Asian slut at home in bathroom dildo fucking her both holes

Asian slut at home in bathroom dildo fucking her both holes
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Marci is anticipating a night out with me, I have not seen Marci for a year. She is in Dallas reporting on a story for ABC News and called telling me she was in town. We had dinner and drinks at a local country club just a few short miles from my condo. We laughed and flirted over a sensi pearl gets tired up and fucked after her flow of drinks throughout the evening.

We were anticipating the climax of the evening. I'm clearly turned on and a little aggressive about it. My touches grew rougher and a little more urgent throughout the night; Marci hadn't seen liquor do that to me before. " I want you to fuck me like a deranged criminal." Marci said. " What?" I replied. We have been lovers for a year. Marci has been single forever, having the occasional one night stand, I'm single after my sixth divorce.

Our friendly dinner and a drink night has slowly turned into something slightly date like as the hours passed. She reclined on a pillow on the floor of my balcony, red nails scraping against wine glasses and the metallic surface of the table. " You heard me; I want you to fuck me like a deranged criminal. Push me down, pull my hair and rape me." " Are you sure, you don't like rough sex, Marci." She shrugs and leaned back.

" Oh, I'm just telling you what I want. I'd call that fairly feministic behavior for a female." She sighs. She rose from the floor, making an effort to let the strands of hair fall down over her face, her gaze intense, framed by half faded make full sex stories preparer angreji bf. " You can't say you don't want me.

I'm all yours baby. From the tits and down to my sweet ass." She echos. Her back bent in a hard curve exposing the sharp outline of her hips in the tight jeans. Marci walking down the hall towards the bedroom when suddenly a hand grabs her from behind. She opens her mouth to scream but I stuff something between her lips, cutting her off.

I pulled her into the dark spare bedroom behind us.

Marci is roughly thrown over the edge of the bed and her jeans yanked down. She begins to struggle as I tore her panties off, my hand roughly rubbing over her ass. My hand slides over her ass, squeezing hard and hurting her.

Marci squeezes her eyes shut as my fingers roughly rubs her pussy. I start with rubbing her clit, making her cry out behind her gag, my laugh coming from behind her as my fingers toyed with her pussy lips. Suddenly four fingers are roughly shoved into her pussy, but to her surprise it is not painful, her pussy is dripping with her juices.

She gasp as my fingers brutally probe inside of her, her body shaking. I'm behind her holding her tight, using one hand to fondle her helpless body.

Her thoughts now between fear and pleasure. How could she ask me to do this to her. She had only been with one man before coming to Dallas for this assignment, I'm making her wet with my probing fingers.

She begins to whimper when she hears my zipper come down.

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She can't move, pinned bent over the bed. I chuckle as her hand wipes away a tear from her face. Soon she feels my heat behind her, feeling the head of my huge cock rubbing her wet slit. Marci stops struggling, her legs spread as far as they can go as my head slips into her pussy, making her jump and scream. I push her down again, not saying a word as my cock is shoved deep into her pussy, sending pain and pleasure surging through her, almost making her black out as my cock brutally spreads her tight walls, probing deeper.

She struggles to breathe around the gag as I push into her completely, my huge cock making her think she's being ripped in half. My hand slides up her shirt and went under her bra, roughly pinching her nipple, using her tortured nipple to pull her back on my cock as I begin to thrust.

I didn't speak, grunting as I slam into her tight cunt. She quietly groans as she is fucked, her body responding in ways she understood.

It feels so good to real teen slut party xxx your pleasure is my world me fucking her from behind. Her thoughts are suddenly cut off, as her cheeks are pulled apart. She feels my finger sliding over her asshole, making her tense up. I tap her tight ass as a warning cum tribute to busty slutty holly tube porn loosen up.

She hears that sucking sound again and knows what is going to happen. She knows my finger is going in and she tries to throw herself back, only managing to painfully spear her virgin ass on two of my fingers, making her scream into her gag. I hear her noises under the gag laughing evilly as I fuck her, my fingers wiggling brutally in her ass, shoving deeper with each thrust of my cock.

God, she can't help it. It feels soo good. She was innocent before we met a year ago, now she's being fucked with fingers in her ass and she's enjoying it.

I shove my fingers as deep as they can go in her tight hole and I begin to thrust harder into her dripping cunt, my fingers soon pulling out and shoving in sync with my cock, rocking her back and forth. Her cries of pain soon became moans of pleasure as she is fucked, her hips thrusting back on my cock, spearing her wet pussy. " What a good fuck you are, Marci.

I bet you like it in the ass." My voice startled her out of her delirious fucking. Did I actually speak? Her thoughts stop when my cock suddenly pulls out from her dripping cunt, leaving her feeling empty. My fingers slowly slide from her ass, two digits left into spread her anus wide. She feels my breath on her ass when I bend down to inspect her, her asshole being spread making her squirm. " Mmm" is all I said before burying my tongue deep into her ass, making her back arch.

She screams in her gag as a startling orgasm hits her, her body shaking with the force of her orgasm. Cum running from her pussy, covering her legs." What a slut," was murmured from her ass. The bed rattles with the force of her orgasms as I lead her to another mind-blowing orgasm, continuing to lick her tight asshole, something that I have to her before. She begins to cry again as the pleasure subsides, her body sore and aching. She tries to whimper for me to stop but I only pull my tongue from her sopping asshole " Fucking whore.

It's my turn." She can't comprehend what I'm saying. What? She can't react in time before my huge cock head is sliding against her tight asshole, teasing her, still dripping wet with her juices. She tenses, and then suddenly lets up as I position myself. I didn't hesitate shoving my giant cock into her virgin ass.

She blacks out from the pain and pleasure bringing her under. She awoke a minute later, my hands brutalizing both her nipples as I bent over her, fucking her as hard and deep as I can without the use of my hands. Her world is spinning. Pleasure and pain becomes a blur as she orgasms over and over again, her tight ass pulsating around my cock, squeezing and milking me deep inside of her. She feels my breath near her face and soon my tongue is sliding along her earlobe, flicking her lobe and making her squirm.

My thrusts become frantic as I lean back, using all my force to fuck her as hard as I can, the bed rattling hard beneath us. She cries in pleasure as her ass squeezes my cock, her body rocking with the force of my thrusts. After a minute of hard thrusts I shove in deeper than before, making her naughty stepmom and teen babe threeway with nasty boyfriend oldvsyoung threesome again as my cock spews hot, insane amounts of cum deep into her stretched orifice, each spurt making her cry and sending an orgasm one after the other through her.

Soon the pleasure becomes overwhelming and Marci begins to go under again, the faint feeling of the huge, delicious cock sliding from her wasted ass the last feeling before her world went black.

Marci woke up a few minutes later to find herself on the bed, with her head cradled in my lap. She tries to move but is too sore to do so. She looks up at me, " I needed to re-claim you as mine." I grinned evilly, with a hint of what.

fondness? in my eyes. " You are my fuck toy, my slave, my pet again. I've wasted your ass and cunt. You've proven today that this is what you want and you have no choice. My cock is still dripping with your juices, you dirty slut." Marci is speechless for a minute, staring at me with huge eyes.

Tears welling up in her eyes. " Yes John.

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Thank you John. I." She looks like she wants to say something. I nod my approval. She tries to speak, her voice trembling. Her eyes close for a moment, before her blue orbs met my cold eyes with certainty. Marci missed me fucking her, but she regretted telling me to fuck her like deranged criminal. The thought of it sent a delicious shiver running through her body.

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I almost feel envious of her; of the intensity of emotion she will experience at the moment of penetration again. It will be a moment that will live with her for the rest of her life and I there to watch it happen, and in some way to share the moment with her.

I spin her round in my arms, kissing her roughly on the mouth, long and hard.

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I play with her for several minutes, switching my hands repeatedly from her breasts down between her legs and back again.

She groans, as my fingers force their way into her pussy again, and her body begins shake. I smell the deliciously sweet scent of a frightened, yet aroused, young cunt.

And though her struggles continue, I can tell she is weakening and I know I'd take her soon, very soon again. Finally my left hand clamps round her throat and, step-by-step, I force her back against the wall.

There I hold her one-handed against the wall as I reach down and begin to stroke my cock. " You're nothing but a cock teasing little cunt," I tell her. " You've been leading me on too long, and now you're going to get what you want.

I'm going to fuck you again, just to show you what you've been missing. And when I'm done, I'm going to walk away and leave you here, lying on the bed with my cum leaking out of you. We're finished you and I, this is just my way of saying goodbye." Her continual moaning is beginning to get on my nerves. " Yes please, do this to me, please." two sexy women give a bj and get pounded in pov style She realized her vulnerability trying to curl up into a ball, I drop to my knees, straddling her body forcing her onto her back.

At last we are getting somewhere. For a moment I lay on top of her again, kissing her roughly despite her head thrashing backwards and forwards in an effort to keep me at bay.

Stepdad finds teen stepdaughter with spinner buttplug, she calms down, I move back until I'm kneeling between her legs. Marci is mesmerized by my rock hard cock bobbing up and down, like Attila the Hun seeking the nearest available pussy in need of ravishing. It didn't have far to look; her cunt is waiting for me invitingly again. Marci watches as I slide two fingers into her beginning to stimulate her again.

She is writhing on the bed. " Oh God John, please." Instead of replying in words, my hand job got more serious as she watches funny evilmadness cartoon porn movies extract my fingers and sniff them a couple of times before putting them in my mouth and sucking on them. " Mmmm," I said, " that tastes so sweet.

Ah well baby, here I come, ready or not. Marci." Marci watches me spit in my hand lubricating my cock head before leaning towards her. Though she struggles beneath me the hand on her hips keeps her still long enough for me to drive my cock straight into her. She is so wet my cock driving all the way in with the first thrust, she gasps as her whimpering sudden stops.

The sound she made as my cock fills her pussy is brief, three or four seconds, Marci hears the sensual sound in her life, my primal groan " Aaaarrrgggh," as I bottomed out in her tight velvet depths of her cunt. To her it sounded like a moan of pleasure, of satisfaction. She almost screamed as I impaled her again, changing immediately to a long, drawn-out "ooohhhh." A brief moment of silence follows, during which both of us seem to freeze.

I'm the first to break the silence, pulling all the way out, and slamming back into her time after time; each new thrust accompanied by a pig-like grunt. " Ahhh, Ahhh, Ahhhh." I went. A moment later I raise myself up on my arms, re-positioning myself, changing my angle of penetration, driving down into her body. Marci clearly sees her hips moving backwards and forwards, her buttocks forming a fulcrum as I slam into her steadily.

She is close enough to watch her labial lips wrapping themselves around my cock each time I pull out of her; desperate in her desire to drag me back into her body. Marci is shivering beneath me, her pussy trembling around my cock as I thrust deeper. I never pull back as much as just relax then slam farther into her cunt.

I pull my cock all the way out of her pussy and then slam me hard all the way to the hilt.

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Marci cries out, I shove my fingers in her mouth muffling the scream I do it again, hard, rough, dominating her. Then I push deep, rubbing the pad of my finger over her tongue, my cock buried to the hilt in her trembling pussy, I press my lips to her ear whispering roughly, " If you scream like that again I am not going to be able to control myself baby and I might hurt you." I hear a bit of fear in her gasp and see her eyes wide in surprise as she wonders if this is me in control what would happen if I lost control?

I hold her gaze, knowingly, warning, as I slowly slide my cock out of her pussy an big tits teen babe fingers pussy then deep anal penetration at a time. Marci knows what is coming but still can't prepare for it. I slide my fingers from her mouth wrapping my hand around her jaw holding her face and bracing my other arm by gripping the iron head board above her.

I press my hand into the side of her hair cupping her face, gently kissing her mom and kids duration panjang as I slide my cock up and down her slit. Then I freeze gripping her hair tighter. I hold her face our lips are touching each other.

I lick her lips slowly then suddenly my entire body tenses as my cock slams home, hard, so hard. Marci gasps for air loosing the ability to breath an instance before she screams into my mouth. My hand roughly pushes through her hair as I wrap my arm around her neck.

Pulling out and slamming into her again. Marci struggling and collapsing to the bed trying to retreat from the rough, hard thrust, but I ride her body down, pinning her to the bed. My arm around her neck arching her back as I growl into her ear " DON'T move, don't you DARE try to get away!" I then thrust deep inside her throbbing cunt until she thought I hit her womb.

She screams in pain and ecstasy and pleads " John fuck me hard!" I pull out and thrust in again, slamming against her pussy so hard my balls slapped her thighs; I grab her long hair yanking her head back as she screams beneath me wanting me to fuck her and fuck her until she can no longer think.

She grinds back against me screaming, I slammed into her again and again, pain mingling with pleasure becoming ecstasy. She is gasping for breath as I covered her mouth with my hand loving the feel of her gasps and her screams. My cock growing bigger and harder as I thrust into her, our bodies slick with sweat.

I fucked her harder than I had ever fucked her before, knowing she wanted it as I slammed myself into her until finally as I pulled her hair and she bit the fingers I had thrust into her mouth, I came in a fierce powerful explosion, yelling and pumping myself into her until I'm spent and we collapse helplessly to the bed.