Striking czech nympho was tempted in the shopping centre and pounded in pov

Striking czech nympho was tempted in the shopping centre and pounded in pov
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Down A New Road With my divorce at last finalized and the remaining community property divvied up, I decided to start a new life in a new town. In the end, I chose a different state altogether, and moved one commonwealth north of the old homestead.

I leased a nice apartment in a two-family, the house owned by an attractive lady around my age who has a teenage son. Donna's boyfriend lives some miles away, so she spends weekends at his place.

Her son Tommy stays home, which I thought at first to be risky. Sixteen-year-old boys can find a whole lot of trouble in no time. I soon learned Tommy is nineteen, his size and french tutor room sex voyeur having deceived my skill to make accurate estimates. About five-feet-seven and slender, blond and with a crew-cut, he looks like the all-American boy idealized in those '50s sitcom reruns I watched while growing up.

I guess weekends by himself make Tommy lonely, because he started coming upstairs my second weekend living here. I don't mind, because the kid either gives me an engaging game of chess or busies himself with my collection of books. My 1958 Britannica set, bought by my dad to celebrate my birth that year and in hope of my future, holds Tommy fascinated. He calls the information and photos "untechnological", wondering how we ever started a space program.

I can only smile. The kid came up this morning earlier than usual, when I'd been awake an hour and his mom had just left. We made small talk while I cooked breakfast, the whole time under scrutiny by the kid's mischief-filled eyes.

I decided to wait on developments rather than ask what he might be thinking. "So," the kid said while we cleaned up, "do you have any porno movies?" "I might," I laughed. "Why? Did you wake up horny?" "We never watched a movie. I'm not in the mood for chess." "I have a few flicks." "What kind?" Tommy asked, his eyes seeming hopeful. "They're mixed," I answered. "A bit of everything is on each one." "Wanna watch your favorite?" We went into the living room, where I slid a disk into the DVD player and joined Tommy on the couch.

In less than thirty minutes, and though I've watched that movie two dozen times, I started getting horny. I'm in this town a month and still haven't met anyone, so I put it down to a nookie deficiency. My cock, however, wouldn't be put down at all. "This flick is turning you on, isn't it?" Tommy asked with a wry knowing grin. "You're what my mom would call 'fidgety'." I shrugged, feeling a bit embarrassed.

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I'm not used to being around teenagers, especially when I want sex. "Too chicken to admit it?" "I guess," I laughed. "It's a while since I been laid." "I'm a virgin," Tommy admitted. "I lee chae dam sex cine I'm a little old to be one, but that's the way it's worked out." "You'll get some eventually." We watched more of the movie, and I kept getting hornier.

I felt trapped, where if I turned the thing off the kid would know just how horny I'd become. As it turned out, he already did. "Want me to take care of that problem?" Tommy asked.

I almost shit. "I, ummm," I stammered. "I didn't know you're gay." "Now you know why I never been laid. My mother would kill me if she knew, so don't tell her, okay?" "I won't say a word." "Thanks.

So.?" I never had anything from or with another guy. The thought never crossed my mind, that I can remember. But there I was horny as hell, and some cute teenage boy is offering to take care of it for me. "How did you want to do that?" I asked, sort of hoping the kid would balk.

Tommy slid closer and rested his hand on my crotch. He gave the hardness there a firm but gentle squeeze. "Any way you want it," he breathed, starting to undo my jeans. I let the kid tug my jeans off.

He gazed a few seconds at my cock, probably in awe that he was going to get to play with it. Tommy then slid to knees, gripped the base of my hardness, and dropped his mouth down onto it. For a virgin, the kid showed he could give a blowjob. He kept his tongue pressed to the underside of my cock as his head bobbed fast and his hand pumped slow. He thrust his hips while massaging his own cock with his free hand. Tommy had me turned on, not only in anticipation of a strong orgasm but surprisingly also turned on to him.

He wore only a T-shirt and cotton safari shorts, and right then looked good enough to devour. I began wondering what his cock would taste and feel like in my mouth.

"Okay, I'm getting too close too fast," I said, pushing at Tommy's shoulders. Panting, the kid looked up at me from the floor.

"Don't you want to cum?" he asked. "I will." I gripped the hem of Tommy's T-shirt and pulled it over his head. Motioning him to sit on the couch, I yanked his shorts down when he rose from the floor.

I wanted his cock for sure the instant I saw it. "I hate hair, even on myself," Tommy explained, seeming a bit shy when his hard, perfectly smooth cock bounced free.

"I keep it shaved, and use my mother's hair remover for the stubble." The kid had nothing to be shy about. He had a good six or so inches, and I slipped to the floor and greedily took them into my mouth. I had to hold Tommy's hips steady with my hands to keep him on the couch.

I never thought a hard cock would have such soft skin, and I sucked and teased the shit of it. Each time the kid got near orgasm, I'd switch to tonguing the shaft and his balls, or nip at the shaved area with gentle teeth.

Tommy's cock flowed salty precum in steady pulses. I hope the neighbors didn't hear all his moaning. At last I stood, peeled off my shirt, and motioned Tommy toward the bedroom. I settled on the bed, and he slinked onto it like a cat.

The graceful curve of his ass blended perfectly to the rest of his wiry but solid frame. Then, to my next surprise and probably emboldened by his raging desire, the kid slammed his mouth to mine for a deep kiss. Further aroused by this newfound softness of him, I eagerly returned the passion. We slid lower down the bed blonde seductress with hot bush really enjoys getting her pussy pummeled breaking the soulful kiss.

I rose up and turned, to continue the kiss in a sixty-nine. Tommy wrapped my neck with his arms, and my hands roamed his firm smooth body. Hungry for more of him, I began tonguing and kissing my way down.

I sucked his nipples in turn, nibbling them also with gentle teeth. Tommy did the same with me, copying everything I did. My hard cock bounced in the air with each slamming heartbeat. I kissed lower until I reached his navel, to tongue it deep. Our hands roamed each other as our greedy mouths came inexorably closer to our prizes.

At cumshot on saggy teen tits watch part on camcom we took each other at the same time, breathing hard and fast as we enjoyed the new and manic pleasure of sucking cock while being sucked. I don't know how long we did that, but we repeatedly brought each other to the edge of climax to then back away, stopping release.

"I want this thing in my ass!" Tommy panted, as we yet again tormented each other with a pause. "Are you sure you can take it?" I asked, just as breathless. "My seven or so inches might be too big for you." "I'll take it. Just get it in there and fuck me!" Having Tommy stay on his back and propping his hips with pillows under his ass, I got a rubber and lube I still had from the time of my marriage. Rather than do it myself, I had Tommy sheath me, which the kid did using his mouth to unroll the thing the length of my shaft.

After he lubed me with a thick coating, I settled between his spread legs. "Oh, yeah!" the kid squealed when I started the head of my cock into his tight opening. He gripped my hips and pulled me into him. I felt some resistance so I eased off, but the kid would have none of it.

He bent his knees up to his shoulders and pushed his hips into me as he pulled my length deeper into him.

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"Ohhh!" Tommy gasped over and over. My cock had been compressing against the tightness inside, and then it burst through. My cock drove all the way to the hilt in the one shot, taking fully now Tommy's cherry. The boy's whole body quivered, so I paused to let him recover. But he'd have none of that, either. "Fuck me!" he pleaded, bucking his hips.

"You feel great in there! Fuck me!" I guess the lube thinned when it warmed from the excited boy's body heat, because soon I was pounding his tight ass like it flowed its own juices. Precum overflowed from the indent of Tommy's filled navel, streaming across his hips. He kept perfect time with me, meeting my thrusts while rolling his hips in tight desperate circles. Thrashing his head, he panted and moaned the whole time.

Tommy's allure and sexual heat had me, too, wild with need. I had to start forcing myself to keep from shooting my load within a minute of getting inside the delicious boy. I kept fucking him, changing speeds and depths, driving us both crazy.

Refusing to let him jerk off, I made him endure his want long as I did mine. For further torment, School small girl and old man full sex story swept a slow hand over him and used a mix of nibbles, licks, and kisses on every spot my hungry mouth could reach.

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"Please.!" Tommy squeaked, the rest of his plea lost for his panting. "Want to cum?" I asked, bending at the waist to cradle beauteous cutie sucks cock so well interracial hardcore head and kiss his mouth, without letting my belly touch his engorged needful cock. Poor Tommy could only bounce his head like his neck had become loose. Kissing him long, tight, and deep, I rested my full weight on him and hugged his head in my arms.

All that precum had his cock sliding easily between our bellies, and the virginal boy writhed and squealed as he raced toward his first climax with a partner. Being a tease and a bit of a dominant, I sucked in my gut a number of times, to rob Tommy of his final reward a little longer.

Then I let him reach it. Squealing into my mouth as we continued to kiss, Tommy lifted his knees so I'd go deeper still into his ass. He tensed, and one powerful shot of cum spurted between us.

That being it for me, I moaned into his mouth and held him tighter as my cock fired its most forceful load in a long while. Tommy must've been holding back, because when I started to cum his own smooth-shaved hardness blasted two more powerful spurts, then seemed to keep flowing. Tommy's full hot load felt like triple what I was still releasing. His pulsating cock slid easily between our bodies, and his spasming inner muscles milked more pleasure from me.

I thought my balls would follow all that cum I kept spilling. At last Tommy and I had no more to share with each other.

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We lay in a dazed heap, our cocks still a bit hard and mine still inside him. We talked a little, with him telling me some of his fantasies. When he started down toward exhausted sleep, I slid out of him with a promise we'd fulfill his every desire.

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Tommy's stirring awake now, after an hour's nap. There's a fresh tingle in my cock, so the first of the boy's secret desires is about to be fulfilled. Some time soon, I'll introduce him to a few of my own pleasures and the accessories used for them. I wonder what we'll do this next round. I'm curious to know what his cum tastes like, how his cock will feel in my ass. I can't wait to find out.