Threesome for lucky older british dude with younger babes

Threesome for lucky older british dude with younger babes
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I was 20 years old, I remember because it happened a little bit before the super bowl between the Patriots and Seahawks. I was home for the Christmas vacation, and teenmegaworld beauty-angels blonde dives into pussy tube porn having a pretty typical break.

Playoff football with the family, home cooked dinners, it was one of those rare occasions where the entire family comes back home, if only for a week or so. My girlfriend and I had been together for some time, about 2 years, but didn't get to spend much time together over breaks, seeing as going to school for me was going out of state, but not for her.

We had a good relationship.great sex (oral and anal included), mutual interests, texted a lot, and talked on the phone basically every night. She was a freak in the bedroom and I loved it. I was no slouch myself, about 7 inches long and decently thick. But back to the story. For a while by then I had been getting ideas in my head about being with a man.

It was just something that excited me. I had been on chat sites, had looked at Craigslist, everything to feed to my fantasy. But one night I went a step further.

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I had just told my girlfriend I was going to sleep, so we hung up and I got my phone and started looking at all the usual sites. I don't know why, but that night I was especially horny. After a bit of looking I found an ad on CL that caught my attention. A man offering massages to men. I swiped and saw he had a nice long thick cock. He was a bit shorter than me (I'm 6'2) maybe around 5 foot 10, Latin American, and seemed to be in good shape. I didn't know what to do, I wanted to see if I could get this somewhere, but I didn't feel right about it having a girlfriend.

So I did what any horny guy would do; I rationalized it. I took a quarter and told myself "heads three times in a row and I'll message him." Well storys pornos con viejitas embarazadas what?

Heads. Heads. Heads. I emailed him and after a few back and forths, he said he could massage me right then, at 11 o clock. I went and told my parents some BS story of a friend wanting me to hang out, and got in the car. As soon as I got into the car I felt guilty.

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I decided to email him saying a had a gf, to which he simply said "it's just a massage dude." We both knew that wasn't true, but I needed to hear it. On my way over I kept telling myself "just a massage, just an 11 o clock massage.

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Who cares if you have a crazy hard cock right now, that'll go away." I got to his place and knocked on the door. He answered it and seemed pretty chilled, a very cool relaxed guy. I came in and he told me to get undressed and lie on the massage table. I did, and as I got settled noticed him get comfortable himself, stripping down to his underwear before he started. I laid on my stomach and I felt the oil drizzled onto my back. Next his firm but soft hands. I almost forgot why I came there for the first 2-3 minutes.

But then he brushed up against me.

I had never felt another fans cock in any capacity, but I knew I wanted more. As he rubbed my back i reached up with my hands and slowly tugged at his waistband.

He took the hint and lost the briefs, revealing what had to have been a 7 inch flaccid thick cock. I was hypnotized. I propped my head up and took it in my hand, slowly pumping it while he rubbed my shoulders. After what seemed like an eternity, but was probably only 30 seconds, I took him in my mouth. So smooth and soft, I couldn't explain it, but it seemed like what needed to be in my mouth.

I slowly started working my head, but he had other ideas.

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"Hey, you wanna come to the bedroom?" As if he needed to ask. I got of the table and he led me to the bed. Almost immediately we kissed. I went in thinking "this is what I should do" and while doing so thought "this is what I need to do." We kissed for a few minutes, two men wanting nothing but each other at that moment.

Afterwards I went back to what I came for, and positioned myself in between his legs. I took his hard cock in my mouth and simply did whatever I wanted.

I bobbed up and down, I pumped with my hands, I licked every inch I could, and even looked right at him while I did. After a few minutes I could tell he was gonna cum, and I wanted it. I sucked and jerked and he pulled my brown hair up and erupted all over my face and chin. I felt such a sense of accomplishment, mixed with desire.

I had made this man cum, what he wanted, but more importantly what I needed. "Your turn" hot blowjob during threesome hardcore and teen said Before I could wipe my chin he flipped me and started licking my ass.

I thought I wanted that, but seconds in I felt like I was melting. His tounge licking right around my ass was only beat by when he started taking my cock into his wet mouth. I didn't stand a chance, between his acrobatic tongue and his stubble against my inner thighs.

He had done this before and about 2 minutes in, I came all the way down his throat. I was spent. I was exhausted. I was complete. I left his house telling myself "now I've done that, now I can move on. I don't need that ever again." Boy how wrong was I.