Hot ebony babe in stockings hardcore fetish

Hot ebony babe in stockings hardcore fetish
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Background (This is a continuation of the story, thought I'd lead off with a brief background, for those who haven't read part 1 yet): I'm Meg… Paul and I have been enjoying our Lifestyle for a couple of years now. Ed is a member of our group, with his help and support, I found employment and now work for Ed as an sexy years old student as cutie european masturbating part high definition executive, managing a customer that's very import to the firm.

My new career is giving me the personal challenge I needed, and more personal satisfaction than I ever imagined. On the business side, I've a great working relationship with the a new customer.

On the personal side, an amazing and growing relationship with new friends and lovers. On our first business trip, we met: Neil is the owner of the company and is his wife Sophie, a black couple, and Glenn, the company's controller, and Amy, his wife. Neil is a tall muscular man, Sophie is a little larger boned than I, has a nice, and well portioned body. Glenn and Amy are will tanned, with athletic bodies, Glenn is roughly Ed's height and a bit thinner, and Amy is my size.

Paul was invited on my second trip. When we arrived in Key West, we met Ron, Neil's brother, and Shyla, Sophie's sister. Interestingly enough, Ron and Shyla are married. We're currently partying aboard Neil's yacht, anchored in a secluded harbor.

Part 2 Starts just before Dinner Time: We (girls) decide to freshen up before dinner. We knew we were the guy's special bed time treat, and wanted to look good enough to eat. We'd each gotten old fashion style jean short shorts, and tops.

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Tops showed a lot of cleavage, shorts fit skin tight, showing every butt curve, with more than enough cheek showing. We were sure the guys would like our Daisy Duke outfits.

For good measure, when we got back to the lounge, we serves a fresh round of drinks to the guys, bending over in front of our man, lingering, giving them a view of unrestrained luscious babe licks shlong before ass sex. Paul seized the opportunity, putting his hands on my breasts, giving them one of his love daddy and son grandpa gay incest. We sat down for dinner, what a perfect setting, on a yacht, in quiet secluded harbor, watching a beautiful sunset, with 3 other couples.

We ate, talked about everything and nothing, I the back of our minds, I'm sure we were all ready to get into game mode and each other. Amy, Shyla, Sophie, and I had talked about tonight's pairing, during the day. Last night's game was fun and everyone enjoyed the get acquainted strip your partner dance.

The down side was the selection part of the game, it was a little to drawn out. We agreed it would be lady's choice tonight. The not knowing who we'd be paired with for the night, added a touch of excitement to the evening, so we kept that part. To establish who chooses first, second, and so on, we agreed at about 9pm, we'd draw numbers and revile our number, once we've all picked. The only rule is we can't choose our husband.

Swapping partners is allowed, as long as the swappie's all agreed. As long as we were at it, we agreed the last night was Deal night.

I told them Ron and I already had a 'deal', the others need to make their own deals. Shyla was the first to protest, she tried to act serious, and I thought she was, 'til her smile gave her away. After dinner, another round of drinks, more talk, and it was time for lady's choice to begin. Paul picked up the bowl, mixed up the numbers. Amy, Shyla, Sophie, and I drew numbers as Paul bought the bowl around.

Shyla drew number 1, Amy 2, Sophie 4. Third, I really wanted 1 or 2. Shyla picked Paul. Amy picked Neil, I picked Ron, thinking Ron was my only option for a swap so I'd end up with Neil. We all laughed when Sophie and Glenn made a big deal out of being selected by Sophie. Before anyone else had time to think about it, I grabbed Ron and pulled him over to where Neil and Amy were standing. I asked Amy if she's swap Neil for Ron.

Well… You'd think I asked for the moon… After going back and forth several times, this and that's, she finally agreed to the swap. None of us rushed off to our rooms. No sooner did I telling myself, there was no urgency to having sex, then Neil stands and takes my hand, it was clear to me and everyone, our time to disappear was now.

I could see the disappointment in Neil's eyes last night when Ron drew my name, tonight I just see lust in those same eyes. Alone, together, in Neil's stateroom. Neil wraps his arms around me and holds me close, followed by a soft kiss. He pulls back just enough to look me in the eyes and whispers "Lets make the most our time". Neil's leads me over to a love sit, and sits down.

As I'm getting on this lap, facing him, I doing my best temptress routine, flashing cleavage and grinding my pussy into his crotch. Before he had a chance to kiss me again, I lifted his shirt up and off and he removed my blouse. I like the feel of my nipples rubbing against a man's bare chest as we embrace. A kiss, than another, than another… Enough with the foreplay, I'm hot, and want to get hotter. I stand, at my prompt Neil picks his butt up, off the love seat.

His shorts slide off easily, reviling Neil's erect shaft, all 12 inches. I unbutton the top cute brunette teen feels right at home mavenhouse my shorts, turn so he can watch my butt wiggling as I'm sliding the shorts down, exposing my tan ass cheeks.

As I push the shorts down, I'm bending over, all in one smooth motion.

I hear Neil sigh softly as my pussy peeked through, between my legs. Before Neil gets any other thoughts, I turned around and got back on his lap, positioning my shelf so my pussy lips would spread, as I rub them up and down his hard, long cock.

Looking down, I can see my juices coating and glisten on his shaft. I'm liking the feel of his cock, as I'm rubbing it across my clit. Time turn it up another notch I slide my slit further up his pussy wetted shaft, ever so carefully, wanting his cock to find it's way to love whole and just slip in, 'all' on it's own.

I could feel the head of his dick pass under my clit, a little more movement on my part and his head is poised to penetrate me. With a stronger push than I was expecting, Neil drives his cock into me. His first drive was wonderful, second one even better. I put my hands on his chest, he calmed down and lets me take control. I could feel the throbbing of this cock in me, so kept still, long enough for my senses to fully absorb the moment.

I can feel his anticipation growing, Neil's not content to sit idle. I started working my cunt up and down his shaft, favoring the movement, as the head of his cock passes along my virginal walls.

The excitement in me builds, so does my desire stepmom and teen fucking with hard dick in the livingroom pump him harder and faster. I'm aware of my breasts bouncing, hard nipples, and his stare. As if I willed it to happen, Neil's fingers wrap around my breasts, massaging them just right, with an occasional nipple pinch.

I stopped pumping, his cock at full penetration, as the waves of my orgasm spread through my body.

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At first Neil didn't move a muscle, he held me close, enjoying my orgasm with me. The throbbing of cock broke through my senses, and I returned to pumping his cock again, working every inch of his shaft. At least all I could handle, building him up to the explosion we both wanted. I would have like to pump a while longer, his stiffening body told me he was about to cum.

He's arms stopped my movement, he used his hips to thrust his cock into the depths of my cunt, I could feel the cum running through his cock as it shot into naughty america step mom big tits cunt.

Several more thrusts followed before his body relaxed. His climax was so strong, I'm not sure if he felt mine.

His cum was oozing out of my cunt even before he finished cumming. An yet, almost involuntarily, my pussy muscles begin squeezing the last of his cum into me. I was content to stay in this position a while longer, Neil had other ideas.

He stands, his sex siren pippa blonde screws hung taxi driver still implanted in my cunt, and carries me to the bed. Without letting go of his hold on me, he rolls onto his back. Says he loves the way I ride him, and the way my breasts bounce. How about another ride. Neil doesn't have to ask twice, besides his cock is already in me. We're just picking up where we left off.

This position is a little different for me, I know I can't take all 12 inches of him, so I take shorter strokes, than building rhythm when I'm sure I've got it just right. As I'm pumping his cock, guess my arms got in the way of his view, he pushed them out of the way so he could watch my breasts in motion.

Ten minutes later, Neil's body started to stiffen, I sexy beauteous girl gets fucked in various poses he was going to cum any second, I no sooner thought it, and filled me with a flood of cum.

It's pushing more of the first load out, Neil and I are both covered in cum, and still my pussy is still squeezing every drop of cum from him. I let my body drop onto his chest. We both take time in silence to enjoy the closeness and recoup some of our strength. Waking up, I'm thinking the time has flown by, it's the last day of this trip, 'Deal' night arrived all to soon. At the same time, the mom in me is missing and wanting to get home to the kids. I was sure our last day, especially the night, in Key West was going to be as fantastic as our first.

I had no idea how fantastic my night would actually be. Then my thoughts drifted to Ron, his monster cock, and my deal with him, I would be his for the taking tonight.

Both excited and a bit nervous, there was an internal thrill knowing I'd be servicing his monster cock. Neil started to stir, which brought me right back to the present. Neil's arm securely around me felt good. He wasn't waked yet, I can fix that. I reached down and began stroking his cock, which had the results I wanted, his eyes opened, with a smile on his face he says good morning. I keep on stroking 'til his cock is rock hard and throbbing for pussy, my pussy.

Neil puts a hand on my breast, softly squeezing, nipple hardens at this touch. As his other hand moves to my other beast. He squeezing both breasts, than pushes them together, so he can suck on both nipples at the same time. He wasn't in any rush to stop licking and sucking, and I wasn't gonna stop him. My breasts have been very sensitive since child birth, I love it when men take a firm grip and squeeze them, but it really gets to me and I pull back, not 'cause I want it to stop, but because I start squirming so.

I guess Neil felt it was time to move on, and he did, right to my pussy. AND right where I wanted him.

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Now on my back, he put his head between my legs, his tongue dives right in, my clit is first to get a tongue lashing, then my pussy whole. I can feel the juices flowing, he's gotta love the taste, 'cause it doesn't seem like he's stopping anytime soon. I didn't want him to stop licking, so try to hold off my climax.

In spite of wanting to make it last longer, my orgasm came. We sent the next hour touching, fucking and cumming. It was mid morning by the time we all sat down for brunch.

After brunch, Paul and I returned to our room. I got a big long hug and passionate kisses, and a pat on the butt. I half expected he'd want to make love. Nop. Instead he suggested we start organizing our stuff, we're flying home tomorrow. I wanted to spend the day relaxing, what better way than sunbathing and going home with a great tan. Wasn't long before I was heading for the front deck and the inviting warmth of the sun. The other girls had the same idea, and joined me. There was some chit chat in between long periods of quiet.

It's been non-stop go since we arrived, even so, it seemed usually quiet between us. I found out later, they were afraid they'd spill the beans about tonight's change in plans. The guys announce they had an errand to run and were heading to town.

They'd be back in a couple of hours. I must have dozed off, I woke at the sound of Glenn's boat returning. Since we had a late brunch, we sipped lunch, and decided on an early dinner on deck. At this point, I was completely unaware of the 'plot' the others had hatched. By now the guys were used to us going off to freshen up, they didn't show any interest as we headed off.

For the last night, we'd decided to where matching scarlet red body stockings. The body stocking hid nothing, our nipples poked through the net, our breasts and pussies were clearly visible through the material. Looking in the mirror, we made sure our body stockings were pulled tight in all the right places.

We were sure the men would go wild. The men were in the lounge, when we walked in, it immediately got quiet. Neil was the first one to break the silence with his applause, quickly followed by the rest. We paraded ourselves around the room, stopping and slowing turning around so each of the men could get a complete view of our bodies, before taking our seats, each of the men had a hard-on. We sat, than asked to be waited on, the men got us a round of drinks.

Paul sat next to me, the other sat with their spouses as well. Neil proposed a toast to special friends and 'Deal' night. Than said bottoms up! Following the toast, Paul stood, said welcome to 'Deal' night, tonight I'll be your master of ceremonies and spokes person.

Meg, please stand. I stood, completely puzzled by his actions, this wasn't the plan. Per your instructions, we made our own deal for tonight. Since the five of us have jointly made a deal, our deal trumps yours.

I thought about protesting. Paul's smile aroused my curiosity, we share our fantasies, I wondered which of our fantasies would be fulfilled tonight. I looked around the room, I could feel the sexual excitement, which in turn raised mine. Paul said "Glenn, Ron, a little assistance please". On clue, both men walking toward the far corner of the lounge, before Paul said a word.

They lifted something, and brought it to the center of the room. As they lowered it to the floor, I realized it was a round bed. Paul pulled a long piece of satin cloth out of his pocket, wrapped in around my head, forming a blindfold that completely covered my eyes.

Paul then removed my body stocking and led me to the center of the room. I could feel the bed touching the back of my legs. Instinctively I sat down, Paul's hand griped the nape of my neck, a slight push, I let myself fall onto my back.

With a little more guidance from Paul, I was lying in boys like fisting homos and anal fisting tube porn center of the bed. Laying there, without the sense of sight, my other senses heightened. I could hear the others moving, the rustle clothing being shed, their approach. Then all was still. I was sure I could feel their presence around me, and their eyes feasting on my sex. In my mind I envisioned I was being visually raped by every pair of eye in the room, the image causing wetness between my legs.

A hand touched my face, caressing my cheek and running over my lips. The coarseness of the fingers told me it was a man.

Another hand stroked my hair, while two more softly examined my breasts. I reach out, searching for the hands touching my breasts. Eve evans gets a rock solid pecker hands pulled back. Paul stops me, saying not to reach out, we do all the touching. Paul drew my arms up over my head and wrapped another piece of satin cloth around my wrists to symbolically bind them, a reminder not to touch. Two hands went between my legs, spreading them.

At that moment, I felt more exposed than I'd ever been before. Hands touched my feet, a little tickle, and they began their journey to my my sister on hidden camera with her new bf. The soft skin, told me these were feminine. They pulled my pussy lips apart, fingers touching my clit, than a finger ran into my slick wetness. One figure was replaced by two, the invasion deeper.

I squirmed and rocked my hips. Two hands, I think Paul's, took hold of my shoulders, holding me still. At the same time, two hands were massaging my breasts, they toyed with my nipples, pulling them slightly.

My breasts were released, two more hands replaced them and continued the massaging and nipple play. At some point, I was sure everyone's hands were roaming over me.

I felt strangely free, drawing pleasure from offering my self up so uninhibitedly. My juices flowing stronger, wetting the folds of my sex. Hands withdrew, and for a moment all action seemed to stop. Again I could hear the rustle of people. With a firm grip, I was rolled up onto my shoulders, pussy and butt in the air, legs bent forward. A man's tongue worked it's way into the folds and began licking.

Sucking, slurping, devouring my sex. Fingers probed my ass, their touch caused my asshole to pucker, the insertion brought out a cry of delight from me. I lost track of just how many took a turn at licking my sex and how many orgasms I reached. When they finished, I was rolled onto my back, and again my legs were spread open wide. Then my first male partner positioned himself on the bed, between my spread legs.

He moved the head of his penis up and down my wet slit, pussy whole to clit, several times, I knew the familiar motion was Paul's. His stiff shaft penetrated me easily in one swift thrust. Once inside me, laid down on top of me, grabbed my shoulders, and pulled himself higher, invading me more deeply. This hairy chest rubbed against my nipples, he knows what I like. I matched his every thrust, giving myself completely to him. The feeling of exhibitionism spurred me on. I arched and let out a cry of pleasure, as we erupted into a joint climax.

I continued moving, drawing ever bit of pleasure from my lover. Paul withdrew and climbed off the bed, leaving me panting and tingling. I wondered which of the men would be my next partner. Someone went between my legs, I could feel shoulders touching my thighs. A woman's soft lips kissed my mound, her tongue passed into me, she licked the wetness.

The woman worked quickly, licking and sucking, she moved to my clit, my orgasm was immediately felt and seen by all. A man slipped his body under me, his cock presses into my crack.

Someone starts lubricating my rectum, a woman from the length and feel of her fingers. She than guides the man's cock into my arse.

He doesn't move, as I'm about to start moving, then another man climbs on top of me, and drives his cock into my pussy. Both men start pumping me, it takes a minute or so before we get our rhythm down, it felt wonderful. I feel something brush by the lips of my mouth. From the smell and taste of my juices and his cum, I know it's Paul's dick. I take it in, licking and sucking, taking as much as I can get. The sensation of every orifice filled with dick, all fucking me at the same time is over whelming.

I'm cumming over and over, my climaxes oblivious to everyone. Paul was the first to cum, his not sticky cum shot down my throat. The others unloaded their cum into my cunt and ass shortly after Paul. I remained sandwiched between the two men for a minute before they climbed off and out from under me. As I was closing my legs, hands stopped me, and pushed them apart. A finger entered my cum soaked pussy and withdraws. Woman's thighs are touching mine, fingers spread my lips wide, cum and juices are running out, down between my ass cheeks.

A large, fat dildo is inserted, the wetness provides more than enough lubrication. My vagina stretches to accommodate, there's no pain, only pleasure. The woman leans forward, stimulating my nipples with hers, her hip motion driving each thrust of the dildo strapped to her.

As my orgasm approached, she held dildo still, my pelvic motion took over and brought me to a climax, not as intense as from a man's ejaculation, but strong none the less.

As my climax subsides, I can hear a popping noise as she removes the dildo, and climbs off the bed I felt the warmth of a man's hands, my next partner. He raised my butt, a firm block of some sort was placed under me and the man sets by butt down.

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Two people took hold of my legs, spreading and lifting in unison, someone else holding my shoulders in place. The head of a large penis was pressed against my opening, it felt slippery and cool, I tensed, realizing Ron's monster cock was about to fill my cunt.

I took in a deep breath, tried to relax my vaginal muscles, but his penetration made me shudder and cry out. Ron got about half way in on his first thrust. I thought my vaginal walls were going to bust wide open, I felt pain and weakness through my entire body and I would pass out. With each successive thrust, his monster drove deeper.

Once he was satisfied that he penetrated me fully, his rhythm picked up. Over time, the pain eased up, I began to relax, pain replaced by the pleasures of his massive cock. Ron kept thrusting in and out of my vagina, I'm guessing for ten minutes or more, before he released his load. Ron's pace slowed, the last few more thrust forceful, holding his last trust as he came. Gasping and moaning, I came in a shuddering orgasm. My body went limp. Though I felt completely drained and weak to the very core, I wondered how many women fantasized about an experience like this.

Hands lifted my head off the bed and remove the blindfold, Paul's smile greets me, his passionate kiss reassuring me, starting my return to the present. Even though I know there are others in the room, I'm totally focused on Paul, there's eye communication between us that's speaking volumes.

I attempted to lift myself up, but couldn't, all my strength depleted. Paul reaches down, his strong arms scope me up. My arms wrap around his neck, I find the strength to hold onto him, resting my head on his shoulder, and close my eyes as he's carrying me off to our room. Not sure if I passed out, or simply went to sleep in his arms. Morning busty woman railed by horny pawn keeper, Paul's arms wrapped around me, giving me comfort.

He whisper's I love you, and rolls me onto my back for a long passionate good morning kiss. "Paul, make love to me" morning sex with him is the best way to start a day. Once we're home, I relive 'Deal' night through Paul's eyes, his account of what took place turns us both on.

We make love, the sound of our sex fills the bedroom. Afterwards, I asked if we can do this all over again, but next time with more couples&hellip. His smile says all I need to hear.