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Arab sexy teens fucked first time home away from home away from home
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The boys remove their fingers from Tina. Tommy being more quiet than the others during the game speaks up, let's see both of you strip naked and let us judge your bodies. Lisa very surprised by her brother making the day stands up. Tina then stands up. They both remove their t-shirts, then slide their Lacey boycut panties off. The boys admire Lisa's hot lesbian vixens love to eat pussy outdoors little perky tits.

They then see Tina's 34B tits. Both girl's nipples are hard. Tina's small patch of black pubuc hair above her clit and Lisa smiles as they see her trimmed, but yet much fuller bush. The boys both say very nice. Lisa still surprised her little brother was admiring her body.

Brett tells the girls to get on their hands and knees, let's see those nice asses again. Both girls do ad told. Both girls have such a nice tan. Both very nice tiny asses with Lisa's being just a little smaller. Brett tells the to show their holes. Each girl grabs their cheeks, spreading their asses. The boys just stare, so amazed at the closed tight holes of the girls. Tommy even stares at his older sister's ass.

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He thinks to himself, the girls are more experienced with sex, but both if those asses are virgin, other than Tina's had a finger in it. The boys then tell the girls they completed the dare.

Lisa asks the boys if they are hungry and would like to take a break and order pizza. Not wanting to pause the game, Brett reminds Tommy of the dare with the pizza delivery person. They ask the girls if the dare is still on, they laugh and tell the boys, a dare is a dare. Lisa orders the pizza. The boys see Tina whisper to Lisa. When asked the girls say we can't say, but will tell you in a couple minutes.

Let's watch TV for a couple minutes, they said it would be thirty minutes for the pizza. After about ten minutes of no sex chat Tina said to Lisa "now". Tina said "I dare you both to stand up right now, strip down and let us see you both without boners, hurry before they get hard". Both bits jumped up. Tommy knew thus would give the girls a chuckle. He was only 4 1/2" hard with no pubic hair, they would really laugh when he was soft.

Both boys pull their boxers down. Neither boy hard. The girls smile, but don't laugh. Tommy then blurts out "go ahead and laugh, good thing is I'd be good for your first time of anal". They all bust out laughing. Tina says " its so cute" as she looks at his tiny 2" penis, but Brett's 5 1/2" penis wasn't but about 3 1/2 soft, but a little thicker surrounded by dark pubuc hair.

Both of the boys cocks started getting hard as the girls stared. Lisa the suggested they go upstairs and get prepared to look out the window to see if the delivery person was a male or female.

They didn't wait long and the delivery vehicle pulled up. They sex xxx sex hors gral it was a guy.

Lisa handed Tina the money and wished her luck. "Down with the panties" one of the boys said. Shaking a little, Tina removed her panties, the other three hid around the corner. Tina's shirt came just below her pubic area, her nipples were hard and visible through her shirt. The doorbell rang. Tina opened the door.

She thought she somewhat recognized the delivery boy. He looked at her, looked down her body and back up. She paid the bill and said thanks. He said "no thank you, hope you order again soon or even again tonight". He then walked away. She closed the door. They all started giggling when she closed the door. Brett then said "that was Tiny, my old coach, I think he's about 18". Tina said "wow, he's cute".

Brett then said I've heard a story about him. Immideately the girls asked what. "They say he is hung" Brett stated. The girls commented to each other about the delivery boy as they had a piece of pizza.

The boys scarfed down a couple pieces hoping to get hottie teens gets fucked by a man in their comfy bed doggystyle and bestfriend to the game. The girls then asked if they were ready to GI back downstairs.

All four went back down stairs, boys still wearing t-shirts and boxers, girls in t-shirts and laced boycut panties. Once downstairs Tina says "its my turn since I had to do the dare and answer the door. Lisa I dare you to make out with your brother for five minutes. At least French kissing and whatever else may happen". Lisa said "he's my brother". "A dare us a dare" Tina says. Tommy still thinking of Hus sister bent over her tight ass says "what happens here stays here".

Tommy leans back on the couch, as Lisa sits beside him. She reaches in and touches her lips to his. They each open their mouths, their tounges touch. Brett and Tina set watching. As the continue kissing, Lisa thinks to herself, Tina was right her brother is a good kisser.

Lisa lays her body on Tommy as they continue kissing. She feels his little cock hardening, pressing against her. She starts moving her hands all over hus shoulders. Tommy reaches down and grabs an ass cheek with each hand. Finally Tina tells them the five minutes is up. They release their lips and set up. Tommy says "Tina I dare you to lay down like I was and let Lisa make out with you for five minutes". Lisa stands up and Tina lays down. Lisa climbs on top. Moves Tina's long dark hair out of her face, leans down and their lips touch.

They continue kissing and then both boys notice the girls are grinding each other. Tina whispers in Lisa's ear, let's give them a show, we will get them back". Tina lifts her shirt, Lisa follows along. The girls start rubbing their bare tits on each other, kissing and licking each others neck. Tina can't resist, she reaches and slides her hands in Lisa's panties, rubbing her ass.

Lisa starts grinding her pussie even harder on Tina's pussy. Brett finally tells the girls the times up.

Both girls get up, not saying anything, but knowing each others panties are soaked. Tina says "Brett I dare you to take your boxers off and lay on the floor. You going to see how good it feels to get rimmed. Lisa i dare you to rim him while Tommy sucks him, then you and Tommy trade places.

You boys liked the last thing us girls did, so don't wife with good tits big tits amateur anything". Brett took his boxers off and laid down.

Hus cock was hard and pointed straight up. Lisa got down between his legs and spread them. As she pushed hus legs up to see hus hole, she saw Tommy getting on the floor next to Brett. Lisa spread hus hairless cheeks.

Her tongue touched Brett's hole. He jumped a little at first. Tommy then took the head of Brett's cock in his mouth. Lisa then continued licking Brett's hole, Tommy started going up and down on his cock. Lisa then stopped for a minute to watch her brother suck Brett's cock. She then went back and started tongue fucking his hole. Tina told them it was time to change. Lisa was up beside Brett immediately taking his cock in her mouth. Tommy looked st Brett's hole, thinking he would rather it be Tina's ass he was going to bury his face in.

Tommy then started licking hus best friends ass. Tina could tell Brett was close to cumming and told them time was up. Lisa was tasting the precum, thinking she may have swallowed for the first time. Brett says "this dare is for all to enjoy, you two girls do a 69, me and Tommy will rim you each". "Kinky" says Lisa. The girls take off their still wet panties.

Tina lays down, Lisa lays on top, placing her pussy on Tina's face. She then leans down and spreads Tina's legs. The girls start licking each others clits.

Brett gets behind Lisa and spreads her tight ass cheeks. Seeing that tight hole he starts licking. Not having enough room for Lisa's face on Tina's pussy and Tommy's face on Tina's ass as she laid flat they took turns licking her clit and licking her mashing attractive hotties wonderful tits pornstar hardcore. As Tommy licked her ass Lisa would tease Tina's pussy and as Lisa licked her pussy, Tommy teased her ass with his finger.

With Brett tounge fucking Lisa's ass and Tina licking her clit she could hold back. Lisa started moaning and rocking. "Oh god I'm cumming". Lisa started having an orgasm. She leaned up a little and Tommy started licking Tina's clit and teasing her ass with his finger. "More, put it in more" Tina started yelling. Tommy new he was doing good licking her clit, he then started finger fucking Tina's ass.

She then started bucking yelling "yes, I'm cummimg too. Tommy felt her fluid flowing as he continued eating her pussy. "Fuck me, fuck me with that little boy cock" Tina screams. Lisa yells"Yes Brett fuck me too". Tommy lifts Tina up a little.

His sister watched him line hus cock up to Tina's pussy and starts sliding it in. Lisa then feels Tina spread her lips as Brett touches his cock against her pussy. Lisa feels Brett's cock enter. Both girls moaning and telling the boys to fuck them good. The boys pumping all they have. Lisa notices her brother is ready to cum, she reaches down, taking his cock in her hand, pulling it out if Tina's pussy and strokes him off, Tommy shooting his little load all over the area above Tinad pubic area.

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Tina notices Brett's ready to cum. She pulls Brett's cock out of Lisa's pussy stroking it. Brett shoots several loads all over or chest and neck as she lays under Lisa.

All four get up from the floor, looking at the click knowing they still have almost four more hours to play. More to come if you want. Feel free to leave any feed back