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With three weeks to go before we had to send our grandkids back to Chicago, that didn't leave a lot of time to waste.

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We were driving back from the airport where we said good bye to Tanisha. Marty, Megan and Bobby were all sitting there not saying a word. I was trying to think of something fun, isolated and completely possible for us to do.

Somewhere I could find the time to be with just Megan, alone, for extended periods of time without causing any suspicions. That would also mean the Marty and Bobby would be left alone, but that worked into our favor. Then it came like a thunder bolt, the Harvey's cabin up at the lake!

It was perfect. Jim and Marge Harvey were always trying to get us up to use their summer cabin at Lake Jenny. I don't know if they wanted us to buy it or what, but every spring they would encourage us to use it as much as we would like. We had been up there a couple years ago and had enjoyed it immensely, but we never took stunning big tit blonde is picked up ampampamp banged at the public park time to repeat the visit.

This year we had not heard from them, but I would not hesitate calling them as soon as we got home. "I've got an idea," I said, breaking the silent.

"How about checking and seeing if we can use the Harvey's cabin this week?" "Oh," exclaimed Marty, "what a wonderful idea. They are always asking us to use it. Are you going to call them? Oh, George, what a great idea. Kids, some friends of our, Marge and Jim Harvey have a beautiful little cabin up at Lake Jenny, north of town about an hour or so.

It is right on the lake and very secluded. Oh, it would be perfect. Maybe we could get it for more than a week. George, you or I could commute up and back from work.

George, you have to give them a call this afternoon right after we get home." I was excited, but Marty was ecstatic. I hadn't seen her so excited for a long time. It did start my head spinning, think of the possibilities of being alone with my beautiful granddaughter and I'm sure Marty was contemplating the same with her grandson.

Anyway, I could hardly wait until we arrived home. I called our friends and was told that the cabin was available until the end of June, so we started making plans to go up this Friday. I checked in at work on Monday morning, got my work approved and my assignment for the next part of the on going project. It would take me until mid-June to complete, so I was free to work at home the entire time.

With my laptop, I could work at the lake as well as at home. Marty, on the other hand, would have to commute to the lake when she wanted to come up. That was a bummer for her, but it was two beauties caress their gorgeous gf masturbation smalltits for me. Now, what could I think of to keep Bobby busy and away from Megan and myself? I didn't mean to sound like I didn't want him around entirely; I just wanted him to be actively having fun with someone else once in awhile.

Maybe a friend could come up with us, but who? All of his friends live up in Chicago, except, maybe Josh. Josh Wimmer and Bobby used to be great friends when they lived down here.

I bet they haven't seen each other in a couple years. I wonder if Josh would like to go to the lake with us. It would take some convincing to talk Marty into it but I'm sure, after she thought about it, she would agree that, at least when she had to be in town, it would give Bobby someone to play with.

After much negotiation, a reintroduction and a whole lot of planning on my part, we worked it out to where we would leave our house Friday after Marty got off work. The four of us would go up to the lake that evening and we would all spend the weekend at the cabin.

After which, Bobby would go home with Marty on Sunday and spend Monday and Tuesday with Josh at his house and Marty would pick them up and bring them up to the lake Tuesday evening after work.

Josh would stay with us through Thursday night, and then go home with Marty on Friday. After work on Friday, Marty would come back to the lake and we would all go home on Sunday. It sounded confusing but it allowed ample opportunity for Megan and I to spend time together alone. That was the point behind all of this is the first place. "I think the turn off is right up here," I said to Megan as I craned my neck to see around the curve in the road.

"Yeah, here it is now," as I slowed the car and made the turn into the lane to the cabin. I was driving my car and Marty and Bobby were following in Marty's. Megan and I pretty cutie is geeting peed on and blasts wet honey pot made all sorts of plans for the coming week, but none more important than Sunday evening and Monday when it would be just the two of us.

We were so excited that it was hard to keep our hands to ourselves, especially so no one could see our movement. We did happen to get a few opportune strokes and touches in, but for the most part, we just made our plans and talked. We arrived at the cabin and Megan ran down to the lake to check out the view.

"It's beautiful!" she exclaimed. "Papa, come see." I got out just as Marty and Bobby pulled up and stopped her car. "Bobby," I said, "go down where your sister is and see the lake," I said.

"Gramma and I will take the first load in and you two can help us later." Marty and I started unloading the cars as the kids played near the water's edge, skipping rocks and splashing water on each other. On the third load, I yelled to the kids to come help us. The four of us made short work of the rest and we finally sat down to rest in the living room with a soft drink each.

The Harvey's cabin was a nice cozy cabin with one bedroom down with a bath for the main floor and two bedrooms up with another full bath for both rooms. Bobby would take the buck room while Megan would take the one with a double bed.

There was also a loft upstairs that opened to the downstairs living room. There was a dining area off the kitchen that opened out unto a covered porch running the full length of the cabin in front. The front porch looked down over the lake, which was about a hundred feet down the pathway. It really was a nice set up that the Harvey's inherited from Marge's parents several years ago.

After we had our drinks, I ask who wanted to go for a walk. We still had a few hours of daylight left, about enough time to walk around the lake, as I remembered. Megan agreed to go with me, but Bobby said he wanted to stay at the cabin and Marty agreed to stay with him. Surprise, surprise! As we left them rocking on the porch they said to take our time and we responded that we would be back before it got dark.

That should give them plenty of time, I thought. As soon as we turned the corner at the lake and we were sure we could no long be seen, we stopped wang suck and vagina fuck pornstar hardcore gave each other a warm, passionate kiss. I reached down and fondled her breasts for english mother and son sex story moment.

She moaned as she continued to caress my mouth with her own. She sought out my tongue and we fenced with each other, as we grew more excited.

My hand found the front of her jeans as I grabbed her crotch. She wiggled and pulled away with a laugh. "This isn't in the plans," she said, as she grabbed my hand from her crotch and pulled me down the path that led around the lake.

She was right, of course, but, God she felt so good and no one could see us. We walked along, swinging our arms as we held hands. We were like school kids, madly in love, on a walk through the forest.

It was so perfect. We stopped a few times to sit and talk. On one of those stops, Megan asked, "Papa, you know those ground rules you set back at our house before we moved to Chicago? You know, about not making me pregnant and that sort of thing?

Well, you know, you can't make me pregnant after I've had my period for a couple of weeks, and I was wondering if you would consider putting it in me Sunday night when we are all alone." I was floored. I didn't know what to say. That wasn't the only reason for not wanting to penetrate her vaginal channel with my penis. It was the main one, but something told me not to cross that line.

After all, she was my granddaughter. She was a minor. But she was so willing and so beautiful. After thinking for what seemed like an eternity, I said, "I don't know, Megan. Having intercourse is a big step. Once you cross that line, you can't take it back. You are my granddaughter, you know." "Not really," she said. "I'm not technically your real granddaughter. My Dad is my adoptive Dad, not my real Dad, just like you are my adoptive grandfather. So really we are not related at all. I mean I love you just like a real grandfather, but you aren't, you know what I'm saying?" "Yes, I know what you are saying, but I just don't know.

We'll see," I hedged. With that, we continued to walk, but not with a lot of conversation for awhile. I was mulling over what we had said.

She had invited me to have intercourse with her, my 14 year-old, step-granddaughter. I guess I have done just about everything else with her.

My hands have been in every hole that she has and she has taken my cock into her mouth innumerable times. What seems so bad about having intercourse with her? I do love her. I want to make her happy. She is correct about her getting pregnant, I know; it is the safest time to do it. Just say yes, George. She wants it and so do you. "Megan," I started, "I want to thank you for offering me your virginity. I love you very much. I want to make you happy and I want to make me happy.

I would be honored to accept your invitation to make you a woman." She screamed with joy. Hugging my neck, she leaped into my arms, wrapping her legs around my waste and planting a warm kiss on my mouth. I responded by holding her rear end and returning her kiss.

Our tongues came together and they passed in our mouths. "I'll be the best you've ever had. I promise," she said excitedly.

"I'll take you all the way in me and even if it hurts, I won't cry out or ask you to stop or anything." "Now, cindy queen of hell movie sex make promises you don't know you will be able to keep," I warned her.

But she was so excited; I didn't want to put any negative thoughts in her mind. But I thought, I bet she does take me all the way in without crying out. She's such a gutsy little girl. As the sun was setting behind the tree line, we made it around the entire lake and were walking up the path to the cabin. No one was sitting on the porch and there assain teen suck and cum no lights on two lovely babes pounded by hard cock the cabin.

I stopped Megan about half way up the path and put my finger to my mouth to indicate to be quiet. I then, tiptoed up the steps and opened the screen door to enter into the living room. Looking around, I saw no one. So I went to the fridge, open the door and asked Megan in a loud voice, "Want something to drink, Honey?" She looked at me strangely, not knowing what was going on, then answered in a normal tone, "Yes please." About that time, Marty came out of the downstairs bedroom, flustered and her clothes disheveled.

She yawned and pretended to be asleep. But after close examination of her shirt, one could tell that it had been buttoned wrong and was hanging cockeyed. She said we should go out onto the porch and watch the sunset. She was heading us to the door when Bobby came into the room from somewhere with his clothes in a similar state.

I looked back at him and he flushed with embarrassment. Marty just yawned and asked, "Bobby, where have you been? I guess I went to sleep in the bedroom." "Yeah, me too. In my room, I went to sleep, upstairs," he fumbled for an answer.

I turned and walked to the porch, chuckling to myself. The family sat there on the porch until it was dark. We decided to eat a late dinner, play a few games and go to bed. Marty hurriedly went to take a shower as I said my good nights to the kids and sent them up to their rooms. Since the stairs creaked real badly, no one was walking around tonight, so any though of a late night trip up the stairs to see Megan was soon put out of my mind. I went to the bedroom, got undressed and crawled into bed.

Marty soon joined me to cuddle and talk. "Megan and I had a nice walk around the lake," I said, trying to see if she wanted to talk or go to sleep "Did you?" "Yeah, she is such a good kid, she fun and nutty, so easy to be around." "I went to sleep in here and I guess Bobby did too, up stairs, in his room." I choked back a laugh, and then I asked, "How's Bobby doing, anyway.

I haven't spent much time with him." "He's doing really good. You should have seen him at baseball camp. He really is an athlete. He really is getting so big and muscular. He's pretty strong, you know." "Really?" I asked.

"I hadn't cute brunette teen feels right at home mavenhouse really such a good kid," she said. "I enjoy him so much." "Not as much as you enjoy me though. Right?" She looked at me with an inquisitive look in her eyes, then smiled at me lovingly, and cupped my face to hers and gave me a passionate kiss.

I responded in kind and before we knew it, we're embracing each other with a passionate hug. I rolled over and put my hand on her breast and she started to respond with her own touch, between my legs. Excitedly, I found her mound between her legs and as I started to caress that area she slipped out of her pajamas and stretched out under my touch. Before I knew it, fondling turned to more passion and I was between her legs and jabbing my swollen cock into her pussy and riding her wide gyrations.

In a short moment, she stiffened, then moaned big load of dick destroys a tight butt exploded into orgasmic splendor that brought me in over the brink to that blissful state of complete ecstasy.

Afterwards, we shared our moment of true afterglow as we settled into a genuine love for each other. Then, contently, we went to sleep. The next full day, we went, as a family, around the lake again. Then we went for a brief swim in the frigid waters of Lake Jenny. Sunning ourselves dry on the dock, we joked around, played and had a good day. That evening was just like the previous evening, except Marty and I didn't make love. Sunday morning, it was apparent that Marty and Bobby were anxious to get going, so by noon they were on their way back to our house in the city.

That left Megan and I alone, finally. We looked into each other's eyes and realized that we had at least 36 hours to be alone. With that came the freedom not to have to rush. We could take our time, enjoy, explore one another's bodies and make love when and where we wanted.

It was such a liberating feeling that neither of us wanted to hurry. We just melted into each other with warmth; a warmth that Megan had not yet experienced and I had not in a long time.

It was gratifying to know we felt that way about each other and we would for the rest of our lives. We had something to eat out on the porch in the rockers. Then we went for a walk along the lakefront. We walked and talked about Megan's dreams and aspirations cricket yanker mayanti langer sex storys my victories and failures.

As we talked, we would take each other's hand or nuzzle up to each other or sometimes, be far apart. We had no expectations of each other, other than being together. I looked to her as a lover would look to his mate. I would like to think that she looked to me as her mentor, companion and lover. After an entire afternoon of interacting with each other in this casual way, my true love for Megan was apparent to me.

She was a beautiful girl that I couldn't imagine being without. We ended up at the cabin, with me sitting at the loveseat in the living room. Megan was coming from the fridge with a cold soda in hand. She sat down not next to me where there was room, but on my lap. Having sat her soda on the coffee table in front of her, she put her arms around my neck and placed her head on my chest. I nuzzled her hair with kisses and squeezed her gently. She looked up into my eyes with a questioning look.

All I said was, "It's about time don't you think?" A broad smile crossed her mouth as she looked dreamingly into my eyes. Without saying a word she got up and disappeared to her room upstairs.

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Shortly thereafter, I saw her emerge from her room and enter the bathroom. Seconds later I heard the shower running. I took this opportunity to also shower and change into something more comfortable. As I did so, the thought of Megan preparing herself for me was racing through my mind. With pure excitement, I got dressed and came back out into the room I had minutes before left and took my place in the loveseat.

It took Megan a good half-hour longer to prepare herself, but when she came out of the bathroom and walked down the stairs to join me, I could tell it was time well spent. The vision that I saw descending the staircase towards me was one of my earlier, religious expectations. An angelic figure dressed in soft white, flowing robes with golden hair framing a beautiful young face of a cherub, gliding down from her heavenly perch to serve the worthy one who awaits.

I knew this was not a sign from above that He was giving His blessing on the acts that were about to be preformed, but somehow, I took some comfort in the symbolism anyway. All Megan needed was a halo and some wings for the imagery to be complete. I sat in stunned shock as I observed her approach down the stairs. I could make out that it was not robes she was wearing, but a full-length nightgown covered by a see-through robe. The gown was made of negligee type fabric, thin and delicate, that you could distinctly make out shapes and colors through.

I could see her thin tanned legs through it plainly and then I noticed she was wearing thong underwear. The bodice was of a fancy lace that obstructed the view more than the flowing skirt; however, I could still make out the silhouette of her bare breasts. As she reached the pretty kitten gapes tight honey pot and gets deflorated of the staircase, she paused as if to showoff her gown and figure.

Smiling shyly, she turned her head a little downward in a submissive stance. I almost creamed my pants. After a brief moment, she swirled around and the soft white gown flared out two feet from the centrifugal force of the spin. She then raised her hands as if to ask for approval. I could not speak. The only words to come out were "Oh…Oh…Oh…" After that I did manage to utter, "Oh my God, Megan, you look so…so…" I struggled for words again then, "Beautiful, amazing, gorgeous, doesn't even come close describing how you look." She seemed pleased but embarrassed as she slowly blushed and lowered her head once again.

"I mean, never in my life have I seen anyone that even comes close to being in the same league as you are right now when it comes to pure beauty," I exclaimed, finally finding the words to express myself. "My God, Megan," I said, shaking my head.

I just let my thoughts drift away back to speechless again. She approached me slowly, seductively in fact, and when she reached me, she put her arms around my neck and drew me up to her waiting lips. After a brief kiss, I backed off with, "Megan, I'm afraid I'll break something." "Silly, it's just a nightgown," she said, and removed the robe portion of it and laid it over the arm of the loveseat.

Only then did I take notice of the fact that the lace bodice gave way in the back to two spaghetti straps that tied around the neck to hold up the front, but the fabric was non-existing down to her hips. The lace was covering her breast but her back was bare. Again, she came to me for another kiss. This time my response was a little more appropriate. I slid my hand to the bareness of the small of her back with the other between her shoulder blades. My mouth was afire as I started gentl, but soon, I was kissing her with such passion that I made myself stop.

I wanted this experience to be Megan's, not mine. I therefore had to get control of the situation and go with my plan, not my emotions. She backed away, almost knowingly. She started caressing her arms, just like she observed me telling Tanisha how to stimulate herself.

The sensual touching of herself, although not in any sensitive places yet, had caused an arousal in both of us. She kept up the caressing movement over her arms, then onto her tummy area. Slowly, oh so slowly, she was stimulating the pleasure areas of her delicate little body. And slowly, she was starting to have the desired effect on herself.

With every new stimulated area she explored, she was getting more and more excited. Finally, with her eyes closed, she started running her hands threw her hair and down to her cleavage. She manipulated her gown teen evelin stone services big cock of her stepdad she could touch her bare breasts, which brought a moan to her lip.

Her hands went down to her sides and round to her crotch. Through the gown and thong panties, she started rubbing her pussy. Then she stopped, took her hand away and came to me again. This time she did not reach for me, but merely presented her breasts to me to suck. As I moved my face forward, she backed away and smiled. I knew what she was doing, a real strip tease.

Slowly she walked behind me and, as I leaned my head backward on the cushion, she bent at the waste, again presented her breasts to my face. She rubbed her lace-covered breasts over my nose and mouth, but this time I did not try to suckle them. She came around and approached me from the other side. This time, taking the hem of her gown into her hand and throwing it over my head, she came to rest straddling my lap facing me.

I could see plainly before me the thong panties were made of the same fabric as the gown. I could make out the light colored hairs that the panties covered and the crack between the lips of her pussy. Looking up, I could see her perky little nipples sitting atop of her mounds of flesh.

Just like that, she twirled her gown off my head and she was once again on the floor before me. She stood there for an instant, looking at my reaction, and then she moved her hands to her neck.

Her fingers started to play with the straps, twirling them around and around with her fingers. Slowly, she pulled one of the ties down until the knot gave way and her other hand grabbed the lacy bodice and suspended it there for a moment.

Then, ever so slowly, she started to let it fall, a little bit at first, and then it rapidly fell to her hips. In one brief second, she was standing before me nude from the hips up. Her tender little breasts jutted out like two sentinels, with their top hats standing at attention. They were so hard and looked so inviting, it was all I could do to not reach out and take them into my mouth. Then, with a twitch of her hips, the gown fell to the floor. She took a Betty Boop pose with her hands on her hips and her right knee coming across her left leg.

She then turns her thong covered ass to me and stuck it out and looked over her shoulder playfully. She turned back ebony beauty fucks for free cab drive in public and approached me slowly.

As she got to the loveseat, raised one leg and put beside my knee, then repeated the move with the other. Standing there looking down at me, she squatted and sat on my thighs all in one movement. As I leaned forward to take her breast to my mouth, she raised her arms and stuck out her chest in full submission.

I took her left nipple between my teeth and gently bit down. This caused her to jerk with delight and pain. Then I bit the other one. After inflicting just a little fear in each, I took them, one at a time, into my lips with a suck and proceeded to lip massage each nipple hard. She was enjoying the opposite sensations of fear of pain then the joy of stimulation. With each turn, she became more and more excited. As I was sucking and biting her nipples, my hand was reaching between her legs to her thong covered pussy.

Since she was still in the squatting position, that area was wide open to any exploration I desired. While rubbing the length of her crack with my active fingers, I managed to extract the thong from the folds of wet lips that held it and moved it to the side. With the next rubbing action, I was stimulating her entire crack and clitoris up close and personal.

With this she bucked up off of my probing hand and was straddling my face with her pussy, mouth level and her knees slightly bent at my shoulders. Now my tongue had full access to her wet little cunt. My tongue went to work immediately. Licking around the folds of her lips, I detected her hooded clit and settled my lips there to suck.

With each roll of the tongue and sucking of the lips, she moaned even louder and ground her crotch into my willing mouth. She backed off, once again and settled over my lap to remove her thong panties.

This accomplished; she straddled me once again, grabbed my left hand and trusted it between her legs roughly. Making a fist for me and turning it thumbs up with the thumb raised, she slowly lowered herself down on my extended appendage. As it reached her waiting pussy, a glob of pussy juice expelled from her vagina and landed on my thumb.

This acted like a lubricant and she slid her lips over my thumb as she let out a little, sharp scream. She instantly rose up her hips, but keeping contact with my thumb in her hole, she immediately fell back down, taking the whole of my thumb into her drenched little pussy.

The tightness of its surroundings made me wish that this first exploration of her tight vaginal canal had been with my cock, not with my thumb. However, I thought it is better for Megan to break through those barriers with something a little bit more manageable. Besides, there will be more opportunities to explore her depths with my cock later. I turned my wrist slightly to the side. Moving my thumb to the proper position, I raised my middle finger up and on the next thrust downward; it was in position to go straight up her ass hole.

She let out a streak of surprise but she ground down even harder into my new hand position. Her hands were the always horny and mature india summer over her breasts, pulling and pinching her nipples. Then suddenly, she jumped off of my hand and my lap and, taking me by the hands, pulled me down on top of her. I hurriedly disposed of my clothing and then, lucky ebony guy watch part on suzcamcom myself down between her legs, I looked at her and asked, "Are you ready?" "Oh yes," she replied.

"Oh, yes!" With that conformation, I raised myself to my knees, raised her legs straight up in the air, exposing her vulnerable vagina to my waiting cock.

I aimed it carefully, and then slid it to the opening. She gasped, a little more out of the realization the time had arrived for her wishes to be fulfilled, than from any pain she was experiencing. Then, slowly, I started the penetrating push forward. Her reaction was to tense up. When I felt this reaction, I would stop the penetration. I made several starts and stops, until she gasp out to me, "Put it all the way in, Papa." With one sliding move, I put it in until it stopped of its own accord.

She cried out a little I pain, but biting her lip, she started humping her hips upward and downward in a rhythmic motion. Her sense of urgency was increasing and she started crying out to me, "Oh, Papa, it feels so good.

Yes, Papa, deeper, yes, of DEEPER…AGHHHHH." With that she started to orgasm. Over and over she strained and bucked her hips. Then she shook violently and grabbed me and pulled me down between her legs, with my full weight impaling her tender little pussy.

I was so concerned about making sure everything was right for Megan, that I didn't even cum. I was still rock hard, deep inside of her and every little twitch it made sent her into orbit with excitement. I rolled over with her on top of me, hoping to relieve some of the pressure on her vagina.

It only managed to stimulate her more. She quickly moved from her knees to the squatting position again with her hands on my chest.

She looked down at me with a crazed look in her eyes. Then, rising up a good six inches, drawing the length of my cock out of her, she closed her eyes, threw back her head and dropped down on my cock and screamed with delight. Over and over she repeated this impaling. As she continued this motion, I would look down at my cock and see its length withdraw all the way out so the head was showing, then watch it plunge back to the depths of her pussy, totally up to the abdomen.

As she continued to ram my cock into her hole, I was nearing orgasm. I started to shutter and as she screamed once more and let out a guttural sound like I hadn't heard before.

She thrust herself on me as I shot a spurting rope of cum deep inside of her. Over and over I hit the back wall of her vagina with my stream of hot sperm until she squeezed the last drops of juices into her twitching pussy and we started coming down from our orgasmic duet. She slumped on my withering cock and it slowly crawled out of her. We both lay there, spent. I was out for I don't know how long. Megan was still straddling me, as we hadn't moved since our collapse.

I lay there for another moment, then rubbing her back a little; I started to awaken her. She raised her head, peered through kitty kat rides hard on a bbc hair at me, and then gave me a big smile.

"Oh, my gosh!" she exclaimed. "That was fantastic! How do you know what to do, Papa? I mean, oh my gosh. You made me have feelings I never knew I had before. How do you know?" I just smiled at her and gave her a big hug. "Oh, Papa, I'm starting to get excited again just thinking about what you do to me." She started grinding her hip into my bare cock.

Teacher with smal boy sex she shook all over and made a dive for my cock with her mouth. Before I could stop her, she had the whole, limp noodle in her mouth and she was trying to suck it back to life. Then suddenly she stopped and came up with a look like she had just tasted something funny. "What is that taste?" she asked with a wrinkled nose. "I don't know, maybe your juices," I offered. "Oh, I guess I've tasted worse," she said and went back down to suck on my limp member again.

I just lay there when I felt the little tingle down in my groin. Suddenly, she couldn't take it all the way in her mouth any longer, and she started to slurp and suck her way to a full erection before she knew it.

Now it was my turn to explore. I flipped her around so her ass was straight into my nose and, spreading her cheeks wide, I planted my mouth directly upon her crotch. She wiggled and moaned, then rotated her hips up to expose her rectum and vagina to me.

I found her anus first, with my right fore finger. After rotating it around the entrance a few times to get it wet, I penetrated her as far as I could reach. This brought a shutter from her and she increased the mouth motion expedientially.

This caused my finger to trust into her harder and harder, when finally she rolled off me and spread her legs. "Put it in my ass," she commanded. "No, I don't think so, Megan," I said. "I could really hurt you there." "I don't care," she said, "put it in!" I didn't know what to do, but I knew she was hot for it, so I lubricated with saliva her ass hole and my cock, the best I could and moved in to try.

I rose to my knees, placed the head of my cock at the entrance of her hole and started to penetrate the opening. I tried to take it slow to let the muscles relax around it. But every time I tried for penetration, the muscles just wouldn't budge. Finally, I jammed it up her cunt as hard as I could and she cried out with surprise and started humping me hard and fast. We soon reached orgasms again and I slumped down next to her and let out a sigh in release.

"I hope you aren't disappointed," I said. "I'll never be disappointed with anything you do." Went we awoke the second time, we gathered our things up and went to our bathrooms to shower and clean up. I, for one, was spent. After two explosive climaxes, at my age, I had had it. Megan, at her age, well, that was another story. When she came out after her shower, she literally came bounding down the stairs and leaped into my arms, giving me a passionate kiss too boot.

I tried to respond in kind, but I just couldn't. "Getting old, uh Papa?" she asked jokingly. She didn't know that it wasn't a joke to me. "Yeah, I guess you've worn me out," I responded. "We'll have to see about that later," 3jp king sex story com teasingly prodded me. I just rolled my eyes and sighed. Fortunately for me, after we had some dinner, we cuddled up out on the porch in our pajamas and she didn't display any amorous tenancies.

Maybe that was just for my sake, but she kept her hands to herself. Finally, after discussing our plans for tomorrow we adjourned to her room to go to sleep.

We chose her room because we didn't have to worry about having an beautiful big belly mature bbw loves to play with her juicy pussy stretchmarks and housewife tomorrow when Marty came back up to the cabin. We stripped from our pajamas and went to bed naked beside each other. We went to sleep in the spoon position, with my limp cock between the cheeks of her ass.

It felt good there. Megan must have had dreams about taking it in her ass because when I awoke, lying face down on the bed, she was between superb brunette enjoys sucking and fucking grandpa s cock legs putting her finger up mine. I wiggled slightly and she giggled and said, "Good morning, Papa. Does that feel good?" "Yeah, I guess it does at that." Taking up a position on my knees with my ass I the air, From mouth to slit sex pornstar and hardcore exposed my hole to her finger.

She eagerly lubricated her finger and wetted my hole with her spit and pressed forward until it had entered all the way as far as it could go. It felt fine, just like a doctor's visit when he checks you're prostrate. As she took it out, she then reversed the direction and put it back in. I felt her grab my cock as it started getting hard, with the movement of the skin over the outside of the shaft. She was pumping my ass with one hand and stroking my cock with the other.

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I started breathing heavily and pressured down on her finger in my ass. I must have started to moan because the next thing I knew, she was between my legs with her head and she was bros bff plowing kenzie kais pussy doggystyle my cock into her mouth while her finger remained up my ass.

The sensation was too much for me as I yell out to Megan, "I'm cumming! Oh God, I'm Cumming!" She took me deep as she could into her mouth and swallowed my squirts of cum down her throat.

As I collapsed on her face she squeezed the last bit of cum from my cock. I rolled off her face so she could breath and as she took a deep breath, she rolled on top of me with her lips still engaging my staff.

Without missing a beat, she continued sucking me dry. As I went limp in her mouth, she released her mouth from my now limp noodle and placed her lips on my mouth.

She gave me a wild kiss and then said, "Was that a good morning greeting?" I couldn't even open my eyes, but murmured, "Yeah, that was great." I must have been exhausted and I know I was totally spent, because I woke up about three hours later. Megan had just bounded into the room wearing an oversized nightshirt. She was saying something about getting up because it was almost noon. I stretched and yawned and rolled over on my back and there was a silly little girl jumping and pushing on me until I finally said "Ok, Ok, I'm awake." She lay down on my outstretched arms, using it like a pillow.

She said it was a beautiful day; she had been up for hours waiting for me to make love with her some more. I groaned aloud and she sat up and began tickling me all over my body.

I grabbed her and threw to on her busty teen deepthroats big cock hardcore blowjob and started tickling her instead. As my hands went to her mid section, her knees came to form a ball.

Her shirt flew up to expose her bare ass. I gave her a smart little pop on her rear and she let out a scream of indignation. So I repeated the pop except this time a little harder. She threw herself on me and tried to cover her bare rear end but my hands were too fast or her and much too strong. As she lay there on top of me, my hands were busy holding the shirt up and pattling her firm little ass.

With each pop of her ass, she became more aroused. Over and over I spanked her until she kissed down on me madly and started to wiggle her hips over my groin. I suddenly noticed that I had a raging hard on again. My hand quit the onslaught of her big ass shemake by shemale skin and was not grabbing and probing the fleshy, wiggling butt.

"My God," I thought, "she ready to go again. Megan, honey," I said "slow down. I can't keep up with you. My gosh, you have an unending desire for sex, don't you." "Well, it's all so new for me. Didn't you want a lot of sex when you first started?" "Yeah, I suppose, but, my gosh, honey, I have to rest sometime." "Well, we can rest then. I'll just lay here and you can rest on top of me," she said smiling. She rolled off onto her back beside me and I thought, "I talked my way out of that one.

How can she keep going with such enthusiasm?" "How come I got so excited when you were spanking me? It really did hurt, you know," she asked. "I don't know for sure, but I suppose it was where I was touching not how hard I was touching," I offered. "Kind of like when you tried last night to put "Big Bubba" into "Little Jenny", it really hurt but I wanted it more than anything when you were trying," she said.

"Little Jenny?" I danny d sex step sister. "Where did you come up with that name?" "I just thought that I would have you put it in at Lake Jenny and I would call it "Little Jenny" from now on.

Now, I don't know if that will happen. It's just too big for me." "That and lubrication," I explained. "Anyway, like I said, I could really hurt you down there." "I know, but I want to experience everything. While we have the time alone together, I want you to do everything you can thing of with me. I don't care if I'm sore or if it hurts tomorrow. I want it now." This explained the urgency in her desire for sexual experience, but I didn't know if I could physically keep up.

"I'll try, Sweetheart, but remember when I told you about boys not being able to do it as many times as girls do? Well, you make me feel like an old man, not a boy." "A dirty old man?" she smirked.

"Yeah, a dirty old man." We continued to talk and I explained about some of the differences between the sexes. She asked some more probing questions and I tried to give the best answers I could. After awhile we stopped talking and closed our eyes and dozed off.

I woke up after a twenty-minute nap to an aching right arm. Megan's head was using it as her pillow and had cut off the circulation in it. I gently tried to move it out from under her but she woke up anyway.

I extracted my arm and looked over at her warmly. She cuddled up to me and asked a very sensuous question. "Would be able to explore my body with your hands and not get turned on." "Probably not," I chuckled. "Well, I don't want to wear you out but I love the way you touch me," she said, cooing. "I can try, and, if I get turned on too bad, then we'll just have to see what we can do about it" I playfully answered.

She sat up and pulled the nightshirt over her head and tossed it off the bed. Stopping to give me a little kiss, she then lay back down on her back. I looked at her longingly for a few minutes, brushing her face with the back of my hand. Using the lightest of touches, my fingers caressed her ear lobs then her neck. I circled her ears with my touch as I moved my attention to her mouth and lips. She closed her muslim first time mia khalifa tries a big black dick and sighed.

"Does that feel good?" I asked. "Oh Papa, yes it does." "Tell me how you feel teen sucks her first dick I touch you." "I'll try, but I enjoy it so much, I don't know if I can explain it." "You'll try, won't you," I requested.

Her long slender muscles down the sides of her neck were where my attention now lay. My touch went slowly down the sides, then up under her chin. After several rotations, my hands went to her shoulders.

There I started applying pressure and I gave her a rather rough massage before leaving them for her arms. As I moved my attention once again, she said softly, "That felt so good, Papa, you have such strong hands." My strong hands were gliding up and down her arms, one after the other.

I raised them over her head and lower my lips to her armpit. She pulled away and turned her face into my face. "That tickles,' she said. "What else does it feel like? I inquired. "It feels funny, tickley, sunny leone bra sexy bf gives me a strange sensation," she elaborated.

"Good." From her armpit to her sides, my caress was ever so light, barely touching her skin. This caused a shutter and, "Oh that tickles too. It causes a funny feeling in my tummy, its strange," she tried to explain.

But after a few more strokes down her phoenix marie in anal night queen escort, my touch stopped completely. When I made contact once again, Megan let out a cry of surprise.

My fingers came down directly upon her nipples sending surge throughout her body causing her to jerk and move away. "Oh my," said exclaimed, "that surprised me. But I wanted you to touch them next. I want you to pinch them and roll them with your fingers. Please, Papa, I want to feel you grab them." I just continued to apply the lightest touch and watch her squirm. My fingers went under the little breast, still using a light touch.

Then using a strong grab, I encircled both breasts with my full hands and squeezed and kneaded them roughly. "Oh my gosh,' she screamed, "Yes, Papa, yes! Oh, that feels so good, pull them, harder!" I rolled the nipples between my thumbs and fore fingers and pinched them hard.

This exuded more cries for "Harder, please! Oh, Harder, Papa." After a few more squeezes, I released my firm hold on her breasts and started the slow, light touch once more, down to her belly button. Stopping there, my tongue entered her navel opening and stuck its tip into the flesh covered hole. My tongue darted in and out of her navel and she started to squirm. I took my tracing motion with my fingers, slowly and lightly down her abdomen.

As I passed over her lower stomach, she drew in the muscles and she sucked in her breath. My fingers just brushed her pubic hairs, then separated and went to each hip. She groaned with disappointment but moaned louder when they started coming together. Very lightly I brushed the hair covering her pussy.

She let out a cry and a plea for more contact, "Oh, yes. Feel my hair with your hand. Put your hand on me down there I said softly, "Settle down now, I'm going to take it slow and gentle. If you are going to enjoy this caressing, you must analhole fun with my girlfriend erotica movies it slow." "Oh, Papa, I'll try but it feels so good and I know how much better you can make me feel." "That's it, settle down and relax, nice and slow." With that she took a deep breath and relaxed her whole body, for a moment anyway.

I moved my touch down between her legs. She spread them a little more, then, as I shifted my weight to be between them, they spread widely. The very act of spreading her legs caused her to excite herself even more and I had to settle her down once again. Looking down into her pussy, I paused to admire the beauty of the sight.

Her blond curly pubic hair grew around the edge of her mound and up and over the lips guarding her tight little opening. The white skin barely shown through the covering. You could plainly see the slit down the middle and I knew what awaited its opening. Slowly placing my finger down between her legs, her lips opened to my upward moving finger. It was wet and with just a little sticky sweet smell.

The moisture clung to my finger as it traced up her canal to the magical spot. Touching the hood made Megan gasp and writhe with pleasure. "Yes, oh yes," she exclaimed.

"Oh my gosh that feels so good!" "Take it easy," I pleaded. "Remember, I want to take it slow. You must learn to control your excitement." I slid my finger back down the canal to her opening and inserted my finger just an inch or so to help lubricate the encasement.

I spread my fingers on either of her lips to expose the pink hidden groove of her pussy. This also made her squirm as the cool air touched the hooded clitoris.

Retracing my movements, my finger went back to her vagina then up her sex odia sex desi malodiasexinl full move com to the clit and she convulsed once again. I grasped her legs by the hamstrings and raised them both off british lesbian orgy stockings gaby and megan munching each other bed and spreading them even more, I exposed her little rose bud of an anus.

I stopped to admire this sight again and stuck a forefinger into my mouth to wet it and placed the digit on the opening and put gentle pressure on it. This made her cry out again, "Oh yes, put it in me, Papa, please." "Just a little bit," I teased, and applying just a little more pressure, inserted my finger up her ass, just a little. "Oh, thank you, Papa. That feels so good. It doesn't hurt at all, it just feels great." Suddenly a light went on. Why hadn't I thought of this possibility before?

I slowly withdrew my finger from her rectum and bending over her, I said, "Don't move, I'll be right back." Jumping off the bed, I was going down the stairs, when she asked, "Papa, where are you going?" "I'll be right back." I flew to the bathroom, threw open the medicine cabinet and there it was a jar of petroleum jelly.

"Yes!" I thought. I was bound back up the stair, two at a time and came around the corner to see Megan with her legs spread wide apart and a puzzled look on her face.

I didn't show what I had found but instead gave her a big kiss and said, "Now, where were we?" Now I was the one that needed to slow down.

My discovery meant an entire change of plans. I would start to build her up, where before, I was trying the calm her down. Getting her aroused wasn't the problem, getting her aroused in a controlled way would be the test.

First of all, I would need to curl up with her and explain the best I could what just happened. I lay beside her side her and put my arm around her. "Do you like surprises?" I asked.

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"Yes!" she responded with enthusiasm. "What is it?" "It wouldn't," I started. "be a surprise if I told you would it?" "I know, I know. But can't you give me a hint?" "Will you trust me?" I asked earnestly. "Of course I trust you. That's a funny question to be asking someone who just had his hands in your crotch.

But can't you just give me a little hint?" "You'll like it." "Oh, sounds like fun." I turned my face into her and we kissed and we kissed some more.

It turned into a very passionate kiss with my hands all over her body as I rolled her over on top of me. My kisses were becoming violent and my hands grabbed the cheeks of her ass and spread them wide.

My cock, now gorged with blood, was stiff and hard and prodding her crotch. I positioned her so she was straddling me and the horny babe kimber woods wanted a hardcore anal fucked by a monster coc was lying on my stomach and directly between her pussy lips. She was riding it up her groove to her clit and she was reacting like a wild woman.

My hands resumed their prodding motion of the ass and my fingers found their way into her anus. "Yes!" she shrieked. "Yes, stick it in!" I knew my cock would soon replace my finger so I asked, "Ready for your surprise?" "Yes!" is all she said. I bucked her off and she sat besides me anxiously waiting. I produced the jar from its hiding place, open it and stuck my finger in. It came out with a big glob of lubricating goo. I said, "This is for you." I moved her on to her back and raising her ass off the bed.

I ran my finger around the entrance and deep inside. Dipping in once again, I came out with another bug glob of goo and said, "This is for me," and spread it all over the head and staff of my cock. I rose to my knees and swung her legs around on either side of me.

"Is this going to work?" she inquired. "It had better," was my reply. I started to place the head at the entrance but the angle was not right. So, switching positions with her so she was once again straddling my cock, she tried to lower herself down on it again. This angle was not quite right either.

So turning her around facing away from my head, squatting there, she lowered herself down again. This proved to be the best by far. So, holding her ass for support, I asked if she was ready. She just nodded her head and down we lowered her onto my rock hard cock.

It met with a little resistance at first. She sucked in her breath and lowered herself down a little more. Her anal sphincter first stopped, then resisted and finally granted entrance as it relaxed. The lubricant was doing its intended job. As she slid down and engulfed the entire length of my cock, a guttural sound started to make its way out of Megan's throat.

It built and built and finally, she let it come out in an unexplainable scream of pain, pleasure and joy. Sitting there a moment, she ground her hips into me and continued to moan. She road it back up and then dropped back down on the ridged staff between her legs.

Her hand went to her clit and she started rubbing it furiously. As she stimulated herself, she continued to ride my cock. The other hand when up to her breast. The nipple pulled away from her skin and she roughly grabbed her entire tit.

Her head came back over her shoulders as she wildly rotated her hand around her clitoris. Up and down she pounded her ass onto my cock. Over and over, frantically, she was trying to rip her ass apart with my cock and when we could not take it any more, she stopped, let out another cry, shuddered, then arched her back and started frantically pounding her pussy down on my cock. Faster and faster she pounded until she exploded into an uncontrollable orgasm that I worried would harm her forever.

She sprayed her juices out of her vagina all over my legs and herself. Her head was tossed around widely as she screamed at the top up her lungs. Watching her orgasm made it easy for me to shoot my load into her ass hole. Her grinding slowly dissipated and lost its urgency until she just sat there, balancing on my cock, for small school saxy girls story seemed like forever, then she rolled off and grabbed my cock between her lips and started to devoured what was left of my cum.

Having a clear view of her ass hole, I watched as the remaining cum oozed out on to her legs, then splattered out with the exit of air that had been trapped up there. It all came out and settled down on the sheets. Exhausted, she spread her tender little body out wide on her back and panted and moaned and, for a moment, I thought she had passed out. I came in to check on her some 60 minutes later.

I had got up, cleaned up and put on some clothes. I brought a wet cloth in to her so she could clean herself up. She was still laying there, spread eagle on her back. She was breathing, but was not with me. I had to wake her because it was getting on in the afternoon and Marty would be arriving with the boys in a couple hours. I tenderly brushed the wet cloth of her leg.

She jumped and pushed the cloth away shivering uncontrollably. I started to become concerned when she opened her sarah blue has always wanted to have a threesom to explain, "That is too much stimulation. I can't stand anything touching me." "Not even me," I said, taking her into my arms. "Oh, Papa, I just …" her words drifted away. "Its alright, Papa's got ya," I said reassuringly. She started to cry.

Then she laughed and said, "Why am I crying, this is the happiest day of my life. I know in my sole, I will never have an orgasm like that again in my whole life and I have you to thank for it. Oh, Papa, I love you so much. You are the best." Burying her face in my chest, she started crying some more. I just stroked her hair and held her.