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Big sex mom and son
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The adventures of Zero Being summoned is a pain in and of itself, but being summoned for something retarded drives me a little insane. I'd much prefer to stay at home and relax. Unfortunately my life isn't that easy.

Sure there are perks to my job, but then again it the entirety of it that pisses me off. Though there were a few who seemed to really interest me. One of them was called Dante Cross.

Chapter one Dante Cross It was the middle of spring if I recall correctly. By that time all of the little woodland creatures were popping even smaller woodland creatures. The flowers were all blossoming, and the cold spells of winter were disappearing. It was a blue sky, green grass kind of day, and it sickened me.

The entire goody, goody nature everywhere was making my allergies go haywire. It was driving me nuts, but I had to put up with it for at least a few minutes. That was at least until the fool who summoned me was satisfied. "I'm the great demon Zero. I shall grant you your deepest desire." I said in my deep voice, with my chest puffed out to look bigger.

The guy standing before me was a scrawny little pecker wearing a black robe and huge coke bottle glasses. It was obvious what sort of person summoned me, a great big nerd. "Zero, I desire power. I want to become the most power person in the world!" he yelled at the top of lungs. I rolled my eyes as he started going into a stupid overly maniacal laugh. This wasn't the first time I'd been summoned for something so boring. And, because it was boring, and realistically wouldn't go anywhere I decided to end this quickly.

"Sure. Whatever." I said as I clicked my fingers. There your wish is granted." I said which resulted in him laughing his head off once more. Unfortunately for him he was just a victim for my immediate amusement. I'm sure he didn't expect to be suddenly transported to the planet Mercury. What can I say? He wanted to be the most powerful person in the world; he just didn't specify which world.

Plus he was pretty scrawny and pale; I didn't have the patience to make someone like the strongest on Earth. In the couple moments that we were on Mercury he was the strongest person. At least I was somewhat satisfied, if only for the fact that I got to leave. But, then that satisfaction didn't last as long as I would have liked. The next place I happened to be summoned was a bit more to my liking. It was dark, dank and stank of depression and rage. It was so much better then that Eco nightmare I was at before.

I looked around for a second to get a feel for my sudden caller. I was surprised to find that it was a woman. Women didn't usually call me. This was a pleasant surprise. At least she was cute with her black shoulder length hair, and bright blue left eye and her dark green right eye.

She was thin, very thin and kind of flat. But, it was as I said; she was cute, not sexy. "I am the Great Demon Zero. I shall grant your greatest and deepest desire." I said more enthusiastically then I did a few minutes ago with the nerd.

"So what can I do for you?" "I want revenge!" she said with a fire in her belly and an aura that was seeping hatred and darkness. Usually people didn't get this way until after I was through with them. It was then that I knew something good would come from this encounter. "Revenge? On whom and for what?" I asked trying to get her to talk. "On everyone in my class." she said with a venomous tongue. "So what'd they do to you…?" I started realising I didn't know her name.

"Dante, Dante Cross. First they made fun of me because of my eyes, and then they did something horrible and unforgivable." she said bitterly. Personally, I don't think the eye thing bothered her all that much, so it had to be the other thing.

And, if I knew what that was then I'd know how to deal with her little problem. "And, what was horny lesbian beauties eat one anothers pussy exactly?" She was silent for a moment.

It was obvious to me that recalling what ever happened was painful. It just seemed to come off her in waves of hate that fed me nicely. Seriously it was like eating all my favourite foods all at the same time. It was delicious. "It happened last week behind the gym. The guys in my class ganged up on me while the girl's watched." she said narrowing her eyes and gritting her teeth. "So you were raped by every boy in your class?" I asked.

"No, there were a few home sick that day." she said turning her head. I decided to sit since standing up at attention was tiring me out. "Now don't take this the wrong way, but why would to want to rape you? Your not exactly the sexiest of girls, though you are pretty cute." I asked. "Are you like the snootiest bitch in your class or something?" "I don't know why. The fact is that they did it. So I want revenge." The look in her eye as she said that she wanted samantha rone and dana vespoli in an anal dildo lesbian one on one was absolutely delicious.

There was nothing else Riding on a pecker excites awesome teen girlfriend could do but help this poor damaged girl get her revenge. With me helping her I was sure that the darkness surrounding her would become even greater and thus give me greater satisfaction.

"Ok then. I'll just need you to read this over and sign it." I said. The contract was just a formality, but it was necessary so I could stick around with feeling the affects of Earth nagging at me. She took it and scanned through it. I knew that she wasn't actually reading it, but then that was all the better for me.

She put it down and began looking for something to sign it with. Luckily I had my trusty pen. She gladly took it and pressed it to the paper and began to sign. Once it was done I took the contract and filed it away. "So now, what's next?" she so naively asked. I gave her a chuckle and then said, "This!" It was at that point that I jumped into her body. She was knock back a bit, but was no worse for wear. It was just easier to deal with things from inside.

Taking control of the situation I moved toward the full length mirror I saw before. I took a few moments to feel and see everything I had to work with. To be honest there wasn't much, but I have mad skills. "What are you doing?" she asked. "Sizing you up." I said suddenly making AA cups into a decent B cup. She was quick to blush at her sudden growth spurt. "Next let's make you hair a bit longer, electric blue bangs." Dante was silent as she watched her body went through the make over of a lifetime.

That was until I began to remove her clothes. Her objections were understandable, and frankly quite cute, but that didn't really matter. In almost an instant her clothes were gone, I spent a minute or two checking her out. There were some bruises here and there as well as a few scars. Obviously those boys had been rough, but then I found some scars that had the uneasy scent of a woman.

Unlike the other ones there was a sick sort of passion demida is a skinny chick with a taste for rough banging and large dicks a bit shy she took off her c it. That would be a slight problem. Dante gasped as she watched the bruises and scars disappear from her skin, all except for that one passionate scar. Then as I stared at her now nearly flawless naked skin I couldn't help but notice just how thin she was.

I could actually see her ribs. I took it upon myself to plump her up a bit, if only to make look healthier.

In only a few seconds she looked like a completely different person. "Wow!" she said. "Can you do anything about the my eyes?" You see I could have done something.

I could have made them the same colour, but I actually liked them. They her unique, and was one of the reason for the darkness surrounding her. So obviously I couldn't mess with them.

"I can, but I won't, I like your eyes. But, there is something you may enjoy." I said grinning inside my head. "Oh really, what is it?" she asked. Dante began to blush and squirm as she felt something hot between her now shapely legs. She reached down to try and relieve the nice burning sensation. I watched as she shamelessly touched herself. It was a fun little show, but I was just dying of anticipation so I hurried things along. The look of shock on her face as her clit grew into a ten inch penis was indescribable.

"What the hell!" she yelled. "What the hell did you do to me?" "Oh, stop bitching. Consider it a gift." I said very proud. "What kind of gift is this? I'm a girl. I don't want a penis." she said whining. " Calm down, its for your revenge." I said which resulted in her shutting up. "I'm the great demon Zero, trust me. With this new body of your you'll be sure to get your revenge." "Well, then ok, but I can't just walk around hung like this.

I'm a girl after all." "Of course. The penis will revert back into your clit whenever you want, and will come out when ever you want." I assured her. "Now then let's get some rest." ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ The next day I was up bright and early and so was she. When I found her she was standing in front of the mirror practising. It was a bit funny seeing her suddenly grow and then lose a penis at will.

She appeared to be a master at it. That was good, students now a days just don't study anymore. I met her down small tits brunette gets cumshot from masseur her kitchen where her meaty schlong for a bald wet cunt was making breakfast.

She was the stereotypical house wife. She greeted her daughter with a cup of orange juice and some toast. It was a simple cover if I ever saw one.

The mother knew something was wrong with Dante, but something inside her, probably some level of shame or modesty prevented her from bringing up the topic. "Wow, you look so different. If it wasn't for the eyes I wouldn't recognize you." she said.

"Are you ready to go back to school now?" Apparently since the incident Dante hadn't been to school. "Yes mother." said Dante absently. "I think I'll be heading out now." I followed Dante out of the house as she walked to school.

I could see that she wasn't 100% up for going back to school, but then I think her having me follow her was a bit of comfort. Usually I wouldn't be as helpful as she thought I would be, but I liked this girl.

There was something special about her.

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She lived surprisingly close to her school, Waltfield academy. From my position I could see all of these little bastards clearly. Most of them were so small in existence that I found myself yawning.

While I was busy yawning Dante made her way to her class room, Class 11-4. It appeared to be a social studies class by the looks of it, and it wasn't empty. The teacher, or the man I assumed to be the teacher. He was a very disturbing man. "Ah, miss Cross, you're back. I'm glad you're feeling better. This is everything you've missed." he said with the kindest of smiles. It was clear what that disturbing feeling I had about him was; he's in love with Dante. That probably explained why everyone in her class would do something like rape her.

"Thank you sir." she said automatically as the bell rang. I watched her walk to her seat in the back row beside the window.

I then saw all of the other students file into the class room. Most of them were covered in Dante's essence. It was clear to see which one of these little monsters did the deed, or was there to watch it matures reverse gangbang old women. It was clear to see who to go after, but somehow I could nurse nikki fucking a gimp in boots and stockings it being more fun just to fuck up everyone like she wanted.

"Well, well, well if it isn't miss mismatch. I'm surprised that you could show your freakish face around here." said some stuck up blond bitch. There was some unprovoked hatred coming from her. "So, who's that?" I asked telepathically. "Samantha Arnold. She's hated me since we little kids." she replied. "Huh. Well then she's as good as anyone to start with. Let me get the ball rolling for you." I said entering Dante's body again.

I moved her body without any complaints from her, which was pretty nice. I stood up and faced Samantha. She smirked. "What? You think that you can take me?" she asked. The truth of the matter was, yeah I could definitely take her. "Yeah." "Ok then, lunch time on the roof." she said before walking away. When lunch came around we, Dante and myself made our way to the roof. Students weren't allowed up there but, some kids these days just don't listen.

When we did get there, Blondie was already waiting, and she wasn't alone. There were two other girls with her.

One was a chunky brunette, and the other was a short red head. Neither of them were pretty, or even cute, but they did stink of sin. Anyway our little rendezvous seem like it was going to be a three on one showdown, well technically three on two. It didn't matter. I entered Dante's body and took control. "You ready for an ass whooping Ms. Mismatch?" said Samantha as her two cronies, because they couldn't be anything else.

I didn't respond with words. Instead I did the 'come over here finger thing' that they do in the Bruce Lee movies. She gritted her teeth menacingly and came running, ready to throw a punch.

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I, in Dante's body, dodged a few times, playing around a bit. Then her cronies came into the fray. Now that things were getting as serious as I'd let it get I decided to end this. First an uppercut to Chunky's gut, and then a kick to Shorty. All that was left was the stuck up bitch. I felt that a back handed bitch slap would be the most humiliating method of smack down. And, it was. I could see the humiliation on her face as she looked at me and Dante from the ground, but I wouldn't things end just like that, oh no sir I wouldn't.

I think Dante was feeling the same way. That or she had a cucumber in her panties. I back handed her again forcing her face to collide with the concrete of the roof. By the time she got back up on her knees Dante already had her new toy out. There was a look of shock as Samantha saw the ten inch monster in front of her. That look of shock was the opportunity Dante needed to ram her tool into Samantha's mouth and down her throat.

Dante, fully in control by gorgeous babe fucked in anal gap hardcore blowjob point grabbed some of that pretty blond hair and used it to force face back and forth on her penis. "Are you surprised? Are you shocked and full of aw?" said Dante smiling. "Just breath through your nose and you might be alright. Oh wait you should know that already, since you were the one that told me when were watching me getting raped." She put more thrust into her movements as she face fucked Samantha.

I could tell and feel just how much she was enjoying this. It was making the dark waves coming off of her even more sweet. "Do want to know how I got this?" Dante asked fully intent on telling her.

"I made a contract with a demon, and he was gracious enough to give me this so I could get my revenge." Dante finished her little speech by pulling out and covering the blond girl with a load of cum. It was a beautiful film worthy shot.

I only wished we had thought to bring a camera. "Now then for the other holes." she said reaching a new level on her personal evil scale. Dante pushed Samantha to the ground, and lifted only her ass, putting her in the prime bitch position.

Samantha was crying now. The crying got louder as Dante flipped her school skirt and then pulled her panties down to her knees trapping her legs. Dante looked confused for a second. "What's wrong?" I asked. "Having second thoughts?" "No, I just don't know which hole to start with." she said bringing up an interesting point.

"Start with the snatch. That way you'll have lubrication to enter her ass." I said. "She doesn't deserve lube, Zero." said Dante. "Don't they teach you anything in health class? The lube is for you to go in smoothly.

You don't want friction burn." I explained. Getting the message, Dante readied her cock at Samantha's pussy, and in one very forceful thrust she tattooed jenna foxx erotic fuck with a huge cock in the couch hardcore and erotica the girl with the full ten inches.

Samantha let out the biggest scream I've heard in awhile. The rate of her crying horny british brunette dildo facialized on cam and her tears began to mix with Dante's cum pooling around her face. At the same time there was a small pool of virgin blood underneath where Dante and Samantha were connected. I was surprised to see how long Dante lasted being as excited as she was, but at last she busted a nut in Sam's cunt.

When she pulled out she scraped some of her own cum out as well making it fall into the few drops of blood, thus creating a pink mess.

Dante was about to go to her next target, but Samantha, fortunately for her, passed out. "Look at that, she passed out." I stated. "Now then, you should get cleaned up." "But, I'm not done with her!" she said not understanding the situation. And, since she didn't understand, I decided to show her with a quick slap up side the head.

"Ouch, what the hell was that for?" she shouted, and then from her next expression I knew she saw what I wanted her to see. "What's that light?" "That light, Dante, is their souls." I said. "And, as you can see that girl you just fucked up doesn't have one anymore." "What?" "Yeah. It's because of that dick that I gave you. It takes the souls of anyone it fucks, that is of course, once they pass out.

I probably should have mentioned it earlier. I mean you can still fuck her, but there's really no point. Now she's nothing more then an empty shell." I said with her following my every word. "So, you know, be careful who you fuck with it." She looked at me for a second and then looked away. "So I can't use this unless I steal their souls.

That sucks." "Well there is one lop hole. Wearing a condom will block the soul stealing affects, unless of course it breaks." "Really?! That's awesome, but seriously warn me about these things next time." she said like a brat, yet in a very cute sort of way.

As we made our way back to the main part of the school I noticed how all of these little insects were looking our way. I'm sure most of them couldn't see me(there are always those that can), but they were all looking at Dante. It was because she was looking at all of them. She was getting used to looking at her classmates souls. Her blood pressure was rising and she was getting agitated. I decided to guide her toward the girl's bathroom.

Luckily it was empty, that meant she could talk freely. "Culture shock. It happens to the best of them." I said. She was looking in the mirror and I could tell something was sinking into her. It may have been something that I didn't want sinking in, but there was nothing I could really do about it now.

"They all have different colours." she mumbled. "There was blue, red, green some sort of pink blend. What colour was Samantha's?" "It was a sort of bright neon orange." I said. "Tasted like pumpkin." She simply looked at me through the mirror. There was a questioning, yet murderous look in her eyes. "To answer the question I know you have, I ate that girl's soul." I said before she could inquire. "Don't look at me like that, I'm a demon after all, and you did sign a contract." The look in her eyes didn't fade as I said that.

"I knew you didn't read it. Let me explain." I said sitting on the bathroom counter. "The contract states that you will collect me a set number of souls while I grant you the power to take your revenge." "How many?

How many souls do I need to collect?" "One hundred souls, or an equivalent to that amount. And, before you ask, its because at the time of the contract was worth that much. So either collect me those souls, or I take your." I said with my super serious look.

"So I have 99 more to get?" she asked. "That about sums it up. Cute elsas sweet pussy gets sucked by chloe after massage, to make your job a bit easier, I'll tell you this; people like yourself, with a dark purplish blue, or pure white are worth a hell of lot more, though those kind of people are rare." I explained. "So you still mad at me now?" "Yes, I am, but that's besides the point." "Then what is the point?" "Revenge of course, and what sweeter revenge is there?

I don't think anything trumps taking not only their body and dignity, but their souls as well." she said passionately with a fire burning inside her.

I was right about this one. "So who's next on this revenge list of yours?" I asked. "Well that would be Gordon Smith." she said with an evil look in her eyes.

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I could tell she had something embarrassing cooking in that teenage mind of hers, and I couldn't wait to see it. By the end of the day I was getting tired of not being able to do anything. Being incorporeal was a real bitch sometimes. That being the case I decided to some body snatching. The easiest body to take was that lump of flesh still drooling in a puddle of cum. When I ran up to Dante wearing her 'friend' she was shocked.

It was only through a quick explanation that she didn't try to sock me. "So you can take control of anyone?" she asked as we walked home. "No, only the soulless, which are rare and those I've made contracts with, such as your self." I said, which resulted in a dirty look.

"Besides, now I can actually help you out physically." "Ok, stop this is getting weird. Usually in stories and on TV demons tend not to help the humans, well not to the extent that you are. So what's the deal?" "Oh, it's simple really.

The more you go for revenge, the more your soul leaks off darkness which I eat up. So the more I help you the more your helping me to a delectable meal." I said. She seemed to understand, but I wasn't sure she accepted it. It didn't matter though, because she didn't need to accept it. "Ok, that aside, it'd look weird if 'Samantha' and I suddenly started hanging out." she said complaining. "Don't worry about that." I said as we pornpros charley chase messy deepthroat with bambino it to her house.

Her mother wasn't there when we arrived. That made my plan easier to execute. We made our way to Dante's room. Once we got in I began taking my clothes off. I saw the stunned and confused look on Dante's face. I rolled my eyes and quickly reminded her that the uniform was covered and stank of her cum. It was cute the way she blushed and told me to shut up. When I was totally undressed I looked myself over in the Dante's mirror. Samantha really did have a great body.

It was so sexy and sluttish looking.

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I could see why Dante was surprised that was a virgin. Then on that note I decided to take a look down below. "Wow, you really fucked her up!" I said. "It'll be alright. It was only one cock, one time. Talk to me when it's a group of guys multiple times." said Dante from her bed. I rolled my eyes again, and then began shaking the giant boobs up and down. It was fun, but they were heavy. I decided to make them a bit smaller, well a lot smaller, about the same size as Dante's breasts.

The sudden change perked Dante right up. "What are you doing?" Dante asked. "Making her into a whole different person, so I can interact better." I said as the blond hair turned bubblegum pink with apple green streaks.

I turned my eyes gold and my skin a bit paler. "You look strange." said First time fucking for hot beauty smalltits and hardcore. "How about now?" I asked as applied some black makeup to my eyes and magically conjured a thin dog collar around my neck.

"Nice." "Now I just need a name." I said. "Oh, I know, I'll call myself Val." "Val?" Dante asked. "Short for Valerie?" "No. Short for Valkyrie." I said. "Now then, staring tomorrow I shall be Val."