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Je suis une bonne salope je reve de baiser avec un chien french amateur masturbating rubbing
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She had a Dick and a Pussy I I'm Ron, and I never believed there was such a thing as a person with a dick and a pussy. I had seen fake dicks on girls on the porn sites. Guys dressed as girls with dicks and other shit. I was fucking the girl in the apt. next to me Jenny, who like to drink and fuck all the time. One night she told of a girl she knew, who had a dick and a pussy. I said bullshit. Jenny insisted it was true. I said 'prove stranger that paid lots of money girlfriend homemade, and If it's true we'll have a threesome.

She can fuck you with her dick while I fuck her pussy from behind, and I laughed. That really perked her interest up. The thought of having three-way with a 'hermie' (short for hermaphrodite) as she called her, got her all excited. I still felt a 'hermie' didn't exist and laughed about it. Jenny said that she would try and contact this Janice and arrange a three-way for us. I chuckled and said to 'go for it.' She told me she had gone to a party late one night and hooked up with a guy.

They went looking for a bedroom to fuck in. She opened a door of a bedroom and there was Janice fucking a girl with her dick.

She quick closed the door, shocked at what she saw. I said, oh come on, that was a strap-on she was fucking her with. She insisted no way. I said I bet this Janice is a guy, trans, or whatever. Jenny said she talked to the girl who Janice fucked later and the girl whispered: (".she has a pussy too, I even fingered it."). I laughed and said the girl fingered her ass hole, Janice is a guy. Jenny said: "There is only one way to find out.

If Janice is a guy, we'll pass on that&hellip.let me contact Janice and try to arrange for her to come over here some night…ok?" I said: " Sure, go ahead, but&hellip.if this Janice is a guy, you have to cook me dinner…ok?" Jenny smiled and said: "…and if she's real…you can take us both out to dinner!".

I said: " …sure sure&'s a deal." About sexy beauteous girl gets fucked in various poses weeks later Jenny knocked on my door. She was all excited and said Janice had been found and was game for a three-way, tomorrow night! I said: "Prime Rib, with baked potato and real butter."…… Jenny thought…I'm sure this Janice is the real thing.

I saw enough when I saw Janice with her dress up to her waist and I could see her dick fucking the girl. She had no balls, no straps and the girl had her fingers between Janice's legs in her pussy, not her ass hole.

I'm gonna love this, showing Ron up. He's really calling me stupid, and that I'm a fool. What will he say when he sees for himself? Mr. Smart Ron will have no choice but to admit he was WRONG.

That will kill his little ego&hellip.but to bad. When I talked to Janice on the phone, she ask me to 'go along' with her little plan for Ron. She outlined it to me. --------- Janice lay in bed that night stroking her dick and fingering her pussy thinking&hellip. I've met up with a 'Ron' type before. They always get embarrassed. The cool ones back down and then want to play with me. I love 3 ways. I know what pleases a girl and a guy. After all I am a girl, only I been born with a dick too.

I can cum with all the feeling of a guy, and I shoot cum like a guy. I have balls that make cum, but they are inside me, and I can climax with my pussy. I have sexual desires for both sexes. I really have the best of both worlds sexually. I have a 'special' thing I do for guys like Ron, then I may…or may not&hellip. let him fuck me&hellip.depends on him. I'm getting in the mood for some good pussy and good dick tomorrow night.

Ron and Jenny both sounded hot to me, but his Ron was going to be the fun part. I arrived and Jenny welcomed me in. Ron sat on one end the couch, not impressed. I had dressed very feminine. White fake fur jacket, tight black dress, pearls around my neck and earrings to match. My black hair was done up, plenty of makeup and very high heels. I dressed like a T-girl on purpose.

I sat next to Ron in the middle, Jenny sat next to me. I had on tons of cheap perfume. He just sat there with doubt written all over him. I held out my hand real dainty and said in a low voice: "Hi…I'm Janice." He took my hand to shake it, but looked it over real good, looking for masculine signs. He found none. Ron thought …well, this guy has girls hands for sure, but we'll see if he has a real pussy tonight.

Keep the drinks coming, Jenny and let's get this guy to loosen up so we can get him undressed. Janice thought… I kept smiling as Jenny and she kept the drinks coming.

I stood up and slowly started taking my fur jacked off. Jenny stood up to, she helped me off with it. I kissed her slow and with my hand drifting over her tits, all in view for Ron to see. She carefully ran her hand over where my dick should be, but not showing any bulge.

I had on tight panties to hide it from showing. I held out my hand to Ron and said again in a low voice: "Let's do a slow dance Ron honey." He just sat there for a minute.

Jenny said: "Come on Ron, dance with the lady." He finally stood up and I quick held my self close to him.

I could feel no boner from him at all. Ron thought… this has to be a trick on me, this is a girl. She looks like a girl, smells like a girl but now&hellip.she feels like a girl.

Anyone can be fooled but where is the dick …if&hellip.she has a real one. Jenny turn down the living room lights. Ron was starting to respond a little.

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I pushed my tits into him and put my cheek to his. I had no facial hair growth.

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I felt his heart speed up. I reached up and lowered the zipper on the front of my dress. This dress I picked out zipped up all way from top to bottom. I lowered the zipper to just below my tits. I had no bra on and my medium size tits are real, no boob job. He got the hint and soon I felt his hand slip in. He slowly felt all around carefully. He felt my nipples all erect. I lowered the zipper down some more. He felt my tummy and the top of my panties. That was Jenny signal to come over.

She said: "Looks like you two are having a good time, my I cut in?" Ron was all ready to reach for my dick. He was not sure I had one and Jenny interrupted it all. Now the kicker. Instead of dancing with Ron&hellip.Jenny started dancing with me. Ron stood for a minute and then sat down. Jenny and I danced so close with our hands feeling us up. She unzipped my dress further and slipped her hand inside my tight panties, and inched them down past my dick. She started getting all hot as her trembling fingers felt my now hard protruding dick.

She stroked it as it stuck between her shorts. She had never before felt a hermie and it was turning her on.

Ron still couldn't see my dick. He moved over on the couch, but we kept turning so he saw nothing. Finally he'd had enough and came up to us and said: "A-hum, may I cut in???" Jenny and I kissed a tongue filled kiss and she smiled and stepped back. Ron's eyes bugged out staring at my dick sticking out.

I pulled him to me as my dick went between his legs. His hand went immediately to my dick. He felt every inch of asian girl gets her double cock portion. He felt for straps, or any other tricks. His hand went lower to my wet pussy. Again he felt it completely. Both all real. I liked the way he felt me. Gentle and sensuous. He removed his hand and held me close. He felt good in my arms.

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I liked the excitement he was experiencing. He finally whispered: ("…you're the most amazing person I ever been with. I want to be with you.") I whispered back: ("…I'm very attracted to you…but I'm also attracted to Jenny. If you two can handle that, I picture us having sex that will blow our minds.") Ron called Jenny over. I explained to them I'd had a lot of girls who liked me and the bi girls wanted to be with me the most.

I wasn't into gay guys or regular lesbians. I wanted a couple who I could be with the woman and the guy, to satisfy me. Maybe this was it. There was only one way to find out. I went to the bathroom as Ron and Jenny had a little private talk. When I came out Jenny said: "Janice, I think your the most special person I've ever met.

Ron and I want to be with you." That said, they both started kissing me at once. My heart jumped. This was a first for me. Both a guy and girl making me hot. I knew now this was going to be a very special sexual adventure.

Classy office babe in glasses fucks co worker all stood there. I felt Jenny's nice tits and Ron's boner.

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They began to take turns tongue kissing me and feeling my tits, dick and pussy. Jenny thought&hellip. I've never been fucked by a girl, I can hardly wait. I can feel sexy school babe undressed and ass licked tits and every thing while we fuck. I've never seen Ron so excited, he's already got her dress unzipped and is fingering her pussy.

I wonder how he feels about touching her dick and maybe stroking it, or even jacking her off. This should be interesting. Ron's mind was full of thoughts… Damn Janice has made me so hot. I'm sure glad I turned out to be wrong…she's got me on fire with that dick of hers and a pussy too.

I'll stroke her and jack her off and maybe more. I still prefer women but this is not a choice when a girl has both, it's just more fun have sex with. There are so many things I want to do with her and Jenny. She gotta be with Jenny and I, we'll give her what she's been looking for&hellip.

Janice's head was buzzing with thoughts&hellip. They're treating me like a queen or sex goddess. I've never been treated this way. Jenny even held my drink up to my lips to let me sip it. Ron is undressing me, he won't let me do a thing. I'm dizzy with all this attention and treatment. Oh my god, he's carrying me into the bedroom. Wow&hellip. his big strong arms are so warm on my naked skin.

My dick is rock hard and my pussy is so wet&hellip.wait…he's taking me into the bathroom? Jenny is running the bath water.

Oh my god, their going to give me a bath. Jenny is putting in &hellip.bubbles? Ron said her shower is being fixed so it's bath time for me. Oh god…that warm water feels so good. I can get all this make up off my face. They're both washing me…I so dizzy, I might pass out.

Four hands washing me with kisses and feels all the way. Ron's even jacking me as he washes my dick. I can't hardly take this&hellip.

I've lived in fear of being called a freak, the fear of teasing and being called a 'weirdo', not being treated special like this. I grew up pretty normal to outsiders, but I liked seeing a bulge in a guys pants and the tits on a girl both. I wanted to fuck a girl and have a guy fuck me too. I was 18 when I got my first sex.

She was a bi girl who I became friends with. She walked in on me standing up taking a piss. Of course she stared and ask if it was real. She had me exposed now, so we went in her bedroom and I lifted my skirt and showed her all of me.

She begged me to let her touch my dick. She got really hot and dropped to her knees and stroked me. I felt wonderful to have her jacking me for the first time.

She didn't ask, she just started sucking on my dick. My very first blow job&hellip.ooooh…yes, that feels so good. We got sonakahi sexy without cloth and bloue and in her bed.

I got to lick my first pussy&hellip.I loved it. We lay there 69 as she started fingering my pussy. I now had both sex parts of me going crazy. She really knew how to finger me good. I felt an orgasm building big, plus&hellip.she sucked and jacked me to where I had to cum. I sucked on her clit and fingered her pussy's G spot. We just about came together. She bucked her pussy as I shot my first blowjob cum in her mouth.

My pussy orgasmed like never before. I got dizzy and felt faint with the fetish teen gets it on with toy panda, as it felt so damn good.

My whole body shook and squirmed out of my control. I moaned loud for the first time. Her pussy was bucking on my lips and dripping wet on my fingers. We tried to keep it going, but we were both exhausted in a euphoria world.

We rested a long while, but I wanted to fuck her with my dick, and she wanted it too. We played with each other until we turned and I put my dick in her warm pussy.

I felt her sweet tits as I started pumping her. She reached under me and in went her fingers in my pussy, with her thumb on my clit. We tongue kissed as it built up to us both moaning at what was coming. My dick had never been in a pussy before and I was feeling out of the world. She knew just how to work my pussy and clit and she and I climaxed together along with me shooting a beautiful load in her.

We lost it in the moans and squirms. We both shook and trembled gasping for air. I remember the feeling going on and on and then I guess I passed out. My first double cums were almost to much for my mind…&hellip. ----------- …back to the present… Jenny is washing my face and all around. She loves to get my tits all slick with the soap and play with them.

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I feel like I'm their 'special' adult toy. Ron's fingers in my pussy are making me so hot. It was a long wonderful bath, the best of my life. I was very relaxed as Ron lifted me and stood me up. They started drying me off. I kissed them both&hellip.I just felt so good. They kept kissing me and feeling my body. Ron picked me up again as he took me into Jenny's bedroom this time.

I said: "Oh…let me undress you both." Ron set me down pov skinny amateur railed hard mia hurley point of view teen by the bed. Now it was my turn to play with them. I loved undressing a guy or a girl slowly. I stood them side by side as I alternated taking off their clothes slowly, piece by piece. I felt them as I went. Jenny had some nice tits, and I unhooked her bra and slowly felt them.

Ooooo she had big nipples&hellip.back to Ron. He had a great build, I kissed his chest as I unzipped his pants. I dropped his pants to the floor. Now he had a boner, and a big one. I inched his sunny leone bra sexy bf down over it.

Wow, was it ever hard. I rubbed my dick on his, causing him to jump a little. Of course, since he'd never done that before. We felt each others dicks and began some slow stroking. Back to Jenny. I slipped my hand inside her little thong, and my fingers found a very wet pussy. Just the way I like them. I was stroking Ron while fingering Jenny.

This was my kind of heaven. (continued in part II)