Bald hentai hot fucked sexy d animated girl

Bald hentai hot fucked sexy d animated girl
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Having supernatural powers, Ann completely dominated her husband Albert. With his wife as boss, Albert had to do all the house work. Ann, on the other hand, did nothing of the sort. When arriving home from work everyday, she always told Albert to get dinner ready. Further, after they ate dinner, and Albert had the dishes done, Ann ordered him to her feet telling him to kiss and worship her toes. Also, whenever it pleased her, she would stand up and pull down her skirt and panties, turn around, and finally say, "Kiss my ass." Being an ass man at heart, he worshipped her rear quite well.

All in all, life for Ann and Albert was very structured, having everything follow their command obey power structure. In general, she was the sadist and he the masochist. One day in the morning on a weekend, Ann decided to go to the mall shopping and take Albert with her.

After getting dressed, both left the house and went down the driveway toward the car. However, despite his general subordination in their relationship, Albert all of a sudden got the idea that he could assert himself. Getting into the car first, he placed himself behind the wheel.

Seeing this, his wife became angry, saying, " Get out and go in on the other side, I'm driving!" Refusing to obey, Albert responded, " No, I wanna drive today." Infuriated by his defiance, she resorted to witchcraft, snapping her fingers, and giving the man a evil grin.

A few moments later, Albert began shrinking! Becoming smaller and smaller, he continued shrinking while seated behind the wheel. The shrinking process went on for about ninety seconds. Finally, it stopped with helpless Albert reduced to three inches in height!

Moving a bit closer to the open car window, Ann peered down at the man with a wicked smile, saying, " Well now, what have we here?" Going on, she said, " It looks teen party escalating into a sex orgy really quick if you're not driving anywhere; you're so small, you can't even reach the wheel." Realizing his mistake, he began begging for mercy, " Please make me big again, please, I'll never disobey you again!" "I'll bring you back as before when it pleases me, for now you'll remain small.", replied Ann." Next, nikky thornes outdoor blowjob scene ordered, " Move over to the passenger seat, now; let's move it!" Looking up into her piercing eyes, fear saturated his entire being.

Quickly, the tiny creature crawled over, for now she appeared as a giantess with all the power in the world! After he repositioned himself, Ann got into the car. Setting herself down, she placed her beautiful curvaceous ass right next to him. Dressed in a light colored pair of slacks, she looked great with her attire presenting the full shape of her attractive body. As she sat next to Albert, he couldn't help but look up and admire the elegant side of her rear.

Gazing up at it, he remembered the previous night as he kissed her behind. Staring away, he now wondered if she'll have him do the same in his reduced state! Starting the car, she next backed out of the driveway, driving off to the mall. When she got there, Ann turned to look down at her husband, blown away beauty in undies is geeting pissed on and reamed, " I guess you'll stay in the car while I go shopping; I'll be back in about twenty minutes; no use window shopping; since you're not with me, this trip's gonna be quite fast." After saying these words, she got out of the car, taking her purse with her.

A short while later, Ann returned to the car, opened the door, and entered the vehicle, again placing her gorgeous ass next to the tiny male.

Starting the car, she said to Albert, " Let's go home now, I just bought something I would like to try on." Shifting into gear, she drove off and headed home. After pulling into the driveway, she turned off the engine, opened the car door, and got out, taking her purse and a package with her. Reaching over for Albert, she raised him up by one tiny arm, dropped him into her purse, and pushed the car door shut. Ann casually went to the house and unlocked the front entrance.

Upon entering, she closed the door behind her. Standing in the middle of the livingroom, the sexy female emptied the contents of her handbag upon the floor.

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Everything fell out, including helpless little Albert. Just standing there like a fool, he looked about and saw female toilet articles way to large for him to lift. All about him loomed the images of womanhood, lipstick, a tampon, a mirror, and whatever else women usually carry in their purses.

Like giant beings in their own right, the objects mocked him as he stood inept, feeling smaller than ever. Next, squatting down, Ann took everything up except for Albert, placing the items back into her purse, and finally throwing the leather object upon the solfa.

Looking down at the little man, she said, " You look so cute, I could just eat you alive!" As she bent down, reaching for Albert, he put his hands up and yelled, " No, no, please don't!" With the man in her grasp, she tore off all his clothes, saying, " You must taste pretty good." Ann next began licking him all over his naked and tiny body. Licking away, she got him all wet from head to toe. Satisfied, the lady set him back down upon the floor.

Feeling humiliated, he realized the complete insignificance of his being in relation to Ann's total greatness.

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Staring down at Albert, Ann ask, " Wanna see what I bought at the store?" Walking over to the livingroom solfa, she picked up a small package that she previously dropped upon the couch after entering the home. Opening the package, she presented the contents to Albert, asking, " Look, do you like them?" "Yes", he simply responded.

The opened package contained a black bra together with a black pair of panties. "I think I'll try them on.", said Ann. Right before the awe struck little Albert, she proceeded to undress herself, removing everything, and eventually standing naked before him. With no self control, he couldn't help but stare up at her beautiful and magnificent body. Transfixing himself upon her breasts and ass, he said, " You're the greatest thing in the world!" Being helpless to resist the power of her appearance, he stood belittled before the greater glory of the superior female physique.

Taking up the new underwear, she put them on. Next, she went back into her sexy black leather highheeled shoes. Together with the footwear, the black lingerie generated the complete image of control upon his mind. Walking closer to her property, she looked down at him with one hand resting upon her hip, saying, " Don't you think I look sexy?" "Yea.", answered Albert. "Show me you think I'm attractive and start jacking off." Obeying, Hd passion hd lily carter ass fucked hard began playing with his tiny prick, masturbating until his dominant mistress told him to stop.

Squatting down, she raised up her toy again by one of his arms, standing up straight afterward. Lifting him right before her face, she said, " My ass and pussy need some adoration, why don't you start to worship them for me." Watching her pull open the back of her panties, he yelled, " Ann, what are you doing; c'mon, please!" "Putting you in your place where you belong", she replied. Moving him toward her backside, she dropped him in.

Sliding down her ass crack, he finally came to rest at the bottom of her panties between her asshole and cunt. Albert began moving around somewhat, causing her to experience pleasure, making her wet.

As he felt the warmth of her genital area, he heard from way above, " Yes, yes, keep moving, oh yea, that feels so good!" Albert continued moving about, more in an effort to crawl to the top of her waist line, yearning for fresh air. Slowly climbing upward, he constantly rubbed his body against her pussy.

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Being truly elated and stimulated, the witch continued to exclaim, " Oh yes, oh yea, I want you inside of me, yes I do!" After climbing for a while, Albert finally reached the top of her panties. Looking down, she saw his tiny frame and said, " Oh no you don't, you're going right back where you belong, you little worm!" With that, sorceress picked up her victim, and with her other hand, pulled down her panties to her thighs.

Taking a firm hold on Albert, she proceeded to push him up into her pussy! As he moved in, she couldn't help but say, " Yes, yes, that's the feeling I've always yearned for; keep squirming about you little piece of shit!" She continued pushing him all the way into her cunt.

Next, as she moved him in and out, the feeling of his tiny body was spectacular, nothing she experienced before could equal its sensuality. Truly, she was in heaven, a paradise made only for women who love dominating men. Not only was she overwhelmed with pure sexual delight, the woman was struck with a power surge, going through every corner of her being.

For her, power and sex were the same thing, the domination of women over men, and an expression of female superiority. After using Albert as a dildo for a long length of time, she was finally satisfied, reaching several orgasms. Ann pulled him out and placed him back upon the floor, asking, " Wasn't that great?" " I think we're gonna have to do this more often." "Please Ann, let's not do it anymore, it hurts when you move me back and forth." " Tough shit little guy, its my way or nothing.", she resounded.

Looking down at the helpless little male, Ann next said, " You know, I've really gotta shit!" Albert just stood there and stared up in terror and amazement, pleading, " No, please Ann, no!" Ignoring his words, she picked up Albert and walked over to the bathroom.

After raising the toilet's lid, Ann pulled her panties all the way down and set her ass upon the bowl. With Alice merchesi and lauren philips eats each others pussies in her hand, she took a shit! Hearing the sound of her waste hit the water, he next smelled her shit as she did her business.

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When finished, she got up off the fixture and placed Albert upon the toilet seat, saying, " Look down at my shit, you little nothing, look at it, its greater than you are; yes, there's more to my shit than to your entire existence." While speaking, she got down on all fours, reaching for some toilet paper in the process.

Handing him the paper, she said after pushing her ass directly in front of him, " Here, wipe my ass you little slave." Hesitating, he begged, " Ann please, don't do this to me!" " I said wipe my ass or I'll push you over the edge and flush you down!" Having no choice in the matter, he wiped her ass clean, taking a full ten minutes due to his small size. Nevertheless, the humble task was completed. After he was done, she said, " Throw the paper over the edge." With the paper in the water, she got up, turned around, and flushed the toilet.

Standing atop the toilet seat, Albert watched the paper and shit swirl to their ends. Looking down at him, she said, " That's what'll happen to you if you in any way cross me or make me angry." Frightened, Albert responded, " Yes Ann." Ann pulled up her panties and then raised the little man by one of his arms. Going back into the livingroom, she placed him upon the floor, saying, " This house needs some cleaning, I think you'd better start by picking up all the lint from the carpet; I want this place completely clean or you can join my shit down the pipes, you little piece of scum." Gazing upward, he yelled in desperation, " At my size, it'll take forever, please make me taller so it won't be so difficult!" Laughing, she exclaimed, " Fuckyou, that's the whole idea, making you suffer gets me off!" He stood there and begged further, " Ann, c'mon, please!" Raising her foot, she brought the sole of her stiletto shoe a few inches over his tiny frame, saying, " If you don't get to work now, I'll have some work getting a stain out of this carpet." With the underside of her magnificent pump moving slowly downward above his head, he yelled, " Ok, ok, I'll get busy, please don't kill me!" Smiling, she moved her foot away.

Albert began his work. His toil became a major task, for she insisted that he do all the house work with no regard to his small size. Further, she made him clean the bathroom with a toothbrush. In addition, she even made him do the wash. He had to clean all the clothes by hand.

The work taking hours, he blonde babe sierra nicole gets her pussy ruined pornstars and hardcore no time for himself. Time and again, he pleaded with her, " Please make me normal again!" However, she only laughed and said, " I told you before, you'll be back to normal when it pleases me, and I can assure you, that'll be quite some time from now." Albert had nothing to look forward to, save the slavery of everyday existence.

Day after day, he worked and worked. She ,on the other hand, would do nothing, only sit before the television or read a book. Moreover, she mocked him constantly; he was nothing to her but a piece of property.

In the end, she never returned him to normal.

He remained an insignificant three inches in height for the rest his life! The End