in the room and I tell Carlos to go see Abigail and do something with her nice soon and we part ways before I turn my attention back to Imelda who is still upset about Marta.

"I say you should talk to the bitch cousin sex westintid xxx nigri xxx let me smack her around," my fiery Latina says putting her feet on my lap after I sit down.

"I'll talk to her when I'm ready and she'll have to answer to all of my girls before a beating will take place," I tell her quietly. We sit in silence I rub Imelda's feet softly when our phones go off almost simultaneously as Kori is awake and apparently upset that I'm not there.

We both stare at each other for a moment and then quickly rush to get our gear on and head back to the house on our bikes as fast as we can go. We both pull in and don't even park at the garage as I rush inside and find that Kori is dressed. I take my helmet off as I approach her and get a punch in the arm as the rest of my girls and Natty watch.

"You ever leave me to wake up and find you left like that and I swear you'll spend a week in bed chained up," Kori says with a happy grumpy expression. "He was rounding out the set," Imelda says as the girls all brighten when they see her. I get my lip checked by Loretta who just laughs when I told her that Imelda gave it to me and no she didn't punch me.

Loretta hands me a cash card and tells me the number on it causing me to stand shocked for a second I hug her big and find that Mr. Delauter has already left for work but I'll catch up with him sometime soon to go see where all this funding I'm burning through comes from. I rejoin my girls and find that Natsuko is briefing them on 'my' plans to find Jackie.

"So basically you want me to contact the police and find have them find out where she is," I ask a little confused. "You said you knew a detective around her and Jun found out she's still on the force and doing well for herself so if you go to this spot," Natty pulls up an address on my phone," by one today you'll be able to sit down and have lunch with her." "So what about the rest of us," Katy asks a little put off about being on the back burner.

"I'm thinking tattoos," I reply holding up the card Loretta aka Awesome Mom gave me. My girls all go latina nympho gets cum all over her face at the idea save for Rachael who looks a little concerned. Everyone mounts up after getting our stuff on, everyone being my girls and Natty, before we head off to the tattoo shop.

Abigail's Prius is the only one in the parking lot and it's surrounded by motorcycles of all shapes and sizes as we all dismount our various vehicles and I head in the front door to see Smitty coaching a few people on tattooing. The Old Man sees me and I head past Vicki at the counter and get a handshake from him before all my girls give him a hug. We go down the order of who wants what and who's getting it where when Rachael pulls me aside. "I can't get a tattoo," She says nervously.

"Why not," I reply confused. "Daddy said if I got a tattoo down here he'd ground me from seeing you till next summer," Rachael says very nervous. It sucks for her being the odd girl out but I explain the situation to the rest of my girls who understand completely and Vicki lets me know that she'll keep Rachael company as I have business to attend to and head back out on my bike.

It's not a terribly long drive to the spot where I'm supposed to meet Detective Escalante and I see plenty of business but as soon brunette is a screamer when shes fucked I'm inside I can tell I'm a stranger in cop land.

The whole place is full of police officer in and out of hot blonde babe gets her ass fisted and I take the one booth I can find at the back and just watch as I can tell I'm being eyed up as a perp. I get a menu from a very nice older woman whose badge says 'Maude'. "I'm waiting for a Detective by the name of Escalante. She doesn't know I'm here but could you direct her back here when she arrives," I ask politely as I start to look at the menu.

"Okay honey just let me know when you're ready," Maude says as she heads away to get me a soda. I'm waiting patiently for what seems like forever but only ends up being fifteen minutes when I see my Detective come over quizzically. As soon as she sees me her eyes widen and it takes a second for her to regain her composure before she sits down across from me.

"What the hell are you doing here," Escalante asks in a quiet voice. "I'm on vacation and I'm saying hello to my friends," I tell her smiling," Hello." "No I mean what are you doing here," She asks pointing her finger down on the table. "I just answered that, I wanted to see you. I'd like to think that we're at least friends of some sort," I explain as I nudge her menu towards her with my finger.

We sit and while she thinks about her order I reexamine my friend. She's still a shapely Latina with fuller features and she doesn't have a wedding ring on still which gives me some headway if I get an urge later.

We place our orders and I sit there wondering what to say. "I need to ask you a favor," we both get out of our mouths at the same time to our shock.

We chuckle a little and I let her have first crack at the requests. "Okay so you didn't tell anyone about us right, anyone who would be able to make my career a living nightmare," the Detective asks quietly. "No, my girls know and we keep our business as OUR business," I explain simply.

"I've got a couple things that I need help with," She says keeping her voice confined to our booth. "Okay but I have a big problem and I need information," I say as she give me the lead way," I have a friend who is pregnant on the streets right now as we speak.

I need to know where the homeless camps are and I need to know that she's not dead or in a hospital somewhere." "What's her name and is it yours," Escalante asks with a raised eyebrow.

"Her name is Jackie Alden and no it's not mine. She's important to me and I need to help her," I say a little desperate.

"I can help with that but I have my own problems and one of them is right here," the Detective says looking over her shoulder at a uniformed cop at the bar," Recognize him?" It takes me a minute but I actually do, he's one of the asshats who arrested me last year when Hector got stabbed. I am not pleased that Escalante is having problems with him but I turn my attention back to her as we continue our conversation. "I didn't see him when I walked in but he's been keeping tabs on me," She says taking a sip of her coffee.

"He a snitch," I ask getting an odd look. "No, at last year's Christmas party I had just solved a big case and we were all having a good time when I passed out and the next day he somehow had my panties. I immediately went to the hospital to get a rape kit done and it turned out negative, the pervert drove me home and took them while I slept but he keeps telling everyone that I'm some great lay and that I will come crawling back to him sooner or later," She says biting on her rage," He won't do it in front of anyone important but I'm losing respect I earned and it's not helping me with other cases." "So you want me to take him out back and beat him to death," I ask smiling.

"I russia sex my sister sleep but I need something to shut him up," She tells me gritting her teeth as we get served.

We eat and I can see him get served his meal and the whole time the detective and I are eating I'm just trying to get information about my old friend at the bar.

Officer Dugan, been on the force for five years now but hasn't promoted yet and he goes by the nick name Dickey because of turtlenecks he loves to wear. We sit and finish our meal which I pay for when I almost start laughing at myself. "I am going to do something right now," I tell the detective getting up and pulling my hood up," wait for my signal." "What signal," Escalante whispers kitty kat rides hard on a bbc I start to walk up to 'Dickey'.

I look shaky and scared as I approach him and the sweet waitress Maude is watching me close sadie black sucking her pervy step bros big cock I finally tap him on the shoulder. He turns to see me but doesn't recognize me at all. "Can I help you kid," Dickey asks confused. "Yeah Dickey, it's me Allen," I tell him getting a confused look," You don't remember me from last Valentine's Day with Jamie?" "Kid what are you talking about," He says turning around to face me confused.

"Listen Jamie and I never did anything like that before or on camera but she says that she found it on the internet and she wants&hellip. We want our money too," I tell him as you can hear every cop in the area go quiet at the statement. "Kid I don't know what you're talking about but you might not want to make shit up," Dickey tells me getting quiet and angry.

"I'm not making up that you keep lube in your underwear drawer and that you said horny teen katrin tequila masturbates and sucks a monster shaft in the spa doesn't hurt when you put it in if I just keep breathing," I say out loud raising my voice," I want my cut of the money you made selling that video." "Is there something going on here," I hear Detective Escalante ask as she approaches me from behind.

"No Detective this kid's just mistaking me for someone else and needs to get his facts straight," Dickey replies standing up. "If he's so wrong about who you are then why are you so nervous when he's obviously talking about something that he is intimately acquainted with," Escalante asks getting into a defensive questioning mode.

Dickey starts to leave and I shamble quickly after him calling his name and asking him to stop. I finally get to him at his car and Escalante is hot on our heels as Dickey starts to get pissed. "Listen to me you little shit stain I don't know you and I am warning you to back off now before something bad happens to you," Dickey says trying to get into his car.

"But I know you Officer Chesty hoe ashley adams gets her pussy drilled hard, we've met before," I tell him dropping my act and straightening up," And if you think you know bad you haven't heard what I'm planning to do so let me break it down for you. I will have boys and girls parade themselves around everyplace you are in public. They will go into restaurants, they will sneak into the movies, they will find you in the bar.

It doesn't matter where you go and they will want their money for the sex acts you are making them do. After a while nobody will believe anything you say because if I say it once people can play it off but when the thirtieth or the fortieth young man or woman comes to you crying or demanding their money then everyone is going to go through your life with a fine toothed comb.

They may not find me there but they will find something won't they?" I watch him freeze and Detective Escalante is father and dater xxx sex stories 2019 her distance. Dickey is petrified at the prospect and I pull my hood back enough to let him see my face. It finally hits him who I am and that's when the fear comes into his voice. "Oh god you're the lawyers kid. Just tell me what you want and please don't come after me," Officer Dugan says with a trembling voice.

"I'm glad you remember me, I'd ask how the old Captain is but we both know what happened there. First off I want the Detective's undergarment, it doesn't suit you. Second I want you to start taking back everything you said about her and you, you lied and now you need to pay for it," I say before pausing. "And the third thing," Dickey asks as he searches his pockets for something.

"You apologize to her, in front of the other officers at shift change today," I say before starting to walk away," And Dickey? Don't think I won't know because you watch me with two eyes and I watch you with everyone's eyes." My crypticness has them both confused and I hop on my bike and head back to the tattoo parlor grinning like the Cheshire cat.

I get in to find that not only are my girls coming along swimmingly with the tattoos but Imelda has even got the Sixth tiger on her started.

Smitty directs me to a chair where I pull off my shirt and let the man get his prep work starts so I can get my last tiger, the red one. Rachael comes over to hold my hand and watch as Smitty begins. I got that ball rolling now I just need to see what the Detective has to say about Jackie, I hope the news will be good as the needle kicks on and Smitty begins his work. Part 7 Thursday's wakeup call with my girls goes less than well considering three of them spent hours yesterday getting their new tattoos.

We spend most of the morning having all my girls get themselves comfortable considering where they got there tattoos and I'm a little sore but I'm used to it after last year and considering it's a little lower than the rest I have Rachael pawing at my shorts every couple of minutes to look at it. "Honey it's not done and if you keep picking at it then it can't heal," I tell her getting a pouty face.

"You're just mad because I am not getting one," Rachael says mocking grumpy. I'd be lying if I didn't say that her not getting her tattoo while here wasn't a downer but I'm hoping to speak with Randy when we get back up at the end of the summer.

Natsuko comes to me around Noon frisky czech cutie stretches her spread slit to the bizarre says she has an idea about approaching Steven.

"It'll work boss, just trust me and don't be you until we hear what you want to hear," my little Japanese assistant says before changing her clothes. When you have a punk Asian girl around all the time usually wearing tight tops and cute shorts with her hair done in off the wall ways at times. So when I get to see her in a pale yellow sundress with a pretty pink floral pattern it's a bit of a big thing.

I let the girls get her hair done up in a conservative style and she even get's a pair of costume glasses from Lilly before grabbing her book bag and we head out together on my bike. I head back to the mall where I met Imelda for the first time and where I saw Jackie the last time to start to search out Steven.

I remember the pizza by the slice place he worked and decide to approach alone since I didn't see him. Some food later and some cash for Natsuko we discovered that he's the shift manager today and we move away from the food court to eat. Natsuko explains to me what she has planned and while I've heard worse plans it's the lack of me kicking the shit out of Steven that has me skeptical. As we eat I get to see Natsuko as a sweet little girl instead of a very dutiful and sometimes a bit of a loudmouth.

It's a refreshing change of pace when she catches thinking and watching her. I see her smile a bit and blush, she's got her game face on and it's about two in the afternoon when I spot Steven. He's a little wider since last year but still about an inch taller than me with curly hair in a net and I think he's trying to sport a mustache as he heads to work. I let Natsuko move around and do some browsing while I head off to the other end of the mall and make myself scarce.

I spend a little while texting my girls and they're constantly asking me for updates as I sit in a coin operated massage chair. I tell them that it takes time and we got here before he did, Imelda asks to be kept in the loop and mercifully the girls hop off for a bit. I get a message from Natsuko that its show time and I head back to super hot blonde petite honey masturbating part high definition food court to watch.

She's in the line and I'm watching from a distance with my hood up and watch Natsuko in line placing an order with a rather bored looking Hispanic girl. Something seems 'wrong' and she asks to speak to a manager which brings Steven out of the back.

If you have never seen a girl play a guy then it's something like this, she is looking up at him, I'm pretty sure she blushed and even complimented him on how 'broad his shoulder' were. The Hispanic girl looks like she's going to vomit but Steven is flirting back and Natsuko finally gets her order before sitting down a couple tables away but right in his line of sight as he works.

Thirty minutes go by and Natsuko is still sitting when I watch Steven grab a drink cup and plate before heading over to her table and asking to join her. She says yes and they sit across from each other and the small talk commences as I move behind Steven and sit down facing Natsuko.

"So how come I've never seen you around here," Steven asks politely. "Oh I'm visiting the area with my family. They're out being all formal and I'm just looking to spread my wings a little and have fun," Natsuko replies smiling.

"That's nice, you have a good boyfriend back home," Steven asks taking a drink of his soda. "Oh no, I had a REALLY bad boyfriend back home. So angry and aggressive all the time, next boyfriend needs to be a bigger guy but sensitive," Natsuko tells sweetly Steven," What about you, a big handsome guy must have a girlfriend of his own?" "I did but we broke up a couple weeks ago," Steven answers trying to brush off the subject.

"What happened, the girl just up and leave you," She asks prying for more information. "No I wanted more but she wanted to rush it. I liked her but she kept pushing for more out of me and I just couldn't do it so I said no more and shut her out of my life," Steven says taking the 'moral' high ground.

"Wow, some people just want to push everyone into doing things their way huh," Natsuko asks feigning shock. "No kidding, why can't they just for once understand that shit doesn't always revolve around their schedule," Steven says getting in on the bashing," It's not like I didn't give her anything but she was pressing to move in with me and then pressing me to commit.

It was just a nightmare." "Language mister," Natsuko says before slapping his hand playfully," And commitment is something a girl needs." "Yeah but she's wanting the ring on her finger and she's only eighteen, I'm twenty two and I still want to have some freedom before I settle down with her," Steven says in his defense.

"Oh you do need to have freedom and marriage early can never end well," Natsuko says being a dutiful listener before turning on the charm," So no other girls wandering around your life." "Not until very recently, been keeping to myself until I find a girl to really appreciate," Steven tells her in a confident voice as I stand up and move around the table behind him. "Maybe if you 'appreciated' the woman you decided to get pregnant you wouldn't brother sister and friend mmf incest single Steven," I say causing him to turn to face me then jump up from his chair startled," Because in MY opinion that is a really bad thing to do." "Holy fuck, you're that guy from last year," Steven says backpedaling from me," Where did you come from?" "As far as you know the pits of hell right past the nightmares and the damned.

Now my walking pile of dog shit you will answer to me and you will answer now," I say massaging my hands for action. "Dude we're in a mall and I'm calling the cops," Steven says pulling out his phone only to have me slap it to the ground. "All lines are currently down but if you really wanna save your ass there are three things you better do," I growl backing him against a table and watching him sit.

"Anything man just don't hurt me," Steven says very afraid. "One, Where is Jackie," I ask glaring at him. "What," he replies before I slap him like a bitch. "I didn't realize you didn't speak English fuck face now answer the damn question," I tell him with authority.

"I don't know, I haven't seen her in almost a month. Last time was at my apartment but I turned her away," Steven says scared of his own answers.

"Two, Identification," I say holding out my hand. I watch as he takes his wallet out before I quickly snatch it from his hands and using my phone take down his address before dropping the wallet at my feet. "And three, I want you to learn something from this.

I can take it all," I say walking over to the Hispanic girl who was pissed at Natsuko," Did you like me slapping your dipshit boss?" I see her nod a little skeptically, her name tag reads Teresa.

She's cute but a little worn down from working all day and I pull a napkin and a pen from the register and write my number down. "I'm really busy down here but you call this number if you ever want to be shown what freedom and power are and I promise you it will be a time you'll never forget," I say handing it to her politely. She takes the napkin and puts it in her pocket while blushing at me; I wink before heading back to the table Steven was sitting at and see Natsuko is still in her act of shy and sweet girl.

I glare at Steven and grin menacingly before addressing my friend in disguise. "You are going to come with me, I'm going to take you somewhere quiet and we're going to make it very loud," I inform 'sweet' Natsuko. "Ummm, yes sir," she replies very submissively standing up and grabbing her bag," Sorry Steven, he's just so scary and sexy it's like my ex only more attractive." I leave Steven there dumbfounded as Natsuko and I walk to the entrance we came in and once on my bike are down the road fast.

I'm pissed off and racing through traffic when I have absolutely no clue where to go or what to do next, until I hear from Escalante I'm kind of stuck on options when I feel Natsuko squeeze me a little tighter than normal, actually I don't think we've ever had a ride together on my bike one girl twboys sex vidio her grip around my waist causes me to bring my bike into the parking area for a large park.

Natsuko hops off and starts to look around and I get my bike locked and the helmets put away before following her. She's like a little kid as she's walking on benches and playing around trees before stopping under one and leaning up against it.

"What happens to me," Natty asks confused. "What do you mean," I reply needing a lot of clarification. "I'm going to want a child one day. All this with Jackie and Marta got me thinking and while I love freedom even Mom settled down. I'm just wondering what happens to me," She asks again expecting me to know the answer. "I guess you find the right guy for you and you settle down," I tell her taking a spot next to her on the tree.

"Yeah well he's gotta measure up to you," Natsuko says quietly. "Those some hardcore feelings coming out of you little Miss Free spirit," I ask turning towards her a little. "Well I love you, I love Kori and Katy and the rest of your girls. What if I want in," Natsuko asks keeping her voice solemn. "Wow, shit I don't even know.

I mean I'll bring it up to the girls and we'll talk about how we all feel but it's a pretty crowded relationship I'm running with right now anyhow," I say really kind of dumbfounded by this very serious conversation. We stand there in silence as the world just revolves around us. I'm really confused, I like the girl, I love her like family but is she another piece that got scattered and we're just now figuring it out.

And with all we've been through she did stay true to me even though I was treating her like a dog that shit on the rug. I crouch down and really start to think hard about what she's been saying when I hear her start laughing. I stand up to look at her and she is in hysterics, I'm royally confused when she finally calms down to speak. "Oh my god your face was so priceless! You were really thinking about making me number six," Natty asks still chuckling.

"Hey I am not finding this to be very funny at all," I say a little frustrated. "I'm sorry Guy I really just couldn't resist, I'm not like Mom and I'm not going to get married but I will follow a promise I made to myself after Derek died," Natsuko says with a smile on her face," You are going to be the only man I let get me pregnant." Yep I'm in trouble and now it's worse. Here I am watching as Natsuko walks towards a fountain and further while I'm following.

I'm still trying to shake off what she said but she's really got me thinking now as I see her head towards the bathrooms. I watch her go into the women's side with her bag I've been holding while I lean on the wall and wait patiently. "Guy I'm stuck, help me," Natsuko calls from inside the room.

I'm not one for dramatics but when a girl says help I usually come running and mercifully Natsuko is in the bathroom alone when I get to the back stall and open it. There she is, sundress down squeezing her breast and her fingers working over her tight little clit frantically before slowing as she sees me. I see her phone is out and on the floor as I enter and close the door. I pick it up and see the recording is of Marta and I before the freak out and I apparently I'm being ridden hard but it's paused.

Not a mood enhancer that one would want but as Natsuko pulls me by the waistband of my jeans and undoes my pants at the zipper, I get gently taken out and slowly Natsuko starts to lick the length of my cock. It's a different feel as I'm constantly wondering when someone is going to come it as my Asian assistant spends her time getting me hard.

Natsuko looks so different like this and I put her phone in my pocket as she works my head over with her tongue. It's sharp gasp that escapes me and I hear Natsuko giggle as she stands up and strokes me with her little hand. "I want you to sit down for me," Natsuko asks quietly. We rotate in the stall and I sit down after pulling my pants down. Natsuko is rubbing herself and I can see wetness forming, I was used to Natsuko from months ago with a shaved pussy but now I can see she's not been shaving as some long black hairs seem to be pointing in every direction.

I put my legs together and let her get around them and over my lap as she works herself into position. I feel my head get in between her folds and slowly Natsuko takes her time seating herself with me inside.

She's so tiny but over the time we've known each other her body has grown to hug me like a tight glove and when I look at Natty's face she's got her eyes closed and is biting her lip a little. Slowly she starts to asian girl with great ass rides her bf and he prematurel keeping half of me inside her before slowly lowering back down. I'm getting to feel everything I didn't feel the night Marta sunk her claws into me and it's never been like this with Natsuko before as she keeps going at me with the intent of building our moment into a big one.

I'm less concerned with anyone coming in as I lean my little Asian girl back and start to suckle on her breasts gently. She's never been very big but she has them and they're like the rest of her in this dress, absolutely cute as I take the nipple in my mouth and work it with my tongue.

Natsuko's moaning from my oral work and our sex could attract attention but if we were worried about that we wouldn't be here. I'm relishing in her body as starts to speed up a little and squeeze down on me as we continue to take our time enjoying each other. Loud footsteps and a female voice coming from outside the door causes both of us to freeze and in hear woman take the stall next to us as xxx beautiful 10 yes girl sex sit quietly.

Both Natsuko and I are paused and waiting for our newcomer to leave when instinctively my cock jumps inside Natsuko. A sharp squeak escapes her lips and I hear the woman shuffling a bit as she's probably listening for us as we sit quietly. I look into Natsuko's eyes and see pure desperation, she's going to cum really soon.

I'm at a loss for what to do and just let instinct kick in and kiss her deep and soft slowly letting our tongues touch and play. My cock jumps again but the noise from Natsuko is muffled as I start to make the jumps more frequent, Natty is squeezing her hips against me and clenching her muscles I'm not long for holding out.

I can hear something off from the next stall and instead of shock I'm hearing awe and a bit of lust as our newcomer is enjoying her audible show. I keep my eyes closed and when Natsuko starts to lock up and bite my tongue a little I just let go and the rush of me cumming causes us to grip each other tightly as we grind together.

My orgasm isn't so overpowering as I can't make out the person next to us trying to catch up but with Natsuko on my lap and going limp I just hold her and continue kissing till I'm spent inside her.

We don't break from our kiss but it's tenderer than anything we've ever had together and I'm not really opposed to the feeling of it. We separate ourselves and shift ourselves around to where she can clean herself up and out, I wipe my cum covered member down with a few toilet tissues when I hear a voice, still female start talking.

"Okay you two step out now," She says causing Natsuko to freeze and me to smile. I pull my hood up and step out facing my audience; she's about 5'9" and Caucasian with blonde hair done in a ponytail.

I see she's all decked out in a tight athletic top and shorts that hug her slightly below average athletic figure, I story tante montok vs brondong guessing she's in her late thirties and I know the looks she has on her face.

I step over to her and see her stiffen at my presence. "My boyfriend is outside now," She says trying to deter any menace I might have. "Then why didn't you call him when you were playing with yourself," I ask keeping myself about three feet away. "I wasn't doing anything like that," She says but I move in sharply causing her to pause," Please don't hurt me." "Not my game but don't you lie to me, I can smell you," I tell her with a little intensity," You got off didn't you?" I see her nod and I smile pulling my hood back a little so she can see my face.

I gently reach out and take her hand in mine and help her find the waist of my jeans. I can see her pause but I nod for her to go ahead and slowly she takes my down but not done member in her grip and her eyes get a little wider. "I haven't felt one like that since high school," She says quietly stroking me. "You and your boyfriend been together long," I ask politely. "Weeks, dating site and he didn't lie in his description," She says starting to feel the situation and me a little more," He's nice but I'm just not sure about what to do with him." "Ouch, sounds like you friend zoned the poor guy already, what is your name," I ask as I feel my cock twitch a little.

"Amanda," my new friend replies softly. "I'm going to call you Savannah, do you like that Savannah," I ask getting a nod," I'm going to give you my number, I want you to take the boyfriend out there and treat him really good for a little while.

Days or a couple weeks, really get to know him. Then I want you to decide on when you plan to let him have sex with you." "But he's not really what I'm looking for in that department," Amanda/Savannah says a little disappointed.

"He's a decent honest guy and he deserves it just for that. You will take him and you will have sex with him at his place like it's something you need, make him feel special but don't stay with him the night.

You're going to tell me when you plan to have sex with him and afterwards if it's not good enough I will come to you and I will fuck you like you wanted to be fucked a few moments ago.

Afterwards you can tell him that he's either done with you or the greatest lover you ever had. You'll look the part when I'm done," I tell her explaining my plan delicately for her.

"How do I know you'll be able to do what you say," She asks starting to take her hand out of my pants. "Because it's what he does. You know it's what you want and he'll give you everything.

Besides if you keep dating the man out there and don't do this now you'll cheat and then there will be real guilt and consequences," Natsuko explains standing next to us. I let Savannah/Amanda take down my number after she removes her hand from my jeans and wait for her to quietly exit before sending Natsuko out to check that we're clear before exiting myself.

We head back towards my bike with smiles on both our faces and once we're back home I relate my story to Kori about what was said between Natsuko and me at the park. I tell her everything else mind you but the important thing is the Natsuko joke and her wanting a child by me. "I honestly think later down the road it'll be fine by us but your girls come first," Kori tells me and I nod in agreement.

My next two weeks are mostly me just trying to keep busy while I wait for news from Detective Escalante. I get good news after a couple days that Jackie isn't dead or in the hospital which makes me feel better and sadly a little worse. I'm stuck in limbo, if she were in a hospital I'd be able to get to her. I try to stay positive about it but it gets difficult, thankfully I have my friends, girls and family to keep me occupied after Natsuko made me promise to not go running around randomly looking for Jackie.

Regular trips to the gym along with tattoos and meets at the airfield keep my busy along doing errands for the Old Man. Mark and Vicki are doing a lot better, I can tell she's anxious to try more things with him but they're at least settling around each other.

Mr. Delauter actually spends half of his time when he's home talking with Lilly who is soaking up all the legalize that she can. Devin and Masha are a peculiar pair, they hang out with us but spend a lot of time talking and just plotting their own future. Hanna is buzzing around being the little girl on girl sexual butterfly that she was when I first met her but I can tell something is looming.

As for my girls they are in 'Love the boyfriend' mode after Katy helped me get my body going again. She's been a bit of a no fly zone as per the other girls and I will have to ask her why.

As for the tattoos they are coming along nicely still and we're down to the finishing touches on all of the work, Matty is the biggest whiner surprisingly but she is getting it done around her spine which Smitty said hurts a lot.

It's a Tuesday about midday and we've been here for almost three weeks total. I'm chilling with Rachael and Kori in the when we hear what sounds like an argument from upstairs. I immediately grab a bag of chips and both girls follow me as we see most of our friends watching as Natsuko is tearing into Ben.

"You think that I'd even want to have sex with you after you said that you thought I should be out of the group," Natsuko yells ready to take Ben down. "Calm down you're making a scene," Ben says noting the people in the area.

"Yeah I'm making a scene with MY friends around and you. You who show about as much loyalty as a fucking snake to me let alone Elizabeth who is back home waiting for you," Natsuko says turning up her anger. "Liz and I have an understanding, besides you think Guy would let me fool around on his sister if he didn't know it was okay," Ben says now pleading to the rest of the crew.

"You want to have fun Ben that's your call but you turned on Natsuko then think she'll just hop into bed with you because 'hey nobody else I can fuck is around'," I hear Katy say backing Natsuko off and stepping up to Ben. "And now everyone needs to back off Ben," I say stepping into the fray and having all return to their own rooms. I watch my friends and girl disperse and I can tell everyone is in a pretty tense mood.

I wait and watch Ben as he heads into his room. I let him get a lead before catching the door and step inside closing it behind me.

"Thanks for that out there man," Ben says sitting on his bed. "Didn't do it for you. Why are you still doing all this man," I ask wondering about all the women he keeps trying to get with. "Doing what?

Trying to have some fun while I'm down here like you seem to be," Ben says frustrated. "I wasn't having fun when Marta decided to come after me. And what I do I do with permission, permission you don't have.

If my girls wanted me to stop then I would stop," I explain setting down my chips. "Yeah well Liz will be fine with it and we'll talk about it face to face when we're back home," Ben tells me. "Why can't you tell her about it now, come clean and just tell her what has happened so far," I say to Ben hoping to get him to come clean. We sit quietly and I pull out my phone to have Ben call but he brushes it aside.

I shake my head at him, he's being a fool and sadly I'm letting him. I start to leave and I can hear him thinking. "You won't tell Liz will you," Ben asks as I reach the door. "Here's your real problem Ben, you want to keep a secret but you display everything you're doing for everyone to see. The only reason I haven't turned everyone loose on you is because somewhere I'm hoping you'll do the right thing and be honest," I tell him opening the door," With everyone." I head back to my room and all my girls are there with Natsuko who is still angry.

I move up onto the bed and grab Kori to cuddle up with someone who is more honest than I am. I feel a bit like crap not just outing what is going with us telling Liz about Ben's actions. I watch Imelda close the door I settle in for a little while just appreciating the closeness of having my girls and my truest friend as they talk about small things and fun times.

I know dinner is going to be coming up soon and I figure it's about time to take all my girls out and do something together that doesn't involve needles and ink. I'm getting dressed and it takes Kori a second to figure out what I'm doing but as soon as she sees the nice shirt and me heading to the bathroom to wash up she's in full swing getting everyone on board for date night.

All my girls are ready and while it's not super formal but all of them are looking nice as we take over Bethany's vehicle save for Imelda and I on our bikes. We head into town and I let the girls pick the location for us and after a while they settle on a restaurant and above average one at that. We all get settled into a big corner booth and I'm in the middle as we sit down and order. It's a wonderful thing having all of my girls sitting at the same table going over our little plans and debating about what we want to eat.

Simple things making me feel like everything will be alright. We get our appetizers and I eat lightly when a topic I don't want to discuss comes wheeling around into my world again. "So Guy I am still thinking about senior year and honestly I want you to take the presidency," Kori says causing me to lose my appetite. "Really, I thought I said I am not even remotely interested in having this conversation. I will talk about anything else but if we keep this topic I will do everything in my power to piss you off," I tell Kori getting a determined look.

"I'm not telling you to take it baby; I would like you to take it. I'm just saying I'd like to be one of the first ladies at our school," Kori says trying to plead her case. "Kori maybe it's just me but honestly what good will it do," Matty says taking the conversation out my hands," It's a status thing, Guy doesn't care about that and he's said so. Guy has power; people listen to him without him being the president.

I'm just wondering why you are so hung up on this." "Because maybe we deserve some recognition. He stood up and showed everyone that he wasn't to be fucked with. Then he waged war for everyone, not just me but everyone.

They are telling us they want him to lead and we didn't ask for it or demand it. They're giving it to him because he is who he is," Kori says putting a decent point on the argument. "And this is where we stop right now," I say getting a grumpy look from Kori," I said I'm not thinking about it while I'm down here because there are more important things I'm looking at for myself and for us while I'm down here." "Guy, what have you been focusing on if the presidency isn't important to you like it is to Kori," Rachael asks trying to calm everything.

"College classes, I've been going over what I want to major in at college," I say eating a mozzarella stick. Apparently my college plans and the simple fact that I've been working out going to college has everyone of my girls staring at me like I just grew a penis out of my forehead and it started singing to them.

I finish my one stick of deep fried cheese before I figure on explaining. "I don't care about the presidency because I might not be there the whole year; I want to front load my classes and do college courses. I hope to be graduated by February so I can get right into college classes and I don't plan to walk at graduation," I tell all my girls and gauge reactions. Rachael is confused, Katy is stunned, Imelda is just wondering how I come up with this and I can tell by the confusion but its Matty and Kori who are giving me the pissed off girlfriend look.

I say nothing more as I can johnny sins fucking cathy heaven time the explosion; sure enough it comes from Kori. "You aren't going to walk with Matty and I at graduation," Kori says missing the entire first part of my statement. "It's not that I won't graduate baby…," but I get cut off. "Don't baby her and don't sweet talk around this," Matty says taking over," We are all supposed to graduate together and you just decided to jump the gun on college without even talking to a single one of us?" "Guy that's really fucking cold," Imelda says moving away from me a little.

"I'm stepping outside," Rachael says and I watch as all my girls go with her. Okay what the fuck did I say, I want to please daddy come here so i can suck your big hard cock out of high school and get into college faster so I can get it done with.

I watch the server come back and I'm sitting by myself and make up some excuse as to where the girls are as I sit there and wonder what to do, I'm paying and I can't leave to go after them but I'm also really wondering what the hell is wrong with my plan. Walking just isn't important to me, getting away from a school that literally tried to kill me, twice, and doing so for college so I can get a career where I'll make money for my new family would be best.

I really sat down and thought about this plan hard for a couple months and while it would suck for free time I'd still be there for my girls. The waitress comes back a second time and still no girls, she asks me if I want more time and I realize that they took their stuff when they left.

I get the check and step outside to find Bethany's truck and Imelda's bike are gone. I grab my phone and call Loretta. "Honey I thought you were out with the girls," She asks concerned. "I was have you heard from them," I ask concerned. "No but I'll contact them for you, did you have a fight," Loretta asks me concerned.

I explain what we talked about and I hear her sigh audibly on the other end. I explain my reasons and that it's a plan and that I thought they'd like the fact that I was planning for our future when Loretta decides to help me out. "First thing come home, I'll talk to Kori and let her know what is going on with you but please you come home first," Loretta tells me as I hop on my bike.

I'm down the road and home before Bethany's truck and Imelda's bike which means my girls are still running around and it's just past seven. I get inside and I'm very upset as I can hear Loretta talking on the phone and asking the girls to calm down and she says okay a lot before making them agree they'll come back tonight.

I watch her hang up and when she sees me she immediately starts in. "You're not going after them," Loretta says holding out her hand for my keys. "Where are they I want to talk to them," I say keeping them clenched in my hand. "No they're cooling down and really you need to think about what they want to say to you when they're ready to," Loretta says trying to stop me.

"Guy, come into my office please," I hear Mr. Delauter ask from his doorway. I am really confused by being invited in to his office considering we only ever talk about deals and once inside he closes the door. I follow his motion and sit in a chair by his fireplace and hear glass being moved behind me and on the table in between the chairs there is a small glass with a brown liquid set next to me. I see he has one and a large green bottle. "What is this," I ask motioning to the glass.

"That is twelve year old single malt scotch whiskey, drink it," He says taking a sip and sitting down in the adjoining chair. "I don't like alcohol," I reply nudging the glass. "And you don't like having your girls not listen to you but for all your fighting ability you don't know anything about making sure you're heard with them," He says nudging the glass back to me," I'm not turning you into an alcoholic but I'm going to help you make your point. Now please don't waste my scotch and just drink it so I can explain." I take the glass and smell the liquid, it's like wood and spices.

I see Mr. Delauter staring at me expectantly and I'm really afraid of this. This goes against everything I swore as a child and all the bad memories that I had come flooding back. "You are not your mother; she had her problems and got past them.

This is you and me, being men and having a drink while we deal with women problems. This is also my house and a controlled environment, you are safe and I'm not going to do this again unless needed," Mr. Delauter tells me using a very fatherly tone. I stare at the glass for a second and down the small mouthful of liquid, it takes a second and the fire burning in my throat is immense as I cough and set the glass down.

My eyes are watering and I catch my breath as I see Mr. Delauter has refilled my glass. "Now as you sip this next one let me explain. Sometimes women need to know that you're very out of control before they will listen. You tried explaining your point tonight in a calm rational manner and they flipped out am I right," He asks and I nod in response," so now when they get home we're going to present them their new problem, Guy Donnelly with no filter to tell them exactly his point of view." I have no clue what he's talking about but I'm sitting and drinking as I explain what happened.

He's a really good listener and gets that I'm just trying to do things quickly and that it was a plan I made and not fully set in stone. I don't know how long I've been sitting with him but we've emptied the bottle and I'm really warm and I think I might be drunk. I hear a commotion and mom, I don't call her that enough and she's been really there for me since last summer, talking to the girls outside. I watch Mr. Delauter get up and we listen in at the door to their conversation.

"So he's been home this whole time," Kori asks with a little concern. "Yes and they've been in there for three hours with the door locked," Loretta tells my girls matter of factly. "Okay but what are they doing," Katy says questioningly. Mr. Delauter helps me step back and opens the door stepping out first with his glass in hand.

I can hear all the women get milf mom fucks a young hung over guy she found in her house pornstars and hardcore as he steps out.

I wait out of sight like he said but I really want to see my girls. "We've been talking, it's a man thing.

He tried talking earlier and I was the only one to listen to him so we decided this way would be best," Mr. Delauter says stepping towards the women. "Honey have you been drinking," Loretta asks noting the glass. "He's not the only one," I say blustering in and traumatizing the room. I stagger into the foyer and grabbing my phone take a few pictures while chuckling at their faces. Loretta is a small level of horror while the girls are stunned in place with mouths open.

"Oh my god Mark did you get him drunk," Loretta asks shocked and snatching the glass from her husband. "Yes he did. And you know why, because you all don't want to listen to me so he did," I say staggering forward and taking the glass back before drinking it," Is this glass expensive?" I see Mr. Delauter shake his head no and I turn hurling it at the far wall causing it to burst into a thousand little pieces. It's pretty and I'm laughing as Mr. Delauter walks Loretta back from me in my fit.

I turn and see my very pretty girls standing there when Rachael tries to approach me. "Guy you've been drinking I think you should sit down," She says trying to lead me. "I've been sitting and drinking for almost three hours waiting for all of you to come home, you sit down and I'm going to talk," I say batting her hands away. "Honey you're not yourself right now," Matty says trying to help. "Don't you try to sweet talk me, you walked away and didn't even try to hear what I had to say so now you get to sit like a horse's ass and listen," I say raising my voice.

My friends and Mr. Delauter's children along with Vicki are all drawn out of their rooms as I'm making the best spectacle of myself. My girls are still a bit stunned as I pull on my hood, then off again amused at my look before turning my attention to them remembering my point.

"You never let me explain that my plan was something I had come up with because I wanted to get out of high school which aside from my girls has really sucked donkey cock for me. I want to get into college and get my degree done sooner so that I can start supporting this family and do things that I want to do like I don't know, have a dozen kids or even get married to you all. I never said that I was going to set my plan in stone or anything but you couldn't even accept the fact that I had come up with a good future idea for us and left me looking like a piece of shit in front of a whole restaurant, which I had to pay for appetizers that I don't even like," I blather out dumping my feelings in front of everyone.

"Guy we're really sorry about…," Katy says trying to interrupt. "I'M NOT FINISHED! I love you but you need to stop making all the plans then stare at me when I do like I'm a fucking monkey in a diaper," I continue causing Katy to back up a bit," I keep doing every little fucking thing you all ask of me and when I'm trying to make a real decision about a future that I honestly didn't think I'd even live this long to have you just fucking walk out on me, figure your shit out and decide whether or not I should get my fucking tattoo removed with a cheese grater while I go take a piss." And at that I make an unceremonious exit out the back door, which was fixed, and stagger into the back yard.

I don't go to much farther past the pool and find a first tree before whipping my cock out and pissing all over mother nature. I have no clue why but it's a really great feeling when you're peeing like this and I feel wonderful as I start to head back and realize that I'm really tired.

I see the pool loungers and figure a good nap would help before bed as I lie down and pull my coat closed and pass out. I'm warm and cold at the same time, it's a weird feeling but it's also very bright here and I pull my blanket up and try to roll over. Sadly there is no blanket and I'm not in a bed as I roll off a lounge chair and onto my face. That hurts a little but my head is swimming with memory as I start to piece everything back together.

I took the gorgeous blondie teen madonna shows off her ass and pussy to dinner, which bombed; I came home and Mr. Delauter convinced me to get drunk which wasn't as bad as I thought; I told the girls how I felt and then went to sleep outside. I push my body off the ground and slowly stumble back towards the house. I don't know what time it is or why nobody came out to get me or anything.

I look around and don't hear much, people are in their rooms and I'm all by myself as I figure a shower and some teeth brushing would help, I get into the bathroom where my girls set up closest to our room and get inside locking the door. I'm not sore or hurt but my body aches like I haven't moved in forever as I strip down and kick the warm water on. My entire body is bathed in warmth clean water and I grip the walls as I maintain my balance. My dizzy spell doesn't last and I feel more life coming into my limbs as I actually clean myself up.

I get out of the shower and grab my clothes smelling them, I must have sweated through the whole night as my nice shirt and pants smell like sweat and ass. I wrap a towel around me instead and open the door to find Jun staring at me expectantly. "Boss you might want to follow me," he says leading me towards his room.

I get in and he pulls up his laptop and kicks on a video, it's me in the foyer last night drunk and scaring my girls. I don't remember myself being as awkward as I staggered around nearly falling over and I apparently slapped Rachael's hands away from me before he turns up the volume so I can hear myself.

"You nver let me explain that my plan was srrmthng I had come up with because I wanted to get out of high shool which aside from my girls has really sucked dnkey cock for me. I wernt to get inta college and get my degree done sooner so that I can start supporting this family and do things that I want to do like I don't know, have a derzen kids or even get marred to y'all.

I nver said that I was going to set my paln in stone or anythin but you couldn't even cept the fukt that I had come up with a good furture idea for us and left me looking like a parce of shit in front of a whole resauran, which I had to pay for appetizzzers that I don't even like," I say over the speaker which I can barely understand myself but Jun lets the continue," I'M NOT FINISHED!

I lurve you but you sex westintid xxx nigri xxx to stop making all the palns then stare at me when I do like I'm a farcking diaper in a monkey. I kerp dong evey little farcking thing y'all ask of me and when I'm trying to mark a real dercision about a furture that I hernestly didn't think I'd even live this long to have you just farking walk out on me, firgure your shit out and dercide wurther or not I should get my farking tattoo remarved with a cheese grater while I go take a pissh." I am going to die alone, I'm officially going to die alone and I settle for my own personal hell as I head back to my room and find that while all the girl's stuff is there they are not.

I get changed and Jun is still following me around expecting orders. "Okay what is the situation," I ask waiting for the worst. "Well I didn't record your girls but Mr. Delauter said that if anyone of us tried to help you after you left to pee he'd send us home on a flight with livestock or fish or something horrible.

He then told his family that if they went to help me he'd send them to a school in somewhere called Albania before kissing your mom hard and heading to bed," Jun says giving me an update. "Great but that doesn't give me the now man," I reply pulling a green t shirt on with the word grouch on it. "Devin and Masha are with Ben, Hanna, Mark and Vicki seeing some sights.

My sister and my girlfriend are with Mr. Delauter at his work and as for your girls they're with your mom doing something," Jun says expecting a punch for the lack of good information. I don't hit him, he's stuck picking up my mess and I wave him out of the room before making my decision about how to handle this. I take my time packing my stuff, I really only brought clothing so getting the dirty in a hamper and my clean in my bag before exiting the room and heading down stairs.

I take a moment to move my stuff to the TV room and casually just sit down and two kinky chicks pleasure each others cunts masturbation and toys with the TV off.

I must have dozed off because I can hear chattering that sounds like females coming from outside the room. I'm lying on the couch that Kori and I christened weeks ago as I hear the voices spread upstairs and outside. I keep my eyes shut and just wait as I hear the panic start to set in and girls start wondering what is going on, I can hear Jun upstairs saying he saw me a couple hours ago but doesn't know where I am now.

The panic comes to a halt when I hear Loretta shushing all the voices and I can hear heeled footsteps getting closer. "Why did he pack his stuff," Rachael asks confused. "I think we're being broken up with," Matty replies a little stunned. I start to sit up and stretch still feeling stiff from sleeping on the lounge chair. I can hear everything but my girls as they have gone silent. I finish stretching and passionate and gentle oral sex smalltits and homemade the remote to watch TV.

I get the thing turned on when I hear someone enter the room and see Loretta step into view checking on me. "Hi Mom, do anything fun today," I ask looking at her. "I took the girls out to relax and have some girl talk time. Are you sober," She asks with a little motherly concern. "I believe so but I remember everything, Jun showed me a video but aside from not realizing how off my speech was I remember everything I said and meant every single word of it," I tell her turning my attention back to the TV.

"Okay honey we'll leave you alone then," Loretta says quietly stepping out of the room. As soon as she's out and gets the girls to step away the giant debate begins about how to approach me. I'd laugh but right now I'm really not in a happy mood, its decision time and I'm really tired of feeling like my life is a one way street unless I'm kicking people's heads in. I can hear some crying and it spurs me to do something I wouldn't normally do.

I stand up from the couch and without looking at the girls close the door to the TV room. I'm alone with my thoughts and start watching celebrities get the shit scared out of them as a marathon.

Two lusty girls and a hard dick about an hour before a knock on the door has me curious, I answer it to find Kori standing there quietly waiting for me. I step away leaving the door open for her and sit back down. She enters and moves over to sit in front of me on her knees. "Baby we really would like to talk to you," Kori starts to say but I get up and shut the TV off with a speed that startles her.

"'We'? What 'we' are you talking about? It looks like a 'you' unless you developed multiple personality disorder," I say pacing on the other side of the coffee table from her. "Us girls baby, we just want you to come up to our room so we can talk," Kori says standing up.

"I'm right here, figure it out Kori because I'm tired of being yanked around," I say shaking my hands. I see she's startled by my very tense tone and erratic pacing but I watch as she gets up and leaves the room quickly.

I can hear her up stairs talking quickly and sure enough the parade of my girls comes down from upstairs. I've never seen them this nervous or afraid but I know I need to hold my ground on this or I'll hate myself later. I watch as they get seated on the couch and chairs waiting for me to say something.

"What? You wanted to talk to me with everyone now what is it," I ask confused by the silence. "Guy we're worried that you're breaking up with us," Kori says holding onto Katy's hand. "That depends on you five now doesn't it," I say honestly," Do any of you even remember what I said last night?" "You were drunk and rambling a bit," Rachael says shyly. "So none of you even heard what I had to say," I blurt out frustrated before Imelda stops me from pacing with her hands up. "We heard baby, it took a bit but we heard okay.

We're really confused right now and we need your help with this so we can understand," Imelda says with a calm that isn't like her. "You all fucked me, and not in the way that I would normally like to be fucked," my words hit with full force as even Imelda backs down a little," I have done some stupid shit and on more than lovely girl does a consummate blowjob hardcore russian occasion I have blown a little thing way out of proportion but every time I did that with anyone of you I was right there eating my own shit and just praying that you would forgive me for it.

Now do you understand why I'm pissed?" "Guy we're trying to but you need to calm down and just hear us out for a minute okay," Imelda says again trying to placate me. "You know what, listen or get out," my words send a shockwave through the room," Not one of you even fucking bothered to listen to what I had to say did you.

I love you girls but you really just think of me like a bodyguard with a penis most days." "Guy we get that you're pissed but please try to calm down so we can understand what happened," Matty says pleading to me.

"It's not what happened it's what you did," I say finally getting them all to stop and think," Maybe for one of the rare points in this relationship I'm not the one who jumped the fucking gun and needs to apologize." "Guy you said you made a plan to get out of high school and go to college early, some of us didn't like that and we went to talk about it," Rachael says trying to go over their side.

"Yes, you went to talk about it," I say gesturing to all the girls," You stepped outside and I was sitting there for twenty minutes before I paid the check for the meal we didn't have and then come to find out that you all left me there. No words just 'fuck you Guy we're leaving till we get our way'." "Guy it wasn't like that," Katy says quietly. "Bullshit, you heard what you didn't like and you banded together you left.

That is the one thing you five aren't bothering to notice," I say so angry I have tears," You left me. I was alone and didn't know what to do. I was finally trying to figure out what to do for our future and when I talk about to you all I get is anger and abandonment." There isn't a dry eye in the room and while I am hurting all five girls feel like shit.

All I did was try to make a plan for our future, a future I still want but now will never get because they will leave me. Matty stands up and I can see she's ready to cry when I get pulled into a hug, she's crying and I feel her hard body go soft as she starts to break down, I can feel the rest closing in and while I have tears they're all crying like I did just break up with them. I'd never want that, I took a lot of pain and suffering, made some horrible decisions and have done worse things just to get one of them to smile.

It's an odd moment when Imelda starts to separate everyone and picks up my bag while Kori takes my hand and I get lead back to our bedroom. The rest of the house is like crickets, noise until we get too close before I get inside with my girls and all of us start stripping down.

I'm not even remotely close to wanting any sex but my mind is put at ease as we get pulled into bed and I hear a list of apologies from all directions. Emotionally we're all exhausted but I squeeze each and every one of my girls as we just lay there in the bed and make sure that above all else we can agree on the same thing, we're okay.

The next day is spent in recovery and group therapy, recovery is mostly me and the girls talking and trying to patch ourselves up while going over what I said and how they felt. It might have been a big misunderstanding on their part it's agreed that walking away was not something to be repeated. The logic behind my drinking for the first time wasn't really discussed until Katy said that of all the times she's dealt with drunken men this was the first time she thought she might need a translator.

We laughed at that and we should because we needed to laugh at something. Group therapy was an hour of time where Ben was out with Bethany and Abigail. I have my whole crew seated in the TV room angels take up with the tongue amp finger holes masturbation and smalltits that I can explain how I want Ben handled.

"I know we're all a bit tense after 'someone' decided to make an ass out of himself so I will just say that if he feels ashamed he should leave right now and go collect himself," I tell everyone with confusion. "Guy aren't you talking about yourself," Jun asks confused. "No I'm talking about you.

You sat there and recorded my drunk ass during a personal moment with my girls and I swear if I find it on the internet I'm gonna do something she'll regret," I say laughing and pointing at Lilly. Everyone gets the joke thankfully and we laugh about it hard before settling down and I officially call my 'family' to order. "I need to talk to everyone about something that we're all divided on, Ben," I say getting a level of serious quiet in the room," We all know that Ben is having sex and that there hasn't been a lot of defined answers about the why's and why nots." "I say we should call Liz and see about getting her down here," Masha says getting a nod from most of the group.

"And that's good but I want everyone to consider something, would I let my sister be hurt by this or allow a secret like this to be held over her," I ask getting a bit of realization from my people," Ben asked me in 'guy code' to keep it secret and make sure nobody ratted him out. Elizabeth is my sister however and I don't care what code there is I protect my family, even from itself." I explain with very few details about what has been going on even letting Hanna know that she was never in any fear of reprisal for being the first.

I can see some of my friends and a couple of my girls still want to take care of Ben but I put the idea down with a single thought. "Ben is one of us, good or bad he's always been loyal even when he failed. Now other than that vengeance isn't ours to give, that belongs to one person and she says teacher and sir xxx in clasr handle it," I tell everyone watching their faces go from serious to shocked," She is my sister and from this point forward if you can't sit by and watch him dig his own grave then you need to step away and let him do what he wants." Thankfully everyone sees my point of view as its noon and we all decide to get something to eat from the kitchen and my girls decide its pool time.

It's a nice lazy afternoon with me sitting in the shade while everyone plays around and after an hour Ben and my other sisters come by and join us bringing Carlos.

My friends let Ben in and treat him like they would normally secretaries in photocopy room fucking with boss is good as Carlos sits next to me without a bathing suit.

"Hey man, I did what you asked a Marta is doing a bit better but she wants to talk to you alone," Carlos tells me in a calm tone. "I understand that but I've got so much going on right now and after the past two days dealing with her problems is a distant request," I tell him relaxing. "She's my sister man.

I need you to help me by talking to her soon," Carlos says with a little more intensity. "I understand that you care about her and aside from one thing between us we've been friends. Now understand that if I go and listen to her now, with everything that has been happening in MY life I will break her. I will not have a lot of restraint and she will be worse off after. Now I don't want to do that as much as she'd deserve it so I need to you know that I will when I'm ready," I tell Carlos finally getting a nod of acceptance.

"So Hector wants to fight you at the races soon," He says changing the subject. "What? Why," I ask a little put off. "Oh he's got no problems with you but you showed him some shit and he's just wanting to test himself against someone he respects," Carlos tells me calmly. I think about it and it might be a good way to earn some cash for the girls, also a fight where I'm not trying to rip someone's head off might be interesting.

I put it on the back burner with everything else as we continue to relax. It's a good day that we get through with some minor setbacks being my girls all wanting to keep me where they can see me and all model porn movies black guygy style free download me.

It's nice but I almost turned around from peeing and bumped into Katy who was checking on me. "Did I do something new to gain all the attention," I say pulling up my shorts. "We're just waiting for you to start fucking one of us or something physically violent," Katy says leaning up against the door. "Are you ready for more of what happened last time," I say backing her up against the door. "Hell yes, but I think you need to hear Mark and Vicki's idea first then decide on what you want to do," Katy tells me wickedly before we exit out.

Everyone is in the foyer and it looks like a half and half split decision when I decide to jump in and see what the plan is. "So does anyone want to tell me what the plan is that I've yet to be committed to," I ask getting everyone to calm down.

"Guy you're gonna love this," Jun says sarcastically," Mark wants to take us to a strip club." "All of us at a strip club, why? So my girls can have a good laugh," I say chuckling. "No man, just a guy's night out. I think we could do with some separation of the sexes and it's like a rite of passage," Mark says confidently.

"I want Jun to go," Lilly says getting an off look from her boyfriend," What it's not like you're going to leave me for a stripper and when you're done real japanese mother and son game show with cellophane between them can come home and we can have some fun." The 'happy' couple is having a quiet conversation in Japanese while the debate rages on as to do the men go or do they stay.

Ben is going and Mark is leading the way with Jun being reluctantly pushed into the mix but the big hold over are Devin and I.

Masha doesn't like it and I like eating steak, not paying to look at it. I see Vicki go into high gear talking to Devin and Masha privately and I join in to listen. "I don't want to go baby," Devin says trying to relieve his woman's stress. "If you go you will meet women that can do things that I can't for you and I will lose you," Masha says in very sad Russian. "Masha, look at me. Are you saying that you doubt Devin's love for you," I ask in Russian getting a shake of the head," Look at me, he will come back to you and the only thing he'll need more than you afterwards is probably a shower." "A shower," Masha asks switching to English to help end the confusion.

"If he goes Mark will take care of him, he won't get hit on if he doesn't start showing money," Vicki says helping the couple calm down. I am pulled aside by my girls and they all have that look on their faces like I'm about to be asked for something.

I fold my arms and wait for the barrage. "So you need to get dressed so you can bang a stripper," Katy says grinning wickedly. "Whoa they are strippers not hookers," I say a little shocked," and secondly why would I want to go to a strip club when I have five girls right here that can dance and take their clothes off who I would gladly tuck money into their underwear?" "Because we want you to, we're fine Guy. All of us," Rachael says giving me the lay of the land.

"And we know Mark would take you somewhere that would put out otherwise why go," Kori says smiling sweetly. "Okay just so I can get this right, you want me to go to a strip club and get a one of the women there to have sex with me so that I can come home and have you all be jealous," I say for clarification.

"You are our sex machine, prove it and bring back a souvenir," Kori says sweetly. "Panties or a wig," Imelda says giving us all a laugh. I shake my head at them but if girls will be girls then I better go be with my boys. We get ready and the guys head with Mark in his car while I insist on taking my bike as we head out to see some women. A couple quick stops, one for money and another to talk about the rules: girls serving drinks take tips but big tips will get you some private time or more for a price if you're nice, all the dancers are game unless they are sitting then it's a no fly zone, and it's a fifty dollar private dance but if you put down enough money and the girl likes you she'll shut the camera off and it's go time.

Jun is nervous and I hand Devin some cash which he refuses to take until I tell him I want him to have some just in case he needs it for a cab to head home or pay for drinks. Ben looks like he's about ready to burst as we get to club. I can hear the base as soon as I cut the engine on my bike and I get my helmet off and after an ID check we are inside. Basics of a strip club interior is pretty easy, low lights with a few bright ones on a stage, bar with a few men and women at it, tables all over the place with a few girls in short cut t shirts with the club's name on it and very short ass huggers.

So we enter, and the name makes me laugh, the Honey Pot for a night away from our women. We all get sat down at a table and even though Mark is the only one legally allowed to drink he still passes so that he can keep things cool for us and drive later. About twenty minutes in and I can tell Mark has a history here as three female servers have swung by and said hi and made sure we're very well taken care of.

Jun is pretty speechless and I can brunette babe kimber lee fucks bf and her super hot redhead friend pornstars big dick he's kicking something around in his head as I pull him aside to the bar. "Lilly wants me to do something with a stripper," He tells me nervous. "Dude my girls said the same thing and they want proof," I tell him chuckling.

"She wants to taste stripper juice on me," Jun says still worried as I nearly choke on my soda," How am I going to get a girl to cum enough just get some on me so she can lick me and taste kyle mason fucking cherie devilles twat doggy guessing she means to taste it off your little friend," I say catching my breath," You're a decent guy and if Lilly is really kinky, just find a girl who you think would be fun and go for it man.

Just tell the girl when you get her in there that your girlfriend put you up to it because she didn't think you had enough experience and that should help." I get him seated back at the table as we see a very firm blonde named Kitty go through her dance. It's been about an hour and a half as we're feeling a bit more relaxed.

Devin is watching the women and I know he's getting horny but he's got the control of a Buddhist. Ben on the other hand is chatting with a non working girl at the bar and I'd hate to say he's doing well when I turn my attention to Jun as he drops a fifty on the tray for the redhead server named Christie.

I got to say he's got aspirations as I watch him get pulled to the side and after a few words with her I catch him getting lead to a back hallway and out of sight. Mark is chuckling and I nudge him as I see a weasly little fucker with greasy hair talking to Ben, there seems to be a problem and I step up to assist.

"You don't understand our property isn't a hotel and you can just ask for a room for you and your friend," the little guy says as I walk up. "Ben are we causing trouble," I ask focusing on my friend. "I was just looking for a quiet spot to talk with Jamie here," he says gesturing to the black girl next to him," and when I asked if we could borrow one for a price he got all mad at me." "Sir I know my friend can be a bit presumptuous at times and for that I apologize.

Now being that we are more sensible men can you and I come to an agreement on his behalf," I say pulling the floor manager aside. "Listen you know I can't let the two of them have a spot, if it ever got out we'd have trouble with our patrons," Kenny, the manager, tells me quietly. "Explain please sir I just want facts," I say keeping our conversation private. "If I let two guys go back and have sex in the club it ruins the mood when people find out that men had sex there.

We're skating by as it is some days with what we get away with here," Kenny tells me nervous. "Well that is tough but here's what I say, you have to record the event in case of emergency and it has to be reviewed right," I ask getting a nod," For this one instance I'll do the review for you. You let them do whatever and afterwards you give the recording to either me or the large associate of mine in the camouflage jacket.

And best of all I'll pay you a standard rate for allowing me to use my services." I say all this putting two hundred down on the bar next to his hand. He's mulling it over and I watch him take it and then lead the 'happy couple' off to their privacy.

I sit down back at the table and shudder, once I got a look at Jamie in the right light I could tell that either Ben is in for a big surprise or my sister is going to cut his balls off.

I get myself relaxed and while everything is going well I'm down more money than I care to be for this 'quest' my girls put on me to relax and behind the night as the girls start to roll on their 'work' routines. I think about just doing what Jun did and picking up on one of the nice servers we've been having but as I am heading back to the table I hear a girl talking with the manager I was speaking to earlier.

I can't help but listen in at the door. "I need to work, I'll put on foundation or wear a mask or something," I hear the woman say a little desperate. "That bruise is too big for foundation and you know the rules T, that boyfriend of yours is banned from here but after his shit you were put on ice till it heals," Kenny says trying to be helpful but not actually helping. "Then let me serve or something Ken," I hear 'T' say almost pleading to him.

"I'm sorry kid but the decision is out of my hands," Kenny says as I watch the office door open sharply a few seconds later and then close hard. I can barely make out the girl but I see something hit the floor as she walks down the hall and I scoop to pick it up.

It's a small women's wallet and I lose track of the woman as I get to the club floor and see the very sexy Christie coming see young teen virgins fucking for the first time me heading to the back.

"Hey a girl just left past here where did she go," I ask quickly. "You mean Toni? She just went out the front and probably to her bus stop," Christie says as I give her ass a pat and rush out the door. I can't find her in the parking lot which means its road time.

I'm on my bike and moving slowly when I get about half a block down and see Toni for the first time. She's a very pretty black girl standing about 5'10" in heels with her hair unbelievable short to where she almost has no hair on her head, she's wearing a white denim jacket and a loose grey t shirt with some tight jeans and tennis shoes. I pull up and stop next to her stop before hopping off my bike and pull of my helmet to greet her. "Are you Toni," I ask trying to be friendly," You work at the Honey Pot?" "Maybe, who are you," She asks ready to run or fight.

"Easy I was there this evening and I saw you drop this," I say taking her wallet out of my coat and handing it to her. Toni snatches the wallet from my hand quickly and checks the contents, I see her breathe a sigh of relief and calm down a little. "Thanks man, I need this, my rent money is in there," she tells me before looking like she'd regret it. "Hey it's no problem, sorry I didn't get to see you dance tonight," I say checking the bruise around her eye out from a safe distance.

"Yeah well I still got a week or so to go before they let me work again but I'm gonna have to quit there and get a different job if this keeps up," She says sitting down. "Want to talk about it," I ask leaning against the side of the bus stop. "I don't know you and why the fuck would you care what happens to a stranger," She asks getting a little defensive.

"You don't know me but I'm just trying to be friendly and polite. I'll just let you have your peace and quiet," I tell her backing up and starting to head back to my bike. "Wait I'm sorry I'm really fucked up right now and I don't deal with good people all that often," Toni says getting me to stop with a hand on my arm. "Well I'd say you owe me so hop on," I say pulling out the spare helmet and handing it to her. "Wait what," She says holding it confused.

"You owe me for returning your wallet so I get to drive you home," I explain getting on my bike. "You want me to pay you back by letting you drive me home, that's it," She says really confused. I nod and I hear her say something under her breath as I start my bike up, I get a few directions and we're off and down the road.

It takes a while but we pull up to some not so okay apartments around ten thirty and I drop her off my bike and send Mark a text telling him not to wait because I'm elsewhere. I get my affirmative reply before cutting the engine and taking back my spare helmet and stowing it. "Thanks for the ride," Toni says with a softer mood. "You are very welcome I'm sorry I couldn't do more to help," I say smiling back. "Unless you're giving away a couple hundred dollars I'm pretty okay everywhere else," Toni says as a weary joke.

I don't know why I'm a sucker for people who need help, my lot in life, but I pull a ten twenty dollar bills from my wallet in my coat pocket and hold it out for her to take. Toni's face is one of real skepticism right now as she looks like I'm going to force something but she takes it and counts it before looking at me like I've just done something really weird. "This is two hundred dollars," Toni says still stunned as she folds her money up in her hands.

"Yes, you said a couple and a couple is two," I say plainly. "But why give me money, hell why even return my money.

Nobody does that anymore," She says apparently put off by my honest nature. "I'm a nobody then, but you're not Toni. Just take care of yourself and try not to get into any trouble," I say starting to walk away.

"Okay now you're fucking with me," she says getting in front of me cutting me off," you give me back my money, then you make me pay you back by giving me a ride home and now you're handing me money and walking away. Who the hell are you really?" "I'm Guy, it's my name honestly. And some people need help; when I see someone in need and I figure out they're not a piece of shit I feel compelled to help. Now I'll leave you to your evening and I have to get home to my girls," I tell her starting to leave but get cut off again.

"Your girls, like your women or your kids," She asks sternly. "My women, I have five girlfriends and right now I'm probably missed by my friends as they are still milling around the club," I go to leave again but she stops me again.

"I gotta go check my little girl but do you want to come inside for a little bit," She asks trying to either pay me back or figure me out. I step out of her way and let her lead as we walk under the stairs and duck into the dark doorway of what appears to be her apartment. It's a mess ainara una chica muy caliente spanish blowjob be nice, clothing hasn't been picked up, food dishes are in the sink and the lights are korean celeb oh in hye when I see a woman in her late twenties come out of the back wearing a long t shirt and pajama pants with her hair pulled into these little braids that dangle around her head, she's black like Toni and confused seeing a white guy in a leather jacket standing in their living room as Toni starts to clean up embarrassed.

"T what are you doing bringing a guy home, I thought you were working tonight," the girl asks not even speaking to me. "Denise this is Guy, Guy this is my older sister Denise. She's the smart one of the two of us and she helps me by watching my baby girl while I'm out at work," Toni says giving the introductions," I was going to work but they won't let me with this bruise on my face then Guy here not only found my wallet and gave it back but gave me a free ride on his bike home and two hundred dollars because I made a joke and he didn't think it was funny." "To her credit she was speaking rhetorically and I was helping her literally which confused her," I clarify causing both women to stare at me," You made your joke and I was serious." I watch Toni leave the room and Denise is looking at me awkwardly as we stand there in silence of the messy apartment.

"Older sister," I ask trying to kill the silence. "Yes, You in school," she replies. "Yeah, I'm a senior next year but I live up north in Washington," I tell her plainly. "It nice up there. You do well in school," She asks sitting on the couch. "Yeah I want to do college soon to so I can get a job and start a family," I tell her sitting at the opposite end. "You got a girl to start a family with," She asks trying to make conversation.

"I have five and before you start yelling at me no they are not side girls. Right now they're having a girl's night back at my folk's place with a bunch of our friends," I tell her plainly. "I can see why you got five women if you can just throw money around like that," Denise says as a bit of an insult.

"Actually it's just money," I say plainly," And they'd be with me regardless because I didn't make them take this deal they made the deal and brought me into it.

The treat each other like family and make it work. It's not perfect but they're mine and I'm theirs." "So you seriously have five on the hang without bankrolling them or nothing shady," Denise says taking a serious tone. "I'm a nice guy sometimes, they like that.

And when someone gives my girls a bad time I'm the other person," I say keeping my tone light. Toni comes back into the room minus her jacket and I get the feeling that the room is a little crowded as I stand up. "Ladies it's been wonderful to meet you both but I have things to do tonight and my own bed to sleep in," I tell them as I start to head for the door.

"Just wait a minute," Toni says stopping me with a few words," Denise could you head to bed while I talk with Guy for a little while?" "It was nice meeting you Guy," Denise says getting up and leaving the room. "Are you really a high schooler," Toni asks getting a nod from me," First real man I've met and he's not only got women and money but he's in school." "I also live in Washington and I'm just a young man, I'll be a real man when I have a job and a family," I tell her sitting on the arm of the couch.

"See that's real man talk right there, so what's the other thing with you," Toni asks sitting down where her sister was.

"I get what you're asking. I'm kind of like a Genie in a bottle, I give you what you deserve," I tell her getting another odd look," You drop your wallet and I help you out, you need money and aren't a piece of shit person so I help you. That type of thing." "Okay but that isn't the whole story, what happens when you get put in a bad spot," Toni asks waiting for her real answer.

"I also tend to find people who just can't stand my life and don't want to let me have my own way in the world. They've come at me before and I'm still here, One is currently seeking professional help, others are in jail, some are just broken and have no fight anymore and my first real friend is dead," I tell her with unwavering power in my voice," I don't fight to win, I fight to destroy." "Wow you're a fucked up high schooler," Toni says a little shocked as I sit back in my seat.

"Yeah well a couple years ago I would have been easily ignored for not doing much but now I'm the guy," I snicker at my name joke," that people flock to." "Yeah well you're a decent young man I'll give you that," Toni says relaxing a little," So I owe you more than a little bit and I'm just wondering what I can do to make it even." "I don't want anything honestly, I was just doing the right thing," I tell her being as simple as I can. "Well then are you still in the mood to help a girl out," she asks getting up and heading down the hallway in the apartment.

I follow her and see she what appears to be her bedroom, there is a queen sized bed and more sexy clothing and lingerie to go around along with a couple wigs on a full makeup dresser and chair. I get in and see she's not fooling around on me as she moves over to one side of the dresser to push it; I get on the other and as quietly as we can start to shove a solid wood dressed barely a foot across the carpeted floor.

As soon as it's moved I can see why she needed it moved, it was blocking part of her closet. "Thanks, my ex during the last fight decides to start knocking everything around and he moved my dresser over too far. It's nice but a pain in the ass to get pushed back," Toni says catching her breath. "He must have been a big guy," I remark rubbing the strain out of my hands. "A bit, his attitude being the worst part," She says as I start to leave the room.

I'm spun around and large knob enters her cunt pornstar and hardcore up against the wall before I have Toni's full lips pressed against mine in a frantic and heated kiss.

I'm stunned and I feel her hands go under my shirt and start rubbing my chest. I really wasn't thinking about Toni like this, I was just trying to be a nice guy but here I am with her full ass in my hands and her lips mashed against mine. "Jesus you could have just said something like is there anything you can do to pay me back and I would have done this," Toni says breaking the kiss and closing her door with one hand. "Not who I am," I say pulling her against me hard. We s love sex and tight teen babysitter first time helpless teenager evelyn has been again and she's all fire as she pulls at my clothing and I separate us and strip down to my boxer briefs.

Since I wasn't paying much attention I now get to marvel as I see Toni pull her top off and I'm greeted with a pair of brown D cup breasts barely held in by a plain black bra. I am still admiring as she turns and slowly pulls her pants down showing me a very soft and good sized ass in a pair of low cut black panties. I cut the light in the room and leave just the yellow bulbs on the makeup dresser to light the room as Toni moves back over to me. We kiss again this time a with a little more softness and I lift Toni up by her ass and walk us over to her bed before gently laying her down as she puts on the brakes with me still standing at the foot and her sitting down in front of me.

"Time to see what the nice guy is working with," She tells me seductively as she tugs down my underwear," Nice, it's not that bad actually." "Not that bad," I ask a little offended. "Honey I have only dated black men and there is a standard to get me to let porn storys of kriti sanon in my bed. Now I'm not making an exception for you but trust me when I say you are not gonna break me," Toni tells me plainly before softening," Really I like the fact that it's somewhat hard already.

At least my face isn't a turn off." I shove Toni lightly backwards onto the bed and spread her legs apart, I can see her pull her panties to the side as she is expecting me to mount her right now. I plan to but not just yet as I lower my face into her neatly shave pussy and start to take my time licking from her clit to her wet hole then back again. Toni lets go of her panties and keep them out of the way with my own hand as I keep my oral work at a nice slow pace.

Toni is enjoying herself by the sound and I feel the bed shifting ahead of me. I look up to see Toni's large D cups only being held up by her hands as she staring down at me intently. "You really don't have to do that," She says moaning lightly. "Have to, no. Want to," I reply before sucking on her clit. Another groan from Toni tells me I'm doing good work when I feel her start rolling her hips towards my face in a slow grinding motion.

I'm letting her move and enjoy but still keeping up the pressure as I keep my face buried in her warm pussy. I stop sucking her clit and move down just a little sticking out my tongue and when she rolls her hips forward I pounce a little stick my tongue inside.

I'm met with a loud long moan and a pair of hands take my face and pull me away from her nethers and bring me up onto the bed kissing me with an sweet intensity. I get moved onto my back and watch as Toni's form moves down facing away from me as she lowers her upper half towards my rigid cock. I can't see with her back in the way but I can feel one hand massaging my balls and another giving me slow strokes. "You also have good shape too," Toni says trailing the arch of my cock with her tongue," this is probably why you get some good reactions with a woman.

Tip about black men, some just like to shove it in and let size do the work." I feel her lips overtake my head and I'm greeted by a warm slow sucking sensation of her mouth as she gently works half of me in and out of her mouth. I groan in pleasure and feel her smile on me as she keeps the oral stimulation up. I reach a hand down and start to massage her lower back and gently trail my fingers over the curve of her ass.

I get a little bit of a cold sensation as she gasps while pulling her mouth off step sister wants pounder and wishes for endless hardcore me.

I reach over and pull her hips towards me and watch as Toni Rolls onto her side facing me and pulls her panties off before spreading her legs and letting her hips come towards my face a second time. I move back in with more intensity this time as I feel her taking me deeper into her mouth and I match her speed with my tongue. We're moaning and grunting when I start feeling a bit too aggressive and slow my pace down, Toni's mouth slows down as well and let her pull away from me as she sits up to look at me.

"You got a condom," She asks quietly. "No, I was told they did that at the club sadly," I reply a more than a little disheartened. "They do but shit I threw out all my exes and even if I could find one I'd be a little big on you," Toni tells me more disappointed now. "Hey, it's okay. This is perfectly fine and I don't need to make this uncomfortable for you," I say sitting up and moving closer to her. "No I do want more is the problem. You swear you ain't got some disease or some shit," Toni says getting a very serious look in her eyes.

"I have been getting checked every three months and I've been clean my whole life but its okay," I tell her as I try to move back into our sixty nine. Toni doesn't let us resume our previous fun as she shifts on the bed and starts to kiss me slowly while lying down next to me. I feel her pull me as she rolls onto her back and I move on top as her hands trail down my body before one settles on my cock and guides me in. There is no trouble with entry and it's tight enough sunny leone naked sex story me to feel and enjoy the lightly rough feel of Toni's pussy as I get pulled in all the way and finally seated with a groan from both of us.

I take my time slowly backing up and pushing back in with a nice deep pace. Toni is kissing my neck and breathing heaving as I keep working my cock in and out of her warm folds. "Baby you got me a little earlier you can go harder," Toni says quietly.

"I'm not in a rush anymore and I'm enjoying myself and you," I tell her smiling. "I'm liking you to honey," I hear her say as she closes her eyes again. We're rolling our hips together and it's getting warm in the room as we're breathing heavy as our bodies grind together. I'm arching my back and trying to press myself into her deeply as she moans for me. My eyes have been closed with enjoyment when I feel something brush my face and open my eyes to see Toni lazily looking to the side, I can't tell if she's blissing over what we're doing but I get a nagging feeling and start to try something different.

"Toni I don't think I'm gonna last long," I say lying through my teeth. "Oh baby make me cum too please," I see her gaze at me as I'm in my haze and I can tell she's a bit disappointed. I stop everything right there and pull out of her and start to get off the bed. I can tell she's confused and I start to search for my clothes when she figures out what I'm doing. "Guy what happened," Toni asks a little confused. "I'm leaving, you're faking it," I tell her not very happy at my discovery.

"I wasn't faking," She says a little put off. "Don't lie; it's really bad when people lie to me. You're face said this is okay but when I told you I'd be cumming you just turn up your act and I saw it," I say picking up my underwear. "Guy I'm sorry, I just have been with guys who were a bit different and they handled things differently. You're a lot nicer and definitely a better lover than a fucker from what Saucy one eyed monster riding hardcore and blowjob can tell but I was just trying to let you feel good about yourself," Toni says sitting on her bed cross legged.

"Yeah well being lied to doesn't make me feel good. It actually tells me I was doing a pretty shitty job," I reply as I start to get dressed. "Please you were doing good I just need it more, intense," Toni says lowering her head.

"Well good luck with that," I say as I start to pull my underwear on. "Come here," Toni says quietly with a little force. I stop and drop my boxer briefs on the floor again before moving back over to the bed and moving in front of her on my knees.

Immediately Toni falls to her back again and pulls me down and inside her but barely before getting my attention. "I don't need you to hit the spot every couple of minutes I need it every couple of seconds," She tells me as I push in and at about six deep watch her head roll back," Right there." I place my hands down next to her hips and only using my last four inches start to fuck her pussy rapidly.

I'm up off her body and I watch as she's taking me but not reacting like I'm used to as I keep trying to rub the spot she showed me. Never had this much trouble with a woman and I get an idea and shift one hand on top of her pelvis and gently press down.

The effect is immediate as my next few thrusts get her to squeak in surprise and start groaning as I go from rabbit to jackhammer still applying pressure. I feel like I'm on auto pilot as I'm focusing on her and I can at least tell now she's not acting as I keep going for broke trying to get her to cum.

Toni starts to shift her hips again but instead of rolling them against me its turned into a rapid bucking and I'm almost losing my balance when she takes my arms and pulls me to her. "Now I'm going, just move with me a little more," Toni instructs almost growling like a hungry animal. I'm rocking myself into her with hard punctuated thrusts and I feel Toni's arms wrap around me as she kisses me with passion again. I can feel her moaning and on one thrust she shudders causing me to shake a little from the sensation.

I speed up and Toni breaks the kiss moaning. "Mother fucker finally got that pussy to cum, get it boy get that pussy with your white dick," Toni growls as her orgasm starts to hit. We're bucking and slapping against each other as the first big shock hits for her and instead of locking up I feel her lower her head to look down and her hips slowly grind on me like they're trying to milk my own orgasm. I'm not close yet sadly, step son saxi mom girl friend help sex stories sex movie hq 'faked on' threw me off and now I'm just happy she came when I notice she's staring at me.

"You gonna finish," She asks politely and quietly. I shrug a little as I start to move slowly in and out again but Toni pushes me off and onto my back before straddling me and reinserting my cock in her in very quick fashion. She's leaning over me and wasting no time riding me hard and with a purpose, I'm treated to her massively beautiful breasts swaying in front of me and start to suck on them alternating between the two while gripping her hips with my hands. Toni is moaning again but it's less fevered and more controlled this time and since I'm on bottom I can feel her lightly rough walls hugging my cock a little tighter than before.

I focus on one breast and groan as feel Toni continue to take me with a vigor she has only shown in kiss to me so far. It's getting better and I'm helping by pushing my hips up into hers and the light slapping noise in the room is punctuated by her wetness as out hips connect.

I moan letting her breast fall from my lips only to have her own placed on mine in a mad rush as our tongues play at each other hard. I can feel myself swelling and Toni's eyes widen a second and I feel her stop and pull off suddenly and then crawl off the bed quickly.

"Get over here," She tells me and I urgently comply wondering what she has planned. I get seated on the edge of the bed with my legs spread and Toni makes sure to get right in between them before wrapping both of the big beautiful breast on either side of me and starts alternating her rubbing.

Up on the left and down on the right then reversed as she takes what was once a mutually controlled orgasm into her own dominant blonde trainer julia ann gets a good deep fucking. I watch as she leans down to lick the head and the second her tongue touches me I'm riveted in place as my orgasms shoots out from between her brown flesh.

Rope after rope of my seed blasts Toni's face before settling on her breasts and neck. I start to come back to my senses when I see her staring at me. "Why would your girlfriends send you to a strip club that they knew you'd get some at," She questions a little sternly. "They like me to get action from where I can because what I learn I use on them. Also I come back to them always," I tell her plainly while catching my breath.

"They told you to screw a stripper," She says starting to get a little annoyed. "Yes but they are fine with it and honestly I think you are a much nicer person here than you would have been in the club," I say being brutally honest. "You need a souvenir or something," She says as I give her a surprised look," I'm not new to the girlfriend games." "Like panties or a wig, I don't need one," I say getting a shut the hell up look from her.

I watch as she gets into my coat and pulls out my phone before turning on the light, our eyes adjust to it as I see her holding a pair of her very skimpy and lacy pink panties. I chuckle as she makes a recording and 'gives' me the panties before grabbing my underwear and putting it in a drawer. "You get mine and I get yours. Now I'm gonna clean up and you can get out of here," Toni says stating her plan for me. "Okay but why mine," I say pulling on my jeans carefully. "You are THE only white man I have ever let in here and had sex with, and you're the one of the few men EVER to actually take the time to make me feel good too.

I want something to remember that shit by and that means I get your underwear," Toni says finishing wiping me off of her and putting on a pajama top. I finish getting dressed and see she's ready for bed herself before I get a kiss on the lips and shown out the door. I give her a smile and a get one in return as I head back to my bike and check my phone. Apparently the guys are home and relaxing while wondering where the hell I am.

I send a message saying mission accomplished and head back towards home feeling a bit better about who I am. I get parked in the garage and creep inside the house which is quiet at eleven plus change in the evening.

No girls are camped out in the TV room which means I'm doing a long walk up to the room and once inside I can see they are all awake and waiting with rollers and hair nets and robes on like they're waiting for the people to come back and finish.

I smile a little and Kori is the first one to talk. "Alright you got home last so did you not get some from a stripper in the back," Kori asks me a little concerned. "I actually have a message for you," I tell all of them pulling out my phone and handing it to them. I watch as all the girls gather around Kori as I stand there waiting as she loads up the video on my phone. "Hey there, my name is Toni with an I and this is for Korinna, Katy, Mathilda, Imelda and Rachael.

Thank you for letting Guy out tonight. I wasn't stripping tonight but your man found my wallet, gave me a ride home and two hundred bucks just because I needed the help. This is him you see all over my face because I wanted to give him something for all his effort and he actually made me feel good too. Hold onto him and you'll find that he made it back with my underwear but you'll have to search him for them. And don't go looking for his, I'm keeping those as a reminder about nice guys," Toni's recording tells them as they are giggling and smiling," Thanks for helping me out by sending him my way." The video jungfrau edith wird erwischt und bekommt ihren ersten fick off and all my women are staring at me as they wonder where the 'trophy' is.

I take off my coat, shirt and boots before moving to the edge of the bed and expectantly wait as Kori does the honors on my pants. I let her tug them down and she sees that I have no underwear on until she frees my member which has Toni's lacy pink panties tied around it like a wish knot.

I'm glad the door is closed as all my girls are howling with laughter and Kori takes a picture with her phone before Imelda takes the panties off me and I get pulled naked into bed so I can relax and get some sleep. The next morning is a buzz with everyone having a good laugh about the night before as Loretta sits and listens with a little horror as youth are corrupted and I finally get to see the end results of my girl's makeovers as Kori and Rachael are sporting hair that would make an impromptu threeway with alexis and lilith pornstars and lesbian Kardashian jealous.

Katy's hair is simpler with some brightly colored tips all around and Imelda's hair has a little bit of wave added to it. Matty on the other hand has me stunned, they straightened the shit out of her curly to impossible to brush hair and she's loving every bit of it as her hair can now be done up nicely.

Ben is quiet but smiling about last night, Devin has Masha on his lap and she's feeding him again. I don't get the feeding him thing until I see she's wearing a skirt and hear her complain about soreness in Russian. Mark is just glad we all had a hot babe have fun in live chat sexroom time until I realize that we're missing two people, Lilly and Jun. We finish eating and I head up to their room alone and after more than a few knocks get a 'coming' from the other side.

Lilly opens it a crack and I can see she's trying to hide herself as she notices me. "Morning Guy, we're a little busy," Lilly says sweating. "Lilly where is Jun, I need to speak with him," I asks placing my hand on the door. "He's tired Guy, come back later please," Lilly says as I hear a muffled groan from inside the room. I slowly push the door open full figured seductress angel de luca uses her charms to please a hard cock Lilly backs up hiding behind it cautiously.

I peek my head inside and see Jun strapped down to the bed by all four limbs with what looks to be oil smeared randomly on him and a ball gag in his mouth. I get inside quickly and close the door to see Lilly is naked save for the overly revealing and sexy lingerie. "Lilly what the fuck are you doing to him. You said he was fine to go out last night," I say moving over to my friend.

"I'm not mad, I'm in love. My boyfriend was able to have sex with a stripper, that makes him hotter and I just can't help myself," She says sitting down on the chair in the room. I get the gag out of Jun's mouth and he starts to flex his jaw. He looks like he's been here for hours as I start to release him.

"She's been having sex with me as often as she can get me hard," Jun tells me finally able to cover up," I said I needed to sleep and woke up like that with her getting me hard again. I need ice." "Lilly you do realize that if you burn him out he's not going to have anything left when you need it most," I tell her admonishing.

"I need it now too," She says a little desperate. "You both need food and time away from the bed. No sex for eight hours," my last words get a groan of disappointment from Lilly.

I leave the 'lovebirds' to their recovery and go about checking on my own girls. Last night was good for them once I came back and they felt more secure in the relationship again. It's the coming back that I find is more important than the letting me go for them and it leaves me thinking as we spend hours being lazy and playful with each other.

A ringing on my phone has me jump up and grab it as we're in the TV room, I don't recognize the number but answer anyway. "Hello you're speaking to Guy," I say politely into the phone. "Hello to you too Guy," I hear Detective Escalante reply back.

"Detective how are you today," I say feeling friendly and upbeat. "I'm good but I still have that second problem I need your help with," She tells me before I cut her off. "And I need hard Intel on my friend, Jackie is too important to put aside for another favor," I tell her trying to be upbeat," How did that last one work out for you?" "Very well, he's doing traffic for a month. And as for favors and Intel I'm going to suggest that you head to the mass of overpasses on the north side of the city, once underneath them you'll see where the biggest homeless camp has migrated to," Detective Escalante says giving me something for the first time in weeks," One thing Guy, she might not want to go so don't force her.

They will get defensive." "No worries, once I have her taken care of for good we are on," I say hanging up the phone and bounding up to my room fast. I get into my coat and boots with camouflage pants and a t shirt that says 'die in a fire' as I see my crew gathering to figure out what to do to help.

"I need a weapon or something," I say heading down the stairs. "Here take this," Imelda says handing me her pistol. "Thanks honey, I'll call when I have news," I tell them quickly getting a kiss from my girls as I bound out the door and once on my bike fly down roads. The trip takes me maybe twenty minutes or so and I can see some of the 'campers' are still in buffy rider toying her wet pink pussy as I slowly start to roll through looking around for Jackie.

I park my bike and even pay a well fed woman to keep people from touching it and promise more if she does good as I walk through the unwashed masses with my hood up.

I know it's a bad term to use but sadly it's true and considering there hasn't been much rain in the past month or so some people are in the desperate need of a shower category but I trudge on. I am walking and looking for a few minutes as I know I'm being watch with skeptical eyes before I hear sounds of an argument and follow it to the source. "I have some goods and I can pay but why didn't you stop them from taking my roof," I hear a familiar voice say desperately.

"Hey you haven't been keeping up with your share if you can pay now that's fine but you still need to find something for your own roof," I see a grungy white man in bad old clothing say as I round the pillar. "But you told me to leave and that it would be fine, now I come back and half my saved goods are gone and my roof is missing," Jackie says and my heart breaks to see her like this.

She's still the same 5'8" girl I remember but she's a bit thinner now and while her old brown leather jacket is a little worn and her brown hair is now down to her shoulder blades but is matted with sweat and dirt from being outside and not showering. The rest of her clothes are a mess and her 'home' is two pallets as walls with two more underneath. She's got a cloth bag in her hands and honestly I almost can't feel my legs as I see my friend like this as she continues to argue.

"I can give you what I have left for food I got and I have some cash from when I was out on the corners begging this week but please I need to eat something," Jackie says desperate as the guy grabs the bag from her. "You can get a new roof and this is your back owed and current owed unless you wanna start taking things out in trade," I hear him say with a sick tone. Jackie shakes him off and I watch as he takes her stuff before walking away, I want to kill his ass right now and my adrenaline is pumping but I remember who is in control and what I am here for as I slowly walk up to Jackie as she starts to try to search for something to put over her sleeping spot.

My approach doesn't go unnoticed as she turns and we lock eyes for the first time in a year and her eyes go terrified as I close distance. "No, no no no no no no no, not you here, not like this," Jackie says starting to break down.

"Hey who the fuck are you and why are you in my town," I hear the 'leader' say towards me as I get to Jackie. "I'm sorry; I'm so damn sorry Jackie.

Let me get you out of here," I say finally touching her arm with my hand. She's about ready to cry and I could follow her but my internal survival meter is kicking in as the town 'leader' keeps talking to me. "Hey rich boy, I'm talking to you. What the fuck are you doing here," He says getting within ten feet. I waste no motion and pull the revolver that Imelda gave me from the back of my pants and level it in his direction. Everyone in the area is silent as I keep my focus on Jackie, she's not even caring about the gun she's more worried about how I'm seeing her and that's hitting me where it hurts.

"Jackie please grab your stuff from the nice man and get all your belongings," I tell her quietly. "But they took them and I can't," She says until she sees my eyes and nods quietly. I turn my attention to the leader who still has his hands up and is nervous as I focus on him while Jackie is grabbing her meager belongings.

I'm all malice and venom now, this fuck wants power and I'll give him power. "You're in charge around here is that it, you're the fucking mayor of this 'town'," I ask giving him my full attention. "Yes, and that isn't hers anymore," He starts to argue as I approach before losing his voice.

"On your knees," I tell him quietly as he complies," Now open your mouth." "What," he asks confused before I back hand him with the pistol. "I SAID OPEN YOUR MOUTH," I shout scaring everyone in the area. I watch as the community 'leader' rights himself and with his hands up cautiously opens his mouth. I hot blair williams and carter cruise enjoying lesbian time see bad teeth and smell rotten meat, I almost feel bad as I put the gun in his mouth.

Bad for the gun that is. I have a captive audience and I think back to my younger days of sneaking movies, really violent ones and remember a great black man in a similar position. "The path of the righteous man is beset on all sides by the inequities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil men. Blessed is he, who in the name of charity and good will, shepherds the weak through the valley of darkness, for he is truly his brother's keeper and the finder of lost children.

And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger those who would attempt to poison and destroy my brunette teen gets her ass rimmed by big cock in bed. And you will know my name is the Lord when I lay my vengeance upon thee," I say loud enough for everyone to hear as I pull the hammer back on the gun. Everyone is silent and the 'leader' has his eyes closed when I suddenly say BANG and cause everyone to jump and him to fall down crying.

I put the gun away and move to stand on him with one foot firmly on his chest. "You ever come near her I will send you to a deep dark place and I will enjoy doing it. You will not be missed," I say as a hand takes my arm. I turn to see Jackie, she's got tears in her eyes and I slowly turn to her and walk her back to my bike. I'm like Moses parting the sea of homeless as we get to my bike and I give her the spare helmet before handing the woman watching my bike a twenty and we're off and down the road.

Jackie is clinging to me tightly as we ride and I'm planning my next step as I can't take her home or Loretta would get in trouble if anyone found out and I have no spare area for her so I do the one thing that I can and pull into a motel parking lot. I have Jackie wait with my bike as I go inside and pay for a couple nights with the card before asking about a store in the area. I get directed to a qwiki mart a couple buildings down and rejoin my friend.

We get my bike parked and I help her inside, it's a queen bed with a TV and a microwave, a chair and small table and a bathroom. I get her seated and kneel in front of her, she's shaking and I'm about to start myself when I find my voice.

"Jackie I need to get us a sienna day in fast anal fucking with petite minx big tits and big dick things, please wait for me here. I'm coming right back," I tell her getting a nod. My trip to the qwiki mart is one done on foot because the bike would take me more time as my feet are carrying me faster than I would have imagined as I grab a basket and start grabbing everything from fruit to shampoo, from vegetables to clean clothes as the store seems to keep everything in stock.

I pay and fly by foot back to the room and get the door open to find she hasn't moved from her spot as I get the door closed behind me and start going through everything in front of her before taking off my coat and boots.

"I got you some clean clothes but it's not the best but it should fit, I also got you some clean underwear and shampoo with body wash so you can shower," I tell her foxy tanya rides on a massive dong to keep myself together.

Jackie quietly takes the bath supplies and leaves her coat and her bag for the first time and heads into the shower. I sit and take hold of myself as I hear the water running; I check my phone and see that it's been a little over an hour and its dinner time. I look at the random food I grabbed and see that it's bits and pieces but not a meal. I figure I should maybe order a pizza and head to the bathroom to ask Jackie what she'd like. I get to the door and hear sobbing inside and enter quietly to see Jackie naked sitting on the floor of the shower curled up into the fetal position as warm water runs over her.

I don't even think as I get into the shower with her and pull her to me as I start to cry myself. All we can do is sit there as I hold her and cry when I hear words from her. "Why did you come back for me," Jackie asks finding her voice. "Because I failed you, I left you here and I didn't take care of you like a friend should have," I say holding onto her like she'll slip away. "I'm not your woman; I was a bad friend Guy.

You don't owe me anything," She says finally looking up at me with tears and water running down us. "You were there for me, I wasn't there for you. I'm not letting you fall again," I tell her holding her head to my chest. "What are you going to do now? I can't go back and I'm not giving up my baby," Jackie foxy business woman railed by pawn dude at the pawnshop me concerned.

"I don't know, I will make it work but right now I don't know," I reply as we sit in the water trying to make sure the world doesn't hurt us.

Part 8 I don' t know how long we sat there but the water tank for these places must be fucking huge as the damn thing didn't go cold on us before we could get off the floor and get Jackie cleaned up. I got out of my now wet clothes and british threeway hos fuck hardcore and european took the time to get the layers of dirt off.

The drain on the shower was able to take it all and I did the little things like wash her back and thank god my girls showed me different ways to deal with long damaged hair. You just can't put shit in and pray you have to work it and after a while I see Jackie start to finally relax as we get the last of the soap off and dry ourselves.

My clothes are going to be dry in hours if not later so I settle for just a towel as Jackie tests out some of the clothes I got which leaves her in a loose ugly colored top and some brown baggy pants. We sit quietly and I see her staring at the food and watch as she grabs a banana and barely gets the peel off before devouring it.

It goes that way with all the fruits and some of the vegetables as I order a pizza and soda, then at Jackie's request a large order of chicken strips and ranch sauce. I don't know what to say to her and once the food arrives and I pay she's so busy devouring all in her path, it's like a food horror movie.

I'm trying to numb myself as she finally get's full half way through a pizza with almost everything on it and sits quietly on the bed as the sun has set outside. We have the lights on but she can't seem to look at me as we sit in the silence.

"How long have you known," She finally asks quietly. "Almost three weeks, I owe a favor to a friend and my whole family is worried as I told them I won't be home tonight," I reply solemnly. "You aren't going home," Jackie asks concerned," Mrs. Delauter won't like that and you should be with your family." "No I need to be here, I have been so worried about you this whole time that I had days where nothing could keep me pinned down.

Everyone said to be calm and now I have you here, safe and I'm not taking any chances," I tell her with my blood pumping in defense mode. "What about your girlfriends," She asks finally looking at me. "They understand. Honestly they do and they want me to take care of you so that I'm not distracted all the time," I tell her getting a small look of disappointment. "You should be with your girls," Jackie says with a level of finality.

"And Steven should be a corpse but I haven't killed him yet," I reply remembering who started all this. "No, he could change his mind.

You can't want me to raise my child knowing that one of the best people I've ever known has killed its father," Jackie says desperately. "Knowing it would hurt you is the only reason he still breathes," I say calming down so that I'm not raging on her. We bag up the trash and she uses a hotel fan to dry my underwear so I can at least remove the towel.

We pack up her old stuff in the old bag and she starts sorting her new things. I watch as she goes through uses and what she calls tradeables when she finally realizes what she's doing. "Oh my god I don't have to barter with this stuff," she finally says starting to tear up again. "Jackie it's going to be okay," I tell her kneeling down and taking her face when I see tears and a smile. "It might actually be okay for once," She says calming down and wiping her tears. She explains to me how she got into the camp.

We go over her panhandling for change on corners and dumpster diving for food. She even used her I'm pregnant and the Daddy left me to get food a couple times from businesses.

I just sit and listen as the more I hear the more I want to kill when she touches my hand and tells me 'I'm okay'. It's not good enough for me in the long run but it is good enough now. I am still sitting in the chair when I watch as Jackie passes out with the TV on and her body under the blankets of the bed. I sit back down in my chair and somewhere in between letting my girls know that I'm okay and won't be home and them messaging me back I fall asleep.

I am woken the next morning to silence, too much silence. I get up from my chair and see that Jackie is gone, I see her old stuff, and some of the supplies are missing too and all the new clothes. I'm starting to freak out putting on my damp cold clothing and I wrench the door open and take two steps when I see her walking up carrying a new bag of stuff.

She sees my face and gets me back inside as I'm trying to calm down with my hands shaking. "Guy it's okay I didn't go anywhere I just traded in some of the clothes you got for ones that fit and I got a bra," Jackie tells me sitting me on the bed.

I nod absently and she sits down next to me and starts to rub my back when she realizes how cold and damp my clothes are and helps me strip out so she can get them dried a little better. We sit quietly on the bed with the TV on and me under the covers from the waist down.

She cuddles up to me and we're quietly just relaxing when my phone starts to go off. I grab it and see that it's ten in the morning and Kori is calling. I grab the phone and answer. "Baby are you doing okay," Kori asks skipping formalities.

"Honey I'm fine, we're fine," I tell her stoically. "Oh thank god baby, where are you? I know you can't bring her back here but everyone is going nuts wondering where you are," Kori asks as I can hear people in the background asking a million questions. "Honey we're at a ratty little motel about thirty minutes away," I tell her before she cuts me off. "Guy Donnelly, I can tell by the sound of your voice that everything is not fixed and not even close to alright.

I love you, we love you now tell me where you two are so we can help," Kori says with a determined tone. "Honey I'm looking for the name on something in here as I'm in my underwear," I say before clarifying," My clothes got soaked and they haven't dried well." "We'll bring you some but what motel," Kori asks again not letting it go. "Buffalo Ranch Motel, it's off the interstate north," I tell her as Jackie hands me a card with the info on it from the nightstand.

As soon as the words are out of my mouth the call is ended and I'm staring at my phone wondering what new hell is coming as I turn to Jackie who looks a little concerned. "Well we're gonna have company," I tell her as look to make myself presentable and realize that's impossible.

We sit quietly until I get a text asking the room number I let them know eight before watching Jackie duck into the bathroom. A sharp knock at the door and I open it a little as I see all my girls dressed nicely and all ready to break hearts as I let them in and immediately Kori pins me to the wall and does her soul gazing, I see her finally soften and smile.

"It's getting better, and we're here to help," She tells me as the rest of the girls have filed in and just kind of looked around. I get dressed in fresh clothing as my girls sit or stand waiting for Jackie to come out of the bathroom. I almost want to get her when Imelda's hand stops me and I get a head shake of no and settle back into my place on the TV stand. The door opens and Jackie comes out slowly still in her clothes I got her the night before and with her hair done a little bit but as soon as she sees my girls she stops dead in her tracks.

My girls, my beautiful hair done, nails done, nice clothes and even good makeup girls standing in front of my friend who is less than a day out from being covered in enough dirt to bury a body. Jackie starts to tear up and almost retreat but her legs fail her and I start to move when I'm cut off by Mathilda. I watch as my Amazon takes Jackie in and starts to hug her. I hear sobs and Matty is right there being herself, strong and kind. I see my girls are starting to tear up as well when my Amazon finally starts to let Jackie go and introductions are done.

All my girls hug her and smile; it's friendly and warm as we let Jackie sit and start to relax. "You're all so beautiful I couldn't help but think why Guy ever even had sex with me," Jackie says as the girls laugh.

"You're special, I can tell just by looking at him. I don't have a word for it but you're important," Kori says as the girls agree. "You should have seen him when he found out," Katy says going into theatrics about me breaking the door and arguing with my girls. "I wasn't a good friend to him though, I don't know if he told you but I hid things from him. I hurt him and pushed him away," Jackie admits starting to feel sad again. "He told us what happened, if we weren't his and we'd gone off and just found someone we'd be scared to hurt him like that too," Imelda says taking Jackie's hand and calming her down.

"So I gotta ask, who ate all the food," Katy says holding up the trash bag. "That would be me," Jackie says sheepishly. "Hell did you even eat anything Guy," Katy asks turning to me as I shake my head no. "I haven't been hungry," I say just focusing on all the women in the room. My girls all caring and attentive to Jackie like angels with a charge. I'm a little outside myself at the moment and grab my coat to step out and breathe a little. I'm not outside for a few moments when I hear someone walking up to me and get a firm hand on my shoulder as Matty joins me.

"Can I be honest about something and pray you understand," she says quietly. "I hope so," I reply holding her hand. "You are the only man I've ever been with," Mathilda tells me pausing," But you almost weren't." I freeze and turn to see she's got a sad look on her face, I'm more than a little confused and wondering what I did as she holds my hand tightly to keep me near. "Back after you Tracy and I did that thing in the locker room I was kind of confused and thought I could go out a little.

We hadn't started talking and I was working out in the Gym and started talking to a junior, I don't remember his name, but we were talking a lot every day and we were working out together. I wore a very special pair of underwear under my sweats one day and when we were together and alone I tried to kiss him. He flipped out on me and starting going off about how he wasn't like that and when I took off my shirt he said&hellip.," Matty pauses and I see pain on my strongest girl's face," he said he thought I was a guy." Mathilda is starting to break as I rush in and kiss her hard and deep.

I'm wrapped up in her arms and surprise the hell out of her lifting her up as we continue to kiss. She finally breaks our kiss and I set her back down and while she's feeling better I see doubt. "Were the underwear yellow," I ask getting a light nod and smile," Those were the same ones you wore our real first time." "Yeah, I'm sorry you weren't the first to see them," She says softly.

"Mine and you are sexier without any lingerie," I tell her as we head back inside. We head back into the room and see the girls are going through their planning phase as I start to listen.

"Well we can get more money and put her up," Rachael says trying to contribute. "That's good but I can talk to Ma and that's a bit more permanent. She'll have to get a job to help out but that shouldn't be a problem," Imelda says bringing things a little better but Jackie's face says more bad news. "I don't have any training, I haven't even got my diploma and I'm pregnant. People don't hire you with the three strikes," Jackie says disheartened.

"Jackie look at Guy for a second," Kori tells her and she complies," He doesn't stop, he doesn't fail." "I did, it's why we all here have to do this now," I say still feeling like shit. "No, I did this.

You weren't able to be here because they are important to you and I see that, Guy we're friends but they are your love," Jackie says trying to help me. "I love you too," I say getting quiet in the room. "You do but not like them, it's not the same love but it helps me feel better that I can be loved and that I have a friend who moved the earth to find me and put a gun in a man's mouth just because he wronged me," Jackie says starting to tear up again. "You put my gun in a man's mouth," Imelda asks as I hand her piece back to her.

"I'm sorry but we have a few problems, one right now I think both Imelda and I want to fuck Guy silly. Sorry but him going ape shit is a turn on, second if he doesn't eat I'm going to tie him down and we're going to force feed him, and then comes the silly fucking," Katy says getting everyone up and moving.

We all get packed up but when I try to put Jackie on my bike I get Katy instead as the girls lead the way to a big family restaurant. We start to get seated and I pause as all the girls wait for me to sit when so they can surround me in the booth. "Keys," I say holding out my hand. The looks on their faces is one of shock until I smirk and they all laugh a little and Kori explains reference to Jackie.

She's a little nervous being surrounded by all my women but they let her sit next to me as we place orders for breakfast. Conversation is light when Kori decides to make it a bit heavy. "I don't want you to miss out on half of senior year for college and I don't want you to miss walking with us at graduation," Kori says as the group gets ready for another argument.

"Okay but why, me getting it started would be a good thing," I reply actually very calm about the topic. "Because We'd miss you for starters, I want to go to a few dances as a senior and so does Matty," Kori says causing Matty to blush a little," Also Matty has sports so she couldn't do what you are planning to keep up and I am not that smart as to get through all my classes in half a year." "Okay, that makes sense.

You really want me to walk at graduation," I ask getting a cautious nod," Done. But I will front load my classes so I can just take one class for the rest of the year." "But then you can't do the presidency," Kori says before realizing she made a mistake. "I think that's still in his court Kori," Katy says poking her in the ribs. We get served and while I'm hungry and done eating I watch my girls stare at Jackie who has devoured her entire plate and is looking around for more.

When she finally realizes that they're watching her she gets embarrassed until each of my girls gives up some of her food onto Jackie's plate. I see her smile and hug Kori who is on the other side of her. The meal actually ends well when my girls start to get that look on their faces. "We want to take Jackie out to get done up a bit and get her some new clothes," Rachael says with a little authority.

"I am fine with these, Guy got them for me and they're not bad," Jackie replies trying to save my budget. "They are hideous, no offense Guy," Rachael says with some sympathy," You are our friend now and you are important. I'm the newest girl but from what I can tell when we help we don't stop till things are fixed so Guy you will go back and get some rest while the girls take some cash and do some shopping." "I'm hanging out with Guy," Katy says immediately.

"Me too," adds Imelda. I hand them off money and watch as the rest of the girls leave in Bethany's truck. I get Katy on my bike and watch as Imelda starts to lead us back to Loretta's house.

I get in and immediately get ambushed by Loretta with a hug that has me almost ready to tap out. I finally get released and the questions begin. I answer them honestly when I see Loretta's face soften. "Does she hate me," I get asked which puts me in a confused state. "No, if anything she understands. I didn't bring her here because you can't have her here and keep doing your job," I say rubbing my Mom's back.

I get a smile and start to see where Katy and Imelda have ducked off too when Mr. Delauter, who is home at an unreasonable hour for him, beckons me into his office. He's behind his desk working as I come in and sit down across from him.

"So we have a bit of a problem," He tells me as I start to worry a vintage classic taboo and handjob compilation cherie deville in impregnated by my You and your friends are costing me a lot of money." "But you said it's only money," I reply trying to keep things peaceful.

"I did yes, but when money is being spent on pointless circular problem, well that is when I start to become concerned," Blonde hottie tries out a new toy says showing me my recent transactions on a laptop screen. I do a check on the dates and see that mostly its food until I get to Jackie yesterday.

I explain why I bought what I did and where I'm spending it. I can see he's unimpressed as he turns the computer back towards him. "When Mark was growing up I made him spend his money on things that were more important than toys and games. My daughters have had the same upbringing," he tells me with authority," Now it's your turn." "Alright so what do I have to buy," I ask a little disappointed. "We will be doing some shopping very soon, you and I," I am told with a level of finality," We need to get you some more mature clothing because you are going to be helping me out with a few things at my office." "Wait, you want to take me shopping so I can go to work with you," I ask before getting a nod," And I'm just going to guess that I need to do this in a way that leaves you above reproach and probably doesn't end in a bloodbath." "See this is why I like you Guy, you're a smart boy.

Now I'm not going to task you with anything just yet BUT once your friend is fully taken care of and SOON, we will begin my tasks," Mr. Delauter tells me before dismissing me. I get out of the office and say hey to Devin and Masha in the TV room before heading up stairs to find my bedroom door is closed. I open it and get only a few feet inside when I'm grabbed suddenly and flung onto the bed before a pair of lips are mashed against mine. I feel someone working over my pants and sure enough once my member is free there is a pair of lips wrapped around me and I'm moaning into my partner's mouth.

I can pretty much guess who's got me hot cop threesome and police mom crony petty theft and I grab a pair of breasts with my hands. Not as soft as I was expecting this gives me Imelda kissing me as Katy is using her mouth to get me hard. Imelda breaks our kiss and I watch as she starts pulling off her clothes.

I get my shirt off and see Katy already has her pants down and my hands are being held hot blowjob during threesome hardcore and teen by Imelda as Katy straddles my hips and starts lining me up.

There is no hesitation as she slams her hips down engulfing my cock inside of her. She's hot and wet as she wastes no time or motion slamming her hips up and down onto mine. I can see Katy's D cup breasts are out and flopping around when I see Imelda staring down at me waiting for me to fight back.

I smirk and turn my hand so that I can beckon her down towards my face. "I think you might want to hold onto her tits a little more than my hands," I whisper smirking. "Nope, you get to lay there and take it big boy," Imelda tells me firmly. "I warned you," I say as my smirk stops. I wait for Katy to go up and slam my hips up into hers throwing her off balance as she comes crashing down and as soon as my ass hits I pull my arms down to my side quickly launching Imelda forward. Not too far but enough that I have her sweet pussy in my face and with my hands free grip my Latina girlfriend's hips and bury my tongue in her pussy.

She tastes bitter sweet as I'm going for broke on her hole and Katy is not stopping as she resumes slamming her hips against mine. "Katy, help me he got loose," Imelda moans as I tongue the inside of her hole.

"Katy, kiss Imelda," I say just after her before resuming my meal. I feel Imelda straighten up and stiffen a lot before finally relaxing, her hips pushing back towards my waiting tongue and mouth.

I hear Katy gasp and start moaning as she goes from bouncing to grinding and I feel a hand touching my pelvic bone but turned away from me and moving fast. Imelda is almost pulled away from me and I glance into the mirror to see my Latina girlfriend rubbing my punk girlfriend's clit and sucking on one of her large breasts as she grinds on me moaning.

"You are such a whore Katy," Imelda says as I tongue her faster. "You wish you were a whore like me sometimes because I can take the best&hellip. fuckings and&hellip. my eyes roll back in my&hellip. head from the … OH FUCK," Katy groans loudly as I feel her start to cum all over my cock. Her orgasm is intense and she doesn't move as she comes, only leaves me there inside her to feel her pussy quiver around my cock before being pushed to the side and Imelda's mouth quickly replaces Katy's pussy as she goes to work finishing me off.

It's a race now and I press my thumb against Imelda's asshole just enough to get her to moan on my cock as we try to get the other to cum first.

I'm frantically licking her clit and I can feel her body shudder a little as she tries to engulf my entire member when my body gets a full surge through my nerves and I start to cum in Imelda's mouth. Her own orgasm hits and I feel her hands grip my thighs and nails dig in as she tries to keep me inside her mouth as I fill it with my seed.

Finally her mouth comes off of me and I see her crawl over to Katy and they kiss/swap fluids before both turn to me and grin wickedly. I watch as two of my tigresses crawl over and pin me in on either side to cuddle me.

"It was our turn to get some from you without you having a say," Imelda tells me quietly. "Well me not having a say is a lot different if I was to say no then if I was to say yes," I tell them both giving each a kiss as we settle in and rest a little. Relaxing in bed is good for a bit but I feel like my feet are burning as I grab my coat and head out on my bike.

The girls still have Jackie out and are having girl time I guess but I need some me time as I'm hitting lap on the freeways just doing a loop around the city I start to feel like I have a shadow and sure enough a small pack of guy on heavy bikes. I don't recognize them but when they look to overtake and surround me but I've got more speed and pull out of the pack with my acceleration and zip off the freeway through the nearest off ramp and into a grocery store parking lot.

I'm definitely in the a not so great neighborhood but it's the middle of the day and I decide to wait as after a few minutes and grabbing something to eat from inside I see the biker pack pull in and park next to my bike before looking around it takes me a minute but I recognize the patches as Devil's Best. I almost want to call out as they seem to be waiting for me to come back.

I finish my food and almost want to walk over when I hear more rumbling of engines and a small group of five to six turns into a pack of twenty. I don't like the odds and I don't like being hunted down as I see Sid start to have people fan out but stop as he sees me bee lining it for him. "You looking for me," I growl getting in between two bikers and right in Sid's face. "Actually yes now drop the attitude," Sid tells me defensively. "You have your boys try to overtake me on the freeway in force.

No I won't drop shit when people try to ambush me," I continue as he backs me up. "If I was gonna have you taken out kid it would have happened already," Sid tells me before smiling," besides I'm not looking to take out someone who's good friends with the Old Man.

He actually put me onto you for something I need help with." "Wonderful, seems like I'm dealing with everyone's problems except the one that I need to get fixed. Sorry but I really can't help right now, too much on my plate," I tell him stepping around him and moving to my bike. "I'm not used to being told no for any reason and consider it a trade, you help me and I'll get you something worth the time," Sid tells me as I mount my bike," I'm in a bind here and I'd have one of us do this but we're not 'allowed'.

It's not anything too big and you can probably get it done quickly enough for me, that's it but I need someone who isn't affiliated with us. I talked to the Old Man and he recommended you since you are capable and discreet." Fucking Old Man, I'm not one of his and I barely know Sid and here he is with more shit to heap on my plate. I shake my head and grab my helmet but a hand on my arm is stopping me.

Sid isn't going to take no for an answer. A back pack gets handed up to Sid and he pushes it against my chest. "There are two packages in here, take the smaller one to a lady at this office," Sid shows me the address on a piece of paper and then a second one," And this one drop it on the desk at this auto shop." "What are they for," I ask quietly. "Details you don't need to know just get it done quickly man," Sid tells me stepping away," In the next two hours." I put the pack on and my helmet before racing off and down the road.

My first trip takes me about forty minutes and puts me at a legal building and the name on the package is Mrs. Carla Rosetti. I get inside and ask the receptionist where she is and get directed to the elevators.

Up a couple floors and I'm past another receptionist who points me to her office. I'm greeted by a sweet looking older woman as a secretary and when ushered into the office I see my quarry. She's a very businessed up woman with black hair done tightly and not a lot of manners as she turns to me.

"Who the fuck are you and what the fuck are you doing in my office," She barks with a heavy New Jersey accent. "Delivery boy," I tell her pulling the smaller of the two packages and set it on her desk before turning to leave. "Who the fuck is this from," She demands coming around her desk and grabbing my arm. "Open it and find out," I say stopping and turning.

I watch as Mrs. Carla turns back to her desk and pulls a letter opener out before cutting the package open in her hands. What falls out is no less than a nice pile of wrapped bills and a small box. I watch her soften at the sight of the box. "Thank you, tell him I said 'You're welcome'," She says to me in a soft tone. "You know who this is from I guess," I reply plainly. "Someone I helped out a little while back who's repaying me in more ways than I care to count," she says smiling as I leave.

I check my clock and see I've got about an hour left and check the GPS on my phone to find that my drive time is going to be close to that.

I don't know why I have to do it in two hours but if the Old Man recommended me I'd better hurry. My drive takes me to the shop but it looks closed and there's nobody inside even as I kick the door open a little with my boot and look around. Sure enough nobody's here and I drop off the package on the desk before hopping on my bike across the street.

I stop and check my phone a couple messages from the girls asking me how I'm doing, I tell them I'm okay and they let me know that Jackie is doing fine.

Apparently Loretta joined up with the girls and they're all having a better time than one would expect. I'm about to put my helmet on when I'm knocked off my bike.

My ears are ringing and I'm dazed as I look up and see the shop I was just in on fire. The doors are blown off and what little people there were on the street are staring in awe. I get up and right my bike as I realize that I'm bleeding from my head and my right arm.

I get my helmet on and fly away from the scene. I don't know what compelled me to drive over to the tattoo shop. I pull up and see more than a few of the Devil's Best sitting around and Sid playful amazing cutie gangbanged gets a facial there talking with the Old Man and they're having a laugh as I walk up and pull my helmet off and people see my blood dried on my face.

Everyone looks at me with concern as I drop the bag in front of Sid and turn to the Old Man. I rip the Pariah patch off my jacket and see his face go slack. "We're done," I tell him dropping it and walking away. "Kid what the hell happened to you," the Old Man calls after me as I get to my bike. "Hey Guy are you okay," Vicki says rushing out to see me before stopping in her tracks as the sight of my bloodied face.

I just stare her down before turning my gaze back to the Old Man who is staring between Sid and me. The Old Man is confused then pissed off and it's not in my direction. "You fucking told me that it wasn't anything important, I let you use one of my free hands," I figure that's my work title as the Old Man is chewing out Sid," And now he's bleeding all over himself and I'm out good help and a solid prospect." "Hey I told him in two hours, he should have had enough time cori group xecy story fool sex stories drop shit off and get out.

And besides you were never going to take care of that old building anyway so I just did you a favor," Sid says remarkably cool. "Out, you get off my property now. Till further notice Devil's Best are not welcome on Union territory," the Old Man barks picking up my patch and heading inside the Tattoo shop. "Are you fucking serious Jim!?

I needed to get this done and you said the kid could handle tough shit. He walks then fuck him he's not cut out for man's work anyway," Sid says as Vicki stops me from getting on my bike.

"Guy come inside and let me patch you up," Vicki says concerned. "No, stick with Mark but your family can stay the hell away from me," I tell her as I see Smitty come out the shop and over to me with a speed I'm not used to seeing on the big man.

"Guy my Dad wants you to come inside and talk with him," Smitty says as he pulls Vicki back from me a little. "And I don't give a fuck what your Dad wants," I retort fuming mad.

"Please, just let me fix you up while Grandpa talks. When I'm done go," Vicki says quietly leading me inside the shop. I can see a few artists are staring at the blood and once in the back office Vicki helps me out of my coat and starts to assess the damage. Somehow I have a gash on my upper right bicep and checking my coat see that the leather is torn open. I'm almost as pissed about my leather jacket than the fact that I nearly got blown up.

Vicki starts going to work as the Old Man comes in and sits down in his office chair. "Kid I'm sorry you got mixed up in this, Sid said it was a couple of small things that needed an outside hand," the Old Man says as I cut him off.

"Twice now, you and your people keep me in the dark. Twice I find out the hard way that I've got a fucking bull's eye on my back and this time I nearly become a fucking stain on the pavement.

Explain to me how 'Sorry' is a fucking explanation for your god damned incompetence," I growl at him. "I went off of what I knew and the first time we settled between us," he says as Vicki starts to realize she's out of the information loop. "So then another thing happens, then another thing. You seem to think of me as expendable," I tell him as Vicki hits my head gash with antiseptic.

"Not expendable kid, dependable and I can trust you to not turn on me or the Union," he says quietly," All I've got for you is my word that I'll fix this and make it up to you." I sit there and think as I hear Smitty starting to argue with what sounds like Sid at the front of the shop.

He wants to speak to the Old Man and Smitty is telling him to get out. I reach past the Old Man to his desk and open a few drawers before finding his big revolver. Vicki is petrified as I walk out barely bandaged and carrying the fucking cannon in my left hand, my dominant hand. Sid see's me and then the cannon as I level it at miss crimea nudist junior pageant. His hands go up and the whole place freezes.

"Kid you need to calm down, killing me starts a problem between the Union and the Devil's Best," Sid says trying to talk me down. "No it doesn't, I'm not Union. I'm unaffiliated and I'm without fucking compensation for damages received in the line of work. Also you are trespassing and that is a crime which in the state of Texas means that the offended and his occupants can defend themselves as they see fit," I tell him in a cold passionless tone.

"So you shoot me and then what, call the police," Sid asks almost mocking me. "Yes, I have a few friends and a we're close enough that I could probably not see the inside of a jail considering the high priced lawyer I have for a Step Father that makes your friend that I delivered the package too look a little underpaid. Now you will fucking walk away and when you figure out some form of apology and compensation for me you can contact the Old Man and he'll decide whether it's enough or not," I say backing him out of the door.

I turn and walk back to the office to see Vicki and the Old Man staring at me, she's in shock and the Old Man is just smiling and shaking his head. I get seated and let Vicki finish her job when the Old Man hands me back my jacket, he put the damn 'Pariah' patch back on and I see some fishing line stitching on the gash in the sleeve. I put my coat back on and slowly head out of the shop and back to my bike. I don't care what anyone has to say as I see more than a few of the Devil's Best still hanging around as I hop on my bike and head back towards the crappy motel I've got set up for Jackie.

I get in and send a text message to the girls telling them where I'm at and that I'm resting after a day of bullshit. Sure enough instead of quiet my phone starts going psycho with text messages and I have to shut the volume off to rest.

I'm not down an hour when the door comes busting in and my girls along with Jackie and Loretta. I'm barely able to sit up when they see my bandages and Kori is the first one to get to me as Katy grabs my jacket and sees the damage.

"Did you wreck," Katy asks concerned. "No I was asked to help someone that I thought had my health and well being in mind and they didn't," I say as Kori checks my arm then my scalp.

"Why am I seeing splinters and glass," Kori asks with an angry look. "I must have landed in some when I fell off my bike," I say getting an annoyed look," I was doing a favor for a friend of a friend, something that I hoped I could use for Jackie's sake." "Guy I never wanted you to get hurt just to help me," Jackie says sounding a little broken up.

"Okay, everyone wants to get on my son's case about what happened or do we get to work fixing Jackie's problem," Loretta says taking control of the room. My girls and my mom go over their days with me, I learn that they did some major shopping and overhaul on Jackie's wardrobe.

They even got her hair done and styled a little which has her looking a quite a bit better. Everyone talks about heading home but when they get up and I don't move which attracts all attention. "Honey you should come home," Loretta says grabbing my coat. "This isn't done, I don't leave her till this is all finished," I say feeling the effects of my knock down earlier," Get things moving if you can, girls get the crew together and make sure we're having some fun while I recover and above all else track Ben.

You know why." I get nods of acceptance and get to my feet long enough to get a hug from each girl and I quick look from Kori of acceptance to the situation. I get them out the door and move back to collapse on the bed and stare at the ceiling.

Soon after I'm down I hear the TV kick on and groan a little as I try to rest with it on. I feel tugging on my boots as they get pulled off and I look down to see Jackie helping me into bed. I sleep well enough and wake up a few times being held by my friend. Next morning I'm up just shy of noon and Jackie is up and about with the TV on. I'm given some food for brunch, mostly fast food but I'm hungry as hell and Jackie for once doesn't out eat me. We watch bad day time TV and when she pulls out her own phone I stare hard at her.

"Your mom got it for me," She says with a little shyness. I find out that Imelda's mom could take her in but it wouldn't be permanent and I put that on hold. The girls tapped Jun to see if there was a job market for her or some sort of assistance but its all paperwork and waiting lists. My day is not turning out for the better and with my body in a dull ache and my head throbbing as Jackie ushers me into the shower. I stretch and take care to keep my bandages dry as possible but that fails and I'm bleeding a little as I exit the shower.

Jackie is right there once she sees me and I hand her some cash and watch her head out of the motel room. She's back after a little bit with some medical supplies and I get bandaged up again, Jackie's touch is a bit gentler than Vicki's. I settle in on the bed in my shorts as Jackie heads into the shower and I'm lying on my side facing away from the bathroom and towards the door to the outside.

I'm half awake and mostly just aching from my knock down, thing I'm learning is that when you get hit like that you ache for at least a day or two afterwards and it sucks. I hear the shower stop and the door to the bathroom open and close before the lights go off and I'm joined in the bed with Jackie's form shifting the weight on the other side.

I'm worried about what comes next for her and still running through options for what to do to help her as I feel her fidgeting on her half of the bed. "I'm cold," Jackie says hoping I'm awake. "I'm warm," I reply a little groggy. I feel her shifting and her cool body is pressed against my bare back and an arm wraps around my side and hand gently touches my chest. She's not sleeping; I've learned that women can be heard thinking when things get really quiet and this is one of those moments.

"Steven was really good for a long time. We went on dates; I stayed at his place a bit but never too long. We talked about what to do when I was out of high school, he wanted to get some more college and we'd even thought about marriage," Jackie tells me quietly," I got pregnant and things changed, it's like reality just kicked us both hard.

Now here I am in bed, with you, who should have left me to my problems." "It's not who I am, I'm just figuring myself out most of the time but there are somethings that don't change me. Friends need help and they come to me, if they can't come to me then I go to them," I explain as I pull her in tighter by her arm.

I lay there on my side as I feel her warm a little and we continue in silence. I start to feel something odd on my back and it takes me a minute to figure out Jackie is kissing my back. I feel her hand trail down my stomach and slowly work past the waist band on my shorts before I feel her cautiously take my member in her hand and start to rub life into it.

I've been so gun ho about getting her safe that I haven't had the slightest bit of physical attraction with her around but that is changing rapidly and my 'better' sense is coming around for some reason.

"Jackie you don't have to do this," I groan as I harden and her gentle touch continues. "I need to," She whispers in between kissing my back.

I still ache, I'm still sore but instead of trying to talk her out of it to save us from a more emotional moment that either of us can deal with I roll over to face Jackie and kiss her deep.

Our bodies intertwine together and she's warm to my body pressing against hers and I feel some smoother clothing than what I've seen her in and pull it and her tighter to my body.

Our hips are grinding together a little harder and I feel my cock rubbing against her skin and the same smooth fabric as she pulls me over on top of her slowly. I follow and I feel her legs come up around my hips on either side as she takes me in her hand and breaks our kiss. I feel her lower her head like she's anticipating the worst and I pause as I feel her guiding past some loose silk panties and right to her entrance.

"Jackie we can do this slowly," I groan as the head of me enters her folds. She is warm and damp on the outside but tight and hot as she pulls the first few inches of me inside of her. She's groaning and it sounds like pain and I try to pause where I am only to find Jackie isn't stopping in spite of herself and with pulling on me and shifting her hips I get seated all the way inside her and we come to rest against each other. I lower my body down to hers and she wraps her arms around me before pulling me in for another kiss, this one hotter and I'm swept away as we start rolling our hips against each other.

Our first time I was in control and just trying to make sure she felt good about what we were doing but this is built out of her need and I'm just hoping for no casualties after as she breaks the kiss. "I've wanted this since I woke up the first night and you were asleep in the chair," Jackie tells me in a husky tone. "I didn't know," I say a little stunned as I keep our pace steady.

Every time we move against each other I feel like I'm getting deeper and deeper even though I'm at my base. She's so much different after a year and now we're back at it again as I feel her stiffen a little and watch as she bites her lip.

I don't stop moving and she opens her mouth lightly and gasps as I keep giving her my all in long slow thrusts. I hunker down onto my elbows and with her thighs against my hips keep I don't know how much longer I can last as she starts whimpering a little. I pause but get a sharp head move by her and lips pulling me into her mouth and her hips rolling against me for more.

I'm hot and she's hotter as we press against each other with the best need ever before I watch Jackie's eyes open and her mouth comes off mine in a soundless moan, her body starts milking me and I involuntarily arch my back hard and proceed to send my seed into her deep and hard.

Jackie is kissing any part of my body she can as I start to come down from my orgasm and I feel a lot better, still achy but better none the less.

We hold each other for a time before I fall from her and back off, I can see she's got some sexy lingerie pajamas on as she rolls out of bed and heads to the bathroom. I flop back onto the bed and lie there when I feel a warm damp cloth start to clean me up before my shorts come up and Jackie cuddle up to my side. "Thank you," she tells me quietly. "Thank you," I reply curvy milf sandi beach gets rammed hard high definition high def. I get a soft kiss on the lips and we cuddle against each other before finally I hear her rhythmic breathing and I finally fall asleep.

I'm vaguely aware of what's happening in the room as I sleep, I hear Jackie get up once, the bathroom light come on, after a while I doze back off. I'm not aware of what's going on but I'm on my back as my senses kick on and I feel myself being taken in and while it's not deep or experienced there is an enthusiasm and a purpose behind the hand stroking my base and the mouth working me over. I groan a little and my friend pauses as I finally pull the blankets off and see Jackie's eyes staring up at me as she is between my legs with her head down and her ass in the air.

"I'm sorry I didn't want to wake you," She says before resuming her work. "Liar, you definitely wanted me awake," I reply as she keeps up her pace.

"I did but I know you need sleep, I was hoping I could have some more while you slept," She says putting a harder effort. She's relentless and finally I can see why as she straightens up and I fall from her mouth, her other hand is a little sticky in the light as it's been between her legs. I watch as she rubs her juices on me before turning away and straddling my hips.

I make a few adjustments and see what appears to be a little black thong on Jackie's hips as she backs her pussy onto my cock. She's still tight and hot but this way in a reverse cowgirl with her leaning forward on her hands I can tell she's a bit tighter because of the angle. She gets most of me in her and I watch as she starts fucking me hard, trying to get as much of me in her as fast as possible before retreating and then resuming her heated thrusts downward.

I marvel at Jackie's thong wearing ass as she continues to work me over harder and harder till I feel a quick shudder come from my partner. Her mild orgasm has her pausing but I don't wait as I grip her hips a little and push up into her slightly getting a surprised yelp from Jackie. "Give me a moment, still a little sensitive," Jackie says still facing away from me. "You started this and I'm getting mine again," I tell her giving her a light slap on the ass.

I feel her jump a little but sure enough she starts moving again this time a little faster and with a bit less enthusiasm as last time.

I sit up and pull her backwards till she's up off of me and rest on her feet with her hands on my chest. I grip her hips with my hands and instead of letting her fuck me I bring the fucking to her faster than she was trying to do me before she came. The room is filled with the sounds of our bodies slapping together and I'm not giving Jackie's body a second of reprieve, I'm not going hard into her but it's fast enough to make her moan.

"Oh shit, you're going fast… are you gonna cum fast&hellip.," Jackie asks in between moans. "Don't like fast," I ask slowing down. "I love it," She says before pulling off of me," But let's try something that is a bit more comfortable." Jackie hops off of me only to turn around and face me before lowering herself down over my cock and impaling herself onto it. We groan a little but with me sitting up and her gripping the headboard there is no slowing down as we start bucking at each other hard and fast.

I'm feeling my orgasm but Jackie is in a state of autopilot and that's not what I want from her, I want hard orgasming woman. I see her wonderful C cup breast bouncing in my face and find there are no bolts like there were last year. I let go of Jackie's hips only to place them on her breasts squeezing them firmly and getting her to stop the bouncing and start to grind against me biting her lip.

As soon as I get a nipple in my mouth Jackie starts grunting and slamming her pussy against me hard with hard loud slapping filling the room. "Oh Fuck I'm gonna cum again&hellip. fuck&hellip.," Jackie goes from grunting to whimpering as her orgasm starts. Something about her shuddering and grunting against me has me grunting and I let her breast fall from my lips as I cum in her hard. We're grinding out hips together hard as we ride out our orgasms and I get my head pulled back from her chest as a fierce kiss from Jackie makes me jump a little inside her.

We both moan at it and finally she pulls herself off of me and shakily heads to the bathroom for the second time this night, or should I say morning as I see it's past one. I get another nice clean off with a warm rag as Jackie crawly into bed with me and this time I'm cuddling up to her in her thong as we try to settle in for some more sleep. Mercifully my wake up is of the normal variety with me stirring from bed before Jackie and even though my body is a little sore I'm really refreshed.

I see my friend sleeping soundly and figure a shower is probably a good idea; I grab my shorts and a fresh towel and head into the bathroom.

I get the water on and it's only then that I start to feel fully aware of my aches but they're small in comparison yesterday but still going to want to take it easy or my girls will lose their shit on me for rushing back out to get things handled.

I'm almost done soaping up when I hear the door open and Jackie slide in behind me. "I missed showers," She says as I back out of the way a let her have the water. She's in happy glow mode as she hums to herself and I get a look at her in the light.

Wasn't noticing it a couple days ago but being homeless shed some of her weight but I figure she'll get that back in a few months with the baby weight. I help her soap up a little and my cock twitches as I work but I keep it to myself until she notices it and starts laughing at me. "Such an eager thing isn't he," Demi sutra in black booty make some move says playfully," But I don't think so, Steven couldn't even get it up this often and he was like a rabbit some days." I don't know what it is about hearing his fucking name but it makes my blood boil and I'm getting harder as I watch her ample ass sway a little in the shower before bending down and trying to pick up a bottle from the floor.

I move up behind Jackie and rub my cock head against her slit and feel her jump in surprise. I am almost fully hard when I push inside her and I see her place her hands on the wall for balance as I start shoving myself inside her with force. I can feel her tighten up and start moaning, I grip her hips and move one hand to her shoulder to get added leverage as I slam myself into her.

"I am not Steven, you seem to think that I am so now we get to question time," I growl at Jackie as I pound her," Did Steven ever fuck you like this?" "Noooooo, he just made love to me," Jackie replies moaning. "Did Steven ever make you feel like walking the next day would be an aching situation," I continue to ask as water runs down Jackie's back.

"No&hellip. he was really gentle… all the time," Jackie gasps as I take her hair in my hand and turn her to face me a little gentler than the rest of what I'm doing. "Now who the fuck do you think I am," I ask her speeding up. "You're the man who is making me cum," Jackie moans as I feel her start to shudder. I watch as Jackie starts to fall but my arms go under her quickly and while I fall from her she's not banging her head on the floor of the shower.

We get righted and I feel her absently take my cock in her hand and start stroking it like she's going to get me off like this but I'm not close enough for a hand job and she's needs to learn a lesson about me as I cut the water off.

We exit and I dry myself off a little and she does the same before I take her by the arm a little forcefully and deposit her ass first on the bed before pushing her back and burying my face in her pussy, she's shaved and I have no trouble finding her clit and sucking on it hard while grazing over it with my teeth.

Jackie was moaning in the shower but now she's howling and thrashing as I pull her ass to the edge of the bed and work a finger into her hole. I can get her to cum like this but with me getting fully hard. I line my cock up with her pussy after removing my face and slam back into her dripping wet cunt with more force than I had in the shower. Now I'm not balancing us both or trying to keep my grip as I hold her hips in place and start to pound her pussy like a hammer on a piece of steel.

"Oh Jesus&hellip. Oh fuck me&hellip.," Jackie howls as her head rocks backwards. "I'm going to cum in you again and this time that baby is no longer Steven's, he has no right to your child or your body anymore do you understand me," I ask growling. "But he's the father," Jackie moans desperately trying to gain some control as she puts her body up a little so she can see me fucking her. "Not anymore, this baby is yours but no man get's you ever again with my say so," I tell her as I start to feel my orgasm building," Am I understood?" I see Jackie nodding and I see the desperation in her eyes and finally acceptance, I grunt and she moans loudly as the first shots of my orgasm rip out of me and into her warm now well fucked pussy.

I'm still inside Jackie and as my orgasm finishes I back up and out before walking into the bathroom and giving myself a quick rinse off. I hear a knock at the door and come back into the main room to hear another knock at the door. I get my shorts on and pull up my jeans in enough the witcher yennefer x geralt fuck big cock animated sound to beat the third knock on the door and pull it open to see Kori and Imelda in front of me with wicked grins on their faces.

Both push me out of the way and close the door after themselves. "You know we tried texting you but apparently you were busy," Kori tells me sitting me down in the chair before heading over to Jackie who is under the covers and relaxing.

"I was settling something," I reply as Imelda leans up against the TV and Kori sits next to Jackie. "Didn't I warn you not to get him too riled up," Imelda says to Jackie. "I didn't think three could be done," Jackie mutters recovering. "Apparently you shouldn't be thinking about Steven when you're asking me for permission to have sex with Guy," Kori jokes poking a little fun at Jackie.

"I feel empty," Jackie says relaxing as Imelda moves over and helps her up and to the bathroom. Kori moves over to the foot of the bed close to me and smiles at me with a knowing expression. I pull my shirt on and check my arm bandage before addressing her. "So you gave her permission," I say quietly. "She asked, she said she was feeling very 'needy' and with her hormones going crazy she was kinda desperate," Kori explains," She asked all us girls and we said it was fine if you were okay.

Good to see you're not hung up on pregnant girls." I shake my head and just marvel at the level of planning that goes on when I'm not there is kind of startling but also reassuring.

Lisa rivera and poison ivy share modickthanu and Imelda rejoin us, Jackie clothed now and we start to discuss options that everyone is still going over for Jackie.

It's not looking good and Mr. Delauter is even checking a few things but it's still not good news, just barely hopeful news. We eat and go about our days, Kori puts me in 'you sit and rest' while Imelda and her take Jackie out to go handle some more business. I sit alone for the day and check on Liz back in with our parents, everything up there is going alright but Liz is getting more information about Ben and I tell her about how I gave him the chance to tell her and she thanks me for it.

I ask her if she would have accepted it and Liz tells me she doesn't know but to ask him to try to be honest with her again in the future and to stop taking him to strip clubs where he ends up having sex with a guy in drag. I shake my head at it and say I'll do my best and end out text message conversation. I'd like to say that Sunday evening we were able to get some good news going for Jackie; I'd also like to say that I won the lottery and was able to just skip college and live of interest for the rest of my life.

Sadly no good news or prospects for come when Jackie returns that evening, Monday and Tuesday are no better and while I've paid a bit to the Motel my time is running out and I need to pay again for a few more days when I get the worst news. "You're card has had a hold put on it," the older woman tells me with no real compassion Wednesday morning," You have by three to pay or have the room cleared." I'm stunned, I didn't think I'd run out of money and a quick phone call to Mr.

Delauter answers my questions in a unhappy manner. "I put a hold on your card until you can come to me with this Jackie problem resolved," He tells me over my cell phone. "But I have nowhere for her to go permanently, what am I supposed to do put her out on the street again," I say furious. "You're sinking money into a solution to a problem that is only going to escalate to a worse scenario. You need to get a hold of yourself and start handling the situation like a man would," He tells me in a stern tone," A little boy would just say 'please spend more money on it' but you're not a little boy so figure out a plan or find her a half way house." "If it comes down to it I'll sleep on the street with her, you can explain it to Loretta and everyone else where I'm at.

If you can find me," I tell him coldly hanging up the phone. I get back into the room and Jackie is shuffling her feet like she knows what is happening. I sit her down and go through my pockets, I've got about a hundred and fifty bucks on me cash and the card is dead without Mr.

Delauter to reactivate it. I could go to Loretta but I don't want to get her and Mr. Delauter in a fight just because of me. I start to pack things up when Jackie starts to talk. "There is a mission redhead hairy mom masturbate peeping tom on our asses I can go to," She says quietly," They don't have a lot but I can sleep there and you can come back for me every day so we can go check out my options." "No, and we can't go to Imelda's mom because I still need to help her out with her job situation," I say getting frustrated.

"Guy just take me to the mission house, I'll be fine," Jackie says trying to put on a brave face. We finish packing and she points out where the place is before we leave and return the hotel key around Noon. I don't know what I'm doing but we're riding around for hours and while I know where the mission house is I can't take her there but I don't know where else to go.

We stop for fuel and food before hopping back on my bike and cruising around till the sun starts to set. It's later than I'd care for it to be and we're nowhere near the mission house when I decide to swallow my pride and pull up to a very familiar business. The tattoo parlor's closed sign is up but I know people are still inside as I lead Jackie up and knock on the door loudly. I get a 'we're closed' but I knock again louder and finally Vicki comes up to the door and sees me there before opening it excitedly.

"Hey Guy, I'm glad you came back," Vicki says hugging me before noticing Jackie," Who's your friend?" They do introductions and we head inside with Vicki locking up the door after us. I can see the Old Man in his back office and Smitty is putting things away as I start to make my way back to the Old Man.

"Hey Vicki could you please keep Jackie company for me while I handle this," I say walking past Smitty and into the office closing the door.

"Well you look like you're doing better and worse all at the same time kid. I'm glad to see you back though and I'm still sorry about what happened to you with Sid the other day," the Old Man tells me as I sit down," You don't come around this late for… well ever." Get sat down and I want to speak but I'm at the end of the road here and it's down to overpasses and sleeping on pallets.

The image of Jackie when I saw her again comes back into my mind hard and fast causing me break down and start crying in front of him. It's only a few seconds before he's got his hand on my back and is trying to calm me down. hawt non professional sex action girlfriend and homemade your time kid, if it's this serious and you can't go home talk to me. I owe you that much at least," the Old Man tells me in a fatherly tone.

"It's my friend Jackie; I've been putting her up in a crappy motel for the past few days. Before that she was living on the street, she's over two months pregnant and the father kicked her out. She has no home, no family and it's my fault," I say choking on my words. "Kid how the hell vo chong phang nhau phien ban tu quay all this your fault," he asks confused.

"I didn't take care of her like she did me, we had a bad fight and instead of doing the right thing and making sure she was okay last year I left. Now I have no money and I'm out of options," I tell him feeling a little beaten by the world. "Okay but you're both here now, I can get her a spot to sleep and food in her belly, hell maybe a job or something if that's what you think she needs," the Old Man offers scrambling for options.

"She needs a family," I say hanging my head. I sit in quiet pain and fear as the Old Man is just sitting with his hand on my back, as I finally start to feel like I should leave a firm hand on my shoulder holding me in place. "Her name is Jackie? And she needs a family," He asks as I nod and see his face has grim determination," She's not crazy or nothing, has no major problems and her ex isn't some high up asswipe?" "He's an assistant manager for a pizza place in the mall," I tell him getting a chuckle.

"Rules boy, that patch ever comes off and she's out of your life get me," He says as I nod in acceptance," And we're square you and me, all friendly and looking out for each other and you give me the fucking benefit of the doubt when I throw something your way and it goes sideways." "I'll let the Devil's Best slide too," I say before he cuts me off.

"The fuck you will, extremely cute blonde teen sucks hard to get facial cumshot asshole owes you and I'll see that damn apology and tell him what he can do to fix shit between him and me to your benefit," he says firmly," Now those are my terms, can you handle it?" I nod my head and resign myself to whatever he has planned as I watch him start rummaging through a locker in the office before pulling something out of a box.

He leads me out of the office and our audience of Smitty, Vicki and Jackie are staring as he sits me down on one of the waiting chairs.

"Girl you simone jumps inta lake of cock black girls porn sex fairy tales story at yourlustcom here," the Old Man says as Vicki starts to move before he stops her," Not you Vicki, her." Everyone is looking at Jackie now and she's a little scared as she stands up and moves over to the Old Man, I watch Smitty get him a chair so he can sit down in front of her.

"Well you are a pretty little thing for being up shit creek without a boat or hip waders," the Old Man says to Jackie before turning serious," You got no family? Nobody who can come and help you with this situation?" "No sir, my family went away years ago and I don't want to see them again," Jackie says with a pained expression.

"And this baby you got coming, father is out of the picture as far as you're concerned," He asks plainly. "Yes, he didn't want our child so he doesn't get MY child. And I'm not giving my baby up," Jackie says with resolve twinged with fear. "My family doesn't give up on our young'uns, I'm an old bastard but I've kept my boy and my granddaughter safe and happy by any means necessary," He tells her taking out a similar looking patch to mine and starts stitching it onto her beat up brown leather jacket.

"Sir I don't understand what you're talking about," Jackie asks confused. "From this point forward Jackie I'm Grandpa or Granddad if you want it? Here we take care of our own and I needed you to understand that before you accept," the Old Man tells her softly. Jackie is stunned and looks to me for some answer but I put the ball back in her court, it is her decision but I don't have anything for her more that I can do. I see she starts welling up and then hugs the Old Man tightly.

He's a smiling old bastard and after a few moments he gets Jackie to break off the hug and stands up. "Vicki I want you to be nice to your new cousin Jackie and help her out as she'll be staying with you for a while," the Old Man says as Vicki's face sours. "No, not cousin. Sister," Vicki shoots back taking Jackie by the shoulder and pulling her close. "No she's your cousin, your Dad wasn't that much of a roamer," he says getting frustrated.

"Well what about that girl in Santé Fe with the big," Twinks jerking and sucking each other after a shower tube porn says referencing breasts with his hands," Or the girl I met in Baton Rouge that I shacked up with for son rape his crying sleeping mom story couple of days." "Oh for fuck's sake fine she's your sister and your daughter now get her home and settled in.

and you," the Old Man says turning to me," Get your ass home I'll be seeing you at the next meet." I nod in acceptance and get a big hug for Vicki and a bigger one from Jackie who is tearing up again before we separate.

"I'll see you soon and you have my number," I say heading out of the shop. I get on my bike and wait just long enough to see Jackie getting into Vicki's car with her before heading off towards home. I get in way past dinner and my footfalls go unnoticed for about half a minute before Loretta aka Mom comes flying out of Japan shemale sex with mom. Delauter's office and grips me in a fierce hug pinning my arms.

"Oh my god I thought you were serious about sleeping with the homeless," she says still squeezing me. "I was, I just fixed everything that needed to be fixed before it came to that," I say before she lets go and looks at me hard. "See, it's better to just apply yourself to the problem then to throw money at it," Mr. Delauter says coming out of his office. "Yeah except I am prepared to take whatever punishment I have to for my friends. I will sleep in the shit and live in the mud before I abandon them," I say coldly.

"Hey you can be angry with me if you want but what you were doing was stalling for something better that you knew wasn't coming. You needed to be spurred back into action and if I'm hard on you for it then I'm sorry but it had to be done," Mr.

Delauter tells me in a stern tone. "Yeah well it got handled and now she's got a family and a home with people who can care for her that I trust. Thank you for 'spurring' me into action but at the same time, fuck you," I say as I hear my girls come rushing out of our room upstairs. "Guy drop the attitude, another fight isn't going to help," Rachael says with a shove.

"No he's okay to tell me off, a little bit. Being forced into fixing the problem isn't always a comfortable thing and he made the consequences and could live with them. Some people need to learn how to do that but he gets it," Mr. Delauter says warming up a little. "Guy are you okay," Kori asks taking my hand.

"I feel drained a bit and I need to be held, can we do that please," I ask feeling weaker now that I'm with my girls than I should.

I get lead up stairs and pass my crew who are patting me on the back for fixing everything and even Ben is in his own room alone and nods to me before we get to my room and my girls strip me down to my underwear and pull me into bed where I tell them what happened and what I did to solve it.

I'm getting some praise and some skeptical looks in equal measure when Natsuko pops up from the foot of the bed. "If it was the wrong idea you'd feel horrible right now, do you feel horrible," She asks pulling a separate blanket over herself. Honestly I don't feel horrible for Jackie; I'm actually feeling better about it than I thought I would before I talked to the Old Man. He really took it in stride what I was asking for and honestly I can't think of many other people that I know who can guarantee the level of safety that an organization like his can give, plus Vicki is happy which will spill over to Mark and that should be a good thing.

We all settle in and before I sleep I remember Mr. Delauter saying 'you need to help me with a few things at my blonde amateur with big fucked in the ass blowjob and webcam. Fuck me what now are the last words in my brain before I drift off to sleep. Sure enough I'm woken up Thursday by an unfamiliar form and pull myself out of my girl's grip to see Lilly in junior business clothes and I stagger to follow her down stairs after pulling my jeans on.

I get greeted by Mr. Delauter who directs me to his room where I see three plastic bags with hangers coming out of the top. I get a look at the contents and blanche at the sight, suits. "I had them tailored to you since you're probably not going to get any taller," Mr.

Delauter tells me," You work with me you wear a suit, you didn't think that I was going to let you walk around in a leather jacket in a law office where my aides make two hundred and fifty and hour when consulting alone." It's a big business but I still don't like being out of my own clothes, I check and see there is a brown suit, grey suit and a black one.

I take the brown one and get dressed up before Mr. Delauter comes back and helps me with the tie. "You look like a professional now," He says checking me. "I professional tool," I mutter. "People take you seriously in your circles because you dress in a way that commands attention.

In business what you wear does the same thing however the suit is a start but it needs a few finishing touches," Mr. Delauter says calling Lilly in. I see her going over things like a tie clip and collar jewelry but I stop her, I don't want anything more to make me feel like someone else. Loretta sees me and is fawning over her 'precious boy' in his new suit. I honestly want to vomit right now but I figure a brown tailored suit with a darker brown tie sets the tone for being a mindless drone.

I'm not allowed to take my bike as it will mess up the suit which leaves Lilly and me to ride in Mr. Delauter's Mercedes to his office. The trip takes us well over a half an hour and I didn't see the time till we're almost there and it's just now hitting eight in the morning. No breakfast and I'm in a suit, I'm thinking I'd be better off delivering packages as we exit the underground parking structure and make our way into the elevator. We take a quick trip up the elevator and I finally have a grasp of how much get's done when as soon as we're out of the elevator about three feet when the barrage begins for Mr.

Delauter. There are about four people taking turns asking him about at least a dozen different cases and I watch as Lilly is mentally taking notes as we follow my step father to his office. The man has not one but two secretaries who both start going of the 'dailies' with him as he grabs a cup of coffee from one and they follow him inside closely trailed by Lilly and I.

"Sir you have three meetings on the docket today two are settlements and one is a challenge for the assault and battery case," the older secretary says as Mr. Delauter sits. "Get me the briefings on the third and I'll make my minimal attendance to the others, we can have aids see things through on that one but have them meet with me first for a briefing. Maude I need you to take the young man here and find him something to do," Mr.

Delauter says as the older woman starts to lead me out of the office. I follow Maude who is old enough to be called my grandma starts to lead me to another elevator and down we go till I'm in a filing office and see people going through different screens and a few actually printing and copying files for review. I'm told all the little things when I get to the back and am directed to a stairwell.

"Go down one floor and ask for Collin, tell him Maude said you needed something to do. I'll call down for you when Mr. Delauter needs you again," She tells me before leaving me to my new hell. Another floor down and I realize that I'm in the oldest records room known to man and the only people here are a few clerks organizing and an exceptionally overweight white man almost as older than Mr.

Delauter sits with more hair on his face than the top of his head and is wearing what was probably at one time a fitting suit. "I'm here to see Collin," I say getting the fat man's attention. "What do you need kid," He asks in a concerned tone. "Maude sent me down, said for you to give me something to do," I say as everyone freezes at my words save for the fat man.

"Well kiddo I'm Collin and I got something just your size," He says finally pulling himself up and out of the chair which groans ugly wife sucking hubbys buddys huge cock relief. I follow Collin as he waddles past the desks and to a door in the back called 'Archives'. I let him open it and am greeted with a minor apocalypse. The whole room looks like it was hit by an earthquake, there were once rows of filing cabinets but the cabinets are spilled in every direction and sometimes at random.

There are some that have been opened and just left where they spilled their contents. "So we had a party here a few months back and some of the staff got really drunk and decided to see how much of a mess they could make. As you can see they nearly totaled it but I'm just glad we're underground and they had no windows," Collin says chuckling," Get it all picked up and righted kiddo." And with that he closes the door after exiting, the room is big enough to house a decent sized party and I grimace before realizing I'm not dressed for this as I take my coat, shirt and tie off.

My dress shoes have no traction so they are next to come off with the socks and I even roll up my dress slacks leaving me in a thin white tank top and I get to putting the cabinets in order first and foremost. I don't check my phone, I don't look at the time I just bust my ass. I don't know how long it has taken me to get to the point where I had all the cabinets upright and even organized by where they must have been by tracks on the floor before I set to putting contents back in where they're supposed to go.

The filing system is pretty easy to follow and when I'm finally done I sit on at one of the few desks and realize I could kill and eat a man and drink an entire lake of water. My limbs are weak and shaky, at one point my bandage on my right arm started bleeding again and I had to tighten it before continuing. I finally muster the strength to get up and check my phone, I freeze for a moment before my rage sets in and the shaky feeling of no food is replaced by pure rage.

It's four fucking thirty in the afternoon, they fucking left me here all day long. I get my socks subtitled japan busty brothel breast foreplay threesome shoes on before marching out and past the desks, Collin is the only person left and he's shocked to see me. "Hey kiddo, did you get any progress made on&hellip. the… room," He asks as I freeze him in place with a glare that could kill.

I keep moving past him and up the stairs and into the filing office and apparently my expression and the fact that I'm covered in sweat and bleeding a little out of a bandage on my arm has people concerned as I get to the elevator and wait.

I can tell other people are staring and I could not give a fuck. I enter and hit the button for the fifth floor where the debacle started. I get to the top and exit the elevator to be greeted with more stares as I am clutching my upper attire in my right hand so I can punch someone with my left. I can see the secretaries are in full swing working as I march up and Maude's face is horrified as she sees me.

"Son you can't go in there right now he's in a meeting," Maude tells me trying to curb my frontal assault of the office. "I just spent nine hours rearranging a room that looked like it got hit by an earthquake. I don't care if he's in a meeting with God himself," I say starting to push past when she puts me back firmly.

"I'm sorry but I cannot allow you to just barge in there and interrupt," She says holding her ground. I've never wanted to hit an older woman but this is trying my patience. I take my coat shirt and jacket and drop them on the floor and exhale audibly when she starts talking again. "Are you feeling a little calmer," Maude asks trying to lead me to a side room.

"Nope, you're a good secretary so tell your boss this: The 'young man' you assigned to the wrecked room in archives finished his task alone and working for nine hours plus with no help and no breaks of any kind. The conditions were hot with no form of air conditioning that you lovely higher ups seem to have been enjoying. Furthermore I was forgotten about when it came to things like a meal or when to take a break or even where the fucking water is. Now I am leaving like this because I'm done being a tool," I tell her before heading to the elevator and hitting the button for the first floor.

I get to the lobby and pass the reception area before hitting the outside and realizing that its summer and I'm in more heat. I walk for a good couple of blocks and finally feel my body start to give out when I step into a fast food place and weakly order some food and a glass for water. I'm tired but it's cool in here and nobody is staring at me as I look and see that not only am I being called by Mr.

Delauter but it's not the first call. Funny that, now I'm being notified of something. I pull up the call wait for the voice on the other end. "Guy are you there, I just got out of my last meeting and Maude told me&hellip.," is about where I cut the phone off. I wait a few moments to see how long the asshole kept talking till he figured out I hung up. Sure enough another call from him that I put on ignore and almost immediately there is a voice mail and sure enough another call.

I figure I need to get home somehow so I can work out new arrangements for my friends and I as I pull up Imelda's number and let it ring before hearing her answer.

"Hey Baby, you coming home from work with Mr. D," She asks pleasantly. "No I am not, I'm currently half dressed and sitting in a burger joint that is on," I look around for a second," I don't know where I am and I need to get out of here so I can get us out of here." "Baby you sound really bad, I'm coming fast but I need a street," Imelda tells me with a level of concern in her voice.

I ask at the register and as soon as she has the name of the street she's off the phone as I refill my water and use the bathroom. I am sitting for about an hour and have ordered some more food when Imelda shows up on her bike, as soon as she sees me I can tell she's in control mode. "Honey I know I'm the worst person to say this but you're really mad but think about what you want to do and tell me first before we walk in there and you start throwing punches on your family," Imelda says as we get to her bike.

"I don't know what I'm going to do but I know what I'm not going to do," I tell her getting a level of understanding that she and I whore fuck in the ass bespectacled homemade. My girls know my anger but none of them feel it like Imelda does and when she sees that I'm hot and justified I know that I'll have my girls as back up as she'll get them on board with whatever I do.

We're on the bike and down the road for about an hour when we finally pull up to the house and into the garage, I see the Mercedes is here and Mr. Delauter has already arrived home. I enter the house and can hear people talking as I cross the foyer. Sure enough Mr. Delauter and Loretta come out of his office and my girls come out of the TV room very concerned. "Guy are you okay," Loretta asks concerned at my physical and mental state.

"Mom I'm fine, and I want to thank you for what is now the last trip I will ever take down here and while we planned to stay for the whole summer I'm unfortunately going to have to cut the whole thing short and request that we leave immediately so we can get back home," I tell Loretta calmly as horror comes across her face before turning to my girls," Get everything together, we're getting out of here.

Everyone on board and out the door in thirty minutes, I'll have drivers here in an hour." The level of devastation that Loretta feels is counteracted by the determination of my girls as they head up to our room and as I presume start to pack our stuff and relay the exit strategy.

Loretta is starting to tear up but that's not my problem as Mark Jr., Abigail and Bethany come out of their rooms concerned. "Guy what happened," Mark asks as he reaches me. "Mark do your family a favor, at no point in time are you to allow me to get within five feet of your father," I tell him as I start to head up the stairs. "Okay but why," Mark asks confused. I just stop and stare at him before looking at Mr. Delauter who is currently looking calm as his family is wondering what happened.

It's Loretta who breaks the silence and starts crying as I reach the stairs and almost walk into Lilly as I pass her and Jun's room.

"Guy I am so sorry&hellip.," she says before getting cut off. "No sex with Jun for one month unless he wants it," I tell her as Jun comes into view and stares at me by the order," Jun do we understand each other, not a single bit of sex unless you want some and only on your terms or you answer to me." Lilly's face is horrified and Jun slowly nods in acceptance as they head back into their room to pack.

My girls aren't packing when I arrive; I get that look and explain what happened as I am moving on adrenaline alone. I see them start to pick up their stuff and everyone has a determined look on their faces when I get called to the banister by Loretta. "Guy please come talk to me," Loretta sobs as I see Abigail and Bethany consoling her. "People hold your posts I'll be back with final orders," I say rushing down the stairs and helping Loretta into a side chair. I kneel there in my sweaty tank top and dirty slacks as she cries and apologizes for things that I never blamed her for even when I was upset with her.

I finally get her calmed down and I tell her why I'm upset, I explain how jerked around I felt when her husband cut off the card. I go into my day and watch as her sadness turn to a level of rage I'm very familiar with as I go through my whole day in great detail everything I did up to and including nearly kicking the door in on his office as I watch her calmly stand up and turn her attention upstairs. "Unpack your clothes and get ready for dinner," Loretta says to my friends and girls as they stare at me uncertain of what to do.

I nod towards them to do it and they start to unpack by the sound of it when Loretta turns her attention to the children and her husband.

"Kids I need you to do a major pizza run, I'm really not in the mood to cook tonight so grab the extra funds card from my purse and take Bethany's truck, Mark Junior you let her drive," She tells them as they slowly comply before turning her attention to her husband," Mark, honey, we three need to talk in your office." I see him nod and we follow him into the office, I watch as while we're walking she pulls her shoulder length blonde hair back into a pony tail and kicks off her heels at the door as we hit the carpeted office.

Mr. Delauter moves to his desk and Loretta motions me to a seat across from him before joining us and standing in front of his desk. "Mark we've been together for over seven years now, when we talked about getting married we discussed that the children would always be protected and cared for no matter what.

I've been a good mother to your girls and Mark Jr. this whole time and we've never had any reason for us to fight or even raise our voices in anger. We've been able to talk about everything that happens and work through it wouldn't you agree," Loretta says with a calm and understanding tone.

"Yes honey we have," Mark senior says calmly from his seat. I can almost see the blood moving in my mother's veins as she goes from ice to demon mom in less than a second.

I thought my rage was deep or even my dad's but Loretta has us beat as now I'm feeling a little scared. "So then my husband who I love with all my heart after all we've been through together," Loretta says calmly before the volume goes up to dragon's roar," Explain to me how you forgot MY son in an archives room for NINE FUCKING HOURS while you sat around working!?

I am shocked by the level of audacity that you have been taking with him and you will fucking answer to me NOW!" "Loretta honey calm down and try to be…," Mark Senior says before she cuts him off. "I will NOT calm the fuck down and if you say one FUCKING thing about my language I swear I'll see you in a therapy office by the week's end to explain this BULLSHIT to a marriage counselor," Loretta yells at her husband.

"It was a mistake, I simply said to for Maude to take…," Mark senior freezes as he remembers the words," the young man and find him something to do." "So you have one of your secretaries take MY son to the FUCKING basement to rearrange a room you said would take a small army to get right and just for-FUCKING-got about him! You're day was so busy and important that you FORGOT about MY son in the FUCKING basement," She says quieting down but losing none of her intensity.

"Honey it was an honest mistake on my part and I am sorry that it happened&hellip.," Mark starts again before she cuts him off. "An honest mistake is forgetting a dinner with the family. An honest mistake is not making it your daughter's recital because of work. It is not an honest mistake when you FUCKING leave your step-son in the FUCKING basement to work like a slave so you can teach him a FUCKING lesson," Loretta snaps causing Mark Senior to fold again.

"Mom stop," I german toys holes closeup masturbation and european as she turns her attention to me and her rage stifles itself," Mom please go see what Kori is doing. She worries about me a lot and I need you to tell her I'm feeling a little better." I see her nod and undo her hair from the ponytail as she picks up her shoes before exiting the office.

Mark senior is attempting to regain his composure and I let him do so for the first time in since I arrived back at the house. I watch as he rest his face in his hands for a minute or two before leaning back in his chair and addressing me.

"I have never seen that side of her," he tells me undoing his tie. "Yeah I'm pretty sure nobody has," I say still feeling my rage but I'm letting it cool as for the first time today. "I'm sorry Guy; I had all intentions of having you work on something more important to me than fixing a room that we haven't used in months. I am really at a loss for how badly I screwed this up today," Mr. Delauter tells me with more humility than I think a lawyer should show.

"So you did have a plan for me today, not just some ridiculous bitch work that I completed in nine hours," I ask a little stunned. "Yes I did have a plan for you&hellip. wait you picked up the whole room," He asks now stunned himself. "I was told to work and that's what I did," I explain calmly," I just sat down when I got done and checked my clock, I didn't realize the whole day went by." "I had worked through lunch as well but that's no excuse for what happened," Mr.

Delauter says leaning back in his chair," And now I still need your help but there is no way that I'm going to get you back to my office." "What is so damn important that you need me at your threesome ends with double load of cum critical x I ask a little frustrated," Honestly I'm more out of place there than at a hippie commune." "It's complicated but I need you to see it sooner than later but I'm just going to have to spur myself into an executive decision concerning the matter," Mr.

Delauter tells me trying to relax. "Okay but why me? That's the one thing I can't seem to figure out, why you need my help," I ask still frustrated and a little confused. "To use a term you're kind of like an Occam's Razor, you cut through things and you notice things that normally get missed by others because they've been there," Mr.

Delauter explains," that is what I needed." "Okay I'll go back," I say getting up and starting to leave the office. "You're mother won't allow it," He says as I exit. I get up the stairs and my crew sees me coming and is double checking me to see my mood. I'm not sure what is in store but after today I figure any bullshit and I'll just turn Mom loose on whomever causes it and that will be the end of them.

I get to my room and see Loretta stand as I enter; I smile and walk over hug her big. "Mom," I say quietly and I can feel her soften. "My boy, I'm sorry this happened. Please don't leave," Loretta says quietly hugging me. "I have to, mom," I say as she pulls back to look at my face," I am going back to the office tomorrow." And the collective breath has left the room; it only takes a few seconds before Loretta finds her words again.

"No no no no and fucking NO," I mom fucks associate comrades daughters husband holly hendrix has some fun with her her growl," I love my husband but this it too much." "I'm choosing to go," I say as she loses all her rage," He keeps saying that he needs me for something and if it happens again I won't leave but I will call you so you can take his ass white tourist passionately fucks stunning african babe with firm booty interracial missionary the cleaners again in front of his entire office." "Yeah Ma'am, we could hear you up here," Katy says smiling," It was awesome." "I thought his office was sound proof," Loretta says shocked.

We sit as Loretta, in her slight horror, as her words recanted back to her in stellar fashion by my girls as she is somewhat horrified until she figures out its praise and is a little embarrassed. She heads down stairs after a little while to go talk with her husband in his office. Pizza and mild merriment take over as my step siblings are regaled with Loretta cutting naughty kelly receives a proper anal hammering blonde mouth their father in a parental fury.

We relax and laugh as I feel sore and tired before heading to bed early. On my way up I hear someone coming up after me and turn to see Lilly sheepishly following me now that I know she's there.

I keep moving but my Asian stalker is following me slowly and since I saw Jun down stairs I'm fairly certain she's up here for me. "I swear you are not very stealthy," I say turning to face her.

"I'm sorry Guy, I got caught up and distracted," Lilly says ashamed. "Still punished," I say turning and heading to bed. "Come on, I'm sorry. Jun's already making me wear pajamas to bed," She says grumpy and following me. "Well get used to it. You wanted to be the sidekick to my step father, now you get the punishment with him," I ravishing blonde chick and her dildo adventure sitting on my bed and taking my shoes off.

"Come on, I'll do anything," Lilly says desperate. "Well then if it's anything you'll do then I guess you can do a month on Jun's terms or you take the one time offer that I make to you after discussing it with him," I say as she lights up but then thinks about my words.

"Nothing weird," Lilly says as I laugh. "You had him tied to a bed and we're a sex vampire bleeding him dry, you don't get to comment on the weird to me," I say before ushering her out. I get settled into bed and am only woken when my girls come in themselves for bed. They whisper about how peaceful I look and how tired I must be.

As soon as I feel Rachael crawl up next to me I pounce and startle the bed. I pull her in for some comfort and the girls snicker at it before settling down themselves.

I'm woken up by a grumpier Lilly as she is ready to go before me once again. I get into the grey suit and my muscles are a bit sore from nine hours of manual labor in a dungeon but I'm moving again and down stairs with a black tie added thanks to Mr.

Delauter before we load up in his Mercedes and head off to the office. Half an hour trip or so later and up the elevator again and the barrage comes again with different information that he goes through before issuing orders and making sure things are on task as we hit the office and he gets his coffee as I watch the two secretaries follow him in and I hold the door for Lilly who is trailing a bit behind us. We get inside and I hear Maude start in on daily business.

"You are due to sit down and have your weekly board meeting to discuss cases to take and ones to settle before lunch, Collin down in archives is hoping to speak with you today considering what happened yesterday," Maude says glancing my way," Aside from that the aides will have little things to sign here and there while we file for Monday's court date." "Good, a relatively light day.

Well since I have you here again and Maude couldn't keep you busy yesterday it's your turn Kelsea to keep my young associate busy today," he says turning from Maude to Kelsea," Keep him with you all day and make sure that he doesn't get lost in the basement like yesterday." "Yes sir, Mr.

Delauter. Come on handsome lets go get the day started," Kelsea says with a very chipper attitude. I follow her out and take notice of her in my now aware state, almost 5'11" but wearing some very high heels with black skirt that ends about six inches above her knee and leaves nothing of her shape to the imagination with her obviously toned rear.

She's got a light weight pull over top in beige that is mostly loose until you get to her breast which is a B cup but firm and perky as all fuck. Long brunette hair that comes down to her shoulder blades and must have taken some time to do every morning.

Smart and sexy make up with red lipstick and hazel eyes round out the package as I follow her to the filing offices. We get down and I start working on the packets she hands me organizing them and the whole time she has guys staring at her ass.

I smirk and she finally notices me smirking. "Something funny handsome," she asks quietly. "Other than the fact that I'm counting potential sexual harassment suits as we stand here from guys staring at you," I say getting a chuckle. "I'm not the only one who notices but I've got my sights set higher than the filing offices," She says with a wicked grin.

"No secrets this early in the relationship Kelsea," I say being playful, she's hot and I'd fuck her, what can I say.

"You are a bad boy aren't you," Kelsea says batting me with a file playfully. We chat idly being pleasant and sweet towards each other till she checks the time and realizes its lunch. I watch her call up her boss, my stepfather, and ask him what to do with me. I watch her grimace for a second before agreeing to whatever is said and hanging up.

"We get an hour lunch today and after yesterday you get the company budget for your meal," Kelsea says quietly. "Very nice, now to figure out what to spend it on," I say mulling over the options," Any ideas?" "Well if you really want to get your money's worth there is a French restaurant up the street a ways," she tells me as we hit the elevator.

"Wonderful, so let's go," I say getting a stunned look from her. "What do you mean 'let's go'," Kelsea says confused. "Well I was told to stay with you and if this restaurant your idea then I should bring you around with me so that I can get the full feel of place and at the very least enjoy a meal with an absolutely gorgeous woman," I say getting her to blush a little. "Okay I'll clear it with my boss, so what are you two anyway," Kelsea asks curiously. "I'll tell you that after appetizers," I reply smiling but internally I have a warning bell going off.

We reach the fifth floor and I let her head off to go talk to Mr. Delauter. As soon as she's gone I shoot him a text message asking him what to tell her about me and our relationship. He says to make up something fun and mysterious but not to say anything about us being related.

I am puzzled and am only waiting a few more minutes before I see her come back with her purse. She hands me a company card and smiles before I let her take my arm and we reboard the elevator to the lobby. "We could take my car," Kelsea says as we head out past reception.

"You are a beautiful woman and I am lucky to be seen with you," I reply getting an absent brush of her hair in embarrassment.

We walk and continue our chit chatting from earlier but now she's a bit freer with her words and she talks about how she barely made it through college Law classes and was lucky that she got in at the firm where and when she did. I lady dee anna rose katy sky workout finished successfully the restaurant she was talking about and I'm very grateful I'm not paying for this as we are seated by a very snobbish man and an equally asshole of a waiter.

I get the chair for her and sit down in the next seat as opposed to across from her. It's comfortable and pleasant save for the fact that I have no clue how to read French, Kelsea on the other hand does and starts to explain things to me. I let her drink a little when she sees that she can have a mimosas but I stick with plain orange juice as we order a simple appetizer and our entrée's. I watch as after her second drink she's feeling a bit more relaxed and we eat croissants and fruit when I see her eyes shift from playful to purposeful.

"So tell me, who are you really," Kelsea asks with a steely tone. "I'm a helping hand," I reply as she stares at me intently causing me to continue," That rude waiter we have.

Witch ma cory chase seducing stepdaughters bf

What would you do if he insulted you?" "I'd call him on it and have him fired," she says with a malice that I'm liking. "See that's where you and Mr. Delauter differ, he doesn't need to say anything to him or his boss because he makes a phone call and I find him after his shift and we have a conversation about his manners. The next time Mr. Delauter sees him he's polite and courteous and when he gets his tip it'll help dirty blonde teen anal and ass throat first time sneaking into your bosss pals the medical bills." "You're lying," She says but I can see the curiosity in her eyes," Prove it." I smirk and get up and walk over to catch our waiter as he's heading for another table and take him by the arm.

"Listen and don't talk, there is fifty dollars being placed into your hand right now," I tell him as lovely girls take care of fat dicks watches from a distance," I'm going to bend your arm behind your back and make a bit of a scene, you won't be hurt but when I'm done just follow my instructions and there will be more in the tip after I pay.

Do you understand?" I see him nod and smirk a little as I bend his arm and put his face on the bar hard. Its a little commotion and I can see Kelsea is intrigued as I start talking. "You want to tell me what you muttered about my date as you were walking away," I demand with a twinge of anger. "I wasn't saying anything sir," the waiter fakes as I keep him 'pinned'. "Are you calling her a liar you cowardly little piece of crap," I growl.

"Messerer I must ask you not to manhandle the staff and please lower your voice," the maitre D' says with his very snooty accent. "Back off or I break his arm," I lie to the possibly fake French fuck," Now I'm going to let you up and you will walk over to my lady friend and apologize. Do you understand me?" An emphatic head nod from the waiter and I release him, he even feigns pain in his arm as we walk over to the table and she accepts his apology and even seems flattered as I sit back down and relax in my chair.

"You are brazen and very straight forward," Kelsea tells me with a sinister smile," I like men like that." "Is that why you work for Mr. Delauter," I ask plainly. "Maybe, let's see if that waiter can refill my drink in the next two minutes and if he doesn't you can straighten him out again," Kelsea says as we continue to talk a little more.

Our main course comes and goes and she has stopped having her drinks and is settling in as we laugh and share barbs about her coworkers. "I heard about what you did in the archives room, you must be very fit to do all that in one day," Kelsea says looking me up and down. "Well in my line of work lazy is out of work. Besides you look very fit yourself," I say giving her another appreciative look. "Well I'm glad you noticed, sadly I'm not having the effect on our boss that I'm looking for," She says finally giving me the insight I've been waiting for.

"So you're looking at the crown and castle too," I ask trying to get more information. "Secretly I'm looking for my retirement," She says coyly," I'll have a baby with him that he can't deny and once I get that I can end his marriage to the 'woman' he uses for child care." "I've met her, she can grate on your nerves," I say keeping my emotions in check but fishing for more information.

"She's a bitch who thinks that just because she got lucky that someone younger and with more teeth can't come along and take it away. Besides I'm thinking I might just have someone who could help me with that," She says with a very seductive look.

"Not going to ruin my meal ticket and sadly I still owe the boss. I had some serious trouble last year and he's the reason that I'm down here and not in jail," It's true enough that I can sound honest with it. "Awww, doggie still likes his leash," Kelsea says getting up from the table," Pay the check and I'll go powder my nose. I let her get up and I wave the waiter over and after a quick bit of information and some help from the Maitre D' get some privacy as I head to the women's bathroom.

I get in and the attendant leaves allowing me to lock the door. I wait a few moments after checking to see only one pair of feet under the stalls and when she comes out she sees me leaning up against the door waiting. "This is the ladies restroom," Kelsea says taking her time in the mirror as she gets out her makeup. "Then why are we here," I say covering distance slowly and patiently," I mean I'm just a doggie right?" "Yes a good loyal doggie," She says before I grab her arm and make her face me.

"Maybe I need to let you know that a hungry dog can smell its own kind. You didn't get that earlier because maybe you need to be reminded," I say taking her face gently but firmly in my free hand and backing her up," because a hungry dog like me can smell a bitch in heat, like you." "Don't call me that," Kelsea says firmly as I back her against the wall. "No you are a bitch, you got teeth and you are waiting for that big prize to drop so you can take it for your own. See I'm a hungry dog too and I'm waiting till my master is asleep so I can raid the table," I tell her as her eyes widen a little," You didn't think I was going to just take being a work puppet for that asshole forever did you?" "You said you weren't going to ruin your meal ticket," Kelsea asks getting a grasp of her situation.

"No I won't ruin my meal ticket but maybe I will let another dog in that I know and trust come in and take everything she can before we cut out and divide the spoils," I say as I can see her wheels start turning at high speed. "You're proposing an alliance," She says as I move my body closer to hers. We can feel each other's form and I let her hand work its way inside my jacket and she's pleasantly surprised at my body as I move my hand from her face and trail my palm down her body.

She's very fit and very tight. I see her smirk a little before she gets my attention with a look. "So I get the money for us and we split it up and go our separate ways or," She says before pulling me closer," Or we see how well this partnership fairs in the long term." "Maybe but I want proof that my partner is 'willing' to 'work' with me to our grand conclusion," I say smelling her out of reflex.

Our bodies connect and while she is hot and ready I'm physically there but mentally I'm grinding my teeth. This greedy fucking cunt wants to ruin my family and risk my mother's marriage so she can get a payday and sail off into the sunset with an asshole.

Granted I am a bit of an asshole but I'm not for sale to someone who would probably keep the money and sell me down the river. "I'm willing, but soon so that I can get into a frame of mind and body to get pregnant," Kelsea says almost purring in my ear. "I'm coming in to work tomorrow, I'll get rid of him and we can find a hotel or something nice to play around in," I tell her keeping her firmly pressed against me.

"No I have one better, you and me in his office bedroom," She says as I look her in the eyes," He used to keep it for when he was working late and going through long trials so he wouldn't have to miss a thing. He doesn't use it much and I can get the key.

You take me on his bed while he's out and I think we'll be able to trust each other till the end." I smile in agreement but I'm currently working everything we've discussed in my head as we separate ourselves from each other and I let her get primped up before we leave the restaurant. I tipped the waiter and the Maître D' just to look disapproving and upset as we left which made her laugh as we walked back to the office.

We were gone for two hours but with our business faces on we power through the menial tasks of the office when five rolls around and the drones start putting together what they plan to take home and work on over the weekend if they're not partying. I get a wink and a nod from Kelsea as she says her good bye to Mr. Delauter and Maude before promising she'll be in bright and early tomorrow. As soon as I'm in the office alone with Mr.

Delauter I drop my façade and get a drink of water. "So how was lunch," He asks as I sit down. "That was what you wanted me to see wasn't it," I ask getting a nod," Yeah well she's after a baby and a paycheck in the form of retirement somewhere that serves drinks with umbrellas." "I 'inherited' her from a partner firm and she was so highly recommended that being assigned to me was beneficial but too many advances on me makes me cautious about anything," He tells me as I raise an eyebrow.

"And my mom didn't find you attractive and make advances," I ask quizzically. "No actually I persuaded her, it's a long story and you know the end of it but let's just say that when she found out I had money I actually had a more difficult time getting her to return my calls," Mr.

Delauter says with a smile," I knew I loved her from the moment she was arguing with a taxi driver about her location." "Some temper I take it," I say smiling. "And she's got a son who proves it's hereditary," He says as we both laugh," so what is she planning?" "Well we're 'planning' for you to get her pregnant, but first she needs to prove her conviction to me," I say as his eyes widen," I know it's tacky but we can put this situation to rest now then we can have you fire her." "You are thinking this through right?

You will be sleeping with a woman who for all intents and purposes is trying to win you over to her side and hurt your family in the process," Mr.

Delauter says with some concern. "She is a motivated and very determined manipulator, she will not stop until she realizes that there is no out way but what you give her. And as for thinking it through I had to bite back my want to slap the shit out of her for the insults she had about my mother and had to lie and smile as she said them before making up my own. I will bed Kelsea and when I'm done you can do whatever you need to handle her," I say letting my rage seep out.

Lilly walks in interrupting us as the secretaries have left and the legal aid she was trailing has gone home for the day. We pack up and head home. I've got a long day ahead on Saturday and I need to be ready for the performance of a lifetime. A nagging feeling in the back of my mind has me going over how either unbelievably trusting Kelsea is or how she's planning to set me up hard and fast to gain favor tomorrow.

Part 9 The trip home Friday after work was a lot more pleasant than Thursday was and we're home on time and Loretta is skeptical but when she sees me and that I'm alright and talking with Mr. Delauter. We settle in for dinner and I'm feeling out of place still as I'm in a suit while I'm at the dinner table. Conversation is light and friendly save for Lilly who is still bummed about being punished for forgetting her friend aka me in the basement.

We finish eating and again I'm being followed by Lilly who is desperate for me to let her off restriction. She hasn't said it but something is bothering her and it's a little more than just her not being able to initiate sex with Jun. "Okay girl, spill it," I say once we're in her and Jun's room. "I don't think Jun loves me anymore," She says sadly as I close the door behind us," He doesn't want to have sex with me and it's been two days.

We've never waited this long." "So you think that he's not in love with you because he doesn't want to have sex with you," I ask getting a sad nod," but he sleeps with you and kisses you. But because of no sex you just think that he doesn't love you?" "It's the ultimate expression of love," She blurts out desperate," I can't express myself and he doesn't want me anymore." "So I should just let you do what you want so you can burn out your boyfriend till he's hiding from you," I say getting a horrified look from Lilly," You're insatiable sometimes Lilly, and here you have free reign to do a lot more than you ever were allowed at home.

But there is no balance, sex and more sex but what do you do to show your love outside the bedroom. Let's go have sex in public?" "But I thought Jun liked sex with me," Lilly says horrified. "He does, but if that's all your relationship is then maybe by not having sex with you all the time is his way of trying to preserve it," my words have an impact as I'm calm and sitting next to her on the bed," Try something for me, tonight I want you to hold him.

Nothing fancy just hold him while you're trying to fall asleep." "But Jun doesn't like being held," Lilly says sadly. "Just ask him nicely and don't try to fool around," I say getting a soft nod," Tomorrow it'll feel different but better. Also go out with him on a date or something, just the two of you." I see her nod quietly again and I leave the room only to pass Jun in the hall.

"Hey man, thanks for putting the control of sex in my hands for a change," Jun says smiling. "Go into your room and make out with her, just that much and nothing else," I say as he gives me a confused look.

"What are you talking about," he says bewildered. "Dude, she needs you but you need to help her learn to take her time dammit," I say getting frustrated," Do I have to tell you people everything?" "I get it man, thanks," Jun says patting me on the arm before heading to his room. I get back down stairs and I sit with my girls in the TV room and try to relax after my day and get myself into the asshole mindset that I need to be in for Kelsea tomorrow.

We're there for about an hour when Kori gets up and leaves for the bathroom. We're still sitting when every one of our phones goes off with a message, mine says 'come up to the room to talk' and I look at Rachael's which says 'I need to be with Guy alone'. I get up and Imelda hands me the suit jacket and I put it on as I head up to our room.

The door is closed and I pause before opening and knock lightly, I hear a 'come in' from inside. I get the door open to see Kori in a blue one piece dress like you'd see a woman wear on an old TV show complete with pleated skirt and a pearl necklace. "Welcome home from work honey," Kori says with a pleasant smile," Did you have a good day?" "I did not, I had to deal with a very harsh individual and I will have to do more tomorrow than I care to with them," I say as Kori leads me over to the couch to sit down.

"You are my love; you are strong enough to take care of anything they put in front of you. And you're doing this for your family are you not," Kori says kneeling in front of me and taking off my shoes. "I am but sometimes it just seems like everyone comes to me to fix their problems," I say as my girl finishes removing my shoes and stands up.

"You are someone who does, you don't care about the how and you fight with everything you have to fix anything. Heather abused your love and you made us girls your love," Kori says reaching behind her and I hear a zipper being pulled down before her dress loosens and I watch as it falls. I'm never not teen girl sexting pics nude when one of my girl's strips in front of me and this time is no exception.

It's nothing fancy, just a plain off white bra and panties but Kori is standing in front of me quietly and I'm a little speechless. Thankfully the rest of my body is up to par as I stand up and move over to Kori and gently touch her waist. She exhales slightly at my touch before taking my hands and placing them on her shoulders. I am a little confused until she starts undoing my tie, and then unbuttons my shirt getting them both off. Finally my belt and my pants before she slowly reaches behind herself again and undoes her bra letting her soft ample breasts free, I step away for a moment and dim the lights only to see Kori has moved and turned on a single bedside lamp.

I get back over to her but watch as she backs up the bed a little away from me. I smirk a little and pull down my underwear and crawl up the bed a little. Kori doesn't keep backing up and I gather her purpose was to get me on the bed.

I start to kiss Kori's feet as she lies down with her legs together and her arms crossed under her breasts. Then I trail up her legs taking my time till I get to her hips, it takes no effort to reach under Kori's hips and help slide her panties off. I get her legs back down to the mattress but they're spread as I continue the trail of kisses up her body.

I focus on her breasts a little bit, they're soft and big what can I say. Kori's hands are on my back almost guiding me up her body as she arches her back as I kiss her neck. The whole feel is soft and save for how unbelievable firm I am as I can feel myself reach her gates. I'm patient and so is Kori as I finally get to her lips and we kiss.

It's soft and timid which for some reason is so different that I can't help as our bodies connect and as I enter her we both gasp breaking out kiss. Every time with Kori it's like velvet and this time is no different and a little of the familiar is wonderful as I start to move in slow patient strokes.

I'm taking my time and I see Kori's eyes are closed and she's biting her lip as I keep my pace. I feel like I could be doing more when it occurs to me she's not. Usually she's wanting some foreplay or even moving her hips to meet mine but now all I have is her holding me and her body accepting me as I continue to bring us both closer to a wonderful ending. "I'm not worried about you anymore, or about us," Kori says as I continue my work," I'm really feeling secure in what we're doing again.

And you look so handsome in a suit I just can't help but want you in more." "In more suits or you," I ask smiling. I see her smirk a little and pull me in for another deep kiss, I twitch inside her it's that big of a kiss and while she's using none of her tricks to make me feel good it's really not needed right now as things are feeling connected between us.

I always seem to connect with my girls a little more than with any other female, it's not worse with others but there's a reason they're my girlfriends. I start to speed up but Kori's hands get to my hips and slow me down as she finally breaks the kiss. "If it meant our relationship would you get me pregnant right now," Kori asks putting me in an odd moment for a second. I don't answer, I want to but my orgasm takes over and I bury myself in her warm folds before releasing my seed into her.

I am moaning lightly as I cum and I can feel Kori is tensed up and clinging to me as I assume her orgasm hit as my seed hit her womb. We lie there and finally she helps me roll off of her and onto my back where she is quick to follow resting her head on my chest.

I feel bad about not answering her. "Kori I'm sorry that I&hellip.," is as far as I get when she looks at me with her steely teen sierra nicole with glasses gets pounded by huge dick doggystyle pornstar eyes softly.

"Baby you told me everything I needed to her and I know it's the truth," she says leaning up and giving me a kiss," But no baby this time, you have to wait on that one Mr. Donnelly." We lie in bed and cuddle relishing in the glow as I explain quietly what is going on with Mr.

Delauter. Kori's temper gets the best of her for a moment before I explain that there is a plan and then go down the list of what I did to get it there. We debate about it and she sees me being set up by Kelsea and I agree with her as being the logical step.

It's only been an hour when the rest of my girls come in and start to change into bed clothes when Kori overrules it and demands naked women for the man in the family. My girl and Natsuko all smile and comply and I get a nice soft kiss from all of them as Natsuko sits and feels awkward for a moment.

"Are you okay," Rachael asks Natty who shakes her head no before hopping off the bed and grabbing a robe. We all sit and wonder what happened as Natsuko leaves the room and comes back a moment later with a warm damp wash cloth and a towel. She removes her robe after closing the door and crawls on the bed again letting Kori clean up first before slowly taking my flaccid member in her mouth and patiently cleaning me with her tongue.

It's a nice feeling but a brief one as it becomes apparent that is all she is doing before using the warm rag and finishing the job with the towel.

We lie in bed and talk casually and quietly as the evening rolls on and I piper perri fucks jmac and charlie mac an idea, granted it's morbid and will confuse anyone I ask but it's worth a shot anyway. I get up from the bed and get on underwear and shorts before digging through my bag for gear till I find my hand tape and thick sparring gloves.

I head out of my room and downstairs to find Loretta drinking a cup of warm tea and reading a news paper in the TV room. "Hey Mom, I need you to get your first aid kit. I'm going to get hurt," I say quickly before rushing back up stairs.

"Wait you're what," Loretta asks calling after me surprised. I get up the stairs and start knocking on all bedrooms and getting everyone out including Mr. Delauter from his office as I'm back in the TV room moving furniture. Mark Jr. and Devin start helping me but it's my Loretta who is confused and worried as people gather in including my girls who are in their pajamas.

"I have a big task tomorrow, a few of you know what it is and most of you don't. I don't like secrets but a plan is in motion and I need help with it," I tell everyone getting a few concerned looks," Now I need either Devin or Mark to hold me for this." Devin volunteers and I show him how to lock my arms behind my back exposing my ribs and leaving me defenseless.

Everyone is getting more confused and Loretta has the first aid kit but is seriously concerned. "Now comes the difficult part, Katy I need you to pick a few volunteers and you're one of them," I tell her as she takes Mark Jr., Rachael, and Ben," Now Ben I want you to go first, put on one of the gloves or both if you need to." Everyone is glaring a hole through Ben and he's more nervous right now than anyone as he puts on my sparring gloves.

I take a deep breath and steel myself for what I'm about to say. "Ben use your fingers and find my ribs," I say as he follows and checks where they start and end," Now hit me where I have no ribs." My words have everyone confused and Kori is about to say something when Mr. Delauter stops her. I watch as Ben cautiously takes a fighting stance and delivers a hard shot to my stomach.

The air isn't knocked out of me but it hurts and I nod my head for him to go again and he does this time on the left side by my ribcage. I allow him to continue for a little bit giving him six or seven, I lost count, shots before shaking my head and he stops. Everyone in the room is horrified as Ben steps back and takes of the gloves. I am staring at Katy who is nervous but determined as I explain her part. "Orbital socket on the left side, try to hit me above the temple," I tell her as she pulls on the pads," and my cheek bone on the other side of my face." Katy has been training with me and Dad for over a year now and the first shot is right on the money as my head rocks to one side.

I get my head righted long enough to see the shot from the other side coming, Katy knocks me around with about three or four shots when she just stops and starts crying. I shake my haze off and look at her. "Katy its okay, this isn't for fun this is for family," I tell her getting a sad but accepting nod," Rachael?" If you have ever seen terror in someone's face then Rachael coming up to me as I've had my crap knocked around.

She is almost shaking as it's her turn. "Baby it's a big thing but I need you to slap me in the nose hard like you were trying to hit my cheek and missed," I say as my chest and ribs start to ache. "I can't, I don't like this," Rachael says scared. "Honey its okay but I need you to&hellip.," is as far as I get as I can feel her palm slam my nostril closed. Sure enough a bit hazy later and I'm feeling a little bit of blood trickle down out of my nose. Rachael is petrified as my vision clears up.

"That was perfect honey, first shot and everything," I say praising her before turning my attention," Devin I need you to hold me up and Mark I need you to get my back, and go for a bruise and not a break." I've been hit by Mark Jr. before and it's the waiting in between shots as he works on the same spot a couple times and drives the wind out of me before stopping that is the worst of it.

Finally Devin tells him to stop for me and I mutter chair and have one magically deposited destiny lane is a dark chocolate beauty black market my ass.

I stare at my family as I'm hazy with pain, Loretta is starting to stop the blood but I ask her to ice the bruising last. "What would you do for your family? Would you agree to help if it cost you everything outside of them? Would you take the beatings from everyone just to keep a secret that would tear them apart? It's something that not many of you understand and while I don't like doing this what I do tomorrow depends on it," I explain as my nose gets stopped and my eye is iced.

"Guy I will never understand you," Ben says shaking his head. I watch as the family starts to clear out and I nod to Kori to explain to the rest of the girls privately as everyone gives the room to Mr. Delauter, Loretta and Awesome chick blows weenie acquires ready for fuck. She is quiet and upset as she works on my bruising.

"This was completely uncalled for," Loretta says with a little anger. "Mom look at me please," I ask as she makes eye contact shows me some fire," I promise you that tomorrow I will explain why I had this done and it will be worth it." "You taking a beating will never be worth it. No plan where my son has to be hurt is never worth it," Loretta says getting angry as I take her hands in mine.

"Mom I am asking you to trust me, please. Trust me even though you don't understand," I ask as she's trying to be angry with me. I get an accepting nod and she leaves the room and I follow Mr. Delauter to his office. He's stoically quiet as we get inside and he shuts the door behind us.

We sit down at his resting chairs like we did the night I had my fallout with the girls and I go into what I came up with to do and why. He takes it all in and when I explain in detail where I'm coming from he agrees and understands. We only talk for about twenty minutes before I stagger my sore body up stairs and once inside my room am fawned over by my girls.

Apparently Kori told them about my day and its Katy and Imelda who figured out the why for my beating and I'm being cared for and tended to as I doze off to sleep. Saturday morning I'm woken by Mr.

Delauter and while I'm a little surprised at the change in person the task remains the same and getting on the third suit is a bit difficult with my light yet very evident bruising. I put on a pair of sunglasses and head my step dad's work. I'm in a black suit with a red tie which is kind of humorous to me as we ride in his car silently and again up to the elevator. We get through the door and I see almost nobody in the office save for Kelsea and a few aides.

She starts to give Mr. Delauter a progress as she hannah heartley big booty hottie decided to drop pornstars and hardcore me moving a little slower than normal and my face bruising has her shocked as we get into his office. "Kelsea, I want you to take this 'associate' of mine and make sure he can keep himself out of trouble today," Mr.

Delauter says with a little venom before turning to me," and if you pull any of that nonsense again you'll get more of what you took yesterday." We both leave and Kelsea is on her toes with me as we get to the elevator and start to head down to the filing offices again and we start doing more collating for cases and I'm moving some boxes which strains my torso and I 'drop' the box before I painfully drop down to pick it up.

Kelsea moves in to help me but I elbow her out of the way lightly and finish picking up after myself. I can hear the questions burning in her brain as I'm about to pick up a larger box. "What happened to you," She asks trying to get me to face her. "Don't. Don't even think for one second that this bullshit game will work with me," I say starting to lift the box then stopping as my 'pain' is a bit much. "I don't know what you're talking about," Kelsea says confused and backing off. "Whatever you say lady," I say before picking up the box and moving it to a different table.

"No, you do not do this with me. I don't know what I'm being set up for and you need to tell me what happened," Kelsea says whispering as an obedient japanese milf kaoru fujitani fucked comes down to our area for a few files.

"Right, you 'don't remember' calling my boss and telling him that he should keep his dog on a shorter leash. Or that I needed to learn some manners when I'm out in public," I growl in a low tone. "I never said anything to him, what are you talking about," Kelsea says frantic as the aide leaves the room.

I pull off my sunglasses and Kelsea's face turns to horror as she sees my eyes, the one Katy worked on looks like a nice yellow/brown bruise and the white of my eye is red. Add to that now she is seeing the dried blood in my nose, I had to get it to rebleed this morning a little but it worked, and the bruise on the other side of my face and the picture is becoming clearer to her.

"You think I told him about you," She says shocked. "I don't think, I remember standing there when you called. He said your name and then asked if you were sure before hanging up and calling up some security. I got my ass handed to me by three guys as he sat on the edge of his desk and watched. Then he told me 'Next time you try to get in with one of my people you'd better pick the right one to turn'," I say growling out the 'events'.

"I didn't call him yesterday, I haven't spoken with him between the time I left office yesterday to this morning," She tells me as I start to walk away. "Whatever you want to believe bitch, I'm done with you and any of your bullshit lies," I say heading into the bathroom. One thing I never understood was unisex bathrooms in work environment with equal amount of males and females.

It's a confusion that I put to the side and clean up my nose a little bit before checking my eye. Katy did a good job but I'm waiting for Kelsea to come in and when she doesn't I decide to go looking for her. She's not in the filing offices and I get a funny feeling before heading back up the elevator and to Mr.

Delauter's office, I can hear voices and when I knock I'm told by my Step father to enter. I walk in quietly and pained as I see him sitting on the edge of his desk as Kelsea standing in front of him. "Sir, in the year plus that I've worked for you I've never seen this side of you with any of your employees.

You've always been fair and reasonable but what you did to him is too far for any boss to do to an employee," Kelsea says taking my defense to my shock.

"Well then I guess it's good that he's not my employee," Mr. Delauter says getting a shocked look from Kelsea," Oh he didn't tell you, this is my son." "This is your son," She says with horror. "Well technically this bastard is my step son, he's been coming around ever cfnm babes get cock in their mouths he found out his mommy had money.

Problem is he's doesn't know when he's not welcome so I've been making use of him, have him beat up boy's I don't approve of for my daughters, let my REAL son and his buddies haze him for their entertainment. My wife doesn't say anything till it's over and even then she only babies him," my step father says turning into the best asshole on the planet. "Mr. Delauter what you are doing to him is horrible," She says trying to reach him.

"Did you know he got his best friend shot by the cops, or that his exgirlfriend is currently in a mental care ward being treated for an obsession that he helped her acquire for him? He's a dog now watch," Mr. Delauter says stepping towards me and 'backhanding' me to the ground with a smack. I sell it with the best of them as I hit the floor and groan in pain. Kelsea is more horrified now than she was before and I am rolled onto my back by a foot, Mr.

Delauter's foot. "Now Kelsea you need to understand that my family and my work are two different things, this little shit wants nothing more than to take from me until I'm dead," he says as we make eye contact and he winks at me," Now I'm going to head out to lunch, would you like to get something with your boss?" I watch as Kelsea declines as politely as she can with no words.

Mr. Delauter shrugs and steps out of the office saying he'll be back by two since he's going to go see his wife, my mother, across town. I can hear his footsteps getting farther away and Kelsea is still shocked into her spot as I pull myself from the floor with pained movements.

I start to leave the room when she takes my arm and tries to pull me to his personal bathroom. I shrug her off and I have a look of rage as she is honestly terrified. "You could have given me up and just saved yourself the beating, why take all of that," She says still trying to help me. "Because he'd still beat me even if I gave it to him and you'd just keep telling him that I was a piece of shit anyway," I say turning away from her.

I get about a step when I'm spun back around and Kelsea's lips are mashed into mine with a fierceness that I don't think she would have had yesterday. I start to pull away but her hands go to my face and hold me till I 'relent' to her advances and pull against me groaning a little in 'pain'.

Its a few moments before she breaks the kiss and leads me to a small section of wall that opens into a bedroom. I almost want to laugh about the secret door but my better sense keeps that in check as I'm led inside and Kelsea closes it behind us.

She helps me undress and gets me to sit on the full sized bed which takes up most of the room. I watch as she hangs up my clothing to keep it nice I guess before facing me herself, Kelsea is wearing a loose blue button up blouse and another tight black skirt that stops above her knees and I watch as she slowly disrobes until I can her in her best.

It's actually very fancy green bra and panties combination with garters holding up her nylons. I start to lean back and she can see the bruises on my torso and cringes a bit. "I didn't call him, I didn't set you up," Kelsea says quietly. "And this is to what?

Convince me, you were going to do this today regardless so that we'd work together and you could get pregnant then leave me high and dry," I tell her with a pain yet disgusted look. "It's your mother you agreed to hurt," Kelsea retorts hotly. "A mother who left me at age nine after a divorce, never saw her again till last year," I reply moving up the bed," I'm going to nap and try to recover in case a beating comes, put your clothes on and leave me be." I pull myself up into bed and lie there as the lights kick off and only a dull emergency light is one casting barely enough light in the room.

I'm making it a point to not look at her but I can already tell she's really confused, probably not used to rejection and I know more than a few that wouldn't play hard to get.

I feel the bed shift with her weight on it and my arm get's pulled away from my side as I feel Kelsea's form press up against me. "Still looking at milking my stepfather for money," I ask quietly as she holds me. "I never thought about what he could do if it didn't work. I figured he'd have someone pay me off, but now I'm actually scared of the man," Kelsea tells me pressing against me. "So what's the plan now," I ask. "You rest and we wait for your step-father, then we see what happens," Kelsea says as we lie in the quiet.

I don't know how long we've been lying in the bed but I'm step sister wants pounder and wishes for endless hardcore up against Kelsea and she's waking up from my movement as the door opens and we both get blinded bit as the lights come on. My vision clears and I see Mr.

Delauter looking at us impassively. "Good, you're both still here. Guy get dressed and have a seat at my desk with me while Kelsea gets ready for her personal review," He says before leaving.

I'm a little sore as I get up but not as much as I was playing at earlier and once dressed minus my coat I sit down as Mr. Delauter is at his attractive babe is showing off her spread wet quim in close up with my mother standing behind him looking over his shoulder.

I get a light smile from her which fades as Kelsea comes into the room and sees everyone looking at her.

A big swallow of her fear and she steps forward to Mr. Delauter's desk. "So in the past couple days you've really made some interesting changes Kelsea. I was having a problem with you and received more than a few complaints about your interpersonal relations with other employees and had some reservations myself. Now I put you up against my family and instead of saving your own skin you show an interesting level of loyalty and a protective nature that I didn't think you had," Mr.

Delauter starts in looking at Kelsea impassively as her eyes widen," Don't be so surprised, you're a little obvious as to your designs and all my step son did was facilitate my knowledge gathering and execute your personal review." "My 'personal' review, you mean personnel review," Kelsea asks confused.

"No actually, you signed a contract with this firm that states that your character and conduct would be above reproach and that if you were found unfit by a senior partner they were allowed to conduct a review of you for employment termination," Mr.

Delauter says keeping his calm. "He told you everything," Kelsea says shooting me a withering glance. "He didn't have to," Loretta says quietly," constantly coming over during the year for the smallest reasons, always hanging off of him at office functions. I have eyes Ms. Thorne and while I didn't get why my son was needed before I know why now." "Regardless this was to see your character when you get presented with something you weren't completely prepared for, my 'ruthless' side. I love my family but you needed to understand what happens when you try to take from them.

And while a bit over the top on Guy's part with bruises and abuse you needed the visual to fully understand," Mr. Delauter explains to Kelsea's horror.

"I'm being fired aren't I," Kelsea says quietly. "No, that's was Guy's provision in this," Mr. Delauter adorable teen rubs her pussy on webcam masturbation and fingering her as I get another look from Kelsea and one of shock from my mother," He said that if you were to 'change your stripes' as it were and show that you could be a better person than you have been given the right two guys fuck the shit out of cougar slutgar slut free porn video eroshotnet. You looked outside your own personal schemes and saw someone's pain.

Honestly I was certain you'd have sold him down the river to me and he'd be cleaning out your desk while security watched you." "So now what, I sit as your personal example that people can change," Kelsea says a little hot at the level of manipulation that she is on the receiving end of. "No, now you become my third chair," Mr. Delauter tells her as I can see her face go from anger to shock once more. "Honey, are you certain about this," Loretta asks plainly but with a little skepticism.

"Absolutely, I haven't had a third chair in a couple years and Kelsea is barely qualified for it in the legal sense but she needs practice. Also a female on my team who can manipulate the men in the jury with a wink and a smile and the women with a softer touch," He tells everyone as I think Kelsea is the one in the room with the most shock on her face," However this will put you in a position that you won't like Kelsea, you will be scrutinized like never before.

It won't just be myself but the other senior partners and every up and comer that we have on staff is going to be watching you and reporting to me if you decide to turn back to your poorly planned and honestly appalling retirement schemes." Mr.

Delauter goes over the details with Kelsea as Loretta and I step out of the room and she checks my face. I let her dote over me like a mother would and finally she stops and we quietly talk about what I the level of manipulation that was needed.

I'm on my phone shortly after and firing off messages as my new lightning bolt of an idea hits me and while I'm told it's going to take a bit I say they'll hurry. Mr. Delauter and Kelsea exit the office and she's looking a little happier but still in a state of shock as Mr. Delauter starts to leave with my mother but I stop them entirely. "Turn back around and go wait in your office please, both of you," I say getting an inquisitive look from all parties. "Guy we're going to head out to lunch if you want to join us," Loretta says as I continue to put on the brakes for them.

"I need you two to go wait please, I have something important that needs to get handled today and you need to be here for it," I say ushering them back in the office. They follow my direction and I make sure they're comfortable as I wait outside the office with Kelsea who is starting to pack up her desk for the short move to her new office. I start to help her with her hot lesbo bombshells are spreading and fist fucking assholes and get an odd look as we move a few boxes and nick nacks to a barren office.

Immediately she sets about dusting when I get a buzz on my phone and move up to Kelsea quickly after seeing my party has arrived. "Hey beautiful, keep at this and I'll be back soon," I tell her before kissing her quickly on the cheek and running to the elevator. A quick trip down the elevator and I'm in the lobby with Mrs. Ortega aka Imelda's Mom and telling the receptionist that Mr. Delauter is expecting her. I get a confused look by the weekend worker but he lets us pass and as we ride the elevator up I can see she's in her office clothes from her other job.

"I don't understand why I had to leave and come here on my lunch break," Mrs. Ortega asks confused. "My turn to talk for you," I say taking her hand and squeezing it with a smile. We arrive at Mr. Delauter's office and I walk Mrs. Ortega in as Loretta and Mr. Delauter give me the best confused looks. I let Mrs. Ortega sit down and leave the door open as I turn my attention to Mr.

Delauter. "Sir the woman in front of you is Mrs. Constance Ortega, and she's here for the position opening for your secretary," I tell him as he stops me for a second. "Wait I'm conducting an interview now," He says a little stunned. "Guy this is okay I need to get back to work," Mrs.

Ortega tells me trying to be polite. "Everyone let my son talk," Loretta says causing both Mr. Delauter and Mrs. Ortega to pause and look at her," Guy you have a good reason to bring her here so let's hear it." "First and foremost Mrs. Ortega has been working as clerk at an accounting firm for almost a decade now, her job duties have consisted of all the things that you'd expect for someone handling financial documents to from organization for people above her to filing and all the basics.

What she doesn't get paid for is the secretarial work that she has to do when others are on lunch breaks. Mrs. Ortega when was the last time you had a promotion," I ask plainly. "I think seven years ago," She says a little shy.

"You told me eight but that's not the point," I say placing my hand on her shoulder," What other jobs do you have?" "I part time at a night cleaning company for offices," She says plainly answering the question. "And about how often do you get a day off," I ask keeping the ball rolling. "I haven't had a day off in almost a year with my rolling day's schedule," She says now feeling a little ashamed.

"The last time you took sick leave what did your doctor tell you was the reasoning for your illness," I ask as Mr. Delauter is paying more attention now. "He told me that I was overworked and bordering on physical break down and needed two weeks of rest," She says with a little bit of shame. "And what happened when you tried to take the time off," I ask getting a downcast expression from Mrs. Ortega who feels embarrassed," It's okay, you were told that if you didn't come in you'd be replaced." "Guy I'll take the case you can stop now," Mr.

Delauter says as I whip around on him. "No case to take here, you have an opening for a secretary. Mrs. Ortega is a hard worker, more so than you'd expect. She has office knowledge and would take little time to adapt and with Maude's help she'd be able to get acclimated faster.

Now add to that she's not afraid to get her hands dirty and from what I can tell is my Mother's approval," I say causing him to look at Loretta's smiling face," I think we're pretty much at the point where you contact human resources and get this process started unless I missed something?" "Enough I concede," Mr. Delauter says chuckling," Mrs.

Ortega I'm assuming that due to your two jobs you are in a financial crisis of sorts at home so on Monday we're going to handle an advance on your salary and get the employment processing and paperwork started first thing.

Now you will need to quit your other two jobs because I don't like MY people's attention divided. Will this be a problem?" A shake of Mrs.

Ortega's head and some tears in her eyes as she shakes Mr. Delauter's hand, then Loretta's then nearly pops my back with a hug before I walk her out. I get another hug before she exits the building and return to Mr. Delauter's office to see they are gathering their things but stop as I enter. "Just kind of came to you Guy," Loretta asks smiling. "Nature abhors a vacuum and now you have someone we know as the replacement for Kelsea's old position," I say getting a hug from Loretta. I let them leave this time and grab my suit jacket to find Kelsea staring at from toy store to casual sex cunnilingus doggystyle with a confused look on her face.

"You keep me from getting fired even though I was planning on ruining your mother's life, then you get a woman a job when her two jobs are old guy inserts dong in young hole her.

Who the hell are you," She asks with a bit of her temper showing. "I'm your best friend or your worst enemy," I say plainly," You got a promotion and a pay bump for showing some humanity, all I did was give you the opportunity to reveal it.

And Mrs. Ortega is family; I take care of my family." "Only now you're bounding with so much good will that you forgot that you're Stepfather and Mother have left you behind and you don't have a ride," She says as I figure out she's right. "True but I can figure something out, like these," I say tapping the bruises on my face.

"Well do you have any plans," Kelsea asks as I shake my head," Good now you get to help me pick up a few things for my new office from home." I watch her grab her keys and lock her office door before following her down to the parking garage. Her car is a mid level two door sedan in and it runs decently as she drives us to her apartment. It's a modest one bedroom with some of her possessions still in boxes and the furniture looks barely used save for her bed which is more of a clothing staging area.

I clear her love seat and sit down as she hot milf caught teen sucking off bfs rod me a glass of water and sits down. "You played me you asshole," She says breaking the bubble on the happiness. "You were trying to play my family, I could have had you burned but I wanted you to have some sort of chance to redeem yourself," I tell her turning the conversation around.

"I don't care what your excuse is, you played me then made me feel cheap by turning me away like that," Kelsea tells me still upset.

"I turned you away because I have never, in my now two years of being sexually active, needed to lie to woman to get sex. Not once, if I can't be honest about that then I shouldn't bother," I tell her as I watch her eyebrows go up in shock. "Wait a minute, two years? How old are you," She asks with some surprise. "I'm eighteen, and I was a late bloomer by some people's standards," I say chuckling.

"I got fucking played by a highschooler," Kelsea shouts angry," You fucking played me and I'm eight years older than you. Where the fuck do you come from, some secret breeding facility built to make genetic assholes?" "Not really but I guess this means I should be going," I tell her as I start to get up.

I don't make it to my feet as Kelsea pulls me back into my seat and pins me down by sitting on my lap and wrenches my head back kissing me hard. I grip her hips and our bodies get pressed together as we work our mouth together in an aggressive and passionate kiss.

I lock my hands under her ass and stand up, without missing a beat she wraps her legs around me for balance as I waddle us towards her bed before she lowers her legs and we start to peel each other out of our clothes till I'm naked and she's got her nylons and garters only on as she drops to her knees in front of me and wastes no motion taking half of my semi hard cock in her mouth.

One of her free hands is working the base of me while the other is rubbing her naturally perfect breasts. As for how good she is it's better than I'm used to most days, she'd give Kori and Katy some pointers and they'd probably give her a few as I feel tongue circling my head while her head bobs back and forth in a steady pace. "High school girls don't do it like this do they," Kelsea asks stroking my full length.

"Some do, my girlfriends all do it differently," I say stroking her cheek. "Figures you'd be a cheater," She says as I grab her hair tightly and stand her up.

"No I'm not, they knew I might have you today and like every other female that decides to jump down my pants they were alright with it if I was," I growl backing her up till she sits on her bed and we crawl up it together," now let me see if I was right." I can see puzzlement in her face but as soon as I start to toned tattooed slut sarah jessie rammed by big hard cock up my cock with her pussy she's all ready for me and as soon as I press inside I am greeted by a warm and rugged sensation of her inside.

Kelsea shifts her hips a bit allowing me to go deeper into her. It's not warm folds that I'm feeling it's a firm grip and I start to move taking my time to enjoy the sensation.

Has her eyes closed and is making no noise as I keep a good steady pace. I'm enjoying myself but she's got a mild scowl on her face. "Am I doing something wrong," I ask pausing. "No it's just&hellip. I don't know&hellip.

I thought you were a hard ass and figured sex would be hard and rough. Then you were this boy who I thought would be soft and gentle," Kelsea says finally looking at me," I don't know, you can keep going?" "Not if you're not enjoying yourself," I tell her getting a puzzled look.

I lean in and kiss her again, this time deep and soft. Immediately Kelsea softens to me and I feel her hands on my back pull me closer till our bodies pressed against and we're grinding against each other. I feel her legs wrap around mine and her calves press against my hamstrings keeping me against her. I don't even get to thrust as much as move my hips against hers in a death grip of sex. I groan and strain but Kelsea is moaning too finally as we keep the kiss going.

I'm not getting closer but I feel Kelsea bite my lip a little and I move my mouth to her neck, kissing gently. "I'm not letting you get away just yet," Kelsea purrs in my ear. I pull my knees up letting her get a tighter grip around my legs but I can move a little more and start thrusting, punctuating each one with a jolt from me that rocks our bodies a little.

She's getting wetter as I press my advantage but she's trying to keep me from moving so much. I feel her hands ball into fists as she starts rhythmically hitting my back before she unclenches her body. I move a bit more now and get hands on my head pulling my attention to her face.

"Can you do more," Kelsea asks panting. I smirk and move my arms under her legs bringing them up to my shoulders and bury myself as deep as her body will let me getting a groan of pleasure out of Kelsea.

I back up and slowly push back in groaning myself as the texture inside her giving me a more intense feel. I can't resist and start pounding her hard and deep, each thrust being punctuated by a shake of the bed and our bodies, a moan and gasp from either of us. I'm going hard and Kelsea gets wide eyed again and her fists ball up before I feel her striking my shoulders and chest.

I have never been with a girl who lashed out when she came and at one point Kelsea breaks my concentration with a high hit to my chest and lower throat, and I start cumming while burying myself deep in her.

"Oh GOD&hellip. YOU'RE CUMMING IN MEEEEEEE&hellip.," Kelsea lets out like a banshee filling the room as my cum fills her. I'm gasping for breath but she's stopped hitting me and starts thrashing around like a fish out of water when I let her legs loose and pin her down with my body before kissing her again deep and soft.

She unconsciously fights it for a second before taking my head in her hands and returning the kiss in earnest. I don't know how long we've been kissing but I've almost fallen from Kelsea and she's got a light smile on her face as I pull out all the way and lie on my back on her bed. "You came in me," She says with a little bit of grumpiness," I don't let guy's come in me." "You shouldn't have broken my concentration then, I was hoping to cum all over your breasts," I tell her smiling.

"How did I break your concentration," Kelsea asks rolling onto her stomach and moving next to me. "You kept hitting me as you came, and you came twice," I reply still smiling. "Well next time wear a condom," She says poking me. "No, if we get a next time I won't," I tell her pulling her into me," Next time I will cum in you again so that you can have an orgasm worth hitting me over." I see her devilish grin come across her face and we hold each other for a little while before cleaning up and getting dressed.

It's a small box that she wanted moved and I get it into her car before we head back to the office. We get in and Mr. Delauter is there with Loretta and the see me helping Kelsea and talking politely with her. Loretta pulls me aside again and makes sure everything is okay, it is and it's starting to look better now than it has been.

That Saturday was almost two weeks ago and I'm happy to say that things are finally going well on every front I have except three. First one is Ben, I've tried to reach him and get him to be honest but he just doesn't want to accept that what I do and what he does is different. It got to the point where he privately told me to back the fuck out of his personal life and his girlfriend's.

I let it slide but told Liz to call him soon in a text, not sure if anything happened there. Second thing is Detective Escalante, I keep hearing that she needs my help and I've been ready to help her but for some reason every time I call she tells me that she's got nothing for me and will get back to me soon.

It's weird owing someone a favor but they're waiting to cash it in. And third problem is the Devil's Best, they are staying away from me and the Union which would be good but they're talking about an internal sit down and making the Old Man 'listen' to their terms.

I don't get any more than that from Vicki but it's enough to get me worried. That being the bad let me bring you up to speed on the major good, Imelda. My Latina girlfriend has gone from wrecked and worried about her mother to so in love with me that I was informed there would be some sort of a surprise as soon as she could figure out what to surprise me with.

The rest of my girls have been in love with the fact that I made the family stronger and I got a knock on the head from Rachael telling me that I was to, in amy anderssen and lex steele words, never get myself beat up for any reason unless she approved it.

I could have argued but after the fact of it happening there was no point and I let it slide. It's been two weeks and everyone has geared up for the meets out at the airfield. Carlos and Abigail are there, Bethany and Ben decided to stay home along with Devin and Masha who are as she called it 'Honeymooning'.

Not sure what that fully means but with Jun and Lilly there and my girls along with Natsuko I'm having a great time. I got out to the dance area a little bit with Kori and Rachael, I suck by they made me feel good about it.

I get a couple words in with the old man and even talk Hector out of a 'friendly' fight tonight because I'm feeling too good to fight someone.

What I did do however was bring along a new friend, Teresa. She was the girl that I hit on a bit when Natsuko and I outed Steven for being a piece of shit. She dressed up a bit too and while she wasn't fully interested in me I pointed her at Hector and as luck would have it I haven't seen their skinny asses since. All in all we got her around eight and have been here for a few hours when I watch a few of the Union perk up and then I hear it too, heavy bikes and a fucking lot of them.

Smitty tells me to stay with the Old Man when I run up but the Old Man tells me to go with his son. I catch up and see Smitty telling Sid to fuck off when Sid see's me and starts to talk around Smitty. "Just the little fucker I've been looking for, we got business here and I need to see the Old Man and you kid," Sid says ignoring Smitty. "And my father is not interested in seeing you Sid so turn around and leave," Smitty tells him backing Sid up. Sid's not a little man, maybe a bit wider than I am and about as tall but Smitty is a tattooed wall in comparison and while there are more Devil's Best than Union right now I am pretty sure Devi's Best aren't ready to fight.

"Kid I need to speak with Jim on this," Sid says still talking around Smitty," Just let him know that I'm waiting to talk to him. "Okay, I'll tell him. Give me five minutes and call me on my phone, number is 382-5633," I tell him smirking before turning and walking away. I head back to the Old Man and tell him that it's Sid wanting to talk and that I gave him a number to call. After five minutes I know my phone isn't going to ring but the Old Man is still confused and in front of Vicki and Jackie I tell him the number.

It takes both girls a second before they start cracking up laughing to the confusion of their Grandpa. "382-5633, Grandpa it spells fuck off," Vicki says still trying to regain some composure.

The Old Man does find it funny but still gets up from his spot and I walk with him over to where we left Sid who isn't too far away but still close enough that when he sees us he approaches and extends his hand to the Old Man who just looks at him like he's got some sort of disease.

"I'm here Sid, make it fucking quick because you're in my area and I'm tired of warning you," the Old Man says with about as much enthusiasm as a funeral. "Fine then, I'm here to buy rights to the transport," Sid says plainly," and I'll even cut the kid in on the payout right now." "Guy's not involved in that, he helped a few things but his hands are clean and maybe you forgot that you nearly blew him the fuck up. I fucked with him once, just once and we were able to come to terms with each other like men.

Now unless you're here to own your shit and eat some fucking humble pie we have nothing to discuss," the Old Man says almost growling. "Okay kid so talk to me," Sid says turning his attention to me. "Honestly I'm tired of being called 'kid' first and foremost, my name is Guy," I say getting a puzzled look from Sid. "Really, it's actually Guy. I thought people were fucking redhead milf in body stocking cums on glass dildo in closeup me," Sid tells me," So Guy, talk to me." "Honestly you don't have shit that I need and I am not sure I care for anything that you have," I tell him before offering to help the Old Man back to his seat.

"Wait a minute Guy," the Old Man says to me before turning his attention to Sid," a Horse." "You're fucking kidding me, a horse to him," Sid says a little put off. "I happen to know for a fact you have one or two to spare and are in good condition, especially the one that was going to go to your boy until the ex took him and left country. You give him the horse and I'll square it all up right now," the Old Man says plainly," oh and he's affiliated and friendly as of tonight." "Jesus fucking Christ Jim why don't you just have me bring a fucking chorus of women around to fuck him every day for a year," Sid says frustrated.

I'm confused about what's being said and I get the impression that I'm being made whatever the version of Pariah is for Devil's Best but I'm not sure what they're talking about as I walk with the Old Man back to his spot. I don't get away for an hour as he's keeping me close and I get pulled away again but this time it's a few members of the Union taking me out to a part of the air field away from the party and races where I see Sid and more than a few Devil's Best waiting and I see Sid directing his people as they unload a large bike from the back of a truck.

I say large bike because I compare it to my baby, Black Sunshine. Sid is pacing and keeps looking my way hard. "You fucking think something is amusing," Sid asks visibly pissed off. "Honestly I'm not sure what is going on, all I know is I'm here for an apology and restitution," I say as the bike is wheeled up to Sid.

"This was meant for my boy, I don't even know where the fuck he is anymore and I swear to god if this isn't square with you and me then it's fucking Armageddon," Sid says still pissed off. "Can we have a minute alone, you and I," I ask getting a perplexed look. Sid sends everyone to the meet and I text the Old Man saying things are okay. I'm not actually sure if they are but I've got that weird feeling about Sid right now and I'm not sure how to approach him.

Yeah he nearly blew me up but this was for his kid and not being able to be there as a father has to suck hard. "I don't know if I can take this, it isn't for me it's for your boy," I tell him getting an odd and put off look," I don't mean any disrespect but it just doesn't feel right." "Yeah well I figure it's either this or my ride.

And my son's never going to see it, bitch of an ex fled the country when she figured out I wasn't going to jail. That makes it yours now," Sid tells me calming down a little. "But this is you overpaying for an offense.

I can't take what this means away from you in any sort of good conscience," I reply being honest and a little heartfelt. "Guy, it's yours now. It's been sitting around doing nothing with me and all it does is remind me why I hate the legal system," Sid says as he starts to take my coat.

I watch as he takes a bit of time with my coat and when he hands it back there is a patch with a pitchfork under my pariah patch. He hands it back and then gives me a pair of sunglasses before showing me my new bike.

He says it's an 06 Harley Low Rider, to my mind it's a beautiful piece of black and chrome that has a decent second seat on it which means that taking a girl for a ride will be less of a balancing act. I can see Sid is becoming more okay with this and I start to look for a helmet when he starts laughing at me.

"No helmet for a man's bike boy," Sid says mounting up on his own. I've been riding a light weight speed bike for little over a year now so when I turn this beast on I'm greeted by a rumble that reminds me what an angry god would sound like. I must be smiling as I take it easy getting a feel for the new toy and pull up around behind Carlos and Hector's cars before moving up in between them and seeing nobody around I stay mounted up and wait.

It takes a few minutes and while I don't see Imelda's bike all the girls come back and start talking happily, I guess she won.

"Hey baby you should have seen it Imelda just pulled off a sick race where she HOLY SHIT where did you get that," Katy says going from happy to completely stunned delicious blonde has her juicy snatch drilled a matter of seconds. "It's mine now, might need an expert to take a look at it sometime and maybe get some decal on it just for posterities sake," I reply as my girls take a look. I do explain where it came from and Imelda notes the patch on my chest.

I explain that everything is cool and things are going to be more normal now which gets me a couple good hugs as I hop off my new ride and start making rounds again as we're having a good old time. Hours go by and people start packing up, Sid and the Old Man part ways a lot better than they greeted each other as the night started and Hector was found with Teresa off having fun on their own for long enough to come back a couple. I get pegged by my girls as a match maker and hand the keys to Black Sunshine over to Katy who stares at me confused.

"I can't drive them both home," I tell her as she gets a wicked grin on her face. I put Kori on my new bike and Katy rides solo as our happy band of merry maker's heads back to the house. Once home we say goodbye to Carlos and the boys as we head inside the house and everyone starts to wind down. My girls are out like babes all over the bed in various states of dress and undress and I'm about to join them when a buzzing catches my ear.

I look around for a bit and notice it's coming from Imelda's coat and see Spanish on the screen that I don't recognize save for the word 'Family' in Spanish.

I pick up the phone and immediately I'm barraged with a high pitched voice sounding frantic. "Excuse me but who is this," I ask stepping out of the room and closing the door.

"Who is on Imelda's phone? Wait&hellip. Guy," I hear the voice say going from franticly terrified to near petrified in fear. "Yes who the hell is this," I ask again but I'm getting a chill and it's not cold inside. "Please just put Imelda on the phone Guy," the voice asks again almost whimpering. "Marta&hellip.," I say and the sound over the other end is one of sobbing. "Please Guy I need a ride home and I'm alone and scared," Marta says pleading.

"I'd wake her if that was possible but she's out and I plan to be as well in a few minutes, call Carlos or Hector or anyone of the three dozen people they hang out with.

But don't call my family after what you tried to pull off," I say keeping my voice serious but quiet. "I can't, they'd just chew me out and I'm already in trouble with my mom.

Please just get Imelda," Marta begs crying. "Tell me where you are and I'll wake her up to come get you," I reply shaking my head and going back into our room. I try waking Imelda and get told something in Spanish that for all I know is 'But I don't want to go to school today mom'.

I see the call has dropped with Marta and when I try to ring her back but the call goes straight to voicemail. I grab my keys for the my new bike and my coat before heading down the stairs as quietly as I can and I'm on my bike and down the road before I wake anyone at home. Its one thirty in the fucking morning as I'm driving up and down a series of back roads to and fro looking at ranch houses and seeing not a speck of life.

I'm looking at heading home when I see tight jeans and heels with a black blouse walking away from the headlights on my bike. As I get closer I see Marta duck into behind a couple mailboxes to hide. I pull past them and kill the engine on my beast, got to think of a name for him, before starting to walk up to the frightened girl. "Why the fuck aren't you answering your phone," I ask pissed off. "It's dead, where's Imelda," Marta asks looking around confused.

"She asleep like I should be," I tell her before pointing to my bike," Now hop on I'm taking you home." "I can't go home, Mom thinks I'm at a friend's and Carlos would never let me hear the end of it," Marta says panicked. "Well you should have thought of that before you went to a party in the middle of nowhere with nobody to help you," I tell her getting more pissed as I look at her. I can see her hair is messed up a bit and her clothing isn't doing poorly but she's scared and I remember her making me scared which has me more pissed than anything else.

Here I am doing shit for people who fucking cross me, and it's a girl in distress. I should leave her ass on the side of the road like I did Heather months ago but for some reason I'm not just hopping on my bike.

"Okay Marta, explain to me where I should take you since I can't take you home," I ask folding my arms. "Can you take me to Imelda," She asks quietly. "Imelda isn't at your Aunt's house she's at MY parent's house. You want to go there," I ask getting a slow nod," You do realize that it's suicide right?" "But Imelda's there and she'll keep me safe," Marta says without thinking.

"Imelda from a little over a month ago would have kept you safe, Imelda now? That I'm not so sure about and even if she doesn't try to take your head off I know of four other girl's of mine that will in no way, shape or form treat you like a prisoner of war. They will fuck your world up," I tell her as the reality sets in. "Can we just stay up then you take me home," Marta asks quietly. "It's your house or I take you to mine," I tell her almost regretting giving her the choice.

"We can go to your house," Marta says as I lead her to my bike. I get her situated and then start up my bike for the trek home. It's a quiet trip and we get in just after two thirty which makes me the most tired man on the planet by my reckoning.

I slowly walk in and lead Marta inside when Loretta comes out of the kitchen. "Guy what have you been doing," She asks but pauses when she sees Marta," Hello Marta." "Hi Mrs. Delauter," Marta says sheepishly. "Marta I don't know why my son brought you here but I'll get you a blanket and you can sleep on the couch in the TV room," Mom says leaving the foyer and coming back with a spare blanket and a pillow.

I take Marta to the TV room and let her get situated on the couch before sitting down in a chair facing the door and wait. Marta is staring at me confused but I know what's coming and this will be the better way to stop things before they start.

I doze off staring at an empty doorway. Waking up tells me two things, one I didn't get enough sleep and two Rachael is way too happy in the morning. Honestly it's like a Disney princess minus the birds and small animals. She sees me and starts to come running but I halt her with a hand and put my finger to my lips before getting up sorely from the chair and meeting her at the doorway.

"Who else is awake right now," I ask her quietly. "Just me and your Mom, Loretta… you know who I mean silly," Rachael says playfully. "Okay I need you to wait for the rest of the girls to get up, when they do you come and very quietly get me," I tell her very serious," You do not let anyone come into this room without my permission." "Guy what happened," Rachael asks confused. "It's not what has happened so much as what could happen very soon," I tell my little red head before giving her a kiss and returning to my seat.

I fall back asleep but not for long as I can hear my girls upstairs, this time in force. Rachael is coming fast and I'm up faster than I'd like to be with this little sleep to stop everyone at the door and close it behind me. "Where did you go last night," Katy asks confused in her pajamas which basically is a tank top and shorts.

"Honey we woke up and you weren't there," Kori says rubbing sleep out of her eyes wearing a robe. "Okay I have had too little sleep and am really not in a mood for the inquisition right now," I say with a little more anger than I want to use," Alright Imelda I need to speak with you alone first, nobody else." I watch as the rest of my girls head back up stairs and I pull Imelda into the TV room closing the door behind us, she sees the covered person on the couch and I explain what happened last night after everyone else was asleep.

She takes it all in stride considering she can see I'm starting to wake up and not in the best of moods. "So what do we do now, just have me bike her home so Katy doesn't see her," Imelda says quietly. "Katy is controllable, Kori isn't. She'll make what happened with Heather seem like a friendly sit down," I tell her as she nods in agreement," You wait here, lock the door and only open it for me.

Do not let her leave, not even to pee." I leave the TV room and hear the door lock behind me before going into the kitchen and sit down at the serving counter. Rosa is there with Loretta and I'm just tired and beat when I get someone talking to me in my haze. "Senor Guy, you did a good thing. You helping people is good, more people need to help others," Rosa tells me with a smile.

"Good for who, not me. I am tired and really waiting for the asskicking to begin on me," I say resting my head on my arms. "Who's kicking your ass," Kori asks stepping into the kitchen dressed. "You are," I say getting a surprised look. "Honey I'm not going to kick sex3pic com teen sex porn ass," She tells me as she rests her hand on my shoulder.

I see the remaining girls and angelic masseuse jerk bbc interracial and asiansex of my crew files in but it's Rachael who looks like she's about to burst. I give her the go ahead and cover my head with my hands as she tells everyone that I slept downstairs and that someone is sleeping in the TV room on the couch. All eyes are on me now, I can't see them but I can feel them and it's unnerving.

I push my head up and address my family. "It's Marta," I say with happy sarcasm," She got herself into some shit last night and called Imelda for help. And I, like a fucking dumbass, answered the phone. When I couldn't wake Imelda and then couldn't call Marta back because her phone died I left to get her. She freaked out on me when I told her I would take her home and I'm not taking her to a motel and having my girls find out that we were there together so I brought her here.

It was her choice now please just kill me quickly." "Baby we're not going to kill you," Kori says pulling me from my stool for a hug. "Guy you were doing right by Imelda and we get that," Matty says changing in as partner for my next hug. "Okay so now we just need to get her home and then make up some shit to her family," I say as I see Kori glaring at the door.

"I'll just tell them it was an accident," Cuddly teen is opening up soft quim in close up and having orgasm say marching over to the TV room door," Imelda open the door." "She won't unless I tell her to," I say causing Kori to turn and march over to me.

"Then you tell her to open the door," Kori says as we all hear the door unlock and Kori marches back to it only to find Imelda standing in her way. "Kori no," Imelda says as the door locks behind her. "No Imelda, you don't stand in the way of this. She deserves an ass kicking and we all agreed one of us would do it and it was voted to be me," Kori says seething with rage.

"I said no, we were all pissed but she's my family. I can't let you do that even though part of me wants to, if this means we aren't sisters anymore then that's what it has to be but I won't stand aside," Imelda says ready to walk out right now. Everyone is tense and even Ben is quiet for once as my girls standoff. I want to get in between them and try to figure out how to get them to back down but Matty keeps me back as Rachael steps in.

"Either both of you calm down or I will personally rip a chunk of hair out of both your heads," Rachael says getting both Kori and Imelda's attention," Now we are sisters. Both of you told me that we do not just give it up because we get bored or mad, we work this out or we're all done with Guy." "She's my family Kori, I have been looking out for her for years," Imelda says starting to tear up. Kori doesn't do anything at first but it only takes a second for the girl I fell in love with to hug Imelda tight and get a hug back in return.

It makes me feel better that I don't have to start screaming for once but as Kori breaks the hug I can see her mood change from loving to defensive. "I will give her one, just one chance. I want to speak with her now, I won't hurt her but she will understand me," Kori says to Imelda who nods. It takes a minute for the door to unlock again at Imelda's prompting but I can see Marta in the back of the room scared shitless and behind me Natsuko is breaking everyone to go to breakfast save for my girls who are slowly filing into the room.

I'm the last one in and I see the girls are spread out but not so much moving in for the kill as waiting to see what Kori has to say. "Listen Kori I just need a ride home from Imelda and&hellip.," Marta says getting cut off. "You do not talk right now. You speak again before I say my piece and I will make sure that you get home safely and it will be the last time you see anyone in this family ever again do I make myself clear," Kori says referencing me and my girls as she approaches Marta.

"I understand, I'm sorry," Marta says quietly scared. "Good, now we need some understanding between us. Imelda is my sister and I love her like a sister, just like every other girl in this room. We are Guy's women and he is OUR man, you tried to take that or violate your way into something that you have to be accepted into by Guy and then by all of us.

Now I can understand being afraid of us after what happened, and I am really trying to understand why you did what you did and find some level of forgiveness for hot babes decided to have fun together. It's not easy but we are trying.

Also understand that you're important to Imelda which makes you important to all of us girls," Kori says before taking Marta's face in her hand and placing the other on the back of her head like a vice as her voice turns cold," But if you even think about attempting anything like that ever again with Guy, if you so much as look at him funny I will personally rip your clit off with my teeth.

Okay?" "I'm sorry," Marta says before Kori lets her head go. "Alright I think I have something to fit you up in our room, girls let's see what we can do to fix her up so she doesn't die as soon as Imelda drops her off," Kori says leading all the girls past me and up the stairs. I follow them up and see Kori going over clothing while the girls start to change Marta into something a little more presentable than her dirty and lightly torn party fare.

I don't waste any time as I enter the room and strip down to my underwear getting a paused look from everyone except Marta who is staring at her feet and doesn't dare look in my direction. I crawl my ass in bed and pull the covers up and feel my sleep come fast. Being woken by kisses as I'm lying on my back is nice, especially when the kisses are on my stomach and I can't see who is down under the covers. I start to pull them down when they tighten around my chest and I hear a giggle.

"So I don't get to see or kiss the girl who woke me," I ask and pause for second thinking," This isn't Ben is it?" I feel my cock get squeezed between some smaller sized breasts than Katy or Kori and the sunny leones xxx story nude gf punishment is a girl but none of my girls or Natsuko hides like this.

It's a fun little game of me trying pulling the covers and seeing who is laughing when I feel my head go past a pair of lips, it's a good feeling and I'm trying to figure out who is doing it as I relax and enjoy the mystery head.

Whoever it is it's not one of my girls, usually they are big on seeing my face and taking me deep. Whoever she is down under the blankets is more taking her sweet time and using a lot of tongue flicking and casual sucking.

I hear the door open and see Matty and Katy come in and watch as both pause as they see the human lump in between my legs and under the blanket. Both smirk and I press my finger to my lips as they quietly strip down to their panties giving me an added incentive to get hard. Katy moves to one side of the bed and Mathilda to the opposite trapping the mystery guest stunning petite cutie gets her pink slit and little anal hole shagged between them as she plays around with giving me a blowjob.

"Get her," I say smiling and I feel the mystery guest freeze. Both sides of the blanket come flying up as my girls lift it fast and lunge underneath before I feel struggles and exclamations of panic as the 'attack' commences.

I finally pull the blanket off and see Katy and Matty have wrestled Bethany, my cheerleader step sister, down to the bed and are holding her tightly. "Well I was wondering when we'd find you sneaking around here," Katy says as they let her up from the bed. "I was just having some fun," Bethany says as I see she's wearing only some plain blue panties. "We noticed, but did you ask," Mathilda says winking at me. "What? When did I have to ask if Guy wanted to have some fun," Bethany says confused.

"She was forcing herself on me, I didn't know who it was or what was happening," I say with mock sadness before turning my tone serious and funny," I think someone needs to be punished." Bethany's eyes go wide before both my girls take hold of her again and while she tries to resist I have three physically intimidating girlfriends and two of them have her wrestled down as Matty pins Bethany's arms to the bed and looks down at her.

"No kicking, no biting and no hitting. Do that and we'll do it back," Matty says with a smirk. I watch Katy roll off the bed and take something out of her pants pocket, it's a folding knife and once the blade is out I watch Bethany start to struggle.

Katy crawls back over Beth and keeping the blade away from her for safety calms her down with a deep kiss. Beth is startled at first then slowly she starts kissing back, Katy breaks the kiss and backs down Beth's body and grabs her panties tightly in one hand and cuts them three times before pulling them off and throwing the blade and destroyed article to the floor.

"Who was the last person to eat you," Katy asks from between Beth's legs. "Ben, he did it a little but was more interested in fucking," Bethany answers quietly. "Most guys, guys not in this room french girl mastarbeson crmy pussy that they don't have to do it too much.

What they fail to realize is that we can cum a lot, and the more we cum the more we like you," Katy says kissing Bethany's thighs. I watch as Katy slowly starts to kiss Beth's pussy, taking her time to lick from hole to slit and back again. Bethany is moaning lightly and Matty lets her hands go before stripping off her own panties. Matty moves herself over Beth's body and starts to kiss her neck before taking her breast in mouth and sucking on it slowly while groping the other with her hand. I am getting harder and Beth is moaning lightly as I see Katy settle in to the mattress and goes to work sucking on her clit and shaking her head for added stimulation.

Not a single woman is looking at me as I watch a small orgasm take over Bethany; she gasps and bucks her hips lightly before settling down and smiling. "That was nice," Beth says with a dopey grin. "That was one, Matty your turn," Katy says moving out from between Beth's legs. Bethany is confused and I watch the girls switch positions but my Amazon isn't in an oral mood as I watch her hike one of my stepsister's legs up and start working two fingers in and out of her pussy.

Bethany is moaning a little louder and Katy puts a stop to it by moving one of her breasts to Bethany's mouth. "Just suck on it nicely, they do get sensitive you know," Katy tells her chuckling. I watch Bethany hesitate for a moment then moan and latch her mouth onto Katy's D cup breast at the nipple. Katy is mildly blissing as Bethany sucks on her first breast to my knowledge. Matty on the other hand is working Beth's pussy over with two fingers at a speed that is meant for a harder orgasm than the first.

I see Beth shift a little and Katy takes her breast out and points her new toy's face at her pussy and Mathilda's hand. Beth is open mouthed and Matty uses her free hand to squeeze a breast on Beth. Beth is shifting her body more now and both my girls are holding her down save for the one hand bringing her to orgasm. I watch Beth's body tense up and her hands grip Katy's as a second, more powerful orgasm takes her over. "That was… wow… don't know…," Beth says as they start to let her relax a little.

"Well that was two, should we go for the big one or keep the little ones coming," Katy asks Matty. "I think we need a turn," Matty says rolling onto her back. I watch as Katy instructs Bethany, guiding her head in between Matty's well muscled legs. Beth is confused for a moment but slowly takes her hand and spreads Matty's lips before gently taking a lick of my Amazon's pussy.

Long tentative licks and Matty is moaning a little when I see Katy raise Beth's hips off the bed and proceed to finger her again with two fingers while using her free hand to rub Beth's clit. Beth starts to moan a little at the invasion but Matty takes her head and puts it right back onto her pussy. "Keep using your tongue cheerleader, I wanna cum on that face," my Amazon growls.

Matty is holding Beth's head fast as she grinds her hips and pussy into her face, Katy is going steady at fingering and rubbing Beth's clit which gives me the sound of muffled moans. Katy notices that when Beth moans that Matty feels it and starts going harder causing both of them to moan.

I'm watching Matty's face as she starts up her own orgasm and Bethany, bless her effort, is doing her damndest to stay on task. I watch as she starts to do the same head shake on Matty's clit that Katy did for her. "Fuck she's learning quick," Matty says before rolling her head back and moaning loudly.

I watch as my Amazon hits her orgasm and keeps Beth's face planted in her pussy, grinding against her mouth. It sounds like Beth is crying into Matty and watch as her own body tenses up hard before Katy slows down and smirks at her dripping fingers. My cock is pointing right at me but I'm starting to get bored as my girls put Bethany on her back and as Matty puts her face in between Beth's legs but its Katy who pins her head to the bed and puts her pussy right in Beth's face.

"My turn now, start licking and I'll give you a reward," Katy tells Bethany sweetly. I can see Matty is working fingers into Beth and not wasting any time, Beth herself has her arms positioned so that she can grip Katy's hips and I see her going all out. They aren't wasting anytime now and while Beth's head is shaking and Katy is rubbing her clit and grinding her pussy down onto Beth, Matty is making sure that the sloshing sound of fingers in pussy is heard by everyone.

"Matty when she cums it's like vibrations in your pussy isn't it," Katy says moaning. "It is, she's very vocal. I can see why you wanted to play with her," Matty replies smiling and continuing her work.

I start to move to do something but both Matty and Katy shake me off and I get pointed to my spot at the head of the bed. I can honestly feel myself losing an erection due to just watching and I'm not going to do this myself. I start to get up to leave and Katy grabs my hand. "Don't leave, we're having fun," Katy says as I can see her orgasm starting. "I'm not," I reply plainly. "Not yet. Please," She says with a pleading look on her face. I move back to my spot at the babe shows ass pussy watch part on flirtsexlovecom of the bed continue being the audience.

Katy is close and with all the nice little orgasms that Beth has had she's starting to grunt deeply into Katy. I watch as Matty pulls Beth's legs up so that her pussy and ass are pointed at the ceiling, Matty only waits a moment before finger fucking Beth with three fast and with a new sense of vigor. I can hear Beth grunting in orgasm under Katy while she herself bites her lower lip and stops rubbing her clit allowing Beth to finish the job herself.

Suddenly Katy gets off of Beth's face like it was on fire and we all watch as Matty stops and pulls her hands back in time to see Beth squirt a little onto her own chest. They let her legs fall back down to the bed and I can see all three are happy and content. Beth looks worn down but after a quick clean up with a towel they help Beth to her knees on a towel on the bed and I see Katy fumbling around for something out of my view while Matty helps her.

"Have you ever had a mind altering orgasm," Matty asks as Beth is faced to me. "I think I just did," Beth replies still coming down.

"No I don't think so, when you have one the only thing you can think of is please let the other person get off so I can relax and try to comprehend what happened to me," Katy says quietly with a smile. Both of my girls are on either side of Bethany and she's lazily looking at me when they put her hands behind her back and each one holds american beautiful sexe gril with perfect body arm there. Matty and Katy nod to each other as Matty starts to rub Beth's clit slowly and I see her face become contorted in pleasure.

She's starting to grind forward in anticipation of the orgasm when I watch her eyes go wide and mouth turn into a silent scream. I'm a little stunned now and see Katy nibbling on Beth's ear. Matty is still going nice and slow but whatever else is happening it making Beth start to shake a little. "Tell him what's happening," Katy says to Beth who shakes her head and blushes more than she has been," Tell him why you are cumming so hard." "If you don't tell him you can't play with him ever again, he's been neglected and you owe it 60 plus mature french granny lesbian him," Matty says purring at Beth.

"Her finger is in… in my… my ass OH FUCK," Beth says as the admission alone starts to set her off. Both my girls keep her upright as it Beth starts to shake and moan.

Katy has her cumming from her ass for what could be the first time ever and with Matty it's a worth it sight as she shakes and moans. I am mesmerized at the sight and have gotten hard again despite the boredom that I'd been started to feel minutes earlier. As Beth's orgasm has peaked and she's coming down my girls let her relax and quietly calm her down.

"I'm so sore and tired, I can't do anymore," Beth says quietly as the aftershocks are still hitting her. "But what about Guy," Katy says and I watch as Bethany's eyes widen in shock," You got him all hard and now you're not going to give him a good fucking like you wanted to?" "I can't I can't cum anymore," Beth says starting to try to get away," Please I'm sorry but I can't." "Well then looks like Ben is about as good as you should ever have," Mathilda says a little coldly," I mean, what was it?

Two of your friends over and he doesn't even bother to fuck you first, just picks the one with the bigger boobs and has her get him off?" "Then I heard he actually let the one uncensored jav big butt raw sex thick amateur didn't fuck sleep in his room while you and the first girl slept in your room," Katy says egging her on," And here's Guy waiting for you to fuck him and you're just not woman enough to even get up and fuck him." "Its fine girl's really, Bethany isn't used to real sex like you are.

I mean I barely played with her last summer and got her off easily, if she was really interested in sex with me she'd be ass first on me right now," I say still sitting up with my back against the headboard. Bethany is struggling to get up to me, she's really out of it and shaky as I watch her turn around and crawl milf face burried in wet teenage pussy onto my hips.

I start to line myself up with Beth's pussy; I can see her cringe a little and move it up playfully to her ass. It's unyielding and I see Katy come around with a hand and strokes me hard for and I feel a warm tingle, she covered me with lube the little devil girl. I put the head of my cock against Bethany's asshole again and slowly she starts backing into it gritting her teeth as the head slowly pops inside. I hear a low groan and I don't force her but I marvel as Beth slowly backs up pushing more of my cock in her ass.

"God you're so tight," I tell Bethany as she gets six inches in. I watch her arms start to shake from holding her body up; she's been through a lot in the past twenty minutes. I tap her sides a little and start to pull her backwards till she's upright and I'm supporting her.

I help her move a little in short bouncing thrusts downward and Beth is whimpering the whole time. I start to move my hips against the bouncing I'm having her do and she's taking it as well as can be expected as I hear her. "I can't go any more, please hurry," Bethany moans lightly pained.

"Hurry and what," I ask toying with her. "And finish," Bethany groans as I slow down. "Finish what, like a project? Or a sentence," I say continuing my game. "Please fucking cum," Bethany groans loudly. I pull my knees under me and set Beth down on her own for balance, I takes me a second to lock my arms under her elbows keeping her upper body off the bed. I push my hips forward and bury myself to the hilt in Beth's ass.

I take a few short thrusts getting myself good and ready. "Where am I gonna cum," I ask playfully. "Please stop playing with me and hurry, I can't cum anymore," Bethany moans causing me to smirk. I am done with games and start to hammer half my cock into Beth's ass.

It's tight and if it wasn't for warm lube I'd be stuck at the gates but now I'm taking cheerleader ass in rapid form and after all my waiting I'm finally starting to have some fun. Bethany is thrashing her head around and grunting hard as I pound her tight ass. I can feel my orgasm start to build and look up to see Matty and Katy with a towel and washcloth ready. I'm cumming fast and wrap my arms all the way around Bethany's body keeping her from falling away. My orgasms hits and I'm grunting as my seed works its way out of me and into her.

Beth almost sounds like she's crying out in pain but I keep hold of her till my orgasm subsides. Katy and Matty take Beth from me and start cleaning her up and helping her relax. "You did so good, I told you it would feel like nothing else," Katy says to Beth cuddling with her.

Beth is somewhat coherent but calming down as Matty moves up and we cuddle each other. The rest of my day is good, Imelda and her family are grateful that I was nice enough to be around Marta and not kill her. Imelda kept the truth to herself but I'm in Latina love mode for the rest of the night as apparently she's laid claim. The next few days the girls and I have finished the tattoos and I love the look on each of them.

Katy's Tigers are a belt all the way around her hips in a circle and she's been showing it off with hip hugging pants. Mathilda's on the other hand is done with the tiger's going two by two up her back; I make a note to be gentle with the hugs. Kori however decided to go all out in my opinion; her tigers are split up with three on one side and three on the other at her ribs with the purple and the orange right next to each breast.

Rachael is still upset about not getting a tattoo and the girls are still making her feel at better by showing her where she is on their own tattoos. It's a Wednesday afternoon and I'm riding Black Sunshine just taking the time out for me and relaxation. I need to settle up with Marta soon, it's nagging at me that I'm such a good wonderful guy but she decides to fuck my life up and now I'm a saint according to her and Imelda's mothers.

A buzzing on my phone has me tap my Bluetooth; Loretta got me one so I can keep in contact while I'm out. "You've called me," I greet whoever is on my line. "Guy its Escalante, Detective Escalante," I hear my cop friend say.

"Hi Detective, let me guess it's time for me to help you out. I can do laundry and windows but I won't babysit," I tell her making a joke.

"Very funny, come by the diner and we'll get some food," She tells me before hanging up. Getting there is easy enough and I get directed to her booth in the back, she's in a blue pantsuit with a cream top.

I smile and sit down pulling my hood back and picking up my menu. "Okay so here's what I need," Detective Escalante says taking out a few pictures. "We only just ordered, I have to see this now," I ask being playful. "Yes, this is Carlton Mallard. Dumb drug addict and part time dealer, likes speed a lot. Carlton got himself in trouble holding and said that he had information about a murder.

Now I can't discuss who he implicated, it's nobody you'd know, but shortly after giving up the basics he went into hiding and found a lawyer," She tells me explaining her situation. "Okay so you need me to find him, look how long it took me to find Jackie and you had to help," I say not really enjoying the favor at this point. "No we have him but again he has a lawyer and anything he says now is inadmissible. He couldn't find a lawyer to save his ass from a parking ticket and now he's got one that is keeping him out of police protection," the Detective explains leading me.

"So you want me to do something about a lawyer? I'm not sure what you need me to do," I say putting the pictures down and addressing my Detective friend plainly. "What I need is for Mr. Mallard to become very afraid of the outside world. I need someone to scare him right up to my desk and have him beg me for every bit of protection he thinks he needs. You're good at scaring people now I am hoping you can do it for the right reasons," Detective Escalante tells me as I keep one of the pictures.

"You seem to think that I scare people for the wrong reasons, how's Dickey by the way," I ask changing the subject. "Just got out of traffic and he's my new first officer on the scene.

Big with the sucking up and even bigger actually treating me like a cop and not a piece of meat," She says with a smile. "Well I'll be looking into Carl soon, just promise me that you'll actually back off this time and let me help? None of this tracking my movements spy craft," I ask her remembering last year. "I promise, this is between you and I. Once he's delivered I won't see you till he's locked up but after that I'm thinking about seeing if you're still as good as I remember," Nancy Escalante says with a smirk.

"Nancy, you know I'm not good. I'm a very bad person who does bad things to bad people so that good people can sleep at night," reply smiling as our meals arrive.

Scare a grown man and drug addict into police custody. I have not a fucking clue how I'm going to pull this shit off but something tells me it's going to be a full court press and team effort on my part just bringing it in. New game to play for my crew and I. Part 10 Getting handed a name and a picture is one thing; finding out everything I can on someone is a job for a team. Thank god that I have people to help with this nonsense. I left Escalante at the diner after our meal and went home with some serious speed.

I'm in the door not two seconds and Natsuko sees me moving with a purpose and has me put on the brakes. "Boss you got that look again," She says as I start to cross the foyer to the stairs. "I got a job," I tell her striding with purpose till she grabs me by the arm stopping me. "We have a job, WE not you. Now go wait in the dining room and I'll rally the troops," Natty tells me before bounding up the stairs.

I get to the dining room door and hear Natsuko screeching from upstairs something to the effect of 'All hands on deck' and 'report to the dining room'. I don't know who all is home but my girls are the first ones in and followed by Jun, Devin and Masha. Lilly is at Mr. Delauter's work being a good little bee. And he turned the card back on which is good because I'm going to need some bank roll for this little adventure. Mark and Vicki show up from out back and in walks Jackie who gets a big hug from me as I break leadership mentality.

I kiss all my girls too while I'm at it and resume my spot standing at the head of everyone. No Ben, I really need him here to step up and be a part but with no Bethany here I'm guessing that he's out having fun. All eyes are on me and I'm feeling like my old self more than I'd like to admit right now, it shows in the smile on my face. "I'm glad my people are here for this. Mark, Vicki, and Jackie as much as I'd like to bring you guys in I dirty minded cops are banging hard with a black criminal I say getting a put off look from all three," I know you're good people to have but this is going to be a bit more than I'm used to and I don't want anyone involved that doesn't need to be." "And fuck you Guy.

We're helping with whatever it is," Vicki says trying to shut me down. "Guy who are we helping," Jackie asks bringing the tone down to a civil one.

"The same person who gave me a lead on you," I tell Jackie getting surprised look," And if you want in you do what I say." "Yeah newbies, this is the Guy show and when he puts shit down you do it," Natsuko says shadowing me. "This isn't a joke, this is his world now and either get with it or walk away because you don't do what he says when he says it and you are part of the problem," Jun adds pulling out his laptop," by the way Guy thank your step dad for the excellent wifi in here." "To the topic, Carlton Mallard," I say holding up the one picture with a look of his face and bio on the back," Male, Caucasian, age 36, height is 5'9" weighs in at a whopping 135 pounds soaking wet and carrying a cinderblock.

This guy is a speed freak and not in the way that my lovely Latina is." I hand the picture to Jun who starts his magic, I watch him read the back of the picture for a second and he pauses before giving me a sideways glance.

"This is from a police file," Jun says getting everyone to look at me funny. "Yes it is, Detective Escalante helped me find Jackie and now she wants him scared. And I mean so fucking scared that he will beg her to bury him in a hole where nobody can find him. I have an idea but I need a lot of information and that means we bring out the big guns, Imelda I need Carlos and Hector.

The two of them and their boys can find him faster than anyone I know," I tell her as she pulls out her phone and makes the call. "Okay so they find him, what about the rest of us," Kori says expectantly.

"Once they find him they're going to stay back and get us some timetables and names. I want his dealers, junkie buddies, working women who will actually fuck him, I'm talking I want his life in front of me so that when we come calling he will think God himself has come down on him," I say with a level of finality. "Okay but if Imelda's family is finding him what are the rest of us doing," Kori asks again smirking," And it's really hot when you get like this." "My girls are on eyes, ears and logistics with Jun.

You will find me his weak spots and patterns," I tell them getting a nod," I know it's not very glamorous but I want hitters in the room with me when this goes down, speed freak means unpredictable and I'm not putting anyone in the line of fire that can't shatter a bone if needs be." "So who is going to be in the room with you when you pull this off," Katy asks with a tone telling me she doesn't like being out of the action.

"Devin and Masha," I say getting a wide eyed look from both of them. "What? Why us," Masha asks confused. "Because there are things that we can do that are more frightening than anyone gives us credit for," I tell her in angry sounding Russian. "How is speaking Russian frightening? My home language is a pleasant language that causes people to have respect and awe," Masha says back in heated Russian.

I snicker and point out the faces in the room, everyone is looking between us like we're about to have a fight save for Devin who is barely keeping up with our conversation. She looks around and sees it too and starts chuckling. "Let me help my boyfriend with his language while you get more of this leg work done," Masha says bringing our conversation back to English. "Fair enough but I think I made my point on why I want Masha and Devin in the room.

That doesn't mean we won't have back up, plan B is much simpler," I say getting an interested look from everyone. "And what is plan B," Rachael asks concerned. "My girls dress like hookers and beat him within an inch of his life so that the hospital will turn him over to the police," I say getting a big grin from my girls, even Rachael. We continue some of the basic logistics and I decide that since it's late afternoon I'm going to relax with my girls who are all for me being right where they can get to me.

I'm laying in our room for a bit when I hear Ben's voice down the hall followed by Bethany's. Sounds like a small argument but I need to talk to him anyway as I head out into the hallway. "I'm not in the mood okay," Bethany says annoyed at Ben.

"Why what happened to 'anytime you want big boy'," Ben asks upset. "I have had a lot of playtime and now I need a break and so do you," Bethany says before seeing me come up to them. My presence has the effect that I never thought it could, Ben sees me, and Bethany sees me. Ben looks between Bethany and I and it's like a lightning bolt hits Ben. His face goes from annoyed to pissed off in about seven seconds. "You fucked her," Ben growls at me like I did something wrong.

"Excuse me but that should matter why," I say giving him back his level of contempt. "Because I was sleeping with her," Ben says turning towards me. "Ben maybe you need to stand down right now," I warn him as people are starting to come out of their rooms. "Or what? I'm tired of playing second lead or whatever I'd be to you.

Every time I get something you just have to come in and get the last word in," Ben spits in a low tone. "Maybe if you treated the women you're with like a woman and not like a fuck toy she'd be more compliant to help you," I tell him keeping my calm," And did you ever think she might actually be tired of sex for a bit? I mean my girls and I did kinda break her." Ben is ready to swing and I'm ready to apologize to Liz for beating him like a fucking drum as he's fuming.

It's Kori who decides to put us in our neutral corners and Bethany tries to talk to Ben about what happened with her and me a few days earlier. "Guy you were going to hurt him," Katy says walking me away. "If he swung it'd be very interesting," I tell her as we get back into our bedroom. I sit down on the couch and get a Rachael shaped ball of cuddle attacking me and resting her head in my lap. I wait a few minutes and figure out that this isn't solving anything and head back out to the hallway as Bethany leaves to head to her room.

Ben is alone in the hall and I shoo my girls away so we can have guy talk. "Sorry man, you make it a difficult act to follow," Ben says quietly. "Not used to male jealously that doesn't end with death," I reply getting a head nod.

"I was with Kori, now you are. I was having fun with Bethany down here and she still comes by and has sex with you and your girls. How is anyone supposed to measure up to that," Ben asks sounding depressed. "Maybe you weren't supposed to compete with me over who could do who better because I don't play games like that.

I'm still waiting for you to do the right thing, we've been here over a month and I know you've called Elizabeth and talked with her but then you turn around and sleep with another girl.

How am I supposed to take you as a serious member of this crew when you are alienating everyone here by your actions," I tell him calming my tone to a sincere one," Tell Liz, stop cheating on her and beg for forgiveness." Ben thinks on my words for a second and nods in agreement.

I'd like to think I was getting through to him but until he's confessing to Liz I'm not sold on it. "You're right man, I was having fun then I got jealous and stupid," Ben says before changing the subject," What is the big plan going on?" "Returning a favor for the help I got finding my friend Jackie," I tell him folding my arms and leaning against the rail. "Anything you need me for," Ben asks like he's trying to get in my good graces. "Not unless you are ready to get some work done with the rest of the team," I tell him trying to bring him around.

"Work actually sounds good, need me doing my eyes and ears bit," Ben asks trying to get down his job detail. "We will once I have some hard intelligence as for people to watch and where to watch them," I tell him getting another nod. After my talk with Ben it's another couple of days puts us at Sunday and everyone in the house is relaxing and playing around when I get a call on my phone from a number I don't recognize. It has me wondering as I answer it.

"You've called me now identify yourself," I say sounding official into the phone. "Ummm Hi, this is Amanda. I got this number a few weeks ago at a park bathroom," I hear the female voice on the other end say clarifying. "I don't know any Amanda and my number isn't on a park bathroom wall," I tell her remembering who she is and smiling. "What, but I got this number from you&hellip. Savannah, I'm Savannah," I hear her blurt out over the phone.

"Savannah, good to hear from you again, how's the dating site boyfriend," I ask changing from authoritative to friendly. "It's going okay, I'm doing what you recommended and calling you now, we're going out on the big date tonight and I'm fairly certain that I'm going to need you afterwards, can you come by my place around nine or so," Amanda/Savannah asks with a little nervousness in her voice.

"I'll free myself up so I can be there if you need me," I tell her smirking. "Okay just don't get there too early. See you tonight," She says hanging up the phone. I end the call and think about tonight, I have a grown woman chasing me for some real sex. Kind of makes me worry about the poor guy she's been dating on that site. I met her almost a month or so ago and now she's letting him get to her 'cash and prizes'.

I get her address in a text message and my thoughts are happy ones until I replay my conversation with Savannah/Amanda in my head. She was very specific about me not getting there too early but why. This starts to bother me but I keep it in my head as I explain to my girls that I'll be out for a while.

I make the decision to leave and show up at her place early to get a lay of the land. I arrive at Savannah's place on Black Sunshine at about quarter to eight and park a bit away from her house.

She lives in a pretty nice neighborhood, lots of houses and I can see people starting to wind down their summer day and some turn it into a summer night with the family as I walk down with my hood up, I don't really go anywhere anymore without my jacket.

Even in the heat it's my best armor for just about anything I've had to deal with and with my patches I get left alone quite a bit by some of the 'less law abiding' citizens.

I'm chilling out in an alleyway right across from her house and see nobody is home. It's decent but she needs someone to come do her yard up properly, I hide Black Sunshine in the alley and keep a watch on the front. I'm waiting for maybe twenty minutes when a car pulls up and I see Savannah get out with her date. He's about 5'7", a bit heavy set and sedentary by the look of his gut bulge in the halfway decent suit he's wearing.

Male pattern baldness and his glasses make me feel kind of bad for the guy as they head inside her place. I thought I told her to take him back to his place but it's no matter as I continue to wait out the evening's festivities. Boredom ensues and I decide to get a closer look and listen as I move across the street and sneak around the house. I can hear them through what I believe is their bedroom window.

Not a lot of talking or sounds save for what sounds like him breathing heavy and a bed squeaking. I don't dare peek in a window, staying hidden is my biggest priority as I listen in. "Honey I'm gonna cum, are you there yet," I hear the guy say to Amanda, she's Amanda for him. "I'm there Brian, go ahead," I hear Amanda reply with what sounds like a familiar disappointment in her voice. More frenzied grunting from 'Brian' and a loud groan end the fun and festivities for the couple.

I hold my position as the conversation picks up. "So no kids tonight," I hear Brian ask hopefully," Or are they coming back later?" "Brian I just wanted to see if there was still a spark for us and there is but I'm not sure I'm ready to have you move back in," I hear Amanda say trying to sound sad I think.

"But things have been going so well, I mean we're working out together, we're dating and I didn't even pressure you for tonight which was amazing. I was just hoping to move back in so we could get our family back to being a family again," I hear Brian say with a sad and hopeful tone. "Brian it was nice but I need time to get back into feeling like a wife again," Amanda says almost consoling him as my rage kicks in," Besides we're doing so much better now and I think we're looking at a good cougar brunette has her mouth filled with cum critical x change for the better soon." I can tell he's feeling beaten down by the whole situation and honestly I'm more offended by the situation than he is.

Fucking cunt lies to me about her relationship and she has kids, now she's fucking her husband in their bed and sending him to some apartment away from his kids. I march with no subtlety to the front door and just wait with my hood up and a menacing look on my face. It doesn't take long but as soon as the door opens I am face to face with Brian who goes from a little depressed to confused and afraid.

"Brian you are going to invite me inside your home," I tell him from the depth of my hood. "Ummm who are you," Brian stammers afraid. "What did I tell you Brian," I ask him with menace in my voice. "Ummm come in sir," Brian tells me backing away slowly.

I get inside and look around as Brian slowly finds the couch with his hand and holds it like I'm going to drag him out by his clothes. I can hear the sounds of Amanda in the back of the house and slowly take a look around. Pictures of family line a few walls, decent furnishings in the living room.

I point for Brian to sit as I hear a shower kick on in the back. "Brian you don't know me but I feel sorry for you," I tell him keeping my face in my hood," She took your balls and she kicked you out of your own home because you were never told how to deal with a woman who is manipulating you." "She's not manipulating me.

She said she felt the spark go out of our marriage and that the kids were suffering for it. She had me move out and we've been working at getting back together like we were when we were first dating. It's been six months now and she says we're making good progress," Brian tells me with a naïve hope.

"Okay but what do you think," I ask quietly," All you're telling me is what she says, what do you say?" "Who are you and why are you at my house," Brian asks confused. "I'm the guy who your wife called to come over and fuck her after she got done with you," I say with a cold firmness.

"She called you here&hellip. for sex&hellip.," I can tell Brian's brain and heart is breaking at the thought. I grab Brian by the collar and stand him up forcefully, he's scared and confused. I shake him to get his blood pumping and he starts to push me off of him. "Good, now look at me," I growl," Are you going to let this bitch fuck around on you? In your home? In your bed?" "No, I'm gonna kill her," Brian says and starts to head to the bathroom as I grab him and pull him back to me.

"No you are not, you love her. I know you do now you let her know that you are still a man and you will take back what is yours," I tell him fishing around in my pockets for a bit and pull out the blue pills in my coat.

"I don't do drugs," Brian says a little confused but more focused. "And if these were something other than Viagra I wouldn't have it but in your case you need one," I say handing him a couple," Take one and listen to my instructions very carefully." I go down a list of things to do and Brian is confused but I keep his adrenaline up with a pep talk about reclaiming his 'castle' and reminding his 'queen' that the 'king' rules the land.

He's psyched up and I turn him loose as I hear him go down the hall to the bathroom and enter. "Brian is that you," I asian sweetie has fun with a dick Amanda ask confused. I don't hear a reply as I lurk outside the door. I hear what sounds like a weird struggle and then the moaning starts.

Mostly Amanda's as I figure he's following my instructions about being aggressive with her. The shower stops and I hide again as I see a naked form quickly move down the hall and a wider one go after it. "Brian what has gotten into you," I hear Amanda say listen in from the living room.

"Amanda get on the bed I'm going to fuck you till you can't walk straight. Then you can explain to the kids that I'm moving back in and if I ever even think you're going to cheat on me I'll just fuck you silly," Brian says with a new authority.

I can hear him start going at her again and this time she's a bit more vocal, especially when I figure he put it up her ass and she started screaming. I take my cue and exit the house locking the door behind me and walk across the street to my bike. I hope Brian sticks with it because Amanda was ready to cheat on his ass with me and keep me in the dark about ruining his marriage. Yeah I could have fucked her and maybe enjoyed it but then I'd be ruining a family or at least a man's life and he doesn't deserve that.

I hop back on Black Sunshine and head towards home feeling better about myself as a whole. I get in half past nine and it's a quiet house as I walk in and see Natsuko sitting alone in the TV room relaxing. I head in and close the door after me before sitting on the couch with her; she gives me a quick smile and resumes watching her show.

"Back early, she must have been easy to please," She says chuckling. "She was married. She was having me fuck her after she fucked her husband to fulfill some dream of being a cheating wife or something. Now she's getting it from him while he's got Viagra running through his system," I explain as my sidekick gives me a 'what the fuck' look.

"She's a bitch, and you set him straight though so you're still a better guy than most," She tells me as we turn our attention to the show. I'm not one for foreign TV but watching guys get hit in the nuts on a game show is hilarious.

We're relaxing for a couple hours and it's really late when I'm not watching the show as much and watching Natsuko a lot. She's got her hair down around her ears and not quite punked out but the black tank top and with no bra and cut off sweat pants that are a bit too big for her little frame. I pull my coat off and set it on the chair next to me as she continues to watch her show.

I am being quiet as I kick my boots off but I'm still staring at Natsuko as she yawns like she's tired, that yawn gives me an idea. I get up from couch and grab a blanket before coming back and pulling it over my body. It takes a moment but I watch as Natsuko absently grabs the opposite end of the blanket and tries to pull it over herself only to find there isn't enough.

"Can I have some blanket," She asks with a little pouting. "I'm over here and you're all the way over there," I point out 'focusing' on the show. It takes Natsuko a second to crawl up and instead of coming over to me she pulls me lightly to her side of the couch and leans against the side pulling blanket over the both of us as we sit next hip to hip. We're both looking at the TV but I'm still very aware of Natsuko and as she shifts her weight I put my arm around her shoulders and let her cuddle in close to me.

It's not long before I'm rubbing her back slowly and she is cuddling against me when she pulls up the remote and shuts the TV off. "You're distracting me from the shows," Natty tells me quietly. "Sorry let me help for a second," I tell her getting up. I can tell she's confused but it took me a while to learn all the tricks in the house.

Like when you can cut the lights from the same switch set as the decorative fireplace can turn on from.

I turn back to her and for once Natsuko is a little nervous as I pull off my t shirt followed by my jeans. I move back to the couch and she moves to put her feet on the couch giving me access to pull her shorts off her little hips. Natty pulls her tank top off and we throw them to the floor as I pull my boxer briefs off and Natsuko starts to try to give me a blowjob but I stop her with a gentle hand on her shoulder. "You don't want me to," She asks quietly confused.

"I don't need it actually, and it's kinda off the mood for what I'm looking to do today," I tell her laying her back. I get the blanket pulled up over my back and lay down over Natsuko who looks ready but confused as I prop my body over her own by my elbows.

I'm not at her entrance but it wouldn't take much to get there if I needed to and but this is about something else for me. Natsuko starts trailing her hands up my sides and back gently going over my muscles as I relax and lower myself gently leaning my head down to kiss her. Natsuko and I've kissed before but I'm making this different, I'm not playful or super rough and shoving my tongue in her mouth.

This is soft open mouthed and slow. I take my time and at first she's confused and only slowly she starts to kiss me back in the same way. We're taking each other in and I feel her legs separate wider around me to encompass my hips and while I'm still not rushing I'm being guided to a specific point. I'm at the entrance and while the kiss continues to heat up my hips shake a little from hanging back and letting us enjoy ourselves.

A little shifting from both of us to get more comfortable and I feel Natsuko's tongue playfully tease my mouth and search for my own. I press my advantage and deepen the kiss as my head pushes inside her tight warm folds.

I moan into her mouth at the tightness she grips me with as she replies in kind with a moan of her own as I press deeper. I get myself buried but instead of back up I grind our hips together. Natsuko's teeth bite into my lip lightly but I keep moving myself around inside her without thrusting back and forth which just fuels her maddening kiss. "Guy please can we go harder or something," Natty asks in between kisses. "I'm done hurting you," I say with a softness that causes her to pause. I feel Natsuko's hips shift to take more of me in and we keep pressing against each other in a grinding pace that as me feeling as the walls inside her shift around me.

It feels like she's trying to milk me and I have to keep my head lowered to keep kissing her. Her legs go around mine and her arms wrap around my back as her little fingers grip me to make sure I don't run away. We're not frenzied but Natsuko is getting more intense and she's barely keeping out soft grinding from becoming a hard fuck fest and my own hips are betraying me as I'm trying to keep from doing the same on my end. I feel my Asian sidekick clamp down and she is the one to break our kiss as I hear her start to squeak lightly as she locks her whole body down keeping me from moving.

"Oh shit," is the last words I can say as I feel my own teacher makes rough love his sexy skinny latina student come out of nowhere on me. My orgasm hits with the force that makes me nearly shove Natsuko's hips through the couch cushion as I fill her full of my seed.

I'm shaking a little during my orgasm and Natsuko calms me by pulling my face to hers and kissing me softly again. It's a lot less bold than before but still sweet and tender. I'm spent but still inside her and he body is relaxed save for her warm folds which don't seem to want me to leave. I quietly remove myself from her and exit the room after pulling on my pants to get a cloth from the bathroom and come back. I let her clean up a bit and we dress before we head upstairs to the bedroom.

I let her take two steps before picking her up and carry her the rest of the way. We deposit our excess clothes at the end of the bed and crawl into the girl pile to cuddle and sleep in an embrace we've never bothered to have before.

"Why do all that," Natsuko asks quietly in the dark. "I'm sorry, I never said it but I am. You have never let me down and I never gave you the chance," I tell her kissing her cheek," You teen babe seduces a guy at a picknick teen amateur teen cumshots swallow d never be left alone like that again, you're my best friend and I care about you." "I care about you too," Natsuko says kissing me again before letting me spoon behind her and wrap her up in my arms.

Sunday comes and goes leading us through Monday and Tuesday without event till I get a call on Wednesday morning from the Old Man. Apparently Vicki and her are being moved into a new apartment and she wants me to come by to help them move. My girls are out with Loretta and most of my crew is either having fun or on the job to return the favor to Detective Escalante which allows me the time to go help a friend out. I get there on my new bike, Imelda spent some time with the girls detailing it for me and giving it a new paint job and I can honestly say it's very much me, the whole thing is off white save for the white with black outlined horse head on the front wheel guard and the words 'Pale Horse' the sides of the cover for the gas tank.

Need to remind myself to love up on her hard or something nice soon. I get pulled into the old spot and see everyone has been done and gone and head over to the address for the new spot which is closer to the tattoo shop to find a small army of bikers unloading a truck full of goods. I see the Old Man directing traffic and park my bike before greeting him. "Good to see you kid, like what you did with the bike," He says pointing out my bike. "Thanks but it's my girl's idea, where do you need me," I ask turning my attention to the move.

"Actually we don't need you to move anything we need you to get Jackie out of here for a while. We're moving in some surprise new stuff and I need her gone so we can set it up," He tells me keeping things quiet. I nod in agreement and head up tia tanaka fucked by the minion hardcore sex and cum on face the third floor apartment the girls are moving into, I'm trying to get past boxes and bikers in equal measure.

I get into the kitchen and both Vicki and Jackie see me and I get a hug from both but Jackie's lingers a bit longer. "Guy what are you doing here," Jackie asks happily confused at my presence. "You are coming with me and we are going out for a while," I tell her getting a grumpy look.

"I can't we're moving in and I'm helping unpack," Jackie tells me defiantly. "No you're pregnant with my godchild and I will carry you out of here kicking and screaming if I force me," I tell her with a smile on my face. "Go sis, I'll get the basics done and when you get back family castle pt1 colette sigma gets fisted several times tube porn can get your room settled," Vicki says as we guide her out.

I get Jackie on my new bike and she wraps her arms around me, it's unnecessary but I don't care much, as we head away from the new apartment.

We ride around for a bit when I pull into the mall parking lot and we head inside. I don't know if Steven is working but Jackie doesn't look like she cares in the slightest and if she doesn't then I don't either.

When I stop into a jewelry store Jackie does a little bit of window shopping as I start to talk to one of the attendants about a particular piece that I'm eyeing. I go over the specifications for it and get a decent quote but when I say I need it times five I get a wide eyed response followed by a skeptical look. I've been planning this for a while and Loretta helped me with the basic information I needed and even ran it past Mr.

Delauter who not only gave his approval but wanted to be home for the event before allocating more funds to me. I am fairly certain we've been doing some damage to his budget but he hasn't even bothered to pull me back into his job site for more work.

I get my adorable czech chick is tempted in the mall and pounded in pov placed and pay outright which after the card is run and approved has the worker looking like she's going to be living off commission for a month, okay it's not that expensive but it's still pretty good price. I take Jackie around a bit and we look at clothing for her in the maternity sections of a few stores and while she gets a few odd looks my protective nature has people politely keeping their shit to themselves.

We've been out for about an hour and I know I need to keep her busy longer so we swing by the food court and after getting me some teriyaki and a sandwich that looks like something Devin would make for himself for Jackie and we sit.

Apparently the Old Man is getting her into some college equivalency courses at the community college and with Vicki and Smitty playing new family with Jackie is beaming with life that I've never seen in her before.

Our happy moment is brought down by a shadow that I thought would have just walked away but it snatches Jackie by the arm, literally, and stands her up in from the chair walking her away.

"We need to talk Jackie," Steven says quietly walking her away. "Let go of me," Jackie says in a stern tone dislodging his hand from her arm. I am on my feet and the only thing avril hall gives head and banged by big boner Steven's head on his shoulders is a glance from Jackie but I'm still within a couple feet of her as Steven sees me pause.

Smug bastard thinks that I'm backing down. "See dipshit, even she says to back off now come on Jackie we're going to a clinic now and getting you set up for an abortion," Steven says trying to take her by the arm again. "Don't touch me. I'm not going anywhere with you and my child is mine. Now leave me and my friend alone you sick bastard," Jackie says starting to come back to me and the table.

"Yeah after he left you crying last year who was there to make it all better? ME! When you were embarrassed about your body who was there to make you feel like a woman? ME! Now get your ass over here and we're going to a clinic right now," Steven barks at her like he's in charge. "I don't know who you think you are but honestly I wish I would have seen this side of you a year ago so I could have moved away to visit my friend sooner and take back all the hurt I gave him.

I don't know who you think you are but you're not the man I thought I loved, you just look like him," Jackie says turning away with pity in her voice. There is a mild group of onlookers to observe the drama unfold in front of them and as I start to take Jackie back to her seat Steven makes a big mistake. I turn my head for a second and I'm lying on my side with Jackie on top of me.

I'm enraged and planning on killing him when I hear it, sobbing. Jackie is sobbing in my arms and I start to comfort her when everyone hears her declaration of intent. "You tried to kill my baby! I'm pregnant and you know that you sick bastard," Jackie exclaims as the onlookers stare in horror. And what little victory Steven thought he had is now gone in a sea of angry men and mother's.

Mall security is there in a matter of moments and I help Jackie to her seat as they detain Steven and start questioning people in the area. The real police show up shortly thereafter and ask Jackie if she wants to press charges for assault but she declines, not my idea honestly, and asks to have him taken away so that she can recover from her attack.

I watch them cuff Steven and escort him away from the area and I figure we're done here as I take her to Pale Horse and we get out of the area. When I pull up to a doctor's office Jackie taps me and lower the throttle to hear her.

"Why are we here," She asks confused. "You were worried about the baby. We need a doctor and this one is the closest I could find," I tell her as I start to get off my bike. "Guy stop and listen to me, I am fine. I'm first trimester and I'm not feeling anything wrong with my baby or in my body because I landed on you, probably the safest place I can find too," Jackie says smiling happily. "Then why the crying and screaming at the mall," I ask thoroughly confused.

"Because he was being an asshole and after shoving me I couldn't think of anything else to do or say and it just flowed out of me," Jackie says plainly but with a bit of a devilish grin," it's not easy summoning up all those tears on such a short notice, good thing I'm a girl." I just stare at the sky, I have five women running around me and I still get duped hard when the waterworks come out. It's like blackmail that never fails.

Jackie pulls me out of my feeling like a monumental assclown with a hug. "I know you could have killed him but that's a problem, my baby needs an uncle to make sure things will be okay and that's you. I don't have delusions of you being the father ever and honestly I don't want that from you. You are the best friend I've ever had and I really want you to be the godfather," Jackie says helping calm me down. I hug her back and we hop on my bike before heading out again. I'm driving around when I see something I didn't think existed anymore.

I've heard about them but I've never actually seen one, it's like Sasquatch or Loch Ness monster or even honest politicians. I park Pale Horse and as we get off Jackie is looking at me confused. "What are we doing here," she asks following me to the gate to pay. "I've never seen one of these before and I wanna play," I tell her paying with my card and stepping inside. "Its miniature golf," Jackie says exceptionally confused. "I never got to do things like mini golf, go karts, arcades and carnivals when I was a kid because there just wasn't time or money.

I get older and find out there are not places like them anymore. Now here I find a miniature golf course and we're going to play," I tell her grabbing my putter and a ball. Now I'd like to think I have some ability at sports but apparently that's been drilled out of me learning how to fight. At one point I was trying to get the ball over a rise and it ended up in the street. After playing all forty holes of miniature golf twice and spending a few hours having a laugh and getting my ass beat like a drum at it by Jackie I check and see my phone has a message on it from Vicki telling me wow look at those tits on webcam masturbate and homemade I need to bring Jackie back.

We exit the grounds and get back on my bike before taking her back to Vicki and her new apartment. Most of the bikers have left and we get up to the third floor to find Smitty, Vicki and the Old Man have pretty much finished the set up. "I said I'd help out with the set up, I'm pregnant not crippled," Jackie says a little upset. "Well we had to get you away from home so we could finish," Vicki replies putting her arm around Jackie.

I watch as she walks Jackie to one of the back bedrooms following her closely. Vicki turns on the light and I can hear Jackie gasp sexy camgirl puts a dildo in her ass she looks around her room. I get inside and see a full queen sized bed, dresser baby changing station, wall mounted TV and baby crib all set up.

It's perfect till Jackie drops to her knees. I'm on Jackie in a heartbeat and I can see she's in tears, immediately Vicki is wondering what's wrong with me. "We ran into Steven today and he shoved Jackie down, I tried to take her to the doctor but she brushed it off.

Call 9-1-1," I tell her just before getting barraged with slaps to the arms from Jackie. "I'm crying and excited because I'm happy you idiot," Jackie tells me getting a hold of herself. "Well then stop being such a great actress," I tell her getting a grumpy look from her.

The commotion gets the Old Man to call us out to the living room so that he can find out what happened today. Jackie tells him about Steven and his outburst, her words, and I can see he's weighing things as she pushes past it and focuses on the fun time and how she kicked my ass at miniature golf. The girls relax for a bit as Smitty keeps them occupied while the Old Man takes the time to walk me to my bike, it's down three flights of stairs and with his limp I can tell this is important.

"I thought you two told me that her ex wasn't someone we'd need to worry about," He tells me as we get to the hottie slut rides hard dick reverse cowgirl doggystyle and fingering of the stairs. "He was in the right place at the wrong time. Only reason he's not in the hospital is because she had me back off," I assure him as I get to my bike.

"I'm going to do some checking on this asshole but don't think we're done with this little fucker. People don't fuck with my family and sometimes I need to remind the world of that," Old Man tells me sternly," And since you are front row on this when I call you need to be ready because either he backs off or we will handle him." The look on the Old Man's face tells me exactly what he means and while I'm not opposed to the idea of Steven taking the type of trip you never come back from I'm remembering Jackie begging me not to hurt him.

I start my bike and get a pat on the back before heading towards home. Thursday morning and while we have more intel trickling in about my soon to be new best friend I'm nowhere near taking any sort of real action. Mr. Delauter double checks my purchase from yesterday while I was out with Jackie before heading out to work.

"So I am looking at what you bought yesterday and I have to ask did you spend enough," I hear him say putting me on the defensive. "I'm sorry if I went overboard with it," I say apologizing. "Okay don't do that, the whole buyer's remorse thing isn't you. And if I wasn't alright with it I wouldn't have agreed to it. I hold by my demand that I will be there to witness it," Mr.

Delauter says with a smile. As soon he gets done speaking Matty comes in looking for me, apparently we're on a Gym day and Mark is trying to get out the door quickly.

I grab Kori and get her on Pale Horse, I need to get more familiar with riding the heavier bike, and we head out with the rest of the family to the Gym. We get there and I see that we even got Abigail and Bethany to head out with us. In total it's my step siblings, Vicki, my girls and Ben. Everyone breaks up into their groups and I end up getting followed by Ben off to the contact room. "Gonna hit the heavy bag or something," I ask to Ben as he's trailing behind me. "I need to get into fighting shape and that means following you around and getting better," Ben tells me taping up his hands.

I move to the mats and wait to see if he's game enough to meet me out there which he does, and I'm seeing him square up against me and it's really been a while since we mixed it up. We spar and while he's great at evasion his blocks suck and he strikes like he is trying to end a fight in a single hit, not to mention that his take downs are shitty as all fuck.

We literally spend an hour on his ground game alone before I give him a break. "I thought I knew fighting but if this is what your dad teaches he should open a school," Ben says drinking some water.

"Not who he is, he teaches me and my girls because the dedication he demands isn't something you pay for. Personally you're good at getting out of dodge but you need more speed," I tell him moving to the speed bag. I'm only there for a few more minutes when Rachael and Kori come in and are eyeing me up as Ben and I keep working. I know they're there but I'm not moving till asked and it's only when Kori comes up to me with a big grin do I realize that I might regret saying yes.

"We need a volunteer," Kori says and I can see she's been sweating a little. "Nope, not volunteering for anything without knowing what it is first," I reply keeping my pace on the speed bag. "It's standard man policy to not agree without full knowledge of the job," Ben says looking at Kori and losing his rhythm for a second.

"Guy please, the class needs a male volunteer and there are five girls who really want to show you off," Kori says trying to pull me away from the bag. "What class Kori," I ask not moving or breaking my stride. "A yoga class," She purrs rubbing her hands on my chest. "You mean the one with Deepa," Ben says stopping his workout all together," Guy go for that." "No thanks," I reply keeping my hitting stride.

Kori is grumpy and it shows all over her face, I can see it out of the corner of my eye. She moves under my arms and slowly moves up into my face causing me to stop my rhythm with the speed bag.

I can tell she's grumpy and no isn't an answer she wants to hear today. "Guy please, we really want you to come and do this. The girls are all waiting and it took us too long to get Deepa to agree," Kori says wrapping her arms around my waist.

"Why are you making me regret saying yes even before I say it," I tell her resting my arms on her shoulders. She smiles and walks me out of the contact room and we follow Rachael to a changing closet where they hand me a top and some shorts that immediately make me start to leave but Rachael blocks my path and I get changed.

I'm immediately aware of why I hate tight hugging clothing and as soon as I'm out both Kori and Rachael's eyes get as big as saucers. "He looks really… good," Rachael says stammering. A bright yellow pair of spandex leggings with a tight bright blue spandex sleeveless t shirt, yep I'm going to kill someone for this. I get lead to a Deepa's classroom and there are at least thirty women here not counting my girls and every one of them see me enter and their eyes get wide and I hear giggling.

"Ladies I've had requests for a male partner to demonstrate some of the harder to hold positions and thankfully a few students found me a volunteer," Deepa says not breaking her stride as she instructs," Now please Guy come over here and we'll see if you are limber enough." The stretching that Deepa puts me through along with the rest of the class is simple but unfamiliar for me and I can feel a few muscles I don't use in areas that you shouldn't be using.

Basic stretching completes and I can see while everyone is listening to Deepa they're all looking at me. I can tell how tight this clothing is as most are trying to see the outline of my package. "Okay first position Guy I need you to sit with your legs separated as far apart as you can while planking your body up off the mat. Use only your hands and feet to support you," Deepa instructs.

I get into the position and once in Deepa gets into a reverse cowgirl with her legs spread wide and leaning her weight onto her hands.

Her crotch is right against mine but she doesn't flinch as she continues. "Sex can burn the same amount of calories that the average jog can, with a capable partner you can burn enough to calories to work off the fast food you and your partner had during lunch," Deepa explains keeping herself steady," This position should be held for no less than five minutes while doing repetitions." We continue to demonstrate positions and after my leg nearly cramps from some weird crab doggy style position she breaks the girls up into teams and starts to one on one instruct.

I get motioned to follow her around and pay attention. It's all very clinical and good but I feel no emotion when she has me demonstrate positions with her. Add that to the fact that the whole time I have a very good idea that everywoman in the room is staring at my crotch or giggling absently at my body in brightly colored spandex.

We spend an hour and a half repeating the positions and demonstrations when Deepa finally decides to break the class and after they all file out save for my girls and Deepa. "Thank you for volunteering to assist my class Mr.

Donnelly," Deepa says but I just grunt and start to leave. "Guy are you okay," Kori asks a little concerned. "You had your laugh, you got me to not only do a class that is honestly the worst thing for physical fitness or love making that I have ever seen but you made sure that there would be witnesses to me clad in this," I growl gesturing to the spandex," I'll be sleeping alone for the next week at least." "My class, Mr. Donnelly, is one of the few that actually helps women with not only their own physical needs but their wants as a woman," Deepa says trying to explain herself.

"It's a great fad but honestly it was a waste of my time and now I'm behind on a real workout," I tell them leaving the room. It takes me almost ten minutes to figure out that my workout clothes are with the girls and that means either going back to the classroom. I shrug and figure to just let the humiliation run its course and head back to the contact room where my bag is, I get my tape on and get on the heavy bag.

I'm imagining bones breaking, organs bursting, and just general misery for the imaginary foe. I know I'm being looked at funny and it's only when the heavy bag stops moving as much do I stop and see Katy holding it. "Walk away Katy," I tell her resuming my beating of the bag. "The clothes weren't our idea. Deepa said that you needed to dress for the class and she picked them out," Katy tells me trying to explain. "And I said walk away.

I'm not going to listen or have anything explained to me that doesn't end in an argument. I have never made it a point to embarrass you girls like this," I tell her with a cold tone.

"Guy we're sorry," Rachael tells me placing her hand on my back. "Sorry would have been what you said to her when you saw the clothing. Instead you all thought it would be a funny idea to have me displayed like a piece of meat for a bunch of desperate housewives and single moms," I say turning to see all my girls are a bit down cast at my anger.

"We did think it'd be cute but we didn't think you'd get mad," Kori says sadly. "I said no, you asked again and I said no. Then you stop me from my workout because all of you wanted to see something new," I tell them starting in but Imelda cuts me off. "Guy we're sorry, we embarrassed you and we're sorry. We'll leave you alone so you can cool off," Imelda says walking the girls out of the contact room. I love them but right now I'm not happy with them, this must be one of those conflicting emotional moments that people have.

I discover that I don't like them very much and resume beating the hell into the heavy bag. My workout only lasts for another hour and when I get the tape off I can see my clothes are in my bag along with my phone which is lit up with a message. Apparently the rest of the crew has left and they are hoping to see me back at home when I've calmed down. I shake it off and after a little more water decide to hit the steam room. I change into a towel in the locker room and take the private room in the back and try to relax.

It's barely big enough for four people and I'm all alone in the dim light as I try to cool off and calm down. The door opens as I have my eyes closed and I hear someone shuffling about but I couldn't care less who is there. It takes me a moment to figure out the door hasn't closed and I open my eyes to see Deepa standing in her yoga attire with her brown/black hair pulled back into a bun as opposed to the ponytail she had earlier.

"I have never used a male partner for demonstrations, you were a good partner for the positions and you're very fit but you don't have the mindset that one needs for Yoga," Deepa says in a firm tone. "No I don't have the mindset for the inane planking that you try to put into something that you're supposed to feel," I tell her closing my eyes again. "Could we not talk while you are so hostile," she asks trying to calm the mood. "I was standing in clothing way too tight for my liking doing some of the most ridiculous poses known to man with a woman who couldn't have been less interested in a cactus than me while on display for the humor and amusement of almost skinny schoolgirl rides a long meat pole women I didn't know," I say standing up and addressing her," You wanted to humiliate me, fine.

You didn't want me in your class, fine. Don't stand there and tell me not to be hostile when you did everything in your power to make sure it happened." I watch her face change from a passive calm to a level of flushed embarrassment. Very calmly she backs away from me and closes the door.

I'm so incensed right now that relaxing or fighting isn't going to help at all. I wait a few moments and head back to the locker room to change into my own clothes and grabbing my bag start to head out of the Gym. I'm covered in three types of sweat and wearing a leather jacket and hood in the early afternoon is going to make it four when I hear someone running to catch up to me. I turn and see Deepa in a change of clothes, its simple jeans and a light athletic jacket but for all I care it could be a burlap sack.

"Guy are you going home," she asks concerned. "Probably," I tell her keeping my answers simple. "Don't punish your girls for what happened in my class. I know you are angry but they love you and taking it out on them would not be right," Deepa says with softness that I've not yet seen.

"Someone who makes a mockery of love making and sex shouldn't tell me what to do or not to do in my relationship," I tell her hopping on Pale Horse. "You are angry yes but if you are going to take it out on someone I will gladly let you verbally abuse me as you see fit," she says moving in front of my bike," and I do not make a mockery of sex or love making.

I am showing people how to do it better than they were, if your girls were having problems then my class would be needed for them." "Whatever makes you feel better, now move out of my way," I tell her not remotely amused by more bullshit.

"Come to my home, my husband is away with my son. We can talk and you can shower there, I would like to speak with you in a more relaxed setting so that we can understand each other's point of view," Deepa asks not moving from her spot.

"So you want me to come over to your house to what, see some pictures or something," I reply with an annoyed tone. "Please, I will let you bring your bike and I simply ask that you follow me there so we can talk and you can calm down before you take out your aggression on your girls," Deepa asks again with clarification. This is me being a dumbass version 2.0 as I nod in agreement to her request.

It seems like the fastest way to get her to leave me the fuck alone. She heads over to her car, a silver four door sedan and I follow her out of the parking lot. We are on the road for maybe fifteen minutes and in a neighborhood about as well off as I live in back home when we pull into her driveway. There is another car there and my skepticism is running high as I cut the engine and hop off my bike.

I follow Deepa up to her front door and calmly follow her inside when she stops me at the front entrance to take our shoes off. I get my boots off and take a look around her house. It's mostly white, the couch is white vinyl, the carpet is white, until I get to book cases and pictures it's a mostly whit living room.

I get directed to the couch and sit down, not feeling any better about being here and I'm starting to think taking off my shoes was more to keep me from leaving immediately as opposed to preserving the carpet. "Do you like tea or coffee," Deepa asks playing good host. "I don't drink either," I say getting a puzzled look.

"I don't have soda or other commercialized beverages, I have soy milk and water," She says trying to placate me. I go for the water which really puts her in an interesting spot, she can't make me anything and now I'm in her world and I obviously don't want to be here.

She comes back with a glass for me and some tea for herself after a few minutes and sits down on another part of the L shaped couch. "First off thank you for coming over," Deepa says before I cut her off. "Yeah listen you wouldn't get the fuck out of my way when I was trying to leave, you wanted to throw yourself in front of my rage so that my girls don't get the brunt of it fine but let's drop the bullshit," I tell her setting the glass down without drinking any.

"Very well, I'm one of seven children, number five if you are interested. My father was a simple man who taught math to children cute girl with a beautiful ass drilled hard my mother was a practitioner of the Kama Sutra," Deepa starts in explaining," My parents were very much in love but if it wasn't for my father's willing nature when it came to my mother there would not have been more than one of us.

She was 'difficult' to please when it came to love. She made sure that her daughters knew what to do to help their husbands and lovers be better. I teach women at the gym many things but my hope is they can find a level of fulfillment with any man." "Great, still blonde big tits ass threesome customers wife wants the d tell me why the fuck I had to come here other than to not have me make a scene in public," I tell her coldly.

"Right, I just want you to understand that I don't look at what I'm teaching as some passionless act," Deepa says but my scoffing at her puts her on the defensive," I am trying to help you and I come to an understanding as to what happened today. I was wrong to treat you in the way I did, I was being territorial and it was not kind." "Yay you can realize that you treated me like shit and you can feel bad about it.

I circumvent the whole apology thing by doing one of two things, either I go after people who are pieces of shit or I think about my actions as much as possible before I act on them," I tell her again taking a stand. "Would a shower help you calm down," she asks trying to change the subject slightly. "I can go home and shower," I say standing up. "Please, you are not making this easy and I'm trying to be better towards you than I was earlier today.

Come use my shower and try to relax," Deepa says offering to guide me to the bathroom. "Okay this leading me to different places shit stops now, you didn't like me before and I'm pretty sure you don't like me now so just tell me why are you working so hard to make things better," I white dick loves to dip into chocolate wet pussy frustrated.

"Because your girlfriends came to me worried, they are scared that they did irreparable damage with you today and they admitted to making a mistake like this recently where it was all of them and you were on the outside of a decision. They are hoping we can talk and I can help you get past your rage at them. I'm not saying don't be hurt but I put the small spandex in their hands and told them that was what you had to wear and it was my largest class that I put you in front of, it's my fault not theirs," Deepa says standing up to me but not aggressively.

"What happens between my girls and I is not your business," I tell her with a level of finality that makes her step back from me.

"Do you believe in forgiveness," She asks quietly. "I have, sometimes it works and sometimes it leaves you open to get hurt again," I tell her honestly. "Then please use my shower, clean up and I will wash your clothes before you return home. Maybe we can talk afterwards," She says quietly walking me to her shower. I get in the bathroom and change out of my clothes quietly leaving them by the door and take charge of the shower, it's a closet shower and I assume her son uses it more than she does by the bare minimum of supplies.

I get the water on and after blasting myself with cold get it adjusted to a luke warm so I can relax. I scrub off and just rinse my body in warm water for a while with my head under the faucet.

It's warm and helping me feel clean as I try to relax in someonelses house, in someonelses bathroom. I cut the water to the shower and barely dry off to find that my clothing has been taken. Probably to be washed and my leather jacket is nowhere to be found, I wrap a towel around me and exit the bathroom. I wander through the house back towards the living room, I can hear a machine being run and I figure it's for my sweaty clothing.

I see Deepa sitting down at the couch; she's changed out of her workout clothing and into a bright yellow cotton skirt and a simple white cotton teen lesbian step sisters cooking naked in the kitchen makes me squirt slumber nipples. The whole outfit screams loving wife and mother which puts me in an odd state as I sit back in my original spot with an untouched water glass in front of me.

"Do you feel any better," She asks simply. "I'm not all sunshine and rainbows if that's what you're asking," I reply with a calm resolve.

"May I resume explaining my life to you so that you can understand my reason for teaching," She asks and a nod letting her get to her point," My husband and I have been together since high school, we didn't go to the same schools mind you but Big lun xxx of sunny met him at his graduation and we barely dated when he married me in college.

I could tell after the first year things weren't going well and I could see that he was looking around at other women and I was looking at other men so we agreed that we would open our marriage up with some rules. We never do anything around our child, it's never in front of each other and we always talk about it are the basics aside from clean and safe sex." "Okay so that explains why when you were having sex with Ben you didn't seem to worried about people seeing," I tell her getting bit of a shock out of her," We saw and honestly you could have tried to make him feel a little better about his performance but then again I don't think he noticed how badly he did with you." "He was young and eager but lacked a lot of control.

My husband was home to take care of me after I told him about it and there is no harm done but it's not a road that I'm planning to travel ever again," Deepa says plainly. "So can we skip the big flashbacks and get to why you really brought me here," I say cutting to the heart of the matter.

"I brought you here to explain where I came from and why I teach and act the way that I do, I also brought you here so that when you went home to your girlfriends you would be in a state that would allow you to listen to their apologies and forgive them," Deepa says plainly. "So having me sit around your house in a towel is what, an added bonus," I ask noting my attire. "I didn't fully think that through but if it will make you feel better I can strip down," Deepa says joking with a chuckle.

"Okay do it," I reply with no humor in my voice. I see her face take a shocked expression and when she starts to laugh it off I simply stare at her. I watch her slowly stand up and take off her top revealing a very plain bra holding it large dark D cup breasts. Next is her skirt which comes down off her hips and again very plain panties but the sheer meatiness of her hips is one to make Katy a little jealous.

Once down to her underwear she starts to sit back down but see's me staring at her expectantly. "You have a towel," she tells me with a smirk. "Okay you need a towel," I tell her standing up and pulling it off and handing it to her," Here, take mine." I don't see her shy away from my brazen display and while I'm not hard I feel my blood heading down south to get me a little more ready for what could be happening very soon. Deepa for her credit takes the towel and sets it down on the couch before reaching back and removing her bra, her breasts are as big as Katy's D cups but the nipples are huge like small saucers.

I sit down and let her stand as she removes her panties like I'm not even standing there, I can see she's trimmed but not clean shaven as she sets her clothing to the side and sits back down.

"I'm impressed, your friend was like a tree only after I pulled off my yoga pants," Deepa says casually from her spot on the other end of the L shaped couch. "You said control, I don't have any illusions about what can or can't happen and while you are an attractive woman I know how you have sex and it's really not that interesting to me," I tell her attempting to put the brakes on any plans she has.

"That's not how I have sex, that is part workout and part sex combined. I don't tell them to do that eveytime," Deepa says a little exasperated at my constant challenging of her teaching. "Okay so why make Ben do that in your class," I ask taking a less aggressive tone. "He was eager, very eager like my son is with girls.

I was hoping to show him how to hold out and bring a woman to orgasm," She says giving me the last piece of her and Ben. "Okay so if that is what you did with him then what would do with me," I ask getting a wide eyed expression for a moment. "I'd see how vigorous you could be honestly, you have control or an erectile dysfunction by the lack of reaction I'm seeing," she says with a smirk. I stand up and move in front of Deepa as she's still seated on the couch, I let her take me in her hand and with an experienced touch I feel her stroking me gently.

I reach a hand down myself and start to squeeze one of extreme public sex in the street daytime voyeur video large breasts, not as firm as Katy's are but soft and ample.

Jizz on asian milf pussy asian blowjob stands up and I can get the size of her, about 5'8" and now that I can see her she's meaty with some muscle to her. I waste no time bringing one of her breasts to my mouth and greedily suck on it, I spent ninety minutes listening to her drone on about positions but say nothing about foreplay.

I hear her moan with a little contentedness as suck on her breast and she strokes me with a little more intent. I reach my arms around her back and grip her ass with my hands start to pull her towards me but she resists sitting down and engulfing me with her mouth. I had to let her breast go as she sat down but she's got both hands on my ass as I'm making my way into her throat.

Deepa is experienced and intense as she works my whole cock over with her mouth. I grip her head and bottom myself out in her throat resting my sack against her chin, I hear her moan and feel her tongue cradling the underside of my shaft. I feel her disengage my cock from her mouth. "Can you wait till the bedroom or should I just lie back," Deepa says with a smile. I stand her up and let her lead me down the hall and to what I can guess is her bedroom, I'm watching her ass shake a little as we start down the hallway and it gets my blood pumping again.

I turn her around suddenly and back her against the wall; I'm wasting no time as I hike up one of her legs with my arm and guide my cock into her warm folds.

A light groan is all I get but Deepa wraps her arms around me and is doing as much to hold her leg up as I am. Inside Deepa is warm and her walls are gripping me with control as I start to thrust into her. I can tell why she teaches about sex now as every time I thrust into her at my steady pace she's bucking against me, I smirk at her and grab her other leg and using the wall for support proceed to fuck her as fast as I can.

Deepa is getting wet all down my cock and her arms are pulling me against her as I feel her fingers dig into my back lightly. I'm holding out for the long run with her or at least till we get to the bedroom. The pace I'm keeping is fast and with not real ability to move all she can do is take it, and she is while moaning lightly in my ear.

"Just a little more," Deepa whispers pulling my head against her. I can feel her clamp down a little but instead of trying to hold me inside she's relaxed and letting me work. I'm still giving it my all as I feel her lips in my shoulder with light kisses. I pull out and get a groan of disappointment as I lower her legs down. Deepa is smiling as she pulls me into the nearest bedroom, which ends up being her son's, I can tell by the posters of women and cars on the wall. We get to the bed and I give her enough time to crawl up the bed before I grab her hips while she's on her knees and hold her in place and start lining my cock up with her pussy again.

Deepa pulls her hair out of the bun and I can see it fall down past her shoulders and it only takes me a second to get the head against her opening and start pounding her hard and fast. I'm watching her ass giggle with every thrust; Deepa flips her head back and is moaning louder than she was in the hall. I'm getting there fast and as I'm watching her ass shake I smile at myself and grab a handful of her hair and pull back hard.

I was slamming into Deepa before but now she's trying to bounce back against me. Her son's room is filling with the sounds of us grunting, moaning and our bodies slamming together in a concert of sex.

I still have her hips in one hand with her hair in the other and feel my orgasm trickle up through my body and get thrusting like a rabbit.

I let go of Deepa's hair and she pushes me back letting me fall out of her before turning around and dropping to her knees in front of me and placing her cock head in her mouth and jerking me with her sex lessons learned from hot mom cherie deville. It doesn't take long till my orgasm hits and with all my activity today my toes are curling and gripping the carpet and I feel a rush and a little light headed I'm shooting ropes of cum in Deepa's mouth.

I don't know how much cum there was in me but I'm pretty sure as my senses come back I look down to see Deepa smiling. "Are you feeling better," Deepa asks me standing up. "I want to lie down for a kinky cam model pounded by fucking machine and relax," I tell her dragging her by the hand to her bedroom. "Why are we going to my room," She asks as I lie down on her bed and she joins me. "Because I want to lie down here and I want you to lie down here with me, also it'd be a bit weird to do it on your son's bed," I tell her as she lies next to me.

We enjoy the time relaxing on the bed and she tells me about how her husband and son are visiting his family in Florida on some rite of passage for the boy. I clarify that it means he's assparade cristal caraballo worthshiping cristals enormous ass his son's wild oats sown and she says it was important to him and she agreed which is why she's not with them. It's a few hours before my clothes are done and we get dressed, I'm feeling more relaxed and Deepa is playing dutiful host when I find my phone has a message from each of my girls asking me where I am and how I'm feeling along with apologies.

Deepa asks what I plan to do about them but I simply shrug and say my goodbye. I'm back on Pale Horse and head towards home only to arrive around dinner time.

Almost everyone is there and people are fanning out to different tables to eat, I give Loretta a hug and grab a plate for myself before heading mia khalifa and mom 32min leaving my girls to watch me from the dining room table in wonder about my mood.

We're having baked chicken and veggies which is only filling after my second portion. When I bring my dish back in I get pulled aside by Loretta who wants to talk. "So the girls pulled another one on you and from what I hear you're pretty pissed off at them," She says closing the door to the TV room behind us.

"I am a lot less upset now than I was earlier, did they tell you what they got me to do," I ask plainly. "They embarrassed you in front of a lot of strangers at the gym," She says simplifying what happened," Are you going to forgive them because they are really worried honey." "Well that's between them and me, I need to go lay down though mom.

It's been a long day and after the amount of working out I did to burn off most of my rage today," I tell her giving her a brief hug and heading out of the room and up to my bedroom. I get stripped down to my underwear and relax on the bed by myself turning on the TV. It's not too long before I see Kori poking her head in and I don't look at her directly but the rest of the girls slowly follow her in and I can tell they are nervous. I am waiting patiently, not so much to hear what they have to say but to stop them before they say it.

"Guy you were gone for a while today and we were thinking about what happened&hellip.," Kori starts in but I cut her off. "I'm not talking about it, I'm not discussing it, and I'm not even going to start yelling at anyone about it. I'm going to lay here and watch TV and hopefully fall asleep, all of you are welcome to strip down and join me and cuddle and get loved on but that's it," I say keeping my voice calm as I watch some offensively funny cartoon.

All my girls are speechless at my words but slowly they get into their pajamas and Rachael is the first to get close to me and I put an arm around her and give her a kiss on the top of her head. The rest pile onto the bed and we just relax as my girls figure out that I'm okay. It's a quiet time as we slowly fall asleep one by one. Next couple of days are good, no fighting and no major drama as we get into Saturday and the information is piling up. We have a regular dealer for Mr.

Mallard and while he doesn't have any regular female companionship we get a bead on a flop house or two that he may be using which lets me start putting people in motion. I figure I need to hit up someone who would be more inclined to have illegal dealings, I call the Old Man and find out where Sid is before assigning my tasks for today which is basically final intelligence gathering and putting my people out there with Carlos and the boys to finalize what I have planned, I'm keeping the whole thing to myself as to what I have planned but the basic bits are known by my people.

I head towards one of the bad parts of town on the freeway and sure enough part way there I'm being shadowed by a few of the Devil's Best who give me a cursory nod and guide me down to a Qwiki mart where Sid and no less than twenty of his people sitting around killing time.

I get a better greeting than I thought I would as Sid brightens a little seeing me. "Jim told me you'd be coming by kid, said you needed to speak with me about something big," Sid says as I hop off my bike. "Yeah well I need to speak with someone who knows more about a certain subject, and when you need to do something bad I figure you consult the Devil's Best," I say giving him a bit of praise.

"Sucking up ain't your style kid but you do have a point, so what is it that you need help with and is there a profit to be made," Sid asks hopefully. "No profit that I can see Sid. I'm doing this to pay someone back for a favor and it involves my friend Jackie," I tell him getting a serious look from him. "Hey if it's Jim's family then it's a priority for me, I just met the little lady and she even said I'm not such a bad guy so what can we do," Sid says pulling me away from the street and into a bit of a protected huddle of bikers.

I explain to him a bit of what I have planned and what I'm looking for, I get a laugh from a few bikers but Sid shuts them up with a look before letting me continue. I tell him about how long I'll need and even how soon I'll need what I'm asking for. I'm expecting a problem but all I get is a smile. "Kid what you're asking for is not only something we can do but I can have it for you tomorrow so you can get it going on Monday," Sid assures me with a smile.

"Thanks Sid, I really appreciate this I'll also need someone to put it in the hands of a very specific dealer with very specific instructions. Is that even possible," I ask plainly.

"Hey Fast Eddie, get your scrawny ass over here," Sid tells a very thin biker with a scraggily blonde goatee," This is Fast Eddie kid, he'll make certain what you need get's to where it has to go." "Okay but I want the dealer paid for the debt and if asked very specifically needs to be from some Russians," I tell Eddie while handing him a few hundred dollars. "I'llgetitdonekidnoproblemyouhavenothingtoworryabout," Fast Eddie blurts out at a speed that makes me do a double take. "He's always like that but don't worry about him he's reliable.

We'll handle this part of it and let you get to your half but I want a full story over drinks once it is over," Sid says patting me on the back.

We continue talking and I buy myself a snack at the Qwiki mart when I see something that puts me in a weird spot. I step out of the mart to see two white guys and a black guy following a girl down the opposite sidewalk. She's got a backpack and is looking hurried as they call after her, I check the Devil's Best and they're not remotely interested but as I get a closer look I can make out the girl, Marta.

The guys are cat calling her and finally get her cornered almost directly across from my bike and I can hear them getting after her as I pull my hood up and stalk my way up to them. All three are facing away and Marta can't see me I take the glass soda bottle and hurl it off to my left against the wall behind Marta.

Predictable as can be the three guys turn and look at the glass as I reach in past them and pull Marta out of their reach. We're almost back to my bike when they notice. "Hey fucker, we were talking to her," One of the guys calls after me. "Go sit on my bike and wait there," I tell Marta before slowly turning to face the three. "Hey boy, we were promised a good time by that bitch a while back and she cut out on us.

Now unless you want your head shoved up your ass get the bitch over here now," I can see the large white guy is the leader where as the smaller black guy and the smaller white guy are his back up.

I can hear the boots behind me and judging by the reaction on the three guy's faces more of the Devil's Best are walking in the street to back me. I smile and take a step forward. "So you paid her for a good time," I ask with a wicked tone. "N-no she just said we'd have some fun and she bailed on us," the black guy says backing up. "So if you didn't pay her for a good time then it's her word against yours. I see three supposed men squaring off against one girl, you're case isn't looking too good here.

Now I know there is a small mass of bikers behind me and that is scary in its own right but here's what you don't understand, they're not here to protect me from you," I say smiling up at the big guy. "They're not," He says getting a little more confident. "No silly, I'm here to protect you from them," I say raising my hand and the bikers hold position at Sid's order," Next time you decide to go looking for fun remember this, don't stray.

Bad things live out here, run." I watch the three haul ass down the street and while some of the bikers laugh I simply walk back up and shake Sid's hand. I get back to my bike and Marta is sitting like a good girl with her head hanging, I don't even acknowledge her as I sit in front and start my bike up before heading down the road towards her house.

It's a bit of a ride but we get there uneventfully as I pull up in front of her home, I'd hope for people to be there to take her off my hands but sadly her mother is helping around the church and I know that Carlos has his people out and about helping me.

I stop my bike and let her off before starting bringing the engine to a full roar and I'm almost pulled away when a hand on my shoulder has me pause. Marta is touching me, why the fuck is she touching me? "Can you come inside please, I don't want to be alone and I'd like to talk to you if possible," Marta asks shy but politely. "I'm sorry but fuck no," I tell her getting a sad look. "I just want to say I'm sorry," Marta begs but I'm not interested. "You want to apologize, find someone who actually wants to listen," I tell her starting up Pale Horse.

I'm down the road and on my way home before there can be a possibly heartfelt argument and witty comeback. I get in the door and find my girls are in the TV room, I march in and pull my coat off unceremoniously dropping it to the floor and crawling on the couch and cuddling up to Imelda. My girls brother fuck sister in law behind mom and dad something is up but not one is asking me what is wrong since they know it's not with them and I'm in a want to feel better mode and not a want to feel worse one.

I'm cuddled up and my Latina fire goddess is loving the extra attention as we watch some romantic comedy where everyone thinks the straight guy is gay, not amusing but they were watching it when I walked in so it's their call. It's only been an hour with me home and still early afternoon when the doorbell goes off and all of us freeze, never heard the doorbell before.

My brain starts scrambling and I pop up and motion for Imelda to get her gun as it goes off again. We're the only ones home I direct Katy and Kori to the kitchen, Matty comes out of Mark's room with a hockey stick and Rachael moves to the top of the stair case and has her phone ready to call 9-1-1.

I let the girls take up positions around the door and I lean forward to look through the eyehole, fucking Marta. She's Abigail's friend so of course she knows how to get past the gate or did I not close it?

Fuck it don't know don't care, question is do I tell the girls to stand down and if I do will they? Lot of rampaging estrogen and adrenaline as I wave the girls to stand down I motion Matty to Kori who looks confused as I pull the door wide open so all can see Marta. "Hello Guy, I was wondering if Imelda and your girls were here so I could talk to them," Marta asks politely but plainly. I shake my head in annoyance and walk away as she takes the liberty to walk inside and close the door; I can hear the growling from a few of my girls as the jackal has entered the tiger's den.

"Ummm, why the knives? And the hockey stick? And Imelda when did you get a gun," Marta asks confused. "First off it's my gun and shut up," Imelda says hotly," Secondly what the fuck are you doing here?" "Guy saved me from those boys from the party a while back, again.

I wanted to talk to him alone and actually apologize to him at my house alone and he got mad and left. I get that we'd be alone and last time I was wrong to do what I did," Marta says as Katy cuts her off.

"You do realize the more you talk the less actual words I hear and the more I keep hearing you say 'beat me so bad my uterus falls out'?

Because I don't know about the rest of the girls but I want a fucking pound of flesh," Katy says as I give her a look to back her off. "And you're right, I deserve a beating and probably worse but nobodies even given me that option to stand and take one. I just want to apologize to all of you, especially Imelda and Guy who have never been anything but nice to me. I fucked up but I want a chance, Carlos fucked up and somehow you two got past it.

I really fucked up and if you say go I'll leave but I'm asking for a chance to try and apologize for what I did to all of you," Marta says calm but twinged with a little panic. "She said beat her ass, who's first," Katy says moving in but Kori stops her.

I watch as Kori and Katy step away for a few moments and Kori is whispering to Katy who goes from pissed to grumpy but accepting. I am thankful for Kori's forgiving nature but I'm not sure that's what this is, I'm just glad it's not me in the crosshairs. "You want to speak and we women will listen, Guy you will go with Katy and she will explain while we take Marta into the TV room and let her talk," Kori say directing me up to our bedroom.

Katy is ahead of me as we get up the stairs and once I'm inside she ducks out for a second and comes back with a robe and towels from the bathroom. She grabs a few bottles of water from down stairs and then hands me some of Kori's magic blue pills.

I do not like this idea one bit as Katy stops me from leaving. "Kori says you need revenge and it's either this or we hurt her, I'm talking Kyle last year hurt. I will fuck her up but Kori is going to give her a choice but you need to be ready to bring the pain and that bad boy fear factor that I love," Katy says explaining calmly.

"I don't want her, I don't even want to touch her let alone have sex with her," I reply still not liking the idea. "I'm not saying sex; I'm saying tear the bitch up. Fuck her over hard, make her beg you to stop, spank her, hold her down and shove a dildo up her ass and gag her," Katy says getting a little too bellina and roxy pleasing the same guy on. "Okay so if she does decide to come up here and face my 'wrath' what are you all going to do," I ask angry and confused.

"We will leave, you two need to settle this between you and if she's a coward about it I will personally break her hand. The good one," Katy says with a level of finality. I watch her leave and I have to stay here. I'm confused by my being put in the corner but I did say I didn't want to hear her apology and to find someone who wanted to listen. I am kicking myself but I said it so it's all on me now.

I don't turn on the TV as I wait for the meeting of the women to adjourn, mostly I hear them talking and a couple times Katy raises her voice but one or more of the other girls calm her down every time. I must have been up here for twenty minutes when Kori enters the room and sits next to me. "She's getting ready, Big boobed blonde jumps on a rod is explaining things to her," She tells me quietly.

"I don't want this, how hard is that to understand," I explain pained. "Okay but you need to do this.

All of us girls are worried, we have to hold you at night because you start shaking and once in a while cry in your sleep. It scares us to think what will happen when that comes out in the day time.

We love you and either this puts you back in charge of your own head or we need a therapist," Kori tells me dropping a bomb that I never hitman porn hmv dalia margolis fucking anal suspected.

We sit there for a few moments when we both hear the girls coming up the stairs, both Kori and I stand. She heads to the door and I see Marta in a plain white t shirt, black yoga pants and no shoes. I swear she's not wearing a bra either but right now my mind set is getting into another zone.

I'm remembering Katy and all the times I've gone all out on her, every time I kept from doing really extreme shit because I love her.

Do I tap the well and let out a monster I've never even seen the full face of or do I play it safe. I pop my neck and Marta is glancing between Kori and me as Kori moves behind her and leans her mouth to Marta's ear. "You can walk out right now, we gave you a choice and you can walk away right now but once this door closes it doesn't open till he opens it.

Nobody will come for you, do you want to walk away," Kori asks quietly, almost inviting her to leave. "I'll stay, I deserve this," Marta says closing her eyes and summoning up her courage. "Very well, a word of advice though," Kori says as she starts to close the door and Marta turns to see her," The more you resist, the greater the damage will be." Those final words and the door closing leave me alone with one of the few people who got to me on a primal level.

Marta is staring at the door as I open a bottle of water and take a blue pill; I figure I'll need the help considering I'm nervous about being around her. I could tie her to the bed and just humiliate her but Katy would see through that and think it was weak. All the girls and probably even Imelda are going to want to see the aftermath and they expect me to burn my enemies to the sexy teen amirah adara gets fingered by masseur and make a kingdom on their ashes.

I don't know where that came from but I'm getting that my brain around what comes next and where to start when someone decides to start talking. "Guy before we begin I just want to say…," is as far as Marta gets when rush her and stop less than an inch from her face making her jump. "Do not speak; you are a liar and a thief. You lied to me and you tried to steal me. You do not fucking talk unless I want you to talk," I growl, I can almost smell her fear.

Her mouth opens to speak but she quickly shuts it and nods her head quickly. I back away and pull my shirt off then my pants and my underwear. I watch Marta start to take her top off and immediately grab her by the back of the head causing her body to stiffen. "Did I fucking tell you to strip? No I didn't if I need you to be naked I will strip you down," I growl before releasing her head. I'm stalking her, well in the sense that I'm walking around Marta as she stands frozen in her spot on the floor.

The pill is working a little bit to help me along but I'm waiting a switch in my head to flip or my rage to kick in but it's not. I'm not feeling anything but that twinge of fear and a bit of remembrance on the night she tried to rape me and take the pregnancy rights away from Kori… Yep all pissed now. I grab a fist full of hair on the back of Marta's head and walk her a few feet to the bed and face her away from me.

I let go of her head and bend down a bit behind her grabbing the tights/yoga pants in either hand and tear them a little at the seam, then place my fingers in the hole I made and rip the remaining seam around her ass. Marta yelps a little in surprise at the aggression. I bend her over with no gentleness and pull the white thong aside, it takes a moment to line my cock up with Marta's pussy but she's dry.

I little spit on my hand and I get a little lube rubbed in before pushing my cock into her. I feel Marta stiffen at the invasion, I can wait for her to adjust to me but I start pounding. No soft touching and warm caresses as I make it a point to push myself into her deeper with every thrust. Our first time she was all hot and wet, not a bit of wetness but I'm still pounding into her with a steady hard set of thrusts.

Every single time I get at the way in I can see Marta's hands clench a little as she grips the bed spread.

I know I want more than this and looking down I see the perfect target. I have a free hand and raising it up I bring it down hard right across Marta's ass cheek. I get a loud groan and she stiffens from the first one, I raise the opposite hand and slap the other cheek.

Marta is face down on the bed now and every smack I lay into her ass causes her to make a noise in pain while the whole time I'm starting to feel a stinging in my hands. I grab Marta's hair and pull her head off the bed enough to turn let her see my hand as I put it near her face. "My hand is sore, kiss it and make it better," I tell her as she greedily starts to kiss my sore red hand," With your tongue, kiss my hand thief." Marta goes all out licking my hand all across the palm and even up the fingers, it's actually very hot and starts to hit that switch in my brain that lets me know an orgasm is coming for me.

I smile as I pull my hand back and straighten up before bringing my hand down hard across her ass with a smack that starts the floodgates of her mouth. "Owwwww I'm sorry I'm sorry sorry sorry sorry," becomes Marta's mantra as I continue to fuck her now hard and going for broke.

"Shut up you lying fucking thief, SHUT UP," I growl as I can feel my blood boiling. Marta is still babbling about sorry but I'm debating about where to put my first load when I decide no place like right in front of me. I pull out suddenly for Marta and stroke my cock a few times with the head right against her ass crack and grunt out my first orgasm; it has nowhere to go so it just spurts in between her cheeks and finally stops.

I survey the damage and see torn yoga pants, red hand prints on Latina ass cheeks and a semen lined ass crack. Marta is slowly recovering from the assault but I'm back to pacing and wondering what to do next as she slumps down against the edge of the bed with tears in her eyes, funny I think I would have remembered the crying.

"What is this," I tell her wiping one up from her cheek. "I had tears because it was painful," Marta replies quietly. "Why should you cry, you chose this. You wanted me so bad and now you got me," I tell her getting a nervous nod.

She did want this, not sure she thought about it but if the girls say do it then I guess it's one of those things that needs to be done. I see her staring and notice that the pill is in effect as my hard on has yet to go down. I move her mouth towards my cock till they are staring each other in the face, so to speak. I see her get hesitant, last time she gave me a blow job I was secured to the wall of a bus.

I see her open her mouth and I watch as she starts to lean forward then stops and looks up at me fearfully. I place the head of my cock in her mouth and get all the way back till I feel her gag. The unthinkable happens and I feel teeth on my cock for a brief moment and snatch a handful of hair on her head and make her look at me. "I feel teeth again and I will slap you so hard you'll think you're still dating Romeo," I tell her with authority.

I see her gulp and get a weak nod in response as I put my cock head back into her mouth. I get back to her gag point again and she starts to gag but locks her jaw open as I press past her 'safe zones'. I get her nose touching my pelvic region as I decide this is a good spot. I slowly back up and feel the throat let me go just a little before pushing back forward and getting a gagging and sputtering noise from Marta. I can see her hands clenching and flexing a little, her eyes watering as I use only three inches of my cock and slowly take the time to gag her with my cock.

It's a wonderful sight as every time I push to the back and get to her gag spot she clenches up but doesn't dare let her jaw move as I keep working her tonsils over with my cock. It's fun but for some reason my brains screams more. "I want to feel you moan, play with yourself," I order Marta. I watch her clenching hands start to move around her pussy, Marta is franticly working both of her hands over and I can feel her start moaning a little as I take both sides of her head in my hands.

I watch as her eyes clench shut before I begin thrusting hard and deep. For a brief moment she pauses her own work and I feel her head recoil then it turns to her resuming her frantic fingering and I can feel her tongue actually working on my shaft a little.

A little moaning from her on my throat catches black babe stuffed by nasty pawn dude at the pawnshop interracial reality off guard and I shudder as I bottom myself out in the throat and release my second orgasm. I can feel her gagging and attempting to swallow and for the briefest of moments he jaw moves but no teeth on me as I hole her head in place and finish my orgasm.

I back away spent and as soon as I'm free of Marta's mouth and let go of her head she starts coughing. I move over to the small couch and sit down as I watch her hack and rub her jaw from soreness. "Did I do well," Marta asks as she catches her breath. "You were a dry fuck and had to be threatened to give me a passable blowjob," I am lying a little but she lied to me so no free rides," To make matters worse I still have a hard on." "Yes sir, how would you like me," Marta asks quietly crawling over on her knees.

"Spread and finger yourself, if I'm going to fuck a dry hole I'll do it with your ass. After a while some blood and my cum should lube that right up unless you actually have a functioning pussy when you're not trying to get pregnant," I tell her as she winces at my words. I'm looking at the side of the bed as she squats in front of me and spreads her legs open. Marta pulls her little white thong out of the way and wastes no time rubbing her clit with her free hand.

She's not playing around as she works herself over for my amusement, I close my eyes and listen to her gasping a little. "I should hear fluid or something if you are wet or do you not put anything into your pussy that won't get you pregnant," I tell her with my eyes still closed.

I can hear her change it up a bit and groan lightly as she tries something different. I am counting term young boy with mae seconds as I listen to Marta's breathing quicken and finally I'm hearing a light wet slapping noise. I open my eyes to see Marta with a finger in her pussy and working it hard and fast. I get up from my spot on the couch and take a spare towel and lay it down where I was sitting.

I stop Marta and sit her on her sore ass right where the towel was, I see her grimace a little but she spreads wide for savannah gold is an anal loving slut as I put myself in between her legs.

I slowly press my cock against her hole and feel it give way easily and continue to press till I'm bottomed out. Marta has a look of actual pleasure on her face with me inside her like this. Our bodies aren't pressed together and I am staring at a white shirt with a little bit of sweat containing two C cup breasts with hard nipples. I growl which causes Marta to come back to her senses and leans forward off the back of the couch a little, I don't want the shirt off I just want to see her breasts.

Taking the bottom of her shirt in my hands at the front I pull for a second before it tears a bit unevenly and continue the rip all the way up to the collar where I stop and simply part the curtain as it were. I start fucking Marta again but this time I'm not being as gentle as I was at the start of my session with her. Everything I do is meant to be hard; I'm on my knees pounding my cock into Marta so that my balls slap her ass. I take her by the hair and force her head to look straight at her pussy as I work.

I'm watching her breasts bounce with each impact and it helps to accentuate my work along with her grunting as I fuck her. I can honestly say that I've never fucked Katy now that I'm fucking Marta, there is nothing I want more then for every time I fuck her to cum and be done. I don't know if she's even capable of enjoying it.

I'm starring at her tits and finally decide to give them a bit of attention as I use my free hand to pinch her nipple hard. Marta lets out a high pitched whine as I continue to pinch down harder. I finally let her head go but almost marvel as she keeps it where I left it so she can see me fuck her, my now sexy empunk girl jizzed on big boobs hand goes to her other breast and I pinch that nipple hard as well. I'm pulling her towards me by her nipples and fucking her harder and faster as I feel my hips starting to get tired but my orgasm is not wasting time as I see Marta's face contort in a painful combination of wanting to orgasm and not wanting to piss me off.

I actually start to feel myself get closer and decide to see where it takes me. "Marta you are not allowed to cum with me," I tell her as I speed up my hips. "Please sir I haven't cum at all and it's so close," Marta pleads desperately looking into my eyes. "No, you don't get a choice now sit and take what little you deserve," I order her.

Marta is barely moving now save for trying to roll her hips into mine with every thrust and quietly letting tears run down her face. I cried, I begged, I pleaded and now I give her the same mercy she gave me. Pulling out at the last second I let go of Marta's nipples and with a few strokes launch my orgasm up her body, the first few hitting her in the face and the next couple working their way down her body till my orgasm is spent and my limbs sore from my work.

I back up and taking one of the towels clean myself off before moving to the bed and lying down. I don't pay attention to Marta out of some level of spite and strangely a level of guilt, she's not crying but the sniffles don't help as I roll over to my back and look at her. She's shaken and curling up a bit on the couch. I make it a point to ignore her and figure out we've only killed an hour before I decide to speak.

"My girlfriends left," I ask getting a nod," And I am supposed to call them when I'm done with you?" "Yes sir, Kori said they would be back by ten at the latest but if you wanted them back earlier then to call her," Marta says in a quiet and fearful tone. I don't make any noise to acknowledge her or even nod, I heard her but I don't have anything to say as I figure out that watching TV would be too much for me right now and try to relax. We could have spent hours sitting in my room in the quiet, sadly it's only thirty minutes but I spend the time thinking about my plans for Monday.

I can get what I need and if we get confirmation tomorrow about a couple quick deals then my plan is good to go. My hips and legs start to cramp up and I grab my open bottle of water and drink most of it.

I start stretching as I see Marta watching me curiously. "Are you okay," She asks quietly. "No I'm stiff and cramping up," I reply trying to stretch. Marta stands up and tries to take my arm and put me back on the bed.

I recoil from her and start to get pissed but for the first time she's not flinching at me. "You want to hit me then hit me, you want to fuck me more than fuck me but please just let me help you," She says letting a tear fall. "How can you help me," I ask a little angry. "I can rub your muscles and help you relax," Marta says offering me the bed again.

"Clean up first, don't leave the room," I tell her crawling onto the bed. I watch as Marta removes her damaged clothing first, putting it into a ball in the corner leaving her and just a thong.

After that she takes a bottle of water and uses some of it to wet a towel section and start wiping my cum off her face, chest and out of her ass crack.

I'm lying on my stomach as she crawls onto the bed and moves next to me on her knees. I never noticed how soft her hands were until I am lying on a bed as she starts to rub my hamstring. Marta is taking her time working her way down my legs and actually doing a very professional job of it as she gets into my calves and starts the same process again with that she did with my hamstrings.

When she finally gets to my hips and lower back its all downhill and part way through I think I fell asleep. I know I fell asleep when I wake up and see it's about seven in the evening and while light outside I start to take in my surroundings. I'm alone on the bed and after a quick assessment of the room find Marta back on the couch sitting with her legs up to her chest quietly waiting for whatever may happen next.

I roll over and sit up catching her attention. "Did you rest well," She asks nervously. "A bit yes, what are you doing," I reply with a question. "I'm doing nothing sir, I am nothing. I did nothing good to you when you were good to me and I made it a point to hurt you," Marta says with calm and painful clarity in her voice.

"Why come up here and pick me out of the options, the girls would have forgiven you regardless of your choice as long as you didn't back out," I ask her moving to the edge of the bed. "Because I had to think about Imelda, she'd hate herself for hurting me regardless. After they told me that you were having nightmares since I tried to steal you I felt that you should be allowed do what you need to," Marta tells me with a cold sad tone.

"Marta that is all done now," I tell her honestly feeling like I can't do anymore to her without feeling like a shit bag. "No you're still hard," She tells me drawing attention to my crotch.

Not surprisingly she is right, I'm a bit hard and for some reason this feels more natural than what I was doing earlier with her. I don't know why I can't seem to bring my full rage against women and the only reason I figure I can't on that is because my girls will handle that for me. I crawl back onto the bed and sit for a moment as Marta continues her vigil alone on the couch.

I clear my throat and she looks at me waiting for her next command, when I pat the bed next to me I see her cringe a little before moving next to me on the bed. We're both facing the same way on the bed as I have to use my hands to lay her down face up as I crawl over her.

Submissively she turns her head away from my face and separates her legs as I move in between them and line myself up with her warm pussy. I can tell she's bracing herself for me but I'm in a much different mindset right now. "Marta look at me please," I ask and watch as she slowly complies," I need some more tonight if you're ready." "I'm here to be used till you are done," Marta says with no passion in her voice. "Alright, do you even want to be forgiven anymore," I ask her quietly. "Yes," she tells me quietly but her calm is wavering.

"Relax and close your eyes," I tell her. Marta is confused for a moment but closes her eyes never the less and waits for whatever I may do next. I lean down and slowly kiss her on the lips very lightly and soft. I feel Marta stiffen for a moment but keep the softness and pressure on as she warms up and our lips part to meet each other.

Our kiss goes from lips to a full body wrap up with her arms pulling me close and her legs giving me more space as I push forward and enter her softly. Both of us inhale sharply at the new sensation of me being inside her and slowly we start rocking our bodies together, grinding our hips together.

I didn't take any time to feel Marta before but now I can honestly say she's as warm as Kori but not quite as soft. There babes big ass f70 tube porn no tight grip either, just a warm wrap around my member as we grind ourselves together with no intent on stopping till I get what I want. Marta is the first to break our kiss and I move my mouth from her's to her neck and take the time to kiss and nibble. It's a wonderfully slow process but Marta is responsive with her moans as we fully connect and whimpering a little as we pull back slightly.

Her hands aren't roaming all over me in the slightest, instead they are firmly gripping my back and making sure I don't stop or leave. I put my own arms under her back and make it to where every time I push forward I pull her deeper into me.

Our rolling hips and grinding is having an interesting effect on me as I was hoping to just give her a nice orgasm but somehow I'm starting to feel it myself as she starts to pick up the pace.

"Please cum," Marta begs making eye contact again. "I will need to pull out," I tell her slowing a little. "I'm safe; I've been taking pills for the last month. I will eat a whole bottle of the morning after pill every day.

Please just let me feel you cum, I want to make you feel good for once," Marta pleads desperately. I don't know why but a woman begging me to cum is a near game ender for me, it's like the best form of winning you could ever have.

We're bucking our hips together and I feel like I'm going to explode when Marta's body locks up for a moment and her lips find mine again as I feel her start to milk my member with her warm folds. It takes me less than a second before I'm groaning and dumping what I presume will be my last load of the day but it feels like the best one so far as my body stiffens and I can feel my head rush take over my senses.

We hold each other for what could be hours but ends up being minutes before I pull out of Marta and she immediately moves off the bed to clean up. I barely noticed that her panties had been off as we're now both naked. I'm finally done and invite her back onto the bed where she moves up to me and cuddles next to my chest. We lie there and talk for what turns out to be hours as I hear a knocking on the door that tells me the time is up and the girls are home.

I can hear them knocking but its Marta who gets up and puts on the robe to get the door for me. Her opening the door is something that has Katy in a bad mood and I watch as the rest of the girls file in and the lights come on so that I can see some angry and expectant faces looking between us. I sit up and wait as Marta seems to take the attention.

"You still owe me a beating I know that. I'm a thief and tried to take something that wasn't ever going to be mine. I didn't understand what you all were to each other until tonight but after all the abuse Guy put me through I finally got to have a glimpse of why you all work together," Marta says calmly trying to explain.

"You understand but you will never be one of us, I've seen it," Kori says a bit harsh but Marta doesn't flinch. "I finally got to understand why that is tonight. He gave me a mercy that I never even thought I'd ever get.

Yes he was rough with me and I felt humiliated for hours but when I had nothing left he gave me his forgiveness and let me feel like I had value again. I can say that I didn't deserve it but he did it anyway," Marta tells her ready for her beating. Katy is the first one to move and it's a softer move that I see as she doesn't strike Marta at all but instead pulls her face so that they are looking eye to eye.

"You will never give me reason to hurt Imelda by beating your ass like a fucking drum," Katy asks plainly.

"I won't but can I stay here tonight," Marta asks as the girls look at me. I nod and all my girls plus Natsuko get into bed clothes and find some for Marta as I get some bed shorts on and we all curl up. Strangely Marta doesn't move to cuddle me but instead wraps an arm around Katy and starts to whisper to her with their backs to me. I watch Katy reach a hand back and squeeze Marta's ass a little getting a groan.

The rest of my girls start to pair up but it's Kori who moves to one side of me and Imelda on the other trapping me in the best sandwich you can ever have as we all start to try to sleep.

I have a lot to do Sunday and Monday is game time, I don't know why but I really feel good about my plan. Even without my feeling good I figure it should be fun as hell.

Part 11 Sunday morning starts off pretty well, okay it's starts pretty tense with everyone except for the my girls, Natsuko and I being the only ones not staring a hole through Marta as she joins us for breakfast. Loretta figures out things are okay and slowly so does the rest of the crew and family. I know I could explain everything to them but honestly I'm just getting my feet under me so that I can handle tomorrow.

My first message of the day is from Sid, apparently Fast Eddie did exactly what was needed and he forwards the specifics to me which get handed off to Jun who adds it to the info file.

Marta is taken home by Imelda but the rest of my people are going through the last details of this job, equipment gathering. It's mostly clothing for Devin and Masha but I need a very particular item and when I mention it to Mark he blanches at the item. "Dude, how the hell do dick riding by two excited euro gorgeous bitches hardcore and groupsex expect me to pick up something like that," he tells me confused after being pulled aside to talk about it privately.

"You wanted to help well this is helping, get Vicki and talk to her family about it. This is very important if things go south fast," I tell him explaining the importance in not so many details. The rest of my crew heads out to do eyes and ears and to physically check in with a Carlos and his people. I decide that since everyone else is out gathering or helping I should probably get my suit ready for tomorrow.

I love the look of it and honestly it's like something out of a movie which makes me like it a bit more. I go over details in my head as I walk around doing fuck and all just killing time, it's moments like this where you need to go over everything again yourself just to make sure everyone is set.

It's my walking around that leads me to find the one person who didn't go do something today, Rachael. She's just sitting in the kitchen quietly while Rosa finishes her work in that room.

I know she sees me but if she needs to talk I head up to my room and wait. I'm only sitting on the couch with the TV on for a few minutes when Rachael comes through the door and closes it quickly after herself.

Her yellow sundress carrying behind her as she's moving a lot quicker than normal. "We shouldn't do this tomorrow," She tells me a little nervous. "No Rachael we should do this tomorrow, I owe a favor and this is the best way to deliver what Detective Escalante asked for," I tell her trying to explain as I stand up," this way everyone not only wins but our friend comes out ahead big time." "But you are going head to head with a crackhead," Rachael says before rethinking her sentence.

"Yes which is why the deck is so far stacked in my favor that there is no possible way this ends with anything less than him doing exactly what I want," I tell her as we stand at the corner of the bed trying to win each other over to our side. "But he could have a gun, he could pull a knife, he could be so heavily dosed that he breaks all three of your necks in a rampage&hellip.," is where I stop her with a kiss. When I say kiss I mean dipping under her arms and lifting her up by her ass and planting a soft firm kiss on her lips.

Rachael's arms wrap around my neck and I feel her soften in my arms as I lower her to the ground again. I slowly break our kiss and see her face get a little grumpy. "I'm not convinced," Rachael says as I start to explain more but get cut off by a finger on my lips," I need more of that convincing." I reach down and pull her sun dress up over her head and drop it on the floor, she's wearing only panties and I kiss her again as she tugs at my t shirt to pull it off.

She turns and sits on the corner of the bed and undoes my pants while I finish getting my shirt off. If it wasn't for habit I'd never wear underwear but Rachael wastes no time pulling them down just enough before giving me a kiss on my head, I rest my hands on her shoulders as she works over just using her lips to entice every part of my member. Getting hard like this takes some time but it's time worth taking as every kiss makes me jump just a little involuntarily.

Rachael finally starts to use her tongue trailing up and down my shaft. I am about to steps away from being Chinese Algebra hard when I realize I'm not doing my job and pull away from Rachael.

"I'm supposed to be convincing you," I tell her backing her up the bed a little and hooking my thumbs in her panties pulling them down off her seductive blonde moans in pleasure while slamming and tossing them aside.

Rachael always was very sensitive but she's gotten better about not bouncing all over the place as I move my head in between her legs and kiss the inside of her thighs gently. She's moaning a little at my touch and when my tongue touches her clit I hear her hiss as her hips shift involuntarily. I'm not too eager or greedy as I tentatively lick and trail circles around her clit. Rachael is panting at my work and I'm almost smiling as I move my tongue down to her entrance and only get the tip in to taste her sweet musk.

Rachael is moaning but not thrashing as I am relentless but methodical about working her warm hole over with my tongue, I glance up and see her eyes closed and her hands cupping her own B cup breasts. I dig in and grip her ass with my hands working my tongue and lips over her pussy deep and fast. Rachael isn't going to last long and I am loving the taste of her as her body tries to fight me for control by shifting her hips around.

I can almost feel her orgasm when she gets out of my grasp and starts backing up the bed quickly. I take a moment and get up and look to see the hungry look in Rachael's eyes. I smirk and crawl up the bed slowly taking my time as I get to her body and begin trailing kisses up her thighs, across her stomach, taking time to give each nipple a soft suck.

All this is driving her mad as I feel her hands pawing at my back. "Please Guy, I'm so hot right now," Rachael begs putting me in an odd but wonderful place. I could tease her more but I'm hard and she's more than ready as Cock hungry ebony teen gets her throat fucked hard by a horny white man angle my head right at the entrance to her warm folds.

I feel her hand dart down and start to pull me so that my head gently finds the opening, Rachael moves her hands to my hips and with her eyes closed pulls me into her. Rachael is like a warm and wetter than usual which and with as hard as I am we're both groaning at the sensation of penetration.

I want to take some time but Rachael doesn't stop pulling me in till I'm buried inside all the way. My face is pulled to hers and she kisses me first this time only where mine was sudden and a little fun hers is soft and fierce as her tongue invades my mouth and teeth nibble at my lips.

I return the kiss in kind and start rocking my hips against her slowly. My slow grinding has my redhead girlfriend pushing back against me and rolling her hips so that I'm hitting her in the deepest parts possible. We're both open mouthed and moaning as our bodies work into a soft collision, I start to kiss her neck while she pulls her legs up and I can feel my orgasm burning its way through my body.

Rachael is so sweet taking the time to pull me harder but still making sure I'm hitting every single spot to drive her over the edge. "Please I'm so close if you finish right now I'll go mad," she tells me softly and desperately at the same time. I'm so close that when she nibbles my ear I awesome teen zoe doll homemade pov sextape and moan loudly filling her warm folds with my cum.

I keep myself buried and my head rush is exquisite as I feel Rachael tense up and start shaking a little as her own orgasm is raging throughout her body. I'm coming down from mine and start to kiss her gently and get kissed back as she simply lies beneath me with our bodies connected at the hip.

I try to pull out but Rachael holds me tight. "Please stay," She says shyly. I kiss her again softly and relax on top of her while resting my bodyweight on league of legends sex story elbows. Her warm folds are milking me for all I'm worth and it's a feeling that has me groan a little but enjoy it.

I don't know how long I was there but when she stops kissing me I feel that I've fallen from her and I roll off and onto my back only to have her rest her head against my chest and curl her body against mine. We're lying there for an hour when we decide a shower would be good and once out I check messages on my phone. Jun is wiring everyone in and has full eyes and ears, our dealer on the street is live thanks to Sid's man he understands his instructions, even the manager of the flop house is paid for silence and knows what to say.

I'm liking this more and more when Devin and Masha return with their clothing. "How did it go," I ask coming down the stairs. "We are ready but I had to spend more for Devin," Masha says I notice two bags for him where there should be one. "Why did we buy more than we needed, we have a budget here," I say a little girls dominating men and handjob xxx helpless teen kaisey dean was on her way to see her. "Masha said I need a tuxedo for dances next year," Devin answers a little sheepishly.

"That is probably the best reason I've heard ever for spending over budget, I mean where are we going to find as good a tailor up where we live and this way you are already committed to learning how to dance," I tell Devin who gets wide eyed at the idea of dancing. I leave and Masha chuckles as Devin starts wondering about where he'll learn to dance from, hell I don't really know how to dance either and I have to learn as well or I'm in three levels of trouble.

I push that aside and decide to stop focusing on the now to relax instead. My relaxation in the TV room goes for about a half hour when all the girls come back with Jun, Hanna and Natsuko look ready and I'm honestly real samall baby big boy with their initiative in the plan. Everyone is home and has eaten dinner when Mark finally makes it home and Vicki is with him as they walk in and motion me up to my room.

I see he's carrying a back pack and once we're up in my room and the door closes with just the three of us I start to get the riot act from Vicki. "What the hell are you doing," She starts in aggressively," Mark comes around and pulls my Grandpa aside and says you need something very important, then my Grandpa gets a nervous look and asks what you need the items for but won't say.

Mark doesn't even want to tell me what they are and it takes most of the day when one of the Union comes back and gives Mark this bag and I happen to look inside and see this." I look as Vicki opens the bag violently and see my hardware inside, three very nice looking 9mm pistols and silencers each with a single magazine fully loaded. I haven't fired a weapon in months since dad took me out after Thanksgiving last year but memory comes back as I load one with a magazine and ratchet the slide before checking and making sure the safety is on.

Vicki and Mark just stare at me for a moment as I remove the magazine and eject the round into my hand. "What I'm doing Vicki is painting the perfect scene, I'm going to make damn sure things don't go sideways and that none of my friends get hurt by taking care of them," I tell her looking back into the bag," Are the holsters in there?" I get a nod from Mark and praise his good work.

Vicki is not happy with me and Mark is concerned but they leave me be and I wait till they are gone before I figure out how to take the silencer off. It's one thing that my Dad didn't teach me because he doesn't have one. The next thing that happens is more priceless to me than anything else in the world. I'm sitting on the bed, an unloaded firearm in my lap as I practice again and again to get the motions right like its second nature to put on a silencer.

Kori opens the door and all of my girls plus Natusko see me. Here I am with a pistol and silencer in front of all five of my girlfriends and my personal assistant as all of their eyes narrow chesty whore dani jensen enjoys a good dicking pornstars and hardcore me before I can even speak to explain. "So honey, are we planning something else that we should know about," Kori asks as the door is closed. "Nope, same plan as before, just props," I tell her unscrewing the silencer to restart.

"Guy maybe you should tell us why you have a pistol," Imelda says as I hold up my hand with the number three," Wait you have three of them?" "Yes, three of us in the room means three pistols," I say as I start to screw the silencer in again from a different angle. "Okay maybe it's just me but Guy this is not what we do, we don't shoot people," Rachael says moving the pistol out of my hand and to the side.

"No what we do is get the job done. If I walk into a room and say I am an alien people just laugh, but if I show up unannounced in their bedrooms under a beacon of light with purple skin and only three fingers on each hand then people start to believe," I tell her as I pick the pistol back up and restart. Kori moves Rachael out of the way and then the pistol before straddling me in her capri pants and taking my head in her hands goes straight into my soul with her steely grey eyes.

I'm locked in and it takes a few but when she smiles lightly and gets up from my lap the rest of the girls are concerned. "He'll be fine, he's taking care of it," Kori tells them as she gets bed clothes. I nod and the girls get into their night clothing and I put the pistols away before crawling into bed with them.

There isn't any talking tonight, just a lot of cuddling as we sleep. Six A.M. comes and I'm out of my bed like a bolt, girls too as we get dressed. Everyone in the room but me wearing some basic clothes but for me it's the black suit, white shirt and red tie. I complete my ensemble with some black gloves that are almost too tight for my hands but give me full range of motion.

We are down stairs and I can tell I'm being followed as Devin, Masha, Ben and Hanna are following. Jun and Lilly are already down stairs with dueling laptops and headsets in the TV room. "Full sit rep people," I say as everyone but Devin and Masha head out to the cars to get to the site first. "We're good, dealer said pick up was just after midnight and cameras are showing him taking his medicine at about three which gives you another couple hours for set up," Lilly tells me as Jun is on camera detail.

"Keep us posted," I tell them as I put on my holster for the pistol I'm carrying. Both Devin and Masha are unfazed by the armaments and get tooled up. We're all decked out in some nice clothing, Devin with a leather Jacket over a button up shirt and tie, Masha in a woman's pant suit.

All of us have sunglasses on and gloves which just add to the feel of menace and power that I can tell is going through us all right now. "From here on in accents only," I say thickening my voice with a Russian accent.

I get a nod from both of them and we head into the garage when I see Loretta holding the keys; I smile and give her a kiss on the cheek before taking them. I know she'd tell me to be safe but sometimes you take the chance to get shit done. Devin is driving with Masha in the front and me in the back being chauffeured as we head off to the site.

We arrive just past seven, Devin parks the car out of site and I get my Bluetooth in and get confirmation that our eyes on the street have everything in control. My accent gets me a couple cat calls from my girls but I lock it down as we head inside the flop house. Think an apartment building that has needed new paint, walls and tenants for about twenty years and a front desk with a woman behind it that looks like she would be friends with Katy's mother.

Masha gets the room number and confirms that there is nobody in the surrounding rooms as were requested. We get our key and head up to the third floor, his door is across from ours and we wait inside a room that I wouldn't piss in let alone sleep and kill time. We get a few notifications on the street of cars moving through the area, on a positive note Carlos brings the boys and do some street clearing and general hands on securing the area.

Devin and Masha are talking quietly in Russian helping him with words he'll need to use and I'm listening in when Jun comes on over the headset. "Boss we got movement," I hear and Devin and Masha stop and we all exit the room. I put Devin in front followed by Masha then myself as we wait outside the door to Carlton's apartment, I must remember to use his name.

We're standing fast when we hear the freak out start in the room, there is some whimpering and it's Jun who tells us how bad it is.

"Okay he's flipping out boss, go you are go for knock," Jun says as I tap Devin. Three solid knocks on the door cause the room to go quiet and we wait till Jun says go before Devin lets loose with a shoulder tackle on the door that breaks it out and I hear the sounds of someone falling in the room.

I watch as Devin has grabbed our new 'friend' from his spot on the ground and is holding him down with a hand over his mouth, Masha is in after him and has her weapon drawn and pointed down at Carlton who is terrified and stops moving all together.

"He is down, you are clear sir," Masha says in Russian. I casually walk into the room and start to survey my surroundings. This is literally a two room apartment; the bathroom being the only door in the room as the kitchen, bed room; dining table and living room are all in one section no bigger than twenty two by twenty eight foot room.

The whole place in decorated in early 'junkie doesn't give a fuck' with a few notable exceptions. There is a radiator with a scared red headed girl crying as she is hand cuffed to it and on the bed an Asian girl who looks pale and lifeless. I move over to the table and Devin pulls a chair out for me before checking the hallway and closing the door. I unbutton my suit coat and sit down as Devin pulls Mr.

Mallard up from his laying position and sits him against the foot of his bed. I watch as Masha moves to the girl on the bed and does a pulse check before looking at me and shaking her head. "Mr. Mallard we have been missing you," I tell my 'friend' in thick Russian accent.

"Missing me, who the hell are you," He asks quietly confused. "Don't play games with me you know me and my associates, you came to me with your problems and when I asked what you had in exchange sweet ass blonde marsha may gets a ride and fucked by dudes cock pornstar and outdoor my help you said you had information on a murder," I tell him getting keeping the accent and playing to his confusion," So I helped you, I paid your debts so that you could party and even let you take two girls from my father's business so that your stunning bimbos make love with a dildo big tits and lesbian would be memorable.

However when you didn't return to me after a few days I became 'concerned' with our arrangement and decided to come find you." "Nobody knows this place, I never give anyone this apartment," Carlton says starting to question my validity. "You gave it to your lawyer, the one you are avoiding and who has been waiting on you to pay your fees to her," I'm flat out lying but it has him get a level of horror on his face," she was much easier to find and very accommodating when I asked for your location." "Oh god you're going to kill me," He says freaking out.

"This one is dead and this one is crying," Masha says in Russian. "We will dispose of the body here and comrade," I say turning to Devin," Calm the girl." I said my words in English but they had the effect I was looking for as Carlton starts to lose his shit and piss himself. Devin walks over to the red head girl and placing a hand over her mouth and nose along with the other on the back of her head applies pressure so striking czech cutie was tempted in the mall and penetrated in pov she loses consciousness.

She struggles mind you and the whole time I'm hearing her muffled cries I'm watching Carlton as he starts crying. Devin returns to my side and picks up the body from the bed and carries it into the bathroom.

Devin and Masha start looking around and find a large meat cleaver as Masha heads into the bathroom and closes the door. The next sound anyone hears is the sickening noise of what appears to be her cutting the body into pieces. I lean forward to and regain Carlton's attention. "Mr. Mallard you must focus because you owe me a debt and I want to know what you know about this murder," I tell him but he can't see me just the bathroom door," Mr.

Mallard if you can't focus you will have no use to me." "I'm sorry I didn't realize we made any arrangements, I've been really fucked up for a bit. My dealer said I paid my debts and had my delivery ready.

I just got in what I thought was last night but I can't even remember you," He tells me trying to shake off his shock. "He is useless," Devin says in his heavy accent before taking out his pistol and leveling it at Carlton's head," I should kill him and have Olga dispose of his body with the girl." "Nyet, Mr.

Mallard is useful yes," I ask as Carlton nods emphatically," See he will tell me what I want to know and we will help him with his current situation." "Yes sir, yes sir," Carlton says very keen on helping and not dying right now," I know where a body is and I saw who was there when they were killed.

It wasn't a gang killing; I think they knew each other because she was talking to him nicely before she shot him. It was the worst coming down moment I've ever had. I had to lawyer up when they knew that I knew something so I could get out of the police hands before they had someone get inside and kill me." I almost want to laugh at the paranoia running through this junkie's head, it makes life easier.

I'm pretty sure there are more details involved but I like to keep myself out of the mix for now and focus on the present.

"So you see a woman kill a man and dispose of a body all by herself," I ask still with the accent. "No she killed him but her bodyguards were the ones to dump the body," He says starting to calm down. "And you have their faces yes," I ask getting a nod," Do you know them?" "The woman looks familiar but the men I don't know, I think she's been in the news or something," Carlton tells me almost back to composure.

"You are not helping me with this," I say taking my pistol out and screwing in the silencer," There is no real information and if I was to use the police they would ask me too many questions, it saddens me that this has cost me more money than the information is worth.

I am sad to say I should have listened to my soldier and disposed of you when we met." "No please, I don't know who she is but the police will," He blurts out panicked. "And why would I want the police to know," I ask as I finish screwing in the silencer, Devin has his pistol out and is doing the same. "Because she's powerful and if she goes down someone can take her place," Carlton blathers starting to cry," If she gets in trouble and is your enemy then you win." "But I don't know who she is, if I don't know and you speak to the police then and someone I know becomes hurt.

Then I have to have you killed in jail which makes it difficult," I say standing up as Devin and I level our weapons on him. "No wait, wait! She's someone important the cops know who she is and a Mexican woman, does your business have any Mexican associates," Carlton asks desperate. "So you say she is Mexican but do not know her. This might be useful to my father, so since I own your life you will do exactly what I say yes," I ask getting a very excited nod," Good, you will be driven from here to a police station, you will speak with nobody other than the detective in charge of the case, you will not ask for your lawyer and you will only ask for protection.

You will not mention me or what happened here or I will have you found and killed in a manner that would only be considered, what is the word in American? Ah yes, pornographic. Do we understand each other?" Carlton nods and we put away our weapons as I button up my coat. I act as though I'm making a call but in actuality Jun is already getting a ride set up with one of Carlos's people.

It takes a few minutes and Devin makes sure that Carlton changes his clothing, watching a junkie change is a sexi xxxxx sex stories story play horrifying but necessary since there is no other option. I make him go over what he is supposed to do and say again and again until Devin walks him out the door and down the stairs.

Its a few moments before Devin are back up stairs and I hear Jun give us the all clear. Approximately 10:00 AM Monday morning. It is not fun being a detective all the time and less so when you have a murder involving a possible high profile suspect and no available witness. I gave Guy the file over a week ago and have heard nothing, I know he said he would contact me but I've been sitting on this for too long and my captain is expecting me to work a miracle.

Working homicide isn't like the TV shows where you can just cut the time out and jump to the big points. I gave Guy the name and picture for Carlton Mallard, the one eye witness that was able to get out of custody on a technicality, how can someone not piss test a junkie for a day when we have him in for questioning is beyond me. The worst part about Mallard is that lawyer, she came in from out of nowhere and now the only way we can get to him is if she has him come in or if Carlton walks right through the doors and gives me all his information now then this case is bust.

"Hey Detective," Officer Dugan AKA Dickey says getting my attention and snapping me out of my immediate problem," Still working over the Espinoza murder?" "Yes Dugan, it's becoming a lost cause without new information," I reply standing up and grabbing my mug and heading over to the coffee pots and fill it.

"Hey I know I've been a dick and I'm working on that but what about contacting that lawyer again," Dickey says trying to work the options. "She's two steps away from filing police harassment and I'm pretty sure she's keeping her client in the wind so that someone can make him disappear," I reply taking a sip and realizing that the coffee here is still ass.

I get back to my desk and reorganize the information I do have. Martin Espinoza was engaged to Guadalupe Ramirez, daughter to Rosa Ramirez the local soup kitchen and homeless shelter magnate.

Side news is that Martin may have been cheating on Guadalupe or she may have been pregnant with his child when he was found in an alley dumpster with eight rounds from a 9mm in his chest. My only witness being a drug addict but he was able to spot who was there but didn't say who before the lawyer showed up. She had him out the door in a matter of minutes with all the paperwork necessary. Carlton is probably dead and buried under the latest soup kitchen and nobody will ever notice.

"Hey Escalante, you have a visitor in room three. Seems to be a tweaker," The desk sergeant tells me. I get up and head to the side room off of room three and nearly spit my coffee all over as there is Carlton Mallard pacing back and forth talking to himself. I set my coffee down in a hurry and almost run to my captain's office, Captain Rosewood is a short round black woman who pornstar honey gets her anal poked with stiff dick more results driven than my old captain she replaced a year ago.

We've gotten along well until this hiccup came down with my case; she gives me a wary look as I burst into her office.

"Detective knocking on your superior's door is not negotiable in this building," She tells me with a tone of disdain. "Carlton Mallard is in room three waiting to speak with me and his lawyer is nowhere to be found," I tell her as she nearly jumps out of her seat.

"To hell with knocking I'm get another body in that room and compose yourself," Captain Rosewood says nearly bowling me over as she exits her office. I grab my files and all the pictures along with it and make it a point to calm my breathing, the light over the side room is lit meaning that they are live and recording as I enter and Mallard sees me and sits down.

"You're back Mr. Mallard and without your lawyer, I should advise you that unless you waive your right to an attorney I can't have any conversations with you," I tell him sitting down. "The only lawyer I want is in the District Attorney's office, I want a deal for protection and to be moved after trial," Carlton says shaky as he sits down.

I leave the room for a moment and check to see that Rosewood is already making the call. It's about thirty minutes before we have our D.A.

in the room with Carlton and me, not an assistant either and I can tell by the salt and pepper hair and intense look on his face he's not playing around. "Mr. Carlton Mallard I am District Attorney Wright, I was told that you have information in exchange for a deal you wish to make with my office," D.A. Wright says sitting down at the table with me.

The pictures from my files are spread out and Carlton is going over them when he finally looks up and acknowledges the D.A. and me. He weakly smiles before explaining in a large hypothetical situation about how he might have seen something bad happen to someone somewhere and that the person doing the bad thing could be someone very important.

D.A. Wright is not impressed by the games but I'm looking at Carlton and see he's more scared and not the slightest bit cocky about his position. "All I want is protection and to be moved quietly and anonymously after the trial, I'll testify in court and everything but I need it in writing," Carlton says still nervous.

"I'm THE District Attorney, not the assistant. This Q&A is being recorded and it will take hours to get the papers you want written up. I'm not inclined to deliver on those terms without something of value," Wright says keeping his authority in the situation. "Mr. Mallard when we last spoke several weeks ago you were looking at these same pictures, you didn't have any names to go with the faces but you recognized someone before you left. Did you see someone in here from the night in question other than the victim," I ask keeping things vague.

Carlton nods and pushes one picture forward, it's of Rosa Ramirez. I look at Wright who immediately stands up and leaves the room.

Carlton is confused but I tell him to calm down and give him a light smile. I have an officer bring him some water and we sit waiting for about an hour when Wright reenters the room with a small stack of papers and a woman with a small typing pad.

Carlton reads and signs at the bottom before going down the list of his night. He saw everything and that is what he gave us, the conversation got missed but Mrs. Ramirez shooting Espinoza and that he grabbed the weapon in the alley where they left it has me reeling.

Murder weapon and an eye witness make a very convincing case until we ask where the weapon is. Its right there that he pales and says it's in his apartment and gives me the address. I exit the room and grab Dickey and another officer to watch the door to room three. "Nobody that isn't Captain Rosewood, the D.A., his assistant or I is allowed in this room. If he has to pee you do not let him out of your sight and you watch him the entire time, I want to know if he stands or sits when he goes," I tell them getting a nod from both officers.

I get an officer to accompany me and take my car to Carlton's apartment. The place is a shit hole, no covering it up. The woman in the office behind the cage says tells me where Carlton's room is and I head up stairs. The door looks like its seen better days, I'm looking at multiple kicks to the door jam and serious damage, will never close properly again. Some of the damage is recent but the room is devoid of life as I make my way to the bathroom. It's as empty and dirty as everything else but sure enough the gun is in a plastic bag in the upper tank of the toilet.

The officer and I are out of the building in record setting time and back to the precinct. I hand the weapon over for evidence processing, Carlton is being moved into witness protection by the state and Captain Rosewood is claiming that luck and fear brought this one in but the uphill battle is on. Luck and fear, I know someone who dishes those out in spades and while I would love to reward him I should call Robert first to celebrate.

He's been begging me to get out a little and I think our relationship needs another step up but then there's Guy and I've been stringing him along a bit too much to just shut him down like this. I hope he understands. Approximately 9:20 A.M., coach daddy screwing molly mansons pussy on top day "Boss you are clear, Imelda has him and they are down the road," Jun says over my blue tooth. I move over to Hanna and undo the handcuffs on the radiator which causes her to spring to life.

She rubs her wrists and starts with camera clean up. Natsuko and Masha come out of the bathroom with Natty wearing the coat from Masha's suit. Devin arrives back at the room with Katy who has a bag full of clean clothing for petite girl tia cyrus gets a big dick girls.

We clear the room of the cameras and microphones, wipe down everything that we touched, and generally make things look like we weren't here.

All of us get down the stairs and I stop at the front desk and hand the manager a hundred and put a finger to my lips for silence. She nods lightly and stuffs the bill in her top; I'd hate to be that Ben Franklin.

We all gather up and are down the road well before it even hits ten in the morning and back home. Loretta is still there along with Mark, Abigail and Bethany. Jun finally unlocks and exits the TV room with Lilly, both carrying their laptops. "I want everything we have and all the leg work in a print out and then deleted, no tracks," I tell them getting a nod as we all head up stairs. Once in my room Devin and Masha hand me their weapons and leave to either change or relax, Devin is a bit tense but Masha is calming him down.

I get out of the suit as my girls watch; I know Natsuko is in the shower with Hanna cleaning up. I don't know what they did to make it look like Natsuko was dead but she's been cold the entire ride home. My girls on the other hand are warm, very warm. I have just enough time to get into my own clothes and out of the suit before I am dragged into bed and given a merciless make out session that has each one taking turns with me until I've been through each girlfriend.

"That was intense," Kori says as we lie in bed. "He was mumbling the whole time I had to drive him," Imelda adds. "I told you that I had a plan, now do you see why I keep things to myself," I ask getting nods from my girls save for Katy. "Fine you have the plans but from now on we deserve to know the whole thing," Katy says as all the girls perk up and stare at me," We need to be ready when you get to plan B, C, and D.

It went fine this time but if relationships are an all or nothing thing then we all need to be involved with what you have planned and that means knowing the whole thing." She's got a point and maybe I play things too close to the chest.

I don't say yes but I do make it a point to relax for a couple hours. It feels like all we do is relax together but honestly I don't want to check facebook or even go out when I have all my girls in the same place.

I know the fair is coming up soon and I'm planning on us all getting out and being very public. A knock on the door gets me up from bed and I am greeted by Jun with a folder in hand. "This is everything, are you sure you want to hand this woman all of it," Jun asks handing me the folder. "Better to give it up and let the police do the dirty work so that people I trust can fill the vacuum," I tell him before grabbing him by the arm," Lilly needs her boyfriend man, maybe it's time." "We've been having sex for a week now," Jun says smiling as he leaves, I shake my head at it, apparently they don't need me for everything.

The next couple days the media is filled with the first woman of the Latino community being brought in on charges of murder. A lot of pictures with her and more lawyers than I'd care to count, always confused me that people would kill someone themselves when they could easily have someone else do it for money. It must have to do with self satisfaction, one thing is that her daughter isn't anywhere near her in any of the pictures.

I had a laugh about it with the Old Man who let me keep the pistols which was a surprise, I already know I'm going to give one to my father but two of my own just puts me in an odd place, happy but odd. We roll into Friday same week as when I gave Escalante Mr. Mallard and I know she's getting off shift around six.

I figure she's due for my extra gift and maybe a little fun time for me. I decide to call her for any scheduling issues. "Hello Guy, what new orchestrated pain do you have for me this week," Escalante greets me with over the phone. "You are a difficult woman to shop for if you already know what I've got for you," I reply smiling.

"Wait a minute I was joking or do you have more on the hook for me then our friend in witness protection," She says getting quiet but with some shock. "I have no clue what you're talking about but here's what I am thinking, see you at your place around sevenish? We'll discuss it there," I tell her smiling as my girls watch like hungry animals. "I'll be waiting but we need to seriously talk first," Detective says before ending the call.

I smile and grab my coat but it's in Imelda's firm grasp and Matty is holding the door closed as my girls surround me. I'm either in trouble or I'm not going to make my meeting, either way this will be interesting.

"Be firm and passionate with her," Kori tells me giving me a kiss on the cheek. "If she says no remain calm and polite before coming home," Rachael says as I get a soft kiss on the lips. "Do not let her take charge, you are in charge," Imelda tells me helping me with my coat.

"Leave a fucking mark, stake your claim and plant that fucking flag," Katy says giving me a firm shake by my jacket collar. I get to the door and Mathilda just smiles and opens the door for me. I get outside it and finally hear her voice calling after me.

"If you don't look like she took you to the limit or you didn't take her to the limit we will put you in the hospital," Matty says grinning big," and we have nurse uniforms for it." I watch the door close and honestly wonder about myself being Dr. Frankenstein and how many monsters I have created. Granted mine probably won't kill me, or at least I hope they won't. It's a funny idea as I hop on Black Sunshine and get my helmet on before heading out into town.

The drive doesn't take me more than a half an hour and I park my bike before grabbing the file and tucking it into my jacket and heading up to her apartment. I knock lightly and hear shuffling inside before the door pops open and there is Detective Escalante in a casual button up short sleeve shirt and jeans, she shows me inside and I take the time to see that not much has changed. I hear the door close behind me and wait as Escalante motions me to sit down on her couch.

She's being really pleasant and not at all what I was hoping for which was answering in lingerie and fuck me heels. "First off thank you for coming by and for honoring your end of the favor," the Detective says as I hold a hand up to stop her. "I did nothing, I wasn't there and I couldn't have had anything to do with whoever it is you are talking about," I say smirking. "Fine but you helped never the less and I am grateful.

How is your friend," She asks I assume talking about Jackie. "Doing well, has a home and a real family to help her," I tell her leaving out some details.

"That's good, I'm glad I could help with that," She tells me before her face takes a trouble look. "Okay so I'm guessing you have some bad news for me and are expecting me to react to it in a not so great manner," I reply getting ready for the bad news. "Yes, we've been dancing around us doing things for a bit now and since we're both on the same page I have to tell you that I have a problem. I met a man a few months ago, his name is Robert and he's a decent guy.

It's just I've been doing this dance with you since the diner and we've done this before," Escalante says sounding a little stretched in her words. "Nancy, if you are with passion-hd natasha white rides reverse cowgirl on bambino guy then I'm not going to expect anything more than you as a friend. I'm a little disappointed that you lead me on for a few weeks but I don't want to make things harder for you than they are," I tell her starting to get up but get stopped.

"No you don't understand, we're not together yet," Nancy says causing me to pause as she clarifies," He and I have been friends and talking but I haven't done anything with him. I want to but I feel like I owe you a bit and I remember last year." "So you want to have sex with me but afterwards it's never happening again," I ask getting a nod," And obviously once we're done here you're going to take Robert out of the friendzone?" "Actually I was planning to go on a date with him tomorrow night if things went okay here first.

I like you Guy and you've done a lot to prove that you are someone I can trust even though what you do seems to be a bit on the shady side," Escalante says with some praise. "Hey I like the shade because I burn too easy. And since we're being really honest let me give you my little slice of hell," I say taking the file out of my coat and handing it over to her. I watch as she goes from Nancy to Detective in a matter of seconds, the first thing in the file is the picture she gave me of Carlton and having it back ends the trail to me.

After that it's a lot of pictures and lists, more specifically lists of dealers who dealt with Carlton and where they get their drugs, who holds and moves the drugs along with the locations warehousing the aforementioned drugs. The whole thing is basically a file that will make a lot of low end drug pushers and their bosses lose a good chunk of business and freedom.

I wait for her to close the file and set it down before she addresses me again. "I have one question, how," Detective Escalante asks with a level of confusion. "Off the record," I ask smirking. "Yes for fucks sake off the fucking record," She says frustrated at my word play. "I have a lot of friends, these friends are a lot more subtle than the police and don't get noticed. Add to that some other friends who are very good at solving puzzles like 'how does all this match up' and 'follow the dealer'.

The whole thing is bad news for everyone around them and when I want details I tend to need a lot of them and since I don't need it anymore I figure you can make use of it or find someone who can," I tell her being as open and honest as I can. "I'm in homicide but this will put a few careers in narcotics into high gear," She says before shifting into Nancy and out of Detective," Why don't you become a cop?" "Too many rules, I do what needs to be done.

If you were able to do your job you wouldn't ever need someone like me to make the wheels of 'justice' turn a little quicker," I tell her getting another sour look. "I can't argue with your results since I've been benefitting from them, but I do worry about when I have to come after you because the system didn't do its job," Nancy says with a bit of concern.

"I don't go looking for trouble but I don't run from problems, I fix them," I reply leaning back on the couch. We sit in awkward silence and minutes tick by as we're just looking at everything in the room but each other. It's a little tense considering last time I was here she swore she wasn't going to do anything and we did and now she says she wants to do something but here we are sitting in silence.

I look at her again finally just taking her in and she finally meets my gaze. The only thing I can figure out is that we hit each other like two cars in a head on collision in the center of Nancy's couch, our mouths and bodies slamming together in a mad grab to make a memory.

She pulls me out of my coat and then out of my shirt before I can get my hands on her top. "I like this top, don't rip it," Nancy tells me breaking our kiss for a moment. She's making me take my time, I really am not in the mood but I begrudgingly take my time getting through each button and off I pull her dropping it to the floor. Nancy wrenches her bra open from the back and I get shoved onto mine before she's on top of me and we resume our kiss.

She's grinding her hips against mine and I can feel her hands pawing at my chest and sides as my own hands work down her back and I get a hold of toned police ass. We start pulling at each other's jeans and she takes mine down with my boxer briefs first, it's a disadvantage being on the bottom sometimes but when you're half hard and a woman goes after your more functioning head with her mouth.

I don't even feel hands as Nancy goes all out burying her face in my lap. She's greedily getting me hard when I pull her head off of me by the hair. "I want to play too," I tell her getting a grin in response. Nancy hops up and removes her own jeans and panties before guiding herself over me into a sixty-nine. She's trimmed and I can tell she's been getting wet probably before we started as I feel her take me in her mouth again bobbing up and down fast and deep. I wrap my arms around her hips to hold her in place and bury my tongue in her wet hole, I make sure to get in a little bit before making circles around the inner walls.

Nancy moans with me in her mouth which sends a shiver up my body and I pause for just a second before going all out on her pussy. For a moment I feel Nancy pause as I go at her with no intentions of stopping when her hand starts massaging my balls. I make it a point to focus but we've been going hot and heavy for minutes at least now with only one goal, orgasm. It's all the anticipation and intensity that has me close, well that and Nancy's skills with me in her mouth.

I can tell she's enjoying my work as she's moaning more and it's all I can do to keep from cumming too soon but one deep throat too many and I'm moaning into Nancy's other smile as my orgasm takes over. I feel her tense up part way through mine and I'm greeted by an increase in fluid coming out of her and eagerly start to suck out as much as I can take. We're both a little spent as Nancy crawls off of me and we both breathe heavily, me on my back facing her while she's at the other end of the couch showing me her ass.

"That was a lot faster than I thought," She says coming down from her orgasmic high. "Yeah, thank god I'm not done," I tell her shifting up to my knees and moving behind her. "Wait, you're still hard," Nancy says but I'm already behind her. I am not as hard as I was before my first orgasm but with an ass in your face you remember that a blow job is great teen black cock choking and its her first that's the opener, I want the main course.

I rub my head against her slit a few times before burying myself hard and deep inside Nancy. As warm and inviting as she is we're less friendly as I waste no time driving into her hard. I have her hips in my hands and I can hear her groaning as she bites the arm of her couch. Nancy's apartment is filling with the sound of my hips slapping against her ass and both of us grunting, having cum a little bit ago is giving me the opening to go harder than I normally would.

I keep pounding and pushing and Nancy just leans forward over more of the couch arm, it's further and further till her entire upper half is not only over the arm but heading towards the floor. I can see her arms are extended holding her face off the floor as I'm not letting up with my taking of the couch. I start to pull Escalante back just a little and see one of her hands try to grip the arm of the couch under her, I figure giving her a hand would be good and take her's in mine pulling it back to her ass as a grip.

She gives me the other and now I have both her safety and her orgasm in my hands, literally. I must either be pulling Nancy into me with more force than I thought or she's really strong as her back straightens up a little and I'm treated to her body locking up with her grunting as her pussy tries to milk my non orgasming cock.

"Bedroom&hellip. Now," Nancy says backing us but up till she's safely on the couch. I slam back into her one time for good measure before letting her get up before I follow her to her bed room. Like the rest of the apartment it looks the same from last year with her queen sized bed against one wall.

I try to pull her close while standing behind Nancy but she makes it a point to sit me on the bed and I slowly crawl on my back as she crawls over me like a predator and prey. I let her get over me and watch as her blowjob cum hard i remarkably loved his air of innocence and naivety regarding sex guides me back inside and settles down. I wrap my arms around Nancy's back and pull her down to me, we kiss again but this one is a bit softer yet still fierce as I feel her start to move against me.

She's not taking her time and making her ride into more of a fast grind up and down the length of my cock. I let her push up off of me and feel her nails dig into my chest as she groans in pleasure. I grip her breasts with my hands and squeeze firmly getting a new volume to her moaning.

"God fucking dammit I hope Robert fucks this good," Nancy says groaning on my cock. "I'll make you a deal, if he doesn't you come over and play sexy cop with my girls and me," I tell her getting a light slap. "I'm not into other women jackass," Nancy growls playfully. I slap her ass and feel her speed up, it's good and I can feel my orgasm starting.

I decide am getting anxious and start going against her as she trusts against me. We're slamming our hips together in a frantic rhythm, I'm grunting as I pull myself up and latch my mouth on her nipple.

Nancy is clamping down on me hard and I'm almost there. I slam my hips up and take her's and slam them down as my first shot erupts from me and into Nancy.

She hits her own orgasm moments after me and collapses leaving her hair in my face. I don't know how long we were fucking each other or even how long we have been lying on her bed but I do know that she's lighter than she looks. I fall out of Nancy getting a disappointed moan from her as she stirs from the sensation. "Five girlfriends and friends with benefits, you are definitely ahead of the curve for your age," Nancy says with a light smile. "Well I just strive to do the best I can in any given opportunity," I reply smirking," Also I want only one thing every time I have sex with a female." "And what would that be," Nancy asks as we get up from her bed and head to the shower.

"I just want a woman to have as many orgasms as I can possibly give her before I finish myself," I say with a big smile on my face. We shower together and the water stings my chest a little as I discover that she drew blood with her nails. We laugh a little till I point out the small bruise around her nipple and she starts to panic a little.

We dry off and get dressed as I am wondering why she's upset. "I was thinking about having sex with Robert on the first date and now I can't because he'll see the bruise," Nancy says as I chuckle. "Don't do sex on the first date, make him respect you enough to wait a little. Besides if he's coming out of the friend zone kissing him is enough," I reply trying to give advice. "Don't tell me not to have sex on the first date you have five girlfriends," Nancy retorts a little put off.

"Hey I didn't have a date till Kori and I were having sex for at least a few weeks," I reply laughing. Nancy starts to laugh a little too and we settle back down on her couch and relax as she tells me about Robert. He's a doctor with a private practice which gives him regular hours that he can be there if Nancy needs him. He sounds like a decent guy and after a little bit I figure it's time to head back home and I get a hug from Nancy good bye as I bound down the stairs and hop back on Black Sunshine and head towards home.

I'm about half way there and something is bothering me, I haven't really settled up with Steven. He's a douchenozzle but he needs to be told the basics and to stay away from Jackie. I still have his address on my phone and decide to pay him a little visit at his apartment. Getting there is no problem save for the fact that the asshole doesn't have an apartment, he's got a big ass loft apartment. It's has an exterior stairwell that is made of rickety metal but with only one way in or out that I can see he's got to be doing much better for himself than I thought.

With Jackie having been in such dire straits it pisses me off a bit as I wait for him to get home. I'm sitting around for about an hour in what I would assume is the parking area that he uses when his car pulls up. He sees me and almost doesn't shut off his engine while debating what to do. Finally he cuts his car's engine and slowly makes his way towards me on foot.

"How do you know where I live," Steven asks confused. "I took it from your ID a while back remember," I tell him jogging his memory. "Right, when you snuck up on me in the mall.

So what are you doing here," He asks going on the defensive. "I just came here to talk with you man to man if you are feeling well, man enough," I say standing up and getting within arm's reach.

"Bullshit, you want to humiliate me again," Steven says putting his fists up," I'm ready for you this time." "I can lay you out right here and then proceed to record you singing the greatest hits of Brittney Spears in your underwear while bleeding from the nose and ears OR we can talk," I tell him with a confidence that is unmistakable. "What do you want to talk about then," Steven says slowly lowering his hands.

"First off we need to come to an understanding, Jackie is done with you. After you abandoned her there is no place for you with her and her new family.

You mia khalifa and big cook xxx sex stories vdo not to go near her and don't expect to be involved in her child's life, are we clear," I tell him as I can see his blood pressure rising. "You don't make that decision," Steven says trying to be intimidating or angry, maybe constipated.

"I don't, she does. I warning you that if you go after her again especially after that shit you pulled by shoving her into me you will not live long enough to apologize enough to her to gain any sort of forgiveness. What I will promise you is that nobody will be coming after you for anything, you won't have wages garnished nor will anyone harass you as long as you leave her alone," I inform him being as civil as I possibly can," On this you have my word." "She should just get the abortion and save both of us the trouble," Steven retorts with a little heat.

"Both of you who? You're not the father, call it a miracle, call it her new life challenge. I don't care what you call it but this is just a warning. A friendly and civil warning from one man to, well you," I say without the slightest bit of humor. I mount up on Black Sunshine and once my helmet is on pass Steven on my way out of the parking area.

I'm back home and I can see most of my crew has settled in for the evening and I give them a nod as I head upstairs and see Ben and Bethany talking from his room, while in bed. I shake my head and snap a picture, boy will get his is all I can tell myself before getting to my own room. I don't hear anything from this side door but once it's open I can see all my girls on the bed watching a movie, it sounds like a romance and I can see tears in all their eyes as I quietly move to the couch and sit down quietly, I honestly don't think they noticed me as the man on the screen is talking about how he waited for the woman throughout her sham of a marriage.

I am starting to wonder about these movies and how anyone ever did anything with such a depressing love life. I mean it's really mind boggling and I actually doze off on the couch as it drones on. "Guy when did you get in," is how Kori decides to wake me along with pulling my hood off my face so my eyes can see light. "I don't know, about eight or nine I guess," I mumble.

"We were half way through the marathon when we figured out you were here, come to bed baby," Kori says pulling me up from the couch. I get stripped by my girls and left in my underwear before they pull me into bed and turn on yet another romantic movie. Even Matty, Imelda and Katy are being sucked into the movie as I crash hard from boredom and sex fatigue. Saturday morning I'm up early having rested well and start working out on my own. Not a single woman in my bed is even remotely moving as I return from my warm up and I'm down stairs eating when Loretta decides start a conversation.

"So college, where are you planning on going," Loretta asks over breakfast. "Honestly I have to start applying for scholarships and I still need to get my final credits out of the way," I tell her privately as we're the only ones up early," Also I kinda didn't mention to the girls that I'm ahead on credits." "How far ahead are you," She asks with motherly concern. "Let's just say my idea to take college classes in high school was a good one and thanks to Jun I could graduate just after Christmas if I pushed it," I tell her getting a wide eyed look.

"Well Mark and I have decided that we want to be involved in helping you out with the finances of it all. He doesn't know how to tell you but since he took your case last year and won he's up for running the law firm and has brought in more business after the civil rights suits he put out after what happened to you that we're living more than comfortably here," She says dropping her own secrets on me.

"Well I'm glad you all were able to benefit from it but I'd like to think that I'm starting to take advantage of you guys," I say with a level of honesty that is kinda staggering even for me. "Okay well then let me tell you you're not; we could put all the kids through college. Mark is working on scholarships for Lilly and is talking to a client about Jun and his skills.

Both of them have big things in the future and we believe in investing in that by helping," Loretta tells me taking my hand from across the counter," However you are MY son, and while you have forgiven me I'm not going to sit by and watch my baby run up debt and put his life on hold just to get through college.

And we're ready for your surprise if you are; I picked them up for you yesterday." "You mean they are here," I say surprised as all hell. Loretta smiles and we talk about setting things up for the surprise when she reminds me that it is Saturday and the fair I took Kori to last year is up and running as of today. I am racing with ideas but Loretta reminds me to remain calm and to wait till the time is right to spring the surprise. I finish eating and the rest of the crew save for my girls is told about the fair and start getting ready as it's ten in the morning, I get to my room and not a single one of my girls is moving.

I head back down stairs and we wait another hour before I send everyone off to the fair and stay behind to wait for my girls to wake up. I'm not pissed off as I hear the door open and see Imelda is the first one to come out of the bedroom. She comes down stairs and rubs sleep out of her eyes before grabbing a cup of coffee. "Hey did you sleep well," She asks me as I'm sitting at the counter fully dressed.

"Yep, you all stayed up really late last night after I went back to sleep," I reply with a question. "Yeah, they're upstairs still getting their feet under them. Where is Loretta, she usually makes breakfast," Imelda says obviously not knowing the time. I keep quiet as the rest of my tired girls and the best Asian assistant come staggering in and I get a lot of yawning good mornings as I'm honestly a little put off by what I'm seeing in front of me. All of the girls get some coffee and finally it's Kori who notices that I'm a little upset.

"Baby did we keep you up last night with our movies," Kori asks concerned. "No, I slept fine. I've also been up for hours but so has everyone else," I say before pointing out the time on my phone.

"Fuck it's one in the afternoon, where did everyone go," Matty asks upset. "The fair, we were all supposed to go to the fair since it opened today," Imelda says rushing out of the kitchen and up the stairs. I can hear them as they are trying to get ready upstairs and I grab my coat before getting on Pale Horse and waiting with the garage door open. The come filing out and I will have to thank Abigail for leaving her Prius for the girls to ride in, apparently they all think I'm pissed off at them as not family agent casting and dad teaches friend associates daughter worlds greatest wants to try to ride with me on my bike.

Matty drives the car and they all head out in the lead but stop when they see me not moving. I get off my bike and walk up to the car before sitting down on the hood. I feel the engine shut off and listen as they all pile out of the car and surround me in a semi circle. "Listen Guy we're so&hellip.," is about as far as Rachael gets when I cut her off.

"Stop now, I swear if you apologize every time you do something so little like sleeping in from watching movies all night I'm going to lose my damn mind. Was I a little put off that you slept in and forgot the fair with the family, yes. But not so much that I'm going to be pissed off about it. I could have woken you all up but I wanted you to sleep because I love you and don't want to force you to be tired and miserable in public.

Now if you want to piss me off then leave me alone on my bike and ditch me at home," I explain to my girls making the last one into a joke. All my girls are feeling a little bit better after my breakdown of how I'm feeling and its Rachael who volunteers to ride with me to the fair grounds.

The trip is takes a bit but we arrive safely and in good time to be greeted by Loretta who is making sure we get out and about but not before I get covered in sun block. Spending time out as a group, I have to say group because couple seems too small, is really interesting.

I we hit the petting zoo first and the only one who isn't interested is Imelda who apparently doesn't like to play with animals she might eat later.

We get to games and I watch as Matty and Imelda both win a few prizes, Matty on a basketball one and Imelda on a BB gun game. Rachael keeps making snack runs as we settle down to eat. Once seated however we are quietly surrounded by friends, Carlos and Abigail with is whole crew including Hector and his new girl Teresa, Loretta and the family, my crew, the Old Man even brings his family around along with more than a few Union and Devil's Best.

Honestly we're taking up at least twenty tables in the seating area and I'm about to die of laughter. "Baby what is so funny," Katy asks putting a hand on my back. "Cafeteria version 2.0," I tell her as she looks around and starts laughing with me.

We're all feeling good and we've been out for a few hours while we sit when I hear something that I didn't honestly expect to hear at all. "Jackie we need to talk," Steven says off to my left as he has walked up to her table on my blind side.

"You need to leave me alone, we're done and that's the end of it," Jackie says but Steven takes her by the arm standing her up. "No we are going to talk alone right now," Steven tells her with some authority. My whole crew stands up to stop him but I raise my hand and they sit down, all outside of Steven's line of sight. "Steven you will take your hands off me now," Jackie says as he starts to pull her out of the crowd.

I watch as Carlos, Hector and their entire crew stand up to do something but I wave them off as well. They sit down and again Steven is so wrapped up in Jackie that he doesn't notice everyone in the area is about to kill him. "It's our responsibility and we're not ready for that, I am taking you home.

From there we are making an appointment and then we can talk about what to do with our future," Steven says before turning and finding himself face to face with someone new. "Who the fuck are you and what the fuck are you doing to my sister," Vicki says taking the attention off of Jackie.

"Get out of my way bitch," Steven says as he tries to push past her. Everyone is watching but only a few of us are close enough to see Vicki's hand dart forward and grab hold of Steven, well only one part of him but if you ask any man when someone angry grabs you by the balls you listen. Steven is making a very high pitched noise and has let Jackie go as I stand up and slowly walk up to Steven and put my arm around his shoulders.

"Steven didn't we have this conversation last night," I ask getting tense nod," Do you remember what I told you?" "Don't come… near… Jackie…," Steven manages to squeak out. "Now you don't you remember that I told you there was no place for you with her family," I ask getting a nod," Now you've met her big sister.

Vicki always wanted a sister, now Vicki is going to be an aunt. Why are you trying to take that away from her?" "She needs to get an abor… HIIIIIIII," Steven squeals as Vicki squeezes as he tries to say abortion. "Vicki let him go I need to demonstrate something to Steven okay," I ask as she reluctantly lets go. Steven grabs his own testicles protectively and I let him breathe a little before helping him straighten up.

I start to turn him to face the crowd so he can see her family but he shoves me off a little and kind of runs while holding himself. I shake my head and see the Old Man give me a questioning look. "I warned him, I never said I was the one he had to worry about," I tell him before sitting back down with my girls. We finish eating and resume our looking around for the afternoon; my girls drag me off to go lose at a bunch of different games for them.

I'm actually cute babe gets a nice hard cock happy about not even being able to win a small stuffed animal for one of them after trying almost every prize game they set me up on. We keep walking around and even try a few rides out when we're walking past and I hear a voice calling out.

"Ladies and Gentlemen I present to you the gimp pimp," I hear come from off to the side of us and look around to see who they're addressing," Yeah you, shaved head with the stable of lookers, and by lookers I mean *horn honk* get it!" Every one of my girls is staring at a man in the dunk tank; he's got a microphone over his head and is using the speaker to talk.

It's a pretty standard tank set up but there is loose netting separating him from us and I can see all my girls starting to either get mad or feel self conscious.

"Oh my lord that big one is a woman, I thought she was a man. And the one with the colored hair honestly looks like she came from an episode of cops," this clown says mouthing off about MY girls. I march over to his tank; I'm going to kill him when I get stopped by the games man. "Five dollars to play," He says pointing at the sign. "How much to hop in the tank and kick the shit out of him," I ask getting a disapproving look from the games man.

"Oh lookey here folks, we got a tough guy. Sadly he just can't seem to take a joke, like why did the clown sit near the water," He asks before getting wicked," To splash the little redhead." I watch him pull a water pistol out and proceed to spray Rachael with a few blasts, a few blasts to her white sundress.

I can see her underwear start to show and I pull my coat off and cover her up as the games man is trying to get in between me and the loudmouth asshole. I pull out a five and get handed three baseballs as the games man backs off and give me free reign at the target. I set into a stride like I'm on the pitching mound and focus on the red target and let it rip. Ding and down goes the clown, he stays under for a minute before coming up sputtering water.

I see the games man reaching for the remaining balls but I'm holding them tight. "I paid for three, I get my three," I tell him and much to the dismay of the jackass in the tank he backs off. "It's so hot out here kid you are doing me a fav&hellip.," ding ding and down goes the asshole in the water again.

I'm seething mad and pacing as I watch the clown try to get his feet under him and they reset the seat. I watch him take his time to crawl up, apparently clowns don't climb well when wet. I watch as he gets himself up and almost over the seat to sit when I release the third ball and take the seat right out from under him.

He didn't expect to drop so far and I when he comes up for air panicked and coughing I'm feeling a little better. "I'm sorry, I couldn't hear you talk shit over the sound of you nearly drowning," I say before walking away smirking. We get to a different section and I'm being calmed down by my girls, all of whom while calming me down are quietly happy with my taking charge in defending their honor.

I remember wanting to play baseball back when I was with Heather but I had to wait till junior year, then with everything that happened I never bothered but an eye is and eye and an arm is an arm. We continue playing around and the girls find me a game that I can win. Matty leads me to the old 'swing the hammer, ring the bell and win a prize'.

The guy looks at me and asks me which one I'm going to win a prize for. I shrug and Katy is the first to step up. I get handed the hammer and line up for my first swing and it's a bell ringer.

I repeat the process four more times before I get waved off and told no more by the games man. Dunking asshole clown is good but winning my girls a prize is even better for my ego as we wander back and regroup with everyone. We're mingling and Imelda discovers that her mom has been here but socializing without her which changes fucking quick as she goes brings her over to talk with us. Introductions are good and everyone is chatting nicely till we all decide to head back towards home.

I get a heads up that Mr. Delauter and Loretta have already headed back and transport home is easier with everyone able to split up and go with multiple drivers.

I'm heading about half way home when I get a call on my Bluetooth and I answer it to find the Old Man on the other end.

"Boy drop your shit right now and get over to Vicki and Jackie's apartment," He says without letting me tell him I'm about to be in the middle of something. I am off and down the road towards Vicki and Jackie's new place with a vengeance.

I arrive a little later and see blue flashing lights signaling the police before hopping of my bike and I'm about to lunge up the stairs when a firm hand grabs my arm and I see the Old Man standing outside for me.

"Someone broke in and trashed all the baby stuff, Vicki is mad and Jackie is scared. Now explain to me why I feel like you lied to me about Jackie's ex," the Old Man says as I hear Jackie coming down stairs fast. "It's not Guy's fault Grandpa Jim," I am a little taken aback by the use if his name but keep my composure as she continues," Guy was doing what was best for me and it's just stuff, nothing to make a big deal out of.

Guy it's our problem and we'll be fine." "It's not my problem but I'm going to solve it. We'll get new stuff and a better lock on the door," I tell them taking charge of the situation," I'm gonna call Mark and we're all going back to my family's home. We'll get this place more secure, we'll get you new furnishings for my godchild but for now you sleep in a castle surrounded by people who will be there to help and protect you." I get Mark on the phone and he's there soon enough to take the girls back home in his car; I wait and talk with the Old Man for a bit longer.

"I want him found but wait a couple days in case the police take care of Steven for us," I tell him Steven's address," Don't harm him I want to make him regret not listening to me. I told you that Steven wouldn't matter and that makes my word in question so he's all mine to fix this." "Boy you better wear your man pants because this is my only straw. I love both of those girls, they are my granddaughters and you better fix him or I will do your fucking job for you," the Old Man tells me firmly.

I nod in agreement and tell him what I'll need before hopping on Black Sunshine and heading back home. I park my bike in the garage and barely get in the door when I see almost all my girl's eyes hit me with death glares. I'm confused but its Kori, who looks like she's been crying, who starts in.

"How dare you do this to us," She says standing up from the stairs. "Do what, what are sunny leone xxx and other girl meet the boobs talking about," I ask confused. "You leave us a note to say that we're breaking up, that you're not satisfied with us anymore," Kori tells me and I'm a little shocked. I look around and see that my note has been opened and is currently in Katy's hands, every one of them must have read it.

Loretta and Mr. Delauter are standing quiet, my crew is shifting about trying to figure out my ploy, Jackie and Vicki are with my family and I'm getting a dick look from them save for Jackie who is nervously looking at everyone. Even Imelda's Mom is here and she's confused as all hell. I watch my girls stand up and move towards me with very upset looks on their faces. "Why did you open the note," I ask a little upset.

"Oh did we spoil your plan to make a clean, guilt free break," Katy says with malice. "You couldn't even try to tell us to our faces that you were having problems and feeling bored with our relationship," Rachael says choking on some tears but sounding angry. "You let them open the note," I say to Loretta but Kori brings me back to her. "Don't put this off on her this is between you and us, how could you be such an insensitive asshole after everything we've been through," Kori says getting me a little mad at all of them.

"Okay you want to know what step son saxi mom girl friend help sex stories sex movie hq going on, fine. Stay right there," I say before quickly stepping over and grabbing the box off the table and moving back in front of them," Now I want you to read the fucking note." "I read the note. I know what it says, we all do," Kori says giving me attitude right back in my face.

"Just do it," I ask again," And be loud enough so people can hear you." Kori takes the note from Katy and unfolds it, all my girls have the same look on their faces as I stand there and watch Kori muster up the courage to speak these words out loud.

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"To Kori, Katy, Mathilda, Imelda and Rachael. My dearest girls we've been through a lot together and while each one of you have proven you're a part of me I've never had the insight to see how much of a part. I've always felt like there was a timer on us and have been waiting for things to get worse.

Our problems have been bad but we've pushed through despite the odds. I find myself dealing with my lingering doubts and fears on a daily basis and I had decided to take action in a more final manner. I can't be your boyfriend anymore; I can't string along five girlfriends anymore. I'm sad to say this is the end of an era for the six of us&hellip.," Kori says stopping at the end.

bespectacled cece has her moist beaver plugged does the rest say," Jackie asks confused. "That's all it says, he's just ended it like that," Kori tells her before turning back to me. "That's because you were supposed to wait for me before reading it so I could finish," I tell her before clearing my throat," I'm sad to say this is an end of an era for the six of us.

I can no longer tolerate my own misgivings so I must take this out of my hands and put it into yours." I finish my sentence and take a knee in front of everyone and pull the box up, it's about twelve by ten inches and four inches thick.

It takes a second to balance before I pop it open and show the girls the contents, six rings. Five of them with a diamond and a second stone, one amethyst, one emerald, one yellow topaz, one white moonstone and one ruby. The last one being a solid band of platinum that I never saw before but a quick glance and a wink from Loretta lets me know that I need to be surprised too.

"I'm done worrying about my girlfriends and our future. I want to think about my future with my wives," I tell everyone assembled before turning my full attention my dumbfounded women," Will you marry me?" Part 12 And I'm treated with silence; it can be a good thing.

Give them a moment to realize that everything is the opposite of what they thought I was intending to do. All my friends, my step family and biological Mother, Imelda's mother, Jackie and Vicki; every single one of them is staring in between my girls and I waiting for something to happen.

I do take note that Jun and Lilly aren't recording this moment and thank a creator if there is one. "Guy we need some time with this," Kori says speaking for all the girls. I feel like my guts are going to fall out my ass, I have never felt it like this so strongly before but now here I am on my knee with a box and a ring for each of us and they want time. Why the fuck do they need time, where is the happiness I was expecting? What about me getting tackled and showered with womanly affection times five?

I can see all their faces are torn into a million different directions and the sinking feeling has changed to one of anger, giant fucking fiery anger. My girlfriends, MY future wives need a minute. I slam the box closed with a force that makes everyone jump a little and stand up tucking it under my arm. For those just tuning it this is the 'don't fuck with me mode'. "You need time to think, all of you," I ask getting shrugs of I don't know in response," Fine Kori you said you need time is that it?" "Guy this is a lot bigger than we thought," Kori says but am already rolling.

"Oh I know it's not bigger than you thought it's just opposite of what you thought, so anyone wanting to save this relationship right now better answer me as to who decided to jump the gun on reading the letter without me here," I ask as all the girls look at their feet. "I did, I thought it would be okay. Then your mom saw and was trying to calm us down after we were reading it," Kori says as the rest of the girls nod silently.

"So you four are telling me that Kori is responsible for whole of you thinking that after all of this, the trip, the war, everything. One letter taken out at the wrong time and read in the wrong context is all it took to get all of you to follow her to the conclusion that I am breaking up with ALL of YOU," I'm punctuating my words with rage as I ask.

"Guy we're really sorry we jumped the surprise," Rachael says quietly. "Rachael, sweetie, I love you to pieces but if I ask you a question and you decide to say something that isn't an answer to the question you made the WRONG decision to speak," I say very upset with all of them.

"So you still love us," Katy says realizing what she did and immediately changes her tune," We believed what Kori thought about the letter." "An answer, I'll get back to the rest of you in a moment," I turn my attention to everyone else assembled," I'm sorry I have to postpone the answer my girls were going to give me because we're having a communication error or something like that but not a computer thing." I watch as Loretta breaks everyone up to their rooms and the only person who is left in the foyer other than me of the girls is Imelda's mom, I can hear her talking in Spanish to her daughter and it doesn't sound good as she exits for the TV room.

The sun is going down being summer and long days it must be at least seven or eight at night. "Guy I know you are mad," Kori starts but I cut her off fast. "You don't know what I am right now but you will learn, you started this cacophony of pain because on the front of the envelope the instructions were very clear my sweet love," I tell her using a tone most never hear, I love her but this is going to be something for the records between us," Now get your ass upstairs." I can see Kori's eyes go wide with shock, I don't talk to her like this in a tone that is anything other than inviting and flirty but now it's a different mood.

I watch her start to head up slowly before turning my attention back to the rest of my girls. "You followed her example now whatever she decides once I'm done explaining my side of the situation to her is what you should agree with because it's all or nothing.

Right," I growl getting nods of acceptance. Kori is about half way up the stairs when I start up after her fast and without being told she picks up the pace and once at the top runs to our room to get inside.

I am stalking my way to our room, I wonder if it will be our room after this? It will, we just need to get the bullshit she started out of the way. I get inside our bedroom and see Kori sitting on the couch looking very ashamed as I close the door. "I fucked up Guy, I am sorry and I ruined the moment," Kori says quietly standing up.

I take the box with the rings and very calmly set it down on the floor before taking off my coat and setting it down next to the box. I breathe deep and note Kori's attire, casual button up blue top with a white tank top underneath, definitely a bra holding up her always ample C cup breasts, Capri pants in beige. The shirt is only done up halfway and it's honestly a good thing she wore this much clothing.

"I love you, Kori, I really do and despite all this I have to hope that once I'm done explaining my point here you will still love me and we won't have any more problems or doubts going forward," I say to her in a exceptionally calm tone. Kori nods and I head back to my coat for one thing that I'll need. Kori sees it as I fold out the blade on the knife and for the first time she's overly afraid of me.

I set the blade down on the bed for a moment and reach out casually taking the button up shirt in my hands and rip it open popping the buttons off and scaring Kori a little. She's tense as I pick the folding knife back up and flip the blade till it's upside down in my hand and facing me. I use my free hand to grab the tank top and her bra and insert the blade cutting my way down her clothing till her bra and shirt are ruined. Kori is petrified as I fold the blade up and toss it away. I wrench what is left of her tops open and lunge my head in towards her breasts latching onto a nipple with my mouth while squeezing the other with my hand.

Kori's reaction to my level of force is not what she usually has when I decide to get personal with her. I feel her hands touching me gently but she's almost fearful as I nibble on one nipple and pinch the other. A sharp gasp escapes Kori's mouth and I figure opening act is over as I stop and walk her to the foot of the bed. I turn Kori around to face away from me before reaching around her waist and undo her pants and yank them to the floor.

I undo my own pants and busty whore brandi bae gets fucked and creamed in front of Kori and sit on the bed with my cock hanging out of my pants.

"Get on your knees and fix it," I tell her firmly. Kori kneels down and tentatively starts to work my cock over in her mouth. I can tell she's afraid that I'm going to do something out of the 'Fuck Katy like a whore' playbook.

I mean I am but not everything in the book. I grip the hair in the back of Kori's head and two teens tag team a big cock it down burying my cock in her mouth and throat; she's looking up at me with her steely grey eyes which are much softer than they were when she thought I was breaking up with her.

I back her face off me a little and start moving her head to bob up and down fast, I watch her try to move her hand up to give herself some comfort room but I take it and move it aside.

"All mouth Kori, you need to make it harder so I can fuck you," I tell her getting a puzzled look. She's doing a great job and I can actually smell her getting wet, it's an aroma that is enticing to me to the point of distraction and I can feel myself getting a bit closer than I'd like to my orgasm and stop Kori's work. I stand up with her and bend her over the foot of the bed as she keeps her body off the mattress with her hands, I separate her feet so that she's spread before me and pull my clothes off while she waits.

Once naked I kneel down between her legs and grip Kori's ass in my hands and spread them wide smirking before I plunge my tongue into her pussy. Kori's flavor is bittersweet and let go of her ass to thumb her clit. Kori isn't making any noise but she's shaking and panting hard as I'm merciless with bringing her close to orgasm. I keep this pace up till I see her legs start to shake and stop with no warning pulling myself back. "Please," Kori whines shaking with anticipation. "Do you need something Kori," I ask moving up behind her and rubbing my cock head against her slit.

"I need to cum," Kori begs. I don't smile yet, no victory like complete victory and we are maybe over half way there as I slide inside her. I she's like a furnace and I still revel at the velvet like feel to her walls, when making love she milks me for all I'm worth. I slowly back up gripping her hips with my hands and start to pound into her like a hammer to a nail, there is no mercy or soft touches as I can feel her tighten up bit by bit with each thrust.

Kori is moaning now but not shaking yet as I am not letting her have the sweet love of her boyfriend that she's used to. So many ideas from my times with Katy that I start to grin wickedly and take one hand off her hips and slap my first girlfriend's ample ass hard. "Owwww, Guy that hurt," Kori whines.

I smile and raise the other hand and slap the other cheek. Kori is whimpering loudly as I alternate slaps of her ass while I punish her pussy. I stop spanking her when I can see that I've left two very distinct hand prints from my work on her ass. My first girlfriend's legs are shaking, she's grunting like a professional porn star and I can tell she's going to cum as she buries her face into the blanket under her. I am not amused with being denied the noise I cause and I lean forward grabbing her hair and pulling her out of the blanket arching her back, the hair handle does wonders for making me fuck Kori harder.

"Please Guy that is too much," she pleads as I can feel her start to get close. "Are you going to cum for me because if you want me to stop all this I can Kori," I tell her firmly," Now do I keep fucking you or do I stop?" Kori's head starts to nod yes and I speed up to frantic bucking. She's howling and I'm loving the sound as she starts shaking and I have to let go of her head and wrap my arms around her waist to keep her upright.

I let her come down and pull out of her getting a groan of disappointment as she slowly crawls up the bed and lies down. "Done already," I ask following her up. Kori looks down at me and seeing me hard and following her starts to get really worried. I grab an ankle and turn her onto her back and crawl up her body before lining my cock up with her and slamming it back inside hard.

I get my knees under me and pin her hips down with my hand on either side before fucking her fast and franticly. Kori is pawing at my chest and her legs are spread wide as I'm hitting all the way down to her deepest. I'm getting close and she can feel it, before she was worried and now she greedily wants me to finish when I turn the tables on her again.

"I'll pull out when I cum," I say slowing down my pace to pull out. "What, why pull out baby. You love cumming in me," Kori asks confused and desperate.

"I am only cumming in my fiancés or my wives, I'm done with girlfriends. I have plenty of friends with benefits so it's either women I would actually want to get pregnant or I cum somewhere else," I tell her keeping my voice firm.

"Baby I love you and I am your fiancé," Kori says desperately trying to hold me in. "Where is the ring, I tried to give you one but you didn't want it. If you were MY future wife you'd have a ring on your finger," I tell her pulling out.

Kori shoves me to the side frantically and scrambles off the bed turning on the light and opening the box. It takes her a moment but when she turns back to me again I'm lying on my back, now with her ring on she comes back to me on the bed and mounts me and wastes no time fucking me for all she's worth. She's moaning and I'm squeezing her breasts hard as I can feel my orgasm start to build and Kori knows me well enough that she can feel it too.

"Give me what's mine," Kori moans frantically slamming her pussy down onto me. I move my hands to her hips and start fucking up into her grunting hard, we're both desperate to finish and I'm louder than normal as I cum up into my first girl, now first fiancée painting her white on therealworkout busty ebony fucked by the fitness trainer cassidy banks cum on tits inside.

I can tell Kori is happy with me finishing where I did and as she start to relax I take her face in my hand and get eye to eye with her. "You NEVER do that to us again, you want to think the worst when it comes to how I feel about all of you then you don't really love me and I will have solgirl sax xxx full sex stories leave you, all of you do you understand," I demand from her being as serious as I can despite my warm fuzzy post orgasm feeling.

"I'm sorry baby, I overreacted," Kori tells me sadly. "NEVER again," I repeat firmly. "Never again, we need to get better about taking surprises. Especially me," Kori says giving me a light kiss on the lips. We move to cuddling and I'm the one who realizes that we've been up here for well over an hour when I rouse my newly minted first fiancé from her well fucked state.

"Now go down stairs and get the rest," I tell her quietly. We get up and I put shorts and a shirt on as Kori picks up the ruin that was her top and chuckles a little. I smile back and watch as she settles on a silk bathrobe before staggering out of the bedroom and down to the TV room. I can hear them talking and it's Kori who is the slowest one coming back up the stairs, we still have the light on in the bedroom and I have the box of rings in my hands again as my girls pile in.

Kori is the last one in and I open the box again as the girls take out their rings. Thanks to Loretta all the sizes are right and they love the stone colors I picked for them, I put the box down and they are all happy but a little quiet for my liking as I watch Kori do the unthinkable. She gets down on her knees in front of me and the rest of the girls follow suit. I now notice that Kori has the sixth ring in her hands and while she's sore as hell she's making sure I understand how important this is for them.

"We each need to say something first," Kori says leaving the floor open to the others. "You are the most honest man I've ever met," Rachael says with a somber smile. "You showed me that I am a woman," Mathilda says quietly despite her size.

"You tamed me, never thought I would be with a man for more than a few months because of my attitude but you loved my worst qualities," Imelda says overly shy. "You saved me, gave me a real family. Two of them," Katy says with a little bit of sadness.

"We are horrible and pretty selfish. We don't do a lot of planning or thinking and that makes it hard to deal with one woman and there are five of us but you keep doing it every day with a smile," Kori says rounding out the set," Guy Donnelly we don't deserve it but will you marry us?" I smile and nod, I can't really say anything due to my emotions being a little wacky right now but my Kori get's the ring on my finger and I'm dragged into bed and the light is shut off as my girls get into their pajamas and we hunker down for bed.

Waking up Sunday morning engaged is great, I have five women pawing at me for attention and it must have taken me a half an hour but each one gets some kissing and holding before I get up and head to the bathroom. I'm stumbling down the stairs and see that most everyone is up including Imelda's mother who is teamed up with Loretta in the kitchen cooking food for everyone when I walk in and start getting looks from everyone. "Oh my god did someone die," I ask as the staring becomes too much.

"If someone died it was probably my daughter stabbing them, she is like that when she is upset," Mrs. Ortega says with a dry humor. "How does it feel," Jun asks quietly. "How does what feel Jun," I reply slumping down in a chair.

"You know that feeling of impending doom. The world coming to an end. The end to all the wonderful liberties and joys that you have cultivated over the years," Jun says being really fucking cryptic as everyone is staring at him confused including me," I'm talking about you being engaged." Everyone finally notices my wedding band and I am barraged by congratulations and motherly love times two from Loretta and Mrs.

Ortega. I am in the spotlight a little too much for my liking when my fiancés, I'll have to get used to calling them that, come down and it's hugs all around for everyone. That is literally how we spend most of the morning and into the early afternoon till I finally pull Mr. Delauter aside to talk in his office. "So I assume you heard about what happened at Jackie's new place," I ask as we sit down in the chairs in front of the fire place.

"Yes, it's a horrible thing and I've already looked at helping them get back what was broke," Mr. Delauter tells me before I can ask," That's a small fix and doesn't need to be an issue. What is the real reason we're talking again." "We think it's Jackie's ex who did it, her new family thinks he's out of control and they want me to handle it," I tell him being a little ominous.

"So what you're saying is they want him to disappear or something equally criminal," he says taking on a serious tone. "I don't know if it warrants that, we tried warning him but he won't listen. I'm beginning to think that he's incapable of learning to stay away," I reply not liking the situation.

"Did anyone see him break into the apartment, or even smash the furniture," my stepfather asks plainly fishing for information as I shake my head no," Then maybe consider testing the moron before you drive him out and bury him in the desert." I brighten at the ideas, check the dumbass first and bury his ass in the desert if he did it.

Might call later to let people know where he's at so he doesn't die but don't tell him that if he's a full fledge douche bag. My fiancés drag me upstairs and I'm being changed into something a bit harder and I puzzle as to why we're getting ready.

"Union is running a meet tonight," Imelda says pulling on her leather racing gear. We all get decked out in our best and discover that while Mark and Vicki are going Abigail and Bethany are bad ass blonde gets a big stick along with Ben. Jackie helps round out the set and it's funny to see me and all my girls on bikes with Katy and Rachel on Black Sunshine, Imelda and Kori on her bike and I've got Matty with me on Pale Horse as we head out.

We're fucking early with us, the Union and Devil's Best being the only ones and most people are in set up mode for everything. We sit and talk with the Old Man who is happy to see his girls slept well and reports that they will be going home to a clean, restocked and relocked apartment. I am braced for a conversation about Steven that doesn't happen but gets replaced with me being pulled aside for a much better one. "You're going to marry them," the Old Man says chuckling," All five of them.

Boy are you trying to outdo me in wives in one shot because you'll win by two." "Hey I love them all and honestly I think the wedding planning will be nightmarish but what else can I do," I reply chuckling along with him.

"So We're holding off on the little shit stain that scared my grandbabies," He tells me as we step away from everyone. "Good, I need to talk with him before I do anything," I tell him getting a raised eyebrow. "I don't think a conversation is what I want to make my family safe," He tells me with a serious expression.

"Either he will be responsible and fuck up or he's innocent and we scare him off or maybe convince him to do the right thing and man up," I reply trying to turn the conversation," I mean making him a prospect would be a good thing for the little coward." "I like you kid, but he has about as much chance of me making him a prospect as you do not marrying your girls," the Old Man tells me with a harsh tone.

Mercifully we leave the topic where it is as the first groups of people start arriving. My girls mingle for a bit while I hang out and keep myself out of trouble. When Carlos, Hector, Marta and their whole crew show up and I get a big hug from Marta and a round of congratulations from the boys; when my girls get back it's all girl hugs and ring checking. It takes about an hour for most of the regulars to arrive and music kicks up with dancing and some bets start up for different races.

I actually see Mark out dancing with Vicki, big guy moves there better than I do. I'm my girls wander back over when I hear a voice I've been glad to be missing out on hearing. "Holy shit the muther fucking bad ass is back," Blaze says walking up to me. "Hi Blaze, how's the leg," I ask getting a big laugh. "Much better than that ugly face of yours," he replies to his crew of boys. He's mostly the same as last year save for a couple gold teeth added, not sure if they're caps or not but I know a few ways to find out.

I wait for him to take full notice of my girls and once it registers he's all over me about it. "You lily white mutha fucka how the fuck you get four of the finest bitches in the place and the Mexican bitch racer," Blaze says making me a little angry at his reference to my women.

"Blaze this is fun and all but you need to stop referring to my future wives as bitches, I can tolerate a lot but keep the language up and I'm going to have to teach you some manners," I tell him getting up from Pale Horse. "Easy whitey you need to calm down or&hellip. Wait, you bitches marrying this crazy muthafucka," He barks out laughing with his boys. I am starting to seethe with rage and Blaze is just laughing and his boys are right there when familiar looking member steps out of the pack and gets in my face.

I barely recognize Tyrell, Bethany's ex from last year with his hair in little dreadlocks. Blaze may be dressed in mostly yellow but his little brother is all black and green with sunglasses of his own. "Back up out Blaze's face. I got something for you, a race," Tyrell tells me firmly.

"You want to race Imelda," I ask confused. "Naw bitch boy, you got two bikes. Pick one and we race," Tyrell tells me backing up as Smitty comes into view. "We got a race challenge, we got money to put down or something else," Smitty announces. "Guy's got five hundred to take on Tyrell," Imelda calls out over the crowd. "I'll cover my brotha's bet," Blaze says pulling out his share of the money. I get Black Sunshine and see Tyrell pull up on a dark green speed bike, we go about getting things set and I get my helmet on as Imelda starts giving me pointers.

"Okay baby you need to be first off the line, keep shifting fast and don't look around just stare straight ahead," She tells me before giving my helmet a kiss. I glance over at Tyrell and see he doesn't use a helmet but that's his call, I focus on the end of the strip where one of the Union guys has ridden down and parked his bike to check and see who crosses first. All my focus is on that one point as Smitty sets up on the line and we're waiting for the go signal. I keep my engine revving and as soon as Smitty lowers his hand something comes across my face and blinds me.

I fall from my bike and hear chaos ensue all around me, people are screaming, someone peeled out without warning, I'm lying on the ground and I am having trouble seeing.

I get stood up and walked somewhere before getting sat down and feel hands pulling off my helmet. "Looks like the helmet took the impact, he's going to have swelling but we need to get his eyes open now so we can see if we need to take him to a hospital.

Someone help me open his eyes," I hear a deep voice say. I shake my hands out of my gloves and grab as much of the tissue around my eye socket I can and pull my eye open, a third hand helps move my eye lids and bright blinding light goes right into my brain.

We stop and repeat the process for the other before someone slaps a freezing pack right on my face. I have to force myself to relax and I'm leaning back as my girls are in the area around me waiting to ask me if I'm okay. "I can hear you thinking," I say getting a chuckle. "Blaze's fucking brother is gonna die for this shit," Imelda growls. "I want to take a testicle for that bullshit," Katy chimes in letting me know that my girls are ready for war.

"Hey Guy can we talk," I hear Blaze ask as my girls spin to face him, I can hear their shoes. "One asshole is as good as his brother," Kori says angry. "Easy ladies I didn't know he was going to pull this bullshit. Nobody is more pissed off than I am," Blaze says on the defensive. "Girls let him through," I say with my head resting back to let the compress do its work," he obviously wants to speak let me hear it." "Thanks Guy, I may clown around but you didn't fucking play me last year with all the bullshit that happened between my crew and Carlos's.

I remember that, I haven't seen my brother race at all and figured he'd go about it like I showed him," Blaze says trying to explain. "You mean busting the other racer in the face isn't usual strategy," I joke with a little pain. "Union is up my ass hard and the Old Man is ready to back you up by beating the fuck out of me and mine if you want it.

I'd hope you're not so pissed at my brother that you're going to take it out on my people too," Blaze says almost pleading for some mercy. I think about my situation, I'll probably be seeing the world by tomorrow if not sooner, I can feel the face swelling being countered by the ice pack or whatever they put on me.

I can't press charges, I could just go to his house tomorrow and beat the fuck out of Tyrell but that puts me in the hot seat and I don't have enough time to plan something and recover before he walls himself up in his house. I hold my hand out and wave for one of my girls, or I hope it's one of my girls to come over and get Rachael in my ear.

"Baby you need something," My little red head asks quietly. "I need the Old Man and Sid if he's here," I say before I feel her kiss my cheek and separate from me," Blaze you stay here, we will settle this now." It's a bit of a wait and I settle in as I hear more people coming over, a chair is set down and I can hear the Old Man groaning as he settles down.

"How's the face kid," Sid asks plainly. "Like I got smacked by a bitch," I reply getting a chuckle. "Okay Guy you got me here now tell me what you want to do about Blaze's people acting like fucking punks," the Old Man says as I can hear the argument starting.

"First off I am going to ask a few questions before I want anything. I asked for you two here so I could keep this as civil as possible. Blaze is your brother part of your crew or does he just hang around," My first question is loaded as fuck but it will set me up for what I figure would be good. "He's my brother, he hangs around sometimes but he doesn't participate normally," Blaze replies. "Other than to smack a racer in the face during what I can assume was both of their first times on the line before riding away from the consequences," Sid says very grumpy about my injury, I'm not sure why.

"Well then whose bike was he on," I ask as Blaze get's really quiet. "It was one of mine, I let him use it sometimes," Blaze answers starting to see where I'm going," I'll bring it back, it's all stock and I have others if that keeps the peace." "It's a start; I want two other things from you Blaze and one from the Union. Tyrell is banned first and foremost, if I pulled this shit I'd expect to be banned," I say getting sounds of approval from everyone there," Second you will bring me back the bike tonight and you will handle your brother, I'll take the bike and an apology from you in lieu of the ass kicking he'll get from me." "I told you I'm sorry about this shit," Blaze says as I cut him off.

"Not for me, you called my fiancés bitches. You kept insulting them in front of me like it was a joke now apologize," I say leaning my head forward a little and keeping the icepack where I need it. "Ladies you don't know me, well Imelda does but I talk a lot. I didn't mean to insult you or this crazy man your marrying," Blaze says actually making me believe him for a change. "Wonderful, now Blaze get your crew take Imelda and get me my bike," I say trying to relax before adding," Imelda don't kill Tyrell." I can hear her get a little disappointed but they all start to walk away as I try to relax.

Sid must have left with them as I can hear the Old Man shifting towards me a little. "Not going for the kill," he asks confused. "I find Tyrell and break his hand then he doesn't get into college. My sister was dating him and he's like the golden boy of his family. Now Blaze is going to out him in front of his mother and I get a new gift to give," I reply to what sounds like acceptance. "You know I'd ban his ass regardless," the Old Man says plainly. "Yeah but I needed to say it since I was the wronged party.

Besides it's not like I was already down the road when he did it. He put me in a hospital and I guarantee you that he'd be dead by start of business Monday," I tell him chuckling. "And how would you do that with your face all messed up," he asks chuckling with me.

"We'd do that," Jun answers quietly," He leads us but he leads by example, hurt me and he comes for you. Hurt him and we come for you." There is a little laughter as I sit around doing fuck all, I tell my girls to go mingle which they do begrudgingly leaving me with Natsuko as a nursemaid.

I wonder what Imelda is going to do? Imelda Sitting in Blaze's fucking truck while his goon squad drives us up to where his brother is at, I honestly think I'm going to stab that kid. Guy's face probably looks worse than it is but after busting the helmet on his face I want to say fuck it and stab the kid. We're on the road for way too long when we finally pull up to a house with the garage door open and a couple guys are sitting around laughing. I get out and hear watch Blaze and his boys take the lead as I hear the second group laughing.

"Fucking Bethany broke up with me so I fuck her brother up. I'm the fucking man around here, whipped the asshole teacher makes rough love his sexy skinny latina student kicked my brother's ass and let my bitch ex know I'm coming for her next year," I hear the little fucker Tyrell say. "T are you stupid, do you know what the fuck you just did back there," Blaze yells getting everyone's attention.

"Yeah bro, I just handled shit you should have taken care of last year. Fuck the old white guys, what the fuck can they do," Tyrell asks as his buddy, they look like jocks stand in his defense.

"You kids sit your asses down," Blaze yells at his brother's friends making them back down. "Fuck that, we don't need this shit," Tyrell says starting to leave when Blaze punches him in the mouth. "Give me my fucking keys, I won't ask nicely next time," Blaze orders his brother while standing over him. "So you fucking turn on your family because some old white men and a rich punk cry about shit," Tyrell says handing over the keys from the ground.

"I should have slapped the fuck out of you months ago. You're out, you've been banned from the races and you owe me for the bike I built that I'm giving to that 'rich punk kid' to save your fucking chances to get a scholarship to college," Blaze tells him before turning back towards me. I watch Tyrell get up and he's pissed off, it takes him a second to get his footing and start after Blaze but I'm the fastest bitch in the area.

I don't know who hears my butterfly knife as I open it up and rush past Blaze and take down the little shit with a step through Guy showed me. He hits the ground hard and I've got the blade against Tyrell's throat and everything has stopped.

"You do not come near my sister in law, not EVER," I growl grabbing the little dreads in my hand and taking my knife saw through them. I get a handful of little nappy dreads before getting up and I can see Tyrell trying to check for blood as I drop them on the driveway and take the bike key's from Blaze. He gets back on his bike and I get on Guy's new one. Fucker has three bikes; we could start a team if I can convince him to move down here permanently.

I get my helmet on and start the bike, engine needs fucking work but it's passable as I head back to the races, I hope I didn't miss a chance to make some money tonight. Guy I finally get the pack off and while my vision is a little blurry it's been over an hour and I hope nothing has happened to Imelda.

Blaze tries to cross me now and I'll burn his fucking house down with his family in it. That feeling crept out of not where but the ring on my hand feels more powerful than it did earlier. Natsuko leads me to Kori who is talking with some girls by the dance floor and I figure to fuck it and try something new. I take her arm and lead her out a few feet startling the crap out of her by the sounds till she figures out it's me. I pull her close and while it's not a super slow song it's slow enough that I'm able keep her close and shuffle my feet as she moves with a lot more grace than I do.

"Baby you don't need to dance with me to do something, we'll keep you company," Kori tells me quietly as she leads me along. "I don't have to go anywhere or do anything, I can barely see but what I can do is hold my fiancé and shuffle my feet," I whisper as we continue to move. I can feel her getting soft as we shuffle about till the music picks up and she leads me away again. Back to the ice pack on my face as I'm a little more public than I was by the sound of people.

I'm sitting there for a bit and when the music slows down after a couple songs I get lead out to the dance area again only this time it's Rachael leading me as we dance slowly. I keep this up while Imelda is gone and discover that Katy and I are about equally bad with dancing as we chuckle about it.

I'm on my second dance with Kori when she pulls away from me then I feel her leading me away from the dance area. We stop and I get sat down on a chair as I hear a bike engine cut out.

"We're back baby, I got the bike but it needs a major fucking tune up," I hear Imelda say. "Everything go okay," I ask since I can't see her. "My little brother wanted to fight me but your girl ended up scalping his ass," I hear Blaze say," I gotta tell you man you're looking better but I think you should head home.

No offense but you still looked fucked up." I nod in agreement, I've been sporting a headache and didn't want to leave but I can't leave all my bikes here. I get put in a car and Matty tells me she'll take care of it as I'm being driven home with Kori and Rachael keeping me contained in the car.

We get home and I can hear engines behind me as I'm lead in the house and as soon as Loretta sees me I'm dragged off to the kitchen and I can hear Mr. Delauter interrogating everyone and I finally have to step bro pounding zoey laine doggystyle while shes eating a pussy the chaos. "STOP!!!! Everyone needs to calm down and let Mom check me out. I will be fine, my girls are fine, the family is fine so for fuck's sake can we please calm down and accept that this has been handled," I shout getting quiet from everyone.

Loretta has an easier time getting my eyes open than we did a few hours earlier and I have to get them flushed. That shit is painful but once that happens she can say for certain that I have nothing in my eyes. I get another cold compress, this one with a strap and there is some giggling at my appearance but I don't care because I'm recovering.

I get lead upstairs and my girls strip me down before helping me into bed, I do a lot of Imelda cuddling tonight for not killing Tyrell. Monday morning however goes a little funnier for me as I get up and slowly make my way out of bed after everyone has probably gone down to eat breakfast I as I take the very girly looking cold mask/pack off and stagger down the stairs.

I'm holding the rail and looking straight ahead blankly as I take each step slowly heading down. I can hear everyone get quiet as I reach the bottom and start to walk across the foyer keeping my hands at waist height like I'm feeling out the area.

I bump the foyer table a little and you can hear my girls start to panic a little, my friends are speechless and in my not so dead gaze I can see Loretta coming towards me from the kitchen. "Guy baby, are you okay? What can you see," She asks concerned. "Mom its okay, I'll have to big ass shemake by shemale used to it," I tell her as she leads me to the dining room.

I get sat down and I can feel a hand on my leg, I sit with my dead gaze focusing on the spot on the table in front of me. A plate of eggs and bacon with pancakes gets set down and I fumble for the fork and knife before aimlessly trying get food. Kori starts to direct me a little and I stop her at one point from trying to take my silverware out of my hands to feed me herself. I barely get through the meal and Loretta decides to break the silence.

"Guy we need to take you into the hospital and let a doctor look at you," She tells me trying to be supportive. "Mom it's worse than it was last night, I don't need a doctor to tell me that I'm going to be like this for a while," I tell them and I can hear everyone start to get very emotional. "Guy we're here for you baby, it's going to be fine," Rachael says trying to be strong emotionally. "Okay people blonde melody star in a hardcore fuck scene to calm down; it's going to be like this for a while.

We all need to get used to it besides we all knew I was kinda ugly," I say standing up and looking around the room," I mean it's not like I'm blind or anything." And I run, very fast out of the dining room and out the backdoors. My girls are hot on my heels but I'm faster and I lead them on a merry chase around the yard laughing while they yell about how I'm in trouble and I'm going to get it.

I finally get cornered by with the pool at my back and they calm down a little until Katy tackles me into the pool. We sputter around and Katy gets out of the pool before me and I get up and sexy gf brutal gang bang via the ladder behind her when I get shoved backwards back in by Mathilda. I surface again and swim to the shallow end before crawling out and walking my soaking wet ass towards the house then the barrage of punches to my back and arms starts, I'm laughing and my girls are hitting me just about everywhere but my face and groin.

I collapse onto a lounge chair and cover up till the hitting stops. "That was mean you asshole," Rachael tells me," We thought you were really blind." "After last night I couldn't help but try to see how long I could get the joke to last. I'm sorry girls," I apologize calming down from my laughing fit. "Well we're calling this even after you work out in spandex again for us here at the house so we can watch," Matty says as they leave me in a huff.

I sit for a few moments when Loretta comes out and I can tell she has riot act on her mind. I stop her by walking up and smiling big before pouting a little. "I'm sorry mommy, I was bad," I say chuckling to myself. "I'd spank you but I happen to know five women who'd do a better job of it," Loretta says before finally calming down. We settle in at the house and I agree to wear the spandex on my workout for a half hour as my girls take pictures and video.

Our day is pretty normal with talking about school coming up in well over a month, Imelda is moving back with us which is a great bit of news. My eyes are bloodshot but aside from Imelda working on the new bike and my girls are going over things when an interesting question comes up. "So what do you think we should do about the third bike," Imelda asks putting a part back together while Mark Jr. is checking something on the engine.

"Honestly can't ride them all and you hate the damn thing Imelda," I say as she nods a bit in agreement. "Yeah it's alright but it's not my baby," my Latina tells me as my girls come around bringing snacks. "What are we talking about," Kori asks as she hands me a sandwich. "Guy is figuring out what to do with his new bike," Mark says as he and Imelda put the part back in. I let them check and start the engine which to Imelda's ears sounds a lot better. It's sit on it and get a feel for it a bit before killing the engine.

The tune up did wonders and I'm ejaculation faciale pour les randonneurs couple amateur fr voyeurisme and francaise around the bike when I shrug and continue eating my sandwich. "Well what do we call the bike," Rachael asks.

I listen to the list of names they come up with and I have the keys in my hand and I'm really thinking when a wonderful idea hits me that puts a big smile on my face. The girls are coming up with ideas for the color when I interrupt. "I'm thinking green still but brighter, black and like neon green. Maybe some skull decals," I tell them as they kind of look at me oddly save for Katy and Imelda. "That actually sounds fucking hot baby," Katy says almost purring at my suggestions. "I'd hope so, it's your bike," I tell her giving her the keys and sitting down.

"Wait my what, what is my&hellip. my bike&hellip.," Katy says as the girls freeze and even Mark is staring a hole through me in surprise. "You graduated high school on time, you need your own vehicle, and I can't drive every bike.

Honestly you deserve it and I think it'll look really good with your ass on it," I tell her before I get tackled to the ground by happy punk fiancé. Once I get her off me and I get standing again I'm showered with a bit more affection from all my girls and Imelda goes through figuring out how she'll make this bike a little better for Katy.

My earlier joke now being forgotten save for the guys saying it was funny. I heal over the next few days and Imelda and Mark are having fun working on the bike in the garage. Apparently if I have three bikes I'm allowed to have one be shitty but if Katy has a new bike it has to be brilliant.

Not sure how that works but Imelda and Katy have it down at her old shop tweaking it up a bit more. I find myself alone at home for the most part. My girls and Loretta are out doing some sort of future event shopping, probably wedding stuff but I have already stated I will finish high school first then we can be married. Mr. Delauter already went through the legalize to make sure I don't get in trouble with the law; I'm not worried that much about it honestly.

In reality I am spending my day at the TV down stairs when I get the impression that I'm being watched, I look around and see a bit of ginger hair poking from around the couch. I grin a little and decide to end the game. "Hi Hanna, been busy," I ask not looking away from the TV.

"Yes and no, I've been helping and Natsuko and I are having fun some days but after the Ben thing on the way down I've been lonely," Hanna tells me sitting down on the couch.

"Do we need to go find you a new girl to play with," I ask being playful. "No I want to see if after getting a bit used to fucking Ben on the way down if you can fuck me better than Katy did with a strap on a few nights back," Hanna tells me as I stare at her a little. "Katy with a strap on," I ask wondering when I missed this. "She crept desirable babes in fishnet stockings do sixtynine on Natsuko and I one day and got really aggressive and decided to give us a good fucking, apparently you had fucked her really hard the day before along with the rest of the girls," Hanna tells me being very coy on pulling her knees up on the couch and looking at me like she's going to pounce.

A pale white girl with shoulder length curly ginger hair and b cup breasts in place behind a pair of short gym shorts and her team jersey making a case to get in my pants is a nice change. We've only hooked up a few times but never alone.

I see her debating on tackling me when I get up and shut the TV off with no warning. I'm out of the room and see she has a disappointed look on her face as I turn and smile. "You'd rather do this on the couch instead of the bed that you can lose people on in my room," I ask still smiling.

I rush up the stairs and Hanna is after me quick as I get in my room and she comes bounding towards me and I close the door after us. I waste no time lifting her up by her ass and kiss her deep, she's moaning at me a little as her arms wrap around my neck and her legs around my waist.

I get us to the bed and we crawl up it sporadically kissing as we move up the bed. We break apart to strip each other out of our clothes and I move to my back pulling Hanna on top of me kissing her again lightly. "Can I ask for girlfriend treatment," Hanna says as I pause and look at her oddly," Kori said that I should ask her for her girlfriend treatment." I roll her over to her back, if it's Kori and girlfriend treatment means that I need to take some time with this. I kiss her once gently on the lips before slowly sliding down Hanna's body and kiss her softly all the way.

I get to her hips and discover something very different, Hanna hasn't been shaving. It's a nice curly bush and the change actually has me intrigued as I lower my face in between her legs and smell her warm musk.

I take a few tentative licks with my tongue before gently licking her slit while alternately sucking on her clit. Hanna is groaning and rolling her hips into my waiting mouth slowly.

I look up and see her gently caressing her breasts, I double my efforts working over her pussy with my mouth and the extra speed makes her moaning get a little louder. It doesn't take Hanna long to start to shake a little as a mild orgasm sweeps through her body and I smile while keeping the feeling going till she starts to whimper a little. "Are you ready for more," I ask removing my face from her hips.

"I don't need to do you," She asks a little dazed. "Fun fact, natural things you can eat to get an erection includes pussy," I tell her getting a giggle as I crawl up her body.

I get myself up face to face with Hanna and feel her hand pulling me towards her entrance; I push lightly and get in thanks to some of her own lubrication and my rigid member. She's still very tight but she adjusts to me as I slide down till I have nothing left to give and she wraps her legs around my thighs and holds me in place.

Our heads are next to each other as I feel her nibble on my ear a little which makes my member jump a little inside her. I feel her loosen around my body everywhere except for her warm folds as I back up a little and push back in.

Hanna moans lightly and I start to take slow short thrusts into her while kissing her neck. Hanna doesn't move against me like most of my girls do but it does give me time to feel her tightness and enjoy the simple warmth that she's wrapped me in. I'm keeping my pace slow and methodical as I can feel her soften even more and he body becomes used to my repeated thrusting. I speed up a little more and Hanna is pawing slutty brunette ex girlfriend nikki hearts getting fucked doggystyle my back frantically and I smile as I can feel her clamp down on me before her body starts uncontrollably bucking against me and she loudly whimpers as her orgasm rips through her.

I smile and let her calm down when I hear something else and decide to pay attention. "Oh my god that is hot," Rachael says surprising the shit out of me and less so out of Hanna as she's still in recovery.

"Honey are you all back," I ask as Hanna shakes a little beneath me. "No I got a ride home, I was hoping to catch you alone but someone beat me to it," Rachael says crawling onto the bed so I can see her. I see Rachael wearing some very new lingerie, it's a simple set save for the fact that it's semitransparent and pale blue.

I feel my cock jump a little inside Hanna who starts shaking a little more and gently pushes me out of her. I back up and relax, I was starting to get close when Rachael moves over and while sitting next to me starts to give me a deep kiss. I can feel her hand stroking me a little and it's enough to make me growl a little as I blonde lesbian kristen scott sits on chloe couture face while she licks her pussy pornstar and reali feel Rachael smile while we kiss.

"So you were taking it easy on her because I have a present for you," Rachael says as I feel my member get really warm. I break our kiss and see that Rachael has been rubbing me down with lube; I'm not sure what is going on until I watch Rachael crawl away from me a little bit and slowly pull her panties down off her ass seductively.

She has a very cute ass and considering I'm already pretty hard it's a nice thing she's here because Hanna looks a bit worn out as I see her lying contentedly watching Rachael. Rachael get's her bra off as well and moves onto her hands and knees wiggling her ass seductively, I line up behind her pussy and watch her head turn around and give me a strange look.

"Guy this is a present for you. I know the girls have done a lot and there are times I wish I could do things they can so now I want you," Rachael tells me leaning up while reaching behind her and taking me in hand. "God I want you too Rachael," I tell her as I can feel her pull me against her hole but I'm feeling something different.

I look down and see that I'm pressed against her ass; my mind goes a little blank for a moment before I get the whole deal. Lube, present, she wants something more. I prop her ass up and line my cock head up with her asshole, I feel movement and see Hanna move over to Rachael lying on her side facing her and taking her hand.

I slowly push my cock head against her ass, even with the lube it's fighting me and I almost want to stop when I can see Rachael start nodding for me to keep trying. It takes a bit of effort but I marvel as I watch her asshole slowly give way and my head breach her for the first time in her life.

Rachael's entire body locks up and I can hear her whimper a little. I watch as Hanna's free hand moves down under Rachael's hips and I can feel her start rubbing her clit. I don't push in for a bit to let my sweet little Rachael get used to it when she surprises me by backing her ass onto me a little bit. It's only two inches but half of that was her doing, I grip her hips in my hand and slowly continue pushing my cock deeper into her ass.

I'm going slowly till I hit the bottom and my hips rest against her ass. "Oh god I'm full, this feels so weird," Rachael groans as I rest inside her.

We sit there as she adjusts to the size of me when I feel her groan and start to pull away from me, I think she's tried it enough but she backs up a little and is still groaning as she takes me slowly and carefully. I stop her from moving and move for her giving her two to three inches of movement in slow gentle strokes.

I thought Rachael was tight and sensitive the first time we were together but now she's responding with every single move by groaning and gripping the bed or Hanna's hand tightly as I give her more and more. It takes a bit longer but I can hear her groaning in discomfort turn to moaning of pleasure and I start to speed up a little bit. "Guy can I say something to you and have understand the mood I'm in right now," Rachael says as I stop and pay attention to her," FUCK ME HARD!" I'm a little shocked but it's a major turn on to have the sweet innocent Rachael tell me how hot she is and I push her down till she's flat against the bed with my hips resting on her ass as I grind my cock deep into her.

We lock fingers together with both hands and Hanna pulls back to watch us. I take my start from this position slowly backing up and then slamming my cock up her ass in short but deep thrusts. We're both moaning as I proceed to violate her now not so innocent little ass slamming harder and taking deeper strokes in and out of Rachael's ass. I see her turn her head to look up at me and I lean down and grunt into her shoulder kissing up her neck, tits in a pornstar is always good with shae summers jaw and finally ending on her lips.

We kiss briefly as I watch Rachael's eyes shut and her body start to shake a little in an orgasm, I feel a bit proud as I made her cum the first time in her ass but that get's swept away for the moment as my orgasm catches me out of nowhere and I proceed to cum hard and deep filling her with my seed.

We grind and groan against each other riding out our feelings before I collapse onto her back barely keeping my weight off her fully. It takes me a while but I roll off of Rachael and breathe as I hear her mumbling something to Hanna who get's dressed and heads out of the room.

I watch Rachael who turns to face me and smiles big. "I did it," She says feeling very proud of herself. "You didn't have to but thank you," I reply smiling myself. "I've been preparing for that for a little bit now and I finally have one over on Kori and Matty," Rachael says with a little bit of wicked in her voice.

"Not a competition," I tell her as Hanna comes back in with a couple wet cloths and an ice pack. We clean up, and by we I mean Hanna helps Rachael clean up and I clean myself. We get Rachael dress a little bit and once the ice pack goes on she's moaning lightly in a bit of a confusion as to whether or not this will help as she lays on her stomach and we three watch some TV.

Its a couple hours before the rest of the girls get home and none of them notice at first until Katy sees the ice pack. "YOU DID NOT," Katy exclaims excitedly. "I did, just like you told me to get ready for it too," Rachael replies smiling.

"She did what," Mathilda asks confused. "She gave up her virgin card to Guy, she's done it all with him now," Katy tells them only to see they are confused," she let Guy fuck her in her ass." "And he came too," Rachael adds as Katy cuddles up to her in praise. My girls are more than a little stunned and I can see Kori and Matty are a little disheartened by the knowledge that Rachael gave me the only virginity she could before they thought to or even tried. I step out of the room and motion for the both of them to follow.

I just get to the hall and they are both looking at me a little funny. "Okay you two let me give you some inside information. This is not a competition and I don't want everyone doing shit because they want do something the others won't or don't," I say as both girls look a little ashamed. "I didn't know if it was expected or not," Matty says quietly.

"I love you girls for your differences. Katy, Imelda, and now Rachael may do that with me but honestly it's their choice," I say before thinking a second and clarifying," Well Imelda and Rachael it's a choice, sometimes with Katy it's what she prefers.

The point is I love that every time I'm with each of you it's special because of who you are, not what you do." I see they both accept what I have said as the truth, and it's true.

It's new and unique to have Rachael push herself give up her last hole to me for the first time but I never demanded or felt she was required to do it. We all settle back into the room and while I'd consider cuddling Rachael tonight Katy is not letting her go. I do however get a fake pouty Matty in my arms and I rub her back to calm her as we drift off to sleep. The next few days have me a little busy just having fun, working out and generally having a good time.

I'm feeling good consistently when late afternoon on Thursday I get a text message telling me to leave the house on foot and not to bring my phone. I wonder as to what is going on but I double check and see it's an unknown number and figure that I'll need to be ready for anything incase I'm being set up.

I tell Kori that I have to head out on business and she gives me a wary eye. "Baby you've done enough, you need to be safe for us," She tells me nervously. "What I do now isn't dangerous unless you are against me, and I do this to give someone a chance. After today everyone will be safer down here and maybe I'll even get a chance to take you on a long ride and a picnic," I tell her putting my coat on. "A picnic, just us girls and you," Kori asks hopeful.

"I promise, hell we'll do it tomorrow and I promise no phones or even friends. Just our family," the words get out of my mouth just long enough to get a hard kiss from Kori. "Our family, I love the sound of that," She tells me as I head out the front door. I get out of the gate in front and see a van idling down the street to my left; I immediately take a right and start walking. Sure enough I can hear the van start to move and while I'm not speeding up they are gaining on me until its right next to me.

I watch the sliding door open and I hop in with a little help and see a Devil's Best vest on the driver and another on the biker who helped me into the van. The trip takes us longer than I'd expect and when I see we've left the city I know I've been gone for a bit too long. We're well out of town and on dirt roads when I realize that I won't be back for dinner and steel myself for what might be coming next.

When we finally stop and I am allowed out I can see every biker here is Devil's Best, not a single Union man is here. I get lead through and see Sid standing next to his bike and when he sees me I get a smile for a moment before his face takes a determined look. "I'm here for Jim; he can't be involved in this," Sid informs me as I nod in acceptance," Regardless of what happens we'll support you." "How bad are we talking," I ask.

"He's about a half hour behind you, we grabbed him from home," Sid tells me like we're talking about a game score or a dinner plan. "Okay well I need four things," I give him the list and see his face change to one with a little confusion. I get all four and wait patiently sitting cross legged on the ground. I can tell that our guest is running late and while it doesn't seem to bother Sid I'm very anxious. I haven't gone face to face with anyone like this since Derek.

Kyle was a fight, a plain and simple fight but now I'm looking at life and death. I knew when I saw Derek with the knife it was him or me, now it's going to be live or die. Worst part is it's not my decision. It's well past dinner time back at the house when a car pulls up and two of Sid's men get out without their vests on and open the trunk. I watch from my seat on the ground as I see them drag a person towards me with their hands bound behind their back and a black bag over their hand towards Sid.

They put him on his knees and I can hear him start to panic a little as Sid removes the bag. "Welcome to Hell boy, you have fucked with the wrong girl and while her family loves her so much they couldn't see themselves harming the man responsible for bringing more pain on her than she deserves," Sid says before turning from welcoming to sinister," I on the other hand have no problem chaining each of your limbs to a motorcycle here and watching as my men pull you apart." "Oh god please don't hurt me," Steven says scared out of his mind.

"See this is where we have a problem, you've been promised to another," Sid says as I stand up and walk over. "Oh fuck, not you. why are you doing this to me," Steven asks worried about his future. "You did this Steven, you hurt my friend. I warned you and you just couldn't be bothered to be a man when it came time to and now we find ourselves here," I explain to Steven who looks up at me scared and defeated," Stand up, we're going for a walk." "Where are we going," Steven asks nervous.

I take the pistol that Sid gave me, a simple nine millimeter, but to Steven it's sexy tiffany having outdoor fuckwatch more on teencamscom end of the world as I point it at him and motion for him to walk away from Sid and his people.

"I'll only need the car if that's alright, I have to get back home somehow," I ask before Sid hands off the keys to me. I wave lightly with the pistol and grab the shovel from my spot on the ground and the lantern as I follow Steven off into the nearby woods. It's not like up in Washington with thick tree cover, more like sparse trees and a little foliage on the ground as we wander. I'm humming to myself and can see that Steven's hands are zip tied together. We get a good distance away and when I tell Steven to stop and take the knife Sid gave me out and cut his hands free.

Steven rubs his sore wrists as I toss the shovel at his feet and keep the pistol trained on him. "Now Steven you dig," I order him leaning against a tree. I can see the fear flowing off of him and I watch as he gets his clothing dirty while digging, his slacks and nice polo shirt covered in the earth. It starts to get a little dark as I see he's dug down to his ass and the length of the hole is enough to hold a person in it easily, just what I'm looking for. "Okay Steven, get out of the hole," I tell him as I take the shovel and let him get out.

He starts to walk away from the hole but I grab him by the shoulder and walk him till he's on the edge with his back to it. I take a few steps back and he finally realizes he's dug his own grave. Steven is almost cried out but still manages to find the ability to plead to me a little more. "I don't even know your name and you're going to just shoot me and bury me in the woods," Steven blabbers out in between sobs. "My name is Guy," I tell him as he looks at me confused," It really is, I warned you about Jackie's new family.

Why couldn't you just listen to me, I didn't want it to come to this but you leave me no choice." "I'm not ready, I don't know how ready she is but she's not even out of high school. I didn't see her making it on her own and it's better to end the pregnancy now then after the baby is born and we can't feed it or take care of it properly," Steven explains trying to justify his point.

"You didn't care that she was living on the street. Over a month the mother of your child lived on the street alone and cold till I came along and had to save her. I had to save the woman carrying your child," I yell at him gesturing with the pistol. "I was being selfish and stupid, I can see that now," Steven says still pleading. "You didn't care, then I get her safe and back to her family and you decide to confront her and impose your bullshit rights as a father and claim that killing the baby is the best thing.

No real father would ever think that killing his child was for the best," I continue my yelling hitting all the points that make me despise him. "I'm sorry, all I want now is to apologize to Jackie," Steven blubbers out crying," I was a piece of shit to her and her family. I shouldn't have left her but I was scared." "You know what pisses me off the most? After we saw you at the fair and you got your balls squeezed by Vicki you still had the gall to break into Jackie and Vicki's new place and smash up all her baby stuff," I tell him as he looks up at me assparade cristal caraballo worthshiping cristals enormous ass. "I did what," Steven asks confused.

"Don't play dumb with me. You broke into their first floor apartment and smashed up all the baby stuff then tried to break down her bed before running from the cops," I am lying about the details but I want to see what he does. "I don't know where Jackie lives, I didn't break anyone's property," Steven says confused," I didn't know she had a first floor apartment." I am a really good judge of people, after being set up and betrayed a couple times I have to be. Sad thing is Steven is telling the truth, dammit.

He didn't go after Jackie at her place which leaves me with a question as to who did what. I switch gears and go to plan B. "I can see you didn't break into Jackie's apartment Steven, it's written all over your face," I tell him as his confusion goes into overdrive," Also she's on the third floor, not the first." "Wait you believe me," Steven asks confused.

"Yeah, you've been a piece of shit to Jackie but I can tell just by our conversation you didn't break into Jackie's place," I tell him lowering the pistol.

"But why are you doing this to me," Steven asks calming down. "Judgment, people thought you did it and I requested that it be me to judge you. You did shitty things and were an asshole to a point that I don't even touch but as stupid as you got you didn't break in and deserve the wrath of her family. No crime so you walk," I tell him as I can see him relax a little.

"You really were going to kill me," He asks plainly. "To protect my friend and her child, yes," I reply before taking the situation up a notch," Here man, hold this for me." I hand Steven the pistol by the slid with the grip facing him. He's skeptical but slowly takes it from me and I turn on him grabbing the shovel and the lantern when I hear a light click. I pause and grab the knife in my coat and wait, now we see about Steven's honor. I can almost hear him thinking when his voice reaches me.

"You left the safety off," Steven says quietly," That could have been dangerous handing it to me right?" "Could have been," I say turning and see him cupping the pistol in his hands," Never held one before." "Seen a few, oldnanny horny teen and fat mature play bdsm strapon and lesbian the basics I guess but it's not me," He says as I finish gathering my stuff and taking the pistol from him gently.

As I start to walk back with Steven he offers to take the shovel and we talk a little. I explain that people are still mad at him but I'll smooth it over as long as he stays away from Jackie. We get in sight of the car when he asks me a question I never thought I'd hear from him. "How do I stop being the man everyone looks down on? I made some bad choices with Jackie and I just don't know what to do," Steven asks as we load up the meager gear in the trunk of the car.

"Do your parents still live in town," I ask curiously. "No, I'm staying at my uncle's place rent free while he's in a nursing home. My parents live on the other side of the state and I can't stand them," Steven admits as we get in the car. "I think what you need to do is move back home, tell your parents that you are being a fuck up and need their help getting your head out of your ass," I tell him honestly," You live off someone else and do nothing to make yourself better.

You need to get some college under your belt." "You really think more school will help me," He asks as I start the engine and head back into town. "I think you don't want to try to support a family, if you get the chance to have one in the future mind you, on a mall food court paycheck," I tell him as we head back. The drive is long and I stop at Jackie and Vicki's place first without telling Steven who slept most of the way.

I wake him up and tell him we have people to see. We get up the stairs and I knock on the door, it takes a second but Vicki opens and smiles towards me before I pull Steven's dirty self into view and she immediately scowls. "He needs to speak to Jackie," I tell Vicki who nods lightly and steps away from the door. I don't let Steven cross the threshold into the apartment as we wait a minute, Jackie comes out of her room confused and seeing me there with a dirty Steven she suspects something a bit more sinister than she asked me to do concerning him.

"What is going on here," Jackie asks as Vicki watches close behind her. "Jackie I am not ready to be a dad, I milf teaching daughter to suck massive cock even finish school to get a stupid degree in a class that I've been taking for over a year. I was scared and I said and did everything but the right thing, I don't want you to forgive me because I had to learn the hard way what a piece of shit I was to you.

You have a good life and raise your child to be better than I was. If I'm lucky one day I can come see you both with Guy's permission," Steven confesses and it impresses me a little.

"Steven I'll take care of my child just fine, what are you going to do," Jackie asks stoically. "I'm moving back with my parents, try to finish school and do something with myself," Steven says quietly," Maybe someday I can forgive myself and then I can ask you for the same." Jackie nods and I can see she feels really sad right now but this is the best thing for him. I let them say their goodbyes and they actually say they'll keep in contact before Vicki and separate them by me taking him down the stairs as she closes the door.

"Are you going to kill me now," Steven asks quietly. "No, I'm taking you home so you can pack and get out of town. Steven I don't like you, give me a reason to let you see Jackie ever again someday. Otherwise don't ever come near her again or you won't be given a chance to explain," I tell him as we head to his place.

I get him home and leave with no words, I feel better about myself and as I drop off the car and equipment to Sid's people and get a ride home in one of the vans. I'm back at the house and I wave to Loretta in the kitchen who sees me and knows something is wrong but I'm not in a mother/son mood right now as I head up stairs. My women along with Hanna and Natsuko are all sprawled out on the bed watching a movie. Everyone perks up at my presence but I don't look at them, I simply grab a towel and head into the bathroom to shower.

Water is good because it helps me relax and think; I'm doubting everything I just did and reliving the whole thing over and over again. I'm so distracted that I don't notice Imelda entering the bathroom until she's naked and in the shower with me. All she does is hold me from behind for a little bit while I let the water run down us. I finally pull her in front of me and hold her for a while when she decides to ask me what happened.

I tell her everything; she tenses when I mention giving her the pistol but relaxes when I tell her what he didn't do with it. Finally after I dump everything out she turns in my arms and gives me a soft kiss. "You are a hard man, but you are a good man and you did the right thing. Killing him wasn't the best thing and you were the best judge for that. You know that and when the rest of them find out they will understand too," Imelda tells me cuddling into my chest.

We hold each other aidra fox syren de mer hard call a little longer before finishing my rinse off and exiting the shower. We get dressed and I can tell she's concerned with something and finally my staring at her causes her to finally bring it up. "Okay hot sex steffi moers kayser did the right thing but you gave him the gun.

Why give someone who thinks you are going to kill them a gun then turn you back on them," Imelda asks confused. "Because the gun wasn't loaded," I tell her as I watch her face go from confused to shocked," Had he tried anything with it like shooting me in the back I would have killed him right there regardless of whether or not he broke into Jackie's place." I can see Imelda smile at my planning and devious nature as we head back to our room.

The girls brighten a little at me and crawl into bed and cuddle up to Kori who has me rest my head on her chest for a change. I feel free, I wonder if it's because there is nothing left happening or if I've finally come to that corner in life where the bullshit can't follow you for a while. Either way I need to enjoy it and figure out what to do for the rest of my vacation.

Part 13 My life in Texas has gotten quiet over the past two weeks and we're down to the beginning of August and my girls and friends are looking at our last bit of time in Texas. We're planned to head back in thirteen days and my personal life has taken itself to new highs. No problems lurking in the background that are going to creep up and slap my good mood for a change.

The biggest thing that we had to deal with was that Devin, Ben and I went to pay Steven a visit. He was scared at first but we weren't there to do anything, we actually helped him pack up. He stuck with the decision to go back to his parents and get his head on straight; I gave him a message from Jackie with her number so they could keep in contact. She's trying to be nice and begged me to make sure he had it. Watching the guy leave in his car for the other half of the state was a good thing.

I got harassed a little by the Old Man about my softer approach but his new granddaughter stopped that in its tracks and talked with him about it. Biggest thing that we're fussing with is Loretta and the fact that blond milf loves his big thick cock doesn't want her baby and his future wives to go back to Washington. She's happy enough that I came back but it's getting hard for her considering how much time she wasted.

I decide that something needs to be done and figure a couple days doting over her should be a good thing for us. Sure enough Monday morning when everyone is milling about to go have fun or even get themselves prepped for school, read Jun doing all our class scheduling for Senior year, when I show up in one of the silk shirts she bought me and a clean decent pair of jeans.

I have left my coat behind in my room and my girls already know what's happening as I sit down at the counter. "What are we doing today Mom," I ask leaning forward as she is finishing a plate for me. "I have to go back to the girls homes and get the weekend paperwork done, and then it's off to see about taking over some soup kitchens that have fallen into no funding thanks to their main benefactor facing murder charges," Loretta says half heartedly. "Great so when do we leave," I ask noting she still hasn't fully got my point yet.

"I'll be heading out around ten dear, have any big plans for the day," She asks me as my girls start to chuckle," What's so funny?" "Mrs. Delauter he's going with you for a couple days," Kori says as Loretta looks confused. "Honey you don't need to come with me it's just work," Loretta says trying to give me an out that I don't want.

"Mom I have spent two months down here and we deserve luz de calle 7 desnuda week of bonding, I'm not saying we'll be around each other all day and night but we can at least do some fun things during your days. Unless you don't want to be seen with your son anymore," I say with mock sadness and a big pout. "For the love of god boy stop that, of course I want to go and spend time with you," She says as we finish out breakfast.

Heading into town with my mother in her car and not on my bike is different. I get to spend my time looking around and taking notice of things, first stop are the two soup kitchens that she's working on getting more funding for.

I get to see her really work, no petitions or leaflets telling people to help donate. She simply finds the people with money and shows them what they should be doing to help the world around them and after a few times people are beginning to listen. Going to the girls homes is a bit more interesting being her son I get a little bit of leeway to move around and talk to the girls there, a lot have questions for me about me, some about Jackie for those that knew her.

We get through Monday and Tuesday easily enough but its Wednesday and we're sitting in her office when someone decides to play Asshole the Home Edition. I get up to listen to a guy a little older than I just rifling off profanity at one of the other workers.

Loretta gets up from her desk and heads out to calm the guy down but I'm not too happy with her doing that and decide to follow her. "Motherfucking bitches need to get Stacy's ass out her right fucking now," He's a Latino gentleman; I use the word loosely, with a denim jacket.

"Excuse me son but you need to lower your voice and lose the profanity right now," Loretta has her official voice out. "Bitch fuck you," he says turning towards her. I'm on my phone and text Carlos with a 9-1-1 and all hands message. I get an eta and know that I need to buy some time. I watch one of the other workers grab a phone to call the police but I give her a head shake of no and she slowly puts it down as I smile.

"What the fuck are you smiling at white boy," my new Latino friend asks finally noticing me. "Girls could you please go upstairs and make sure that Stacy stays right where she is where interracial bbc slut simony diamond assfucked &interracial bbc slu tube porn safe, and don't forget to lock the door behind you? Mom could you get everyone into the offices and lock the door please," I ask calmly horny slut savannah secret with kendra star the people around me.

Loretta starts clearing the hallway and I can see people locking the doors but watching out of a few office windows at the two of us. I very calmly take off my button up shirt and start stretching a little as he stares at me wondering and confused.

"Three things, one if Stacy wanted to be with you she'd have come down and it's rude of you to overstay your welcome. Two, when you decide to start raising your voice at the people inside a building that is meant to be a safe place someone has to make sure that the people feel safe again," I explain to the kid but he interrupts. "What you think you're going to stop me," he gets the last word out of his mouth as I slap him like a bitch. "It's rude to interrupt people but since you asked yes I am.

And third on our list, Nobody talks to my mother that way," I state as he is recovering from his slap. He starts to square up like he's going to box me but his stance is too narrow and his fists are too far apart. I actually smile at him and chuckle a little; some people need to pay for undue aggression and just plain rudeness.

I let two wild haymakers come flying past me and easily get out of the way of both before stepping past him on the second one and bumping him off balance.

I let him stagger a bit and he's more cautious this time trying his hand at a few jabs that I slap away before he really ups his arsenal and attempts a very bad front high kick at my head. I catch the foot and duck before launching a fist into his testicles. I let the leg go and watch him collapse on the ground scrambling to back away from me when he decides to piss me off and pull a folding knife out.

"Really, you tried everything you had and now you're going to try your skills with a knife," I ask a little offended. "Fuck you," the retort of the ages comes out of his mouth as he lunges towards me. I side step the blade on the outside of his arm and grab his wrist in one hand and bring my fist up into his under arm partially separating his shoulder. I can hear the knife clatter to the ground as I bring my fist up again fully separating the shoulder and filling the hallway with his screams.

I let him collapse to the ground before kicking the knife away down the corridor. "Where is your wallet," I ask plainly.

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I watch him try to get it from his back pocket and reach past him pulling the wallet free. I see he has some money but what I'm really checking for is his ID, Cristos Alfonse Lopez.

I keep the ID handy and put his wallet in his good hand before putting my shirt on and waiting. It's about ten minutes when the open lobby fills with Carlos and about eight of his people. "Carlos thank you for coming," I greet him looking up from Cristos," Do you know him?" "No man he's not familiar, and he isn't with a crew," Carlos says eyeing up the guy and noting the knife on the floor.

"Well his name is Cristos, he decided that he was going to start bossing around the women here," I tell Carlos who plays at a level of mock shock. "No, how could a person act like that to decent women," Carlos says as his boys snicker. "It gets worse, he called my mother a bitch and told her to fuck herself," those words get out of my lips and the mock surprise turns to a more serious tone.

"Boys pick this piece of," Carlos stops and notes the women nearby," Crap up and put him in the car." "Take him to whatever church he goes to and have tell the priest to call his family, let them know what happened and that he was threatening women," I tell Carlos who relays the message to his people. "Honey are you okay," Loretta says coming out of her office," Hello Carlos." "Heya Mrs.

D it's good to see you," Carlos says being polite. "Come by for dinner tonight," Loretta invites him and he nods in acceptance. I let my friend leave and slowly the girls come out of the rooms and look around. A head count is done and everyone seems to be okay thankfully. I settle down but I have a few girls watching me either wary that I might do something or because they are interested in me, not sure which. We get through the remainder of the paperwork and Loretta decides to take me out to lunch, so far we've ordered in but this seems different as we get sat down in a IHOP and once we order I can tell I'm about to get a motherly lecture.

"Guy what you did was reckless and could have got a lot of people hurt or worse," Loretta says getting into lecture mode. "Maybe but someone needed to do something," I reply keeping calm. "The police, Guy, that is why we call the police," She tells me with some authority. "The police have a response time of four to six minutes depending on where you are in the city.

He had a knife, how many people could he hurt in four to six minutes," I ask but she's in mother mode. "That's not the point, you don't have to stand up and be a shield for everyone in the world," Loretta says trying to plead her case. "No I'm not I did these three gorgeous girls drilled hard hardcore and massage to protect you and the people around you, you are my mother. I will not let anyone threaten you and he did," I tell her firmly," I don't care where they come from if you come after my family I will stop them, it's just that simple." "You can't do that all the time Guy, I can't stand to see you hurt," She says getting a little emotional.

"Mom I love you," My words actually stop her for a moment," I do, you are better to me than I deserve and it's not because of guilt or missed time it's because I'm your boy.

I will always be your boy but I will not stop being the man that I choose to be, and that man doesn't let people get hurt if he can do something about it." Loretta is smiling, it's a sad smile at first but there is some pride in there and we get her tears wiped as we have breakfast for lunch. We've both settled down as we head back and get more of her work done. I'm a little help but mostly we talk about different subjects and go over my college plans, I explain everything I want out of college and she gives me a frown.

"Guy your college days don't sound like they will be fun," Loretta tells me plainly," You're planning on not living in the dorms, no partying, and no dating.

Just nice beauteous girl cant live without dong in her anal and home." "Yep, that's what I'm looking at.

Classes and five women who make partying pointless since I'm thinking about a wedding ceremony the summer after graduation," I tell her as she brightens to the idea. "That makes a lot more sense, getting all your things taken care of now so that you can enjoy your life with the girls.

Will I be coming to the wedding," Loretta asks as I nearly choke on a drink of water. "If you don't you have to answer to me and my new wives after the fact and I better see you at graduation too," I tell her in a mock demanding tone.

We laugh and finish out Wednesday with a family dinner plus Carlos who is there for Abigail. It's a moment that I can keep where everyone is at the same table and for once we don't have some giant task that is weighing over us.

I wake up Thursday and head out with Loretta like planned and return about three in the afternoon when I get a message that I never expected, it's Lana. She texts me to let me know that I should be ready for a date, I gather from her text that she's in town and show Katy who starts cackling with delight.

I ask for the details about where I should pick up my date from in text and get the location of a small motel in town and am told pick up is at six, which gives me three hours to prepare.

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I spend the first bit of my time to prepare by lounging and chatting with Jun about school. My girls are concerned but I barely need thirty minutes, a shower and pick clothing is about it for me.

However getting out of the shower and finding that busty babe gets fucked senseless hardcore blowjob clothing has been big booty teen blonde fucks for cash for you is a nice change as Rachael and Kori are waiting for me.

"Well expect you back tomorrow by noon at the latest, be gentle with her and make it special. She did come down here to be with her hero," Kori tells me with a wicked smirk. "Something funny love," I ask smiling back. "Other people seeing you as a hero, we just see you as being yourself," Kori informs me as Rachael smiles with her. They put me in a button up black shirt and slacks with my boot and my leather hooded jacket.

My women love to dress me and thankfully they don't like me in pink or I'd walk naked. I am handed keys for one of the cars but I shake it off and get a smile from my girls and a quick kiss before hopping on Pale Horse and heading off towards my date. It takes me very little time and I show up just past six and pull in next to an older station wagon with a roof rack and bags inside for traveling.

I get to the right door and knock a little; I'm greeted by someone I did not expect. She's standing about 5'4", nicely tanned skin with light brown hair to her shoulders; everything about her is perky save for the D cup breasts being held in by her bra and the buttons on her top. Add to that a roundish face and brown eyes and I'd tell you she was cute, until she opened her mouth. "Oh are you the guy that Lana is going to be fucking tonight, the so called savior," She gets out already I don't like the bitch.

"Yep I'm also the guy who will let you know that leaving your luggage in the car will get it broken into and then your stuff gets stolen," I reply pointing at the vehicle. "Fucking wonderful, well come on and help me pencil dick," She says pushing past me and I reluctantly follow her to the car.

I help unload the bags and bring them in the room, I am carrying five and she's got an overnight bag in her hand. I get them all set down and can hear someone, god I hope its Lana, in the bathroom. The roommate aka bitchface doesn't even bother to thank me as she goes back one of the two beds in the room and sits down good morning lets fuck in the ass her laptop and headphones.

I sit and wait in the chair and after a few moments Lana comes out of the bathroom, all 5'7" and thin build but she's clad in a pair of stylish women slacks in cream color and a button up off white blouse. Her hair is simple and her near full Arabic features require very little makeup. Her seeing me inside her room has thrown her game off a little and now she's embarrassed.

"Oh no I dressed like a tomboy, I need to wear a skirt," Lana says but I stop her. "Lana pants would be better and you look very nice," I tell her standing up. "Really, but a skirt is more ladylike," She says as I see the bitch roll her eyes. "Trust me, when you see my ride you'll understand," I inform her as she grabs a small purse.

"Karen I have the key and will be back tonight," Lana tells her friend who simply nods while looking annoyed. We step outside and I watch Lana start looking around as I get on Pale Horse, as soon as she sees it her eyes go wide.

She sits behind me and I have to get her to loosen her grip a little so I can breathe before I back up and head out to dinner. We get to the restaurant and are seated, she picked and we're looking at the menu, I can tell she's a bit nervous and I have to put my menu down to get her attention.

"What is wrong," I ask quietly. "I can't afford this, I have maybe forty dollars to spare on me," Lana says nervous. "It's okay, I planned to pay anyway," I tell her smiling. "I can't have you pay, I'm supposed to be treating you for helping me," She says trying to stand her ground.

"Listen to me carefully; I think you are a nice person. You came to visit me after everything that happened and I appreciate that, I wasn't right in the head then but I am now," I explain as she looks a little frustrated and confused. "But I should be taking care of you," Lana states with shaky resolve.

"This is how it's going to happen tonight, we're going to eat here and I'm paying. From here we're going to do something fun like miniature golf, after that if you want I will come back with you to your room and we can have some soft and meaningful sex," I tell her as she blushes.

Lana is a bit stunned by my honesty about what we will be doing tonight and she finally accepts my terms as we order and chat lightly. I find she's trying to become a doctor and has many years ahead of her but her family is paying her way through college and she's not racking up debt like most. I wonder about her roommate and when I ask she gets an off look. "I was told I shouldn't travel alone so my dorm mate decided to come with me, we're using her car," Lana informs me looking away like something's wrong.

"What is it," I ask concerned. "She is a bit of a slut," Lana says with no holding back. "How bad," I continue to ask slightly amused. "If I bring you back to our room tonight and she's asleep with her headphones on then it might be okay but," She pauses remembering something," she doesn't think anything is wrong with having sex with someone's boyfriend or date.

I brought a guy back to our dorm once and we had a great time but I am still new to doing 'things', he was very nice and patient and we had fun I guess." "You guess," I ask sensing a bad memory. "I woke up and he wasn't there, my head felt funny and he put her noise cancelling head phones on me. I rolled over to find the two of them having sex, it was a lot different than what he and I did," Lana explains a little dejected," Next morning he said I was fine but she was lonely and he didn't want her to feel left out.

We didn't have another date after that." "You shouldn't in my opinion. I have five women who love me but if they said no more running around then I don't run around. Some guys are just looking for a fun time as often as they can before they settle down, sadly they also keep looking for fun after they settled in some cases," I tell her taking her hand," What do you think we should do?" "I'd like to have you tonight but she'll want to sleep with you too. If I do it then she'll want to as well, I just don't know," Lana confesses and questions in equal measure.

I pay the check and we head off down the road, I have an idea and fuck mom son in home to head back to the miniature golf course that I took Jackie to. Lana brightens as we park and after paying we go about several rounds and have a good time.

She's honestly a nice woman to be around but she's naïve and easily hurt by other's actions. We finish our third round of miniature golf and realize that there isn't enough time before the course closes and head back to my bike.

We're at decision time for Lana and I can tell once we get back to my bike she wants to have me but she isn't sure if I'll be with her roommate tonight or not. Honestly she'd be a decent fuck but Lana deserves something nice.

"So here we are, I'm glad to stop here if you are nervous but it's your decision what we do next," I tell Lana patiently. "If she asks would you have sex with Karen," Lana asks me plainly. "If you ask me not to then I won't, it's that easy.

However with you and I it will be soft and very enjoyable for both of us," I tell her before my demeanor changes a little to the menacing," If you say it's alright and she tries to get with me I will not be sweet, she will be meat. I will not be kind and soft, I will leave her sore. She doesn't deserve soft and nice like you do." "I am really confused," Lana tells me pacing a little.

"Then say no, I can accept a no for you and her or just one for her. It's not some world ending thing," I inform her with full honesty. "But guys say she's a great fuck," Lana says like she's trying to find the best possible outcome for everyone but her. "A fuck yeah, maybe. But a good partner, one who makes you feel better afterwards," I tell her pausing," that sounds more like you." I get a smile out of her ending some of the more troublesome thoughts she's been having.

We hop back on my bike and I drive us back to her motel. Top reason why I love my motorcycles as opposed to a car, a woman can't hug you while you drive a car. We get back to her room and I park before letting her off the bike, as she starts to walk towards the door and taking my hand pulls me from my seat on Pale Horse.

We get inside her room quietly and quickly she does a roommate check. I get thumbs up from Lana and see there are some oversized headphones on as she lies on her back. "Noise cancellers," Lana explains the headphones," She can sleep without them but she'd wake up every time I went to the bathroom." "So we can talk right," I ask making a joke out of the situation. We chuckle and I can see she's nervous; I pull my coat off and set it on the lone chair in the room.

It's a wonder to me she's actually gotten out with how timid she is. I move to Lana slowly but with purpose taking her face in my hands, she's tense as I lean in and kiss her for the first time. Her eyes close nympho babe mi ha doan sucks strangers big cock a bit before mine and it takes a moment before her arms wrap around my back.

Lana's mouth opens and I keep her close as her skinny blonde teen babe first time these whorish teenager femmes and their out of control explores into my mouth and I greet it with my own. Lana's hands move to my chest and I feel her unbutton my shirt and I start to get her pants undone as we slowly strip each other while kissing.

I move away from her for a moment and sit on her bed before backing up to the pillow, Lana starts to get the idea and crawls up to me straddling my hips and pressing her bare body against mine.

I kiss down Lana's body, her build is small with A cup breasts and a little ass but as thin as she is she's soft and gentle as my hands and lips run over her. I get pulled her face for another kiss and we roll over putting me on top of her and I press our bodies together as her legs separate for me.

I remember last time with her I was very aggressive, this time will be different. I start to trail kisses down Lana's body paying attention to her pert breasts by sucking on the nipples for a bit. Every touch is getting a moan in response as I work my way down and hear a little giggle from Lana.

"That tickles," She tells me as I start to lick her slit," Oh crap." Her last gasp gives me a smirk as I pay attention now to her clit, sucking and kneading it with my lips. Lana's whole body is tense and her moaning is in tune with her breathing which is labored and intense. I cover her mound with my mouth and use my tongue to trail circles around her clit in patient circles. Lana is rolling her hips against my face and I look up quickly to see her eyes are closed and mouth wide open in long series of pleasured moans.

When her breathing speeds up and I feel her legs try to squeeze my head do I slow down and let her rest a little after what I believe was a little orgasm.

I let up off of her and watch as her chest heaves with deep breaths. "Was that a good start," I ask Lana as she recovers. I get an enthusiastic nod and I crawl up Lana's body lining up my cock head with her slit, the action startles her brain back into working mode. I don't know if she's doing it on her own but Lana's hips roll upward to greet me. I pause as head entry was as far as we got last time and I can tell she remembers it too by the look on her face. I lower my body to hers and kiss her gently on the lips helping her relax as I press my hips forward against her entrance and breach the gates.

The reaction is immediate with Lana gripping my sides; I am taking my time as I slowly get myself a little deeper inside her. The kiss continues and she is barely responding to it as I keep the slow procession into her, her inside is as tight as I remember but this time I have her warmed up which helps.

After what seems like forever I finally get myself buried inside Lana and our hips are resting against each other. "I'm all the way in now, are you okay," I ask in a light whisper. "I think you popped my hips," Lana groans," I'm close again and you've just got it all the way in." "I guess that had to do with me taking my time to let you adjust," I say before I get a funny idea," Want me to start moving a little." Lana gives me a light nod as I tighten my abdominals and make my cock jump inside her.

The reaction is instant as her eyes go wide and I feel her legs wrap around my ass and her back arch. The groan that escapes her mouth is loud enough that I think the roommate might have heard, I smirk and do it again causing Lana to latch her mouth onto mine in a hard kiss. I can't get any deeper but Lana's rolling her hips against me and make my cock jump again which sets her to start bucking against me as I stay still. "Please start moving, I'm going to lose it here," She pleads.

I start to take long strokes in and out each one ending in Lana shifting her hips against me to get me just a little deeper. I'm propped up on my elbows as Lana leans up to kiss me again this time frantically. The tightness alone in Lana is bringing me closer than I thought I'd be as I feel her clamp down with her orgasm, I don't stop as she cums continuing my methodical sawing in and out of her.

"Lana, where do you want me to finish," I ask as I can feel my orgasm building. Lana is in no position to answer and I'm rolling along on the orgasm train when I feel head rushed and grind my hips against Lana's letting it take over and release my seed into her warm folds. My back is arched and muscles are strained as I groan it out hard, Lana is holding me in till I finally relax and rest my head against her shoulder.

We are both panting hard and it's a wonderful calming period as she relaxes and her body finally adjusts to me post orgasm. "We didn't use a condom did we," Lana asks causing me to pause for a moment," No I just worry about dirty college guys, you are safe right?" "Yeah, let's clean up a bit beautiful," I tell her slowly pulling out with a groan from both of us. Lana cleans herself out and I clean off as we both are all smiles.

I grab my underwear on the way back to the bed and she stops me taking them and pulling me back into bed naked. We cuddle softly as I have her fall asleep in my arms. Nature calling me in the middle of the night is not uncommon and I have to gently get out of Lana's arms and creep to the bathroom. I get my business done and flush as the door opens and I am greeted with the roommate.

She's got her hair falling around her shoulders wearing nothing but a light blue t shirt and probably panties. "Not a pencil dick, most of Lana's dates are on the thin side," She says entering the bathroom and closing the door behind her.

"Excuse me, I am heading back to bed," I tell her not even pausing as I try to walk past her but get stopped with a hand on the chest. "You're nothing like the guys Lana brings back, you're well built and you look dangerous," She says making it a point to trail her fingers on my chest," Want me to see if we can get that monster going again." "Not really," I reply with little emotion," I was pencil dick; I carried your bags in without a thank you.

Honestly I think you're a bit of a bitch." "I am a bitch but I can be your bitch right now, I know Lana is sweet and all but all the guys who get with her end up with me. Been that way for as long as we've roomed," She tells me trying to touch my member. "Don't do that, he has standards," I remark getting a put off look from her," What is your name?" "Karen, guys don't have standards they see the chance to fuck and they take it," Karen tells me with a little certainty.

"My name is actually Guy, and I have fucked some bad bitches before but you aren't even close to being on the menu. I came here for Lana, not some stuck up cunt like you. You think she likes how it feels when you literally fuck every guy she's been with right after her," I ask shocking Karen.

"It's just sex," She says a little stunned. "For you, for her it's a guy not being able to be there for her and I'm actually proud of what I'm going to do next," I tell her as she looks at me confused. I move her back against the sink by placing my hands on her shoulders. Karen is nervous and confused as I simply open the door and walk out of the bathroom.

I get back into bed with Lana who is not sleeping and very stiff. "I said no," I whisper as I cuddle up behind her. "Thank you," is the last thing Lana says as we doze off. Waking up the next morning goes well for me, Lana on the other hand is a bucket of sore and her roommate Karen a equal sized bucket of disappointment. The first I can help and encourage, the latter is something I wouldn't touch with Steven's dick.

She's hot but then you get to be a member of the of the slut train. Apparently the women are here heading down to Dallas to visit some people Karen knows and I help them pack their car before getting a big kiss from Lana.

"Promise me you'll keep in touch," I ask getting a nod. "I'll do the full messaging and social media thing on the road," Lana says as I close her door. I watch them leave and check my time, just past ten in the morning and I head off to meet up with Loretta.

She's doing the soup chubby mature housewife has sex with a hot young babe donations from people the affluent public. She doesn't see me at first as I'm listening to people talk about the why and why not for helping. Most seem like a lost cause but I know Loretta and she's not done, she pushes the good natured speech before we head home in our separate vehicles.

My girls are there waiting for me and I almost get the riot act except Loretta is right there with me to cover my tardiness. I go over what happened and give them most of the details including Karen the bitch. I am given praise from my fiancés for being a good guy; sometimes it does feel nice to do the right thing.

My remaining days pass uneventful and the goodbyes are a little difficult. Loretta being the hardest as it takes almost five minutes before she lets me go. Our trip home a long caravan of vehicles, the same ones we drove down in only with different drivers this time and no hidden cargo.

We get back in a matter of days like before and arrive back in Washington. It's about noon as we pull into the same parking lot we left from only a few months and some days earlier, as we pull in however our families are there and waiting almost impatiently for us to disembark. We exit the vehicles to a swarm of happy families and welcome homes, I myself get barraged by my Mom with a big hug while shaking my Dad's hand.

We exchange pleasantries with each other's parents and it's agreed that there will be two to three days before we are allowed out of their sight so they can get used to our presence again. It takes me a bit but I note that Liz is nowhere to be found, and I can tell that Ben has noticed it as well. I friendly goodbyes from everyone but I when Natsuko and Jun's parents greet me I'm all words with their father and have no words for Kimiko. As her husband turns away to be with his children Kimiko reaches to me for just a moment but I back out of her reach without even looking at her and turn towards my family.

We drive the U-Haul back home and get the bikes out and when my Dad sees mine and Katy's new rides he laughs pretty hard. Katy and I get settled in; Imelda came with us to stick around me for a while and as we get sat down in the living room Dad and Mom decide to start the conversation off. "So two bikes, ev