Big fuck sis xxxx bro

Big fuck sis xxxx bro
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My wife is an organic scientist, a damm fine one. She has always made me proud with many groundbreaking discoveries. She was raking the money in since shortly after we married and it was a no brainer for me to take to the house dad role. I raised the kids, pursued my hobbies, we traveled, and had a great time. Our sex life had the ups and downs of any marriage, cycles I guess. Generally though we were dom/sub, her taking the top role and I enjoying performing her bidding.

Bondage often thrown in just to spice things up. The entire time I had had an interest in forced male chastity, had made several homebuilt chastity devices, finally hitting on one that worked quite well. It was made with one side of a handcuff and a plastic tube. A forked prong at the base pointed to the nuts prevented pullout and was a nasty punisher when erections started. But even so it was not perfect, a vibrator would light up my world in very short order, orgasms were possible. We played with it and had fun, but it's imperfections were apparent and play was generally restricted to overnight scenes.

Until the breakthrough of her scientific' and our sex live. That was June 2021, about 2 years after the last baby left for collage. Yev finally made a long sought after breakthrough on engineered semi-sentient organics. Now an entire new kind of product was possible. Chairs that would perfectly conform to the needs of the user by sensing the body shape, anxiety level, even mood of the person sitting in it.

The products were alive and could solve specific engineered problems, but were far from sentient and had no personality like a pet. I never expected however the use my Yev would busty blonde is oiled up and kinky into one of her creations, though I am expecting you have by now. During one of our chastity play nights, the end of several days of teasing and denial, (though not all chastised), she broached the idea of a new phase in our chastity play.

She wanted to make the play more intense, longer, more for her pleasure and less for my own. I was interested but concerned about the long term denial and wondered how to achieve the effect she wanted in a comfortable, safe, manner. Yev answered by going to the closet and bringing out a plastisteel case, placing it on the bed beside my restrained form and opening it. What she pulled out of the case looked very much like a pair of panties made out of silly putty.

Yev explained that it was one of her creations, a chastity belt that had many, many, abilities to sense my body function and needs and much more. She explained that once on that the belt would form perfectly to my shape, appear to be a part of my body, be unremovable without her command, and answer only to her voice for instructions. Would I agree to be chastised in this fashion? "How long between release?" I asked. Frequently enough to keep me around she promised but seldom enough to assure my focused attention on her pleasure.

She also told me that the belt had many abilities that I might not currently envision and that there would girl on girl sexy time sin city no way for me to prevent their imposition. I was simultaneously terrified by the prospects and intrigued by the possibilities.

I said yes. With the yes the sillyputty panties were pulled up amateur teen pussy creampied by big cock pussyrubbing bigdick my waist and Yev spoke the words "adjust".

Simultaneously the panties transformed to the appearance of my body except hairless and without genitals and I felt my penis being shifted down to point between my balls.

Then I seemed to loose contact with my genitals, I knew they were there but there was no sunny leone bf bf film online with anything substantial. Until Yev started to play with my chest and kiss my neck. Then I started to erect and I became certain that the chamber for my penis created by the belt was no larger than my flaccid member.

It hurt, I could not erect at all, not an iota., it hurt. Yev continued to tease suggesting that she really wanted a prick right now, and didn't I want to give it to her.

Before I could answer in the affirmative she wheeled around and sat on my face. Several organisms occurred in the next hour, none for me, not even a small erection. Much discomfort. Finally she lifted from my soaked face. She again said she needed a prick and asked me if I would give her a good fucking. I was delirious with need by this point and immediately responded in the affirmative. Yev let my hands loose and laid back with her legs invitingly parted.

I moved to her certain that she was about to say the words that would cause the belt to fall off of my body. Instead she said simply "prickout" in one word, and a dick and balls grew out from the front of the belt.

They looked much like mine except for a bit larger. "There" Yev said, "the prick I wanted and finally as big as I need". "Fuck me with it" she said.

I stopped cold, my hoped for release denied Brunette beauty enjoys having her tight ass destroyed was not at all sure I wanted to pleasure Yev as she demanded.

"Fuck me now! Yev insisted. I hesitated just a second more and she said simply "punishprick" and it felt like my dick was being twisted off. I bent over in pain until Yev said "punishstop". "Now" she said, as I straightened, "Will you fuck me or do I need to give you more". I moved to her and got in place, she grabbed the belts prick and guided it to her sopping pussy.

I fucked her with it the best I could. She responded favorably until I began to tire and, without the imputes that good sex and impending orgasm imparts, began to slow.

Faster, harder, she instructed. I tried. "Fuck me" she ordered, I worked at it. She was getting surly and said suddenly said "intrudeshallow" and I felt a probe at my ass just teasing the opening. "Fuck me or you will get the fucking" Yev said. I reached down into my inner resources and applied myself to the task with new enthusiasm. Soon Yev came in a series of convolutions and seemed sated for the moment. She turned her doe eyes to me "That was so good, you will never know how the absolute control makes me feel, then added "you must learn to do as I say immediately" and then gave the command "Fuckhimhard".

Instantly the belt rear intruder began its probing, slowly at first, lubricating its passage as it proceeded. My attempts to keep it out proving fruitless, "relax" said Yev or its going to hurt much more. Then with increasing force and increasing size the intruder fucked me. I was unrestrained, I grabbed at the belt, pleaded with Yev, with the belt, nothing changed the increasing force of the belts thorough fucking of my heretofore virgin ass.

Amazingly my cock was attempting to erect without the needed room. Eventually I stopped my contortions and laid back trying to minimize the impact of the assault, which conversely increased the pleasure. Finally Yev said "MilkHim" and the intruder started to gently massage my prostrate as it vibrated. At the end of my penis a small opening in the belt appeared and suddenly come began streaming out, no orgasm just come.

Yev caught it in her hand and when it stopped ordered me to get to my knees and lick her hand clean indicating the punishing abilities of the belt were far beyond what I had witnessed and that I really should comply. I did.

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After, Yev said it was time for sleep and spoke the words "intruiderout", the belt returned to passive, we cuddled and slept. Though, I slept it was fitfully my dreams a collage of terror and passion.

Morning arrived, I was awaked by the usual morning erection that could not be in the confines of the organic chastity belt. It hurt. I arose and made my way to the bathroom wondering how I was going to be able to urinate. I sat on the toilet and felt rather than saw the belt open around the end of my down pointing penis.

Taking the hint I let the stream go, aha temporary bliss. When I finished I arose and performed a thorough examination of the belt. Just now it appeared almost to be a part of my body, it had the same skin tone and the place where the belt stopped and I started was nearly invisible. Probably would be invisible if the belt were not smooth and hairless. I wondered if it had the ability to grow hair. It felt to be the same temperature as I.

It was amazing and I wanted it off. I heard a yawn and shortly Yev entered the bathroom. She came directly to me and kissed me fully on the mouth, an uncomfortable stirring immediately ensued.

She asked if I had enjoyed my first night in her little friend. I answered honestly and said that I did find much of the play arousing but would like out of the belt. Yev simply said that the belt was coming off only when she said and that she had no idea when that might be. What about hygiene I asked (whined)?

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Yev told me that the belt was far beyond any device I had ever read about or imagined. When it came time to defecate the belt would know it and when I sat would provide the necessary opening. Sanitation would never be a problem as the small amounts of feces I might miss when cleaning myself would be absorbed by the organic belt and used for its meager nourishment needs, same for urine.

We completed our mutual bathroom tasks, showering and getting ready for our day. When it came time to dress I went to my drawer looking for the usual white boxers I had worn since a youth.

Gone and replaced by a wide variety of silky panties from full cut to skimpy. What's this I asked?, apparently she had been thinking about more than the belt. Yev was close behind waiting for my reaction. "Your old boxers are not an appropriate covering for my little friend" she said. These will be far prettier. "But these are for a woman's body parts", I complained. So they are she noted and said "prettypussy", immediately the belt changed the appearance of the genital area of the belt to a truly magnificent pussy.

Just a tuft of hair grew at the top, the look of a young woman. I turned to the mirror sunny leone new xxx big bob 2o18 get a look, if the pussy I was seeing were on any other person I would have been sooo hot for it.

"Here put these on" Yev said from behind me. She had chosen a startling pair of deep burgundy panties. I slipped them on and had to admit the effect was very nice. I was becoming very horney and saw no hope for release from the organic thing covering my sex. We both dressed the rest of the way and Yev went off to work. I had a full day planned but wanted to explore the belt first.

I removed my clothes and lay on the bed. Then began exploring the impossibly beautiful pussy between my legs. It was not that my cock was gone, I could feel it there captive within the belt. But here was this beautiful set of absolutely female parts that appeared to belong to me on the outside of the belt. I began to explore the slit and found that after a little play that it was getting moist, then wet.

It was at least that functional. With some trepidation I started to insert my index finger, I could feel some pressure on my dick through the thin wall between the pussy and my member but simultaneously to the insertion the rear intruder began to press itself into my back passage.

I stopped and laid back to consider the ramifications of this. Did Yev intend to bring another man to our bed with my pussy as one of those he enjoyed? I was suddenly more scared than aroused, sprang up from the bed and quickly readied myself for the rest of the day.

I worked hard that day to forget the functional pussy between my legs, in fact I went to enjoy my favorite hobby. I went fishing. But the absolute captivity of my sex was never fully shaken from my mind, nor my concern over Yev's future plans for me and her "little friend".

Later Yev and I lounged about the house in the most normal manner. Normal that is if hanging out with your wife while your dick is an absolute captive to her scientific genius and precocious dominance can be considered normal.

I tried to probe her for answers to my questions and fears without great success. Would I get to come soon? Would it remain just the two of us in our bed? At first Yev played a teasing game with her answers, "when she pleased" to the first question, and answering the second question with one of her own.

"Haven't you always wanted to add a third to our bed?" Well yes I had to admit but that did not consider the new reality of my now total sexual slavery. Finally she tired of the game and told me any further probing on my part would result in some non verbal probing on hers, I stopped and tried to enjoy our evening. Finally it was time for bed and I prepared with some trepidation.

What would the night bring I wondered. Yev told me to pick fresh panties for the night, and that this would be the only clothing I could wear for sleeping from now on. "Perhaps later we will need something more to provide appropriate covering for my beautiful creations" she said, "But not just now". Yev came to the bed and told me to spread my arms to be restrained. I wondered why since the belt could be used to make be do anything Yev wanted.

Next Yev placed my ankles in the restraints that had been there for years and I was totally secured. She surveyed my helplessness and I heard her ask herself what was missing, oh yes she said and went to the toy box.

She returned with a gag I had made her some time ago but that had seen little use. It was a soft penis with a strap passed through it about 2" up the shaft. The short end of the shaft went in my mouth to keep me quiet and the long end pointed up from my mouth for her pleasure. I think we will need both of this things functions she said as she inserted it and made it tight.

I was beginning to fear that Yev was going to hurt me and the gag was to keep me from calling out. Pain had never been much a part of our play and I really hoped it would not be a part of this Yev's new dominance.

She crawled on the bed beside me and said simply "scared", I nodded yes. "Yes you should be, but I am not going to harm you". She looked down at the belt and said "teasehim". I felt my dick being moved from its downward position to one more natural. The belt started to "play" with me, it manipulated my balls and soon I was hard as a rock.

Suddenly the inside of the belt felt just like the inside of the tightest most lucious pussy you can imagine, it continued to squeeze and fondle my balls. It felt incredible and I was moving quickly toward an orgasm. But before I could come the belt stopped its ministrations of my penis, I was completely frustrated.

After I simmered down just s bit the belt started once more, it moved me to the brink of orgasm and let me cool down. It went through this several times and I was pleading with Yev however I could, mostly with begging eyes. This is just the beginning she said, it is just learning about you, the real tease is coming up. Soon after she said this the cycle changed, rather than letting me return fully to calmness after bringing me to the brink, the belt slowed its manipulations just enough to keep me at the edge of coming.

Within about 30 seconds of this I understood just what Yev was talking about, I was in a fit of pleasure torture. I wanted it to stop, I wanted it to continue, I had a hard time thinking of what I wanted. I tried to scream but the gag prevented it, I writhed on the bed as much as my bonds would allow. I think my place is ready Yev said straddling my face, then quickly sitting on the silicone dick protruding from my face.

This further restrained me but I could not stop trying to move my head about because of the sweet torture the belt was putting me through. This seemed to be just the effect Yev was going for as her long cock smal girl xxx vidio were flowing like a fountain into my mouth, she was obviously enjoying my predicament and the ride on my face. This continued for some time, I thought it might be hours in my delirious pleasure, but was only long enough for Yev to come several times.

Probably less than an hour. When she was finished she crawled off my face and the silicone dick and lay aside of me. The belt still held me in a state of pre orgasmic pleasure torture until Yev said "teasestop". I laid there waiting for some form of calm to return to my mind and body, I fought to control my breathing. When my senses finally started to return Yev asked me if I would like to come. Of coarse I nodded yes.

Where she asked would I like to shoot my by now ample load of her come? Would she remove the belt and allow me to come in her pussy I wondered? I moved my head so that the silicone dick pointed from it to her pussy, she understood and giggled at the gesture. "Would you like me to remove the gag? No not yet, it has one more task to perform I think. In all of the years that we have played our games you have never tasted your own come from my pussy, even when I told you how much this would please me.

That is because in reality before the organic belt you were running things from below. That is changed though and now I tell you the price for coming in my pussy is that every time you come in it, and that is the only place you may come, you must clean every drop from it.

Do you still want to come?" The thought of tasting my come from her pussy always revolted me and so it did now, but I did so want to come. The belt had brought me to the point of absolute sexual frustration and need, I nodded yes. "Good Yev said to me" and then "revealdick" to the belt. The belt melted away from my penis stopping at the base, only my dick was revealed. Yev began to apply her own manipulations to my re-hardening member, quickly it was ready for action. Yev told the belt "playball" and it began to play with my about to burst balls.

She positioned herself over my prick and rubbed her pussy lips with it. "You understand the price of entry?" she said. I did understand and I also understood that I needed her pussy right now no matter what the price, I nodded as much the silicone dick bobbing in fromt of my face.

Her so wonderful pussy slipped over my cock and to the base in one smooth incredible feeling motion. Now I was in heaven, the belt playing with young cutie with pig tails doing anal balls and my dick hilt deep in my wife's pussy.

Something I was not sure I would ever get to experience again earlier in the day. Yev rode me and soon I was crying out into the gag with an immensely strong orgasm. Immediately the lassitude of a tremendous coming began to fill me. Yev watched from above, I opened my eyes and looked into hers, I could see her love for me and felt all was well. "Not so fast" she said, "I am not satisfied with such a brief performance and you have a promise to fulfill".

With that she reached down to her pussy and closed its lips as she slid up off of my softening cock. Then she moved up to the phallus that was the other end of my gag, and slipped her come full pussy over it. She started to fuck my face and as she did so my come flowed from her pussy into my mouth, it was unstoppable and tasted as horrible as I had expected.

But there was nothing I could do to stop the flow as it filled my mouth and I swallowed every drop that I had just shot into her. For her part Yev fucked my face with abandon until she was completely satisfied, then rolled off and fell asleep. About a half hour later, as is common for her, she awoke feeling the need to wash and pee. First she reached over and unstrapped the phallic gag and asked "how does that taste?", terrible I admitted.

"Well, you will learn to love the taste I promise." She said and added "Now do you understand the new order of things? Before you got sexy slut gets a good anal pounding pleasure you wanted from the femdom games we played.

From now on there is no game for you, all is for my pleasure. Do you get it?" I said yes that I got it very well. With that she went to clean herself. When she returned she said "prettypussy" and the belt moved my flaccid penis beck to its restrained downpointing position as it resumed it's appearance as the most perfect pussy in creation. Yev removed the four point restraints and told me to cover my pussy once more with the panties.

She got into bed as I did so and we cuddled as we did pre belt then fell into mutual deep sleeps. Life progressed in pretty much this fashion for several months. I remained always in the belt, always wearing sensuous panties, and completely at Yev's will sexually. In most other aspects of our life all continued normally. Yev said she did not desire a simpering sop of a yes man for a companion. She wanted to and thoroughly did control me sexually, allowing me to come as she had said she would.

Enough to keep me around, but not enough to ever loose interest in her needs. Occasionally she would put me through the pleasure torture of ordering the belt to keep me on the edge for hours at a time. Sometimes I would be restrained, often not. She said she liked the way I grabbed fruitlessly at the belt and contorted about as the belt put me through the exquisite torture. Once she started it at the movies. I was the house husband as pre belt and enjoyed that along with my many hobbies.

Live was good, the sex was great. Time passed. My many fears of Yev's ultimate intentions faded from memory. About a year after I first put the belt on Yev told me a special night was in store for me, that research and work she had been doing for the past year was finally ready to try.

The old fear found it's place in the pit of my stomach and I found it hard to concentrate for the rest of the day. Finally the evening arrived and Yev suggested we retire to the bedroom. Luscious teenies get agonorgasmos at the casting hardcore and blowjob told me there was a package in the SUV and to bring it with me.

The package tuned out to be a plasisteel case similar to the one that the belt had come in but quite a bit larger. I lugged it upstairs as ordered. When I arrived Yev was attired in one of the silk and lace outfits she knew I loved so well, my cock made it's feeble attempt to harden against the unrelenting prison of the belt.

"Get undressed and ready for bed" she said there is a new outfit on the dresser". I removed my clothes and went to the get the panties. I grabbed the new and beautiful panties and noted a matching nightie under them. I picked it up and asked Yev what these were for. "We are going to need those soon as well as a complete supply". From tonight on you are going to have a complete and wonderful female form that you must cover with the appropriate clothing." She went to the case I had carried opened it and bade me come to her.

In her hands was what looked like a tee shirt made of the now familiar putty like material.

I know it was an organic product like the belt and quickly understood the need for the nightie. I backed away a bit and immediately saw that Yev did not care for my response to her latest creation, perhaps I hurt her pride in her achievement. It had been a very long time since Yev had instructed the belt to deliver pain but the angry words "punishprickandballs" came from her lips and the belt immediately brought me to my knees.

After a minute of agony Yev gave the instructions for the belt to stop and I slowly regained my composure. "Stay on your knees and come to me Yev instructed. As I moved to her she said that she was sorry that she had to do that but that perhaps I had forgotten that all was for her pleasure and that her pleasure was for me to put the "shirt" on. "Put this on for me she said, but it must be you who puts it on of your own free will". She held it out to me and I feeling trepidation but complete devotion for my wife took it and slipped it over my torso.

For a few seconds nothing happened then Yev said "bodyadjust". The shirt began the familiar forming around my body. It stretched to meet the belt and the two organics melded into one. It adjusted itself to my neckline and conformed to my arms, soon the places where it stopped and my skin started became indistinguishable. "Wonderful" Yev chirped, "precisely as designed". Lets see if the special features work as I have designed.

"Makebreasts" Yev commanded and "my" boobs began to swell. Within a few moments breasts as beautiful as the pussy that had been between my legs for the past year hung over the place where my sensitive nubs resided under the shirt. They were a generous and pouty C cup. I felt the shirt sort of sucking my own titties into itself. Lets see Yev said as she reached for the newly formed tits.

When she pinched the nipples I felt a corresponding pinch on my nipples within the shirt, I yipped. "Perfect" Yev exclaimed. She explained that every touch on the outside of the shirts tits would be communicated directly to mine by the shirt, "every squeeze, pinch and bite", she said.

Yev walked around me checking out her work. "Not busty afro slut loves the white cock in her tiny vagina she said, "but in order for this to look right a bit of slimming at the waist will be required".

I exercised and looked pretty fit but my form was unlikely to be mistaken for a womans shapely hips. "Constrainoneinch" Yev said and slowly the belt compressed my midsection an inch. Nothing for me to do about it but relax as it happened. Yev asked how it felt and I said tight but bearable.

She explained that her intent was to "corset" me till my midsection was as shapely as her own. Don't worry she said we will do it slowly and there will be no harmful effects.

Now she said "stand and place your hands at your sides against the belt. There is another new feature added to my little friend when the shirt was introduced to it. You see the two are one now, just like you and I, together forever" When I placed my hands as she had ordered Yev said to the belt, "bindhands", and the belt formed around my wrists binding me securely.

"I think you will need a little restraint for what I have in store for you tonight" Yev declared. She turned back to the case and withdrew a belt that looked much like the one placed on me months ago.

She slipped it on and said to it "adjustyevsbelt" and her belt formed just as perfectly to her body as mine had to me. I asked her if she was going to join me in my chastity for some reason and she just laughed saying that her belt had a completely different purpose that was of coarse intended for her pleasure.

She came to me and started to manipulate "my" boobs. As she had designed the manipulations was transferred directly to my own sensitive nubs. She kissed them and nipped at them with her beautiful white teeth, the little bites made me wince. Yev moved me back to the bed until I fell on it. She landed on top of me and said, "I always wanted a lesbian lover now I have one, or nearly so".

The dreaded/loved instructions "teasehim" came from her lips and the belt (now suit) began doing its thing to my prick. At the same time Yev was giving my boobs a workout of Olympic proportions. I was quickly reduced to a whimpering piece of sex deprived, sex energized, flesh. Next Yev said to her own belt. "makeyevscock" and a penis of generous proportions grew from the front. A moan excaped her lips and Yev explained that a an identical penis had just grown into her pussy from the belt as well.

"As I fuck you" she said, "the prick within me will be giving me equal to what I give you. And I am going to fuck you soooo hard". I remembered now my examinations of the pussy between my legs and ungdoms hode norsk gumlet p en hane camsfreeus how wet it could become.

Also I now recalled how when I made a any probe within it that a similar probe began against my back passage. Since that first night Yev had not paid that opening any attention, now a tight knot of fear formed in my stomach within the burning sea of passion.

Yev now reached down between my legs and started to play with the pussy there. I tried to twist away but she whispered into my ear, "Do you need to be punished?" and while I did consider having my ass violated a punishment it was no where near the other. So I relaxed and allowed what was destined to happen, happen. Yev began to finger the pussy and as I feared equal smoking skinny brunette outdoor milf fuck brunettes romanian into my ass started.

First one finger and then two, she finger fucked me gently but with purpose. "That is a virgin pussy" she said "and it has been so long since I broke your ass in that it might as well be. We should take this slow, like a wedding night". My ass loosened and accepted the fingering as transferred to it by the suit. I was warm there and all over as the suit continued to tease my prick and Yev resumed her work on my breast. After some time of this she must have sensed a certain readiness on my part.

And she was right as I was now craving a good fucking, any kind of a fucking. "Do you want it" Yev whispered into my ear. "Oh yes, yes, yes." I responded. "What do you want" Yev continued.

"Fuck me" Teen cutie scarlett mae gets humped and facialized said. "Louder" Yev commanded, "make me believe that you want me to fuck you". "Fuck me, Fuck me, Fuck me" I repeated louder each time. "How" Yev persisted, "How do you want me to fuck you and where shall I do it" Fuck me hard" I breathed as loudly as I was able, Fuck my pussy HARD!" This convinced her of my sincerity and finally she positioned herself between my legs placed the huge looking cock against the opening of the suits pussy.

Yev was as hot as I from what I could gather from within my haze and quickly began to work the head of her belts prick in to the suit's pussy, as she did so my suit pushed an exact replica of Yev's cock into my ass.

I gasped as did Yev for she was experiencing an identical penetration into her willing and needful pussy. When the cock was buried to the hilt, my ass completely violated and Yev's pussy filled by her belt, we stopped to catch our breath. I quickly caught it and wanting the fucking as badly as I could want anything said "Fuck me Yev, please Fuck me with every thing you have.

Please if there is any love for me in your heart fuck me like the slut I am" She heard and complied with my desires. Slowly at first and then with increased passion fired by the belt/cock in her pussy she gave me the fucking I needed/desired.

She worked my tits with obvious pleasure then with a light in her eyes said "releasehands" and my hands were free. "Touch yourself she said" and I moved my hands to my boobs and manipulated them myself. As I squeezed them she bent her mouth to them and sucked, then bit at the nipples, I was in a state of passion never reached no matter how teased by the suit.

As I played with my boobs Yev's own passion reached it's peak. She increased the speed and force of her thrusts into the suits pussy, the suits thrust into my ass matched hers precisely. As she reached her orgasm she was slamming her body into mine with force I never imagined she had. Over the top she went collapsing onto me. She thought to tell my suit "teasestop" ending my cocks torture and fell asleep with the prick still inside of me or should I say us.

Shortly she awoke as she always did and caressed my breast.

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"How was it" she asked. "Wonderful" I said, "but can I please come tonight". "The price of an orgasm has gone up she said, from now on not only must you drink your come from my pussy but you must also consent to have your ass fucked as I fuck you with my pussy. Are you willing to pay that price?" Knowing there was no other option I said yes, and in fact I somehow was looking forward to the dual fucking, perhaps I would get to like it just as I had the taste of my come from Yev's pussy.

She reached into the toy box for the gag saying she knew my stamina would be short and she would want to finish herself on its penis. Once more our routines assumed a kinky kind of normalcy. At home my body from the neck to my thighs had the appearance of a very fine young woman. Slowly Yev gave the suit the instructions that "corseted" my waist to more womanly dimensions.

She did not overdo that, stopping when my midsection assumed a shape that pleased her. Occasionally she teased me with the prospect of a severely corseted future but never gave the orders to the suit. While the part of the belt covering my sex kept its distinctly female form the upper part sensed when I (we) were home and the healthy boobs adorning my once manly chest retreated when we left it. As soon as I entered the front door the C cup beauties returned to their pert place over my ever more sensitive nubs.

This necessitated a change into appropriate female attire according to Yevs rules and so at home I was always dressed as a woman. The sex stories sex rape sex stories 720 time this rule was relaxed was when we had guest over. Then Yev ordered the suit to return my upper torso to a normal appearance. After nearly two years of the new me the nature of our relationship remained a secret to the world, Yev introduced no one else to our bed though she often led me to believe that was about to happen.

Sex for Yev was nearly an every day thing, Yev was obviously very pleased and turned on by her creations and the way that they rendered me totally her sexual servant.

Often I was required to service her orally for hours at a time, sometimes when enduring the exquisite pleasure torture the suit was able to inflict on nearly all of my body both upper and lower.

Generally an evening would end with Yev putting her belt on and fucking me to her satisfaction. Often she ordered the suit to enlarge my tits to D or DD size cups and worked every bit of them over with her fingers, nails, and teeth.

A few times she left them that way for days and their mammoth size was hard to adjust to. Sometimes she allowed me to fuck her family guy meg griffin and lois griffin together the prick the suit was able to produce, this became a reward for good behavior. Any time we fucked the suit showed my ass a "good time".

Rarely, about every two weeks to once a month I was allowed to come within Yev's wonderful pussy, this was the only place I was ever allowed to come and I learned to worship it. I willingly paid the price of cleaning every drop of my semen from her sopping hole and the rear intrusion was now a common and much enjoyed experience.

When Yev was for some reason putting me through an extended period of chastity she ordered the suit to milk my prostate. I was required to consume that as well. It seemed as if Yev was on some sort of a schedule because after about another year of squirting queen cytherea new story most enjoyable routine Yev brought home another plastisteel case.

This one much smaller than the last. She fuck in front of the hotels window it on the kitchen table when she walked in from work, looked at me directly and said nothing. She did not say it but I knew another "special" night was coming for me. Considering the impact the last of her organic creations had had on my life I could not help but move through the evening with a growing feeling of anticipation and fear.

Finally the hour came for us to retire and Yev ordered me to bring the new case with me. "Assume the restraint position" Yev told me and when I placed my hands at my side gave the suit the command that secured my hands to my now much thinner waist.

"Come here and sit" Yev ordered, indicating a chair near her dressing table. I could see that she had a lot on her mind and soon she began to talk, "I think that after tonight you will finally appear as I have hoped you would when I started your transformation three years ago.

I want you to know that I love you and cherish you as always and that, that will never change. Why else hardcore black bisexual threesome xxx fucked in her favorite pair of heels I have devoted all of this time into creations that have little use except for in our lives. The items I have in the case will change forever your appearance, no one will ever recognize you as my husband without my giving the suit the proper orders.

I am not going to show you what the case contains yet. But I can tell you that your accepting what I have created will make me very happy, you will please me greatly if you allow me to put the new creations on you. Will you accept them?" I can tell you dear reader that at this moment I was filled with trepidation but also with high school girls fuck xstory love for my spouse, of coarse I said yes.

"Please Yev" I spoke aloud, please do to me whatever it is that will please you". She smiled, my heart felt as if it would burst in our mutual love, and she turned to the case. When she turned back from it she had a what looked like a hood or mask in her hands. "I don't think we need to restrain you right now, do we?" Yev asked and I said no she didn't.

Yev gave the proper instructions and the suit released my wrists. Here Yev said take this and place it over your head, but remember that once you do all will change and you may never appear as you do now. With skaking hands I lifted the organic and covered my head with it. Yev gave the instruction, "adjusthead" and I could feel the non sentient creation start its work about my face. "Blindfoldhim" Yev instructed the new addition to the suit and I was immediately unable to see what was happening to me.

"I don't want you to see what you look like until the suit has completed its work" Yev said. Next Yev instructed me to hold out my arms as she covered them with organics shaped like long gloves, she gave the order and the "gloves" adjusted to my body and joined the suit as the pieces became one two russian amateur model fuck with strapon dick. Finally Yev had me put on organics that covered my legs and feet like high hose and the suit was complete.

I was now covered from the top of my head to the tip of my toes. As the suit adjusted itself to my shape, and made the modifications it was capable of, I felt a different sensation over my entire body. Where previously the suit was able to convey actions on limited areas on the outside of itself to my body, now it began to seem to me that the outside of the suit actually felt like the outside of my body.

I asked Yev about this feeling. "Wonderful" she exclaimed, "this was the most difficult part of the entire process. The one I worked hardest to achieve. The hood has inserted tiny and harmless neural connectors into your spinal cortex. From this moment on the feeling you have when I caress or torment your breast or any part of your body will not be simply conveyed to your body for your mind to feel.

You will actually experience the exact same feeling as a woman, but greatly amplified, conveyed directly to your brain via the suit.

You will be able to feel and respond in all sexual things as a woman, even orgasm as a woman when I allow it. Yet you will retain your male persona forever trapped inside of what has every appearance of a female body. Your precious prick will remain as it is in its prison where every arousal will be a reminder of your sexual slavery.

Oh yes it may still be capable of comeing, but there is no certainty that will ever happen." I sat and absorbed all that Yev was saying, I wondered what my new life was going to be like because it was obvious that I would never be able to be who I had been before this day. The changes were going to be too complete for that. I sensed that the hood was consuming the hair on my head and probably over the rest of my body.

After a time Yev said "eyeswideopen" and the suit allowed me to open my eyes. What I saw in the mirror was a very nice looking young woman that appeared to be in her early twenties. Lovely red hair flowed from "my" head and over my shoulders and breasts. I had always admired red heads and held the conviction that there were only two kinds of them, beautiful and ugly.

I was the former but my face was not without traces of my former self. The suit did not remove any of "me" just arranged it here, added a bit here.

The result was that I looked like a very female version of myself. I was hot for me. I examined the rest of my body and saw that my arms and legs now carried a far more feminine appearance, right down to manicured finger and toe nails.

Yev asked me to stand. She moved the chair away and walked around me. "Beautiful" I heard her say, "perfect" and "just the effect I had hoped for" came from behind me. Turn obese pussy lips asian legal age teenager penetration about she said, examine yourself in the mirror on the closet door.

I had to agree that Yev's genius was fully apparent in the perfection of the organic creations that covered my body. "Now" she said approaching me from behind "lets see if the neural programming works as anticipated." I sensed slender teen babe ashlynn taylor gets nailed by massive cock smalltits and pornstar approach, she began kissing me on the neck.

I had never found this an erogenous zone but now her kisses seemed to have a direct line to the pit of my stomach. She placed her hands over my breast, the nipples hardened, I could feel them crinkle up, and I nearly knees week. Yev continued the kisses from behind and one of her hands began a wandering course to my crotch, as she rounded the curve of my ass I wondered what it would be like when the hand reached its goal.

I shivered in anticipation. Finally Yev's skilled hand found the now sopping pussy she had created so long ago, she lightly brushed over the now super sensitive lips guarding the entry. She wispered in my ear "I want you to experience every feeling a woman has. I want you to be a virgin." Then said to the suit "beavirgin" and I sensed the now feeling pussy make internal alterations.

I certainly had the same butterflies doing their thing in my stomach like I imagine every virgin feels before the first intimate touch. Yev circled the pussy (my pussy) with her finger and made entry into it.

My knees once more assumed the state of jelly. Imagine if you can what was I was feeling. Not only was the suits pussy now sending womanly sensations to my brain but all of the arousal of a normal horny man was also boiling within me. My penis was trying to erect within its confines and the rear intruder was not forgetting to do its thing either.

Yev's finger found the little button that represented a young woman's clit, rubbed it, and I did now hit the floor. "Oh yes" Yev said from above me.

It works just as I planned. You see Hon the sensations you are experiencing are not just those a woman normally feels, they are the same sensations but intensified to a degree that I judge will make you an absolute total slut for me. Now gather yourself up dear and lets move to the bed". As we moved to the bed Yev collected her belt and put it on, it adjusted itself to her form and a prick of even more generous size grew from it.

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The virgin inside of me trembled at its appearance. We both lay down and Yev encouraged me to explore my newly sensitive body. I tentatively moved my manicured hands to my boobs and hesitantly began to manipulate them. "Not like that" Yev instructed, touch yourself the way a wonton woman would", "Well" I expressed, I am not a wonton woman inside. I am still a man.

"Yes" she said "for now you are, but I think the suit can show you how it's dome". "Touchself" she said to the suit. And I felt the suit guiding my hands in a gentle but irresistible way to my breast where they began to caress them as I had seen so many porn actresses do in movies. Gently at first but with increasing earnestness as my arousal mounted, as I did so Yev said "makeDD" and the boobs enlarged to the dimensions she commanded.

More for us both to appreciate I suppose. When my breast felt fully explored my hand began to move down to my pussy, it made circles on my flat stomach as it moved closer and closer to the obvious eventual target. I found myself exploring the outside of it as my other hand continued to caress my breasts. I began to explore the wetness of the pussy's interior enjoying the dual feeling of the pussy's sensations and the intruders inevitable advance.

The hand, my hand, the fingers on my hand, found my clit. This was a completely new thing, my mind swirled in a sea of pleasure not like any ever felt by any man prior to me. It was a woman's pleasure. I set to working the nub in merry asian tits deepthroat act squirting japanese, I needed no more direction from the suit.

I knew what I wanted, I wanted a female orgasm and was doing what it took to get myself there. I soared and reached the edge of what I knew had to be sexual nirvana, I rubbed the button in every manner possible but could not bring myself to orgasm.

I looked at Yev with pleading eyes and asked her what was the matter, was the suit able to make me feel female orgasm? "Yes of coarse" Yev said, "but not without my instruction". What Yev was watching must have been just the response she had hoped for, there was a wide smile on her face as she stroked her belts prick generating her belts fucking of her pussy. "Does your belt now give you male feelings" I asked. "Oh no!" she exclaimed, "I would never give up female orgasms for your little male ones." "What do you want?" she asked my pleading eyes.

"Oh Yev, I poured out, I want you to take me like a horny husband takes his virgin bride on their wedding night. I want you to treat me like the girl slut that I have become, I want you to fill every hole, I want to suck your magnificent cock, I want to come as a woman" She looked into my face and I could see that my declaration was sweet music to her ears. "Love" she replied, "I will do everything that you ask tonight. I will do it because I love you and because to do so will please me.

But even more pleasing to me would be your declaration that you wish to remain ever as you are now, a man within a woman's body. A man forced into the sluttiest female behavior by the sensations generated by the suit. This is now the price of your coming, will you agree to pay it?" With great enthusiasm I entered my new life and said I would. "Say it all" Yev said. "Yev" I started, "thank you for transforming me into what I now am, your whore slut. I want to be what you have made me forever, if it pleases you drive me even further into sexual obsession for your pleasure." Yev just beamed and reached big juggs babe gets pounded for money the breast left unoccupied by my still manipulating hand, "touchselfstop" she whispered and the compulsion generated by the suit ceased, though my hands continued their touching of my own violation.

We caressed one another, anyone looking on would have seen two lesbians moving toward a heated sexual encounter. Perhaps it almost was two lesbians. We explored Yev's creation with a abandon. We got hot for one another and I longed for the consummation of the rest of our marriage. Yev moved my head down to her dick and I knew this was something I would need no instruction in.

I sucked her cock as I would have wanted the one imprisoned within the suit sucked. I found that it was nearly too large big ass shemake by shemale fit in my mouth and once more the virgin inside had "her" doubts about the likelihood that that thing would fit within her. Yev for her part was as hot as I had ever seen her and moved around until we were in a 69 position.

I received my first cunnilingus, it was great. Finally we both sensed that the time to take my cherry had arrived, I was as wet and horny for it as any girl in the history of humankind had ever been. Yev positioned herself and the monster jutting from her crotch between my wide stretched legs. She moved the tip of it to my pussy, I lifted my hips to the thing hoping for the best.

Yev grabbed it and moved it over the outer lips, I was nearly swooning once more. "No" Yev said, "this isn't quite as it should be. Grab the cock and guide it into yourself" she instructed. I reached down and stroked it, then placed the head of the 12" phallus at the opening of my virgin hole. "Push" I pleaded, "please put it inside" Slowly Yev applied the pressure required to force the great cock into me.

Ouch I said in a suddenly girlish voice, I looked at Yev in wonder. "Vocal cord alterations. took longer than I. expected" she huffed in her own passion. We pressed on. "Please stop" I said in the new voice. Stopping was the last thing I really wanted but the pain of this initial penetration was beyond what I could endure all at once, remember the rear intruder was filling my back passage with a phallus of equal size to the one entering my pussy, this was far larger than anytime previously.

No girl virgin ever experienced that kind of double fucking I was thinking. We paused for a while as I mustered my courage and the need for cock overwhelmed my fear. Soon I started to move my hips once more and Yev said "Here lets try it with wive cheats with friend on hidden cam on the top.

This is often the solution newlyweds come to in our situation" she explained. "It gives the bride the control over the entry". Without losing our already established connection we switched positions.

This was the first time in three years that I had been allowed to be in the top position, but truly Yev was now topping from the bottom. "There" she said, "lower yourself onto me at your own pace take it slow lover." Ever so gently I lowered my pussy onto the waiting cock coming from Yev's belt. I squirmed this way and that attempting to minimize the pain and maximize the ample pleasure that I was experiencing.

Suddenly something seemed to give way when I was about half way down, the pain decreased and I quickly found myself with the monster cock buried within me to the hilt and me rubbing my clit on the base of Yev's belt. I was flush with desire and need for a good fucking, every fiber of both my male psyche and new female sensations drove me to fuck the cock that was inside of my suits pussy.

I started by moving back and forth, that generated a satisfactory buzz.

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Then, knowing that I had to endure a double fucking of massive proportions. I gathered my courage which was constantly being bolstered by my incredible need, and began to move up and down on the prick. Just a little bit at first them a couple of inches. That was enough to push my need very close to the edge of abandon. I started fucking Yev more earnestly, within a few minutes I was gently moving my pussy nearly the entire length of the phallus.

An incredible high impossible for me to explain in mortal words was filling me along with the massive members from the belt. I opened my eyes which had remained closed since we had reversed positions and looked down at Yev. She was obviously enjoying her part in all of this.

A monster equal to those filling both of my holes was also awesome sucking too hard and cum afterwards in her mouth at jogetz tube porn her pussy, her eyes were also closed and she was caressing her breasts. Seeing her hands on her boobs made me remember mine and my hands went to my DDs. Ohh that felt sooo nice.

Yev opened her eyes and we connected as never before. Simultaneously our hands left our own breasts and reached out for those of our lover.

Yev said, "You are doing sooo fine my little girl, but you are not really acting quite the wanton whore I want you to be. You do want to come don't you" "Perhaps the suit needs may step mom beg ass and hot fine tuning instructions." "Yes I said, I want to come, please do whatever it takes to make me into the whore you want me to be" "I only want you to be what every man out there wants" she said, a whore at night and an angle in the morning".

"Increasefemfeeling10%" Yev said to the suit. With that a jolt of sensation coursed through my mind and I was pushed totally, forever, over the edge of abandon into a total whore/slut/cunt wanton sexual animal. I increased the final fantasy lulu x elizabeth porn fuck big dick cartoon sfm of the motion up and down the 12" prick, welcoming the full length and girth of it into my pussy and ass.

I learned how to let it almost slip out and enjoy the feeling of new penetration with each stroke. I ground my clit on the base of Yevs belt as I sought my first female coming. Yev worked my boobs alone as I had forgotten anyone's needs other than mine. I remembered to open my eyes and look at her, she was riding this dragon along with me and her passion looked as hot as mine. Seeing it threw me even further into recklessness and I began to move my pussy onto the cock and down to the base of the belt with even greater passion.

"Fuck me" Yev cried, "thats it Baby, fuck me like the slut you are." "Do you want to come Baby? Is that what you want. You have to tell Yev about it You have to beg for it" I opened my mouth and my now girlish voice began to speak, for some time I had almost forgotten that I could talk at all. "God Yev please let me come! Ohhh, pleeeease say the words that will allow me to come. I will do anything that you want to please you. Any act with you or anyone, I will be your whore forever, just pleeeasse say the words" "Don't just tell me honey she said show me how a slut/whore fucks her man" I put my hands on the headboard for leverage and stability then started to slam my pussy onto Yev's cock, I raised it to the head of the huge thing and slammed it down again and again.

Yev watched and I saw her open her mouth to speak, I was sure she was going to give by suit the instruction to allow me to come, but rather said to her own belt "biggercock20%" As I was on my way down the cock to slam into the base of it, it grew by 2" and a corresponding girth. My eyes opened in shock at the double impact of what she had done. "Don't stop" Yev commanded, "don't even slow if you want to come." I did want to and it did not matter what Yev said, I was so far over the precipice into my new slutty being that I actually liked the added cock.

"Fuuccckkkk Meeeee!" I cried, "Let me Cummmmm Yeeevvvvvv" I screamed as I continued to slam my pussy onto the enlarged cock. Yev, finally convinced of my total immersion into the whorish side said the words the suit needed to hear "makehimawoman" and I came in rocking waves of female orgasm after female orgasm. I lost count and lost consciousness. I awoke in the morning entwined with my wife in lesbian intimacy. "Good morning love" she said, "was last night to your liking?" "Yes" I said, " I love being your whore/slut but more importantly was it to yours?" "Oh yes very" she said.

"It is good that you are happy with your new self because the words I spoke last night, the words that made you come were very special instructions. Do you remember them?" "Make him a woman" I answered. "Right" she said, "those words were very specific instructions that did much more than allow you that orgasm. I only uttered them when I was convinced that you really wanted to be my slut forever as you claimed. Those words took away some of the control I had over my own creation, I can no longer order the suit to come off of you, I can no longer tell it to give you a male orgasm.

Though you can experience every male sensation except that, your cock will remain forever within it's confines deep within the suit, continually trying but never able to fully erect again. Do you consider this a fair price for the female orgasms that I will allow you to experience from time to time for the rest of our life?" "Yes" I said, "if that pleases you I will also find pleasure in it.

Yev smiled and we began our new life as lesbian companions. I laid in her arms wondering about many things, how would my new life unfold. As I approached sleep once more I remember wondering how the guys on the river would react to a female fisherman of my skill.

I smiled son blackmail us step mom full movies slept with the thought that I would probable never have trouble finding a good piece of water to fish again.

Time once more passed. I was every mans dream, an angel in the day and an absolute whore to my spouse at night. (Or any other time she desired) We lived, played, and shopped as lesbians.

Yev continued her research, I continued to enjoy life, the children learned all. In todays society they found it not too strange and all was well there also.

One evening at dinner out Yev told me that she wanted to quit her job and start her own business. She explained that she believed she had a product line of organics that would make us rich beyond imagination while at the same time accomplishing social change that she felt important.

"You can help" she said. What about patents I asked, doesn't the company own them. Yes Yev said but she had made a deal for a product category the company did not want to explore and that her continued research had to be shared with them for their interest.

"Go for it!" I encouraged. "My line of sexual organics for woman will forever change the rules of sex in our society" Yev was saying as she addressed the gathering of interested ladies and press. By agreement with my ex employeer never will a similar product line be made available to men, and no man will ever be able to control my products. Nor will any man be able to profit from my companies products. Let me give you an example of a few of those products. The first product Yev displayed was a pair of panties much like her own.

First the model instructed the panties to please her, which they did so very well. Then a second female model came on stage and dual pleasure abilities of the panties were demonstrated. Next a male arrived and the female models demoed the chastity belt and the abilities it had. Next a "complete man" was brought to the stage. This was a organic with the appearance of an adult male.

"Become Sergio" the model commanded and the organic assumed the appearance of a current flic star. "Now" Yev said " with so many devices at their disposal women need never depend on a man for sexual satisfaction. If you have a man and desire more control in the relationship that is possible as well. Let me introduce you to my husband of many years. When I stood no one understood. Then Goth chick and hot friend ballbusting face sitting lesbians explained the process.

Remove your clothes Dear Yev said, I did as instructed. Touch yourself she said and I tentatively did so, there were so many people and as much as I did not think I would be I was "shy". You can see Yev told the audience that his heart is not really into it, when that is so a simple instruction to the organic can do wonders. "Touchyourself" Yev said to my organic and I began to do as the suit led me to do. First to my breast to which Yev responded with "MakeDD" and then to my sopping pussy.

Soon I fell to the floor with lust and Yev had made her point. "Any man can be completly sissyfied and turned into any woman's slut with this type organic" Yev announced. So the business began with quite a bang. Yevs marketing was unique to the 2020s, her organics were sold through home parties and distributors could build a hugely lucrative business.

Yev said a company called Amway had made it way in the latter 1900s. This is the only way Yev claimed to assure that any woman who wanted to could achieve financial independence with her products.

During a typical party the guest were encouraged to try on the panties and pleasure themselves. Generally one of the women brought a man to try the belt or suit with. Sales soared, women prospered. Slowly they grew away from male dependence and toward female dominance just as Yev had planned. The social order slowly changed. As the 2040s approached women generally controlled most of society. Most men were not as pussiefied as I was, but many of them were in chastised femdom relationships.

The rest were aware of the shift in power and conducted themselves accordingly. On the tenth anniversary of that first belt Yev told me that tonight would be one of our special nights, like we used to have. I did not think there was much more that Yev could come up with to do to me and there had not been an addition to the suit in years. The relationship was still hot and the sex fantastic, but we had aged and time was often a problem. We went to bed and enjoyed a prolonged loving.

Yev put me through as much teasing torture as I could endure. I was allowed a female orgasm and much to my surprise the suit allowed my male member out for the first time in a couple of years and I was allowed to come into her still fantastic pussy. After I immediately went to my knees to drink the now tasty semen from her dripping hole, I worshiped there till told to come to her arms. After Yev recovered and as we lay entwined, she told me she had achieved another landmark in her research.

"I have been working on this from the first day she said", finally I think my work is finished. I have discovered a way complete the change in you that I started so long ago. I asked what more was possible and Yev told me that she could now, through the organic, initiate a change in me at the molecular level that would make me completely and absolutely a woman forever.

Your penis will disappear and so will every last visage of maleness about your body. There will really be no suit, just a molecularly changed you. Your mind though will remain male and you will know you are trapped within the body forever. The great plus to this is that the body will be that of a young woman and if we want can remain so.

I will continue to be able to exercise complete control over your every sexual aspect and control the body as I desire. This process is so promising that if you agree to go through it that I will also take up the body of a young woman, though no one but I will control that body. I thought about her words, I knew that she would not harm me and the thought of perpetual youth was exhilarating. I accented. Yev left the bed and went to the dresser.

She returned with an small hand full of the "sillyputty" and approached me. Now she said "As always dear tell me in your own words what you want" I answered "Yev, you have made me your whore and I love it.

I want now to be a woman as I have only appeared to be thus far. I want to be YOUR woman, I want to be an absolute complete whore, slut, cunt, of a woman for you.

Please change me so that I am" She smiled that smile and placed the organic material in kinky teen rides stepdad pornstars and mature hand on my abdomen.

I was immediately asleep. When I awoke I was in the same room with a twenty something Yev. A somewhat improved Yev if I remember correctly. I looked down at my body and it was so completely stunning that I could not quite take it all in. I went to the mirror and saw that there was none of the former male face there at all. The body was valumcious if perhaps a srabnti kola take xxx storys overly wasplike at the waist.

The face was perfect. Yev intoned from behind me "I could never make you as beautiful as I desired and leave any of your former self in you, you are completely new and a virgin once more as well. So am I. Come here Dear" We embraced and I immediately discovered that this body was just as magnified in its whorish response as the old one and I was soon swooning. Yev led me to the bed and restrained me there for the first time in ages. I wondered why. "We need our virginity taken away she said and I have arranged for it to happen in a new way for you.

I know you your inner maleness would never let another man take your body without a fight. And so you are now secured. A knot of fear blossomed in me but the whore was still stampeding, Yev continued her manipulations of my body. A knock on the door was greeted by a "come in" from Yev and for the first time ever a third person entered our bedchamber. A truly spectacular (in every way) man entered the room and at the beckoning of Yev's finger approached.

"Take her first" Yev said "Do it any way and any where you want, but don't let her go as she will fight. I did fight, but most of it was in all girl massage brunettes on blonde lesbian threesome body and mind.

My altered body could not help but respond sexually while my mind revolted at the rape of my male persona. Its Ok Yev said, This morning he was a woman who for some unknowable reason wanted to become a man. Her price of the transformation is this rape of your maleness virginity. Tomorrow it will be just us two, at least for now.