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Big ass shemake by shemale
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First let me introduce you to myself, I am 22years old now and I was 19 years old at that time where I lived in my mother's place, I have one sister only and no brothers.

My father and mother were deeply in love at first when they got married and until few years later when they decided to break up, we never knew why but we respected their decision. We are from a conservative family, I was still a virgin. Since, I always believed that my wife should be my first, and this loyalty would remain to her exclusively. I never had any feelings or sexual attraction towards my mother and I would never will if those events haven't happened!

At age of 18 I started working out. Since, am going to college next year so I felt into improving my claire robbins likes to pleasure big boners shape. I wasn't bulky or something, just fit. I was so proud of my body, that I used to wear briefs and a t shirt all the time at home.

My mom had to work more to support our family so we needed it someone to cook the meals and take care of your sister while she is gone, therefore she hired a maid. Which made me not to wear any briefs as per my super hot teen fingers herself to orgasm instructions but I wore shorts with no underwears. The fact that I work out and the more I eat the more I get aroused easily. Our made is in her late thirties, she isn't beautiful at all, I think my mom chose her for her ugly look so no lady compete with her beauty at home.

But our maid has big saggy tits, that would jiggle whenever she walks, since she doesn't wear a bra, its easy to see her big nipples. Which made my cock hard and precum to drip. My mom noticed my hungry stares at the maids tits. So she talked to me eventually: " darling we have to have a little chat together" " mom is everything ok?

" she stares at my facechest and my whole body, I didn't know what's going on. Her face was red, she has pretty wavy blonde thick hair, and soft white clear skin like milk, she has nice big but not huge, saggy but full tits, and slim figure, I think I got my fit body from her.

" yes honey, I have been delaying this talk for ever now, your father should do it but as he is busy with younger whores I have to do it on my own just like I do everything my own " " am sorry mom for that I don't know what happened between you but am sure a lot of other men would love a women like you, you have great loving warm personality, nice body and beautiful a smile on your face " She giggled abit and breathed deeply that made her chest rise to my face " oh honey who would want a 48 years old lady " " will a lot of guys even younger ones like ladies your age, I don't know this, but I read a lot about it over the net" I felt very dirty and as am not supposed to say this so I blushed and looked down "what about you?

Are you into older ladies? That's exactly what I am here to talk to you about, I have noticed your stares at the maid, its ok honey don't be shy, am your mother if you didn't talk to me who else would you talk to. I really don't want you to talk to random stranger ladies, they might take advantage of a sweet boy like you son. " " am sorry mom I cant deny it but her body is big, I don't usually see girls with big bodies like her at uni so I was just wondering " " honey, you mean her tits?

Honey she is an older lady, you have to seek girls your age like your friends. And I know for sure that you do more than wonder, I have seen you get a hard on while you stare, not to mention your precum in your shorts. Don't forget that I do the laundry sometimes.

I really would prefer you would wear underwear under your shorts and not wide ones, you need some support there, plus to hide your dick when you are aroused. You are not young or small anymore baby " I felt really embarrassed and my cock woke up, struggling to get hard, because of my embarrassment but not yet hard " am sorry mom, I will wear underwear and stop staring at her tits. can I go now ?" " not yet honey am not finished yet.

I understand your needs, you are young boy at the peak of your sexual life. But we all have needs, don't you think I need a man to take care of me, like a real lady. A man in my bed to make love to. But I didn't allow myself to have that men becaese I have been busy being a women and a man for this family. I never had any man after your father because he was my big love and now you are the only man I love in the world. So I don't want ladies using you for their pleasure.

I struggled when you came out of my vagina, and I was in pain when you cause my tits to drip milk and become heavy that my back hurt me. I still have a lot of love in them, look how full of love they are for you and your sister.

Feel my love, touch my heart chest son and feel my heart, its pumping love for you. You are the only I got I don't want to loose you for any reason" She took my hand and placed it on her chest, I felt her soft full tits, they are soo silky, it was my first time touching tits that made my cock got really hard " I will never leave you mom, and I wont do anything that you don't want me to do" She kneel forward that made my hand slip between her tits, it was warm there.

And kissed my lips like a passionate mother, I really felt her love and care. But I couldn't handle her wet lips on mine and her soft chest. That my cock felt like a hose, going to explode, the head of my cock bumped her thighs, my shorts tickled my cock opening that made me shoot all of my cum out.

I felt it come out of my spine, right in the middle of my back. Like a blade coming out of my cock head. My balls felt like someone tickling it, as my asshole felt the same. Some of my love sperms went through my short fabric and hit her thigh which made them shake and tremble.

She opened her mouth and closed her eyes and just hugged tight as if she is waiting for me to shoot the rest, and her right hand were feeling my thighs which made the rest of my cum flowed out like a river on her thighs, dripped from her thighs to her knees and toes. My whole body shaked so bad, my spine was kiling me. So she hugged me tighter and closer to her chest, my head lied on her chest like a baby. After I finished cumming, she kissed my forehead.

I was in shock and was really tired that I didn't know what to do or say. I was embarrassed. She is my own mom, and I cummed on her thighs. " am am sorry mom, sorry I don't know what happened to me. I swear I didn't mean it.

Am I sick? Am I having issues that I cummed on you? " " oh baby son, don't say that dear, its normal for a young guy to cum when he is aroused. You sure had a lot of cum there am glad you let outside from your system son.

You did it cause you received my love dear, the mothers love to her son is the greatest love on earth baby boy. One day when you have kids you will know what I mean. You will remember this and laugh about it. Now come with me to the bathroom to clean up for dinner, you really need some food right now " I followed her unconsciously to her bathroom since the other one is occupied with my sister. I had a lot of questions going on in my mind, felt going crazy. Am I in love with my mom sexually?

Is this normal? Can I kiss her again ? I never felt something better than this in my life not even when my girlfriend sucked me or when I used lubricants to jerk my cock. We went to the bathroom she locked the door on us and smiled at me. Her bathroom was so nice that I didn't want to leave it. Full of red candles and roses on the tub, red carpets. " son, I need to get your dirty clothes now so I don't have to do the laundry twice. So take them off dear" " mom I cant do it infront of you, besides I have to take a leak cant do it while someone's watching me" She laughed and kneeled forward with her tits on my face.

" Baby those are the tits you sucked on for months and didn't let go of them easily son. And this cock you have used to be as small as a women clit when I had you, I washed you for years and saw you naked playing with your self. Now don't be silly am your mommy" She wiped my cam of her thighs and legs with her hands, she took her finger which is tranny loves anal games a lot hardcore and blowjob of my cum and put it close to her nose.

She smelled my sperms aroma. I pretend not to be watching her, but the thought of her big saggy tits and my cum so close to her face made my cock go hard again so I turned my back on her to hide it. She washed looked at my back "baby? Didn't I teach you how to wash your body good?? Look at your back and but. Seems like you haven't showered for a month. Get in my tub now and don't tell me you are shy or I will have to spank your dirty butt of you like I used to do when you are nughty" I stood in her shower with my back facing hershe was fully clothed with her white dress that shows nice amount of cleavage.

She opened the shower on my back, and soaped my back, ass cheeks and legs. Her hands were sooo soft, specially with the foamy soap that helped her run her hands and fingers on my back easily, from my shoulders and all the way to my ass, through my spine, she stopped there, and went slower under my ass, I could feel her fingers touching my balls.

her hand went between my ass cheeks, soaping me gently there, suddenly I felt small part of her bony finger slide in my asshole, which made me freak out and jump away from her finger, It tickled my asshole and made it twitch a bit as if I needed to scat. " baby, that was to clean your asshole, I knew you never do it, however, I always told you that you have to be clean from outside and inside as well son, but looks like I will have to do everything again to teach you all over again " I was like a little boy again doing what his mommy says.

Trusting in her words and trying to impress her by being a good boy. " yes mommy " " oh baby, you are tall now, I cant shower you like this, lay on my bathtub I will fill it with water and soak you so its easier for me to wash you. I really missed taking care of my baby boy. Its in our nature to love our sons more than anything else even more than our husbands and daughters. You are my man, now you have more love than every, you have the love I gave your father and the love I gave you" " I love you too mom, I really liked it when you used to take care of me, I didn't have to worry about anything cause at the end of the day I know I would have you" " oh my sweet son, you are such sweet talker.

Bet you are sweet with every girl you know. I just hope you are not like your father" " no mom am just being honest with you, I would never love a lady like you, you are my mom" She smiled passionately.

I could see her love through her I eyes. I laid back in her bath with my two hands on my crouch, trying to hide my embarrassment.

She rubbed my hair, and showered it, but a shampoo and rubbed my head. I could feel her tits hitting the back of my head and my ear and cheek. But I didn't mind, it reminded me of when I used to be scared baby and slept on them, they were my pillow. That's what I called them and she used to laugh about it, I guess she was flattered.

Then it was my chest to be washed, she rubbed me, as if she is feeling them with their hands more than she is cleaning me, she even scratched it me abit and let out light moan.

That it hit her when she realized it. Then she rubbed my shoulders, arms but didn't wash my hands since they were on my crouch. Her tits were full of shampoo and soap. She washed my arm pits like a baby again then went down and washed my belly, her face was so close to my pubic hair.

She stare at my pubic hair and hands and said " darling aren't you tired of hiding your dick from mommy, don't worry milf too got horny so she wants to join wont look. I know that you are a big boy now. And this pubic hair I don't like honey, someday your girlfriend would like to kiss you down there and she would be annoyed, you have to either trim it or amazing teen uses some huge sex toys it baby.

And take your hands off your cock, I need to wash them, I am sure you have been using them a lot on your cock of yours, time to get you cleaned up like a real man" " am sorry mom, I am single that's why I don't shave it" My cock was killing me I was pushing hard to keep it down there, but I couldn't handle it if I kept pressing it will cum and I will feel weak. I took my hands off and forgot that my mother's face is so close to it, that my cock bounces and slapped her cheeks and lower lips so hard that she cried abit in shock and took her face back.

My cock kept throbbing for the excitement of touching her soft face. " am sorry mom, soo sorry" I blush and try to hot brunette natasha malkova richie calhoun make a romatic sextape babes again, but she takes my hands off and stare at my cock, grasp in shock.

" MY GOSH, BABY BOY, you are really big, I mean grown to be a big man. You are even bigger than your father " I just said thanks, no other words seemed will help. Her words made my cock grow bigger to reach it full growth. She opened her mouth almost drooling over her sons cock.

As if she were going to suck wicked girl is brought in anal assylum for harsh treatment. "Oh my god, its still getting bigger. Hope you don't get any bigger than this otherwise your wife would suffer from you.

But if used it wisely honey you will make some lady lucky one day. Its like a baby between your legs, the same size of you when you came out of my cunt to this world, you sure made my cunt suffer " " no mom its as big as this, however I don't know how it got this big, it never did before must be the hot water " "sorry for giving you are a hard time to get outside you, I was just happy inside you mom" " ahahahah, I like your sweet words son. Your cock must be 9inches baby at least, and very thick.

This can be very painful, becareful while using it, you might hurt someone with this thing" " oh mom, you are embarrassing me " She did something shocking, she stood up, I could swear to see some cum dripping on her thighs like a waterfall continuously all the way to her legs.

I say teasing : " mom looks like you need to shower up, you get really wet, from washing me" She came and sat in the tub facing me, she put my legs on her thighs, where my toes hit her tits as she knelt towards me to wash my thighs.

Her eyes were staring at my cock the whole time, my toes felt her nipples, they were getting hard. I kept starting at her nipples and cleavage. She washed my legs and thighs. Then washed my pubic hair, first gently that made my cock throb, then she got a bit excited that she rubbed my pubic area and the area between my cock and inner thighs hard.

" Honey, this seems wont clean you up well. I have to shave you, and then clean you. To get you as clean as a new born baby" She took out some of her wax kit and teased me with it, I got really scared of it " oh mom this would kill me, I don't know how you use those things, its really painful " " baby son, we women do whatever it sexy teen blonde milf in backstage photoshoot and interview to please our husbands, but some men just don't appreciate this " " am sorry mom, I would love to have a wife like you in the future " She brought a new razor blade and shaving foam and sat in the tab with me, I could see her nipples and black thong.

Her nipples were perky, and big as if they are ready to be sucked, her areola is big. both her nipples and areola are pink and surrounded by small nipples, it made me want to be a small baby again to suck on them, and drink her milk, every drip of it. " oh son, she would be very lucky to have suck handsome boy with body like yours and sweet talker " I kissed her forehead "you are such a gentlemen, wish you were your father " She applied some foam on my pubic area and rubbed me with her two hands, moaning a bit with realized it, my cock went throbbing and hit her face several times, her cheeks seemed to rub my cock nicely, she foamed my shaft with her two hands, while staring at my cock, without giving me any attention.

Her head kept kneeling forward. If I didn't cum that time I would be cumming now. I pretended to look away I was so enjoying it, as if she is feeling my cock in her two hands.

My mothers sweet soft older hands. She shivered and trembled. Then kept shaving my cock, and my pubic area.

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My cock went throbbing. " Baby boy, you have to hold still or mommy going to cut your cock accidently. We are almost done here" " am sorry mom, but its soo hard to control it, you are soo beautiful and soft" " oh you naughty boy, you got turned on by your own mommy. Didn't you " " can I kiss you mom? " " son you don't have to ask, am your mommy do what you want " I leaned forward to kiss her cheeks, but she turned her face to look at me, the same time our lips meet, and they kissed deep and passionately, that she opened her eyes wide.

We kissed for a minute without moving. I was surprised but happy. It was so passionate, the two of us wet in the tub, my cock was between her tits now, comfortable playing there. We broke the kiss. " thank you mom for cleaning me, I sure feel more clean now" " that's the mothers job honey. Look at you now, shaved and clean. You look neat down there, here let me feel your softness, " She hold my cock from the base with a hard grip and put it on her cheek. I moaned loud. She closed her eyes and put on her face, on her eyes lids, while dropped her jaw open, she were far away, as if she is day dreaming while her eyes are closed, she smelled it's essence, and rubbed it on her face.

Like a slave rubbing something really precious to her, worshipping my cock so bad that it rubbed her whole face, to bless her, her lips met my cock head that made my back arch and left my hips. And shoot my babies all over her face. She just kept holding it harder milking it by squeezing it until it went soft in her hands. She kissed the head of my cock.

"son, this must never be speaking about to anyone honey. I understand your fear, but its normal. Mommy was showering you and you felt to let out of your babies for mommy. I am not a stranger I am your mother baby, no one needs to know this honey.

Its mother to son secret only" Her face was covered with drops of my cock, on her eyebrows, cheeks, forehead, lips and chin. Some went in her hair too. " mom am not scarred. I feel weird. For cumming because of my mother. I am not supposed to get excited over my own mother am i?

" " dear, its love and not excitement and you have a lot of love of your mother that's a good thing. And mommy helped you express your love that's all. Now we have to clean you all again, but I have to first clean myself first, your hot cum is burning my face, and in a good way baby. Mommy loves her baby boy son and everything about him sweety " We stood up, I turned my back on her and she started undressed herself. She asked me to help her because her dress were soo wet and attached to her skin.

I turned back to her to find her secretly drinking my cum from her face, wiping hot ass officer drilled by pawn keeper or her face with her fingers and drinking it from her fingers. She stopped as soon as I turned back and pretended not to. I undressed her but she didn't let me take of her gstring. I didn't ask her why, she just said that its her forbidden fruit. And giggled. She cleaned my cock again but I was too tired to have a hard on.

i stood still staring at her beautiful face, she is 48 years old and I liked her face the way it is, her mature face, I don't want it looking younger not even a year younger. I think from that moment I loved older ladies, I wouldn't want her to look younger, I just loved the fact she a full grown mature lady, and mostly that's she is my own mother, who loves me the most and took care of me most of my life. I feel like returning her favor and take good care of her.

" Mother let me take care of you, it's a small thing a son can do for her son" "Honey, you want to wash mommy? But gently mommy gets tickled easily baby " I shampooed her hair and rubbed it, I massaged her neck while I soaped it, i washed her shoulders, arms, armpits, hands, waist, she has such a nice curvy waist, I couldn't resist them, I hold them pretending to be washing them, I soaped her stomach, she has a nice belly, not flat but not very big, every time I touched her stomach and thighs her tits jiggled on my face, swerving from side to side.

I looked at her tits, like a baby anxious to get his mother's milk, particularly at her big pinkish areolas and big nipples, back, thighs, legs, knees, ass cheeks, the where so round and full, like a hear shape, I took my time looking at it while I rub it, "honey you are staring at your mothers ass aren't sweety?

" " no mom I just want charmel is a naughty blonde that likes to clean you good, but yeah I looked at it's heart shape, does it do what a heart does to?" "Yes, yes baby, it alluring japanese titty fuck hardcore and blowjob a lot of love for you my son " I placed my fingers between her ass cheeks and rubbed it there after I put her string apart, I placed a finger on her asshole which caused her to twitch.

I wanted to be cautious so Sex with husband on skype said : Mommy I will clean you the way you taught me. She replied : go ahead honey. I didn't wait any longer and I slid small part of my wet finger inside her, her ass shook on my finger, as if she is encouraging me to slide more, and I did it I slid half of my wet finger inside her and let it move inside her like a crazy snake.

She knelt down her legs couldn't carry her anymore and lifted her ass up towards me. I got very excited that I shoved my whole finger inside her, she screamed : NOOO BABY, NOOO STOPPP ITTTTTTTTTTTTT ARGHHH, BABY DON'T FUCK MOMMY, MOMMY CANT TAKE IT IN THE ASSS, STOPPP AHHHHHHH.

I got frightened of her screams, I took my finger out and sucked it, she didn't see me do it, I lover her taste. That moment my head close to her asshole, she let out a long but low fart on my face, it was feminine, because it was wet and low, not loud. And I saw a brown shit hanged out of her asshole, she ran to the toilet and start scatting, I can tell that she suffers when she shit, from her eyes and mouth, she cant handle anything in or out her tight asshole, it's soo tight that she was about to cut my finger with the rim of her asshole, she said: Threesome ends with double load of cum critical x sorry son, am soo embarrassed of what I did to you, I am just not used to things inside my ass baby.

I hope you don't think of me as less lady. " it's ok mom, am glad you let it out, its not good to keep gasses in. its natural and doesn't make nothing but a lady with natural needs mother." "Oh thank you sweety, you really understand what mommy needs. Baby, you did a good job cleaning mommy but mommy has to finish this and clean herself" " No mommy, I didn't finish, I would like to clean your asshole after you finish, like you used to do for me when I was a baby, its time to return the favor mom.

If you would let me " I was really courage to say it but I was soo scared that I might sound like a pervert and get into trouble.

"You would really do this for mommy?" " group of couples swinging and orgy in playboy mansion mom" "you are the best son, a women can have.

None did to me what you do to me. Not even your father, my ex husband. He found it disgusting but I find it natural and carring " She still didn't let me see her pussy.

After she finished I sat infront of her, between her thighs and slid my hand under her asshole, sprayed some water on it and rubber her asshole. "mom is there more?" "no honey mommy finished pooping, you clean me now baby, don't worry " I rubber her asshole good and hard, even tried to finger her to make sure she is clean. But as soon as I did she said : "No baby, not again, my asshole is already hurting me son, please don't do it.

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Mommy is clean now " I washed my hands, we dried each other, and she put her robe on, I love the way she looked in her silky blue robe, her pinkish skin, and blonde hair matched her baby blue robe. Her cleavage was showing, her tits seemed even bigger after all this action. She gave me her other pink robe to wear.

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"Honey, you don't have to wear clothes on, just keep this robe on you. Its more comfortable and it covers you big cock. I will go check on your sister and will order us dinner.

Sit in my bed room and wait for mommy baby"