Brazzers liza del sierra professors got the moves

Brazzers liza del sierra professors got the moves
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Prelude My wife and daughter passed away in a horrible car accident 10 years ago. They were driving to come pick me up from the airport as I had just gotten back home from a month long excursion to Ireland to work on a computer programming project a business there needed done. I knew something was wrong when my brother-in-law had arrived at the airport instead. He told me to get in the car because I would need to sit for what he was going to tell me.

He broke the news to me and I started balling and yelled for him to take me to the hospital. When we got to the hospital, I was stopped by two policemen and a doctor.

They advised me that my wife and daughter were pronounced dead on the scene and what I was about to see was going to be very hard. They walked me to the hospital room that their bodies were in and the sight was unbearable. They were beat up to the point where my wife's face was unrecognizable and my daughter's whole right side was torn to pieces.

I asked the policemen what had happened and they told me that someone had side swiped the car and my wife ended up losing control and driving off a cliff. A witness was right behind them and called the cops but wasn't able to catch the license plate of the culprit as he drove away. The next couple years were a mess as I had gotten fired from my job, lost my house, and my in-laws ended up stopping all contact with me as they blamed it all on me going away on a business trip.

It wasn't until 3 years after their death that my life changed. I was walking to the gas station to get myself some beer and snacks.

When I left the gas station I noticed a little girl sitting outside the doors shivering. I walked up to her and asked, "Where's your parents hun?" She looked at me and started crying, "My dad shot my mom, so I ran away." Instantly alarmed, I pulled out my phone and dialed 911.

I explained the story to the police and we found out the girls name and where her parents lived. That night the police found the girls mother dead in their apartment and no sign of the father. The police were going to take her away and put her in a foster home but I offered to let her stay with bruno y maria traemos a vanesa rio con anitos impresionante follada de culo until they could find her next of kin.

A few months later, child services had notified me that none of her next of kin were willing to take her and that she would need to go to a foster home. I refused and told them I would adopt her.

Finally, two years later on her 10th birthday I surprised her with the adoption notice. Now fast forward to present day, 8 years later. Chapter 1 "Hunny, wake up! It's time to get ready for school!" I yelled up the stairs to Alayna. She always tended to sleep through her alarms everyday and had to be awakened by me yelling for her to get up.

She slumped down the stairs in her spaghetti strap tank tops and shorts that were too short to be considered shorts. "Hun, you really need to start getting up on your own," I say as she walks by and goes to the fridge, the bottom of her ass cheeks hanging out of her shorts. "I know Daddy but I don't like going to school. All the kids make fun of me for being adopted," she bends over to grab the milk out of the door of the fridge, showing off more of her ass cheeks.

I start to feel a stirring in my pants so I take the two plates of pancakes to the table and sit down. "Can you pour me a glass too, hun? And don't worry about those other kids. You're a beautiful young lady and you have the brains too. You keep up at this rate, and you'll be valedictorian your senior year." I pour some syrup on my pancakes and try to avoid making eye contact with Alayna until she sits down.

"You really think so Daddy? You think I'm beautiful?" She grabs the syrup and starts pouring it on her pancakes. "Yes, hunny. You're a beautiful girl and you shouldn't have to listen to those kids making fun of you. Knowing most of them, they'll probably either fail out of high school or end up working at Walmart.

Now hurry up and eat your breakfast. You still need to get dressed for school and white amateur tattoo girl with stubble hairy pussy first class starts in half an hour." We both finish eating our pancakes and she gets up and walks upstairs to finish getting ready.

I take a quick peek back and notice she didn't fix her shorts after she had bent over earlier and I start to feel an instant stirring again. I tell myself I need to stop and go and find my car keys and get ready to go. Five minutes before Alayna's first class, she walks down the stairs and yells, "Ok Daddy, I'm ready to go." I get up from my recliner and turn around and get an instant look of shock on my face. Alayna is in a very short mini skirt and a low cut, tight fitting black tank top that hugs her D cup breasts perfectly.

"What's wrong Daddy?" "Nothing hun, let's just get you to school," I walk out the front door and straight to the car trying to hide the massive erection I have. I get in the car and Alayna gets in the passenger side. "You know you're going to be late to your first class right?" "Don't worry Daddy," she smiles at me.

"As you said, I'm beautiful and smart so I'll still be top in that class no matter how late I am. And Mr. Sanders is my first period teacher," she then winks at me and starts texting on her phone. I try not to think anything of it and drive her to school.

"Here we are. Now remember, if anyone makes fun of you just keep walking and remember that you're probably smarter than them," I lean over and give her a kiss on the cheek and as she gets out of the car and walks to the school, I sit there and watch her, her short skirt flowing in the wind showing off little peeks of her ass cheeks.

I start to pull away and tell myself, "I need to get these thoughts out of my head. I guess it's off to Jane's Hideaway." Jane's Hideway is a nearby porn shop with private theaters and one big public theater. I pull up into the driveway and walk inside. "Hey John, what's it going to be today? Private theater or public? It's pretty early so there's no one in the public one." "I'll just do a private one Lucas," I go to the front counter.

Since I'm obviously a regular here, Lucas only charges me $5 for every hour of view instead of the normal $10. I pay for 2 hours worth and head to the theaters. Each private room has a hot melody rides on a big cock on it showing whether it's occupied or not. I make my way to the last room, go in, and shut and lock the door. Inside each one of the rooms is a reclining chair, 60" TV, a remote, and a little tower where you insert your viewing card.

Once you insert you viewing card the TV turns on and porn starts playing. I pull down my pants letting my limp cock fall out, sit on the recliner, and start flipping through the porn channels. I finally get to a channel I like (a young girl, probably "just turned 18" fucking what looks to be a guy my age) and set the remote down. I can instantly feel my cock getting harder because it reminds me a lot of what has happened this morning.

I'm getting ready to start jerking off when I hear a knock at the door. *What the fuck!* I think to myself *This is why I pick the last one, so no creepy guys try to come in and give me a blowjob* I get up, pull my pants up, and go to the door. I open the door and start to say, "Dude, I don't." I stop short and notice outside my door is this really attractive female.

She's about 5'4", average weight, with long blonde hair, and what looks to be DD or bigger cup boobs. "Can I help you?" "Sorry but yours was the only one with a light on," she started to explain to me.

"I came here to use one of the theaters and I didn't know it was so expensive. I tried to offer to show my boobs to the guy working but jayden jaymes rides a massive member pornstars brunette wouldn't have it. I'm a single mother and just wanted to watch some porn away from the house." "Well the reason it didn't work was because the cashier is gay," I chuckle a little bit.

"But there's only one recliner in here so I don't think I can help you." I start to real girlfriend sucking big cock and getting fucked at home the door when she says, "Wait, I can always sit on the floor, I don't mind." I think about it a little while and decide I'll just jerk off in the car when I leave so I let her in.

I go and sit on the recliner and she sits on the floor in the corner and we watch the porn that was already on the TV. About 10 minutes go by when she looks over at me and says, "If you were doing something else before I interrupted don't feel like you have to stop now.

I don't mind." I sit there for another 10 minutes and then stand up, pull down my pants, and sit back down. My cock is now harder than ever knowing that someone else is in here with me. I lean back in the recliner and start to stroke as I watch the porn. A couple minutes pass by and I look over and notice her rubbing her pussy outside her pants as she's staring at my cock.

She then looks up and notices me watching her. She stops rubbing and says, "Sorry, I just haven't seen one that big! What is it, 10 inches?" "I wish," I say, still stroking. "But last time I checked, I was only 8 inches fully hard." "Do you mind if I feel it?" She stands up and pulls her pants down.

The crotch of her pants are soaked. She kicks her pants to the corner of the room. "I guess not. You're not so bad looking yourself." She walks over to me and grabs my cock. Her eyes get wide, noticing how thick it is as well. "Wow, this is the best cock I've seen and now felt.

I can help you if you want." She pushes down the recliner and gets on her knees in front of me and starts stroking my cock. I have a little spasm as this is the first time a girl has even seen my cock since my wife died. I let her keep going as I look back from her amazing figure to the porn on the TV. After a few minutes of her amazing handjob I ask, "Do you mind taking your top off?" She stops stroking for a second, gets completely naked, and gets back on her knees and grabs my cock again.

I swear I feel my cock get even harder which I didn't think was possible. "You have some amazing tits. What are they? DDs?" "Well last time I bought a bra, they were Fs but my bras have either shrunk or my boobs have gotten bigger, so I might say they're Gs." She stops stroking my cock and lifts up her boobs and holds them for me to admire. She then licks her nipples and grabs my cock again with one of her hands. I start to feel my cock getting ready to cum so I grab her hand, stand up, and sit her on the recliner.

"My turn," I wink at her and then get on my knees and start eating her eva karera and natalia starr anal some session on the couch. Her tied up blowjob it was another night in the hood is soaked beyond belief and tastes amazing.

I start by just tonguing the outside of her lips and then plunge inside with my tongue. I hear her moan so I keep flicking my tongue around inside her amazing pussy. Her moaning starts to get louder as I go faster and faster and then I stick a finger inside also and give her double the action. Right as my finger touches her spot, she screams. I stop and wait but no one comes to the door so the walls must be sound proof.

I start back in on her pussy and after no more than 5 minutes I feel her spasm and moan loudly.

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She grabs my hand and makes me stop. "Holy fuck," she moans. "That was the quickest I've cum in my entire life. You're amazing! Now I think it's time I get you off." She gets off the recliner and pushes me slumber party turns into lesbian sex party tube porn on it and gets on her knees and starts to suck my cock.

I moan as her head bobs up and down on my cock. A few times she deapthroats the whole thing and it takes everything in my power not to cum yet. This is the best I've felt in a long time and don't want it to end. She then stops sucking my cock and pulls her tits up and puts them around my cock and starts to stroke my cock with her giant boobs. It takes less in a minute for me to finally give in and I cum all over her boobs. I keep cumming for a while too and a couple squirts hit her in the face.

"Wow, it has been a while for you huh?" She chuckles and gives my cock one last kiss on the head and walks over to where her clothes are. "It's been years since someone besides myself has made me cum.

Thank you for that. It was amazing!" I stay seated on the recliner and watch her as she puts her clothes back on. "You should probably leave before I do. They don't like it when people share a theater." She finishes putting her clothes on and says, "Thanks again, that was greatly needed." After she walks out of the room, I get up and lock the door.

I go back to my recliner, quickly get off one more time, clean up, and head out myself. As I'm headed towards the exit of Jane's Hideaway I see Lucas in a heated conversation with the lady from earlier. "I know you somehow got in one of the theaters and you were in there for a good 2 hours," Lucas is saying to the lady.

"You owe me $20. Now pay up or I'll call the cops." I quickly go to the counter. "Lucas, she was with me. I'll pay." I hand him $20 and leave with the lady. "Thank you so much!" she says.

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"I don't think he likes me much." "It's no problem. For what you did for me, it was worth it." I give her a slap on the ass and we both get in our cars and head our separate ways.

Three o'clock rolls around and I'm back at the school waiting for Alayna to get out. Normally, I sit in my car and wait but today I'm in such a unp male domination and humiliation beautiful slave girl preview mood I end up getting out of my car and stand next to it.

As I'm waiting, I look around and standing next to the car behind me is the lady from Jane's Hideaway. "What are you doing here?" I say over to the lady. "My son goes to school here," she responds. "What are you doing here?" "My daughter goes here," I walk over to her.

"I didn't think I'd ever see you again and after I drove off I realized I hadn't gotten your name or phone number." "Well my name is Isabelle Rose," she hands me her phone. "How about you put your number in my phone and I'll text you. If I forget, you always know where to find me now." I grab her phone and put my number in it.

"Well I hope to see you again sometime soon outside of the school waiting line," I hand her phone back and head back to my car. I wait there until I hear the final bell ring and look around for my daughter.

I spot her coming out the front doors and when she gets closer I can see she was crying. "Hunny, what's wrong?" "Nothing, I just want to go home!" She gets in the car and slams the door. I walk around to the driver side and get in.

"Hunny, you can talk to me,"I try to plead with her but she just stairs out the window and doesn't respond. We end up driving home in complete silence. When we finally get home Alayna quickly gets out of the car and goes inside. She stomps up the stairs to her room and slams her door.

I give her a few minutes before I go upstairs after her. I knock on her door. "Hunny, please talk to me. Can I come in?" "Yes," is all she says. I slowly open the door and see her laying in her bed completely covered. I go over and sit on the edge of the bed and look at her. "Hunny, what's wrong?" I rub her back. She turns around towards me. Her eyes are bloodshot from the crying she had been doing since she got home. "Everyone at school is mean to me," sexy and wild muff pounding hardcore blowjob starts to cry again.

"What do you mean hunny?" I keep rubbing her back. "Well this boy named Jacob, he was going around telling everyone that I'm a bad kisser. I didn't even kiss him. Boys already don't want to date me because I have trust issues because of my dad and now everyone thinks I'm a bad kisser." She rolls over, grabs a tissue, and blows her nose.

"Hunny, don't worry what the idiot has to say. He'd be lucky to be your boyfriend, let alone kiss you. Kids are dumb at this age and are just jealous of you." "Well that's not even the worst part," she starts to cry some more.

"At lunch some girls sat at my table and started talking about their boyfriends penises and they looked at me and asked what the biggest penis I've seen was. I told them I've never seen one in person and they started laughing at me and they got up and as they were leaving one girl called me a loser." "They sound like a bunch of sluts hun," I start to get a little upset because of these kids nowadays being so mean.

"I'm glad that you haven't just seen some random guys penis though. You're a good, smart girl and I promise when the time is right you'll get to see one." She looks at me all sappy eyed.

"Can right now be the right time?" "What do you mean hunny?" I look at her all confused. "Well you don't want me to see some random guys penis," she starts to blush and looks away. "But you're not some random guy." I get beat red from shock and feeling a little awkward.

"I'm your father hun. That is really right to some people." "Well I'm not some people Daddy," she looks back at me. "And I've seen you staring at me. Ever since I started getting boobs, you been taking peeps." Now I turn even more red knowing that I actually had been caught. I get up and start pacing her room, thinking. "I swear I won't tell anyone Daddy." "Fine, but only under certain rules.

One, you don't tell anyone and I mean anyone. Not even your closest friends. Two, you get up on time every morning to your own alarm. And three, you have to ignore the bullies and sluts from your school." "Ok Daddy, I swear," she gets this big smile on her face. "Ok I'm going to show you for like 5 seconds but that's all," I start to unzip my pants as she enthusiastically sits up and moves to the edge of the bed.

I finish unzipping my pants and pull down my underwear and pants, letting my limp cock fall out.

I stay this way for 5 seconds and then pull my pants back up. "I'm confused Daddy. That was smaller than I expected." She had this bummed look on her face. "Well, that's just a limp penis," I start to explain. "When someone gets aroused it gets hard and bigger." "Well can you make it bigger for me," she pleads. "I'm not really aroused hunny and I don't think that's a good idea." "Well how do you get aroused?" "I usually have to see a girls boobs or someone has to be stroking it," I explain to her.

"Now no more talk mom ass hole the fellows want to go to her yard to get the ball back so they can keep this. I think I've gone further than I should have already." I walk to her bedroom door and start to leave.

As I was walking away, Alayna pulled all the covers off her self leaving her in a very sheer bra and thong. "What about now Daddy?" I look back at her and stop, shocked. I instantly can feel my cock getting harder and know she did this on purpose. "Hunny, you are very smart and sometimes that's a bad thing," I shut her door and walk over to her.

"But it worked and now I'm hard so now I'll show you it hard for 5 seconds but I swear that's all." Both her and I know that's not true but I try to play it off. I drop my pants again and this time my cock springs out fully erect. I keep it out for 5 seconds and start to pull my pants up but Alayna quickly grabs my hands and stops me.

"Daddy, you know this isn't all I want to know," she winks and smiles and grabs my cock. "This is much better. I knew you would have a big one. And I love how it feels." I try to pull away but she keeps an iron grip on it and won't let me. She pulls me back and starts to stroke it. "Is this what you meant by getting aroused Daddy." She winks at me all seductively.

"Yes, this is very much how I guy gets aroused," I let her keep on stroking now that it's already happened and what could go wrong. She strokes for a few more minutes before asking, "What else gets a guy aroused?" I look down at her debating whether I should tell her about blowjobs or not, knowing that she'll want to try it. Before I can tell her though, she puts my cock in her mouth quickly and pulls it back out.

"Does this also work?" She asks as she puts my cock back in her mouth for a little longer this time. "Yes, yes it does hunny." I can't believe this is happening. I look down at her sucking on my cock and feel my cock getting a little harder. "This is called a blowjob, and it's a lot better than just stroking a guys penis." She looks up with her eyes as she keeps sucking my cock, moaning a little bit as she's doing it.

She stops sucking my cock for a quick second and says, "Well I think it's arousing for me too because my thong is really wet." She puts my cock in her mouth again and keeps sucking. She tries to get more than 5 inches in but starts to gag. "Man, I really want to get it all." She keeps sucking but after a little bit I start to feel myself wanting to cum. I stop her and look down at her, "I you want to learn the rest of what is involved with this sort of thing, you should probably stop sucking my penis.

If not, you can keep going and this will be done within the next 30 seconds." I shove my cock back towards her mouth. "No Daddy, I want to know everything," she pushes me a little away from her but keep a hold on my penis. "What else is there?" "Well there's a few things," I start to explain to her. "There's fingering, eating out, titty fucking, and sex. If you want, I can show you fingering and eating out so Daddy can calm down." "Yes please," she exclaims.

I push her down on the bed so she's laying down with her legs hanging off the side. I get on my knees and proceed to pull off her thong. Her pussy is the sexiest, little pussy I've ever seen. It's untouched and ready to be handled, gently handled as she is my beautiful daughter. I start to rub her pussy slowly with my index finger. She twitches and moans a little so I know she's enjoying it. I keep fingering her and come across her small, never before touched clit.

I circle around it with my fingers as she moans loudly. I better be careful or she's going to be done before I can get a chance to have total fun with her so I pull my finger away from her clit and move down towards her pussy hole. I play around down there for a little bit and slowly stick the tip of my finger in her pussy. "Oh my god!" She convulsesses a little bit and she starts moaning some more. I stick more of my finger in her pussy until I have my entire index finger in her.

"Daddy, this is great." I smile I start to pull my finger out and then back in and keep doing that. After a little bit I take my thumb and start to play with her clit as my index finger is still fingering her. Her moans start to get louder and faster as I keep going and I know she's almost there so I stop.

"What are you doing Daddy," she says all depressed. She starts to sit up to see why I stopped but I push her back down. I pull my finger out of her pussy and move a little bit closer. "You're going to enjoy this a little bettee, hunny." I move my head in towards her pussy and start to tongue around the outside of her pussy. She starts to moan again as I keep going and then I put my tongue in her pussy and move it around. She moans the loudest she's moan this entire time and grabs my head and holds it there.

I keep moving my tongue around inside her pussy as she holds on and keeps moaning and starts to twitch and shake. I stop and look up at her, "Are you alright hunny?" "Yes, keep going," she says a little louder than expected. I stick my tongue back inside her but add in my index finger. I play with her clit as I'm tonguing the inside of her pussy. "Oh my god, Daddy. This is amazing." I tongue her pussy for a little bit longer and then pull out and just lick the outside of her pussy, getting all the juices up.

"Ok hunny, we got one more thing for Daddy before we get to the best part," I stand up and get her up and move her to a sitting position on the edge of the bed. I reach around her and unsnap her bra and pull these girls aint loyal bubble butt and deepthroat off her.

"Wow Daddy, you can get my bra off quicker than I can," she says. Her 36D boobs are perfect and I'm excited to do this next thing. "Ok hunny, now what I'm going to do is stick my penis in between your boobs and they're basically going to stroke my penis." I stick my rock hard cock in between her tits and start to thrust my cock up and down between her boobs. Her smooth skin feels amazing on my cock and I start to thrust harder.

"If you rub you nipples with your fingers, this will feel even better for you." She does as I suggest and she starts to moan. "Wow Daddy, this does feel amazing," she looks up at me and then out of nowhere she starts to play with my balls as I'm titty fucking her.

"Does this feel better for you Daddy?" "Oh yes it does hunny," I keep fucking her tits as she's playing with my balls with one hand and rubbing one of her nipples with the other.

She starts to moan which makes me start to groan and right as I'm about to shoot my load all over her tits, I pill my cock away and get back on my knees and start eating her out again to calm myself down. I know for a fact I'm not going to last very long when I start to fuck her tight busty woman railed by horny pawn keeper so I eat her out while fingering her a little bit and grabbing her perfect titties.

I do this for another 10 minutes and then grab her and lay her on the bed. I climb on bed and straddle her around her stomach and look her in the eyes. "Ok hunny, at first this next part is going to hurt a little since you've never done it and my penis is memphis monroe pornstar experiment 3 scene little bigger than normal but after a little bit you'll start to enjoy it.

If it does happen to hurt to much just lit me know and we'll stop." "Ok Daddy," she says a little concerned but also excited. I move down her body and touch the tip of petite lesbian babe eats dykes tight pussy cock to her pussy.

I play with her pussy for a little bit first with the tip of my cock. She moans as usual and then I slowly start to stick my cock into her pussy. I get maybe half an inch in before she gives out a slight "uhh". I keep it there for a little bit before moving slowly farther into her pussy. I get the next inch and a half there and pull out and then back in for two inches and back and forth. "Are you doing alright hunny?" I ask Alayna.

"Oh yes Daddy," she smiles at me. "This feels amazing but it doesn't hurt busty buffy gives an unforgettable tit job you said it was going to." "It won't right now because I've only got a forth of my penis inside you," I explain while still fucking her with only two inches.

"Well give more to me Daddy!" I thrust in and out a couple more times with just the two inches and then put two more inches. This surprisingly doesn't hurt her so I decide to go two more inches. As I thrust the six inches in, I go a little too quick and the full length of my cock is inside her pussy. This is when she finally screams and grabs my hands. I pull out a little bit but she stops me, "I'm alright Daddy, you said it was going to hurt before it felt amazing.

Keep going please." I listen to her and keep thrusting my full 8 inches into her tight pussy. She screams a couple more times but then starts to moan, enjoying the feel of my rock hard cock in her pussy. I keep this going for a surprising nother 10 minutes before I start to feel the urge to cum. I slow down and slowly pull out my cock. "What are you doing Daddy?" "I can't go any longer hunny," I explain to her. "I'm about to cum." "What's that Daddy?" She asks, looking up at me with those beautiful eyes.

"I'll show you," I say as I move up to straddle her right below her boobs. I start to stroke my cock and about thirty seconds later I start to cum all over her tits. A couple streams of my cum actually shoots far enough and hits her on the mouth. I see her lick up the cum from her mouth which gets me going even harder and I cum a few more streams onto her tits.

"Wow Daddy, that was great! And that tasted really good too." I don't say anything back but I move myself down to her pussy and start to eat her out again.

She starts moaning vigorously and very quickly she starts to arch her back up and moans really loudly. "Holy shit Daddy, what are you doing to me?

It's amazing!" "That's what we call an orgasm." I wait til she's completely done convulsing and lay down next to her. "Now no one can make fun of you for not knowing what any of this stuff is anymore baby." "Thanks, Daddy! Your the best!" I lay down next to her and we both fall asleep, her hand wrapped around my cock and my hand holding one of her titties.