Staci jaxxx has her bald muff slammed

Staci jaxxx has her bald muff slammed
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(Character description to aid in your imagination: John is a young, average build, white boy with short blond hair and brown eyes. Jessica is an older (Around 26), white, blond haired, girl who is slightly chubby.

With large tits and a nice round ass. In this story John is just wearing a black shirt with plaid brown shorts and Jessica is wearing a buttoned up blue dress shirt along with daisy duke jean short shorts) "Cya guys!" I said to my fellow classmates as they left the town pool. It was my third day of the lifeguard course and I was having the time of my life.

Getting to act out mock situations where I saved lives, swimming (which is my passion), and learning new things. But what I loved most, was staring at my Lifeguard Instructor. Her name was Jessica. Jessica was around 26 (10 years older than me at the age of 16), she had long blond hair, and shining white teeth.

The only problem for some people would be the fact that she was SLIGHTLY chubby, but by no means fat. To me it was no problem and I loved staring at her amazing ass as she bent over to instruct us on something. A couple times she had caught me staring and gave a sly grin, but other than that she did not acknowledge my obvious lust for her. I was outside the pool waiting to be picked up when it happened. "Hey John, are you waiting for your mom or dad?" A voice behind me asked.

I turned around, and gulped. It was Jessica. "Ummm, ya, my mom said she'd be late though because my dad has her horny babe kimber woods wanted a hardcore anal fucked by a monster coc something at home." I awkwardly replied. "Oh man, that sucks. Hey, why don't you call them back and tell them that I'll drive you." "It's okay, you don't have to do that. I can wait." "It's late and it looks like it's about to rain and the pools closed, really, I insist" She was right and I knew it.

"Alright, just give me a sec to make sure it's okay" I took my cell out and called my parents, and explained that my instructor could give me a ride home.

I was nervous and excited at the same time. What if it was super awkward? Then again I get to spend time with this sexy girl. I told Jessica that it was all cool and she led the way to her car.

Of course, I took the opportunity to 'check my phone' so I could lag behind and watch her ass sway back and forth. We got to her car, it wasn't anything special just a red camry.

"Hop on in" she said with a smile. I got in and saw it was surprisingly clean for a young girl's car, but as I'd find out, Jessica was full of surprises. After buckling in we head off.

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"Sorry, my AC is broken and it's so damn hot." she said as she rolled down the windows. "No problem" I mumbled back. After a few awkward and silent minutes she spoke again. "Holy crap, I'm still burning up, these clothes are too tight. I hope you don't mind" Mind what?

I thought. Turns out what she hoped I wouldn't mind was her unbuttoning her shirt just enough that I could see her bra. I couldn't help but stare. She laughed, "Haha, obviously you don't mind" I averted my eyes, and moved my hands to cover the bulge that was quickly appearing in my pants. More awkward minutes passed. "You okay down there, John?" "Pardon?" Her eyes glanced towards my crotch. "Umm.what do you mean?" "It seems you have a little problem" "No I'm fine." She put her hand on my lap.

"You look more then fine, John" She started to unzip my fly. "Uhhh. what are you doing?" "Shhhh, it's okay" she said, then reached into my pants and pulled my throbbing cock out. It may not have been the largest but it looked pretty impressive in her hands. Standing at attention it was 7 and a half inches long, circumsized, and had a bead of glistening precum dude bangs elegant female agent in office the tip.

"Mmmmm, it looks delicious, but I can't taste while I'm driving, I'll just have to pull over" she said in a seductive voice that kept me at a loss for words. She pulled into an empty gravel lot in what appeared to be an abandoned construction zone. "Perfect" She said "now where were we? Oh right." She wrapped her hand around my cock once again, leaned over the shift stick and slowly stuck her tongue out and tasted my throbbing member.

She moaned, despite me being the one in intense pleasure.

After getting a good taste of my cock she went all out and engulfed half my penis with her wet, warm mouth. I sat there not knowing what to say as she pleased me with her mouth.

She bobbed her head up and down, up and down until she reached my balls. "Mmmmm" she moaned as she slowly removed my cock from her mouth "you taste so good." She continued on, rubbing my cock with her right hand, she lifted it and started to lick my testicles.

After a few more minutes of her bobbing her head up and down. She stopped and told me to wait as she stripped. She stripped and revealed her gorgeous tits. They were at least a D cup and had small, pink nipples.

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After removing her clothes she climbed over into my seat and once again started performing oral on me. Gaining confidence I gathered her hair in a ponytail and used it help me facefuck her. I did this for a good 30 seconds as she moaned and gagged.

After I released her she took my cock out of her mouth and took huge, gulping breaths. "Mmmmm, baby, do you want me to tit fuck you now with my huge tits?" I couldn't do anything but nod. She brought her tits up and squeezed my cock in between them. She started to rock back and forth while giving little licks when my cock protruded from her soft breasts.

"Do you like that, babe? I bet you do. You like your huge cock going in between my huge titties don't you? But you can't cum yet, I haven't gotten my turn yet." After a few more minutes of her soft tits rubbing my cock she asked, "Are you ready to fuck wrapped in plastic blonde disgraced in public again I couldn't do anything but nod.

"Good, but there's not enough room in this small car, let's get out shall we?" So we both climbed out, I was curious as to how we were going to do this.

Apparently so was my cock, it was still stiff and the head was the colour of a plum. I looked up from inspecting my swollen cock to see her bent over the hood ready to go.

"Don't keep me waiting, big boy" she said in a seductive tone, with a wink. I walked over and inspected her ass hidden under extremely short, jean shorts. I put my hand on her left cheek and gave it a squeeze, nice and firm, causing her to moan softly. For the first time during this whole event I spoke. "You like that? Huh, you slut?" I said in a sinister sounding voice. "Mmmmm, yes baby. I'm your fucking slut, now spank me" Your wish is my command; I thought and proceeded to smack her ass.

Harder and harder, each time causing her to moan even louder. Finally, I pulled down her shorts and revealed tiny pink panties. Girls teasing each other and having sex pussy rubbing and lesbians started rubbing my cock in between her ass cheeks and she moaned again.

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Finally, I couldn't help myself anymore. I literally ripped her panties off and revealed her soaking wet pussy. "You want me to put my cock inside you, you dirty whore?" She moaned, "Yes put your huge cock inside me, I need it, I'm your dirty gorgeous animated gets pounded in the yard please fuck me" I didn't need any more convincing, I spread her ass and thrusted inside.

I didn't expect much resistance, I assumed she wasn't a virgin but I didn't think she'd be THAT tight. We both sucked in air from the sudden penetration, than I slowly got into a rhythm. Each increase in speed caused her to moan louder. I pinned her hands to the hood and was thrusting so hard the whole car was moving. "Yes, YES" She screamed "keep fucking me, I need your cock inside me, keep going" All 7 and a half inches were getting inside her, I was thrusting as fast as I could go and every once and a while I smacked or grabbed her ass cheek eliciting more moans from her.

After a few more minutes of fucking her doggy style on the hood I pulled out and spun her around, without missing a beat she rested on the hood facing me and I once again entered her sweet pussy.

With her legs resting on my shoulders and my body thrusting extremely fast into hers I looked lustily into her eyes. Then I brought my mouth down on one of her small pink nipples, not slowing down. She pushed my head into her breasts and moaned, wanting more.

I went from her left nipple to her right then to her lips, I held my head there for a long while, our tongues danced in each other's mouths and we moaned into each other. "I'm going to cum" I moaned, finally releasing us from our kiss.

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"I need your cum all over me, pull out" she said So I did, and she got to her knees. She grabbed my cock and starting jerking me off vigorously putting me in her mouth when she felt the need too. "I'm cumming" I said moaning.

"Yes, baby, cum for me, cum all over me" She directed my cock as jets of sperm flew onto her face, into her mouth, and onto her bare breasts. After my orgasm subsided I let out a huge sigh, and looked down.

Her face and breasts were covered in cum, never had I cummed so much. "I love having your sticky, hot cum all over me" she said, sticking her tongue out to reveal even more cum. She looked down at her watch "Oh crap it's almost 10:30, you're moms going to be super worried let's go." And just like that we got in the car and drove off towards my house. She didn't even bother to wipe the cum off her face, or her still exposed tits. We finally reached my home at about 10:40, I said my goodbye to her (Still with her tits and face covered in cum) and she patted my crotch as she said bye.

As soon as I got in the door my mom was there yelling. "Where have you been?! It's past 10:30" "Sorry, mom.

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Me and Jessica&hellip.we just went to get coffee."