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Horny hot babes pepper and maya bounces on a big cock guy
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Wiley03 Karen frowned as she opened the door to her xxx english movies xx storys at the end of the day. She had been at The Covenant Boarding School for Young Women two weeks now and was terribly babe tastes lesbian pussy pornstars and european. She hated it!

Why did her parents have to get divorced? And then to pack her off to this School while they fought over their possessions was no fair. She missed her old house, with its stables out back and its open meadows stretching for miles. She thought longingly of how she used to saddle up Countess, her mare, and ride for hours, the wind pulling her long auburn hair out behind her, her trim thighs clenching and unclenching to the natural rhythm of the horse.

Sometimes she would bring a basket of food, maybe some bread and cheese with a little wine snuck out from the wine cellar, and lay out among the grass, eating and sipping the wine, and imagining the clouds above her were imaginary lovers come to take her away to imaginary lands of beauty and fullfillment. She even missed her old high school, Bokker, pronounced Boker, High. She hadn't liked it too much, but managed to get mostly B's with a sexy masseuse fucked by her nasty client of A's her freshman year; and her Sophmore year was shaping up to be a great one before her parents had decided to destroy everything.

She had been assigned the same classes as her best friend Sandy, and she had just begun to become interested in a "guy," as Sandy would say. She had even made the second to last cut on the cheerleading squad.

She hadn't expected to make it, of course, since she was only a sophmore, but it was fun, and she loved the exercise. But now she was _here_, she thought as she dropped her bag on her desk and flopped down on her bed, her plaid, checkered skirt flying up to reveal trim, well-muscled thighs, just losing their tan and becoming once more their natural creamy ivory.

Her auburn hair, now, away from the sun, a darker brown, fell in a halo about her face, framing it. A year ago her face might have been called boyish, but it had been softened by her maturation: her small, squarish chin had given away to a rounder, almost dainty one, perfectly accenting her full, dull pink lips; a small, sharp nose filled out, and revealing some old asian blood, did not turn up, instead remaining faintly southern European in look.

Large brown eyes, which also revealed a hint of Asian blood, sat above high cheekbones and pale, full cheeks, completing the picture. Everything, she had to admit, wasn't so bad here. It was a great school, with fully 80% of the girls going on to an ivy league school. And the accomidations were great. She shared a nice large room, larger than her room at home, with Su Lee Chen, who, because she too had joined the school midsemester, had quickly become her best friend there.

The other girls at the school were not friendly at all, but she thought it must be because they were new. She had seen a definate heirarchy among her fellow schoolmates, with the senior and juniors bullying the freshman and sophmores.

Neither she nor Su Lee had been bothered yet though, and Karen hoped they would just be left alone. She thought again of Su Lee, and was glad she had at least some company.

Not this weekend, of course, since Su Lee had been picked up earlier in the large black dildo for a blonde floozy by her parents, but she would be back Sunday night. Su Lee, she reflected, was a small, attractive young woman, four inches shorter than her own 5'6".

Karen envied her hair, long, straight, black hair hanging down to her thighs, which she kept in a french braid most of the time. Her face was not completely Chinese--Su Lee claimed her grandfather on her mother's side was white--and it showed, lightening what would have been a dark olive complexion to a mellower color.

Her eyes also revealed the caucasian blood, being large and lidded. Her body, though, was typically asian, slim with small breasts (she wore a size A bra, Karen thought, remembering when she had accidently thought it was one of her own. She herself had just switched to size B) and a firm if flat behind. She was not as athletic as Karen, but her body showed the firmness of youth, and although at 16 she was a year older than Karen, she looked two years her junior.

She turned onto her side and looked at the clock: 7:00 o'clock. She sighed and decided she'd better start studying soon, since she really had nothing better to do. Sitting up, she started unbuttoning her blouse with one hand while slipping off her shoes with the other. Shucking off her shirt, she stood and unclasped her skirt, letting it fall down her shapely calves to the ground.

She stepped out of it, and reached behind herself to unclasp her bra while standing in front of her dresser. When she had pulled her bra off, she straightened and looked at herself in the dresser mirror. She was, she knew, attractive in a clean-cut, athletic kind of way, her firm breasts, with medium-sized pink nipples, perfectly porportioned with the rest of her body.

Sometimes she wished she could have the willowy, exotic beauty of Su Lee, but she shook her head and started to rummage around in her drawer for her sleeping t-shirt. She found it, pulled it over her head, and smoothed it down until it fell to mid thigh. She sighed, thinking of the long, boring weekend in front of her, grabbed her toiletries, and headed down the hall to the commen restroom. She was happy to find that none of the other girls were there, and finished quickly to avoid them.

She made it safely back to her room and sat down to study. Three hours later she was tired and burned out. Leaving all her study materials on her desk, she turned off the light and crawled into bed, almost immediately falling asleep.

She was dreaming.she was swimming in a large pool of water. She couldn't see the shore and she was very tired. She slipped under the water.she couldn't breath.

Her eyes popped open--she couldn't breath! Laying on her stomach, her face was pressed into her pillow, suffocating her. As she struggled, she came thai ist hot and gets hard fucked awake and realized that someone was sitting on her lower back and had pulled her arms behind her back! Someone else had two hands on the back of her head and was pressing it into the pillow. She panicked, thrashing around--what was happening to her, what did these people want?

flashed through her mind as she felt a thin cord being wrapped tightly around her wrists and quickly tied off. A hand on the back of her head gripped her hair, and a second later her head was pulled high off the bed, straining her back. As she gratefully sucked in a mouthful of air and prepared to scream her lungs out, what felt like a large rubber ball was pressed against her mouth.

She reared back, almost dislodging the person sitting on her back, but the hand gripping the back of her head pushed violently forward, while the other hand slammed the ball into her mouth. She made gagging sounds around the ball as her face was pressed back into the pillow, and she felt someone pull two straps across her face and connect them behind her head. She managed to turn her face to the side, her mind a confused jumble, just before someone sat on her head.

She felt the person sitting on her lower back turn around, and she kicked her legs back, trying to hit him or her. The person just grabbed both her ankles and held them against his or her body, and Karen felt the bite of a cord being wrapped around her ankles. Suddenly, the weight of the bodies was off of her, and she started thrashing and grunting madly, trying to free her hands or her legs.

She couldn't see her assailants in the dark, but sensed movement as someone punched her hard in the gut. Her nostrils flared as she gasped for breath through the gag, and they took advantage of her momentary disability by tying another cord around her legs just above the knees. Two pair of hands then lifted her roughly and carried her across the room, dropping her into a large laundry hamper on wheels.

The air rushed out of her lungs with an oomph as she landed hard against the wooden bottom of the cart on her hip and shoulder. She looked up to see the dark shapes of clothes fall over her trussed body. She felt and heard the cart start down the hall. She wimpered through her gag; what was happening to her? What did they want from _her_? Her parents were wealthy, but not that wealthy. And where was she being taken? Her wrists throbbed with pain as the thin cord cut off the circulation to her hands, and her legs ached for the same reason.

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Her jaw was sore, unused to being pulled so far apart. She squirmed around, trying to get more comfortable, only scraping her bruised flesh against the wooden bottom of the cart, driving painful splinters into her thighs and back. She moaned and started crying, softly sobbing into her gag. Suddenly she felt a cool breeze, and the wheels of the hamper changed from a dull rolling noise to the staccio chatter of rolling across cobblestone.

She was outside, in the freezing night; even through the pile of clothes on her her flesh raised goosebumps, sending chills up and down her bound legs, and raising her nipples to sharp points of hardness. She shivered as she sobbed. Without warning the nightmare ride was over and she sensed hands lifting the clothes off her. Lost big tits latina slut fucking her step son despair, she didn't know how long she had been in the hamper, and she had no idea where she was now.

She stopped her crying and waited fearfully for her tormenters to reveal themselves. Before all the clothes were removed, the hamper tipped over, spilling her painfully onto a hardwood floor, blinded momentarily by the bright lights around her. Lying painfully on her side, her legs bound together and her arms tied behind her back, she blinked her large brown eyes, now swollen with tears.

She turned awkwardly onto her back and peered up into the faces of her Abductors. Karen registered shock as she saw Ingrid and Mercedes, two girls from her school, standing over her. Although both were wearing the school uniform--plaid skirt coming down just above the knee and a white blouse--they could not have been different in appearance.

Ingrid was a Norwegan, her pale yellow, almost white hair cut into a short bob, matching her face, which shone with a translucent pallor. Striking blue eyes stared out from a handsome face, a full figured woman at 18 years of age, with a hard, strong, shapely body. She was a senior at the school, and her father was a senator.

Now she stood her full 5'9" over Karen, and smiled wickedly down at her. Standing next to her was Mercedes, her southern Italian blood showing her up even darker against the color of Ingrid. Mercedes was a slight, slip of a girl, standing only 5' tall and weighing no more than 95 lbs, and Karen had always though she was a bit mousy, with her wavy brown hair always pulled back into a pony-tail and her small, angular yet pretty face adorned with a pair of spectacles. Now, without her spectacles, holding a 3" double bladed knife in front of her, and grinning bizarrly, she looked frightening.

She was a Junior, and Karen remembered, crazily, that she used to follow Ingrid everywhere. As Ingrid knelt down beside her and leaned over, staring directly into her eyes, Karen felt a chill go through her body, and tried to ask "what do you want?" But all that came out was a muffled moaning.

Ingrid smiled at her, revealing two rows of perfectly white teeth, somehow frightening Karen all the more: "I'm sure you're wondering why you're here, aren't you, sweetie?" Ingrid smiled again as she reached down to caress Karen's cheek, sending a shiver down her big ass ebony fucked in the kitchen form. She could not move, she was petrified, a small bird caught in the icy blue stare of Ingrid's.

Caressing the side of her face, Ingrid continued, "Well, to put is simply, you're _ours_. Actually, you're the seniors'. We run things around here, and we get to do whatever we like to little snotty underclassmen like you." She smiled again, sending more shudders down Karen's spine, "And we've decided we're going to have a little party, and you're the entertainment." So saying, she stopped stroking Karen's cheek and moved her hand down to her stomach, slowly sliding her hand under Karen's sleep-T.

Ingrid's hand felt like it burned as it lightly brushed her stomach. She tried to shrink away, and began shivering uncontrollably. This couldn't be happening to her. They couldn't be this cruel. "My poor little bird," Ingrid crooned, "are you frightened?" Glancing down at Karen's exposed stomach, "So firm, so beautiful." Her hand moved higher, brushing gently against the underside of Karen's breast.

"NO!" Karen screamed into her gag, and began thrashing about, trying to roll away teens analyzed teeny fucked by anal doctor tube porn Ingrid's hand. Please, Nooo! she screamed in her mind. A sharp "smack" echoed in her ears as her head was jerked to one side and fiery pain filled the side of her head.

She became instantly still as she stared up into Ingrid's glaring countenance. "None of that, you little bitch, or you'll get more pain than you can handle," Ingrid snarled. Resuming her easy posture, Ingrid turned toward Mercedes and said, "I don't think our little Karen really understands her position here. Maybe a little caning will teach her." Karen froze at the word: cane her? Wasn't it enough that they had bound her and were going to molest her? Now they were going to cane her?

She broke down, and started sobbing again through her gag. Ignoring her, Mercedes and Ingrid rolled her onto her stomach, and Karen felt the knife cut through the cord on her wrists. I getting fucked hard by total strangers flooded her hands as circulation returned, and she groaned as two strong hands took her wrists and put a leather cuff around each.

They roughly rolled her over and clipped the cuffs together in front of her, then dragged her to her feet. Mercedes stood by her, knife in one hand and the other helping Karen keep her balance, as Ingrid walked over to the wall and began lowering a hook and pulley contraption above Karen's head.

"Now be a good girl and put your wrists over the hook," Ingrid said. Meekly, keeping her eyes on Mercedes and her knife, Karen did as she was told, and fell heavily against her arms as Ingrid began pulling the hook up.

Soon she was struggling to stand on the balls of her feet, straining the muscles in her calves to save putting all her weight on her arms. Ingrid came over and said, "Cut her loose." Mercedes quickly cut the cords binding her legs, and she again fell against her arms as feeling came back into her legs. She regained her balance, her calves and thighs burning with the effort, and stared in horror as Mercedes brought the knife right before her eyes.

She shuddered in fear as Mercedes slowly ran the knife down her cheek, across her neck, and to the top of her sleeping-T. Karen's heart nearly burst when, with a quick motion, Mercedes brought the knife down, cutting her T-shirt down the front. A few more quick cuts at the arms and her T fell to the ground. She stood, stretched and bound before her two classmates, her breasts standing out before their lewd stares.she moaned in humiliation, her face turning red with embarressment.

A slight breeze blew threw the room, causing her nipples stiffen. Mercedes brought her head down, and gently lapped at her right nipple. The warm, wet, pressure of Mercede's tongue sent a shock through Karen, and she jerked back, trying to twist out of hotel room xxx leaked story way, mincing on the balls of her feet to keep from unbalancing again.

Mercedes merely smiled cruely, and, grabbing Karen's underwear, ripped them off mercilessly, causing Karen to swing out toward her and land hard against her arms. She regained her precarious balance again as her two classmates stepped back to admire her.

She was stretched taut, the strong muscles of her calves, thighs, and stomach straining to keep her up on her toes, and her round breasts firm against her chest. Tears began running down her face as they stepped close to her and began running their hands up and down her body, sending chill shivers through her.

This couldn't be happening. It just couldn't. It was all a bad dream, and she'd wake up soon. Please let it not be happening. She closed her eyes and tried to shut out the hands exploring her body, running over her stomach, her back, her sides, caressing her breasts and legs. Suddenly she was brought back to reality by a sharp tug at her mouth. Ingrid was removing her ball gag! Another quick tug and it came all the way out, trailing her saliva behind it. She quickly swallowed and began pleading, "Please, let me go.I won't tell anyone.Why are you doing this?." At which Mercedes and Ingrid burst into laughter.

"Please.let me go." "Shut up!" Ingrid commanded as Mercedes handed her a long switch. "I still don't thing you understand" she said as she brought the switch swiftly across Karen's stomach. "AAAAAHHHGGGG!" she screamed as pain flashed through her and she fell again onto her arms. The world went fiery red for an instant before returning to a dull throb through her midsection.

She scrambled back onto her toes and stared in horror as she saw Mercedes roll forward a video camera standing on a tripod and turn it on. Slapping her switch gently against her palm, "Maybe this will help you understand what your position is here. You see, we tape everything we do to you for the headmistress.

She likes to see how her new students perform." Smiling behind her, Mercedes picked up another switch and walked around behind her. As Ingrid said, "You may begin," Karen's ass exploded in pain. Throwing her hips forward to escape the pain, they threw themselves into a blow from Ingrid, burning across the front of her thighs.

"AAAHHHH.NOOOO.AAAAHHHH.PLEASE.DON'T.AAAAAAHHHH.STOP. PLEASE" she cried again and again, the switches landing against her back, her breasts, her stomach, her thighs, biting into her nipples, turning her whole body into one fiery mass of pain.

She twisted and squirmed around on the end of the hook, unable to escape the punishing blows of the switches as they flooded every nerve in her body with unendurable pain. After what seemed like an eternity, she began to drift. The pain raining down on her seemed to spread across her entire body, leaving her in a sort of floating numbness.

The pain was no longer pain.it was merely sensation, feeling, engulfing her entire body, increased each time a blow landed against her body. She heard distantly, "I think that's enough for now"--she had stopped screaming a while ago, she did not know how long, and, hanging against her arms, uttered only grunts each time she was struck. She felt her body being lowered to the ground, and two sets of hands carry it to a large, cushioned table.

Her arms and legs were affixed to cuffs in the corner, binding her spread-eagled. Gently hands ran across her body, sending shooting signals of sensation through her as they brushed against her bruised, reddened flesh. Every touch seemed magnified a thousand times by abused flesh, sending her higher and higher into a realm of pure feeling. It seemed as if she were looking down at herself as Ingrid gently took her right nipple into her mouth and began gently sucking, concentrating what was neither pleasure nor pain at that one point.

Mercedes was leaning over the table between her legs, stroking her inner thighs, and slowly, gently, placed her mouth over Karen's vagina. Her tongue snaked out and licked up and down her slit, providing a counterpoint to the sensation at her nipple. Ingrid stopped and the sensation flooded into her groin, then moved back as she began sucking at her other nipple.

She began moaning softly as Mercedes pushed her tongue between her labia, and a shiny coating of liquid greeted Mercedes as she probed deeper.

Ingrid moved from nipple to nipple as Mercedes moved up to Karen's clitorus, now hard and quivering, mimicking Karen's body, which was emitting low moaning sounds from her mouth. Mercedes pressed her lips against Karen's clit and began softly massaging it with the flat of her tongue, feeling Karen's thighs tense with this new sensation. Karen did not know how long they caressed her body--she was above it all, riding the waves of feeling which were slowly increasing.

She sensed a pressure building up from somewhere, slowly increasing, slowly drawing her back to her abused body, criss-crossed with red marks and throbbing, throbbing. Slowly the sensations around her tightened, grew, and suddenly she was back in her own body as the sensations became wave after wave of pure ecstacy. She screamed and bucked on the table, felt strong fingers digging into her thighs and a quick tongue flicking her clit, felt a mouth sucking almost painfully on her breast.

She beat her body against the table, thrusting her hips forward and back, forward and back, thrusting her chest up and down, up and down, as all the sensations of the night, every feeling which had burned its way through her nerves, came back to her as almost unendurable ecstasy.

Slowly her orgasm broke, and her thrashing stopped, and she lay, bound to the table, her chest rising and falling raggedly as she sucked in great gasps of air. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- To find out more about the anon service, send mail to [email protected] If you reply to this message, your message WILL be *automatically* anonymized and you are allocated an anon id.

Read the help file to prevent this. Please report any problems, inappropriate use etc. to [email protected] ======== Ingrid and Mercedes, her face glistening with Karen's juices, smiled at each other over Karen's prone body. "What a slut," Ingrid said, tweaking Karen's nipple, bringing a twitching response from her.

At Ingrid's words, shame and humiliation rushed through Karen. What had happened? What had they done to her? Her carla cox and her friend get drilled, covered with sweat, ached from the beating she had taken.

Between her legs her thighs felt sticky and warm. She shuddered in revulsion at the way she had reacted. The pleasure of a moment ago was forgotten, and she began to quietly cry as she remembered her body's betrayal, remembered the way she had screamed out during her orgasm, thrashing about, no better than some worthless whore, cumming uncontrollably, unstoppably.

She sucked in her lower lip and thought: maybe now they'll let me go.maybe now.please let them let me go.please. She was interupted in her thoughts when she heard Ingrid say, "I'm glad I asked a couple of my friends from Padduck over.

They'll love this cunt." "Nooooo.," Karen moaned, "please.let me go.haven't you done enough?" "Done enough?" Ingrid replied, "You loved it, you cunt. I've never seen anyone pop her cork like you just did. Hell, watching you get your rocks off turned me on.hmmm.maybe I will send you home for now; I'm sure Merc and I can take care of my friends.

I do need a good fuck." "Wait," Mercedes broke in, "when I was sucking her off, I noticed she's still a virgin." Surprised, "What, she hasn't been popped? A slut like that?" "Nope, and I really want to see her get stuck for the first time." "Why not?" Ingrid shrugged, "I'm sure the boys will have plenty left for us.

Let's go get the bitch cleaned up for 'em." Noooo, Karen thought, wasn't it enough that they had beaten her black and blue, that they had turned her body against her, humiliating her? Now they had invited men over to abuse her. She didn't know if she could take anymore. Ingrid and Mercedes quickly unclasped her arms and legs and half-dragged half-carried her across the room and down a wide hallway. They pulled her unrestisting body through an open doorway into a large shower stall with nozzles protruding from every wall.

They reattached her wrist bands and, pulling her arms up and apart, clipped them to the top edge of the stall. Karen let out a sharp cry as cold water instantaneously struck her whole body. She jerked her chin up to remove it from the painful spray, and began shivering uncontrollably. The hard, pulsating spray felt like it was flaying her alive, driving against her whipped flesh, sending ice cold sparks of pain through her body.

Slowly though, the water began to warm, and her shivering began to subside. She noticed vaguely, through the spray blocking her vision, Ingrid and Mercedes leaving the room.

Oh, God, let them not come back, she thought, and began to relax for the first time since she had been kidnapped that evening. The water helped, beating into her sore muscles, massaging her bruised skin, sluicing down her stomach and thighs.

She became more and more relaxed, and hung her head, letting the water beat against her scalp. She slumped down and began to doze off, the tensions of the evening, as well as her own orgasm, draining her of energy. After she did not know how long, the water snapped off, and she raised her head groggily. Standing before her were Ingrid and Mercedes. Ingrid stood bare-footed, attired in black stockings held up by a black garter belt. Bikini leather panties barely covered her pubic hair, and her stomach was bare.

A black bustier squeezed her large, round breasts up and together. Black lipstick adorned her lips and she had touched her eyes lightly with mascara. She stood heavily on one leg with her hip thrust out, her hand against her hip and a cruel grin on her face.

Beside her, Mercedes was completely naked except for a studded black leather collar around her neck. Karen noticed with a shock that she did not have any pubic hair, which, combined with her slight frame, made her look like a young girl of 11 or 12 years.

Her stance, though, belied her slim hips and small breasts, for it was confident and sure. She was holding a large towel, and walked casually up to Karen and began to dry her off.

After her long shower, Karen's skin was hyper-sensitive, so she squirmed away from Mercedes, who just more vigorously rubbed the abrasive towel against Karen's tenderized skin. Finishing by drying her hair, Mercedes dad seduced s friend on break fast unclasped her wrists, leaving her leather cuffs on, and Ingrid and Mercedes gently took her by the arms and began walking her nothing but sex for a busty wench naturaltits hardcore to the main room.

She was beaten, physically and emotionally drained by her experiences, and they knew it. Held between them, she asked, "Please can I go back to my room now?

I can't take anymore." "Sure you can," Mercedes smiled, "we've got two virile young men just waiting to fuck you." Karen moaned, "Noooo.please."; interupted by a stinging slap from Ingrid, shocking her out of her daze and back into this horrible reality where she was beaten and raped again and again. "Shut up, slut," Ingrid growled, "and behave. It'll only be as bad as you make it." She had to escape.

She just had to. She knew she couldn't take anymore abuse; it would drive her crazy. Her body was still sore, her shoulders aching from when she had hung her weight from them, her skin burning from the aftereffects of the switching and the shower.

Her classmates weren't holding her too closely; she could easily twist away from them. She was sure she could outrun them once she got away, and then she would make it to the highway and someone would pick her up. She would tell the police and they would be arrested.

Even if she didn't make it, even if she froze to death outside, it would be better than this torture. Her thoughts were broken by a long, low whistle: "Damn, you sure did a number on her.

She's a looker though." She jerked her head up at the voice and beheld two young men, naked, their clothes piled on the ground beside their feet. Both stood about 21 years old and 5'10, and where one was stocky and brown-haired, the other was slim with blond hair. It was the slim one who had spoken. Without thinking, she twisted from the girls' grip, turning as she did so, and ran toward the door. She heard cries of "Shit" and "Son of a." and the sound of pounding feet on the hardwood floor following her.

She was halfway to the door when a heavy weight hit her in the small of her back. Strong arms wrapped around her as she fell forward.

She barely got her hands under her as she fell, and fell hard against the hardwood floor, knocking the breath from her lungs. As she gasped for breath strong hands forced her arms behind her, where her wrist cuffs were clipped together, and she heard Ingrid say, "Stupid bitch.I'll fucking show her." "Wait," a voice broke in, "I've got an idea." She recognized the voice as the slim young man's.

Mercedes and the stocky man kneeled on either side of her as she lay there, gasping for breath, and wrapped a thick, leather belt around the crook of her elbows. Mercedes quickly pulled the belt tight, bringing Karen's elbows together, sending a painful strain into her shoulders, pulling them back and thrusting her aching breasts into the floor.

"Roll her over," the young man said, and she was roughly rolled over onto her back. She lay there, her arms crushed painfully under her, her breasts thrust like an offering toward the ceiling, her lolling back on the hardwood floor.

Everyone stood up as she began to regain her breath, and Ingrid and Mercedes grabbed her ankles, pulling them toward her head. In a second, Karen was bent painfully in two, her knees beside her head, her hair pinned down on the floor by one knee each from Ingrid and Mercedes, who also pinned her calves to the floor with strong hands. She struggled briefly, but found she could not move much. She was trapped there with her ass and vagina stuck gaping into the air.

It was a humiliating position, and she closed her eyes, trying to block out the world around her. Ingrid leaned close to her face and hissed, "Now you're going to get it," and Karen's eyes widened in terror as she looked between her legs and saw the slim man approaching her backside holding a medium sized belt in his hand.

The other man was slightly behind him holding the videotape recorder. Both of their penis' were coming to life as they thought of the punishment they were about to inflict. "You're going to have to learn your place, cunt," the man snarled as the belt whistled through the air, landing with a dull, wet smacking sound directly on Karen's cunt and mound.

A blinding white flash of pain seared through her guts and temporarily blinded her, her body thrashing her hips up and out, trying in any way to escape the torment within her. Her voice was not her own as a horrible shriek escaped her lips: AAAAAAAHHHHHHHGGGGGGGGG.

It seemed to go on and on in her own ears, and the pain kept building. She heard another dull smack and she exploded in pain again as the belt dug into the tender flesh of her vagina, her voice a siren brazzers leg sex stories sex vedios, her body thrashing around, banging again and again against the hard floor.

Another smack and her whole groin was on fire, burning and aching, the pain overwhelming all her senses: she could not hear nor see, all she could do was feel. She wasn't sure if he hit her again, although he must have, for the agony kept increasing, building to an almost inhuman level where she thought her entire pelvis must explode, wished it would explode, just to release the awful agony which was consuming her.

It was beyond pain, beyond sensation; it was as if at the end of every one of the nerves in her pelvis area a little fire had been lit. The noise had stopped, her mouth open in a silent scream. She half felt a weight lean against her, two hands roughly grab her breasts, mauling them between strong fingers, pressing them into her chest. She felt vaguely a jabbing around her vulva, and felt her hymen tear, the pain of that violation subsumed by the greater pain left from the whipping, merely adding more sensation to her already overburdened nerves.

He was kneeling by her ass, his hands mauling her breasts, pinching her nipples, causing her head to thrash back and forth as his cock slammed mercilessly back and forth into her tortured vagina, thinly coated with the blood of her hymen. She thrust candice wakes up and wrestles with the big milf back at him, the fire within her an unbearable, burning pressure, a pressure which she, without thinking, needed to burst.

She began grunting at each powerful thrust; her world had narrowed to the terrible, overwhelming, consuming sensation centered in her cunt. Suddenly the pounding stopped, and her voice rose into a kining, monotone wail. He pulled out, quickly losing hardness, leaving her hips bobbing up and down, her cunt gasping and sucking in air. Her mind screamed Nooooo.only a little more.a little more and it would all be over.she would overwhelm her senses and achieve oblivion.she needed just a little more.

Suddenly she was filled again with one brutal thrust as the stocky man slammed his cock into her to the hilt. He worked feverishly, slapping her tits, her face, pinching her nipples, calling her whore, slut, bitch, cunt. She didn't hear, didn't feel, didn't care, her whole body was on the edge. He punched his cock into her and ground his pelvis against her clit, sending her over the top.

She froze, every muscle standing out in straining relief against her body; she screamed as every sensation--the bite of the belt into her pussy, the brutal tearing of her hymen, the slaps, the pinches, the awful, overwhelming pressure was sucked down, like a collapsing star, into one timy piece of flesh, her clitorus. Then it exploded in wave after wave of painful ecstacy, and she felt her body convulse with every pulse from her clit, her strength inhuman in the throws of her orgasm.

She was free of restraining hands, free of the man's penis, which had filled her with seed the moment of her orgasm, free to bang her legs and ass, her shoulders, her head, again and again against the hard floor, flopping around like a beached fish.

Finally, she doesn't know after how long, or if she lost conscousness as wave after wave of unbearable pleasure ripped through her body, she came to her senses. Her whole body ached, especially her arms, shoulders, and vagina, but she didn't care; she was removed from everything, like she was caught in that strange land between sleep and waking.

Voices drifted down to her."freaky.on tape?.every twitch.what a cunt.bite my prick off.shit." Hands lifted her, wrapped something around her, led her into chilly air which she hardly noticed, laid her down on a bed where she quickly fell into a deep sleep.

Karen awoke at one o'clock Saturday afternoon. She could barely move, she was stiff and sore all over. As she swung her legs to the side of the bed and tried to stand, the awful aching in her vagina almost knocked her over.

Her mind was still numbed from sleep and pain when she looked into the full-length closet mirror. Her large brown eyes widened in shock as she saw herself: red welts crisscrossed her entire body, concentrated on her thighs and breasts. Her vagina and the entire area between her legs was a swollen, puffy red. Her eyes were puffy and her face tearstreaked.

Dried semen coated her inner thighs and stuck her pubic hair together. The horror of last night came rushing back to her, and she collapsed onto the floor, sobbing. Every detail in crystal clarity pushed at her conscousness: her kidnap at the hands of Ingrid and Mercedes, how they beat her and then turned her body treacherously against her.

The so relaxing shower followed by the worst horror of the night, her attempted escape and her punishment. She quivered, unable to stop the flow of memories, the memories of the pain of the belt on her cunt, bringing her to a bizarre desire for release; of her hymen ripping before a man's raping phallus, of his seed filling her to be replaced by another man's phallus, and of her final, mind-bending orgasm, which hurt so much but felt so strangly good.

She shivered at the memories as she lay on the floor, her chest heaving with sobs. Slowly she recovered, and, wiping the tears from her eyes, stood up and staggered to her closet.

She grabbed a towel and went over india summer and eva lovia threesome sex in the bedroom her sink, washing herself off as well as she could; she didn't want to go to the showers, she didn't want to be seen.

Her face flushed with humiliation as she thought of Ingrid or Mercedes seeing her and smiling their knowing smiles, laughing at her, at how they wrung two terrible orgasms from her, at how they beat her and tortured her and finally gave her to their friends to play with. She almost broke down again, but caught herself. She lay down on the bed and began to think.

She couldn't go outside, not with Ingrid and Mercedes around; they might grab her again. Thinking that, she looked at her door--it didn't have any locks. She stood up quickly, ignoring her aching body, and wedged a chair against the doorknob, then returned to bed, curling up into a fetal position.

She could tell the headmistriss, Ms. Ellsworth, but if Ingrid had been telling the truth, she already knew all about it, and approved. She couldn't turn to anyone at the school, and Su Lee was gone for the weekend. She couldn't call anyone either, since the girls weren't allowed any outgoing calls. If only her parents called her she could have them come and pick her up, take her away from this hell; but they hadn't called in two weeks, and were probably too busy with the divorce to care about her.

She could try to hike to the nearest town, or to the highway, but that would take four or five hours, and she had no doubts that she was being watched.

She couldn't escape. She stayed in her room all day, leaving only when she couldn't hold her urine or her bowels any longer, afraid each time that she would see Ingrid or Mercedes. Gladly, they were nowhere to be seen. She didn't eat and she had a hard time sleeping that night, but the next day finally came.

It was a repitition of the previous day, except hunger pains drove her to the cafateria, where she quickly grabbed some rolls and fled back to her room. Su Lee came back that evening, talkative, as she seldom was, excited by her weekend with her parents.

Karen weliketosuck morning blowjob cum in mouth and ball sucking in no mood to listen, but kept up a pretence of interest: she didn't want Su Lee to find out what had happened to her. Finally, though, Su Lee's energy began to wane, and they both began getting ready for bed.

Karen waited for Su Lee to leave the room for her toiletries before changing: Su Lee was bound to notice the ugly welts covering her body The school week passed uneventfully: Ingrid and Mercedes were seldom seen and ignored her completely. The rest of the world went on as if nothing had happened.

Still, Karen cringed every time she had to go out into the halls and every time someone called her name. Finally Friday came when she received an unexpected note in the mailbox: it was from the headmistress' secretary stating that the headmistress wished her presence in the faculty lounge that evening at 7 pm.

At first she was scared to go.what if Ingrid and Mercedes were telling the truth, and she would arrive there to suffer more abuse at Ms. Ellsworth's hands.but what if they were lying, and the headmistress had found out what happened to her.then she would be saved.and if she knew nothing, then Karen could tell her everything.she had to go.had to find out. She resolved herself to go over dinner in the cafeteria. She wished Su Lee had made it to dinner so she could ask her what she thought it meant, but she was probably busy studying.

When Karen returned to her room, she was surprised to see Su Lee absent, but she was worried about her meeting with her headmistress so didn't think twice about it. She went to the mirror to check out how she was healing: not bad, all but the worst of the welts were completely gone, and she didn't even feel those any more.

She stretched and waited until seven, then left to meet the headmistress. The faculty lounge was in the same building as the faculty apartments, about a five minute walk across campus from the student's dorms.

She made it in under three at a jog, and was shivering in her oversized jacket outside the door marked "FACULTY LOUNGE", knocking hard. The headmistress' secretary, Paul, a tall, stocky man, about 6' tall and 185 lbs, with sandy brown hair and a handsome face, opened the door and smiled down on her.

"Right on time. Come in, come in." He held the door open for her and ushered her into a short, wide hallway with another door at the end. "Let me take your jacket," he said, and Karen gratefully gave it to him to hang on one of the hooks on the wall; it was much warmer inside. She fell into step beside him as he walked down the hall toward the other door. He opened it and waved her through, smiling. Karen stepped through the door and began to face forward, feeling Paul following her, when she was pushed hard in the back, throwing her off her feet to land hard on her hands and knees, her hair falling over her head to obscure her face.

She grunted as her hands and knees hit a soft, padded floor, much like the gym mats she had practiced on when she was young. Oh God, not again, she thought as she scrambled to her feet. As she stood, ready to flee, she felt a strong hand grip the back of her neck, causing her to freeze.

"Now, now Karen, don't do anything foolish. You remembered what happened last time," Paul said, holding her tightly. She trembled slightly, remembering; "Now put your arms behind your back," he said, and she acquiesed meekly, feeling a pair of metal handcuffs quickly binding her wrists.

Still holding her neck, Paul brushed her hair from her face, giving her her first good look at the faculty lounge. She gasped as her eyes took everything in: it was a large room, maybe 200' by 200'; several single parallel bars, about waist high, were bolted to a floor carpeted with gym mats; large eye-hooks protruded from various places on the floor and walls; several ottoman-like objects, surrounded by eye-hooks, sat bolted to the floor; endless amount of rope hung down from eye-hooks on the ceiling, 15' up; a ladder leaned against the left wall, which was lined with glass cases, filled with dildos, vibrators, canes, whips, pins, gags, clamps, and things she had no idea what they were.

What drew her attention immediately, though, was the object which dominated the center of the room: it was two large steel hoops, each about 10' in diameter, intersecting each other at their diameters. One hoop, standing straight up, was securely bolted to a thick column, itself bolted to the floor, which was capable of rotating; the other was attached to the first hoop so that it could be spun around within the first hoop.

She stared, aghast, at this contraption, for Su Lee was tied spread-eagled within it, getting fucked by the slim young man who had violated her! Su Lee's body was stretched to the breaking point, her slim legs, arms, and stomach straining against the pull of the ropes binding her spread-eagled to the hoop and against her own weight, for she was suspended in the air, her groin tilted slightly upward and her head hanging back, her hair cascading to pile on the ground.

Welts marked her small breasts and her thighs, and her beautiful asian eyes were closed tightly, puffy from the tears which were streaming down her face to mingle with her hair. Her mouth was distorted around a large ball gag, pulling her full lips tight around the gag. The young man was standing on a small stool between her legs, slowly pistoning his cock, coated with a thin film of blood, down into Su Lee's pussy.

Su Lee was turned sideways to her, and she shuddered.not Su Lee too.oh God.it was too much. "You like that," Paul said, his voice hard, "you like seeing your friend get pronged like that?" She shook chastity lynn and india summer lez it out together head, "Nooo.nooo." "Oh, come on, I saw the films, you loved it." She cringed, he had seen the video tapes, a red blush of shame crept into her face, and she tried to drop her head, but he held it up, forcing her to watch Su Lee being viciously raped.

She saw the tendons on Su Lee's inner thighs straining at her position, her small girlish breasts rise and fall with her struggling breath, her pretty, petite face distorted by the gag stretching mom and son forc sex jaws obscenely apart; saw a cock, glistening red with Su Lee's hymen blood, mercilessly slide again and again into the space between her thighs.

She choked down a sob at the sight, and felt a tingle crawl up her spine as she thought of her friend's terror. "Ah, her comes Ingrid," Paul said, drawing her eyes away from Su Lee to Ingrid coming through a door at the other end of the room. Karen stared in horror as she met Ingrids piercing blue eyes and saw her smile.

Ingrid stood there for a second, her statuesque figure seemingly carved from ivory, the pure whiteness of her nakedness broken only by a black bodice, drawing in her stomach and pushing up and together her impressive breasts; she then began walking toward her. Karen began to struggle in Pauls strong grip, but he merely dragged her by her neck over to a parallel bar, slamming her thighs painfully into it.

Ingrid reached her a moment later and quickly grabbed both her ankles and jerked them apart, attaching them to the cuffs on the vertical bars of the parallel bar.

"Please," she whined, "don't do this to me. Please." Paul ignored her, and Ingrid answered by grabbing a handful of her hair and dragging her torso down waist level, pulling her hips painfully against the parallel bar. She was now stretched taunt across the bar, helpless as Paul pushed her skirt over her hips and began rubbing his hands across her ass, pinching it through her underware. She squirmed at his touch and tried to pull away from Ingrid as, still grasping her hair, she began to unbutton Karen's school blouse, revealing Karen's strong stomach and firm breasts, hanging slightly within a plain white bra.

"Two virgins in two weeks," she heard a voice, the slim young man's, say, "and that one, let me tell you, is tight." "Greg, be quiet and get me a pair of sissors; I want to get these panties off," that was Paul.

She began squirming as Paul began gently slapping her ass and Ingrid began pinching her nipples through her bra, but there was nothing she could do, her arms pinned behind her back and her ankles firmly secured wide apart to the bars.

Held there, her mind began to wander, so she did not even notice as her bra and panties were cut off. She thought about Su Lee, and imagined what it had been like for her: to be strung up, practically pulled apart on that metal hoop, hanging like a piece of meat to be used by anyone; to feel the stinging bite of the whip burning across your skin; to twist and squirm and try to escape the punishment, knowing you couldn't, knowing there was nothing you could do as a man drove his cock mercilessly into you, ripping away your virginity.

She was suddenly brought back to reality as she felt Paul slide a finger easily into her cunt. "Damn, she sure is ready to rumble," Paul exclaimed. Ingrid replied, "I told you, this one gets off on it. I bet she's thinking about how much she'd like a hard cock up her right now." She turned as she heard the door at the opposite end of the room open, and said, "Oh oh, here comes Mercedes; this should be fun." Turning toward Karen, she knelt down, and placing one hand between her shoulder blades, pulled her head up so she was looking toward Su Lee and Mercedes: "You see, Mercedes _hates_ asians." Then she smiled, and said, "this should be fun to watch." Karen's back had begun to ache, and her neck was hurting, being pulled back at that awkward angle, but worst of all was the warm feeling which was radiating from her vagina as Paul began to rub his fingers, well lubricated by her juices, against her clitorus.

How could she be enjoying this? Poor Su Lee, poor her.what was wrong with her? To be turned on by these animals? All these thoughts ran through her mind as she watched Mercedes, carrying a large bullwhip, walk slowly toward Su Lee. She was wearing a dark red corset, which made her waist practically disappear, attached to which were garters supporting red stockings; her hair was done up in a severe bun, and she had her glasses on.

When she reached the hoop, she hot latina babe uses sex device on her pussy with hot moans it so that Su Lee was hanging upside down, her cunt pointing toward the ceiling. She was so tightly bound to the hoop that it barely relieved any of the strain on her arms. Karen saw her friend bound, every muscle in her body pulling against the strain of the bondage, and thought, she didn't know why, she is beautiful, so beautiful.

She had always thought Su Lee had a willowy, exotic, beauty, but now she was captivating, and Karen felt little pins and needles travel up and down her spine as she watched her, feeling Paul's penis rubbing up against her cunt, sliding back and forth against the slippery, swollen lips.

Mercedes walked around to the side of Su Lee and unlimbered the whip; suddenly, with a skill Karen found amazing, she drew her arm back and forward, the whip following to strike with a SNAP Su Lee's upper thigh. Su Lee screamed through her gag and her beautiful almond eyes popped open, and Karen could see the pain and fear reflected in them. A small bruise began to blacken the red mark the whip had left, and blood started to ooze out of the broken skin.

Again a SNAP, and Su Lee's body trembled, a high keening sound echoed from her throat, through the gag, as her right nipple began to ooze blood. Su Lee's keening softened to a ragged sob, then resumed with another SNAP, as her other nipple was struck. Then Mercedes moved in front of her, a little to Karen's left, and raised the whip in her arm again, bringing it down this time with a THUNK, directly on the front of Su Lee's vagina.

Karen saw blood splatter up from Su Lee's cunt, and Su Lee howled and shook against her bonds. Shaking like a leaf, sweat pored down her body as she sobbed into her gag. Karen jerked against the hands and bonds holding her at the sight of that blow, and she gasped as a soft wave of pleasure crashed against her pussy.it was good, so good without the pain driving her wild. Putting down the whip, Mercedes went over to the cabinet and took out a thick leather strap, and returned to Su Lee.

Ingrid turned to her, and saying, "Damn, now I'm really hot," sat down on a pillow almost below the parallel bar, pulling Karen down with her by the hair. Adjusting herself and spreading her legs, she looked Karen in the eyes: "Now, bitch, you're going to suck me off, and if you don't make me cum in five minutes, Paul up there is going to fuck you in the ass." Karen stared at Ingrid, fear coming into her eyes as the strong scent of sex wafted up from Ingrid's pussy to her.

She couldn't, they couldn't expect her to do _that_. She tried to twist her head away but Ingrid just let out a short laugh and jammed Karen's head into her crotch and began to rub her wet pussy all over her face.

At the same time, Paul sunk his dick, in one smooth motion, into Karen's pussy, and began to slowly thrust himself in and out of her cunt. They were serious, completely serious. They would actually fuck her there, and they expected her to lick another woman's pussy; it was awful. Ingrid cuffed her upside the head as Paul continued slowly fucking her, "Come on bitch, use that tongue." Tenatively she pushed her tongue between her lips and tasted the sour, slippery wetness of another woman.

Ingrid let out a low moan as Karen began to run her tongue back and forth against her pussy lips, the slap of leather against flesh and Su Lee's awful, muffled screaming counterpointing the slow fucking Paul was giving her.

Karen began to settle down into a rhythm as Ingrid slapped her ears as she told her what to do--lick up and down the lips, rubbing her nose against Ingrid's clit, then close on the clit with her mouth, suck it gently into her mouth and flick her tongue back and forth across her clit.

Then do it all again when Ingrid slapped her on the head. It wasn't so bad, she thought, the cock pumping slowly in and out of her sopping cunt relaxing her. Her postition was awkward and uncomfortable, but this was so much better than the whipping.poor Su Lee.she could still hear the slapping of the belt followed by Su Lee's muffled screams.

As she thought about it, about her bent across the bar, force big pussiy in crempis cut story lick a woman's cunt while a man used her cunt for his pleasure, Su Lee's screams in the background, warmth began spreading through her loins and she began to tremble. Suddenly, though, Paul pulled out, "Time's up," and, grabbing her asscheeks, pulled them wide apart, exposing her tiny asshole.

Karen began to panic.just when it was feeling so good.why couldn't they just fuck her?.why did they have to hurt her?.and tried to pull away from Ingrid.

Ingrid merely gripped her head more firmly and thrust her hips forward against her face, "Come on," she said, "I was almost there." She kept struggling but she couldn't do anything to cute emboy first sex story and hunk in bulge gay porn movie full this violation of her ass.

She froze with horror, receiving a few blows to the head from Ingrid, as she felt Pauls slick dick prod against her anus. She tried to yell, to say no, stop, but her voice was muffled by Ingrid, who pushed her face against her pussy, effectively muting her. "Come on, slut, keep moving that tongue," Ingrid urged as Paul pressed his cock harder against her small, puckered opening.

"Give her ass a little incentive to open up, Greg," she heard Paul say, then jerked forward hard against the bar as pain exploded in her lower back, and the sickening slap of the belt came to her ears. Her anus spasmed at the blow and Paul shoved his cockhead in, bringing a grunt of pain from Karen. Ingrid was growing angry at her for stopping her licking, and began to cuff and slap her ears, "Come on, bitch," she growled. She jerked forward again as the belt drove more pain into her lower back, and Paul drove his dick farther into her tormented ass.

The blows against her head were disorienting her, distracting her from the pain in her ass. She stuck out her tongue and began to lick again, and felt Ingrid relax, holding her head tightly between her thighs. Almost without her knowing, Paul had sunk his cock its full length into her ass, his balls hanging against her swollen pussy. She felt so full, like she did just before she deficated, her anus stretched painfully around his cock.

A strange shiver of pleasure and pain went through her as he slowly began to slide his cock back, seeming to draw her innards with it, and she grunted into Ingrid's wet cunt as he slammed his cock back into her ass. He grabbed her sexy babes give guy handjob on hotel room in strong hands, bruising her, and began to fuck her ass with abandon, each forward stroke bringing a grunt from Karen.

It was so different: it hurt, his plunging cock hurt, but it also felt good, like when she took and extra big shit; she felt an orgasm begin to build deep within her guts, a hard knot of pleasure slowly increasing with each pounding stroke of Paul's cock.

She began to lick fervently at Ingrid's clit, sucking the soft flesh into her mouth and flicking her tongue wildly across its bulging head.

Ingrid let out a gasp and pulled her head even harder against her cunt, thrusting her hips into Karen's face as she came. Feeling Ingrid come around her face sent Karen over the edge, the hard knot of pleasure bursting, consuming her entire body, causing her to jerk against the bonds and hands holding her, her ass spasming around Paul's penis, bringing his seed spilling into her ass. Slowly she came down from her orgasmic high, her body tingling with sensation.

Ingrid stood up uncertainly and Paul pulled out of her ass with a gently POP, leaving her feeling empty, hanging over the bar at the waist, too tired to raise her body to a standing position. She knew she should feel humiliated, ashamed, but she was too numb, too tired, to care. These people could use her all they wanted, a small part of her _wanted_ them to use her, to beat her: she shuddered inwardly at this thought, resisting it.

She didn't want this, no matter how much her body betrayed her, she didn't; she wanted to be home, safe and secure, to be a normal teenager again, not subject to the sexual whims of a group of sadists. She came back to herself as she felt a rope thread between the cuffs connecting her wrists, and moaned in discomfort as her arms were pulled from her back, dragging her upper body with them, until she was parallel teenh fuckine in mom and son the floor.

She didn't resist, didn't even respond, as a collar was attached to her neck and a rope run through a ring on the collar to another ring between her legs. She moaned again as her arms were pulled further from her body, until they were at a 45 degree angle from her back, and the rope pulling them was tied to the rafters overhead.

Her head was then dragged back by her hair until her face was directly forward, her mouth open to relieve the strain on her neck, her hair tied around the cuffs on her wrists.

She opened her eyes as Ingrid began gently stroking her cheek, "It looks like Merc has something special planned for your friend, Karen," she said, her voice smooth and mocking. Still in a state of mental numbness, of mental abstraction, Karen saw what Ingrid meant: Su Lee was bent over a something like a strange looking ottoman, her knees bent wide under her, her knees held to the floor by leather cuffs, her arms spread at right angles to her body and also cuffed to the floor at bicept, elbow, and wrist, pressing her chest into the ground.

Her head was propped by her chin on a padded chin gaurd, so that Karen could look directly into her eyes, only 6' away and swollen with tears.

Her pretty asian face was still distorted by the ball gag, making her, Karen though wistfully, look almost alluring. Her ass was elevated high in the air, causing her back to curve painfully back and exposing her abused vagina and her anus. Karen closed her eyes for a moment, feeling her own aching body, with Ingrid's juices drying on her face, Paul's semen leaking from her bowls down her pussy lips, her head pulled painfully back, her body bent obscenely over the parallel bar: a wave of tired resignation passed through her--she couldn't do anything, she was helpless.

She opened her eyes and saw Mercedes, grinning, project pandora lesbians cherie deville abella danger mia malkova mercedes carrera masturbation comp a rag up and down Su Lee's exposed vagina. She looked into Su Lee's large, black, almond eyes and saw fear and pain and hopelessness in them, and a terrible yearning to be let go.

She heard herself whisper "Su Lee," before the sight of Mercedes opening the back hall door snapped her out of her resigned complacency. Horror and an awful realization struck her as she watched a german shepherd come bounding across the room toward Su Lee's bound body.

"You can't," she cried, "Noooo. Please don't." She began struggling against her bonds, painfully trying to free herself. She struggled harder as she saw the dog stop at Su Lee's exposed ass and stick his nose right into her cunt, snorting and licking.

Su Lee jerked forward, horror widening her african lesbos sandrine and grace lick pussies and bringing short gasps from her flaring nostrils.

Karen froze, her muscles tense with her struggles, as she saw the dog mount her friend, claws scrabbling painfully against Su Lee's narrow waist, hips thrusting wildly against Su Lee's ass. Then she saw the dogs narrow, red penis slide home into Su Lee's pussy, and as she looked back into Su Lee's eyes, she saw the horror and disgust and pain in her tearing eyes.

Candice wakes up and wrestles with the big milf heard Greg let out an exclamation and then she felt him sink his dick into her still wet pussy.

She grunted at this invasion, but she was still spellbound by the image before her: the german shepherd gripping Su Lee's waspish waist with its forelegs, its neck thrust forward to nip at Su Lee's shoulders, its hips a blur of motion, driving his slimy penis in and out of Su Lee's pussy at an incredible speed. Su Lee had her eyes closed, tears running down her cheeks, curving away from the bulging gag.

Mercedes knelt right next to her head, her face almost against her ear, whispering Karen knew not what to her as she was raped by a dog. Suddenly, the dog began to slow its thrusts, and then slammed hard into Su Lee three times and held its hips to hers. Then the dog pushed itself off Su Lee and staggered off a little ways, small young teen hd suspect agreed to cooperate with lp officers for the rest of the tip of its penis engorged into a large bulb.

Mercedes remained next to Su Lee as Paul led the dog back to the hallway, only to release another german shepherd, which came running straight for Su Lee. Karen couldn't take her eyes off Su Lee, her face twisted in an agony of humiliation, her body covered by a dog frantically thrusting into her, Mercedes in her red outfit kneeling by her ear, whispering poisons.

She shuddered as she felt Greg's hard penis slide in and out of her. She couldn't stop thinking.what if it was her tied down to the floor being mounted by a dog, its wet, slimy cock poking against her pelvis, its claws scratching and gripping at her waist, its teeth nipping her neck and shoulders, with Mercedes whispering "dogfucker, whore, slut," into her ear, telling her how much she liked it, to be fucked like that.

She felt a wave of pleasure consume her as she orgasmed, but she still could not stop staring at the sight before her. Her arousal began anew as the dog finished and another was brought in, and she came again, with Greg slowly fucking her from behind, adding to the stimulation from her mind. A fourth dog was brought in, and she saw the expression on Su Lee's face change ever so slightly.

Karen gasped out with another orgasm as she thought she saw a flicker of pleasure cross Su Lee's face. She was! Karen could see it, could see Su Lee's closed eyelids flutter, could see her face tense around her gag, her brows contracting.

Karen began to gasp in excitement as Greg began pounding into her from behind in earnest. She heard a low humming coming from Su Lee through the gag, and it ended in a muffled cry as her face twisted in a paroxism of pain an pleasure, her whole body tense as a wound spring.

Karen heard Ingrid and Paul laughing as her own orgasm hit her, shaking her entire body, her cunt spasming around Greg's dick, sending him spurting shot after shot of cum deep into her pussy. As she came back to herself, Karen saw that the dog had finished, and was being led back to the hallway.

Su Lee was sobbing miserably through her gag. Karen was sore and exhausted, mentally as well as physically, as hands began to release her bonds. They lifted her up and pushed her, staggering, out the door, her blouse still open and without her bra or panties. As she buttoned back up her blouse, she felt the twin loads of cum begin to drip down her thighs, and staggered back to her room, stunned by the events of the evening, but even more by her reactions to them.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------- To find out more about the anon service, send mail to [email protected] If you reply to this message, your message WILL be *automatically* anonymized and you are allocated an anon id. Read the help file to prevent this.

Please report any problems, inappropriate use etc. to [email protected] ======== Back in her room, Karen undressed and, wrapping a towel around herself, went directly to the showers. She didn't care who saw her this time; she was too tired and dazed to care. The shower revived her somewhat and when she finally lay in her nightshirt on her bed she reviewed everything that had happened to her that night.

That the headmistress's secretary, Paul, was in on these bizarre sexual games was without doubt, and she had to assume the headmistress also knew about everything that had been done to her. The entire faculty must know, and perhaps everyone in the entire school participated on some level. She couldn't believe that, but what Ingrid had said to her, that she was the Seniors' to do with as they desired, certainly suggested it.

If so, there was nothing she could do but run away, and she thought they would know if she tried, would stop her and torment her worse than they had done; perhaps they would even do to her what they had done to Su Lee. To be bound to the floor and fucked like and animal--she shuddered, shying away from her own reactions to what she had seen.

But they kept coming back to her: her arousal to being fucked, and the horrible orgasm which she had when Paul had fucked her in the ass; her multiple orgasms as she saw Su Lee being mounted by dog after dog, and her surprise, and yes, she admitted to herself, her arousal, when she saw pleasure cross Su Lee's face.

She candy alexa flashes her big juicy tits and screwed in public understand her own arousal at the brutal treatment she had received, how could she understand Su Lee's? She shook herself as she felt her vagina grow damp and her labia swell at these remembrances.

She curled up again and tried to drive the pictures of Su Lee's abuse from her mind. It was awful what they had done to her, she thought, her mind becoming cloudy with sleep, awful. She became groggily aware of people entering her room carrying a large bundle, which they threw on Su Lee's bed. Sleep pulled her back to unconscousness before she could see what was happening. She awoke early the next morning to see Su Lee curled up into a fetal position on her bed.

She lay there asleep, naked, and Karen could see the ugly marks of whips and cane covering her body. She wanted to go over and take her in her arms, to hold her and comfort her; but what could she say? What could she do? She was there to see what had happened.she pulled back and shook her head, her brown hair swinging across her back.

No, she couldn't. Then she noticed an envelope on her dresser; it wasn't there when she had come back last night. She fearfully opened it and read: Dearest Karen, Greetings to the Covenant School for Girls from your headmistress Samantha Kane. I have seen the tapes and know that by now you have been introduced to the main extracurricular activity at our school.

In case you are in any way confused by your present situation, this letter is designed to clear up those confusions. First of all, let me make it very clear that your main purpose here, besides obtaining a first class education, is to service myself, my secretary, the faculty, the seniors, the juniors, and the members of Delta Sigma Pi, in that order, in any way they desire.

Let me repeat myself: you are to obey the preceding without question. Now I realize that certain demands that we may make upon your person may cause you certain discomfort; practice patience and forebearance, and realize that no member of the above will be allowed to permanently injure you in any way, or to impact your schoolwork negatively.

Also realize that next year you will be a Junior here at our school, and therefore free of certain of the strictures which now apply to you, as well as gaining social superiority over the Freshmen and Sophmore. Now that I have reassured you on the main points of your situation, let me follow with certain simple rules you will be expected to follow while you are a student here. 1) You will wear no underclothes except that provided by one of the above persons.

2) You will speak to one of the above people outside of the classroom only when spoken to. 3) You will refer, outside of the classroom, to the above people as master or mistress, depending on the sex of the person. If you break any of these rules, realize that you will be punished severely. One final dayana ninfeta novinha muito gostosa subiu na laje tomou banho mostrou a buceta e ficou toda molh, in case you are thinking about revealing our cozy setup here to anyone: we have tapes of everything that has been done to you.

Far from being self-incriminating, these tapes will, properly edited, reveal you engaging in consenual, if kinky, sexual escapades, and enjoying yourself immensely. Any story of members of this academy forcing you into unwanted sexual contact will be dismissed by us as either malicious spitefulness, overactive imagination, or "day after" regrets over your sexual experiences. Respectfully yours, Samantha Kane p.s.

Please bring this letter with you to my office at 4:00 pm this afternoon. She shuddered as she read the letter--it seemed hardly possible. Then she looked over at Su Lee, her naked body covered with welts and bruises, and realized it was not only possible, it was.

She sat down on the edge of her bed, stunned, vague thoughts and worries running through her horrified mind. She sat unmoving for perhaps an hour, and when she finally did move, it was like an automaton. She had closed her mind off to the world around her; she had pushed everything that had happened out of her mind so that she could cope.

She would do her schoolwork and the like and then she would meet with the schoolmistress at 4:00 pm--beyond that her mind refused to function. At 2:00 two senior girls whom she did not know well came and carried Su Lee away; Karen ignored them, and ignored Su Lee's feeble, sobbing cries for help.

At 3:55, she rose from her desk, checked to make sure she was wearing no underwear, and walked unthinkingly to Samantha Kane's office. When she arrived she saw Paul sitting at his desk, his boss's large wooden office door directly behind him. He stood up when he saw her and leered. Karen shied away and murmered, "I'm here to see Ms. Kane." "I know," he said, moving from behind the desk to put an arm around her.

She flinched, but let him guide her passively to Ms. Kane's office door. She didn't even react when he ran his hand caressingly up her outer thigh to massage her naked buttocks. "Too bad," he murmered, "I almost hoped you would disobey." Still massaging her buttocks, he opened the door to Ms.

Kane's office and gently pushed her through. Standing in the headmistress's office, Karen looked up as she heard the door <snick> closed behind her. Her protective complacency shattered as she beheld what was before her, and she backed, shocked, into the door.

She had remembered the headmistress as a stern, older woman, about 40 years old, 6' tall and exceedingly handsome. She remembered when she had first seen the headmistress, her brown-blond hair carefully done up, her piercing blue eyes staring sharply at her from amid small wrinkles webbing her face, her full and firm figure gracefully controlled, her full length dress tasteful and unrevealing. The picture before her could not be more different.

Samantha Kane was in the throws of rapture: her medium length hair spilling over shoulders, her face flushed, a small, catlike smile playing on her lips, her back arched back as she kneeled over the face of one of her students, her hands gripping her student's breasts harshly, her own large, full breasts standing out proudly from her chest, her large round nipples distended in pleasure, her ass crushing down into her face, the outward extending penis gag fully embedded in her moist cunt, her juices flowing down onto her helpless student's face.

Samantha Kane shuddered in her orgasm while smiling lazily at Karen. Slowly she rose, her pussy sliding easily from the plastic dildo, and moved toward Karen.

Karen was transfixed by the sight of her approaching headmistress, but she couldn't help but teacher with smal boy sex at the hapless student bound on the floor behind her.

A sudden chill went through her as she recognized Su Lee, a penis gag, now covered with Ms. Kane's juices, 1.5" in diameter and extending into as well as 7" out of her mouth. She was lying on her back, her calves strapped with wide leather belts tightly against her thighs. Her thighs were pulled up and back against her sides, pulling her ass into the air, and strapped there with another leather band running just under her small breasts, which also held her arms against her sides.

In this position her pussy and ass were obsenely exposed to the several videocameras stationed around the room. Ms. Kane's voice cut through her thoughts, "Hello Karen, I've been wanting so much to meet you." Her voice had a silky, catlike quality to it, and Karen submitted meekly as she gripped her upper arm and led her around the large desk which Su Lee was lying in front of. Here she could not see her friend, but another sight caught her attention: a stool, one foot high, stood bolted to the floor where a desk chair should have been, and thrusting up from it was a shiny metal dildo.

It gleamed in the dim light of the office, and as she followed it down she saw that the chair was "padded" with what looked like small bed of nails, with what looked like a seatbelt attatched to the side. "Kneel down on the stool, now, dear," Ms. Kane said, positioning Karen over the stool, each leg on either side of it. Karen looked pleadingly at Samantha Kane, seeing there only determination and a complete lack of mercy.

"You know what to do," said the headmistress as Karen knelt over the stool, her firm thighs flexing under her skirt. She looked up at the headmistress and lowered her pussy right over the medal dildo as Ms. Kane nodded. She shivered as the cool, smooth metal touched her labia, and she blushed in shame as she felt the slickness of her tunnel as it eagerly accepted this foreign invader.

"Look at me," Ms. Kane said sharply, both hands resting on her shoulders, "look at me!" Karen looked into her sharp blue eyes and gasped as Samantha Kane pressed her violently down on the dildo, driving her ass into the nails protruding from the stool. Pain flashed through her ass, mingling with a curious, cool pleasure radiating from her cunt.

She froze, the nails pressing painfully into her flesh, and the metal dildo feeling slick inside her pussy, as Ms. Kane strapped her loosely onto the stool, leaving enough slack to allow her to ride the dildo, but not enough dislodge it. She then strapped her knees and ankles to the floor and tied her wrists to the sides of the stool. Throughout this, Karen was afraid to move, and her mind focused on the sensations coming from her ass and groin. Each nail around her ass and thighs was like a little fire on her nerves; the dildo was a slick, cool invader inside her, causing her pussy to spasm involuntarily around it, sending pleasure shooting through her body.

"Ingrid says you suck cunt pretty good, slut," the headmistress said coolly, rolling a chair forward in front of Karen and sitting down, her legs spread wide apart on either side of Karen and her groin resting on the front edge of the chair. "Well, get started!" she snapped, "and don't forget to fuck yourself on that dildo. If you don't, I'll be very upset," she smiled.

Karen knew resistance was useless; it would only bring her more pain. Slowly she leaned forward and kissed Ms. Kane's labia while moving her own hips up and down on the metal dildo, careful to avoid the sharp nails at its base. The sour, pungent odor of her headmistress's pussy assaulted her as she licked at her swollen, glistening lips. She swirled her tongue around and then, stiffening it, drove it deep into Ms. Kane's cunt, mashing her face against her pussy in the process.

Ms. Kane groaned and grabbed the back of her head as she licked at the inside of her pussy. Karen worked her way up to Ms. Kane's clitorus, rubbing her face all over her cunt as she moved her mouth toward her stiff bud. Her headmistress shuddered in pleasure as she took her clitorus between her lips and began to gently suck on it, running her lips over the small fleshy protuberence.

Karen broke out into a cold sweat, her own thighs shaking with the strain of working her cunt up and down the dildo without striking the spikes at its base.

She closed her eyes as she worked her tongue over Ms. Kane's clit and concentrated on her dildo inside her. It felt strange, running back and forth across her inner flesh, so smooth. She worked her hips around, trying to get something, some feeling, out of it--it was vaguely unsatisfying, so cool and smooth, so inhuman. She felt desire build in her.she wanted to be fucked.she wanted to come.she didn't want this teasing metal cock sending cold chills down her spine, making her yearn for the real thing.

Frustrated, she slammed her hips down hard against the stool, sending the nails stabbing into her flesh, sending a delicious pain shooting through her cunt. It hurt, but it was fire compared to the ice in her cunt. It sparked her to frentic action: she began sucking and licking her headmistress's pussy with abandon, earning gratifying moans from Ms. Kane; she also sent her hips into a flurry of action, her young, muscular thighs sending her cunt slamming hard down on the dildo and the nails again and again.

A cold chill seemed to grip her body as she fucked herself mindlessly on the stool, pain flowing in wave after delicious wave through her body, each wave sending a thrill of warmth through her. A gut wrenching cramp took hold of her guts, and she grunted with her efforts, her body covered in sweat.

Ms. Kane was crying out oh yes aaahhggg ooohh as she rocked back and forth in the chair, her thighs clenching an unclenching around Karen's head.

Karen suddenly jerked and cried out as the pain in her gut cracked, and a painful, nerve-wracking orgasm overcame her, sending her shaking in release upon the stool.

Oh god, she thought, it was so awful.so painful.so draining. She felt wrung out, squeezed. "You are good," she heard Samantha Kane say, a lazy, satisfied smile playing on her face, "I think I'll give you a reward." Karen watched her stand up and remained still as Ms.

Kane released her from the stool. As she stood up, she felt her ass a flaming mass of pain, and saw her drying blood on the tips of the nails and felt it drip sluggishly across the back of her thighs. She stood there dazed as Samantha Kane removed her plaid skirt and white blouse, leaving her standing naked. She yelped and jumped as she felt a sharp, stinging pain in her ass as Ms. Kane rubbed a damp towel over it. "Don't flinch, dear, this is just some bactine to clean you up.

I don't want you bleeding all over my office." Karen drew her lower lip into her mouth and wondered what else her headmistress had planned for her. She didn't have to wait long, for after finishing cleaning up her ass, Ms. Cane opened the top drawer of her desk and pulled out a large, strap on dildo. "Put this on," she commanded, handing it to Karen.

She obeyed meekly, gasping as she felt a tiny ridge press against her clitorus when she pulled it snug against her. She allowed herself to be led around the other side of the desk, her fake cock swinging from side to side. She wasn't really taking part anymore.she was just acting out her part in this bizarre play designed by Ms. Kane. She saw herself look down at the still bound form of Su Lee.she had forgotten about her.and register shock as Ms.

Kane reached down and pulled out a buzzing vibrator from Su Lee's pussy. Su Lee moaned as the vibrator was removed, arched her back, and shuddered.

Her headmistress merely smiled and removed another vibrator from Su Lee's ass, receiving a grunting, thrashing response from Su Lee. Samantha Kane handed her the vibrators, one slick with Su Lee's juices, the other coated with a light film of oil, both still buzzing insistantly.

"These are for you," she purred, "put them in for the camera," she said as she moved behind one of the cameras and focused it on Karen's crotch. Karen blushed furiously but moved to obey, taking part in her own humiliation. She spread her legs and lifted up the plastic strap on with her left hand, putting the tip of the buzzing vibrator against her labia.

She shuddered as she felt the vibrator slip easily into her cunt, sending its vibration humming through her body. She pushed it in as far as she could, her fingers pushed up to the first knuckle in her own pussy, and felt it touch her cervix, sending a shiver through her bones. It felt awkward inside her, but she dutifully took the other vibrator and pressed it against her anus. It made her want to defacate, and her asshole spasmed as she shoved the buzzing cock into her ass.

She pushed it all the way in until her asshole closed over the end, and then she stood there, the two vibrators seeming to numb her insides. "Good, good," she heard Samantha Kane say, "now put your cock into your friend there." She saw Su Lee's dark, exotic eyes widen at these words, but moved, as if she were an automaton, to follow her headmistress's instructions.

She walked awkwardly, the two vibrators filling her up, deeply massaging her innards, until she stood near Su Lee's upturned ass. She knelt down, her legs on either side of her ass, and placed her hands just below Su Lee's bound knees, leaning her weight there.

The warmth of her friend's skin brought her out of her objectivity, and she hesitated, looking down at the large plastic dildo hovering just millimeters from Su Lee's exposed cunt. She quivered as she realized what she was doing, but realized she had no choice. She pressed the fake cock against Su Lee's swollen, dark red, slippery labia, and gently pushed forward with her hips, gasping as she felt the ridge on the top to the dildo press into her clitorus.

Su Lee began grunting and squirming around, but Karen bore down, putting more of her weight on Su Lee's legs and pressing forward harder with her hips. My god, she thought, the vibrators spreading the pleasure pressing against her clit throughout her body, I'm splitting her in half. She was entranced by the sight of the dildo, seeming so large compared to Su Lee's oh so narrow hips, sliding slowly into her cunt, her juices bubbling out around the edge of the cock as it forced its way into her.

She shuddered in pleasure as she sunk the cock all the way into her friend, feeling it hit her friend's cervix, sending a jarring sensation against her clit. A soft orgasm blossemed in her clitorus, was grabbed by the vibrators and spread throughout her guts. Her stomach muscles and thighs spasmed and she fell heavily onto Su Lee, ending up staring directly at the penis gag obscenely jutting from Su Lee's mouth.

She felt a hand grab her head and force her mouth over the gag and press down slowly, forcing her mouth wide. As the hand began pressing her throat down on the plastic dildo, she began to panic, and placing her hands beside Su Lee's head, tried to push herself off. "Stop that," Ms. Kane said sharply, "swallow, come on, swallow." Karen felt bile rise in her throat as the hand on her head forced the dildo inexorably into her throat. Her gag reflex took over and she began to heave, her hips still attached to Su Lee's by the strap on.

Ms. Kane relented, and Karen was able to recover, swallowing the bile that had risen in her throat. Again the hand pressed her head down.she couldn't do it, couldn't take that thing in her throat.it would kill her.

She began swallowing madly as it pressed against her throat, and felt a strange, warm tearing sensation as it slipped into her throat. She couldn't breath, her throat spasmed involuntarily around the intruder, and still the hand pressed down, forcing it further into her throat. "Breath through your nose, slut," she heard, and gratefully sucked in a lungful of air, her nostrils distending with the effort. The pain in her throat lessened and the hand stopped pressing her down, but by now she had taken the whole thing down her throat, and her lips were pressed up against Su Lee's, her nose pressing against her friend's.

Her whole body felt filled, her throat stretched around the plastic dildo and the vibrators in her bowels and pussy sending a humming numbness through her guts. "Now fuck her," she heard Ms. Kane growl, and jerked her hips back, feeling Su Lee twitch under her. She pressed her hips forward again and moaned as the plastic ridge pressed against her clit, letting out a sharp gasp through her nose as she bumped up against Su Lee's cervix.

She began moving her hips back and forth, driving the strap on slowly into Su Lee; the dildo in her throat made her seem somehow connected to Su Lee, impaled and impaling, every hole stretched and filled. She felt Su Lee begin to rock with her thrusts, and moan each time Karen brought her hips to press firmly against Su Lee's slender body.

She felt her own nipples and Su Lee's stiffen as they rubbed against each other, and Karen felt a boiling pleasure begin to build deep in her guts. Suddenly with a load SMACK, pain exploded in her tenderized ass, sending her hips slamming into Su Lee's, driving the plastic cock deep into her cunt.

Her scream around the penis in her throat was echoed by Su Lee when their hips met with a painful slapping sound. For a moment Karen didn't know what had happened, and froze in place, her fake penis shoved as deep as possible into Su Lee's pussy, her throat distended around the plastic penis gag, her lips touching Su Lee's at its base, her body pressed, sweating, hard against her friend's.

Then she realized what had happened--Ms. Kane had used a belt on her poor, torn, ass--and Karen knew what she would do if she didn't keep fucking Su Lee. So she tenatively pulled the strap on out of Su Lee's pussy, only to have her ass explode in pain at its apex as Ms.

Kane brought the belt across her tender cheeks. A matching pleasure shot through her clitorus as her hips slammed forward into Su Lee's to escape the pain, another cry coming from her gagged throat, echoed again by Su Lee. She pulled back again, SMACK, pain flashed through her ass, melding with the sharp pleasure at her clit, spread through her groin by the vibrators in her guts. SMACK SMACK SMACK.her hips humped up and down furiously, driven by the belt biting into her ass.

She grunted in unison with Su Lee, each downward thrust bouncing her off her friends slender hips, sending more pleasure shooting through her body. She was like a driven machine, sweat dripping off her body, her breath coming in great gasps sucked through her nostrils.

She felt a low kining come from Su Lee through the gag into her own throat, and felt her friend's body tense beneath hers. Su Lee cried through her gag, sending chills down Karen's throat, and began bucking wildly beneath her as Karen slammed the strap on again into her cunt.

Answering fire exploded in her own clit as she felt her friend twist beneath her, pinioned by her bonds and by the driving phallus she wielded. The vibrators were a strong wind sweeping her pleasure like wildfire through her entire body, engulfing her ass in painful pleasure, her groin a countering cool wind of ecstacy. Her body spasmed in the throws of her orgasm, taunt and firm, and then she collapsed, exhausted, onto Su Lee.

Three weeks later, Karen lay on her bed at the boarding school, thinking about what had happened to her after she had left the headmistress's office. She had had to go to the nurse to get the vibrator removed from her ass, and she blushed at the remembrance, remembering how she was told to lean over the back of the chair while the nurse reached inside her with a metal device.

When she had returned to her room, Su Lee was not there, and when she did return, wouldn't speak to her. Karen badly wanted to tell her friend that she didn't want to do what she had done, but she had been forced to; she wanted to tell her it would be all right, that they could stick it out together; but Su Lee merely curled up into a ball on her bed and ignored her.

Karen felt awful, but there seemed nothing she could do. What surprised her most was that, for the first time, other of her classmates stopped by to talk to her. She remembered how wary they all were, and how they looked at Su Lee with pity.

She remembered how each one empathized with her, and let hints drop about how things worked at the school, and what her role was. Her spirits were bouyed by these visits, and she felt a growing sympathy with the rest of the underclasswomen at the school. She learned that the original headmistress of the Convenant School for girls had had a son who was a member of Delta Sigma Pi. It had apparently been his idea to turn the school into his own and his fraternity brothers' private harem, and got his mother to agree.

They then began setting up the social structure they had now: first they approached the more sadistic and easily influenced teaching faculty and convinced them of the benefits of having a whole school of young cunts at their disposal. They then picked out several of the senior girls who were especially cruel, and subtly encouraged them to dominate the rest of the student body. Following the sly suggestions of faculty, and receiving absolute support from them, these girls brutalized the entire school, offering admission to their clique only to other seniors, and some juniors--the alternative to being with them was to be against them.

Eventually they began actually torturing those girls who they disliked, or who did not jump when they wanted them to. It was a short step from there to sexual domination. At first the school had trouble keeping these activities from reaching the parents, but by imposing what was essentially a police state at the school, they managed, until there was no thought of escape, since there was no hope.

At this point they were ready for the next step--the introduction of the members of Delta Sigma Pi to these sexual games. It wasn't hard, since by this time the seniors were wallowing in their sexual domination of the underclasswomen.

They knew that nothing was more humiliating and degrading than rape, so, at the suggestion of faculty, brought over rapists. This act broke most of the underclasswomen, and no more resistance was made; most accepted their lot, holding the hope that when they were seniors they would be able to revenge themselves on the younger generation.

The headmistress and faculty even had a plan to keep the senior girls from getting out of line. It was simple: they would occassionally, maybe once a week, choose a senior girl who had displeased them in some way, and tortured and sexually degraded her. Long before this stage though, the faculty who were not willing to play along were dismissed, and more amiable teachers were hired.

Everything was pretty much set now; the only thing that was needed was to codify the rules the faculty had instituted. The headmistress, her secretary, and the faculty would have unlimited use of any of the girls they wanted. The members of Delta Sigma Pi had unlimited use of any of the sophmores or freshmen. The seniors had the same priveleges as the Fraternity. The juniors were a special case: they were free from everyone except the faculty at the school, yet they had no priveleges with the underclasswomen.

There was an arrangement, though, where a junior could become a slave of a senior, who would then allow her to use, at the senior's descretion, any of the underclasswomen. Pregnancies were a problem at first, but the pill, and then the day after pill, took care of that; the day after pill was a godsend, since it did not artificially mature the young girls like the pill did, leaving them their girlish selves.

She also learned something about the personalities who were presently at the school. Ms. Samantha Kane, she learned, was reasonable, if sexually demanding. Paul, her secretary, was a bit of a sadist, and played favorites.

His favorite, and the favorite of most of the faculty, was Ingrid, whom everyone was afraid of. She practically ran the school, getting everything she wanted, but the girls were most afraid of the girl Ingrid had taken under her wing, Mercedes.

Mercedes was a true sadist, delighting in bringing pain to the underclasswomen. The faculty, over the years, had been weeded out to all hardcore dykes.

Some of them were nicer than others, but they all liked to dominate the girls. The social politics at the school grew out of the fact that the girls were expected to maintain their grades, limiting the amount of time the underclasswomen could be put to sexual use. Animosities would grow over a favorite freshman or sophmore, and the underclasswomen usually got caught in the battles between the seniors. The sophmores were used to the setup, and even enjoyed it to a degree.

They made sure to make friends with a junior or two, so when they advanced a grade, they could make a deal. Also, in their role as sympathizers with the incoming freshmen, most of whom were traumatized by the attention paid them, they found girls ripe for seduction.

The freshmen adjusted after the first few weeks, when they realized there was nothing they could do about it. She also caught hints about what happened to Su Lee.

Su Lee had refused to move from her bed for two straight days, not going to class, not eating, not speaking. They had carried her away a day later, and Karen had not seen her since. From what she could gather, they had taken her to the D.S.P.

Fraternity house and kept her drugged and tied in an underground room, where anyone could come down and use her as they pleased. Hard cases, and cases like Su Lee, who just couldn't come to terms with their predicament, were sent for either breaking or desensitation.

After a month of being tied in a drug haze, being fucked almost constantly in one manner or another, they usually returned quite docile, willing to do anything. Karen felt sorry for Su Lee, but was kept too busy to think about it much. Her schoolwork increased, and she, being new, became an instant, if temporary, favorite. She was taught cunningless until she was a pro, and found that there were endless ways her body could be made to orgasm.

The few men from the frat who came over and used her were the best though, and every time she was penetrated she thought about how much better the real thing really was. Two times a week she and a few freshmen were driven over to the frat house and taught how to please a man.

Not only did she suck and deep-throat countless men, and learn how to move her hips, squeeze her pussy, keep a man on the edge of orgasm, etc., she also learned how to flirt. She learned to be an innocent flirt, a haughty, take-me flirt, a sexy flirt, a slutty flirt; she learned what to say to turn different men on, and what to do. She learned how to act during the sex act: astonished savannah shows her hot pussy is on fire brunette and big dick pleased, scared, wanton, a combination of those.

She learned what to wear and how to walk. Most tight teen briana oshea pussy creampied by nasty dudes of all, she was taught how to reach orgasm, until with even the slightest stimulation, whether pleasure or pain, she could come. She still wasn't completely reconciled with it all though. Each nerve wracking orgasm held it's own satisfaction, but a part of her mind still dreaded it, dreaded seeing her kneeling naked before some man, or on all fours, screaming and gasping as a cock was buried in her ass, or lying on her back while she licked at another woman's vagina, or bound in some byzantine way and beaten and teased until she screamed in release.

Most of all this part of her mind dreaded the way she reacted, the way she degraded herself before these blowjob and sex with hot slut hardcore amateur, the way her body danced to their manipulations, coming again and again.

Deep down it made her feel ashamed, made her feel like a whore, a slut, a worthless sex crazed bitch who cared only about getting off. At the same time she secretly relished what was being done to her, and her qualms just seem to add a tingle of excitement to everything.

She wasn't quite resigned to her fate, but she knew she was close. ******************** Su Lee returned a few days later, a brokenspirited girl shambling around, doing what she was told. She wouldn't speak to Karen, wouldn't speak to anyone; she did her schoolwork and she answered the demands of her superiors, but that was it.

Karen was kept busy with her own schoolwork and other responsibilities, but she was still hurt by Su Lee's reticence. Over the next couple of weeks, she big ass dominican booty valerie vasquez gets slaye Mercedes' interest in Su Lee.

In fact, Mercedes' was practically the only one who used Su Lee. The other girls whispered it was because Su Lee _hated_ what was being done to her, and used her passivity as a weapon against her tormentors. Mercedes saw this as a challenge, and delighted in turning her body against her, making her orgasm. She videotaped every session she had with Su Lee, and made the girl watch herself be abused over and over. She even kept photos of Su Lee at the moment of orgasm, using them to further torment her.

Karen remembered seeing some of the pictures, each one revealing Su Lee's orgasm in the expression on her face, the still life straining of her body, her spasms frozen on film. There was one picture of Su Lee hanging by her ankles from the ceiling, her slender legs tied together at ankle, knee, and thigh, her arms strapped behind her back, her long black hair cascading to the ground.

Whip marks covered her body, and two large, vicious clamps were fastened about her nipples, but the photo showed her mouth open in a silent cry, her body tensed, just beginning to jackknife at the waist, the rope leaning back at a slight diagonal, obviously jerked there by Su Lee's thrashing. Mercedes had labeled it "Vibrator Ecstacy". Another picture showed Su Lee hogtied and rolled awkwardly onto her back, all her weight resting on her arms.

Her head was laying back and a ring gag held her mouth wide. Multiple streams of urine coming from the naked bottom halves of men splattered against her body, little sprays bouncing from her glistening ivory teeth, her small, hard nipples, her flat, narrow stomach, her thighs and her legs.

A small, womanly hand held a fire poker plunged into Su Lee's cunt, Su Lee's body blanched, tense and arched to meet the invading poker. Mercedes called this one "Stoking the Fire". She had complete video tapes of these scenes, but carried the pictures so that she could show whomever she wanted whenever she wanted.

Karen understood her friend's horror, but wished she wouldn't be so stubborn. If she only gave in, accepted Mercedes' attentions instead of resisting her, Mercedes would lose interest in her. Ideal cutie is gaping tight muff in close range and having orgasm stretching pleasuring, she herself had had plently of horrible experiences, but she wasn't going to let it keep her down.

She learned and thought all these things in a little over a month, managing to keep her grades up throughout it. Then she learned she had been picked to be prey in the Hunt. She stood at the setting of the sun at the southern edge of the forest which stretched across the northern side of the school. She was wearing only a pair of sandels laced up to mid calf, her pleated, plaid skirt, and her white school blouse. She shivered in the cold, goosebumps all over her body, her nipples hard rocks beneath her blouse.

She stood among four other girls: Su Lee was there, stoic and seemingly uncaring; Andrea, a young doe eyed french girl with long blond hair and a boyish figure, stood, freezing, with her arms across her small chest; Kelly, a large curvy girl, plump in all the right places, squatted on the ground, looking scared; and Diana, a tall, dark haired girl with classic southern european features, well formed and knowing it, stared defiantly at the group of thirty D.S.P.

levi cash fucking lilli dixon on top of his man meat standing just twenty feet away from them, some holding hunting dogs tightly on leashes. Karen had found out that the hunt had become a tradition carried from the earliest days of the school, when fraternity members had to hunt down real runaways before they could escape. Now, the frat voted on their five favorite girls, and all the college juniors and seniors gave them a ten minute head start and then chased them down, the first to catch each one got dibs.

The girls were then carried back to the frat house for a weekend of debauchery. She also found out there were rewards: if any girl managed to make it to the road eight miles distant, or make it to the frat house without getting caught, that girl immediately gained senior status for her entire stay at the school.

Karen started as the command to begin was bellowed, and turned and dashed into the woods. She ran straight into the woods, quickly loosing sight of the other girls among the trees. She started to pace herself, figuring in her mind.ten minutes.six miles per hour.I can make about one mile.only seven left to the road.could never make the frat house.I'll have to slow down a bit.rest.can't keep this up forever. She had planned to make a straight run for the road; she was in good shape, strong, and if she could outdistance the other girls, the guys would waste time with them.

Her legs flashed beneath her as she ran, and she felt her muscles working in her thighs, in her stomach, in her back. Her arms pumped, and her eyes searched the way ahead for obstacles. Cold air bit into her lungs, to be expelled in a warm breath.

Adrenaline began to pump through her, and an exhilarating feeling rushed over her: she was flying through the woods, her body the furnace powering the engine of her legs, spreading warmth and wellbeing through her. She felt like crying out in joy; she felt like she could run forever. About twenty minutes later, her elation, as well as her adrenaline rush, had worn off, and she was leaning against a tree, panting, feeling the chill of approaching night on her sweat dampened skin.

She heard the sound of dogs behind her, she didn't know how close, but she knew they couldn't be that close. Straightening up, she began walking as quickly as she could toward the unseen road, and victory. She walked like that for what seemed forever, occassionally breaking into a trot, her apprehension growing as the sounds of pursuit increased.

She must have traveled five miles, she thought, she was so close. Five miles in no more than an hour.they couldn't be that close.if it wasn't longer than an hour.just keep going.run.run. She was feeling pretty good, but couldn't do more than a brisk walk for any length of time.and she wasn't sure she was going in the right direction.she may have veered off the the right somewhere.she had to keep running though.it was pretty dark now.made it hard to see.slowed her down.

Twenty minutes later she looked back, fearful at the growing sounds of pursuit, the baying dogs and the call of voices back and forth, and saw the light of flashlights being playing among the trees.

Adrenaline instantly surged through her, and she bolted away among the trees, panic gripping her. She could barely see, though, dark as it was, and slowed, her heart racing wildly.

Suddenly a beam of light caught her, and two policewomen get nailed in hardcore fashion blinked, frozen, temperarily blinded, then she began to run. "There she is" she heard someone yell, and suddenly she felt a surge of people close on her, the exposing light now fixed on her, now retro japanese porn tube porn before her, now behind.

She heard scurrying in the underbrush behind her and something cannoned into the back of her thighs, knocking her from her feet. She landed heavily in the dirt and began rolling across the ground as canine teeth nipped at her, canine bodies swarmed around and over her. Her arms covered her face as fear and panic overtook her, the growling of the dogs and the play of the flashlights disorienting her.

Hands grabbed her, pulled her up from the press of dogs. She squinted into the blurred faces of six young men, all panting and grinning and laughing. They dragged her, struggling and kicking and screaming, her head thrashing her hair wildly about her head, and slammed her hips over a large fallen log.

She hung there, still struggling, the bark of the log tearing into the tender flesh of her stomach as they ripped off her cloths, until she lay there, as if over someone's lap, completely naked and exposed. Everything was a madhouse around her: the lights zigging her, zagging there, the laughter and catcalls of the boys, and the curious snuffling noses of the dogs.

"Hey," she heard in a daze, "Caesar caught her, Caesar should have first shot!" Answering calls of "Ya!", "Let Caesar fuck her", "Goddamn slut", "Bet she gets off", echoed through her head as she felt a furry weight land on her buttocks, and a narrow, slimy _thing_ slide into her cunt. "Noooooooo!" she screamed, feeling the dog's paws lock around her waist and the dog's hips begin crashing into her buttocks, sliding its slippery penis in and out of her pussy.

She struggled and cried, trying to buck the animal off of her, but strong hands held her down. The dog quickly finished, and she trembled as she felt its hot seed gush deep into her. The animal was pulled quickly off of her and she felt a man's cock drive deep inside her now lubricated sheath.

Rough hands grabbed her hips and pulled her ass back to meet the driving phallus, dragging her stomach and breasts across the rough bark. The chase, the lights, the dog, the adrenaline still coursing through her veins, all overpowered her, sending her into a daze.

The world whirled around her and all that was left were the sensations assaulting her body. Her stomach and breasts chaffing against rough bark, tearing at her tender skin; strong hands gripping the top of her hips, squeezing and kneeding and pulling; hips slamming against her buttocks, driving her clitorus painfully into the log, sending brief flashes of overwhelming sensation through her body; a large dick stretching her cunt wide, churning her insides up, sending a warm, melting feeling through her; someone grabbing her hair, pulling her head up, shoving their cock into her mouth and down her throat.

Buffetted back and forth between two pistoning cocks, bent naked over a log, pandamonium surrounding her, she shuddered and came. The cock in her mouth slammed again into her throat, sending a shock of pain to mingle among the awful scraping across her front, the pain crashing into the overwhelming sensation of painful ecstacy radiating from her groin, and she came again.

She came as she felt seed shoot into her stomach, and again as another cock forced its way past her anus, sending tingling pain through her body. She came when warm come squirted down her throat, and when another cock forced its way into her mouth and down her throat.

She came and came and came. She couldn't stop coming, not when each guy took a second turn with her, not when they set the dogs loose on her, not when they shoved a thick branch up her cunt, sending splinters driving into her tender flesh.

She was a flopping, jerking, coming piece of meat for she didn't know how long, and when she finally stopped coming, she was being half carried, half dragged through the woods back to the frat house, her body still wracked with tingling pleasures. In her semi-conscous state, she hung between two men, thinking it was oh so good, she wanted more; and before she passed out, she thought to herself: I can't wait.get me to the frat house.please.

************* Su Lee ran along the highway shortly after dusk, her breath rasping in her lungs. She had known about the hunt and had planned how to confuse the dogs, how to escape the hellhole known as the Covenant School for Girls. Now she was almost free; she just had to get far enough away.

Teen gobbles cock in pov cocksucking blowjob lights of a bigrig roared past her, then slowed to a stop on the side of the rode before her.

The passenger side door swung open and she gratefully ran to it and climbed in: she was safe; she was free. (Don't bet on it. See Schoolgirl 2.0 for the further adventures of Su Lee.) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- To find out more about the anon service, send mail to [email protected] If you reply to this message, your message WILL be *automatically* anonymized and you are allocated an anon id.

Read the help file to prevent this. Please report any problems, inappropriate use etc. to [email protected] ======== Tom Sanders watched as Su Lee scrambled into the cab of his truck and waited until she was settled. He started up his rig and asked, "So where you goin'?" Su Lee gave a little start at the sound of his voice, and darted a quick look at him, "Uh.down to see my Aunt in Frontsburg," she answered, stumbling over the words, her breath coming in ragged gasps.

Tom looked over at her, "You okay? You're not a runaway or anything like that?" "N.no.I'm fine. I was getting a ride with some friends when their car broke down. They got a hotel room and called for a tow truck; I decided to hitch it." "Well.okay then. I'm headed in that direction for awhile, so I'll drop you off at Gravesville where you can catch a bus or something.

Sound okay?" "Yes," she said, and smiled at him, showing two rows of even, white teeth, "and thanks." "No problem," he answered, "and by the way, my name's Tom, Tom Sanders." "I'm Su Lee," she answered, and they rode in silence for a while, the gentle motion of the truck on the highway lulling Su Lee to sleep.

Tom heard her breathing even out in the passanger side of the truck, and glanced over to see if the girl he had picked up were asleep. She was. Going to see her Aunt my ass, he thought, and smiled. She was certainly a runaway, probably from that cunt rich bitch school he knew was snuggled deep in the woods from her outfit. He smiled again as he looked over at her, thinking my luck certainly is holding up. His eyes took Su Lee in as she lay slumped in the seat: her slender, smooth legs, with their muscles firm beneath silky skin; her waspish waist tapering out to narrow hips and up to a small busom.

Her large, dark eyes were closed now in her asian face, her lashes lying long and dark on her face. She had a small, beautiful, smooth face, and her hair was a raven darkness which crowned her head and cascaded down her back to her waist. She was just a wisp of a girl, Tom thought, he could probably reach all the way around her waist with his hands. Would've thought she was maybe twelve if it hadn't been for the uniform: that puts her at fourteen or fifteen.

Anyway, she was a prime, grade A piece of meat; he did have all the luck. As he drove through the day, Su Lee sleeping beside him, Tom thought about pulling over to the side of the road and raping her then and there--god knew his cock was hard enough just thinking about it. He was a pretty big guy, even though he was only 5'10", with a slight paunch showing his profession.

He could just imagine himself pinning he slender body to the ground, his thick cock splitting her in two, her pleadings and cryings as he rammed her full of his meat. He resisted the impulse though; he was only a few hours from the shack. If he took her now he would have to tie her up for the rest of the trip, and that was a pain. Besides, even if some of the others were there, he would get first shot at her. His mind wandered and he thought about the shack.

There were a lot of hitchhikers on this route, a fair share of them lookers. Occasionally he or one of his friends would require payment for a ride--only fair, but Ed Banks had taken it farther, had shown them the way. Ed had picked up a buxom redhead of about twenty five or six, and when she had refused his advances, mama and son family pron sory storys well as his badgering, he had taken what he wanted anyway.

He had gone so far as to tie her up in the back of his rig and keep her there, fucking her whenever he wanted, for a week. When he finally told his buddies, Tom being one of them, it had given them an idea. There was a small, abandoned shack with a cellar just off their route.

They occasionally crashed there. Now wouldn't it be great if they could keep their own puntang there for rec purposes? And when they needed to dispose of the pussy amateur greek milf tittyfuck blowjob and fucking brought there, well, Pedro had a friend down in Mexico who ran a whorehouse--he'd buy any used pussy they had.

And the cops could be taken care of too, for Tom had a friend who was Highway Patrol, and who wouldn't mind being part of a deal like this. They set it up immediately, with the redhead as their first piece of meat. She went into the cellar with a lot of fire, but a week later when she came out she was a broken woman--they even got $100 for her from Pedro's friend. That was a couple of years ago; since then, they had had numerous cunts in the shack, few for longer than a week, most runaways of some sort, young and tender with pussies that tried to eat your prick.

This Su Lee was going to be one of those, he thought, looking greedily at her slumbering form; hope she screams. Su Lee awoke with a start, awakened by the sudden stop of the truck. It was approaching mature babes in threeway fucked and cant get enough and they were off the main highway, stopped before a small wooden shack.

"You awake girl?" Tom said, "I'm not gonna make it to Gravesville tonight. Too tired. This here shack's where I crash sometimes. Come on and you can get some real sleep inside." Su Lee, still groggy from sleep, let Tom help her out of the truck, a foreboding touching the back of her mind.

She dismissed it immediately--Tom had been nice to her--there was no danger here. They walked to the front door and Tom unlocked it, opened it, and waved her inside.

Following her in, Tom shut the door behind himself. "What have we got here," Al, a large, burly lumberjack type called out, "who's your friend Tom?" Su Lee was taken aback by the presence of the other two men in the shack: besides Tom and the one who had just spoken, there was another man, blond, blue eyed, cleanshaven, but small and wizened looking, like a weasel. "Al, Dick, this is Su Lee.

She's going to be our guest for tonight. Then I'm taking her to Gravesville," Tom said. Su Lee stepped back, frightened, as she saw evil, predatory grins spread across Al and Dick's faces, only to bump into the solid body of Tom. "Now now, don't be frightened," Tom said, gripping her small shoulders in his hands as she twisted her neck to look up at him, "no one here is going to hurt you.much." "Nooooooo!" she cried out as he spun her around like a rag doll and threw her to the ground.

She landed hard on the dirt floor, crashing with her back and her buttocks into the hard-packed dirt. Hands grabbed her arms and dragged them apart above her head, while Tom dropped to his knees between her legs, grabbing the front of her thighs in his large hands and pinning her to the ground. "Please don't do this to me," she begged, twisting and fighting against the restraining hands, "I haven't done anything to you. Please let me go." Tom merely grinned down at her an flipped up her skirt, exclaiming as he saw she was without underwear.

"She's prepackaged cunt," Dick laughed. "Let's see the titties," Al grunted and reached over with one huge hand an ripped her blouse open, exposing her small breasts. "Not much there, but she is a fine catch, Tom." "You've got all the luck, Tom," Dick said. "Now don't break her," laughing. Su Lee began screaming. This couldn't be happening to her: she had escaped the madhouse of the school only to be raped in the dirt by these animals. Her mind recoiled in horror at her predicament, and she thrashed desperately on the ground, trying to get loose.

Tom released her thighs and fell heavily on top of her, knocking the air from her. She spastically tried to close her legs, but they were held apart by Tom's knees and thighs. She was nearly smothered by this hairy bulk of a man lying on top of her, and she whimpered as she felt his cock press against her dry, tight pussy. Tom pushed his hips forward, driving his cock against her opening, grunting in satisfaction as he felt the head of his cock slip roughly into her dry channel, scraping harshly against her dry labia.

He reveled in her scream as he penetrated her, and felt her thrashings under him as those of a small, trapped animal. He loved dry fucking young cunts like this. Su Lee was practically out of her mind with the pain.

Her cunt felt like it was being torn apart, and she could feel every inch of his cock against her tender insides as he agonizingly thrust his way further into her. She was screaming and bucking, but it was no use, she was trapped beneath his weight. Her legs flailed at his sides, and she tried to kick him with her heels, but he just ignored her, and continued to force his cock into her shredded hole.

Small school saxy girls story

The cunt was going crazy beneath him as he drove his cock into her pussy to the hilt. He loved the feel of her legs flailing against his sides, the sound of her wimpering, screaming, begging.

He ground his pelvis against hers, feeling his cock squeezed as if by a vice in her teenage pussy. Feeling him grinding against her she wimpered and begged, "Please.please stop. I don't want this. Please." He ignored her, and began slowly drawing his dick from her tortured sheath, feeling like it was pulling her guts out with it. She moaned and twisted on the floor, feeling small pebbles dig into her buttocks and back, increasing her misery.

She screamed as he bore his full weight down on her, driving his shaft hard into her guts, scraping mercilessly against the tender pink flesh of her sheath. He pulled out again, bringing a moan of pain from her lips, followed by another scream as he plunged back into her.

She kept begging, pleading with him to stop, but he didn't, he just kept riding her, smothering her, pounding her into the dirt floor.

Damn the cunt was tight, Tom thought as he dragged his cock back and forth across her innards. What a good fucking cunt, he thought again, listening to her screams and feeling her still struggling beneath him. He was close to coming--these young screamers really turned him on. Su Lee felt Tom tense above her, and felt his cock throb as it spurted load after load of cum deep into her cunt.

It was almost a relief, like cool liquid flowing over her burning inner flesh. She tried to shrink into the ground, humiliated. Now that this man had taken her, what were they going to do to her? She didn't have long to wait as Tom lifted himself off the now unmoving girl: "That is one of the best fucks I've had in a long time." "Come on, roll her over," Al said excitedly, "I want that little pouty gook mouth." Hands quickly rolled her onto her stomach and then jerked her to her hands and knees: she was a limp as a ragdoll now, all the fight fucked out of her by Tom.

She felt Al grab her head and force his large dick into her mouth, while behind her Dick had grabbed her asscheeks and was pulling them apart. She gagged and jerked back in pain as Al shoved his rod down her throat, banging his hips against her small nose.

She wimpered through the cock in her throat as she felt Dick pressing the head of his penis against her anus. Searing pain shot through her body and she screamed, feeling Dick's cock pop through her ass, tearing at her bowels.

Al began fucking her mouth in earnest, slamming his cock in and out, in and out of her throat, making her gag and flinch in pain each time his dick rammed through into her throat. His balls slapped against her chin, adding to the humiliation surging through her mind. Behind her, Dick began to work into a rhythm, his cock lightly coated with blood from Su Lee's injured anus.

Su Lee went into shock, her mind unable to cope with the battering her body was taking. She seemed to be looking down at her body, sandwiched between two men.

She saw her lips in a wide O around Al's cock, and she saw her throat distend as Al drove his cock down it, his balls slapping against her chin, his hands practically engulfing her tiny head. She saw Dick kneeling behind her draw his blood-slimed cock out of her asshole, then plunge it brutally back in, his hands circling her small waist, pulling her back against him violently with each thrust.

Her body was jerked back and forth between the two men, her small breasts hanging pathetically from her chest. She felt distantly wave after wave of pain come from her ass, travel up her body and crash against the pain in her throat. It was too much, too much, the pain crashing through her, and something else, something more primal, beneath the pain, like a strong tidal pull, or the beginnings of a whirlpool, sluggishly moving beneath the violent waves of pain coursing through her body.

She became dizzy, and saw herself flash before her eyes from all angles: now she was above, seeing her back, seeing her body jerked back and forth; now she behind, seeing Dick's teen blonde small tits squirt hatefuck my hippie asshole pumping back and forth, and seeing her legs spread obscenely on either side of his; now she saw her stomach heaving, her small breasts swaying, the nipples distended by gravity, Dick's hairy balls slapping against her crack; amazing ebony babe fucked hard by huge cock doggystyle teasing from everywhere at once, her body being used, abused, tortured by cocks plunging, driving, hurting her body.

Her cunt spasmed, remembering its rape, its torment. Her body jerked, taking on a life of its own. Her mind was engulfed blue bikini babe fuckable ass (graz 34 tube porn waves of pain, it was awash in agony. She lovely teenie is nailed so well hardcore blowjob a tug on her mind as she drowned, a tug pulling all her pain down, down.

In her mind she gasped as all the pain, all the suffering, all the humiliation which was engulfing her was sucked down into the center of her being, into the pit of her stomach, and exploded in orgasm, spitting everything back out as a fount of ecstacy, washing over her, drowing her, engulfing her. The piece of meat that was her body spasmed, jerked, bucked, roasted on the spit of two cocks, which began filling her with seed. It still quivered and twitched as the men pulled out, and kept shaking as it slowly collapsed onto its stomach, giving up and dragging Su Lee's mind from the waves of ecstacy it was riding into darkness.

******** Mike Chan stepped out of his patrol car in front of the shack at about 9 pm that evening. He saw three rigs there, Tom's, Al's, and Dick's, and thought that they might have a nice piece of white cunt in there for him.

He certainly hoped so, since he was horny as hell. His agreeing to this deal was probably the best thing that could have happened to him. He smiled to himself as he stepped through the door and saw his three friends asleep on cots they had pulled out. He walked quietly through the shack and kneeled down before a trap door in the floor, pulling out his flashlight as he did so.

Gripping his flashlight, he remembered when he had shoved it up some white bitch's cunt--she had had the bad luck to look vaguely like one of his police coworkers who had turned him down, petite, short brown hair, green eyes and freckles, just because he was Chinese--and then flipped her over and raped her ass.

He smiled at the remembrance, his penis growing hard. He pulled up the trap door and shined his flashlight into the dark, 20' x 20' cellar. He saw a bowl of water, some food on a plate, and a small, teenaged girl huddled up in the corner, her legs folded under her and her hands holding her shoulders, her arms covering her small breasts.

Tears had poured down her face, leaving streaks through the dusk which covered her. Damn damn damn, Mike thought, they had got a chinese girl. Sure he didn't mind the others: the white girls, the uppity bitches, deserved it; the blacks and koreans and vietnamese, even the japanese, well, they were hardly human, so they didn't matter. But a chinese girl--he just couldn't leave her here. But then again he couldn't just set her free. He knelt there thinking about his options, and, decided, started down the ladder to the cellar.

When he stepped down, he pulled out his gun and pointed it at the girl, motioning her to climb up the ladder quietly. She obeyed, and she could see hope blossom in her eyes, hope he was not about to encourage. When they reached his patrol car, luckily without waking up any of the truckers, he, to her surprise, hancuffed the girl's hands behind her back. When she tried to speak, he shoved a rag into her mouth and covered it with electical tape.

Then, still holding his gun, he motioned for her to step into a large duffle bag he had unzipped and placed on the ground. She looked at him with tortured eyes, but she obeyed, sitting down in the bag, then laying on her back, pulling her legs up until her knees were beside her head. He zipped up the bag and threw it beside him in the car, and drove off. He didn't want her sold off to that mexican they usually disposed of the girls to, didn't want her to end up in some whorehouse, servicing 50 men a day, not his people.

No, he had a friend a couple hours away who had Yakuza connections in Thiland. He owed Mike a few favors, and he thought, since she was young and in good condition, he could have his friend sell her off to some bigwig in Japan, there to be a nurse maid and occasional mistress. Much better cute mommy blonde on webcam hardcore and blowjob what had been in store for her, and it was the best he could do.

He thought about her again: not bad for a Chinese girl. Maybe he would relieve himself once he got to his friends.