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Fucking slut wife gen 1 tube porn
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OK, so I never went to band camp. I just liked the title and doesn't bible camp count? Either way the camps teach kids more than what they were intended. Now I lost my virginity when I was 14, and I was 12 when this story happened, so obviously I am not getting laid in this one.

It was still and erotic and exciting summer for me. Every summer since I could remember I had gone to the same bible camp by the lake. This was actually the last year I could go to this one since it was cassidy klein casts shy newcomer for porn gig through sixth grade.

It is around this age that most people notice their bodies changing. Even more important is boys notice your body changing and you notice theirs! This was the first year that I really started looking at boys, and girls for that matter, as sexual beings. The camp started off as usual. You know, check in, ice breakers, cabin assignments. We stayed in four person cabins and I was excited to see that my assigned roommates were good friends.

Shelly, Pam, Stacy, and I were roommates last year too and had a ton of fun. This year all of our conversations centered on boys. Who was cute, who was mean, and who has had their first kiss. Of the four of us only Stacy had kissed a boy, and I mean a real kiss not just a pack. Of course we all wanted to know what it was like.

The gossip and chatter continued until the camp counselor made us turn out the lights. We did the usual camp stuff for a couple of days. Summer camp routines are pretty standard. Things got interesting about the third day when a group of us was swimming. We were rough housing in the water when suddenly I felt my bikini bottoms drop to my knees! One of the boys, Jared, had de-pants me! It was lake water so it was murky enough that nobody saw anything, but I was embarrassed.

Strangely though I was also a little excited. OK, a lot excited.

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I was still a scrawny pre-teen. I was cute, about 4'8 and 80lbs. I had brown sun lightened hair and blue eyes. I was still wearing the training bra as my budding tits were not quite an A cup yet and was just starting to get a little peach fuzz between my legs. Like most girls my age I was very self conscious about my body, so when my bikini bottoms came off I was conflicted with thoughts of someone might see me contrasted with someone thought I was attractive enough they wanted to see me.

As I am now older and wiser I see how ridiculous those thoughts were because since I was wearing a bikini there was not much more of me people could see. That night in our cabin all we talked about was what happened at the lake. We debated what it meant and why Jared would do it.

Pam suggested that maybe Jared though I was cute. Then Shelly stood up and said if that was the case why didn't he try it with me?

She was not being conceited; everyone thought Shelly was destined to be a model. The most developed of the four of us she was almost 5' tall 95 lbs with perfect skin and blond hair. She had sparkling blue eyes. She was also developing nice tits as she was already wearing a real bra, A cup. As she stood in front of us in her panties and t-shirt showing off her long legs, we all agreed that my being cute was not the only reason. Finally Stacy suggested that we just ask Jared. Plans were made to do just that the next day.

Plan A did not work since we couldn't get him alone. Plan B did not fare any better so we went to plan C, desperation. Pam and Stacy snuck out after lights out and went to Jared's cabin. After about ten minutes they came back, and so did Jared with his best friend Brian. Trying not to draw the attention of any counselors that might still be up, we whispered in the dark cabin our question, why did he do it?

With a devilish grin on his face Jared told up they wanted to see a naked girl, and I was the easiest one to get to. Pam then surprised us when she piped in that she wanted to see a naked boy but that didn't mean she was going to embarrass anyone. We all kind of went silent for a second before Brian stated the obvious.

They wanted to see a naked girl, we were curious about naked boys, why didn't we just show each other what we wanted? We were quiet again for a minute before Stacy broke the silence with "I'm in." Stacy was the least developed of the four of us.

She was 4'6 65 lbs. She still looked like a little girls with brown hair and brown eyes. She wore a training bra, not out of necessity but to fit in. I backed her up a second later with "me too." Shelly and Pam the followed suit. The boys were very excited. Stacy and I started since we agreed first.

I pulled off my sweat pants while Stacy took off her shirt. I took a deep breath and pulled off my shirt, I wasn't wearing a bra for bed so now everybody could see my tits.

Stacy was wearing her bra so she pulled off her shorts next. Shelly started stripping then too, pulling off her sweatpants.

I pulled my panties down so I was the first one naked. Stacy was next when she pulled hers down and Shelly was naked very soon after. We had to encourage Pam to start. She was the chubby one of the group.

Having brown hair and brown eyes she was the same height as me, 4'8. She also weighed 105 and had very developed A cup tits.

Finally she did strip revealing a tuft of brown hair around her pussy. We all stood there self consciously as the two boys checked us out. That was voyeur chinese school toilet piss Shelly reminded them it was their turn. They tried to run out the door, but I stood in front of it. Jared ran into me and pressed my naked body tight against the door. It was only a second but I had a rush of feeling from it.

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Finally the guys relented and stood in the middle of the room ready to strip. Brian started by konfetochka f (cmon man that really matters viewers off his shirt and Jared followed. They both then pulled off their shorts so they were standing there in their briefs. When they hesitated to go further they had four naked girls heckling them until they finished.

At that age I would not be able to estimate the size of the boys, but they were both hard and it was obvious that Jared was bigger. We were all quiet as we just stared at each other's bodies. Finally Pam told us we better get dressed and get to bed. We all started grabbing our clothes and dressing as quickly as possible.

I was the last one dressed because I could not find my panties. Finally I just put everything else on as the boys were long gone. The next morning at breakfast when I sat down I noticed the four boys from Jared's cabin looking at me. They would whisper a bit then stare at me some more.

That's when I put two and two together, Jared had taken my missing panties and shown everyone in his cabin. Who knows what he told them about how he got them. I couldn't even look over there, I was too embarrassed. After breakfast I caught up to Jared and told him I wanted them back. He grinned and told me to get them back I would need to come to his cabin after lights out and get them.

When I told my cabin mates they were shocked. First they told me not to go, then after further discussion we decided I should go, but take Stacy for back up. When we got to his cabin all four guys were watching us. In addition to Jared and Brian, Marcus, one of the black kids at camp, and Joe were there. We stood just inside the door and asked where my panties were at. Jared held them up and said I would have to earn them back. Stacy asked what I needed to do.

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Jared said that Marcus and Joe had not seen a naked girl before and to get my panties back I would need to strip. Stacy told me not to, it wasn't worth it. I took a deep breath and told them I would just to end it. I took my shirt off and handed it to Stacy. I then took off my pajama pants and did the same. The guys couldn't believe their plan worked as I stood in my bra and panties. I let my boobs free next with Stacy grabbing my bra from me and then stepped out of my panties.

Naked with my hands on my hips I demanded my panties back. Jared laughed and told me not yet as the other guys looked at him confused. Jared said I could get them back after I kissed all of them. I told them fine and walked over how can dfirst tie sex Brian.

I couldn't believe my first kiss was like this, but I dealt with it. Kissing Brian was nothing special, just a long pack on the lips. He thought it was great though. Joe was next, he kissed about the same and had a big grin on his face when he was done. Marcus was different. He opened his mouth a little and slid his tongue into my mouth. He then grabbed my bare ass with both hands and pulled me close.

I pretended to try to pull away to keep up appearances, but I was liking it. I could feel my pussy swelling and moisture developing between my legs. I also felt his cock pressing through playmates daughters husband anal white mother with girlboss the ring of impurity pants and pushing against be stomach. I finally pushed away and pretended to be offended, but I think that kiss was the source of my longtime fantasy to fuck a black guy.

Jared was last, if he had been first the others would have had a hard time matching it, but since he was after Marcus, it was a letdown. Jared also slipped me his tongue but the passion wasn't there. I broke it off as soon as he reached up to grab my tit. He gave me my panties back, but before I could get dressed Joe yells out counselor. Stacy and I hid in the closet, my naked body pressed against her clothed one. In such a small space it was only seconds before the only thing I noticed was the musky smell of my wet pussy.

Marcus had really gotten to me. Stacy noticed it too, but thankfully did not say anything. After listening to several yes sirs and no sirs, the counselor left and Stacy and I poured out of the closet. I put my clothes on as quick as possible, grabbed my extra panties, then Stacy and I raced back to our cabin. Of course the other two wanted to know what happened so we told them. Of course I fielded the questions of what was it like and the "you slut" jokes before we went to bed for the night.

I did not sleep well that night; I kept thinking about what happened and started thinking maybe I was a slut. I eventually decided that if I was a slut, at least it was fun. While nothing more happened until the end of camp, those two nights were on all of our minds.

I know because in my cabin we talked about them every night. When the last night of camp rolled around we were about to go to sleep when we heard a knock at the window.

It was Jared and Brian. We let them in and asked what they wanted. They told us they wanted to apologize for the way they treated me when they stole my panties. I accepted their apology and told them it wasn't all bad. They stuck around and talked with us for a bit before Pam suggested a game of truth or dare. We all thought that would be fun for the last night there. It started innocent enough, mostly truths.

Of course I was asked who was the best kisser, (I lied and said Jared) and the guys were asked who had the best body naked (Shelly hands down.) Then the dares started. I was dared to take my clothes off. I figured everyone in there had seen me naked before, so I did it. That started a trend and soon everyone was naked. Then things got interesting, the two guys ended up kissing all four girls.

We were daring the guys to feel each other's tits, the guys were daring us to feel each other's tits. We dared the guys to measure their cocks, but couldn't find a ruler so that one was passed. Then we were sucking tits. Hormones were out of control. It all came to a head when Jared grabbed a giant tootsie roll off Pam's bed. Not the huge ones that are as big as your arm, but the ones that are like five of the smaller ones.

He then dared me to put it in my pussy and leave it there for a round. I took the unwrapped tootsie roll. I had never put anything in me before, not even a tampon.

Everyone was quiet waiting to see what I would do. Finally I did it, I spread my legs and pushed the tootsie roll between my lips. I really can't describe what it felt like. As soon as my body realized something wanted in my pussy was slimy wet. It felt weird and foreign as it spread me open. I left one section out so Teenpies teen filled up by blindfolded step dad step daughter and cum in pussy could pull it out when it was time.

Brian then dared Pam to be the one to pull it out when it was time. Shelly, then got evil. She dared Stacy to give Brian a hand job. Stacy did it, becoming the first to actually feel a cock. Pam just took a truth, while Stacy got revenge daring Shelly to give Jared a hand job.

All of this took awhile and I was sitting there with my legs spread and a tootsie roll up my twat. When it was finally my turn I dared Jared to eat the tootsie. Pam pulled it from me, leaving me with an odd empty feeling. The tootsie roll itself was misshapen as my body heat had partly melted it inside me (never again by the way, I was leaking chocolate for a week and it didn't really stop until I had my period.) It was slimy from being melted and covered in my juices.

Jared took it and slowly took a bite. He pretended not to like it, but the next bite he licked my juices off the rest before eating the tootsie roll. After that we decided it was late and the boys had to get back. Shelly and Stacy volunteered to walk them back. I thought that was odd but didn't say anything.

Shelly was back in about five minutes, but didn't know where Stacy was. About a half an hour later Stacy came back crying. Her and Brian had slipped off behind the cabin.

It started as just kissing but then she wanted to know what it would feel like with something inside of her. She had sex with Brian outside the cabin. Of course we wanted to know what it was like and she told us it hurt at first but Brian she let him thrust into her a couple of times before making him stop.

He told her she needed to finish what she started so she sucked him until he came. While it was not glamorous, Stacy became the first one of my friends to get fucked. We all saw each other at school hot banging session with an asian starlet cumshots brunette fall. While we were a little tense around each other, I kept picturing the guys naked and I am sure they were doing the same with us, we got over it quick.

Life went on.