Big tits latina slut fucking her step son

Big tits latina slut fucking her step son
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----- From the last story The three women comforted each other. I lay down. I was exhausted and couldn't wait to find out what might happen next time. My wife was letting go with her bisexuality and had invited another woman into our bed to give me anal sex. Life just kept getting better and better. ----- Over the next couple of days, things were pretty much back to normal. I had my weekend outdoor chores and Cindy was doing some indoor cleaning. I came in on Sunday afternoon and she was on the phone.

It was some old friends who had moved out of the area and were passing thru tomorrow night on the way to one of Jack's business conferences. Jack and Louise had lived near us for about 8 years and we had really enjoyed their friendship. Cindy and Louise had kept in touch closely, while Jack and I exchanged an occasional email.

Cindy had invited them to dinner. What Cindy didn't know is that one time about 7 years ago, at a neighborhood block party, Louise had flirted with me so much that I had wanted to attack her. She was very much the opposite of Cindy. Whereas Cindy was a small, tight package, Louise was the same height and about 20 more pounds of hips and tits. She was this small voluptuous package that always seemed ready to fuck! She was always touching, feeling, laughing, and playing up to me.

I attributed it just to her being friendly until that night. Then I realized that, while we two were alone in the kitchen retrieving more items to take out to the tables set up at the end of the cul-de-sac, she would have gladly fucked me right there.

She had practically said so when she tried to feel me up while giving me a kiss. I had had to stop it right there. At that time in my relationship with Cindy, we had not discussed having sex outside our marriage, and I had no intentions of having a quick fling just to get off and possibly ruin the relationship with the woman I loved.

Now, however, with the recent changes in our sex lives, I was thinking differently. I might get to sample that. On top of that, playing basketball with Jack at a nearby gym during lunch had revealed that he was "well endowed". His dick appeared to be larger than my 7", although just seeing him walking into a common shower flaccid was not the best way to judge a xxx first porn story live erect size.

In any case, this might be my chance to return the tremendous favor that Cindy had done for me by bringing other women into our bed. I was going to try to work this out once they got here. Monday night, I got home from work and Cindy was wearing a loose pair of shorts and a t-shirt. This would not do for my plans. I changed and then walked up behind her where she was preparing some steaks for me to put on the grill.

I put my arms around her and nuzzled her neck. "Honey, why don't you go up and put on that nice pink summer dress that I like so much." She smiled and turned her head a little. "Feeling a little frisky? So you're going to mi flaca es bien caliente y gritona me dress up for you, then think about sex all night, and then you think you're going to attack me as soon as they leave?" "Mmmm." I kept nuzzling her neck.

"You know me so well." She turned and kissed me. "I am feeling a little horny tonight." She indicated the steaks she was seasoning. "As soon as these are ready to go on the grill, I'll go up and change. But you'd better not get too drunk, because I'm going project pandora lesbians cherie deville abella danger mia malkova mercedes carrera masturbation comp demand payment on this later." I classy uk milf in stockings fucked up her bum, thinking that she had no idea what she was getting into.

"Don't worry. You're going to get your meat later." She rolled her eyes at the bad joke and finished seasoning the steaks. Then she washed her hands and went upstairs to change. I readied the grill and started setting the table. I also made some margaritas. That seemed to be her drink of choice lately when we had our sexual escapades. She came back down and I handed her a margarita. "Here you go." She looked at me with a grin.

"Trying to get me drunk and take advantage of me?" "Yes!" She took my hand and put it under the dress, which went to her knees. She ran it up to her now bald, slightly damp, and uncovered pussy. "Not much preparation needed tonight, hon. If they don't get here soon, I'm going to lay on the table and demand that you have me for an appetizer!" I grinned and stroked her a couple of times, running my finger up thru her slit. "Mmmm.

I like it. We'll just let you simmer for a while, and then you'll be ready for eating later." I pulled my fingers out and licked them. "Fuck! You'd better stop that or I'm not going to last until after dinner!" I laughed.

"Try to hold on, babe. I'll make it worth your while." "You'd better!" She went into the kitchen to finish some preparations. Jack and Louise arrived 10 minutes later.

I greeted them at the door and let them in. They still looked the same. Jack was just graying a little around the temples, but he and I had both hot tattooed indian rubs pussy and sucks hard cock hard to stay in shape and he hadn't let up. Louise was still a hot little firecracker. She was wearing a short skirt and tight top, displaying all her assets. Her tits seemed to beg to be set free. Oh, yes, I definitely wanted to release them from their bonds.

I gave her a hug and she gave me a peck on the cheek. I led them into the kitchen and they greeted Cindy. Jack and I grabbed beers and went out to the grill to talk sports, shop, and burn some meat. Cindy and Louise followed in a couple of minutes with margaritas to relax in the still nice outdoor temps. Soon the sun was starting to set; the temperature was dropping just a little by the time the steaks were done. I couldn't help but notice that both the beauties were sporting nice nipple erections for our benefit.

We ate, talked, and enjoyed being with Jack and Louise again. After dessert, Jack and I stepped out onto the deck. I had to figure out how to bring this up. I had no idea what they were like when it came to relationships. I finally decided to take the direct route. "Jack, how did we get so lucky to have two such beautiful women as our wives?" He smiled. "I don't know, but we are definitely lucky. Louise looks great, and your Cindy looks fantastic. I don't think she even looks over 32 or 33 years old.

How old are you guys?" "We're both 41. How about you guys?" "I'm 42 and Louise is 38." "38?!? Wow! I would have guessed much younger. She has no signs of aging at all." "Please, tell her that. She is already finding things wrong with her body that she is unhappy with. She thinks she's getting the beginning of crow's feet, laugh lines, saggy breasts, a flabby belly… you name it and she finds something wrong with it." "Cindy does the same things sometimes.

Women can be so self-critical." I decided to push a little into the body part he had mentioned. "But Cindy sure doesn't have to worry about the saggy breasts… she barely has them." Jack laughed. "Are you kidding? Cindy looks great! She's small and tight, so she doesn't have to worry about gravity like Louise." "That's true. Louise is… rather large up top." "Yeah, she's a curvy one.

I love every ounce of her, too." Was he heading me off with that? I wasn't sure. "You think Cindy looks good? I always wondered what she would look like with a few extra pounds… in the right places." Jack laughed. "Dude, your wife is hot! Don't tell me you want to improve on that? Don't ever suggest she get her breasts enlarged or anything like that. It would ruin it. She looks good in everything she wears." He glanced at me at the end, seeing if he had gone too far, but I was just starting.

"No, I would never suggest she have cosmetic surgery. I was just wondering what it would feel like to have some big tits to play with. Cindy and I have been married for almost 20 years. It just makes a guy wonder, that's all." "Yeah… the grass is always greener kind of thing. I know." "You really think Cindy is hot?" "Uh… yeah, man, of course." He looked toward the kitchen where the two women were leaning up against the counter talking and laughing.

I decided to go for broke. "Yeah, but would you fuck her?" He looked at me for a second. I was smiling lightly and he tried to deflect it. "Hypothetically… yes. She's a beautiful, mature woman." I laughed. "Please don't say mature around her." He smiled. "Uh-oh. Sore spot?" "Oh, yeah. Definitely." I was tired of trying to find a way to bring this up, so I just blurted it out. "Jack, have you and Louise ever… ummm… I mean have you two ever thought about… uhmm… you know, having sex with other people." Jack stared at me.

I thought I had blown it.

He stared for a few long seconds, but it was enough to make me think that it was over. Then he turned toward the kitchen. "Thought about it… yes. Talked about it… yes. Done anything about it… no. Are you asking because you and Cindy want to?" "Welllllll… Cindy and French arab car sneaking in the base have already experimented with another woman." His eyes went wide at that and he turned back to look at Cindy, as if she would look different now that he knew that.

"Look. She basically brought a friend who was in need into our bed and we had sex. After she did that I was thinking that well, you know, it might be interesting to have sex with another couple so that she can have another man." He turned back to me.

"And you thought that guy might be me." He said it flatly, without emotion. "Ummm. Well, you guys are not local anymore, so if you said no, you and I could just pass it off as wishful thinking and the wives would know nothing about it. If it went bad, then we don't live close so we wouldn't be reminded of it all the time and we could get over it.

Even if it went well, at least you are far enough away that we won't get carried away. I don't know. I'm sorry. It was a stupid idea. Please just forget I said it." He was still staring at me.

"Are you sure about this? I mean, Louise and I have discussed it, but we have never had the nerve. I actually think that Louise is really interested, but won't push it because I'm scared it will change our relationship. Hell, I'm already nervous and we haven't even said yes.

Does Cindy even find me attractive? Does Louise think you are attractive? Is that necessary? I don't know how this works." I sagged. "Jack, I don't know how it works, either.

We have never swapped partners or had sex with a couple. I'm petrified at the thought of Cindy fucking another man, but at the same time, I love her and she has given me this gift of another woman, so I was thinking of the same kind of thing.

We both find the other's wife attractive, so I figured this was the best shot I would ever have at finding a couple that we would feel safe about approaching." "God! Even if we don't, I will never get the idea of you and Cindy and another woman out of my head. Fuck me! That must have been something." I let out a big sigh and grinned. "It definitely was." "If… and I say if… Louise agrees to it, how do we go about it?

I mean, who starts, what do we do… whatever?" "I have an idea on that. We can move into the living room and talk and drink and I'll start teasing Cindy. When she drinks margaritas and gets teased, she's ready for anything. Then you just follow along. If at any time either woman says stop, then we stop and go our separate ways. If they let us continue, then we can enjoy each other. What do you think?" "Louise definitely loves a little show.

If you do that, I'm sure she'll go along with it. Are you sure you want to do this? Will this mess up our friendship?" "I really don't know. I just know I have this compulsion to do this and you guys are the safest couple I know. I can't imagine trying it with anyone else." Jack was staring at Cindy again. "Okay. Let's try this." He and I moved into the living room and turned on the TV just to have it on. We turned the sound down and asked the women to join us.

They came in and Cindy sat next to me on the loveseat and Louise next to Jack on the couch. I pulled Cindy close to me and turned so that both of us were turned a little facing Jack and Louise. While we talked, I took my left hand and put it on her knee as I made a point or two and told something funny. It was just normal touching until I left it there.

Nobody said anything, but I could feel the sexual tension in Cindy. Voluptuous teen has fun in the inflatable pool had probably been turned on since I ran my finger thru her slit. I started making little circles on the inside of her knee. She looked at me a little funny, but her knees parted just a little. Her dress was still almost down to the tops of her knees so nothing was being shown yet. While talking, I noticed that both Jack and Louise kept glancing down at my hand.

I noticed movement from Jack and Louise as I slowly worked on tickling the inside of Cindy's leg. The movement was Louise uncrossing her legs. I moved up a couple of inches, but not much. The conversation was not as animated as before and everyone seemed to be paying attention to the opposite couple. Louise was in a miniskirt and at our angle, Cindy and I could see pretty far up under there.

I could just make out that she was wearing pale blue panties. Jack had put his right hand on her thigh and was copying me. I moved my hand higher and Cindy was starting to breathe a little harder. I was now well above her knee and only about 6 inches from her pussy.

She was watching Jack do the same to Louise closely. He was copying everything and now Louise's legs were parted enough to show her panties more visibly. Suddenly, Cindy pulled her legs together and pushed my hand away. She stood up. "I have to go to the bathroom. I'll be right back." "Me, too." Louise got up and went after her. When they were out of earshot, I smiled at Jack. "Well, what do you think?" "I'm ready man.

Louise is giving me the go ahead and I think she's very horny." I stood up. "Let's switch places and see if hot threesome action with a petite blonde women head towards where they were sitting down without thinking about it or if they won't because of the situation." We switched places and a couple of minutes later the ladies came back.

They headed back to their original positions before they actually realized that we had switched locations. They both stopped when they got to their seats. I looked up at Louise and she looked at me. I patted the couch next to me. "C'mon. Have a seat." Jack patted the loveseat next to him and the ladies both looked at each other. Cindy then looked at me and I gave her a smile and a nod. She grinned and sat down. Louise sat next to me.

Cindy looked back and forth. "When we went to the bathroom, Louise and I discussed this and thought we knew where this was going, but this is not what we discussed." "What did you think was going to happen?" When I said that, I put my hand on Louise's thigh and she flinched, but then relaxed. "We thought you two just wanted to show off your wives to each other. Apparently not." "No, apparently not." I started running my hand over Louise's thigh and Jack put his on Cindy and did the same.

Louise immediately slouched a little and opened grandpa sleeping grandma fuck with grandson legs. I moved my hand up to her pussy and looked down. Her panties were gone! Fuck me! I could see a small landing strip and the beginning of her slit. I guess the women were getting ready for us, too!

And, holy shit, Louise was soaking wet! I looked over at Cindy. She watched me touch Louise's pussy. She smiled at me and then stood up. She pulled down the side zipper of her dress, slipped the shoulder asian wife missionary and doggy style fucke off, and let it drop to the floor.

She was now completely naked. She sat down next to Jack and he was staring. "Jesus, Cindy, you look fantastic!" She smiled at Jack's compliment. "Thank you. But right now I need your hand." He gave it to her and she put it directly on her pussy. She put her head back and he started stroking it. Louise leaned back into me and whispered. "I have wanted to fuck you for years." She looked up into my eyes. I bent over and kissed her hard on the mouth and started stroking her very wet pussy.

She broke the kiss, stood up, and stripped off her blouse, bra, and skirt quickly. She turned toward Jack and Cindy and sat on my lap, spreading her legs out on either side of mine. She leaned back against me and I put my arms around her to tease her very large tits and erect nipples. We both watched as Jack fingered my wife. She was moaning and rubbing her own breasts. She loved the attention and was closely watching me play with Louise.

Suddenly, Louise got up off me and grabbed my hands. She pulled me up and we started stripping off my clothes. I was naked in seconds. My erection was already at full mast and she gorgeous young slut from a hookup site it.

I led her over until we were right in front of Jack and Cindy. Cindy watched closely until we were right in front of them. Then she stood up and she and Jack stripped his clothes off, too. Jack sat down and Louise leaned in to me and whispered so that the others couldn't hear. "Jack can have a hair trigger, so let's make sure Cindy gets hers." After saying that, she pushed Jack down on the couch and then turned Cindy and put her back to Jack.

"Try it this way, Cin." Cindy backed up toward Jack and Louise knelt down and held Jack's dick up for her. She was staring right at Cindy's wet pussy. Cindy slowly lowered herself down onto his dick and Louise made sure it slowly got wet enough to enter. As Cindy got near the bottom, Louise let go of Jack's dick and ran her hand over Cindy's pussy, flicking at her clit. Cindy groaned. Louise stood up, bent over at the waist, spread her legs, and looked back at me.

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No words were necessary. I lined my dick up with her very wet cunt and started working it in. Meanwhile, she put her hands on Cindy's thighs and bent over to suck on Cindy's tits. Cindy held her head and moaned. Jack was groaning and Louise was trying to maintain suction on Cindy while I slowly worked my dick back and forth.

Louise reached up between her legs with her left hand and grabbed my balls for a second, then let out a low murmur against Cindy's tits.

Finally, she took that hand and started playing with Jack and Cindy. "Oh, yeah!" Cindy loved the attention Louise was giving her.

Meanwhile, Jack was voicing his intentions of an impending orgasm, so Louise went to work on Cindy to ensure she also got off. She was right; Jack had only taken a couple of minutes. Suddenly, Jack announced that he was cumming and Louise was rubbing Cindy to try to get her to an orgasm. Unfortunately, Cindy didn't get there in time.

Jack thrust and thrust, filling my wife with his cum. Louise stopped rubbing Cindy and turned to me. "Pull out for a minute." I did. Louise turned to Cindy and leaned close. She kissed her on the mouth and then pulled back. "Do you want me to clean up that pretty little spunk-filled pussy of yours?" Cindy moaned and rose up.

She immediately moved to the coffee table and lay back, spreading her legs and tasting a gigantic shlong deepthroat and blowjob us her cum-filled cunt.

Her bald cunt was swollen and red. The inner lips were protruding, which was a little unusual, and in the middle you could see some cum starting to leak out. Louise and I watched closely. As soon as she lay back, Louise turned to me.

"Please, fuck me. Make me cum, baby!" I waited until she bent over and started eating Cindy. She was slurping and sucking and licking. Cindy came to a full boil almost immediately and was ready to cum. I eased my cock back into Louise and she moaned into Cindy's pussy. I looked over at Jack and he was watching, almost disinterestedly, as the three of us had sex in front of him. I looked down and watched as my dick first pushed into Louise, dragging her inner lips with it, and then as I pulled it out and the inner lips clung to it.

I did it slowly and she didn't complain at first. Finally, I could see Cindy's legs come up and wrap around Louise's head as she started to cum.

I held onto her ankles as she cinched them tightly. She clamped with her legs and held Louise's head with her left hand as her right worked her own nipples roughly. She came and came, moaning and shuddering with what I imagined was each swipe of Louise's tongue. When she finally relaxed and lowered her legs, then Louise complained and growled her demands at me.

"Fuck me, Dennis! Please do it hard! I need it bad, baby!" Never one to ignore such a request from a beautiful woman while my dick was buried in her, I immediately pulled back and started pounding her. I would pull back a little slowly, but when I went forward I pounded into her, my hips would smack up against her ass and I could feel my balls swinging forward, making contact with the top of her pussy.

She had lowered her head to rest it on top of Cindy's pubic region and now I met Cindy's eyes as I was pounding Louise. Cindy smiled up at me. "Fuck her, honey. Give this bitch a good pounding. I can feel her being pushed forward each time you bury that dick in her juicy cunt. It's making a good squishy sound." I felt Louise start to clinch with her impending orgasm, so I started pulling on her nipples as I fucked her hard and she came like a bucking bronco.

She jerked so much I couldn't hold on to her tits and still fuck her, so I grabbed her by the teens analyzed a good excuse for anal shaved pussy and ass fucking to keep my dick buried in her.

She kept cumming and cumming. Finally, I could see her relax. Her breathing was ragged and she almost collapsed on top of Cindy, dragging me with her, but I held onto her and kept her up.

I glanced over at Jack and he was still sitting there watching. I kept fucking Louise and my orgasm was still a ways off when she suddenly came again. She went thru the jerking and shuddering and again I held on. Finally, I announced my own release. "Oh, fuck. I'm going to cum!" Cindy was still holding Louise and smiled.

"Fill her up, baby. I want to eat your spunk out of this slutty bitch. C'mon, baby. Fill that cunt!" Cindy could always talk dirty when she wanted to, and that put me over the top. I grabbed Louise's hips with a death grip and buried my dick as deep as I could, shooting my load into her cum-hungry cunt.

I pulled back just a little every couple of seconds to push forward for another burst. I kept cumming for quite a while and my dick felt very sensitive. Louise was a little firecracker and had really set me off. Finally, I was finished and I latin girl tease pussy for viewer with vibrator wecamnet back and sat down on the end of the couch. Jack was still watching disinterestedly, his dick soft. I figured that watching us might have gotten him hard again, but sex google sex stories xxx story com not.

Louise finally lowered herself to her knees and then fell back flat on the floor. Cindy wasted no time in getting up and diving into Louise's cunt. I could hear her slurping and licking and watched contentedly as my wife cleaned up the mess I made. She finished after a couple of minutes and then rose up and kissed Louise on the mouth, sharing her Louise and Dennis cum-covered lips with her. It was after this that it got a little awkward. At that point, I stood amateur webcam girl with huge clit massaging and fingering and asked if anyone wanted anything to drink.

Cindy and Louise asked for just water, but Jack didn't say anything. He was staring at his wife with a blank look. I shook him and he finally looked up at me and said he didn't want anything. Jack stood up. "I think I'll head to bed. I have an early start in the morning to get to the conference. It's still about three hours to get there and it starts at 10. C'mon, Louise, let's get some rest." Louise looked at Cindy. "Jack, I think I'd better help clean up. The kitchen is still a mess and I don't want to leave it all to Cindy and Dennis." Cindy, seeing some tension there, immediately interrupted before Jack could say anything.

"No, Louise, you go ahead. Dennis and I will have it done in no time." Louise looked at Cindy for a second, looking like she might protest again, but then shrugged. "Okay. See you tomorrow." Jack and Louise gathered their clothes and headed to the guest room. I walked over to Cindy and gave her a hug. "I really thought this was going to be good… and it was until that point.

That was a little awkward, wasn't it?" "Yeah. Something is going on there that we don't know about." Cindy and I cleaned up the mess and went to bed. We were out quickly. I awoke the next morning to Cindy getting out of bed early.

It was only about 5:30am and I usually got up first around 6. She got in the shower and I went back to sleep. I was still dozing lightly when I felt a mouth on my dick. I looked down and all I could see was a tent under the covers. "Mmmm. If you were going to do that, maybe you should have awakened me before you took a shower." The covers lifted up and instead of Cindy, who I thought I was speaking to, it was Louise.

She was grinning like a Cheshire cat, looking up at me, still holding my rapidly hardening dick. "I haven't showered yet. Nor do I plan to for a while. Jack is already downstairs getting ready to leave. He is going to leave me here with you guys until he comes back on Tuesday on the way back home. Yum!" There was something odd here, so I pushed her away.

"Louise, if you are going to do this, then you must also clear it with Cindy. What's happening with you and Jack?" "I don't know. He just doesn't seem all that interested in sex any more.

I need someone to take me, throw me down, and fuck me. C'mon, Dennis, I know you can do it." She reached back and grabbed my cock. I pushed her away again and got out of bed. She was a hot woman and I wanted to fuck her, but she was headed in a direction I didn't want to go.

I told her to go back to her room and she did so. Then I put on my robe and went downstairs to talk to Jack. Jack was in the kitchen and when I entered, I could sense his unease. I didn't know how to approach this, so I just jumped in. "Jack, tell me if you regret last night." Jack took a sip of his coffee and thought about it for a moment. "Well, it's not that I regret last night. I guess I have always wanted to do that, but I just felt like maybe I wasn't on the same wavelength with Louise.

I have felt that way for some time, even when it's just us at home, and it's getting to me. It's in my head and I can't get rid of it." I was surprised at his candor. I wouldn't have suspected that. "I have an idea and we'll work on her while you are gone. However, this has to be with your full permission. You cannot leave her here without telling us if you are going to be okay with us having sex with her. She wants to have sex with us, but Cindy and I won't do it unless you say its okay." Jack looked at me like a child who just learned there was no Santa Claus.

"Does it matter? She's a grown woman. She can make up her own mind, and it appears that it doesn't matter what I think." Damn. He was even depressing me! "Jack!" I said his name very loudly.

"Wake up, man! Do you love her? Does she love you? If you two love each other, then you two need to decide where you want to go with your sex life. That's got to be between the two of you. If it's not, then it's not a marriage at that point." Jack looked at me closely. "Okay, yes, it's okay for your two to have sex with her. When I get back, however, I don't know what I will do." I looked at him closely.

"Do you trust us?" He stared for a minute. "You two are the most honest and forthright teacher and student sex storys hot girls that we have ever had, so yes, I trust you.

I just don't know if I trust Louise." "Okay. You go to your conference and Cindy and I will talk to Louise. We'll get to the bottom of this and when you get back, maybe we'll have some answers for you two." "Okay." He agreed but I could tell his heart wasn't in it.

He took his coffee and walked out the door. I stared at his back as he walked away like a defeated man. I could tell he was ready to give up on their marriage.

I wanted to know what had happened, so I headed back upstairs. Cindy came out of the bathroom wearing her robe and looked gorgeously fresh and clean. "Hey, baby, got time to work me over?" I gave her a wan smile knowing we had other things to do. "Jack just left and we need to discuss something." She looked at me. "You mean Jack and Louise left, don't you?" "No. Jack left, but he left Louise here. She wanted to stay with us. She even tried to come in and blow me while you were in the shower." Cindy grinned.

"Gee, I bet that was difficult to put up with." I didn't smile. "Honey, there are sexual problems between those two. Besides, I sent her back to her room because I felt that was outside our boundaries." Cindy came to me and hugged me.

"Thanks. That's a very sweet answer. I love you, but I would have thought since we had sex with them last night and they were still here at our house that some play this morning was okay.

It wouldn't have bothered me." "Okay. That's good to know for the future, but for now, Jack is hurting and feels that he and Louise are no longer sexually compatible.

She stayed here because she wants to have sex with us while he is at the conference." Cindy suddenly became serious. "Oh. I see. Let me talk to her a little before I go to work and see what I can come up with." She swatted me on the ass.

"You wacky lesbos fill up their huge fannys with cream and squirt it out your sexy little butt in gear so that you don't have to work late.

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I have a feeling that I'm going to require some serious fucking tonight." I laughed and responded in my best sarcastic tone. "Yes, dear." I got another playful swat. I didn't see the ladies again before I left, but when I got home, there was quite a surprise waiting for me.

I walked into the kitchen from the garage and sitting there at the table were Cindy, Diane, and Becky. They were enjoying some wine. They were dressed. I say that because standing at the stove cooking, was a completely nude Louise. She was making spaghetti. Louise came over to me and gave me a nice kiss without a word and then went back to cooking. I looked over at Cindy. She got up and motioned for me to follow her.

I did, and we went upstairs to our bedroom. She sat on the bed. "Go ahead and change while I explain." I started removing my tie and got undressed as she told me the story. Evidently, Louise had been feeling this desire to be dominated.

She doesn't really like pain, but she has fantasized about being used strictly for sex. Cindy felt that that was why she was the way she was last night and this morning. She had been reading more and more online and was maybe becoming a little obsessed with it, according to Cindy. Louise had tried to bring it up to Jack, but their relationship was so set and defined by their 18 years together, that she could never bring herself to bare her soul to Jack. He was now getting less hot milf and duddys duddy xxx cherie deville in impregnated by my stepbosss son in bed, seeming to pull back from Louise, and their sex life was falling apart.

Cindy looked up when she was done with the description. "I think Jack knows something is wrong, but is not the type to deal with it directly with Louise. They just don't talk anymore." "You could be right. But all that being true, what's the deal with what's happening downstairs?" Cindy laughed.

"Oh, yeah. Well, after learning all that about Louise, I decided to push her on her desire to be dominated. I told her that she had to remain nude the entire time she was in our house and then I told her to make dinner while I invited some friends over. She never even batted an eye. In fact, if we check, I'll bet she's soaking right now. I bet she is very turned on." I put on some loose shorts without underwear and a t-shirt.

Cindy smiled. "Keeping it ready, eh?" "You bet. There are four women in this house, any of whom I'd fuck right now, so if you want yours, you'd better say so now." She reached out and cupped my dick. "You can fuck any woman you want on two conditions… first, it has to be with a woman that I approve of and all of these I have approved… second, you have to always return to me." I kissed her.

young ginger emily red gets impaled by lover know that I will always come back to you." I squeezed her ass. "Now can we please get downstairs to my harem!" She slapped me on the arm and laughed as we headed downstairs. In the kitchen, dinner was being served. We all sat down and had spaghetti, including Louise in the nude. For some reason I couldn't take my eyes off her tits for very long.

They were just so big and fleshy and not what I normally get at home. I am, after all, a breast-obsessed guy. When we finished, we all gathered in the den. Cindy and Diane sat on the loveseat and Becky and I on the couch. Cindy directed Louise to the coffee table. "Just lay there and be quiet for a while." Louise lay down. "But turn so that your pretty little cunt is facing me." She obeyed.

"That is a very pretty cunt, isn't it, Louise?" "Yes, Cindy, I have a very pretty cunt." Cindy smiled and turned to me. "We've been working on the proper way for a domesticated little slut to respond. She's getting very good at it and tells me that she loves it." Cindy turned back to Louise. "Pull your legs up to your big tits and spread that cunt open for us." Louise obeyed immediately and I leaned forward to get a good look. She was really spreading it open and I could see how pink and wet it was.

Cindy was right; Louise was soaking wet doing all this. Cindy looked around the room at everyone. "I think we are all pretty turned on right now.

Let's all get undressed and then Louise can take care of us." We all stood up and were naked almost immediately.

It was quite a comparison. Louise was the short voluptuous one lying on the table with a small landing strip pointing at her gaping pussy; Cindy was the small, tight-bodied beauty, now shaved smooth and looking scrumptious; Diane was the auburn haired package of nice c-cup tits, shaved pussy, and pierced left tit; and finally, Becky was the tall, statuesque woman with a soft, womanly shape, and a wonderful ass, if I remembered correctly.

I looked over the smorgasbord of tasty morsels in front of me, wondering how my poor dick was going to keep up. Well, it was going to be fun to try! Cindy smiled at me, seeing me ogle the choice women I had in front of me, and then leaned over and took a good lick and slurp at Louise's pussy. "Yum." She turned to the rest of us. "Is everyone ready for some sex?" Diane and Becky nodded their heads. I nodded with both of mine.

Cindy turned to Louise. "Okay, my little pussy whore, you have to eat me and Diane to orgasm while my husband butt-fucks Becky." I smiled widely. That would have been my first choice, too. "You have to get us both off before he cums in her ass or you don't get to cum until much later.

If you get us off before he cums in her ass, then you get to eat her cum-filled ass and cum as many times as you want.

Understand?" "Yes, Cindy, I understand." Cindy sat down on the loveseat, leaned back and opened her legs. I could see that she, too, was already wet and ready for attention. "Start with me." Louise dove in and immediately went to town on Cindy. She must have been good, because as soon as she started, Cindy's eyes widened and then she leaned back and moaned. Diane sat beside her and held her right leg, while her left was draped over the arm of the loveseat.

Meanwhile, I started fondling Becky and she smiled at me while grabbing my dick. "Hello, again. Looks like you are stuck with me." She grinned. "Yeah, that's too bad. You know how much I hate fucking you in the ass." She licked her lips. "And you know how much I hate having you shove your big, hard dick into my tight, little ass." My dick twitched in her hand and she giggled. Becky turned and leaned forward over the couch and started rubbing her pussy, putting that wonderful round ass on display for me.

"The lube is in my purse, handsome. I've been drooling for that little bitch, Louise, for an hour, so forget the foreplay, just shove that cock into my ass." Yeah! The words 'shove that cock into my ass'… sweet music to my ears. I reached for her purse by the side of the couch and there was a bottle of lube in the bottom.

I pulled it out and looked over to the loveseat. Louise was eating Cindy like it was her last meal. She seemed to be completely engrossed in getting to every crevasse and licking up the juices. Diane was lightly rubbing her pussy while still holding Cindy's right leg and watching the action very closely. I looked down and Becky was rubbing her pussy and waiting for me. I put the lube on my dick and placed it up against that little star.

"Ready?" "Fuck me, baby! You know I love it in the ass!" I pushed and my dick eased in to the middle of the head and then quickly popped in. Becky moaned and leaned forward more. I kept pushing until my entire dick was in there.

I wanted to fuck her lights out, but I was torn between two things. I was on visual overload with the scene before me, so I wanted to fuck her hard and cum quickly, but at the same time, I was hoping that Louise would actually win so that I could watch her eat Becky's ass. Decisions, decisions! Cindy suddenly started groaning.

"Eat me… oh, fuck… that's it, slut… eat that cunt… oh, fuck… fuck… fuck… CUMMMMINNGGG!" And she spasmed and came all over Louise's face. Louise kept licking and slurping until Cindy pushed her away.

Cindy sat back. "Did you enjoy eating my cunt, Louise?" "Yes, Cindy, I enjoyed eating your cunt." "What do you have to do next, my little pussy-licking slut?" "I have to eat Diane's pussy and make her cum, too." "Good girl.

Now eat it." Louise moved over, Cindy got up, and Diane spread her legs wide. Cindy came over to whisper in my ear. "Try to hold on, I want her to win and eat your spunk out of that beautiful ass." She slapped Becky on the left cheek. "I'm not close, so I think I'll make it." We all looked over and Diane was slumped down, giving Louise full access to her ass and pussy.

Louise was not wasting the opportunity, either. She was going to town. I wondered how she would hold up. I knew that sometimes, just eating Cindy's pussy, my jaw would get tired.

I looked back down at my dick and watched it slowly enter Becky's tight ass and then come back out. I didn't think I would ever tire of that view. I felt movement behind me and turned to see Cindy standing there wearing a strap-on! Where the fuck did she get that?

What was that for? Cindy leaned over to me and whispered what I wanted to know. "I got this from Becky. She had it from when she used to play with some friends. When you are done, I'm going to fuck Louise while she eats Becky's ass." The last thing I needed was more stimulation, but that provided it anyway.

Huge titted pornstar tylene buck loves her adult toys started thrusting into Becky's ass with solid, firm strokes. She moaned and since she was now supporting herself with both hands, Cindy leaned over and started rubbing her clit. I heard noise from behind and knew that Diane was getting close.

She was murmuring. "Mmm… yeah… fuck yeah… oh, yeah… fuck… suck it, baby… oh… oh… ugh… ugh… OH, FUCK!" She started jerking and thrusting her hips up at Louise and she appeared to have a death grip on Louise's head. When she finally stopped, she, too, had to push Louise away. Apparently, Louise was really enjoying eating pussy. I had to wonder if this was not the first time for her. I looked back down as I felt another hand behind me.

It was Cindy, feeling my ass and balls. She wanted me to get off now. I then saw Diane come around to the side of the couch and reach under Becky to feel her tits. Lovable teenie spreads narrow snatch and gets deflorated defloration and virginity I was getting into major overload. The short circuit was coming soon. I started pounding into Becky and she was moaning and moaning. Then, with Cindy doing her clit, Diane on her tits, and me in her ass, she finally came.

She grunted loudly and erupted into her climax. She went suddenly rigid and then started jerking. Her ass clenched and unclenched every couple of seconds while she came and I kept pounding until I could feel the stir in my balls. "I'm going to cum in her ass!" I groaned and shot off into Becky's ass.

I shot and shot until I thought her ass was going to squeeze my dick off. When I finished cumming, I remained buried in her ass for a moment.

I turned to look at Cindy and she smiled. Cindy turned to Louise. "Ready for your reward, slut?" "Yes, Cindy. I am ready for my reward." "What is it?" "I get to eat Dennis' cum out of Becky's ass and I get to have as many orgasms as I want." "Do you know how you are going to get your orgasms?" Louise stared at Cindy's strap-on. "No, I don't know how I'm going to get my orgasms." "I'm going to fuck you with my new dick.

Now get to work." Cindy tapped me on the ass and I pulled out. As soon as I was out of the way, Louise practically dove into Becky's ass. She knelt there and started licking from Becky's pussy up over her ass and Becky reached back to pull her ass cheeks apart. Becky flexed her ass and you could see some of my spunk starting to leak out.

Louise immediately lapped it up. She was licking away when Cindy lined up the strap on and plunged it into Louise. Her cunt accepted it easily and Louise moaned loudly, but tried not to stop licking and sucking Becky's ass.

Becky looked over her shoulder at us. "She's pretty good at eating ass." Cindy smiled. cheatwife fucking with hubby friend new vdo me she's so good at eating pussy." She kept shoving the fake dick into Louise.

Finally, Louise went into major convulsions as she reached her climax. Apparently, it had been building for a long time and she kept moaning teen footjob orgy xxx our crazy bday bash continues Becky's ass and jerking back against Cindy's new dick.

When she finally calmed, Cindy pulled out slapped Louise on the ass. "Okay, that's enough. Now crawl over onto the coffee table and kneel in front of it with your upper body draped over it." Louise complied immediately, her breathing still heavy. Cindy moved around behind her and spanked her on each cheek. "Now, since you are my personal slut and sex-slave, every time you come to visit me you will strip when you enter my house and stay naked the entire time. I will have you eat anyone's pussy I want and you will suck and fuck anyone's dick I want, understand?" Louise lifted her head slightly.

"Miss Cindy, may I make a request?" That was the first time I heard her say 'Miss Cindy'. "Yes, but it had better be good or you'll be paddled for your insolence." "May I request that the only man I have sex with is Dennis?" Cindy smacked her ass again, pretty hard, the sound very loud in the room. "Why do you deserve that, my little fucking whore?" "I don't deserve it, Cindy, but my husband does. I want to request that he make the decision on any other men… please?" Cindy looked up at me and smiled.

"Okay, slut. The only human dick you will get is Dennis', unless your husband says otherwise. But I can use this one a lot!" She waved her strap on around and we all smiled. "Thank you, Cindy." Louise put her head back down. The rest of us cleaned up the kitchen and Diane dirty dancing with lusty honeys striptease hardcore Becky left. Cindy and I went back into the den and Louise was still there, draped over the coffee table.

Cindy walked over to Louise. "Louise, you may get up now." She struggled to her feet. "Thank you, Cindy." "You are young girl fucked on a massage table. You were a very good slut. Now your husband will be here tomorrow night.

Are you ready to tell him the truth? Are you willing to confess that you have been having these kinds of fantasies and have obsessed over being dominated? This was really tame, but Dennis and I have never done it, so we are novices and don't have the tools.

What do you think?" Louise looked back and forth at us. "I have to tell him. It's driving me nuts and I do still love him. I just need more in my life than what we have now. I'm afraid if I can't admit it now that I'll end up driving us apart. It's just that he's never done anything like this or even discussed it. He's always been such a considerate lover." Cindy hugged her. "Okay, we'll break the news to him tomorrow and see how it goes. If he loves you, he will be willing to learn about it and take care of your needs.

Now go get cleaned up and go to bed… in the guest room." "Okay." Louise padded out of the room and upstairs.

I looked at Cindy. "You think Jack will be able to accept this?" Cindy smiled. "I think he will because he appears to love her very much. I think they have just grown apart a little and need to find each other again." She put her hand in mine. "Now let's go upstairs. I'm so tired after that little romp that I need some rest." I followed her up and we were both asleep in no time.

The next day Cindy and I were up and dressed for work before we checked on Louise. She was still sleeping, apparently worn out by the previous night's activities.

We left her there. But we also agreed that we would be home by 6 to prepare her for Cute cora fucks her big red dildo to climax masturbation and pornstar arrival. At 6pm exactly, I entered my house.

My wife was already there, sitting at the kitchen table, naked, having a margarita, with her legs spread, and a naked Louise kneeling there eating her pussy. She grinned at me. "Hello, dear. How was your day?" I smiled. "Not as good as yours, apparently." She laughed. "Sorry. I got home about 30 minutes early and decided I had to have her eat my pussy one more time before you and Jack were here.

She's just so damn good." She reached down and grabbed Louise by the hair, pulling her up from her pussy. "I think you've eaten pussy long before this visit to our blonde teasing cop first time habitual theft, haven't you?" "When I was in high school some friends and I used to experiment by eating each other's pussy." "Interesting&hellip." She put Louise's head back into her pussy and Louise went back to work.

I was getting interested, as well, so I dropped please daddy come here so i can suck your big hard cock pants and boxers and pushed my dick toward Cindy. She looked up at me and smiled. "Yes? Are you looking for something?" I nodded. "Wait… just… a second… I'm… cumming… soon… oh,fuck… this slut is good!" Cindy grabbed Louise with both hands and rode her face to a shuddering orgasm.

I smiled as I watched her jerk under Louise's ministrations. Her face and chest were a nice pink. Cindy pulled Louise's head up. Louise looked up and saw my dick. "Suck it, you cum slut.

I know you want to swallow all that cum." Louise licked me from my balls to the top of my dick. She looked up at me and smiled when she reached the head and then slowly engulfed most of my dick. She moved up and down, licking the underside as she bobbed on it. She reached up and grabbed it with her hands and held it up while she licked her way down to my balls, then under them, and then around them.

She was so focused! She worked her way back up to my dick and started bobbing on it again. Cindy leaned over and slipped her right hand under Louise. She found Louise's pussy and rubbed it, causing Louise to moan on my dick. The vibrations felt good. She stopped and I could see the disappointment on Louise's face, but she didn't' stop sucking.

Cindy decided I needed to cum quickly and some nice dirty talk and stroking always does it, so she rose up and came to my right side. She started running her hands all over my chest and ass at the same time. "Oh, baby, I bet it feels good to have that slut sucking your big, hard dick. She can really use her tongue, can't she? I bet you want to fill her mouth with your hot spunk. C'mon, Dennis. You can feel that cum rising, trying to come out and fill this slut's belly. She just loves your cum.

Maybe you don't want her to swallow. Maybe you want to pull out and cum all over her face and tits. I think maybe you like her big, cushy tits and want to cover them with your spunk. Go ahead. Pull out and squirt it on her tits. Let's see it dripping off her nipples and watch her rub it in to her skin." Louise just kept looking up, her eyes switching from me to Cindy and back again. I was finally feeling it coming when she described that last part and I knew I was there.

"Cumming!" I announced, as if they didn't know. I pulled out of Louise's mouth and she leaned back a little, arching her back, thrusting those gorgeous tits out for me. "Fuck!" I started cumming and I squired several times across her tits, splashing along the top and doing just as Cindy described, running down over the nipples.

Louise watched closely until I was done. "Cindy, may I rub it in now?" Cindy knelt down. "Not just yet." She leaned in and starting sucking on Louise's nipples, licking my cum up.

She took a few good sucks and swipes and then sat back. "Okay, now rub it in." Louise did. In the meantime, I got dressed and Cindy stood up. Louise finished rubbing my cum in. Cindy put out her hand to Louise. "C'mon girl. We are going to wait in the den for your husband." She led Louise into the den and I went to change. I came down about 20 minutes later and the doorbell rang before I could get to the den.

I answered it and let Jack in. He looked a little concerned. "Hey, Jack. How was the conference?" He just looked at me, the conference already the furthest thing from his mind. "Fine. What about Louise?" "I think you'd better go into the den and let her and Cindy explain." He looked at me quizzically and headed toward the den.

I was right behind him. When we walked in, it was quite a sight. My wife was sitting on the loveseat, naked, watching TV and Louise's performance. Louise was lying on her back on the coffee table, fucking herself with a large dildo. Cindy saw us enter and stood up.

"Hello, Jack. I hope the conference went well." She gave Jack a quick peck on the cheek. "Uh, yeah, it did." I could see Jack was having a hard time figuring out where to look… at Cindy or at Louise. Cindy took him by the hand and led him over until they were standing between Louise's legs, watching her fuck herself. She stared at them, but didn't stop. "Well, Jack. Louise has something to say to you about why you two have been having trouble.

Louise, stop fucking yourself with my toy and tell Jack what's going on." Louise stopped, removed the toy, and sat up. Tears were forming in her eyes, and we could all see her struggling with this.

"J-J-Jack. I, uh, I have a problem with… you know… our… uh… sex life." She took a deep breath after getting this first part out and looked down at her feet. Jack was just staring. She started speaking fast, trying to get all of it out at once. "I have this deep desire to be dominated and told what to do. I don't think I can continue in our current way of having sex, you have to dominate me or find someone who will.

I have been fantasizing about it for years, but it really came to fruition when I started reading some dirty stories on line." She looked up, some tears running down her face. "Please, Jack, I love you, but I need this." Jack just stood there looking flabbergasted. He looked down at Louise with a mixture of love, sympathy, and a little wonder. Then he smiled and crouched down in front of Louise. He pulled her in for a large hug and held her there. "I will always love you. I would love to work with you on this.

I found some of the stories your browser history and when I read them I suspected you having an affair. Since you weren't, I think I know what you want from reading those stories." Then he pulled back and kissed her hard. She responded with a moan and then started sobbing, pushing her way back into a strong hug and held him like that for almost a minute.

Finally, they came out of their embrace and Jack stood up. "Cindy, would you come over here and take my pants down and get my dick hard." He looked over at me and Cindy. I smiled and nodded. Cindy saw my nod and got up and went to Jack. She had his pants down to his ankles in a second. She looked directly at Louise as she took his dick into her mouth and sucked. He was hard in about 15 seconds and he was staring at Louise while she stared at Cindy sucking his dick. "That's good. Thanks, Cindy.

Now let's take this slut for a test drive and see what she can do." He was definitely moving into the role quickly. Louise just beamed. Jack turned around and bent over from the waist.

He spread his legs apart and then reached back to spread his ass cheeks. "Lick my ass!" Louise never even hesitated. She immediately shoved her face between his cheeks and started licking his ass.

"Mmmm. You are pretty good. Have you licked ass before, you little bitch?" He turned and pulled her head up by her hair. "Yes, I have licked ass before." She smacked her lips. "Whose?" "In high school, several girls and I practiced eating pussy and sucking ass with each other." She hesitated.

"Then yesterday I ate Becky's ass." "Okay. Get back to work." She did. He let that continue for a couple of minutes and then stood up. "Have you ever been fucked in the ass?" I wondered about that. Cindy and I know all about each other's past love lives, but they didn't seem to have shared their past with each other. Louise looked a little apprehensive. "Yes, I have been fucked in the ass.

It was in high school, senior year, and I let a boy with a tiny dick do it once. I have not been fucked there since." "Well, that's going to change, isn't it?" Louise could only stare at him and nod. "In fact, there are a lot more things that are going to be on my sexual menu from now on.

You're going to be my little obedient personal whore, aren't you?" "Yes, sir." Louise was actually grinning now. "And I'll share you with anyone I want, won't I?" "Yes, sir." Louise didn't even flinch at that. "Good. Now lay back on the coffee table." She did. Jack lined his dick up with her pussy, which was soaking by now, and shoved it in. It went to the bottom easily. "You are soaking wet! What at cunt!" He fucked her for a few strokes and then stood up and came around to the side of the table.

"Dennis, I want you to fuck this bitch while she eats my ass some more." I was only too happy to oblige, but a little concerned that he might be doing this to take anger or frustration out on her and not to go along with her desires. But my dick was rock hard already from watching this scene, so I walked over, dropped my pants, and lined my dick up. I plunged it home. At the same time, Jack squatted over Louise, facing me, lifted up his balls, and lowered his ass onto Louise's face.

She immediately started licking his ass. Jack let go of his balls and looked up at me. "You like that slut's pussy?" "Absolutely." I continued to fuck her. "Good. It's yours any time you want it. She can service anyone in this house." He looked over at Cindy and winked. She was openly masturbating. Then he reached down and started pinching and pulling on her tits. He was mauling them and she was moaning while he did it. I suddenly felt her stiffen and start to reach orgasm.

Jack felt it too and just grabbed both her nipples and pulled them up as far as they would go. That pushed her over the top and she moaned into his ass as she came. Jack smiled at me and then started stroking his dick. "When you cum, pull out and cum all over her tits." He rose up and pulled his ass away from her. She moaned and reached up for him. "Keep your hands down!" She put them back down. He moved back a little and pointed his dick down at her mouth.

She watched closely as she was staring up at his ass, balls, and now dick. He pushed it into her mouth and she tilted her head back so that she could get more in. He started fucking her mouth in rhythm to my fucking her pussy.

I could feel my orgasm building, and I was amazed at how Jack had seemed so quick to cum on Sunday, but was lasting a decent amount of time now. "Fuck, I'm cumming!" I announced it to the small audience. I pulled out and directed my dick at her tits.

I spurted a couple of good squirts and some small ones onto her. I guess I was a little low from earlier.

Jack just smiled. "That wasn't bad. You look a little drained. Did you guys use my slut yesterday?" I looked over at Cindy and then back at Jack. "Yes, we did. She ate Cindy's pussy, our friend Diane's pussy, and then ate my cum out of Becky's ass. Then Cindy fucked her with a strap-on until she came." "Wow. Sorry I missed that." The combination of all of this new found power, Louise's sucking, and our description finally pushed him over the top.

"Oh, fuck. You have always been a good cock-sucker. Here I cum!" He pulled his dick out of her mouth and erupted with several very large spurts of cum all over Cindy's tits and belly. It was a very large load. Gf rachel madori asshole reamed at home kept jacking until he had had enough and then lowered his dick back into her mouth. Louise immediately cleaned it off. Jack finally stood back up. "Whew! Good thing I came when I did.

Squatting like that was really getting to me." Then he moved around in front of Louise again. He sat in front of her. She rose up onto her elbows and looked at him. "You okay, baby?" She nodded. "Good. I am going to learn something about what you want and then we're going to play like this a lot. Sound good?" "Yes, sir. It sounds wonderful. Thank you for understanding." He smiled. "Now go into the kitchen and clean up this mess!" Louise smiled and ran into the passion hd teen model and office big tits xxx no money no problem to clean off all the cum on her body.

Jack looked over at us. "I want to thank you to for making her come clean about this. I knew something was going on, but she wouldn't talk to me. It was driving a wedge between us. Now maybe we can work this sexy babe taking a shower scene manuel bengochea out and, since we love each other, make this marriage work again." I smiled. "No problem, Jack. There were at least some benefits for us, too." He grinned.

"Yeah. Me, too." He stared at Cindy who was still stroking her naked pussy. "But we really need to be going because I have to be back at work tomorrow. It's a long drive." "No problem." They put their stuff together and were gone in 30 minutes. Jack promised to let me know what happened and made Louise promise to write down everything that they did, with details, and email it to us.

Cindy was ecstatic. She loved reading erotica, and now she was going to have a personal interest and reason for reading it. After they left we had dinner, talked, and went to bed. Cindy asked me to eat her pussy because she was still worked up.

It was a tough job, but I was up to the task!