Keisha grey explores the pleasure of threesome act

Keisha grey explores the pleasure of threesome act
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John and Mary had been married 3 wonderful years and while their jobs kept them busy and away from each other quite often lately they always kept in touch.

On one of those many nights when Mary had the house to herself, while John was away on a business trip, she sat in front of the tv flipping channels barely paying attention until she heard the doorbell ring.

Looking pushing the cream out of her cunt the clock she noted that it was nearly 8pm and wondered who'd be around this late. Slipping into her robe she opened the door to a delivery man standing with two cases of wine and a note from her husband apologizing for his absence and hoping that she'd enjoy the wine, Love John.

She took the wine, paid the delivery man, and waved a good night as she closed the door and set the cases of wine on the kitchen table, she sat their staring at them and remembering the last time she'd had such fine wine to drink, it had been their honeymoon as they had drank the wine and made passionate love deep into the night only getting enough of each other once the sun had begun to rise over the horizon.

As she took a bottle of wine and drank from it slowly her eyes closed and she lost herself in the fond memory, her fingers slipping down to relieve the feeling of exquisite wetness that had formed between her thighs and as the memory of that wondrous night ran through her mind her fingers worked inside her furiously soaking in the hot juices that poured from her.

Before she knew it the bottle of wine was half empty and her tight pussy was contracting around her fingers exploding hot juices down to her knuckles, her body going limp as she lay their in blissful remembrance. She quickly finished the remainder of the bottle and set it on the table wobbling her way towards her bedroom and unceremoniously passing out in bed.

Unbeknown to her someone was very aware that she was all by herself and was planning to take full advantage of that fact.

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Slowly and quietly unlocking the front door he slipped into the house checking for any signs of life when he spotted the bottles of wine and smiled to himself as he slipped down the hall to the open bedroom door. He watched the woman sleep her breathing shallow her body motionless, he took a deep breath through his nose and found the distinct aroma of her flowing juices and grinned.

It seemed she had made a mess before he'd arrived, all the better for him. He quietly but quickly walked over to her bedside tracing a finger down her arm and watching for any reaction, but nothing happened.

He took a pair of black fuzzy hand cuffs from his back pocket and slowly lifted her arm above her head cuffing her wrist to the bedpost and stopping to watch for any reaction. This time she moved slightly adjusting to her arm being moved but did not wake. He smiled and moved to the other side once more home sleeping xnxxx storys full sex stories a finger down her arm and pulling another set of black fuzzy handcuffs out slowly cuffing her right wrist to the other bedpost, at this she straightened herself out her robe falling to her sides as her body was exposed to him he licked his lips and once more breathed in the sweet aroma of her sex.

The man watching the beautiful woman and restraining her to the bed stood around 6 foot wearing a black t shirt and jeans accompanied by a black ski mask to cover his face. He leaned down beside her and lightly kissed her lips as his fingers traced along her smooth silky skin down over her white lace bra feeling the hidden nipple underneath rise to attention.

At this he smiled and undid the front clasp of the bra and moved it off of her beautiful round breasts popping up from being held in and as they bounced up he caught one nipple between his lips watching her once more for any sign of alertness as he slowly sucked and licked over her perky nub her soft moans and slight wiggle stopped his wet embrace of her tit until she had once more settled into slumber and he continued sucking up her gorgeous mound into his mouth wrapping a hand firmly around the other and squeezing it softly rubbing and pinching the hardened nipple, her moans rising once more as her legs shifted below him he caught the aroma once more and stronger this time and he knew he was doing his job well.

As the man squeezed and sucked on Mary's breasts her mind had become lost in the memories of her husband sucking and fucking her into heavenly bliss before she realized that her dreams weren't so unreal and that something was actually happening to her.

Her moans sounded very close and the pressure on her chest was all too real. She slowly opened her eyes as best she could only to see someone paying great attention to her chest, she would have screamed if the feelings she was having weren't so wonderful as she felt the stirrings between her thighs her pink lips becoming hot and wet with each stroke of the mans tongue and fingers.

It was at this moment that she realized her wrists were restrained as she tried to struggle against him, at this he looked up into her half awake eyes. "I don't know who you are but either keep going or get out." She said with the utmost contempt at her situation.

He smiled and went on sucking her tits moving back and forth from one to the other before slowly kissing down her smooth flat stomach, his hands squeezing her breasts and rubbing over her hard nipples as he slowly kissed all over her tummy and along the curves of her hips and down the soft insides of her thighs.

He looked up once more as her face contorted into a look of pleasure and agony as her hands struggled to push his head against her waiting lips. He smiled once more flicking his tongue out along her moist wet pussy as she let out a long low moan he continued his slow assault on her lashing his tongue up and down spreading her lips and swirling over her clit sucking it up into his mouth as it hardened on his tongue.

He slowly slid his tongue deep inside her love tunnel the heat rushing over him as his nose rested against her clit, his tongue sliding deep inside her swirling over ever inch, her moans driving him on as she squeezed his head between gf masturbation for bf birthday tube porn thighs pulling fiercely against the cuffs before releasing a deep groan as her body went rigid her excited pussy exploding her juices against his tongue.

As she came down from her high she couldn't take her eyes off the man in the mask. He slowly climbed on top of her shedding his jeans and boxers as his thick cock came to life springing free, at the sight of it she couldn't help but let out a small cooing moan. "I'm yours stranger fuck me please master" she said shivering at the thought of that beautiful cock soon to be diving inside her.

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The man had other plans first though as he scooted up her body grabbing and squeezing her breasts once more pushing them together and stroking his hardon between them slowly at first before picking up a rhythm and pounding between her chest and rubbing over her hard nipples. Her body lurched as his hard throbbing cock pounded her tits almost poking her chin, she moaned out spreading her legs as her juices flooded out of her.

The man moaned and grunted behind the mask as his cock suddenly let loose of its held up cum exploding over her chest and along her neck. He moved his fingers swirling the creamy juices into her hard nipples and plump beautiful mounds, she smiled up at him bucking her hips slowly.

"please master give me more" she begged watching his semi hard cock slip down between her chest and along her tummy leaving a trail of cum as it rested against her lips sliding between them as they wrapped around the underside of his manhood.

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He leaned down close to her and lightly kissed her neck biting and sucking it gently. Her hips bucked more trying to get his hardening cock inside her, he pulled his cock away before placing the head brooke lynn amp halana nasty sisters get banged the entrance to her soaking hot pussy, her hips continued to buck pushing his head between her lips as he leaned forward and thrust deep inside her filling her up to the hilt in one thrust.

She gasped and moaned into his ear as he kissed down her arms and slowly moved out of her leaving just his head inside as he thrust once more deep into her tight hot cavern groaning into her ear. She moved her hand slowly as he raised his head and managed to grab the mask and pull it off, to reveal the smiling face of her husband as he pounded away at her tight soaking wet pussy faster and harder with each thrust, his lower stomach rubbing against her clit as he leans down to kiss her lips his tongue furiously exploring her mouth.

Her shock at her husbands actions was briefly overridden by the fire in her loins as she bucked up against his cock matching his rhythm and wrapping her legs around him to suck him deeper inside her as she let go a huge explosion of juices flooding over his cock as he drilled against the waves and shot his hot cum deep inside her, groaning into her neck and collapsing beside her as his wet cock slid out of her with a resounding pop.

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She looked at him breathing heavily in the afterglow as he slowly rose to unlock her cuffs and release her wrists, she wrapped her arms around him kissing his lips over and over he laid back and smiled. "hunny, I'm home." she laughed and slowly cuddled into his side wrapping her hand around his slowly shrinking cock and stroking it lightly.

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"You are a bad bad man and I'm going to punish you until the sun comes up" she smiled saying all this in a sultry tone as she climbed on top of him to ride him all night.