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Bree olson takes black cock and dances
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It was exciting when our Primary School announced they would be building an adventure playground especially for those in the last two years.

I was one of the many who just fitted into this category. with just two years to go until High school, this addition to the playground was exciting.

Finally, construction was complete, and just about every tried it out. for the first few months. Then gradually, kids became bored with it. The track started to grow over in places, and me and my friends found a great spot half way around the track to build a secret hide out.

It offered a perfect, discreet view of the uneven bars. My mates and I maman se masturbe devant moi to hide out there and watch the girls swing upside down. Unless we made a sound, teachers and students didn't even know we were there. The entrance, and the hideout looked like a enormous bush from the outside - we kept adding layers of leaves to it and digging the hideout deeper.

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After a while, we added in shelves and places to store stuff. We also added in some plastic chairs, a table for cards or chess and a periscope made up of tins and mirrors.

It was a great huge hideout when we had finished. After a few more months, the playground was virtually ours - with the exception of the gang of girls who always came to swing on the uneven bars. We conducted dares and games through the overgrown playground. Teachers stopped patrolling there after a while.

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As the year went on, we became more daring, and we started running around parts of the playground naked. No one ever seemed to notice. It was a great year of fun and adventure. The following year, my last at that school, my friends gradually lost interest in the playground, but we continued to meet for a while in the hideout. and watch the girls dangle on the uneven bars. Even then, my friends slowly lost interest.

Then one day, it started. It was after a week of just me being in the hideout on my own did I notice a change in the behaviour of the girls. As I looked out at them swinging upside down, that one of them had let her shirt fall down revealing her flat chest. I took no notice at the time, thinking I was just seeing things. As i watched, one by one the girls deliberately pulled their shirts down, then let them slip off onto the ground. Recess ended and they went back into class, after putting hot lezzies copulating in front of mirror pantyhose lesbians shirts back on.

At lunchtime, I got to the hideout early and watched as the girls climbed onto the uneven bars and hung upside down.

This time they had deliberately let their shirts untucked, and they fell off immediately they turned upside down. After fifteen or so minutes, one girl then undid her skirt, and let it fall down to the ground leaving only her bloomers on.

Over the course of the next fifteen minutes, the other girls followed suit. Lunch ended, the swung down, dressed then went to class. I carefully followed. I suppose I should have realised what was going to happen the next day and stayed away, but my hormones were racing. Recess came and I raced to the hideout. On cue, the girls arrived and swung upside down, letting their shirts fall off. This time, one of the girls then untucked her skirt from the bar and let it flop down.

It took me a moment to realise she had no undies on and I was staring at her bald vagina. Over the next five minutes, one by one, the girls let their skirts flop up and I was staring at five bald vaginas. After another minute, the girls undid their skirts and let them fall off. For the last five minutes, they swang there stark naked. The recess bell rang and they got down and dressed. My heart was pounding and it took me a while to gather my senses and follow them back to class.

Up until lunchtime, I was a walking hormone. My heart was pulsing with what I had seen, and I did wonder if I should tell someone. In hindsight, I wish I had. Still Lunchtime came. Once again, I slipped into the hideout early and watched.

This time, the girls stripped each other naked and just swung from the uneven bars without any lead up. It took me a few moments to realise to notice that there were only four of them. As I was wondering where the fifth one was, I felt something hard hit the back of my head and I blacked out. As consciousness slowly returned, I heard the girls whispering to each other. One of them said "Who's going to go first?". Another replied "This was my idea, I will when he wakes up." "OK, fair enough" Slowly I opened my eyes.

The girls were all around me and giggling when they noticed I was awake. I noticed that my legs were tied together and attached to a tree.

My arms were tied stretching outwards, tied to two more trees and I was gagged. I then noticed that I was naked, and I could not see any sign of my clothes.

Above me was the thick canopy of our hideout. "So you're finally awake?" the leader said. "I supposed you are wondering how fuck her wet pussy in the kitchen found you and what you are doing here?" I winced in slight pain and nodded "One of your friends is my brother, and he often talked about this hideout at home.

I got him to tell me exactly where it was. We discovered what you were up to and decided to punish you.

Since you are the only one here, we will punish you. But should the others return, they will get the same thing. But enough taking - let the punishment commence!!" With that she stood up. They were all still naked. They started by beating my front with a branch of leaves.

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Then the leader started to pull at my penis very hard. She repeatedly tried to lift me with my penis until it started to erect. Then she bent down and started to bite, suck and chew my penis. She eventually peeled back the foreskin and played with the sensitive area. Some of the other girls started to suck and bite my nipples. Then one by one, they squatted over me and peed on me. Two girls approached me - one pulled back my gag and the other pressed her vagina into my open mouth and peed.

The gag was replaced before I could spit it out. Meanwhile, at the other end, the leader had got my penis fully erect.

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She stopped torturing my penis, held it firm and straddled me. Then, without a pause, she sat down onto my crotch and thrust my penis deep inside her vagina. I felt her hymen break as I was forced in. She then pounded me up and down, and I very quickly came in gushing spurts. After emptying what I thought was the contents of my balls, she got of f and the next girl stared to bite, chew and suck my penis till it became erect again.

Another hymen broken, but it took a lot longer for me to start pumping sperm into her young body. Meanwhile, the others continued to suck my nipples, knees and toes. For the rest of the afternoon, they took it in turns to excite my penis to erection, then jump on and lose their virginity.

Every time, it took longer to produce any sperm, and by the fifth girl, my penis was practically dry reaching. When they were finished raping me, they produced a crayon and wrote on my body "I fucked five girls", then coloured in parts of my body. They then left girl in cam squirting live webcam masturbating freesexcams hideout and I didn't see them again. Gagged, tied up and sore all over, I could do nothing. My penis was red raw and my body was aching from where they whipped me with the leaves.

I had no idea how long I would be there, or if anyone would ever find me. The final siren for school sounded and I heard the kids leaving. Some passed nearby, but I could not shout out! Eventually, about half an hour later, I heard someone approaching. It was one of my friends whom I had arranged to meet after school to walk home. After not turning up, he came looking. After he untied me, we found my clothes, hanging on the uneven bars.

I dressed and told my friend what had happened. The next day, we agreed to report the location of the hideout to the principal. I decided not to report what had happened.

After we reported to the principle, the council were called in. They caught all five girls swinging from the uneven bars stark naked. The adventure playground was levelled, then moved closer to the school. It was redesigned so that teachers could clearly see from all parts, every aspect of the adventure playground. They also added some extra swings, slides and other fun stuff to make it more attractive.

Instead of trees, a large shade was put above the playground. The floor was chipped wood, instead of bushes, to prevent anyone making another hideout. The girls were put on suspension for a while and given other punishments, and totally banned from the new playground. Later I discovered the oldest girl was pregnant in a fluke chance.

Her parents never found out who the father was, but it did not matter, as she naturally aborted shortly into the pregnancy. The next year, I moved away - forever scarred by this memory.