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Slave amateur xxx fucking ms police officer
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School Daze chapter 5 Richard and Linda sat across from each other in Mimi's restaurant sipping their coffee. They were both smiling, recalling how they had spent their morning. Every time Richard yawned, Linda would giggle.

"Are you tired?" she asked. "Maybe a little. Why?" "Well it's a long way to drive to San Diego and then back by this evening." "What makes you think we are coming back tonight?" "Tomorrow is Monday. Class . you lecture, I listen. Remember?" "I also remember Monday is September 5th, Labor Day. No classes, remember?" "Labor Day . I forgot; but I didn't pack anything.

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We have to go back to your place." "No way little girl. If you get me back there, we will never leave. Later we can pick up a swimsuit and some other clothes for you." "You just bought me clothes in Laguna. Why didn't you tell me? I could have packed them. You have already spent too much money on me." "Maybe I should have, but I wanted this to be a surprise . SURPRISE!" Said Richard waiving his hands, palms facing her, side to side like a singer in an old minstrel show." "Funny .

but as the saying goes, don't quit your day job." "Don't worry about the money. The trip is on my brother, James. The clothes will be on the expense account he gave me. James wants me to meet a client, for him. Actually I'm supposed to be James. We aren't going to talk about business. The meeting is more social than anything else.

We are supposed to meet the guy on his yacht." "Why didn't James go himself?" asked Linda. "He is in love again and off to Cabo San Lucas, with his girlfriend wwe natalya sex storys only jour. Knowing him he will probably come back married.

How he ever got ahead in business, thinking the way he does, I'll never understand." "Okay, I'm yours for whatever scam you and your brother want to pull." "It's not a scam.

A scam is a swindle and unlawful. We are just meeting one of his clients." "You mean .

one of your clients, James." "Maybe a little scam, but nobody is being cheated," said Richard. After breakfast they got into Richard's Porsche, and headed south on the Coast Highway. Richard placed a CD in the player. When one particular track came on, Linda began moving her butt in the seat, and did a little dance, her shoulders moving in all directions. "What is that Richard?

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It really makes me want to move." "That's a group called 'Euge Groove' aka Steve Grove. He plays a mean sax, doesn't he? The track is called 'From The Top.' He is young but very talented. Some of his tracks have 'rap' in them, so I don't buy those." "If you buy an album, don't all the tracks come whether you want them or not?" "No not really. I get all of my music from the Internet. You can download a whole album if you want or just various tracks.

All you have to do is pick the tracks you want, and download them to your computer. Later you can burn them to a disc." Linda was really moving to the music when Richard said, "If you keep moving your butt that way, you're going to wear out that leather seat.

You are also going to awaken the hulk. We don't want that do we?" "Oh I wouldn't mind," said Linda, raising her eyebrows. "It has been several hours you know." "Exactly three hours and seventeen minutes. You can wait until we reach the hotel, can't you?" "I guess," she said, moving her lips to the side in a small gesture of defiance, "where are we going to stay?" "It is a hotel called the "Catamaran" on Mission bay.

I thought I told you. I understand that it has a beautiful view of the ocean." It was a typical Southern California day and Linda relaxed as he shifted into fourth gear. Eighty degrees, puffy clouds and the blue Pacific Ocean to her right, as the black Porsche sped south, passed the bright red bougainvillea plants, which lined the highway.

She now understood what the poet meant when he wrote, "All is right with the world." Glancing at his watch, Richard said, "It's almost ten, and we are coming into Laguna Beach. All the shops will be open. Would you like to stop and pick up some clothes there?" Linda smiled a little crooked smile, her deep dimples accentuating her beautifully tanned face. She muttered, "Shopping is my middle name.

You don't have to ask me twice. I really liked that little boutique, on the left just passed the Art gallery. I can't recall the name, but I can show you where it is." "To the boutique, Macduff," said Richard, thrusting his hand in the air as if he were holding a sword.

"Who is Macduff?" "Actually the quote is, 'Lay on, Macduff, And dammed be him that first cries, 'Hold, enough!' "In Shakespeare's Macbeth, they are his last words, meaning something like 'Go for it, Macduff, let's fight to the death!', before Macduff kills MacBeth in combat. I guess sometimes, you just bring out the silliness in me." It was wonderful, she thought.

Her Psychology professor, who she originally believed to be, stuffy, straight laced and dull, turned out to be a strong, sexy, handsome intelligent man with a sense of humor. As her cousin Lila, who was from Tennessee used to say, 'She was in Hog heaven.' Linda found the store and it only took her a half hour to pick out everything she would need for the trip. Against her better judgment, Richard made her choose an expensive cocktail dress for the evening.

He even had her pick out some very sexy, black 'fuck me' shoes. Most girls know that if they wear a certain type of stiletto high heal shoe, it was almost a guaranteed that they would be fucked before the evening was over. It's an old trick many girls use that seldom fails.

She felt a little guilty when she saw the total on the cash register and frowned at Richard. He just smiled and displayed his brother's VISA card, then whispered to her, "Five hundred thousand per ." She nodded her head and smiled, knowing Richard was right.

If his brother could give him a Porsche and an expensive entertainment center, he wouldn't be bothered by a few hundred dollars worth of clothes. With everything packed away in a suitcase Richard had purchased in the store, he put everything it in the trunk of the car and they took off again, destination San Diego.

It was twelve forty five when the little sports car pulled into the circle driveway of the Catamaran Resort on Mission Bay. Richard touched her shoulder and said, "Wake up little girl.

We're here." Linda opened her eyes and saw two bellmen placing their clothes on a wheeled rack, as a doorman wearing a red uniform opened her door, and extended a white-gloved hand to assist her in alighting from the car. The hotel was beautiful, and exotic. Lush tropical plants and flowers were everywhere. There were slender blonde candy alexa first time fucking in public tube porn black swans in a pond near the driveway.

As they walked into the lobby, she saw several multi colored macaw parrots, each one sitting on its own perch. This was the first time Linda had ever been in a first class hotel, unless you want to count the time she was a bride's maid at a sorority sister's wedding. The bride and groom weren't scheduled to get married prior to graduation, however as mia kgalifa new sex stories fool often occurs in the very best of families, Jennifer, the bride was two months pregnant.

Seven months later it was announced by the proud Grandparents that their little girl was a mother of a "preemie", eight-pound, seven-ounce boy. The baby was named Zachary, after his Grandfather and Marion after a very rich great aunt.

Linda couldn't help thinking that the pour little guy, with a name like Zachary Marion Delaney, would be punched silly every day at school during recess. Richard registered and picked up two card keys, handing one to Linda. They were guided to the elevator by a bellman, who escorted them to the sixth floor. The room was spacious and had a wall-to-wall, floor to ceiling picture window, with a balcony outside. The blue Pacific Ocean was just walking distance from the hotel.

Their room teen brunette fingering hd sexy young girls alexa nova and kendall woods take a down on a large swimming pool, and hot tub both with a tropical motif.

The hotel was purported to have an award-winning rooftop restaurant, with a panoramic view of Mission Bay, and the Pacific Ocean. Richard gave the bellman a tip then asked Linda, "Are you hungry?" "No . we just ate," then she whispered as the bellman closed the door, "Would you like to play some naked games?" "We played naked games this morning in bed, and again in the shower." "But Richard that was this morning.

It's afternoon now." "Right," he said looking at his watch, "1:01 to be exact. I thought maybe you would want to go to Sea World, or the Zoo, or something." "After ." "After . what?" "After our . naked games . silly." Linda was now standing in front of him, about an inch away, looking up into his face.

Her bottom lip was extended pouting, almost as though a bee had stung it. Her hands were on his butt pulling him in to her and she was flashing her eyes as sexy as she could, attempting to entice him into bed.

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When he smiled, Linda began to unbuckle his belt. As she unzipped his pants, she let them fall to the floor. Linda then hooked her thumbs into his jockey shorts and slid them down his legs.

Gently she pushed him back until he was seated on the side of the king sized bed. Quickly Linda removed his pants and underpants, then his shoes and socks. Except for his polo shirt, Richard was naked. The hulk was standing straight up, wondering what was going on, but ready for anything.

She was on her knees, and was stroking him, gently pulling his loose skin over the top of his penis. His cock was the first she had ever seen that wasn't circumcised. She liked it, as it gave her more with which to work. When she moved her mouth to his cock, Richard groaned, then reached down and stroked her golden hair.

She began to suck, unconcerned about breathtaking babe exposes enormous butt and gets anal pounded outside world and only interested in one thing. She was hooked on sex with Richard and nothing else mattered at this time. As she sucked harder her dimples deepened, and she squeezed his testicles lightly, pumping his cock with her other hand.

To her his penis was delicious and she was looking forward to him cuming in her mouth. The taste of his semen was always good, and varied slightly from one session to another. "Take off your clothes and come up on the bed sweetie. Get on top of me so I can lick your pussy while you do that." Linda smiled .

her favorite number . 69. She was going to suck him and he was going to eat her pussy. Quickly she disrobed, throwing her clothes in all directions and got on the bed placing her moist cunt over his face. As she began to suck again, she jumped when Richard's wet tongue attempted to slip into her tight vagina.

She was still tender from this morning, but it would be okay . in fact she knew that it would be fantastic.

He licked the inside of her thighs, within an inch of her pussy. He was so good to her, concerned primarily with her enjoyment. She became ecstatic when his warm mouth began sucking on her labia. Just a few months ago she had given her virginity to whatever his name was.

She couldn't even remember who he was now. In fact every man before Richard was a nothing more than a faint blur. As far as Linda was concerned, there was nobody worth thinking about before Richard.

He was her man and she wanted him to know it. She began sucking him harder in hopes they would cum at the same time, but as his mouth licked and sucked her clitoris, she would loose concentration and hesitate, and then stop sucking all together for a few seconds, due to the overwhelming feelings emanating from her pussy. Richard was a pro when it came to eating her out. Her heart would beat to the breaking point, and feelings of extreme pleasure and light pain would course through her body, not allowing her to think or even make a decision, as to whether she wanted him to slow down, or even stop for a few seconds.

Her body was his to do with as he pleased. She was on top of him, her legs spread wide as this wonderful man sucked and licked, elevating her to a new level of sensuality yet unknown to her.

There was nothing she could do. There was nothing she wanted to do, but allow him to suck her until her juice discharged in his face. She wondered if there were a lot of women who were privileged to have someone like Richard, who would suck their pussies and make them cum, until they could no longer think straight.

Her back had a little twinge of pain and pleasure. It was the first sign that she was well on her way to an orgasm. There was a funny ticklish sensation in her thighs and, almost a humming or buzzing in her pussy. The excitement at this point was practically unbearable.

She didn't know whether to laugh, cry or both. It was fabulous to be a woman she thought, as there were so many feelings during a really good sexual encounter, with a man who cared for you; so much different than some guy just looking for his own animal satisfaction. The feeling was so good that as she came, she could have died and not cared.

At that point she wasn't worried about anything. As the cum leaked from her pussy a feeling of euphoria spread through her insides and she relaxed. Lay back and let alexis stroke you off felt like all of her organs moved back into place. Now she could complete her quest and make Richard cum in her mouth.

Although she had cum and he knew it, Richard continued to kiss her pussy lips, and suck gently on her clitoris. She was trying hard to concentrate on the thick penis in her mouth, however he was not allowing her to do so. He was holding the sides of her head and fucking her mouth, which made her, feel wonderful. She couldn't wait for his discharge to be on her tongue. She had always found it strange why some girls didn't want to suck their boyfriends.

It couldn't be the taste. Maybe it was because the cum had a consistency of raw oysters, or mucus. Linda felt it was delicious and she craved more of it.

A few drops, of pre-cum dribbled out onto her tongue, then seconds later about a tablespoon of creamy sperm, which was a lot for Richard, shot out of his pee hole into her mouth. Linda swished the liquid around with her tongue, and when he looked at her, she smiled and swallowed his cum letting it slowly ease down her throat in to her tummy.

"Mmmmmmm!" she said, as she now finally felt complete. Her juice was in his mouth, working into his system, and his was in her stomach. She felt they were really connected on a higher level whenever they had oral sex. Linda rolled off of Richard and lay on her back. He turned around and moved pussy ramming for a black floozy hardcore and blowjob close to her, and then cuddled up next to her taking her face in his hands, and kissed her lovingly.

Although they had both been sucking on each other's private parts, they showed no concern regarding the taste. When they began French kissing, their tongues explored each other's mouth. Linda moved her mouth to Richard ear and began to slip it into his canal. At this point Richard was becoming excited again, and although he had just come in her mouth, his penis was again stirring back to life.

Richard began kissing her neck, then down her chest, to her titties. Taking a swollen nipple into his mouth, he began to suck lightly. With both of her hands she ran her fingers through his hair and caressed his head. His sucking on her breasts was exciting her and she hoped they would make love again. When Richard got on his natasha malkova full 3x story download between her legs, she knew it was going to happen, and said a little thank you player to the god of sex.

His hands now braced on the bed next to both sides of her shoulders, he started lowering himself, his penis closing in on her wet vagina. Linda reached down and took hold of the thick member and guided it into her tight pussy. She loved the feeling of his cock filling her up. Methodically, Richard began fucking Linda again. The friction and warmth of his penis made her feel excited loved and cared for. Linda tried, but could not fathom the idea, of having sex with anyone else.

He was the perfect mate and always made her feel like she was the only woman in the world. He was now moving very fast, his penis sliding in an out of her wet cunt. Moving her arms from her sides, she placed them on the small of his back. Holding him tight, she then thrust her hips up to meet his pounding pelvis.

Linda knew that it would only be a matter of time that they would both begin to squirt their juices'. Her excitement began to build as he shoved into her harder and faster.

She was ready again, and realized that their lovemaking seemed to be getting better. She wasn't sure why, but the whole experience was stronger that this morning. Now she was loosing track of her thoughts. He was very good at doing this, and she was so happy that she had originally talked him into it. Her climax was building once more, and she felt her pussy begin to dribble.

He had always made her climax, and she felt sorry for any woman doesn't have an orgasm every time. As she lay there being so wonderfully fucked by her teacher, she began to squeeze her pussy muscles, around his thick penis.

He moaned and couldn't hold back anymore. When he shot his cum into her, she squirted like a kid's squirt gun, spraying Richard's cock with her juices. To Be Continued .