Brooklyn chase is stretched by monster cock

Brooklyn chase is stretched by monster cock
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It's late evening, around eight pm, with a few seconds ticking away on that annoying clock over the kitchen sani lone xx ful xxx. You're sitting there in your living room, reading a book, your eyes stuck on the pages, your mind totally engrossed in it. One leg is stretched out, the other is crooked and your cheek is in your hand as you lay there comfortably, a pillow behind you, laying there in pure comfort.

Black yoga pants caress along your legs and a purple sweatshirt lies tight on your body, a black t-shirt peeking out slightly below it. In the background plays a radio station which you hardly pay attention to, it's there mainly for ambience, so you don't feel like your home alone and lonely.

So engrossed are you with the book that you don't notice me silently making my way into the living room, walking around the back of the couch and standing over you in silence, watching you read the book but saying nothing. Suddenly, all too suddenly you can't see the book. or anything really as the world turns black and as you try and scream out a hand covers your mouth and holds you in place, letting you struggle and wriggle but nothing more. With my strength I purely overpower you, pushing you onto your back on the couch and straddling your stomach, using that to pin you down as my hands move to shove a gag in your mouth, forcing your lips apart and then taping it closed.

You try and fight back, you punch against my chest and try to scratch at my face but I grab your wrists and quickly tie them together, moving to do the same with your legs as you kick and make it all but impossible.

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Once you're fully tied down I get off you finally, lifting you up over my shoulder and carrying you into the bedroom. I still don't say anything and you struggle but there's nothing you can do at this point. Into the bedroom I carry you, placing you down on the bed, being a bit gentler in doing so, so as not to just throw you down.

I work slowly now, taking my time, enjoying the moment as I untie your hands, only to tie them to mom and soon sex education bedposts.

I do the same with your legs, giving your thigh a light smack when I have you spread eagle.

Your clothing is next, it'll be too hard to take it off so I grab out my pocket knife and start slicing, getting rid of the yoga pants first, followed by the sweatshirt.

The t-shirt is easier, one good slice and along with it I snip your bra right down the center, leaving you open, exposed, naked for my eyes while yours are still blindfolded.

As I stand there over you I smile watching your breasts rise and fall as you take in shallow breaths, on the verge of hysteria but still no sound coming out due to the gag. I let you feel it for a little longer, fear, before I finally lean down and lick along your earlobe and whisper in "Relax babygirl.

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you'll be enjoying this". As you hear my voice you finally start calming down, though only from the fear, instead your body flushes, you desperate milf paid to flaunt tits and suck cock in the pawnshop excited, anticipating what will happen, angry as well for what I did. I remove the gag finally and as you start to speak my hand covers your mouth and a slight shhhh is all you hear from me as my lips begin moving along your body, at your throat first, sucking and biting, kissing, licking and nibbling.

My hands are idle either, moving along your breasts, cupping them as my palms stroke along your nipples, turning into my finger pads pinching them, tugging them upwards lightly and then lower they go. As my hand finally reaches down to your pussy and lightly caresses over your outer lips, special attention for my sister in law own lips move up a bit, giving your jaw a light nip and then to your lips, pressing into them hard, my tongue pushing past your lips, kissing you with passion, though you can feel my clothing still against your body, a moan of frustration leaving your lips as all you get is those tiny caresses.

Even before you can enjoy my hands they move again, slapping along your thighs as I pull away finally. You can hear me undressing, my clothing being tossed off to the side and then before you can avoid it I'm straddling your body again, my cock pushed past your lips and my hips pushing it back and forth within your warm, wet mouth. My hands reach forward and grab your hair, holding your head in place as I use your mouth for my own pleasure, my cock working its way in and out, starting to gag you, you're gasping for breath your choking and yet I still work my own pleasure.

As you start growing redder and gasp more and more I finally release the hold, pulling my cock away and watching as a string of saliva connects the tip to your lips. As you breathe in quickly, regaining your breath I shove my cock back in, working it as far as your body will allow, getting it wet, ready for what's to come.

I take my time with you, my fists tight in your hair, using you for my pleasure, taking what I want from your body. I work my cock back and forth, letting it pull back only when I need to, just so you can breathe.

Soon enough I'm moving again though, yanking the blindfold off so you can finally see my naked body, my cock leaving your lips as I reposition myself on top of you, forcing my cock inside of your hot pussy in one hard stroke, pushing in and taking your tightness for my own. My arms are on either side of you, my lips pressed down to yours and my hips move back and forth, forcing my cock to thrust into you fast, pulling out just enough so it can slam back in again.

You can feel my chest heaving against your breasts, my breath mixing with yours as we kiss and moan into each other's mouths. As I build up speed you whimper against my lips and moan out, your hips moving to meet my thrusts, faster and faster we fuck, loving every minute of each other's bodies.

up until the moment when I pull myself free and stand back. I leave you there, whimpering, gasping and looking shocked and hurt that you were not allowed to feel my cum in you, to be made to cum yourself.

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Yet I smile a perverse smile at you and grab that pocket knife again, using it to release your legs and arms as I grab your smaller body and flip you over, pushing your face down into the bed while I position myself behind you, my legs pressed to your own, my cock sliding up and down your lips, the tip pressing in then pulling back out, sliding across your clit and teasing you slowly.

Finally you scream out at me "JUST FUCK ME YOU FUCKING BASTARD!" and as you scream my cock slides right back inside of your body. I reach around and grab your left breast in my hand, kneading the flesh, massaging and loving it. My fingers at times twisting and pinching while at others it's just my palm over it. My other hand slaps at your ass, working it until it is a hot and angry shade of red, moving from one cheek to horny blonde teen elizabeth bentley seduces and fucks aschoolmate other.

Only once your ass is nice and red do I begin to fuck into you in earnest, working my hips fast, slapping my thighs against the back of yours as my cock forces inside of you the whole way and then I pull back almost until I'm fully withdrawn, only to slam back forward.

Now that your ass is red my hand having nothing to do wraps around your hip and my fingers work along your clit, my cock still pounding into you. AS I work your body you begin to shake and shudder, your moans and groans coming louder and louder as your body heats up and works with mine, an orgasm rolling across your body. I continue fucking you hard and fast during it, my finger never stopping on your clit, trying to prolong it as long as possible though before long your wet pussy milks my own cum out of me, spurt after spurt of hot cum filling you up.

I leave my cock in you for a few moments after, just keeping my cum inside of you as my dick slowly leaves your body and I cute blonde teen lexi belle plays coy babes you into an embrace, cuddling up to you in after orgasmic bliss, my lips pressing to your earlobe and neck, giving you a few kisses as we cuddle up in the dark.