My playmates step sister and her hot guy fucks best playmates girl while sleeps spring

My playmates step sister and her hot guy fucks best playmates girl while sleeps spring
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Paving a path for yourself is hard for any young man, more so myself. I abstain from using the term boy because I have recently lost one of things a boy must lose to become a man, my virginity. The story of how that came to be is quite peculiar, more so the predicament I am in now.

I was born in Edinburgh to my mother Hazel Esquire along with my sister with whom I share my birthday. Twins we were but nothing alike. Our busty redhead milf vanya vixen massages big black cock was said to have died months before we came to.

So it was me and my lovable sister Madeleine. Madeleine or Maddy as I playfully call her bears striking resemblance to my mother. Both of whom had sleek auburn hair, kind blue eyes, full lips with their cheekbones presented ever so high. Their pale white skin could camouflage against the whitest snow.

Maddy was still on the cusp of womanhood as she was 18 years of age. However she still had a darling figure which caressed anything she wore, which was entirely opposite to my mother with her hourglass figure with legs that went on for days. This is to say I have spent much of my childhood staring and admiring. I on the other hand was a skinny child of average height.

My eyes were of brown colour and my hair black. My face seemed forever tired as my eyes grew circles around them. I am not claiming to be ugly as to the account of many I seemed quite handsome, the thing here being next to them anyone would seem average.

It was of utter shock to anyone who didn't know our family to believe we were of the same household. I stood audience to many catcalls and compliments aimed towards my family by my way too eager friends and neighbours. Our family happened to be quite rich as my mother inherited many businesses from her parents. Needless to say life was luxurious.

But something was always amiss; I never seemed to fit in at home. At first sight it might seem the ramblings of an emotional teenager but it isnt so. There was risky jav covert sex with mother in law in kitchen subtitled off which I would soon discover.

It was the eve of me and Maddy's 18 birthdays. I was strolling through the park with my girlfriend Abigail. She was accompanying me home to help with decorations to Maddy's party. I emphasize to it being her party as I never wanted throw one in the first place. "Hey Matt, which ones look the best?" Abigail was showing me pictures of her in various bikinis on her phone, "They don't make me look too slutty right?" "Of course not," I told her, "You are as elegant as you are sultry." "Sultry means hot?

Right?" She said dumbfounded. "Umm yes it does." I responded. She let go of my hand and turned to embrace me.

She may not be the smartest branch on the tree but she had a certain spontaneous nature about her. In fact it was her who asked me out. As we let go we stared into each other's eyes for but a moment. The cold snow was not bothering us but rather became instruments to the background. She was beautiful by all aspects of the word. She had jet black hair with blue highlights streaking through it worn shoulder length.

Her full lips overcoat with pink lipstick revealed through a smile lifting up her cheeks. Oh yes, she was beautiful. "I am feeling very adventurous tonight." She said with a twinkle in her eye. "Oh do you now?" I asked her, "What pray tell do you have in mind?" "No sweetie, church is the last thing on my mind." She said misinterpreting my words yet again, "Follow me!" She took my hand took of in the direction of a nearby alley. "Abbie, this place seems a bit abstract don't you think?" I told her, "I think we should head home, Maddy would be furious otherwise." She looked both ways and pushed me to the wall.

She reached out and grabbed the outline of my dick from my pants. "Chill out, Matty." She said stroking from the outside, "Don't you want to have some fun? I see a little guy here who really wants to." "Abbie, please." I said reluctantly as I was getting worked up, "Anyone might walk in here and how would that look?" "This is where all the prostitutes come to give out blowjobs and handies.

I see them every day walking through this route. So to anybody else who might peek in, let them. I wouldn't seem that out of place now would I?" I wanted to argue some more but then she unzipped my pants to reveal my throbbing cute mommy blonde on webcam hardcore and blowjob inch member which yearned for relief.

She giggled in lustful delight and started rubbing it up and down. I unconsciously rocked my hips back and forth slightly getting aroused each second. "I am going to suck it now, ok?" She said removing the top of her school attire placing it on top of our bags. Her full C cup breasts stood out magnificently.

I nodded and reaped the benefits as she went to work.

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I had never gotten a handjob before let alone a blowjob so this was otherworldly. Her tongue kept slathering all over the tip masterfully licking up any pre ejaculate which was leaking out. She then went to work on the shaft, bobbing her head up and down as if reaching for a prize. My cock felt warm and wet as I journeyed through her mouth hole. At that moment a click went of in my head and I wasn't in control. It was as if the animalistic part of me reined control. I grabbed the back of her head and rammed my cock down her gullet.

She pushed back in exasperation and loss of control and tried to pull away. She started to tear with her mascara streaming down her face.

I held her in place and started to hump her throat. With every thrust meeting my cock fully inside her mouth. At this point it got a bit loud and started attracting attention. Three drunkards came stumbling through the alleyway at that precise moment. Instead of running away or confronting me they came towards us and started jacking off. "Give us a show, Son!" One drunkard said.

"Show that bitch how a man gets down." Another said. I could see Abbie eyeing them and then looking at me as if to say no. However I wasn't in control, I wanted to get away from here with my girlfriend safely.

Yet the dominant side in me would not. He wanted to oblige the drunken gentle men's request. I removed my cock from her throat and with one hand collected all the slobber and spit. I grabbed her up and slathered it across her face to the cheers from the drunkards. I grabbed her tits and roughly slapped it around. It was busty coed shawna lenee fuck in class this time one of the men came and stumbled backwards falling asleep.

"Matt, stop!" Cockwell inc porn action tube porn begged, "I am sorry, this was a bad idea." Unfortunately Matt wasn't here anymore, something dark was.

I placed her down and put my cock between her tits. I then motioned my cock, thrusting my hip back and forth as if I were in a vagina. The other two men came closer and started jacking off above her forehead. I didn't mind, I wanted her to be covered in thick gooey cum. I forcefully took both of her hands and motioned her to jack them off. I do not know if out of fear or of lust she grabbed both shafts and jacked away. Within minutes of her contact the men came ravaging her forehead in a torrent of ejaculate.

This dripped over lending on her mouth which she wantonly licked up. The sight of that drove me to climax and I emptied what seemed like gallons of cum on her chest. It kept coming out and covering her in it's stickiness. When it seemed like I finally stopped I stepped back and in seconds I regained my senses.

The two men went away happily and merrily dragging the one on the floor with them, yelling thank you for the show. I looked at Abbie who was on the floor now shaking and covered in cum. I grabbed a bottle of water from my bag and headed in her direction to clean her up. It took us about fifteen minutes to get Abbie back on her knees.

"I am sorry," I apologized, "I swear to god I wasn't in control. Something came over me Abbie, believe me." She didn't speak until she got fully dressed and then she said, "Your eyes turned red." "Red?" I asked her, "It must have been the minimal light in the area." "No, it was red. Bright and red." She said and then hugged me out of nowhere, "That was amazing Matt.

The way you took control, it was so not you and when you came there was so much I could not believe my eyes. I love you so much right now." I stood there dumbstruck for a while kissed her and dropped her off home before heading to mine.

I figured she could do with a night's rest. On my way home the night's events bugged me. First off my eyes turning red must have been something Abbie's head as I did not believe that to be possible.

Secondly the loss of control to something within me seemed unnerving. I also believe that was the first time Abbie professed her love to me. Me man handling her to the jest of strangers is hardly a turn on, is it? With heavy thoughts in mind I wanted some shut eye myself. I entered to find Maddy sprawled off on the floor of the living room next to the television passed out, the house absent of any party decorations.

She seemed rather inviting as she lay there with her silk see through nighty on. She was so young and wore such revealing clothing much like the rest of us teenagers.

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I knelt beside her to switch off the television in the act grazing her chest with my arm. In her hazy sleep she grabbed my arm and placed in on her right breast. Her nipple hardening with every touch as my hand fondled upon it. I could realize myself getting hard. This was my sister I thought and washed away all taboo and impure constructs in my head. I shook myself off and lifted her on to the sofa. I went into the kitchen to find my mother enjoying a cup of coffee. "Hey Matty," she said standing up to give me a hug, "Where is that cute friend of yours Abigail?" "She had to head home," I lied, "She wasn't feeling all that well.

So what happened to the party?" "Oh, Maddy thought it would be more 'cool' to have the party on grandpa's boat." She said searching through the cupboard, "Are you hungry, love? Why don't you let mommy make you some pancakes." Pancakes at night sounded like a dream, "Extras syrup, please." I watched mom work away in the kitchen, tasty emma pleasures two massive meat poles was so graceful.

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She was in her late 30s yet didn't look a day over 27. Her flawless pale skin illuminated the room. I admired her for moments before things went hazy again.

I leapt at her and grabbed her ass which made her jump up in surprise. I squeezed her bottom, relishing in the fullness my hands felt. She turned around suddenly and gazed at me, her eyes changing colour from blue to bright crimson red.

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I came back to my senses and slapped myself, I stood there in horror of what transpired and ran to my room.

I locked the doors and banged my head on the wall to punish myself. Have I become a monster overnight? To exhibit my girlfriend off to but mere strangers? To grope my own mother?

I lay in bed for hours hoping for slumber to come but it never came. At around midnight my once locked door opened causing me to get up in alarm. It was dark so I couldn't see. I clicked on my bedside lamp and stared at what stood before me.

My mother was naked in all her glory for me to see. Her breasts heaving as inched closer before taking a seat on my bed. She reached two fingers up in the air and in one fall motion jammed it into her vagina. "Mom, what are you doing?" I said unable to take my eyes off of her, "This is wrong." She stopped suddenly, "Oh, I just couldn't help myself.

I will explain." "Explain, what exactly?" I said. "You are not human but neither am I nor your sister." She said fingering herself again while staring at me intently, "We are druids, creatures of magic.

We have power akin to the great merlin himself as he is one of us." I stared in disbelief but I listened on my cock getting harder to the spectacle before me, "I don't believe you.

you are lying to me!" "I am a real gorilla porn fuck a lady, our eyes change colour due to different circumstances. As in right now it is red which represents lust." She said breathing heavily and fast, "You have finally matured enough for your powers to manifest, love. Soon I will show you, soon I will. cum! I am cumming, Matty!" She squirted out all over, her love juices soaking through my sheets.

She spasmed before relaxing and lay down on the bed her feet spread, her pussy directed towards me. "Our clan is special as in we get stronger as the more sex we have," she said exasperated, "I know you feel the change come over you, a strong urge controlling your actions. I will teach you to control it, to become stronger." "So what must I do?" I asked already knowing the answer. "You must fuck, your mother." She smiled motioning me to come, "You have to cum inside of me." I hurriedly removed my clothes and crept up on top of her, my mother's eyes fully crimson as she said.

I gazed at this magnificent person before me and then started to kiss her. I caressed her breasts with one hand reaching below to finger her with the other. My hand rubbing off on her clit causing her face to turn into wanton expressions of lust.

She dragged her hands across my back, digging her nails in ever so lightly as to not let go. "This is wrong," I said removing my lips from hers, "This is taboo." "In our culture it is tradition for a mother to teach her son," she said grabbing my penis and lining it up against her opening, "We share a bond like no other, so our spirits can connect more so.

When you cum inside me your magic shall awaken." "I love you my dearest mom." I told her sincerely. "I love you, son." She hot brunette mia poses for the camera inserting myself into her.

It was pure ecstasy. I could feel her insides closing up around me as if intending me to remain forever. I pushed forth and slid out, each time causing her to moan in pleasure. Her pussy walls giving me further access with each thrust until I was finally fully inside of her. I went back and forth slamming myself into her.

"Fuck me, Matty!" She screamed from pleasure, "Fuck me haaaarrrddd!" In a sudden move she climbed on top of me and started to move her hips. Her hair was clinging to the beads of sweat now forming on us. My cock forever implanted on her womb, she started jumping up and down. The echoing thud of my balls slapping her ass filled the room. Her pussy juices kept leaking out creating a puddle on my stomach.

She reached down and licked all of it up smiling as if it were the most delicious thing in the world. "Taste me, Matty! I want you to taste your mother!" She moaned. I grabbed her close and kissed her, I tasted her on my lips. By god, it was most definitely intoxicating. I turned her around and assumed a missionary pose once again. As I was fucking her she grabbed one foot and began to suck on her toes.

I joined her nibbling and sucking each toe. I reached over to grab the other foot and did the same. There was no part of this woman that didn't taste heavenly. She put both feet behind her and lifted her hips in rhythm to my thrusts. Her flexibility turned me on more and I increased my speed. This brought me close and she could sense it. "Cum inside me, Matty. Fill me up with your seed. Make me your bitch!" Her words brought me to the edge. I tensed and in one final thrust released all I had inside her.

Torrents of cum emptied from my balls. I pulled out to see all of it flooding out. She took her palm and collected handfuls of my cum. She winked and gobbled down both handfuls in a single swallow, opening her mouth to show me she swallowed it all.

"Wow, mom you are an make him cuckold from a boxer to a cuckold I collapsed back on the bed. "You are not so bad yourself, love." She said beaming with a smile, "You druid men have big balls. I could make a protein shake from all that tasty cum." "No reason why you shouldn't, mom." I winked.

"Please, after that fucking you just gave me call me Hazel." "Hazel it is." I said reaching out to grab her tit, "So I could do with some more training don't you think, Hazel." With another smile she jumped on me and headed off for another round. Needless to say the night was very fortuitous. The next few days brought out changes in me, the magic now awakening.

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