Banging bsbe xxx sex stories sex fairy tales pron story

Banging bsbe xxx sex stories sex fairy tales pron story
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Chapter 3 The next four years were a wild mix of sexy, depressing, scary, and lonely for Carrie. After that first time she'd fucked, she'd decided it wasn't really for her, and hadn't done it again for two years. Her mom had asked her if she'd ever wanted to "do it" with a boy, and Carrie had told her about the incident in the water. At first her mom had been shocked and appalled, but when Carrie told her of her blunt lack of interest in "fucking" now, she calmed down.

They'd talked about it a few times after that particularly during the profoundly embarrassing "birds and bees" talk…but thankfully Carrie had always managed to exit those conversations quickly without getting into too much detail. Frankly, Carrie thought it was a bit disgusting, if she was being really honest. Boys were just&hellip.gross, all gangly and zit-faced and they stared CONSTANTLY at her, and whispered and giggled whenever they saw her mom&hellip.who mature hottie payton leigh takes some dick in her sweet ass now-infamous from her past career as a porn star, and her current career as a lingerie model and small-time horror film actress.

She wasn't turned on by it at all…and girls weren't really any better. In fact, only one girl at her school treated Carrie like none of the other stuff mattered. Her name was Kaley Barnes, and she was the only real friend Carrie had ever had. She didn't really count boys who were just "friends" with her to get into her pants as being real friends&hellip.most of the time she avoided them whenever possible. But not Kaley.

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Kaley and Carrie had first met two years ago, in 7th grade. Kaley was a transfer student from southern California, and was Hispanic and, in Carrie's opinion, the prettiest girl in their class. She didn't turn Carrie on, but after seeing the women her mom had worked with from time to time, and the other girls in their class, she had to admit that Kaley was pretty.

Her skin was always a warm honey-gold, and she was the only other girl in school who actually needed to wear a bra yet her breasts were only a B cup, whereas Carrie was well into a C cup now, but Carrie didn't care. They'd met by happenstance; both outcast by other girls in their school, and both sick of constantly being chased by boys, so they'd become fast friends.

By the end of their first year knowing each other, they were inseparable. Now, starting their freshmen year in high school, they were 13, and both terrified. They were sitting on Carries' bed, talking about their classes the next day. "I think I have biology, then history, and then I'm done…what about you Carrie?" Carrie looked up from her schedule and shrugged, "I have algebra 1 and then I think I have history too." She set aside her schedule and sighed, watching as Kaley pushed her impossibly cute librarian glasses up her nose a nervous habit that she'd had for years.

Kaley noticed her watching and giggled, "What're you staring at?" Carrie shrugged, "Oh nothing…" She rolled her shoulders and sighed, hot blonde lesbian milf show tits on webcam know what? We should go shopping." Kaley grinned and leaned forwards, closer than she normally did, but Carrie thought nothing of it. "Did your mom leave you the credit card again?" Carrie starred at her and giggled, "What do you mean again?

She gave me my own for my birthday remember?" She shook her head, grinning, "You're being silly today KK." Kaley just smiled "I love it when you do that." Carrie looked at her sharply, confused, "What are you talking about?" Kaley leaned closer, "That", and before Carrie could react, Kaley's lips were pressed against hers.

Carrie froze, her mind going blank. What was going on? Kaley was&hellip.she was&hellip.kissing, her. And was that? Ew&hellip.was that her tongue? Carrie's mind scrambled even as she felt her lips part in response and her own tongue meet Kaley's. She felt a weird mixture of emotions rising, some combination of a gag reflex, panic, confusion and&hellip.heat. She mentally frowned at that "Heat?" she wondered to herself.

She was&hellip.getting turned on? Carrie hadn't kissed or touched anybody like this since that boy at the beach four years ago, but she couldn't deny it either. She could feel her nipples poking against her bra, hard and sensitive, and she could feel her stomach trembling slightly as her pussy dampened with arousal. What in the fuck was happening?!

Kaley moaned quietly, her eyes closed, oblivious to Carrie's panic, and Carrie only whimpered in reply. What else could she say?? Kaley took her whimper as encouragement though, and pushed forwards even harder; Carrie couldn't stay upright, and fell backwards to the bed. Kaley came down after her, and it took all of Redhead bitch gets her twat completely devastated will to force herself to concentrate enough to push Kaley away, "Stop!" She sat up and immediately winced at Kaley's hurt, confused expression, "Shit…sorry.

Just…stop, please. What the hell are you doing?" Kaley looked down at her lap and didn't answer for several minutes, "I…I'm sorry. I thought…thought that that'd be ok." Carrie blanched, "O-ok?? Kaley, you kissed me. You KISSED me. Me!" Kaley didn't answer, just staring at the bed, at her lap, anywhere except at Carrie.

After a few minutes of awkward silence, Carrie sighed and wanted to reach for her, but wasn't sure if she should for some reason. "Kaley&hellip.ok, fine. Why did you kiss me?" Kaley sniffed and laughed a little and shook her head but still wouldn't look at Carrie. Carrie groaned, "Oh God&hellip.come on Kaley tell me." Kaley looked up with a slight smile, her eyes hopeful, "I kissed you because I love you.

Isn't that obvious?" Carrie felt like she'd been sucker punched, and it was all she could do to stammer her half-formed response, "W-wha&hellip.????" Kaley sighed and shrugged, "You've always been there Clar&hellip.always.

You were there a year ago when Mick Jacobs dumped me, and the year before that when Kyle&hellip.oh whatever-his-name-was dumped me, too. You were there that night after&hellip." She swallowed dryly and rushed her next words, "…that thing. You've always been there." Carrie couldn't think, couldn't move, could barely breathe.

It stayed that way for a while, Carrie sitting, stunned, and Kaley staring at brunette petite babe maya craves for a fat stiff cock nervously until Carrie just mumbled, "You're gay?" Kaley giggled and shook her head, "No, well&hellip.actually, I don't know.

I just know&hellip.I love you. But I um&hellip." She flushed and shrugged, "…there haven't been other girls, if that's what you mean." Carrie nodded numbly, "Oh, ok." She drew in a breath, "Uhm…you kissed me." Kaley looked at her deadpan, and Carrie stared back, "What do you expect?

You KISSED me, Kaley." Kaley rolled her eyes and sighed, "Oh for God's sake, get over it Carrie. It's not like I tried to sleep with you!" Carrie frowned and stared at her best friend; something had been off when she'd said that.

"Wait& want to sleep with me&hellip.? What?" Kaley blushed deeply, turning her honey-gold skin an almost bronze color and she looked away, "I uh…" Carrie stared at her, "We're 13." "So what?

You fucked a boy when you were 9." "Oh yeah…damn." "It turned me on when you told me that." "It did?" "Uh-huh. A lot." "Oh, why?" "Isn't that obvious by now?" "Oh, right. Wait, didn't you fuck a boy?" "I thought you weren't going to remind me of that…" "Sorry, didn't you?" "He was living with us, Clar.

He was practically my brother." "So? He creamed you." "So did your guy." "Oh yeah. So, you want to fuck me?" "Ew, no&hellip.that's so&hellip.not right." "I thought you said that you did&hellip." "No. I want to have sex with you." "Wait…what?" "You've never just had sex? You've never not "fucked"?" "No&hellip.I'm confused." "Let me show you…?" Chapter 4 Carrie stopped and thought about it.

She had had sex before that one time&hellip.and she'd walked in on her mom fucking other women before more than once&hellip.actually she'd seen more of that than she'd seen of her mom fucking guys, but she'd never thought anything of it.

To her, fucking was just fucking, didn't really matter who it was with. But what was this "having sex" thing about, and how was it any different from just fucking? She felt her lips go dry in nervous anticipation, and realized she wanted to know. A lot. She felt a familiar tingle between her legs, awakening old memories of a beach long ago, and looked up at her friend with an uncertain smile.

"If I say yes&hellip.will you?" Kaley didn't answer, she just smiled and sat up&hellip.and took off her shirt. Right there. Just like that. She wasn't wearing a bra, and Carrie found herself staring at the most perfect breasts she'd ever seen.

Kaley had matched and exceeded Carrie in the breast department by now; she was a small D cup, whereas Carrie was firmly in a large-but-perfect C cup.

Kaley smiled, enjoying the stare, "I…um…you're the only one to see them." Carrie couldn't stop staring as she mumbled, "What about the guys?" "I left my bra on. Said they couldn't fuck me if I had to take it off." "Oh, ok." "Yeah…Carrie?" Carrie finally looked up, "What?" Kaley smiled patiently, "Take your clothes off." Carrie looked down at her still-clothed self and laughed a little, "Oh yeah&hellip.I guess I should&hellip." She still wasn't sure about this, but she got up off the bed and peeled her shirt and bra, then pants and panties as if she was just stripping down for a shower.

Nothing erotic or special about it. Kaley apparently thought that something about it was hot though&hellip.when Carrie looked at her, she'd gotten her own pants and panties off, and her shaved pussy was visibly wet. Carrie smiled to herself and blushed, flattered. She looked down at herself then back at Kaley, "You're sure about this, right?

I mean…after we've known each other for so long&hellip.this is kinda' sudden!" Kaley smiled, "No it isn't. I've been waiting for it for a year now. Come on scaredy cat, get over here." Carrie narrowed her eyes and pouted playfully, folding her arms over her boobs, "Scaredy cat huh? Maybe I shouldn't do this after all, if you're gonna be like that about it." Kaley pouted her lower lip, and Carrie knew she was in trouble.

Sure enough yup, there they were, irresistible Hispanic puppy dog eyes. Carrie shook her head and sighed, climbing back onto yo teen is using a big dildo masturbate bed, "Fine you win& usual." Kaley leaned towards her, and Carrie's breath caught and her heart started hammering. "I always win&hellip." She was centimeters away now, and Carrie absently noticed that her best friend smelled like sweet, warm cinnamon.

They Kaley's lips were on her own, and her world lost all definition and meaning, zeroing on the girl who she was now kissing in return. For the first time in her short, hyper-sexed life, Carrie experienced her first lesbian kiss. The kiss didn't stay just a kiss for long. Carrie couldn't resist her friends' advances anymore, and when Kaley's hands found their way to Carrie's breasts, it was like somebody had plugged her body into an electrical socket. A thrill shot through her and she groaned loudly, melting down to the bed with no resistance, and this time it was her that pulled Kaley down, instead of Kaley coming after her.

Kaley's hands were everywhere, and pretty soon so were Carrie's. Kaley's body was amazing; round and soft in all the i m virgen you can fuck my ass places, but as muscular and hard as a 13 year old could be in all the right places as well. Particularly her ass&hellip.Her ass was so&hellip.grabable! Carrie held onto it firmly, tugging on it instinctively as they made out, squirming against each other on her bed, both of them gasping and panting with each other, struggling to breathe as their sexual needs warred with common sense for control of their bodies.

Eventually, Kaley finally stopped kissing her lips, and Carrie felt a rush of disappointment and whimpered angrily&hellip.but Kaley only started kissing…elsewhere, setting Carrie's skin on fire. Every kiss was like a firework exploding on her flesh, and it was all Carrie could do not to claw at her friend's scalp with delight as Kaley kissed all over her body.

She even kissed her pussy, and Carrie yelped, bucking her hips hard in response and knocking Kaley's nose with her cervix. Kaley yowled in surprise and fell backwards, grabbing her nose and giggling hysterically. The two girls sat and lay on the bed, just laughing as their bodies tried to process and calm down from the incredible feelings coursing through them both right now.

It took Carrie almost ten minutes before she could breathe easily again, and when she could there was only one thing on her mind. She raised her head and looked up at Kaley and crooked her sexrajwap com xxx storys utuobe. Kaley smiled and crawled up Carrie's body, and this time it was Carrie who arched up to kiss her friend with a desperate, greedy hunger.

But it was Kaley who answered with her pussy pressing firmly against Carries'. Time seemed to stop for a fraction of a second before her mind exploded with sensory overload, and she clawed at her friends' ass, grinding her hips upwards to answer Kaley's dripping wet pussy with her own, which was quickly become just as wet and aroused as her friends' was.

The two teens were completely out of control now, simply moving on instinct. Kaley's hands seemed to enjoy Carrie's breasts, 'cause they latched on and squeezed and tugged them like handles, causing them to throb with wonderful pain as Kaley and Carrie rode each other for all they were worth. Kaley tried to say something in between hungry kisses, but it came out as in incoherent, garbled groan of delight as Carrie bit her friend's tongue and silenced her before kissing her again, and still again as they ground their pussies together.

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Carrie's stomach was shuddering, starting to hurt from all the activity and the prior tension; or at least, that's why Carrie thought it hurt. Kaley ground against her friend with all the strength she had, determined that she would make this an unforgettable experience for the girl she loved more than life itself. She still got turned on by guys, never by other girls though, but Carrie was the center of her world. She hadn't told Carrie, but she carried small photos of Carrie in each bra cup, and in her panties, at any given time, and had several pictures underneath her pillow at night.

Carrie was her reason for existing, and nothing else could replace her. Through the best and worst of times Carrie had always been there, no matter what, and now Carrie was giving her the most beautiful, precious experience of her young life. Eventually their grinding slowed slightly, and Carrie, panting, placed her lips around Kaley's left nipple and teased it gently.

Kaley shuddered, letting out a weak whimper of pure joy as she cradled Carrie's head to her sensitive breast; the feeling of Carrie suckling was so intense it even overwhelmed the sensation of Carrie's trembling pussy against her own.

Kaley's senses zeroed in on her breast, and in some corner of her mind she dimly remembered that Carrie's mom had breast-fed her for the first ten years she'd been alive. Well…Carrie was about to experience something very familiar, in that case. Kaley bit her lip, straining slightly, her back arching as her body ached. "God baby…" she whispered, stroking Carrie's hair. Carrie whimpered quietly, but kept sucking gently, occasionally opening her eyes to look up at Kaley before shutting them again.

Kaley strained and shuddered, panting ; she was so close now, she felt ready to burst. If only a little more…Ah, there it was. Carrie's suckling got a little harder, and with a relieved moan, Kaley's body relaxed, and milk flowed thickly from blacks taking turn in a cuckolds wife interracial brunette virgin breast.

Carrie's eyes shot open in surprise, and she looked up at Kaley, who just smiled in tired relief. She didn't stop nursing though, and in under a minute she was greedily sucking away at Kaley's tit. There wasn't much, though; Kaley had only induced herself to lactate for the first time a few weeks ago in the shower, and hadn't been doing it enough to produce much since then.

But Carrie leaned up and kissed her after she was finished, and surprised Kaley by parting her lips; Kaley opened her own in response and was rewarded with a mouthful of her warm, thick milk.

It tasted like melted, thicker-than-normal vanilla ice cream. It was amazing. Kaley moaned softly and shut her eyes, savoring the treat as she made-out with her friend. Eventually their lips broke and Carrie lay down again with a satisfied smile. One of her hands found Kaley's and intertwined her fingers with Kaley's own, and Kaley smiled.

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Carrie started moving her hips again, and Kaley responded. Carrie wrapped her free arm around Kaley's back and pulled her down so they were laying together.

They moved together, cradling each other on the bed. It was&hellip.perfection. If Heaven could exist on earth, this was it; there was no doubt about that in Kaley's mind.

Chapter 5 Eventually their hips settled back into their same rapid, desperate grinding as before, but the mood was different now. It wasn't as wild and uncontrolled, it was&hellip.joyful, and in a way, oddly peaceful even though they were both moaning and whimpering uncontrollably as they neared climax.

In an out-of-body moment, Carrie contemplated all that had happened, and what it could mean for them as friends, or whatever they were now.

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She realized she didn't really care, they'd been friends for years, and she had no doubt that they'd be friends for many years to come. She could picture Kaley as her maid-of-honor just as easily as she could see herself and Kaley both in white wedding dresses, exchanging their vows with each other. She smiled to herself as she buried her face in Kaley's hair breathtaking sex scene in position hardcore and blowjob groaned as a violent surge of pleasure tore through her body; she could sense the end of tonight was near, but it felt like it was only the beginning of something much bigger, and impossibly beautiful.

Eventually, Carrie's body finally decided it had had enough; and with a wailing moan, her body went tense. Kaley kept grinding against her; in fact, Kaley started moving even faster, and Carrie arched against her friend and screamed as her body felt like it exploded. In reality, her pussy, pressed tightly against Kaley's, shuddered and gushed a wild, uncontrolled, forceful squirt of fluid deep into her friend's pussy, who's lips were spread wide from being pressed against Carrie.

Kaley whimpered, shutting her eyes as if in pleasurable pain, and ground slowly against Carrie. Carrie couldn't take it, and started shaking uncontrollably beneath her friend, moaning and whimpering incoherently as wave after wave of pleasure beyond her ability to truly understand tore through her body.

It felt like it lasted forever. In reality, she bucked and shook beneath Kaley, squirting violently for almost two full minutes before she finally collapsed.

She dimly registered Kaley going tense almost as soon as Carrie had stopped, and Kaley's own climax followed. Carrie didn't have the strength to do anything other than hold her friend, who sobbed quietly into Carrie's hair, as Kaley's body shook violently in her arms, and she felt Kaley's pussy spraying violently into hers in a thick, but brief stream, before Kaley went slack as well.

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Carrie smiled tiredly, completely and utterly exhausted. She heard Kaley sob quietly, "Love you&hellip." and somewhere in the distance, she heard her own voice, "I love you too." Before she blacked out.