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Mom sex fuck with son
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Lately, Claire had been fantasizing about having a threesome, and had't been sure about how to broach the subject seriously with her boyfriend Tom. They'd first discussed it years ago, when they were still getting to know each other. He was hesitant, and explained he wasn't completely comfortable "sharing". Not wanting to push the subject, she'd dropped it.

Every now and then, however, during the occasional sext conversation, he would tease Claire with the fantasy of them going to a bar and picking up a woman to bring back to their apartment. Which was an easy turn-on for Claire, as she had always also been attracted to women.

In real life though, this conversation had never seriously manifested. So as they drove out of the city to spend some time nyomi banxxx and her cum drenched black titties his friends at a lake house, she got it in her head to see if he would like to approach his friend Drew with a black cock owns you 2 tube porn. "I'm not sure I would want to do that kind of thing with someone I've known so long.

After ten years I've never intentionally, or accidentally, seen his penis, and I'd prefer to keep it that way." Part of her initially felt guilty sex stories sunny leon sex story asking. He was brushing it aside with levity, but she knew she'd hit a nerve, even if he wasn't showing it yet. Part of that being she had possibly made one or two comments in the past that of all Tom's friends, he was the one she'd like to do dirty things to.

"Pleeeaaase!" she responded in a fake whine. "Well…since you asked nicely…" "Uh huh." "Why bring this up now?" he asked curiously. "Just been thinking about it." "With him?" "No, in general." "Alright." A moment of silence stuck in the air. "Alright, what?" she asked. "Alright so you've been thinking about it. And I haven't been.

And I feel like I'm about to disappoint you." Claire folded her arms in a fake pout. "I know you're not actually mad." "Oh DO YOU? MR. KNOW-IT-ALL." "Yeah yeah, Best Actress, ladies and gentlemen." Another moment of silence sticks in the air. Not that this would be the end of her persuasion, at least while they're were all still staying in the house together, but dropping it again for now probably for the best.

Tom ends the silence, "At least let's just say, for now, I will think about it. And NOT with one of my friends. And NOT with two of my other friends also in the same house, who would DEFINITELY hear, knowing you." Claire sighs, dejectedly. "Oookaaay. "We'll find you a lady. A nice lady to play with." - After a long day out on the boat and drinking, Claire and Tom found themselves back in their room, having sex. And, true to form, Claire was being loud.

She considered feeling bad about forcing the other three to have to listen to her, but also liked the exhibitionism of it all. As Tom thrust from behind, she noticed a notification popped up on his phone, next to the bed. Not that she what was on it, but from where she was, it looked like a picture. When they'd finished, curiosity got the better of her, "Who was it that texted you earlier?" "It was Ian.

He asked if I wouldn't mind buying him a pair of earplugs at the corner store." Claire smiled to herself. "Someone's proud of herself." Tom turned the lights off and both got back into bed. As Claire lay there, she couldn't help shake the feeling that it hadn't looked like a normal text. It looked like a picture. - During the next day, Claire took notice of the fact that Tom had been unusually focused on his phone.

Most of the time, whatever he was looking at he had no reaction to. But at least a couple times, she could've sworn she caught a fleeting smile. Considering she had cheated only once before, she felt it odd the thoughts that were popping up in her head.

The suspicion, and the need to know what was keeping him so occupied. Occupied enough for Drew to comment, "Put that fucking thing down before I throw it in the lake.

You're worse than my niece." Tom acquiesced, and put the phone away. But every-so-often, he'd reach for it, then remember, then leave it in his pocket. - At the end of the day once more, everyone felt relaxed and satisfied.

And maybe a little too drunk. More-so than the day before. Which is why when Tyler announced he might turn in early, it was no surprise. He had been struggling to keep his eyes open for a little under and hour.

This was fine with Claire. She did not like Tyler. "Babe, you're doing the same thing Tyler was doing." "I'm not drunk, YOU'RE DRUNK!" Tom shouted. "Yes, you're very funny." "Thank you." Tom sat and thought for a moment.

"Okay, bed time. You guys coming in too?" "I'm good for right now," said Ian. "Same," Drew agreed. "Okie doke. Come along darling." "Just because you can't keep your eyes open any longer doesn't mean I'm tired too," Claire responded.

"Oh. Well, that's fair. Just be quiet when you come in then." Tom walked back into the house, and shut the sliding glass door behind him. Drew got up and walked over to the beer cooler, now near empty, and offered Ian a beer. Which Tyler accepted. Drew then turned to Claire and did the same with her. "I'm fine, actually.

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For my height and weight, I think I went over my limit awhile ago." Drew returned the offered beer to the cooler. "So speaking of, I think I'm tipsy enough to apologize for any…noise, you guys may have heard last night. Both guys laughed. "Um, thank you," said Drew. "I didn't mind it so much," said Ian, with jokey wink. "Uh huh. Then why did you text Tom telling milf jessica dvine runs over to her next door nei he'd have to go buy you earplugs?" Ian's face froze in light confusion.

"When did I say that? Today?" "You texted him last night, during, well…" Ian squinted, and his eyes began to dart around, trying to find an image, a memory of having sent that text. A memory, ultimately, that did not exist apparently.

"How drunk was I last night that I don't have any memory of this?" "About the same as right now," Drew responded. "Was it not, maybe, Tyler?" Claire, also confused, "Nope said it was you." "Well then I'm going to have to check my phone then.

I'll be right back." Tyler stood up to go inside.

"Actually I'll join you," Claire decided. "I'm gonna change and get in the hot tub." The two walked back into the house. Tyler to the left to his room, Claire to the right to her's. She wasn't sure if enough time had passed that Tom was still awake, but she was hoping he was asleep.

She was going to look at that phone. She opened the door quietly, and noticed he was indeed asleep. She tiptoed as lightly as she could over the the nightstand, and picked up the phone. There were no new messages recently. Pausing for a moment to think if she had ever seen him type in his passcode, she realized she had not. So, very gently, and with decent risk, pressed one of Tom's fingers onto the home screen button, and unlocked the phone. Inside was a long text chain with her friend Megan.

And inside that text chain there was a lot of Megan naked, and a few long threads from either of them promising this, that, and the other to each other. And Claire had absolutely no idea to respond to this information. Clearly Megan was immediately being terminated from the friendship, but Tom… - Claire walked back outside in her bikini, and climbed in the hot tub.

Ian had not sex xxx sex malayalam storys returned. She and Drew sat in silence for awhile, and both looked focused on the clear night's sky. "Wanna join me?" she asked. Drew gal got her pussy jizzed in taxi about it for a moment, "Sure.

But do you mind if I go in just boxers? I don't feel like going back inside." "It's fine." Claire responded. Drew walked over to the hot tub, unbuckled his shorts, slid out leaving only his boxers left, and climbed in. For a moment, as he climbed in, Claire caught a glance of his dick.

"Okay, maybe I should have insisted on suit." "Why?" "…well.

The way you climbed in…I may have caught a glimpse of…" "Ah." "Yeah." "Okay." "Your dick." "No I know." "Yep." "How was it looking?" Drew asked, dryly. Claire responded with the "OK" hand signal, and made a double-clicking noise to go alongside it. "You're not particularly shy, are you?

I've accidentally seen plenty of dicks, and never said of word of it to anyone." "If I was shy do you think I'd own bathing suit like this?" Drew initially fought the urge to look, but followed that with a quick peak. She was right.

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The top was almost a size or two too small, and the bottoms had an equal lack of coverage as most of the back slid perfectly between her cheeks. "That would be a fair thing to say, yes." Claire had noticed all of the men taking turns ogling her today and yesterday. She had always found it difficult to find bikini tops where she wasn't spilling out of them. The bottoms, however, were definitely for showing off.

"I don't know why you were so hesitant to look just then. None of you seem to be having a problem with any other time of the day." "Alright Miss Sassy, you know you can't blame us for that." Claire shrugged. "Yeah, I suppose." They fell back into silence for a moment. "So are you going to tell Tom?" "Tell him what?" "About…about what you saw?" "Oh no. He'd already be nervous knowing were were out here together. Alone. In a hot tub." "Nervous?" Claire contemplated backing away from what she was about to tee up.

She wasn't sure if it was part of the shock she was probably still feeling, or revenge, but she was going to flirt her way into something with Drew. "We may have had a brief conversation about threesomes on the drive up here. And I may have floated your name." Drew stared at Claire. "Okay." She stared back at him. "And what was his opinion on all of that?" he beautiful girly lesbians sex with erotic vibrators pantyhose erotica. "Not a fan of the idea." "You sure you don't wanna walk back in there as ask him again?" Claire laughed a little at that, unsure who was flirting with her, the man or the alcohol.

"I think he's pretty set on the answer being no. That and he was fast asleep when I went to change." "Well, Ian is probably up for it, if he makes his way back here." Claire takes a moment to think on what is being talked about.

Is he being serious? "I'm afraid we might have lost Ian to the same fate as Tom and Tyler, so it's just us then." "Just us," he responds. "Well we've already gotten to…what base do you think it is if you've accidentally seen someone's dick?" "I'm not sure you've even left the dugout, at that point," Claire counters.

"Hm," Drew falls into contemplation. "I guess since I don't have anything to hide anymore, I can just take these boxers off." Claire thinks about saying no. And then doesn't. "Fine by me," she says. At this point Drew stands up, and slides down the wet boxers, he dick now in full view. And a decent looking one as well. Above average size, Claire guessed. "I think it's only fair now that I've gotten to see all of you, you should be able to see all of me." Drew did not respond, only smiled, as he sat back down.

Claire stood up, and untied the top. As the top came loose, her breasts sunk slightly under their own weight. Her nipples were hard from the temperature difference between the hot tub and the now someone colder night air.

Drew remained silent. Without much hesitation, Claire then removed the bikini bottoms.

Drew could see her pussy clearly. And that it was shaved as well. Claire sat back down, and threw the wet suit to the ground, and made a crack upon the pavement.

Drew could not stop staring. Out of curiosity, Claire peaked beneath the water, and could see what she thought to be an erection. She made a gesture to Drew to stand up. "Well, come on, let's see it in action." Drew waited for a moment, then stood up. Claire was right, a little above average.

Not too small, not too comically large either. Decently thick as well. Might stretch her out more than she was used to with Tom, even though he was nothing if not also a decently endowed man. "Very nice," she said, earnestly.

Drew stayed standing. "What now?" He asked. Claire smiled, "I have a few ideas, but I'll be honest with you, don't love the taste of chlorine." Drew walked across the tub to Claire, kneeled down a bit, and kissed her. As he did this, she grabbed hold of his dick, and started to stroke it slowly.

"This isn't going to go off in my hand is it? You're gonna be able full figured seductress angel de luca uses her charms to please a hard cock make it to the good stuff?" she asked playfully. "Oh yeah." The kissing progressed, and alongside it so did the stroking. In turn Drew reached down to Claire's pussy, slowly running it through the lips, bottom to top, and pausing at her clit. She let out a soft moan as he did this.

They stayed like this for a few minutes, her stroking him, him rubbing her clit. Not noticing that Ian had been leaning up against the house for a minute or two, watching. When both of them noticed, neither flinched, nor stopped what they were doing.

"You can join us…if you want," Claire offered. Ian pondered the offer, shrugged, and said, "Yeah alright." He removed his clothes, and climbed into the hot tub alongside them. At which point Claire grabbed his dick and began stroking it as well. The kissing briefly switched to Claire and Ian, and Drew bent over to start licking Claire's nipples. This tableau continued for awhile longer, until Ian asked, "So how are we gonna make this work?" "Well she's already made it clear she doesn't like the taste of chlorine…sooo…" "Ah.

Well…how adventurous are you?" "Fairly?" Claire responded. "Have you ever had two guys inside you before?" Ian asked.

Claire looked into his eyes. "Do you mean?" "Yes, I mean exactly that." She stared at him longer, then over to Drew, who smiled and shrugged. "Then I guess tonight is the night I try it." Ian leaned in to kiss Claire. "Here's how we're gonna do it then." Ian sat down on the hot tub bench, faced Claire away from him, and pulled her ass onto his lap." "Now spread your legs…and I'll go slow." So, Claire spread her legs.

She could feel the tip of his hard dick trying to find the entrance, and then trying gently to push it in. Which he then did. And when the tip popped into her ass, she braced herself on the wall of the hot tub, surprised how good it felt. Surprised this is how she was finding out. She felt Ian slide his dick in as far as it could go. "Doing alright so far?" he asked. Claire bit her lip, looked back at him, and nodded. He smiled.

"I think she's ready for you now." Drew approached them, knelt down, and slid his dick into her pussy. At which point she screamed. "Now that sounds familiar," Drew said and smiled. The two men were now simultaneously thrusting in and out of her, and it took every ounce of strength she had not to wake the neighbors.

Though admittedly, every ounce wasn't enough. She was amazed the sensation of the two men in her at once. Drew kissed her, then her nipples. From those sensations alone, her eyes nearly rolled back into her head from the ecstasy. Then the two men decided to stand.

Drew, holding onto Claire's thighs, and Ian trying not to let his dick fall out of her ass, the two men brought everything into the standing position, and began to move Claire up and down.

"Fuck me. Fuck ME FUCK ME FUCK ME." So they did. How on earth neither Tyler nor Tom had heard what was going on and come to investigate was incredible to her. She had lost control of her control and was screaming loudly. And neither Drew nor Ian seemed to mind anymore. I seemed to encourage and inform their work.

It dawned upon Drew that at some point they were going to have to finish. "Who can make it to the finish line first?" He smiled and asked. Ian also smiled. "Nearly there." "I've beaten you guys to that, like, three times already," Claire said between gasps.

"Do you want us to pull out?" Drew asked. "No," between more gasps. "Cum in my pussy, cum in my fucking ass, I don't care." They both, roughly, lasted the white beautiful hotties for dark man interracial and hardcore amount of time, but it was Ian to fill her with the his hot cum first. She could feel it shoot up into her.

Drew then followed, and in turn filled her pussy with a great deal of cum.

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They stood there for a moment, breathing heavily. Still holding Claire between them. She could feel the cum dripping out of her, splashing on the water below.

Almost in a thick stream. "Was that what you were hoping for?" Drew asked. Yes, it was.