Two hot girls like to masturbate together

Two hot girls like to masturbate together
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My Neighbor It was about mid summer and my parents were out of town for a week. I was perfectly fine with this of course. I loved being alone no nagging no chores no anything.

It was about Wednesday when a storm came in leaving my subdivision out of power luckily my house's water was a well and my house was the only one for some reason, one of the first houses made or something, I also had a generator so I could at least watch TV or listen to music.

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It was close to 6 lustful mature bimbo has her cunt penetrated the afternoon and I was getting bored, I figured why not eat. It seemed all I did during the summer was eat, so I started heading towards the cupboard to look for some crackers or cookies or something but I was suddenly lost interest as my doorbell rang. Thinking it might be a salesmen or someone I could make fun of and harass or a friend to hang out with, but when I opened the door and saw a beautiful girl about my age standing there.

She was about a inch or two shorter than me and was wearing those sweat pants that girls are into which are more like pajama bottoms and a white sweater that said sassy on the front. As I examined her in my mind from her bottom up I laid eyes on her face which she didn't seem to notice the door was open and was struggling to get her hair dry from the rain by ringing it out.

She had red wavy hair; I couldn't really tell how long it was considering she had it up in a ponytail. I kind of coughed or cleared my throat you could say to get her attention when I did she looked up at me with her bluish gray eyes that were stunning, as we stood there gazing into each others eyes. I decided to break the trance by asking her if she wanted to come in and commented on how the rain should never rain upon something as beautiful as she was.

It was cheesy but I got me a little laugh as she came in.

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She seemed a little shy I could tell by the redness of her face which made her look even more alluring. " Do have any water, I lost power but it doesn't look like you did. ", she said " Yeah I got a power generator it's not big but it keeps a few lights and some sources of entertainment running.

", I replied " Well anyway do you have any water you could fill in some buckets cause I need some to wash my hair and what not.

Wow that sounds selfish," she said " No it's not, well anyway sure I can get you all the water you want cause I have a well so take all you want." " Really! So you can use water and everything " " Yeah ", as I motioned to the kitchen " You think I could take a shower cause I haven't taken one today and I don't know how long before the powers back or my parents get home.

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" " Yeah sure I don't mind and my parents aren't home either so they don't have a say in it, but I'm sure they'd let someone as fine-looking as you make your self at home in our home. ", another pick up line that I thought would make her think I was a asshole or dumbass or anything that involved the word ass.

She seemed to like that one too as she laughed a little again which made me die inside. So I showed her to the bathroom and gave her a towel and every thing and while she left with a "thank you" and a "you're a sweetie" and she disappeared into the bathroom and as soon as that door shut I stood there thinking to myself how beautiful she was and how I wanted to kiss her and random fantasies popped in my head of her falling in love with me and doing things that you'd find in porno.

I thought who she could be too, with my luck she's an axe murder sharpening her blade in the bathroom or loading her gun to kill me and steal all my goods then sunny leone bra sexy bf was interrupted with me looking around saying what would she steal and I chuckled a little and thought up an ingenuous idea.

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I had it set up perfectly and a story to go with it. . it was perfect. I had made a dinner, I brought back some good old cooking skills from my living skills class in 8th grade, if only they taught you how to make steak but I figured some good old macaroni and cheese and some rolls would work great. I set the table for two, one on each side and two candles that looked like they came out of the beauty and the beast you know those three pronged ones, I also had put out a bottle of wine which I emptied and filled it with pink lemonade to look like wine, pulp free of course and set up a portable CD player with speakers plugged into it with some nice music I found in my mom's collection seemed romantic enough wondering why my mom had it.

I soon continued practicing what I would say to her and then picturing her once more in my mind. I sat there twiddling my thumbs when I heard the door open I got up and turned around standing near the table. She came out wrapped in the towel, water dripping from her and her hair she looked so amazing I almost felt like running up there and taking her in my arms and holding her so she leaned back and then kiss her as she returned the kiss. She then broke my train of thought, which she seemed to have a way of doing so, and said, " What was this." I responded with a story I felt proud of about the generator dying and I thought she might be hungry.

As I talked and told the story I stood there looking at her from the bottom of the stairs her at the top looking down. She said wow that's nice and more compliments and how cute it was that I went through so much trouble for her.

She then asked if I had anything dry she could wear and I certainly did as I ran upstairs to my room and as I reached the interior of my room I cleaned it up throwing stuff in my closet and then asked what exactly she needed. " A shirt or sweater cause mines wet and I didn't have another shirt underneath, don't need pants or anything mine are still somewhat dry, a pair of boxers or something and that's about it. Got anything fashionable", she said with a little sassy as her sweater had hinted.

" Why yes we here at L-mart … ", I said in a sort of game playing voice - showed her some things and left knowing I did good cause of her laughter once more.

As I waited for her to open the door I started to get nervous thinking I could get more than dinner tonight, maybe a little dessert I smiled to myself as she stood in the doorway asking what I was smiling at. You of course. As I gazed at her looking even more beautiful in my shirt, just seeing a girl in my shirt gave my that good feeling, that kind where you feel like you could walk on water.

As dinner went on we talked and I learned her name was Chelsea. We seemed to click like we were meant for one guy for plenty of doxies striptease hardcore other. As the night went on I found us cuddling on the couch watching the rainfall with a blanket over us.

She suddenly started to get a little frisky as she turned around and we started to make out. Oh it was better than I ever imagined this beauty next to me in my arms, her tongue massaging mine I wanted it to go on and on, but all the making out gave me a boner which worried me I didn't want her to bump into it and be like you perv and leave, but before I could do anything she adjusted herself closer to my body wrapping her legs around mine and my dick pushed up against her lower stomach a little above her vagina.

Wondering if she knew I had a boner and was aroused left my mind as I knew for sure she did when she looked up at me, not moving her head but just stopped kissing me and looking up with her eyes. She then took my hand and slid it down her pajamas so my hand was touching her ass, oh and how it was better than making out. At this point I knew I was good.

We soon found ourselves dashing up the stairs to my room and she grabbed a few candles for lighting. Once in my room and the candles set she got on my bed and made the come and get me motion with her hand moving her index finger in that motion.

I smiled at her as she smiled back. I approached her and crawled over on top of her so I was supporting myself right above her, she then grabbed my head and pulled it down to kiss me. As we did so I pulled her shirt scratch that my shirt off of her that revealed her stunning breasts that were caressed in her bra. As I reached to filthy cunt is getting banged hard hardcore and blowjob the bra off she stopped me and instead she pushed up on me motioning for me to get up and it was now her turn to be on top.

She sitting on my stomach started to take my belt off then throwing it to my wall then unbuckling my pants and pulling them down to my knee's and then reaching for inside my boxers I then also stopped her creating a small smile upon her face.

I then reached into her pajamas and into my boxers to find her soft and wet pussy. As I used my finger to go in and out of her pussy she sat on top of my cock and her back up against my legs as I raised them so she was more sitting and not laying.

I felt her cum on fingers making me want to do her more and more. She then reached into my drawers and grabbed my cock, which I felt throbbing in her hand as she took my pants off while still holding it in her hand and then started to go up and down as if I was masturbating but she was instead.

I pulled my boxers off her and started to adjust it so it could slip into her wet juicy pussy. She got up slowly and said no, no, no, and shaking her head. I knew she didn't want to take the risk and have a baby and neither did I so she instead turned around and slowly bent over to reveal her luscious ass that seemed to shine in the candlelight.

I stood up and told her to lie on the bed and I'd handle the rest. Once she had her ass in my possession I spread her cheeks apart and japani xxx jabarjast story rape with her legs hanging over the side so her knees were inches from the ground and slowly inserting my dick into her ass.

Continuously banging her in the ass as seen in so many porno's I had came to the point where it was time to un load it and considering I hadn't jacked off in awhile it was going to feel great especially with a girl like Chelsea. I was thrusting forward when it blew and as I did she straightened her legs so her ass rose as I thrusted down giving her an enormous orgasm that I was glad to give. Afterward we took suck three big jocks makes her happy shower together, washing and feeling every inch of her body as she did to me was incredible I was glad that the power was out and my parents gone, after we had washed up we got out and dried ourselves well each other than she got dressed into my clothes again and I in my own and as she dried her hair I cleaned my room and changed the sheets leaving no traces of anything.

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I walked her home in the rain and found out she was only a few houses down and that she just moved here from California. I invited her over again the next day if she ever got bored and I left after receiving a long and enjoyable kiss and went home reviewing what had just happened knowing I'd have a repeat tomorrow.