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Sex odia sex desi malodiasexinl full move com
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Finished your bath already? Yes, I remembered your e-mail last year saying that is your favorite bath oil. No it wasn't a trick, not really. My brother-in-law thanks you for your gift advice and my sister buys that brand all the time now.

You look like you recovered from that immediate ravishing I gave you upon arriving from your long trip to get here. Now dry that wonderfully wetnaked body.

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I've had my shower in the other bathroom and with a fresh shave, I am ready for you. I have some pillows in the left corner of the bed. One on top of the other and a third leaning on that stack. A fourth pillow is on the center of the bed. Sit your sweet ass on the center pillow. Kick back, get comfortable, relax laying diagonally on the bed so I have plenty of room here between your legs.

We can 69 another time. Right now I want you to relax and enjoy. At first I get right over top of you but with out touching you at all.

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Holding myself up like a solder ready to do a 100 push ups. My arms on either side of your shoulders. I gaze into your eyes and hold.

I see a kindred spirit there deep inside your eyes. I reach my neck down and kiss you firmly on the lips all the while holding myself up.

I kiss your chin, neck, left shoulder, neck again, right shoulder. I kiss my way back and down to the top of your cleavage.

I move my arms down a little so they are now on either side of your beautiful breasts.

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I lower my knees to the bed right between your knees. I kiss each nipple then gently bite and kiss my way down your stomach stopping at your mons. As I nuzzle and nip at your mons, I settle down between your legs and my hands touch you for the first time.

I massage and stroke your hips. Glide down your bikini lines feeling all around yet never touching your vulva. I move my firm hands down your legs to your knees, pressing them flat on the bed while describing vividly every sensual aspect of your sweet pussy. I reach under to the back of your knees then massaging your calves all the way to your ankles. I hold your feet, rubbing the balls of your feet lifting them into the air and move your legs toward you, knees on either side of your belly.

You are now in the perfect missionary position. I see you looking hungrily at my stiff cock and bite kittens drill dudes anal with huge strapons and squirt charge lips but we are not going to fuck yet. No, not just yet. I want to see you masturbate yourself. I will learn much about how to touch and please you by watching. Yes, thats it, wet your fingers and play with that pretty pussy.

Now think naughty thoughts. Your vivacious vulva has many nerve endings. Thousands in that hidden clitoris alone, but all they really do is stimulate the one, true, erogenous zone. Your mind.

Think of all the naughty and nasty pictures you've seen on the Internet. Think of every fantasy you ever had and fulfilled. Think of every fantasy you have yet to explore. Remember the first time you were ever completely satisfied. Remember your fist dildo, think of your favorite dildo. I move my face so close to your cunt that your fingers now feel my hot breath and you reach to my mouth but I only lick and moisten your fingers some more and tell you to continue.

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Now verbalize, tell me about the kinkiest thing you've ever done and really liked. I am listening and will remember for later use. Tell me of the kinkiest thing you've ever done but didn't enjoy so I'll know to stay away from that or better yet, I'll think of a way to make it enjoyable for you. Tell me of your favorite positions. Talk dirty baby, you know I love it. Now I reach the two fore fingers of my right hand to your panting mouth and command you to suck them like they were my throbbing cock.

Thats it, get them teacher and students xxxx story and wet. Now think of your darkest fantasy. That one you have never told anyone about. That really dark one that you often try not to think about yourself because of how nasty it is When I see your finger go back to your clitoris I pull my fingers out of your mouth and place the two on your one.

I will take it from here. As you remove your hand I press gently on your clitoris in a circular fashion. I move to the top of the clit and start a slow down stroke.

My fingers slide tightly on either side of your clitoris pausing briefly, then continue on between the inner and hot coed taking big cumshot in cunt labia slowly.

I do it second time, then a third but this time I continue down to circle your anus and back up again, parting your inner labia. I play here only the briefest of moments then separate my fingers, spreading your lips and exposing your wet and tight little vagina to me. I nuzzle my nose on your clitoris and breath in your wonderful aroma. I reach my left hand around your right leg and softly squeeze your mons. The fingers of my right hand stoke inside your inner labia, circling though not yet penetrating your vagina.

I place my mouth to your clitoris and start licking, gathering up your sweet pussy juices with my fingers and moving the wetness to your ass hole then back fore more juice. All the while I lick and flick your clitoris. My left hand slides up to play with your breasts and pinch your hard nipples. The fingers of my right hand massage your ass hole. My warm tongue slides down the right side of your clit. Down between the inner and outer labia. Back up separating the lips, stroking and gathering the juice coming from your vagina.

My tongue goes back to your clitoris and I retract my tongue, kiss your clit and you can hear me swallow your deliciousness with a yummy sound. My tongue back to your clit, circle and down the left side to repeat over again. Left side, right side, up the middle and swallow, I could do this all night but I won't. Now I move my hands to cup your ass. While licking and flicking your clit again I place my thumbs on the creases where your legs join your pussy.

Massaging the creases and squeezing the outer labia together. I move my thumbs to your inner labia and spreed then wide. My fingers dig into your ass. My mouth moves down puckering to kiss your vagina while my nose nuzzles your clit as my mouth gets buried in your vulva.

Now its tongue fucking time. My left thumb moves to massage your anus. My right hand reaches up to grab and fondle your breasts. My tongue enjoys working its way inside you. My tongue goes clockwise then counterclockwise. In, out, in, out and all around. I feel your legs squeezing my head then opening wide again to allow the penetration. My right hand slides down your belly to give your mons a squeeze again. My hands on your top and bottom somewhat holding you but allowing your needed movement.

Your legs flailing around. My nose presses against your clitoris. I tongue fuck you and your squeals of pleasure are music to my ears. Be loud baby, be proud. When I sense you're getting up there toward orgasm, I'll take my tongue out of your drenching vagina, make my lips into an O and take the clit into my warm wet mouth. I'll start to suck gently and watch your face for reaction.

The index finger on my right hand goes back between your lushest pussy lips. I suck your clitoris harder as I see you are enjoying it. My index finger now probes deeper in your vagina than my tongue did. The middle finger of my left hand replaces the thumb on your ass hole and gets wet from all the juice that has flowed down from your pussy's excitement. Sucking your clit in and out of my mouth as my tongue keeps rhythmic timing to greet your clitoris each time I suck it in.

The finger inside you is now rubbing your G spot and has you move, no longer with any restriction, I move with you. I have to adjust my knees and position myself better to stay with you. Now the middle finger joins my index finger and this allows me to probe ever deeper inside. The O my mouth has formed around the little flower bud of your clitoris widens, pulling away the foreskin completely away from your clit allowing my tongue to flick and circle.

The middle finger of my left hand works its way inside your ass hole. The fingers stroking your pussy are exploring the vagina, always coming back to the G spot. The two fingers give a rhythmic timing to alternately thump the G spot then rub. My lips pucker onto your clitoris now that they have persuaded the foreskin away.

The finger up your ass is sliding out as the two fingers in your creamy cunt are siding in. A double yet alternating penetration then begins to fluctuate then begin to synchronize. My mouth and tongue wildly fucking your clitoris. Please hold back your orgasm!

Please let me continue forever! Then it happens, I knew it couldn't last. Your fingernails begin to dig into my scalp. The vaginal muscle expands then quickly convulses tightly on my fingers gushing a new flood of juices.

Simultaneously your anus clamps hard as you scream thrusting your pelvis high. I manage only barely to keep the suction on your clitoris with the help of your hands hard on my head. You collapse back on the bed gasping for air, body quivering. I have managed to stay with you, but have stopped all movement.

First I release the firm grip my mouth had on your clitoris. Our breathing is now in sync and deep. Your scent is magnificent. Hot heavy breath flows over your sensitive clitoris. I slowly remove the long middle finger from its entrenchment. Your ass tries a weak attempt to hold it in then relaxes. I keep my two fingers inside you till you regain control of your breathing. Your pussy resists removal but coincides the inevitable.

I rise up. I've managed not to ejaculate, just barely, but you see the precum oozing down my dick. I lay down beside you and pull you close and kiss you ever so passionately. We talk a little about the different places we can fuck in the two days you have left before your long journey home.

I caress and pinch your nipples and we consider not even leaving this bed. But I have promised you a fantastic sunset busty black ex girlfriend aaliyah hadid fucked and facial ebony exgf the beach, besides, there is this spot I know .

You tell me you're ready to fuck now.