Glamorous blonde gets fucked in the gym

Glamorous blonde gets fucked in the gym
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Note: As per my other stories, the character names are all changed on the off chance that there is someone who recognizes any of the descriptions of living arrangements or furniture. If this is the cute animated gets pounded in group hardcore and cumshot story of mine that you are reading, I have stories before this - while the other stories are not necessary to read, they do help to build up some backstory to where I was in my life at the time.

Once again, while the verbal interaction may not be accurate, the physical interaction is to the best of my recollection. --------------------- Senior Year had been going… Well, I suppose.

I really didn't have any room to complain. I had come to realize that I was destined to just be a bad boyfriend until I met a woman who was capable of changing me, if that was even possible. I had tried to stay faithful to my once-again girlfriend Emily, pornolaba free porn sex stories xxx and sex storys that had lasted for about twelve and a half seconds, before I was getting my knob polished by the one constant sexual companion I'd had in the last two years Mrs.

Curtis. There was just something about that woman that still haunts me to this day. Even though she was clearly being unfaithful to her husband, she was never really unfaithful to me in a way.

She hardly fucked her husband anymore, and wasn't banging one other than me, so it was almost as though we were in a special relationship as well.

The part that got to me the most, however, was the way she seemed to give herself to me fully during our trysts. She was almost a succubus, minus the whole part about being a demon who potentially kills you.

She plain liked to fuck, and fuck a lot. If I had kept close count, I would say that I probably had a few more orgasms with my girlfriend than I did with that Phys. Ed. Teacher, although the quality was drastically different.

To this day, no woman can make the feeling so intense. Sadly, this story isn't really about Mrs. Curtis we fucked, and we fucked a pretty fair amount, but there was plenty else going on in my life as I approached my high school graduation.

----- Sometime around the end of January, I found out that my girlfriend was going to be spending her Spring Break going to build homes somewhere in Central or South America. A group of us had been planning on a parentless trip to Cancun or somewhere else in Mexico to fuck around for ten days in the sun a warm respite from the winters up north.

Needless to say, I was kind of agitated… and when I'm angry about something, I tend to do regrettable, stupid things. A number of us had been over at Emily's house in her basement, and watching the best flawless hottie flaunts enormous ass and gets butthole pounded Will Ferrell from Saturday Night Live. Emily's parents weren't fond of her going to parties, so we brought the (sadly) sober party to her house. After we had finished laughing hysterically for an hour or two, a number of people left, and it was down to me, Emily, and her best friend Alexa.

Alexa was an interesting study. She had been on-again, off-again with one of my best friends, Seth, and according to him, he couldn't get her to go all the way. She would jerk him off and blow him as much as he desired, but she was 'saving herself for marriage'. All of our guy friends didn't really understand why the girls we were with would get mad when Seth would complain openly to Alexa about it, but more accurately, we just didn't really care.

Considering how easily most of these girls gave it away at such a young age, it was slightly confusing how vehemently they defended this one girl's choice. As for looks, Alexa was decent looking above average, but not the type of girl I'd spend time trying to fuck.

She was a little chubby, but carried the weight pretty well, thick thighs and butt, and a solid rack. She had medium-length brown hair that she highlighted blonde, and a really cute nose that was slightly upturned. This was all made better by the fact that she was barely over five feet tall. Alexa was a pretty cool girl in that she generally understood when it was time to leave and give us some privacy, but on this Friday night, she didn't really seem to keen on finding her way home.

We were watching reruns of something on the comedy channel, when Emily excused herself to go talk to her mother about something upstairs. I had been sitting between the two girls, so I took this opportunity to move over and lean back against the armrest of the couch. "Do you think I should fuck Seth?" Alexa questioned me out of nowhere. "Uhh. I mean," I was pretty floored by her forwardness, especially since she and I didn't really spend a lot of time alone. "I'm not saving myself for marriage," she said quickly.

"I just don't know if I want him to be my first, you know?" "That's pretty reasonable. What do you want, then?" I asked. "I don't really know. It just doesn't feel right with him. I'm not looking for some super magical time, with unicorns and rainbows, but I just feel like fucking Seth would be something I regret down the road." "Well it's not really for me to say.

Do what you want, I guess?" I was quite uncomfortable, because instinct told me I should be doing whatever I could to help one of my best friends get his dick wet, but this seemed like a genuinely important question, as she waited until we were alone. Not to mention, she was asking me, instead of her best friend. "I just feel like I should find the right person," she said, somewhat innocuously. "Don't you think so, Rob?" She had moved closer, and I hadn't realized it until I felt her hand start to rub my leg.

"Whatever the right person is for you, go for it," I told her. Hearing footsteps coming down to the basement, she shifted back over, keeping a mostly blank expression on her face.

Emily walked into the room, said she had to pee, and walked right back out to the bathroom. Leaning back into me, Alexa grabbed my hand and climbed on top of me, placing my hand on her breast.

"Whoa, Alexa, what the fuck are you doing?" I began to panic a little. My infidelity to Emily at this point had been with a single woman, but not anyone that Emily regularly shared her darkest secrets with. "I just think that if I fuck someone, it should be the right guy, Rob," she said, emphasizing my name heavily.

"Look, Alexa, Emily is in the bathroom and will be back any second. Just knock it off," I told her, before being silenced with her lips on mine.

As we heard the toilet flush, she gently finished kissing me, before shuffling back to her side of the couch, innocently acting as though nothing had just transpired. "Move over, babe," Emily told me, ushering me back to the middle of the couch.

As I did, she lay down with her legs over the armrest, her head on the outside of my right thigh. "Oh that looks comfy," Alexa laughed. "Can I lay on Rob too?" she asked Emily's permission. "Whatever floats your boat," Emily responded sleepily.

I sat in silence letting what had just happened moments ago sink in, trying to figure out what exactly it all meant. She obviously hadn't asked Emily's permission to kiss me, or to insinuate that she wanted to fuck me, and these girls had been best friends growing up. "Hey, Em?" Alexa was trying to get her attention. Nothing.

"Em?" "I think she might be asleep," I responded for my girlfriend. Without saying anything, Alexa grabbed my hand, and brought it to her breast for the second time that night.

I couldn't really jump up without waking up tits in a pornstar is always good with shae summers girlfriend and making for an awkward explanation, and didn't know what else I could do in that situation.

So I fondled her as though nothing was wrong at all. This went on for a married japanese sister fucked by her brother behind husband seconds, before she grabbed my hand and brought it to her mouth, sucking two of my fingers in.

I knew I only had a few quick moments before I got hard, so I shook my girlfriend awake and told her I was getting tired and going home for the night. "Do you think you could give me a ride home, Rob?" Alexa asked, with other intentions obviously on her mind.

"I don't know, you live kind of the other way," I said, stretching for a good reason to not do it. "Rob, don't be an asshole, give her a ride home," my girlfriend scolded me.

"She's not taking a cab by herself, and definitely not riding the bus at this time of night. "Can't she just spend the night here?" I begged.

"No, I have to be up early to go to some orientation thing for my Spring Break thing," she told me. I sucked it up, and started walking out to my car, without waiting for Alexa to catch up. Moments later, I was driving off to her dad's house, making sure to keep my arm in the way of any roving hands that might try to find their way into my pants. Fifteen minutes later, we pull into the driveway. "Look, Rob," she began, "what I did before was wrong, and I know that.

I'm sorry. Can you forgive me?" "I guess so," I said. We talked for a few minutes, and she apologized repeatedly. "Well, I better get going soon," I said, anxiously trying to get home without issue. "You should come see this place my dad is renting, Rob.

It's seriously awesome. There's a sauna and an indoor pool and hot tub. Just come in for a couple minute two cute babe having a lesbian sex at home I'll show you around," Alexa pleaded, pouting a little. "Alright, is it cool with your dad that you have a guy here so late?" I asked. "He's out of town on business, so it's actually just me here.

It's kind of scary at night, but I've survived so far," she laughed nervously. Unlocking the door, I immediately could tell she wasn't kidding. For a rental, this house was pretty incredible. It had four of five bedrooms, seven full bathrooms, a theater room, and everything she had else she had mentioned.

Our tour concluded in the pool area. "Wanna go for a late night dip in the pool? It's kept pretty warm," Alexa told me. "I don't have a bathing suit here, Alexa," I retorted. "I bet you might fit into my dad's suit," she laughed. "No offense, Alexa, but your dad is kind of a bigger guy there's no way I'm fitting into any of his things." "Well you could wear your boxers?" she suggested. "I don't think so then I'd have a forty minute drive home going commando.

Maybe you haven't noticed all the snow outside." "So get naked then," she told me impatiently. "What?" "Get naked and in the pool. If you don't want to wear your boxers, just get naked." "I don't think that's a very good idea, Alexa," I said, suspicions flooding my brain once more.

"Well, what do you want to do? It's not like I haven't seen a naked guy before," she laughed at me. "That's not the point and you know it," I responded. "Well, would it help if I got naked too?" "Alexa," I began, before being interrupted. "Shut up, Rob. Before Emily got back in town, you were fucking anything that walked. Like twenty percent of the girls in our grade have seen you naked." "So?" "So what's one more," she laughed at me.

"You're my girlfriend's best friend," I calmly said. "Why are you pushing so hard?" "Well, I'm getting in the pool, so you can either join me, hang out and be bored, or go home." All I could think was this girl obviously wanted me to take her virginity.

On the one hand, something I was absolutely willing to do. On the other hand, this was the one person who my girlfriend shared absolutely everything with. If I did anything, this could bite me in the ass so hard. "Maybe I'll stay for a bit, but there's no chance I'm getting in the pool," I told her. "Suit yourself," she responded, before pulling her shirt and pants off. "Whoa, Alexa, what are you doing?" I began to freak out again.

"My bathing suit is all the way upstairs. This is easier," she replied, undoing her bra, and letting her rather large breasts free. I stood there for a few seconds just staring, my mouth hanging open, much like her chest. "Look, Em isn't going to find out about anything, if that's what you're worried about," Alexa tried to reassure me. "You're her best friend," I managed to choke out. "Ya, and she hasn't exactly been the best friend over the years, Rob." "What do you mean?" "Well the fact that before you came along, she slept with pretty much half the boys I liked, after I told her that I was interested in them." "So this is some kind of revenge thing for you?" I asked, still trying to understand what she was talking about.

"If you want to look at it that way, sure. I think it's more like me putting my foot down to stop getting shit on." "She hasn't done anything to you since you got home, though… has she?" I was quite certain Emily wouldn't do something like that. "I have no idea. Are you with her all the time?

I'm with her even less often than you are, and a lot of the time with you at the same time. It wouldn't be the first time she fucked around on a guy, Rob." She was looking at the floor, probably feeling somewhat bad for ratting on her best friend, despite the claims they were wrought from. "There's no way, Alexa," I couldn't believe what she was saying.

"I'm not saying she's cheated on you, Rob, but realistically, she probably will eventually. You've only been back together like five months. In junior high, she ended up with a different guy every two months." I sat down on the tiled floor, suddenly feeling a little dizzy.

I wasn't the best boyfriend hell, I was probably a pretty bad boyfriend if you just looked at my infidelity. I cheated on my girlfriend a couple times a week.

Outside of that, though, and it's a pretty big 'that' to look beyond, I was a rather standup boyfriend. I chauffeured Emily everywhere, I paid for our lunches most of the time, and I was exceedingly polite and caring. Yes, we fucked like animals, but I was a pretty good guy for the most part.

Was it possible that she would eventually cheat on me, like I was doing for months now? Did I really have a leg to stand on monica gets licked and returns the favour this situation?

If she cheated on me, it would only be fair in a way… but the idea enraged me. Was she already cheating on me? Who cares if I'm fucking around on her? In a way, my relationship with Mrs. Curtis had been going on for two years now. Emily and I had only been together for less than a year between stints.

But with Mrs. Curtis, it was purely physical. Emotionally, I felt very little for the woman she got me off in the best way, and that was it. But Emily… I cared about her.

I was pretty bummed when she had left, and it was like a dagger through my everything to even think that she could treat me like that.

"Are you ok, Rob?" Alexa had put her shirt back on. "I don't know," I said. "You've been sitting here for like fifteen minutes in silence." I had no idea it had been that long it felt like only a few moments at most. "Look, Rob. I'm sorry I said any of that. Do you want something to drink?" "To drink?

Or to 'drink' drink?" I asked her. "Whatever. My dad's got some beer in the fridge and won't even notice if a few are missing. "I dunno. I should probably be getting home soon it's already pretty late," I told her, looking at my watch.

"You just got pretty heated, Rob. You weren't saying anything, but your face was really red, and you were breathing pretty hard. Maybe just hang out for a bit and relax. I promise that's all. Let's go watch some TV or a movie or something," she suggested. I agreed that was possibly for the best, and we made our way up the few step to the basement, crossing the hall into the theater room.

"So do you want something to drink?" she pressed me again. "I mean some water and a beer would be good," I replied. Sitting down, I flipped through the channels not much good TV on at four in the morning. Busty milf mom fuck by son behind the husband raped storys bored with flipping through infomercials, I was looking through the DVDs sitting on the shelf as Alexa returned with my beverages.

"Hey, thanks. There's nothing on TV any movies you want to watch?" I asked. "Uhh, I've probably seen most of them, whatever you want is xxx with gf and bf with me." "You ok with The Ring?" I grabbed it from the shelf.

"It's scary as fuck, but as long as you protect me, I think I'll be ok," she laughed. The last time I'd seen this movie, I didn't remember it being very scary, but Seth and I had been talking throughout most of the movie, as we were kind of stoned and not really interested.

I popped the movie in and saw that Alexa had placed my beverages on the side table beside the couch. I was intending on laying back in one of the reclining leather chairs, but I reasoned that I would be less likely to fall asleep sitting upright. Grabbing a blanket, Alexa joined me on the couch. "Is it ok if I sit kind of close to you? I wasn't kidding when I said it's scary as fuck and I'm going to need to hold your arm or something to get through this." I chuckled dryly, ignoring what had happened earlier tonight, and acknowledging that this movie might be a little scarier than I thought earlier.

I held my arm out to allow her to sit comfortably with my protection. As the movie got under way, I excused myself a couple times, grabbing another beer each time. On the last trip to the kitchen, I was just cracking open a cold one when I heard a scream from the basement.

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I ran back down the stairs aunt and nephew shares bed in a motel room7 into the room, to see Alexa cowering under the blanket like a little girl. "Are you alright?" I asked, trying not to laugh to hard. "I told you this movie was fucking scary!" she yelled at me, tears in her eyes.

I didn't realize she was actually that scared of a movie it never really occurred to me that people could be legitimately afraid of something that wasn't real. "Hey, I didn't mean to laugh. Come here," I said, holding out my arms to hug her and reassure her that everything was ok. With the blanket still wrapped around her, she got up and allowed me to hold her tightly; whispering like you would to a baby that everything was all right.

Looking down at her, I smiled into her eyes, and led her back over to the couch. "Maybe we should watch something funny for a bit before I leave you here in this giant house… all alone," I paused for effect, laughing again.

"You taking a cab?" She asked. "Nah, I'm good to go, I only had a couple," I responded. "You can't drive for a bit, Rob. My uncle died after getting hit by a drunk driver. I can't let people do it with my knowledge." "I didn't know that, 'Lexa. I'll wait it out for an hour then, if that's cool? We'll watch Austin Powers or something." I reassured her. Changing the movie, we settled back on the couch, this time no need for the lack of space between us.

Glancing down, I noticed her hugging my arm with both of her hands, her head on my shoulder. Before long I had fallen asleep. ----- When I woke up, I looked at my watch. It was almost noon. Alexa had fallen asleep with her head in my lap, so I tried to shake her gently awake. "What time is it?" she moaned groggily. "Noon," I answered, rubbing my eyes. "What happened?" "I don't know. You fell asleep like ten or fifteen minutes into the movie and I don't remember much after that.

I think I fell asleep a little bit later, but not very long." "Man, my parents are probably a little worried," I stood up, stretching and getting my phone out of my pocket.

"I doubt it they probably thing you're at Emily's or Bill's as usual." "Hopefully that's true," I mumbled, quickly shooting a text off to let my mom know I was alive I had broken curfew so many times that my mom finally just agreed to my suggestion of sending a text or calling at least every day.

"I'm really glad you didn't drive home, Rob. You'd only had a few beers, but it's a really irresponsible thing to do." "I know, sorry. I just never really thought much of it. I don't drive drunk, but one or two beers don't really phase me. That's a big part of why I took the seats out of the minivan. It's not comfy, but it's better than winding up in jail or something." I explained.

"Either way, just try not to at all. If you'd left here and passed out while driving like you did ten minutes later, I'd have to blame myself." Pausing to let the guilt sink in, I thanked her with a big hug for not letting me make such a dumb decision, promising to never do it again. "Look, Rob. I know some shit happened last night. I don't really have an excuse, but can we just keep this between us?

The last thing I need in the middle melissa mays pussy stuffed by step bros thick rod all these college applications and responses, and lots of homework," she started to explain.

"Don't worry, Alexa," I said, smiling at her. "Emily doesn't have to know. Besides, nothing really happened. One kiss when you were caught up in the heat of the moment isn't a really big deal." "Thanks," she answered, the word matched by genuine appreciation in her face. "I'll see you on Monday if you need anything while your dad is out of town, just text me or something." "Alright, drive safe, Rob," she said to me, closing the door behind me. -------- It was about a month later only a couple weeks to go until spring break.

Emily was definitely going to Guatemala or Who-the-fuck-cares-amundo for the duration of the break, living me increasingly upset.

I'd agreed to go with my friends regardless of her plans, because I wasn't about to sit around town by myself or hanging out with whatever sad sacks who didn't make plans to go anywhere. Either way, it was going to be mildly awkward. I was going with nine other people, eight of whom were in relationships with someone else on the trip. The ninth other person was this gay guy in our class, but he was a really funny guy and you wouldn't know he was gay in the least from the way he acted.

He was just one of the guys. I knew this trip was going to be a big test for me. In the last six months, I hadn't gone more than three days without getting inside either my girlfriend or Mrs. Curtis. Now I had to spend ten days without either one available. Since a lot of people were going to be busy the next weekend (the last before we left on our trip), we decided to have a big party at one of our friends' house to incorporate all of our friends and whoever else wanted to come.

Not everyone was coming on our trip, but a lot of other people had made plans with their own closer friends to go to Florida or the Dominican Republic instead. Unfortunately, Emily was still under somewhat strict rules and wouldn't be there. As the night went on, things got messier and messier for me.

I was pretty sauced, not to the point of being out of control, but definitely not able to stand up straight without support. I was getting dangerously close to approaching blackout-Rob. This was when someone had the novel solution of cutting me off.

At the time, I'm sure I made a pretty big show about everyone being assholes and me being fine to keep going, but when a few of my friends grabbed me and dragged me outside, I realized maybe I was the wrong party here. After finally being released from their grasp, I told them I was going to go for a walk to cool off a bit.

When I returned some twenty or thirty minutes later, the party was still raging. Fortunately, it was cold as shit outside, so there wouldn't be any noise complaints on this night. As I walked up the driveway, and half-stumbled up the steps, I saw Alexa run out the door crying. "Whoa, whoa, 'Lexa. What's wrong?" "Seth is being an asshole as usual." "Bugging you for sex again?" I asked, leaning against the side of the house for a bit of support.

"Not just that. I overheard him telling Bill and Ethan that we were going to be spending ten days in bed in Cancun, and he was going to get it in me no problem." "Were you planning on.?" I asked "No!" she cut me off. "I didn't even know for sure what the sleeping arrangements were going to be. I thought it'd girls and Hunter (the gay guy) in two rooms, and you other five guys in the other two rooms." "Ya, I don't know how that's all going to work.

I thought we'd figure it out on the plane or when we got there or something." "Well, apparently Seth had other ideas. Probably thinks if I'm drunk he'll get to finally fuck me," she said, the last few words dripping with scathing sarcasm, clearly imitating her boyfriend. "You're pretty mad, eh?" I asked her. "No shit," she rolled her eyes at me. "I just came back from a walk. You should try it - it was refreshing and I definitely feel a little more soberer," I said, followed quickly by some laughter at my poor speech.

"Wanna walk with me?" she asked. "I could use some company, and I don't want to get lost." "Sure, why not," I responded, putting my arm around her, mostly for support. Five minutes later, busty big tits milf flashes in public were passing a park where our school teams played softball and baseball in.

"Are you going to try out this year?" she laughed at me. Outside of my bass playing, I hadn't really been keeping up with my agreement to put a better foot forward in extra-curricular activities.

"Probably not," I shrugged. "Didn't you used to be on like every team in elementary school?" "Ya, I dunno. I just stopped caring about that kind of shit. It took away from fun time," I grinned. "Fun time, you say?" "Ya. Playing video games, partying… school sports are kind of weak. There's like two or three good players on every team, and our school isn't exactly known for being stiff competition. Losing's never fun." "I guess," she said, walking towards the playground near the diamond.

"That shit is probably soaked," I told her, as she approached the jungle gym. "Ya it is," she laughed trying to jump and reach the monkey bars. "Maybe not such a great idea, Alexa," I laughed with her. "No, I got this," she grunted, finally grabbing hold.

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She made it across one bar safely, before she lost her grip and landed awkwardly. Slipping on some ice, she fell right on her ass and her laughter quickly turned to cries of pain.

"Oh my God, I think I broke my ass," she cried. "I don't think so. You probably just bruised it or something," I groaned, helping her up. "Can you walk ok?" "Ya, I think so," she said, gingerly putting pressure on one of her ankles.

"Do you want me to get my van and pick you up?" "No, don't leave me here. Just help me back to the house, ok?" Twenty minutes later, we had made it back to the party, and I sat her in a chair near the door as I went to find her boyfriend to explain what had happened. Returning naughty nymphos pound the biggest strapon dildos and spray cream everywhere minute later, sans boyfriend, a scowl formed on her face.

"Where is he, Rob?" she demanded. "A little passed out," I mumbled. "What?" "He's passed out in the basement," I said clearly. "Fucking asshole," she sighed. "Do you want me to get some ice or something?" I began to ask her. "No, I just want to go home." "I don't think anyone's in any shape to drive you, Alexa. I would, but I know you're not so cool with that, and honestly, it's for the best." "Well can you call me a cab? "I'll tell you what. Let me try to go wake up Seth, and see if he'll get a cab with you to go to your place." "I don't want that asshole in my house, Rob," she glared at me.

"Ok, well what do you want to do? Someone's going to have to help you home you couldn't even get up the steps outside without my help." "Would you come with me?" "Like… leave my van here and take a cab with you to your house, then come back here for my van or something?" I asked, unsure what she meant.

"Well, ya. I'll pay for it. Both ways." "That's really generous, but you don't have to do that." "Well what do you want to do?" "I could crash in your basement like I did a month ago or something? That's probably a good place for you to sleep, too it'll be easy to keep your leg up with ice on it in one of those recliners." I said, excited by the quick thinking escaping my still somewhat-drunk mind. "If you're ok with that, I guess. I'll drive you back here tomorrow to get your van, if that's cool?" "Ya, let me just go leave a note with Seth saying I took you home and not to worry." A few moments later, I returned, laughing quite hard.

"What's so funny?" Alexa asked gorgeous keisha grey craves for a giant cock. "This," I answered, showing her the picture I took with my phone.

Her boyfriend had a penis drawn on his face, as well as a note on his chest and stomach saying what had happened. "You guys are all the same," she sighed, before a smile crossed her lips.

----- "How's that feel?" I asked her, packing surrounding her ankle in ice, her leg raised in the sweet leather seat. "It's sore, but the cold feels nice," she said.

"Alright. I'm gonna go take a leak I'll be right back," I told her, quickly leaving the room. Re-entering the room a couple minutes later, I saw her furiously pounding away on her phone's keyboard. "What are you doing?" "Letting Seth know that he has no chance of fucking me in Mexico." "Through a text message? Ouch," I laughed. "Better than he deserves right now," she said, sending the message for him to read when he awoke from his drunken stupor.

"Do you need anything? Want me to put a movie on or something?" I was trying to be as helpful as I could be it sucks to sprain your ankle and not be able to really do much while you tend to it.

"You can put something on, I guess," she answered. "Nothing scary though!" She tried to look angry with me, but burst out laughing. "Not to worry. I wasn't even thinking of doing that again," I laughed with her. Popping some random movie into the DVD player, I sat on the chair next to her, constantly checking to see if she needed to change the ice and making sure she felt ok. "Would you do this for Emily?" Alexa asked me out of the blue.

"Uhh, of course," I responded, looking over at her briefly. I was kind of focused on the movie, and not really paying attention. "She's really lucky, Rob." "How do you mean?" "You're awesome. Like you're a really great guy. You bend over backwards for her; you're pretty good looking…" she trailed off. "Err… thanks," I said shyly, definitely starting to get a little red in the face. "I mean it. You're a real catch.

That's what I mean. She's lucky to have you." "You're just saying that. I'm sure if you didn't keep going back to Seth, you'd be happy with just about any other guy." "You think so?" she asked, propping herself up on her arm to turn towards me.

"For sure. He's one of my best friends, but he's an asshole, Alexa. Everyone knows it. You know it, obviously. You have to after tonight, anyway." "I just don't see any other options," she started to tear up. "That's why I'm always with him." "Hey, it's not your fault. I've spent some time this year realizing how much a relationship can mean. When we were talking a month ago, it never even occurred to me that Emily would even consider cheating on me. That thought made me pretty angry.

You were the one who pointed out how mad I got." "Ya, it's true. It's definitely true," she sighed, lying back again. "Fuck Seth." I said, suddenly. "Excuse me?" came her answer, definitely mad. "No, don't fuck Seth. Fuck Seth. Like forget about him." "I wish it were that easy," she said, tears dripping down her cheeks.

"It is that easy. You definitely turn some heads when you walk into a room. You've got a great figure, you're smart, and you're helpful. It's such a cliché, but just find Mr.

Right." I told her, wiping the tears from her face. "What if Mr. Right isn't available?" she asked. I knew what she was getting it. We'd been down this road not long ago. "Look, Alexa. If I weren't with Emily, I'd be grabbing you every day, without question.

But… you know how it is," I looked at her, feeling a little pity for the girl. "I do. I was serious just now, by the way." "Huh?" I answered her, puzzled. "She has considered cheating on you." "What?!" I sat upright in a hurry. "She has. I don't know if she's gone through with it, but she's definitely mentioned it a few times in the last couple weeks." "With who?" I big fegar and bum xxx. "Mark or something, probably.

They're always coming out of the Student Council office together and there's never anyone else in there with them." "Always?" "Well not always, but a few times that I've noticed. During spare periods, or at the end of breaks." "Neither of them are even on the council," I said, not sure what she was getting at.

"That's why it's kind of wrong to me," she countered, clearly trying to make me understand. "Neither of them are supposed to be in there, yet I've seen them both coming out of there at least five times in the last few weeks." "Are you serious?" "Rob, I wouldn't lie to you about this.

I know you just see me as your girlfriend's best friend who probably gets in the way occasionally, but I consider you to be a good friend.

I don't have any proof, but…" she sighed. "It kind of paints its own picture, doesn't it?" "I can't believe this," I stuttered. It's funny. The thought of her cheating on me made me furious, but the knowledge that she very well might have just left me speechless.

"Are you ok?" "Ya. I'm…" I answered, thinking of a reason to leave the room. "I'm going to get you some more ice. Give me the bag, and I'll be back." I told her. As I reached for the bag, she grabbed my hand gently. "I'm sorry, Rob," she looked up at me, more tears in her eyes. "I know," I managed to squeak, running out of the room before the tears started forming. A few minutes later, Alexa found me crying with my head buried in my arms on her kitchen table.

"Look, Rob. There's no way I know anything even happened. They've been friends a long time maybe they were just hanging out. Maybe I missed other people leaving before or after them." She was trying to ease my suspicions. "It's not just that she is probably fooling around with Mark," I said between sobs. "She knows I hate that guy, and she said she wouldn't hang out with him if it meant that much to me, which it did." "I didn't know that," she said, stroking a hand through my short fake cop bangs blonde on her way to the beach. "If she's hanging out with him behind my back…" "She's probably not just hanging out with him," she finished my thought, understanding the implication.

"What are you going to do?" "Nothing." "Nothing?" she asked, clearly shocked. "I think I love her, Alexa. I don't know what the fuck to do. I just need some time to think for now." "I understand," she comforted me, patting me on the shoulder.

"Now since I had to crawl up some stairs, maybe you could be a doll and get me that ice you went for ten minutes ago?" "Oh man… I'm sorry," I laughed weakly, wiping my face in my sleeve. "It's ok. I think the circumstances let this one slide," she smiled at me. Filling the bag with more ice, I handed it back to her as she tried to sit down at the table. "Oh no you don't. You need to elevate that bad boy," I told her. "Well, ok. Give me a five minute head start and I might just beat you down there," she laughed, starting to crawl along the floor.

"Give me a break," I laughed at her, pulling her upright and then picking her up, one hand under her back, the other under her knees. "Oh, Romeo," she laughed, as I carried her back downstairs and gently placed her back in the chair. "Thanks a lot, Rob. Seriously. You've been too good to me tonight." "What are friends for?" I asked her, smiling. A few minutes passed in silence as we continued watching the movie. "Do you really think I'm good looking?" she asked. "Ya. I mean I've definitely seen an eyeful, too," I replied, smirking.

"Well that's not really fair, is it?" she pouted. "You ripped your top off before I could even do anything about it," I reminded her. "Well it's still not fair," she responded, tossing a pillow lightly at my head. "How can I ever make it up to you?" I sarcastically pleaded. "You've seen me, let me see you," she said, straight-faced. I laughed at her, assuming she was kidding.

No change in her xxxx sexx porn vidoos h d. "You're kidding, right?" I asked. "No. Let me see the goods, Robby Boy. You've seen me, now it's my turn." "Not a chance, Alexa," I started looking around, uneasily, trying to find something to change the topic of conversation. "I know you're big. There's no need to be embarrassed. You'd make Seth look tiny, I'm sure." "I don't need to know that," I responded, cringing.

Putting my face in my hands, trying to figure out what to do, I suddenly felt her hand grab my dick through my pants. Pushing away, I jumped upright. "Whoa, Alexa.

Mom and son full sex story mom sleeping

What the fuck?" "I think you're bigger than him and you're not even hard," she laughed. "You won't show me, so I figured I'd find out for myself," she said, responding to my obviously disturbed facial expression.

"Not cool," I said, backing up a couple steps. "Relax, Rob. Emily's told me all about it countless times. She's told most of us, by the way." "You guys talk about that kind of stuff?" I asked in disbelief.

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"All the time," she answered. "Just sit down, I won't touch hot lesbo bombshells are spreading and fist fucking assholes again, you can relax." She went back to watching the movie as I sat down.

I kept one eye on her for a little while, and then went back to watching the movie again. A few moments later, I saw a hand waving out of the corner of my eye. "Earth to Rob," she laughed. "Pay attention much? I asked you like five times if you'd help me up to my room." "Oh, sure," I said, emerging from my daze. Carrying her once more, I dropped her a little less lightly on her bed, and then started to walk out of the room.

"Where are you going?" she asked. "Back to the basement to sleep on that couch," I said, not turning around. "Wait. Can you please help me get into bed?" Stopping in the doorway, I lowered my head, feeling my last shreds of giving a fuck slowly falling away. "Of course, I can." Stepping back over to her bed, I helped her upright and pulled the covers down.

"Can you help me take my pants off?" "Alexa…" I began. "I've got panties on, you perv," she responded quickly. "Fine," I said, being short with her. While I was taking her pants off, she threw her sweater on the ground, and I saw those marvelous breasts once more, barely concealed by the bra she was wearing.

Adjusting slightly, just in case my penis began to have a mind of its own, I stood back up, and shoved some pillows under her leg, before pulling the covers over her. "Rob?" "What?" I sighed. "Can I give you a hug for being so helpful tonight?

I know you're getting tired of me, but it really means a lot." I leaned over to hug her, and she pulled me onto the bed. As I looked her in the eyes, she closed hers, and brought her mouth to mine. Giving in, I climbed further onto the bed, allowing my tongue to play gently with hers.

Biting my lip hard, I felt movement beneath me. Opening my eyes, I saw two nipples poking up at me, freed from their constraint. "Are you sure?" I asked, remembering she'd never serving sexy tits and cunt pornstar hardcore sex. "I'm sure, Rob. It's got to be you," she said before lifting her hips on her uninjured leg and sliding her panties off.

Reaching down between her legs, she slid her fingers along her pussy before bringing them to my lips. Redhead hottie alaina rides her bf huge cock greedily devoured them, tasting her sweetness before making my way down to get a taste directly from the source. Lifting her legs straight up in the air, I kicked the pillows out of the way, before plunging my tongue straight into her honey pot.

She immediately bucked her hips up at me, and grabbed my head, pushing it into her. Kissing the inside of both of her thighs, I started to take my shirt off, so my arms were out, but my head was still buried between her legs. Undoing my pants, I pulled them out and felt my quickly hardening cock get pinned between the sheets and myself. As I started to tongue-fuck her, she started to pant heavily, moaning my name over and over again. "Suck me, suck me, suck me!" she screamed loudly.

I took her clit in my mouth, sucking gently, before adding two fingers into her pussy, curling them up against her walls. Her hips began to buck wildly, her pussy mashing itself into my chin, as I felt her pussy tightening on my fingers. "Fuck, fuck, oh my God, fuck," she moaned. As she came down from her high, I climbed up her body, taking an ample breast in each hand, and sucking on one nipple after the other, alternating between these two perfect globes. "Jesus Christ, Rob, do you always do this for Emily?" "Don't say her name right now," I begged her.

"Just shut up." "Ok, sorry," she began, before I silenced her with my tongue. My cock began to find its way towards her velvety passage, but I stopped myself short, dragging my girth up and down her lips. "Do you want me to blow you, Rob?" she asked me. "I mean, if you want to, but let's take care of you first," I said, continuing to grind my cock into her clit and pussy. "Oh my God it feels so good, I didn't know it'd feel so good to fuck," she moaned. Laughing slightly, I bit my lip and looked her in the eye.

"What?" she asked. "I haven't even fucked you yet," I answered, laughing harder. "I know, but we haven't even started, and I'm gonna cum twice," she said, throwing her head back into her pillow. Continuing to hump her without any penetration, she wrapped her good leg around me, beginning to meet my thrusts. "That's it, Alexa.

Cum for me, babe. Cum for Rob," I encouraged her. "Oh fuck," she cried out again a few moments later, biting her lips and squeezing the back of my neck with the crook of her arm. Pumping my cock faster along her pussy, she started to convulse a little, her orgasm overtaking her. I gently kissed her lips and neck as she worked down from her second orgasm. "Rob?" she asked, out of breath.

"Ya, "Lexa?" I said, looking up into her eyes. "I'm ready," she answered. "It's going to hurt… probably a lot," I told her. "I lost my hymen to a carrot years ago, don't worry," she tried to reassure me. "Have you used anything bigger than a carrot?" "No," she responded. "I just frig my clit to get off." "It's definitely still going to hurt, then," I told her again, looking for any sign of uncertainty.

"Ok." "Ok?" I asked. "Fuck me, Rob. Fuck me," she pleaded. "Don't move. Let me know if you want me stop." Her pussy was sopping wet, actually dripping a small amount of liquid, as I grabbed my throbbing cock and placed the head between her lips, pushing gently.

"Unnnh," she moaned. "Are you ok?" "I'm fine," she said. "Just go slow." "Shh," I consoled her, pressing my lips against hers. I eased my cock another inch in, feeling her pussy stretch to the limit, with me not even a third of the way in. "Holy fuck, it hurts but it feels so good," she cried. Pulling my cock out to the last bit, I plunged back in, working only two inches in and out, very slowly and gently.

Over the next ten minutes or so, I managed to get my cock about two thirds of the way in, before she finally pressed into my chest. "I don't think I can take any more," she looked into my eyes, a hint of fear there.

"That's ok. Just get used to this, and let me know when you're ready." "Ready for what?" she asked. "Ready to fuck," I smiled down at her. Kissing her on the forehead, I started to slowly pump two thirds in and out of her, each stroke or out taking a good couple seconds. Going on like this for another few minutes, I started to push a little harder, and go a bit faster, getting another half inch or so into her burning pussy.

"Fuck, oh my… FUCK!" she screamed, her pussy contracting suddenly around me. Her pussy continued to clamp on me, causing her to cum for about thirty seconds. She looked like she might pass out, before she finally lay back, clearly getting to the point of exhaustion. Grabbing her by the back of her head, I pulled her up to me, kissing her gently on her lips, and nuzzling into her neck. "Is it always this good?" she asked.

"You cum pretty easy, it seems," I laughed. "Have you cum yet?" she asked, suddenly, panic in her eyes. "I'm not on birth control!" "Don't worry, I'm not even close to cumming," I told her. "Do you have a condom?" "Not on me. Wasn't planning on needing one. Do you?" "No, my dad would find them." "We can stop if you want?" I asked her, though that was the last thing I wanted to do right now, my cock still buried in her warmth.

"Umm," she bit her lip as amatuer indian milf fuck p bengali bangla thought for a moment. "You'll come with me to the store in the morning, right? To get a morning-after pill? Just in case?" "Of course I'm not fit to be a father," I said, thinking of the awful results that would come from that.

"Ok, well, fuck it, then," she laid back again, pulling my head down into another kiss. As our tongues began to feel each other out, I started to thrust in and out of her again, using her latest orgasm's juices to milf long nails black male squatting in home gets our milf officers squatting on his face harder and faster.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck," she screamed, with every thrust. I grabbed one nipple in my fingers, pinching lightly, while I sucked tenderly on the other one.

Remembering what had happened a month earlier, I pulled out of her momentarily, before sticking two fingers into her. Replacing my cock in her pussy, I lifted the fingers to her mouth, allowing her to taste herself while I fucked her harder and harder. "I'm all the way in," I told her, pumping furiously into her now. "You feel so fucking big," she answered, her tits flopping all over the place, as only a pair of natural knockers can. "Hold on," I grunted, lifting her legs gingerly into the air, letting me get even deeper in her.

Pushing harder, I could feel that she was going to cum again soon, and kept up my rapid pace. As I pumped in and out, she started to squeal that she was cumming, so I grabbed her, and held myself tightly in her. This time she did pass out - two or three minutes later, she came too. "What happened?" she asked, feeling very lightheaded. "You passed out," I responded with a giant grin on my face. "Wow," she moaned, out of breath once more. "That was unbelievable." "You ready for more?" "I'm starting to get a little sore, actually," she sighed.

"That's alright, then." I pulled out of her, letting my still hard cock slap against her leg as I lay beside her, kissing her on the nose and cheek. "That was beautiful," she sighed, turning to allow me to kiss her lips again.

I thought the first time I had sex was beautiful too but it wasn't. It was entirely carnal. Every sexual experience I'd had to date was that way animal instinct taking over, and just fucking.

I think this was the first time I actually made love to someone, despite not being in love with her. Her hand found its way down to my cock, grabbing it tightly. "You're still hard after all that, wow. You really are the right one," she laughed. "Ya, well you'd still be hard, too," I smiled. "Does it always happen?" "Well, ya, normally I can go a couple times at least, but it's especially easy to stay hard when you haven't cum," I laughed, caressing her cheek. "Oh my God, I'm so sorry," she sat up, looking somewhat distraught.

"Don't be." I had heard the stories Seth had told all the guys about Alexa. She blew and blew and jerked and jerked, but he never did more than finger her to orgasm. He hadn't gone down on her once, probably a big reason why she didn't want to sleep with him.

Maybe his selfishness subconsciously turned her off from giving it all away to such a guy. "Are you sure?" she asked, tugging delicately reallatinaexposed wicked jennifer luv adores to fuck and suck on cam brunette my pained member. "Ya. Tonight was beautiful like you said," I laid back, arms behind my head.

Alexa put her arm across me, her head on my chest, purring softly at me as I stroked her hair. "Rob?" "Ya?" "What are we gonna do?" she asked. "What do you mean?" "Like… how does this change things?" "I don't really know," I sighed.

"You can't leave Emily for me," she said sullenly. I didn't say anything in response. I knew if I did leave Emily for Alexa, Emily would make sure Alexa went friendless for the next four months of school. I just held her against me, as I lay deep in thought. "Me breaking up with Seth is nothing new," she muttered, obviously thinking things through out loud.

"You really hate him now don't you," I laughed. "How could I possibly go back to him after that?" Turning her head, she looked down at my cock, getting an unobstructed view for the first time. "You're like three inches bigger than him, and he's pretty thin too." I flexed my cock, causing it to jump a bit. Laughing gently, she grabbed it again, stroking it up and down. "You don't have to do that, Alexa. I'm pretty tired, too." "I know," she said, sitting up. Using her good leg, she pushed herself on top of me, straddling me, grimacing as her other ankle sought to stabilize her leg.

Sitting up, I pulled her back down with me, forcing her off of me. "Not tonight, Alexa. You need to rest or it's going to take longer to heal." Still holding my hard cock, she moved again, this time shimmying down the bed, to take me in her mouth. It was going to be a good weekend. ---- Author Note: Not sure how long next story will take. If it ends up taking more than a few days, I'll post something in the comments to let you know. For what it's worth, it will be the third and maybe final part of my senior year.

I'm still not sure how to separate the encounters in stories, but I'm working on it.