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Soaked and randy oriental deepthroat japanese and hardcore
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It is an interesting Friday afternoon to say the least. Shelly has finally met the last three women to be permanent residents at our house. She had been speaking to them for three months, Dani age 31 divorced, Krystal age 32 divorced, and Natalie age 35 never married. For the entire day, they met at our place and chatting, getting to know one another amateur teen redhead stockings and orgasm hd casting pawn dude here and do i have a flick trying to be comfortable around one another.

They had ordered out for pizza and are now watching a movie on television. Shelly got up near the middle of the movie to go get refreshments. Dani had stood up to look outside and see the sun setting over the yard.

When Shelly returned with drinks, she bent over and Dani accidentally rubbed her ass when she reached out for a glass. Shelly blushed and at first, Dani is embarrassed, but they all knew that if everything went well today, then this will be their permanent lifestyle.

As promised, after a long day of waiting for my return home from the office, Shelly greeted me at the door as soon as she hears my footsteps making their way up the front steps. I give her a kiss on the lips as I enter the foyer and she turns to take me to the living room. She introduces the three ladies to me and provides me with their Bios.

I asked Natalie to join me upstairs. As I escort her upstairs I say to her, " From here on out, there's no talking from you." She looks at me, making sure I know that she is saying " Yes, Sir" with her eyes.

We enter the guest bedroom and I close and lock the door. She walks up to me and begins to unbutton my shirt. She slides her hands into my shirt and around my hairy chest, grateful for my body against hers.

Then she lets her hands wander to my waist, and I allow her to slowly undo my belt and unzip my pants. While pulling my pants off, she lowers herself to her knees so that she is eye-level with my cock, hidden away beneath a thin layer of silk boxers, but calling attention to itself as it begins to harden in anticipation.

I crook a finger under her chin and pull her upward, gently, before pushing her down onto the bed. " You're going to put on a little show for me, Natalie. You're allowed to play with your cunt, but I won't allow you to cum.

Are you a virgin?" She nods her head in understanding back at me, and watches as my fingers greedily remove her clothes, one piece at a time.

She puts her hands over her face as I slide off her panties and pries her legs open wide, getting a good look at what I own. " Begin." I move off the bed and stand against the wall, taking in the sight of her sprawled out over the bed, wearing nothing at all aside from her mark designating her body as mine. She lowers her hands and begin tracing the outline of her cunt, teasing herself and teasing me at the same time. She slides a finger in between the lips of it, already feeling the tantalizing wetness dripping from her.

She moans, but she is careful not to speak any words. " That's it. Slide your fingers in. In and out, little one." I say.

She hasn't taken her eyes off of me this whole time, and can see my monster cock fully harden and needing to be sucked. She aches to make me cum. She gets on all fours on the floor, I kneel behind Natalie, holding my cock with one hand and lubricating her anus with the other hand. She squeals then laughs at the coldness of the lubricant. " Please stop," She whimpers. " Shhhh," I say behind her. Then my stubby fingers inch inside her, finger fucking her hard enough to make her wince.

I petite teen babe fucks her pink toy my monster cock inside her, it is unmerciful and painful as she cries out. Natalie gets lightheaded, she passes out. She wakes up, instantly I mount her, she feels my body on her back covering small petite body. My arms around her torso clinching her breasts and I'm thrusting against her. Her pussy is still slick from earlier and I slide easily inside her.

Then I jack-hammer inside her growing larger as I fuck her. She screams but no one can hear her. Her body starts to betray her. She feels it building up inside her.

" Please God, no!" She cries. It's no use. She then feels something odd as wave after wave of mind blowing orgasms wash over her. Natalie focus on the orgasms, lost in them, but in the back of her mind, she feels something weird. Unusual. Something pushing into her. I slam hard into her forcing my knot inside her. She moans and then she feels me cumming inside her, so powerful; so warm. Her toes curl behind her as she cums too. I try to pull away from her but I'm locked tightly inside of her by the knot at the base of my cock.

Natalie feels me throbbing still cumming inside her. She is starting to sweat under me. After ten minutes I slip from her, she starts to think I will get off, I start to thrust into her again.

Soon she feels my knot slamming into her again, and I'm cumming again inside her. Her fingers dig into the carpet as her toes curl out curvy women in bikini group sex with nasty man outdoors blowjob and bigtits her again.

Her pelvic wall muscles feel like they are going to cramp. Her stomach is churning. I'm cumming in her so much. Its so warm. I fuck Natalie three more times, like this never letting the knot deflate enough to pull from her. Her muscles tense up and I howl, warm cum skewering her inside. Natalie is shaking, hurting, her muscles squeezing me inside her.

Not letting me go. I painfully slip from her, and warm cum leaks out from her. Natalie startled awake by me yanking on her hair. She turns to swat whatever it is away and she is met with a growl. Then she feels my hand on her bare thigh. I push her thigh wide spreading her legs. She lowers her head and offers her palm as she looks up.

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Its me, I tug her hair not relinquishing my grip but stop tugging. I kiss her neck send chills down her spine. Natalie is scared. I move over top of her. My hand groping her pussy. She tries to clamp her legs shut but I place a knee between her legs. She realizes I will fuck her again.

She is forced back by the tension of me tugging her hair and I lick at her pussy. Good student take care of her family tongue bends, folding inside her, licking her all over. She shivers, but welcomes the warmth but not the violation.

Natalie rolls over onto her hands and knees. Instantly I mount her, she feels my body on her back covering her small petite body. My arms clinch around her torso and I thrust against her. Her pussy is slick from earlier and I slide easily inside her. Then I'm jack-hammering inside her growing larger as I fuck her.

She is moaning, her body betraying her again. She feel her orgasm building up inside her. "Please God, no!" I cry. It's no use. I then feel something odd as wave after wave of mind blowing orgasm washes over me. I focus on the orgasms, lost in them, but in the back of my mind, I feel something weird. Unusual. Something pushing into me. He tries to crawl right up my back warm huge pointy cock still in me. And then whatever it was pushes inside me. I let out a loud moan and then I can feel him cumming inside me, so powerful; so warm.

She cums too. I pull away from her re-positioning myself, she tucks her feet under her ass, knees to her chest, lowering her ass. Natalie has never been one for anal sex. She tried it once but she is a small petite woman. I mount her again, she winces as I sink into her ass all the way to the base of my cock. Instinctively she reaches back and took hold of my knot.

No way was I getting that inside her. She hurt so bad and each thrust made her lightheaded. I fucked her for ten minutes, shooting warm cum inside her ass. I pull out of her and off her, my warm cum trickling from her ass and pussy and down her thighs.

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" Clean up, I will see you later." I said. She gets up going into the bathroom. I clean up, after dinner Krystal got up and straightened her dress. Because of the tight fit, not a wrinkle is showing. Also she had completely forgotten that she isn't wearing any panties. I grab her arm taking her into my home office. I close the door and lock it, Turning her around, I shove her towards my desk. Stand facing my desk, she removes her dress, she had no bra or panties on.

Her slim petite body was very hot and curvy. I came up behind her and squeezed her butt. Then I bent down and licked her butt cheeks, my tongue is wide, warm and a little rough, but it kind of feels nice. I licked her again and this time my tongue went into the crack of her butt and touched her anus, she jumps a little and is about to straighten when my tongue lashed out again and went over the outer lips of her pussy and up sliding slightly into her asshole.

Krystal froze, not knowing what to do, and almost afraid to move. Then my tongue lashes out again and slightly parts her lips, rubbing the insides of her pussy and touching her clitoris just enough to send a chill down her spine, her legs involuntarily spread a little as my tongue came again, a little deeper into each hole and a little faster on the next lap.

Her legs are trembling as each new lash of my tongue brought throbbing sensations through her body, but resonated deep inside her cunt, her juices start flowing, my tongue is long, thick and hot, it feels better then any man's cock has ever felt, causing her mind to real with lustful thoughts.

Deeper and deeper I drive my tongue, first into her cunt then into her asshole, feelings she had never felt before in her life. These feelings washed its warmth over her as my tongue went yet even deeper into her, now she feels my hot breath on her butt and the brush of my teeth against her skin, my tongue seems to find and wrap around her clit, her cunt begins to spasm locking and sucking my tongue deeper within her. " I'm going to cum!" She screams.

" Stop!" She ordered, but her voice is weak with passion as my tongue slides again deep within her. " Please stop!" She begs but the onslaught of my invading tongue continues. Her body jerking, her cunt grabbing and sucking as she came hard, harder then she remembers ever cumming before and instinctively her hips gyrated to the motion of my tonguing.

As I pull my tongue from her now dripping cunt, her pelvis rotated in an attempt to recapture my thick invading tongue causing her cunt to open and positioning it in a way I felt she is my bitch ready for fucking.

I press my body against her, my feet planted between her legs and my hands grab her waist as my throbbing cock found her opening easily and before she can react I thrust forward, stabbing her with my full length. My cock feels different then any man's has, thicker, longer; hotter and more ridged. Krystal screams in fear and pain as she moves forward to un-impale herself from my ravenous cock, but as she did my arms snag her in a painfully strong embrace pulling me back onto my shaft.

Her head went down threatening to slap the desk; her hands went up to catch herself as I thrust again driving deep inside her, forcing her body further forward, my weight resting on her legs and pelvis she is trapped. Each new thrust is deeper and each time her hips tilted further, my cock is driven deeper, she feels my cock begin to swell inside of her, pretty alessandra gets her tight pussy banged thicker as I push into her.

She wants to scream, but her breath is pushed out with each new thrust and her body slides along the desk as I ride her.

Her cunt gripping my hot throbbing cock like a vise, then relaxes the grip allowing my cock to expanded further inside of her; she has never felt something this huge inside of her cunt before as it drove deeper. She feels the base of my cock start to swell just damn gorgeous blonde sloan harper rides a big cock outdoors of her, her cunt feels like it will rip open, it must have grown to the size of a large grapefruit as my cock slams into her, she feels my cock head hitting her cervix and she is cumming again and again.

Even through the pain, she is enjoying the fucking she is receiving from my monster cock. Then I slam my cock head into her cervix opening and she feels my cock expand and contract as hot cum pumps deep inside of her; her body shaking as her cunt legal age teenager gorgeous gal fucked hard me and she came with each new wash of my hot cum.

She feels my hot semen trickling down her inner thighs as I continue to pump her full. Then I raise up off of her, she remains bent over the desk, I pull her up as I drag her over to the coach where we laid down.

Krystal is afraid, hurting and exhausted as she lays down, she cannot sleep as she continues to feel my cock and knot contract and expand inside of her until finally a half hour later, my knot slips out with a semi-pop and our combined juices run from her. I got up cleaning myself and then turned my attention onto her ass, rubbing her anus, each stroke heightened her senses, arousing the lust inside of her, her cunt begins to tingle again and she knew she will be ready for round two.

I left my office heading upstairs to Dani's room, she is oblivious to what is about to occur. It isn't until she feels me crawl onto the bed. I spread her legs wide apart crawling between them, she feels my tongue against her skinshe knew something is about to happen, but she didn't yet realize it was sweet chick opens up juicy quim and gets deflorated. She is still half asleep, but she slowly lifts her head to see what is happening.

Once her head got higher up she noticed her intruder. In utter shock she tried to shake herself loose from me. " OH GOD! NO!" she screams at me. " Don. don't do this to meeeeeh!" she squeals. " Relax! Relax!" Is my response to her distracting behavior. Her sudden surge of energy causes me to look up momentarily. I look at her in a lusting manner, I resume my licking of her pussy as if nothing had happened. Dani looks on helplessly as I keep lapping my tongue along her inner thigh nearing her groin area and her pussy.

She didn't want to think what will happen when I find her pussy. As I keep on scraping my tongue along her skin, her body is betraying her. She is finding the rough texture of my tongue is exciting her all over.

Her pussy is seeping her juices. Its presence caught my attention, I move up in the direction that the fresh fragrance is coming from. I immediately dove my face into her pussy burying my tongue deep inside of her to gather all of the juices that I can.

" Ungh!" is Dani's response to this invasion. She can't believe how deep my tongue is going inside of her pussy. Its constant movement made it feel like a snake is slithering inside of her. But this 'snake' is lapping up all of the juices that it came in contact with.

Whenever I withdrew my tongue I would lick her clit in one long swipe. Each time that this happens she gurgles out a shout of pleasure. The rough texture of my tongue only added to the pleasure of its licking. It is like having sandpaper rubbing against her sensitive clitoris. My licking continues for fifteen minutes before I begin to move up her body and continue to kiss and lick her body.

I lick in and around her bellybutton then proceede to her tits. In doing so my body landed onto her stomach, knocking the breath out of her. My heavy body laying on top of her small petite body.

I begin licking the underside of her breast and proceed to her nipple then move to the other breast repeating the process. Dani breaths in a deep breath from my contact to her tits. I then drop my hands to her side lefting my body off of her, giving her breathing room, to her relief.

I'm now straddling her as I continue to suck her tits. Dani can't believe her nipples have attained a rigidity that they have never reached before in her life.

She just continued staring blankly at my tongue as it lavished attention on her tits. She can't voice her objection because she is enjoying the attention and the sensations it is causing.

Her only vocal response is " Mmmmm's" that escaped her lips occasionally. Never in her wildest fantasies would she have ever consented to this. Dani felt my cock growing further from my sexual excitement. She can't help girl spying on girl masturbateing be impressed at its length and girth.

The pinkish prick had grown to nine inches and begins taking the shape of a tree trunk. Thick near my balls and got fatter towards its head. When it finally reached its pinnacle, my cock measured nine inches long and thick as 5 inches. My hard cock shows no sign of sagging downward. As Dani continued enjoying her latest 'lover,' her stare grew wider in disbelief at my cock size. She is now worried that I may attempt to fuck her.

Its length and thickness causes her concern. Then her attention is brought back to her breast when I nip at her nipple. At this, she arches her back in response. 'At least he won't be able to fuck me.' She thought to herself. 'Not in this position at least.' She feels safe that I wanted to do it in the classical doggy position.

Imagine her surprise, as I lay down flat across her spread-eagled body. My head lay on top of her flattened breasts. Then she feels the warm presence of my huge cock against her leg. I move my body up over the top of her body, her eyes turn up as she pleads for this to end. The weight of my body against her naked body didn't help her. Its rubbing her only increases her unconscious acceptance of the rishtey me sex story ebony. She feels my hard cock pressing against her pussy.

She gives a final attempt at struggling free. But she has no leverage to assist her in her struggle. I'm now at her neck and begin kissing and biting her. Then my cock head made contact with her vulnerable pussy lips. Its heated presence against her labia got her excited all over again. I tried to push into her tight pussy. " Ooohh! God th. this can. can't b. be happ. happening," Dani exclaimed. The dry taut skin of my cock drags against her flesh that refused to part, twice more, before I lean back.

" Damn frigid cunt!" I reach down and begin to massage my crotch when Dani begins to cry. Dani is helpless to stop me. She can only lay there and submit to this, she screamed, when I force my cock into her barely wet pussy. I growl and grunted as I use my weight to push myself deeper. With every millimeter I progressed, Dani cringed at the embarrassing turn of events.

Feeling my cock being wrapped by the warm folds of her pussy, I begin thrusting forward. More and more of my cock is going into her. The warmth of my body over her only serves to excite her more. My warm body crushing her breasts is too much for her.

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She gasps out a moan in exhilaration. It is at this moment that I slip my tongue past her lips, inside her mouth. At first, Dani is disgusted at this intrusion. As I drove my tongue deeper down her throat she begins to reciprocate and return a French kiss herself.

Dani is groaning loudly now as she realizes how good this 'lover' is to her. Unconsciously, she begins humping fuck her wet pussy in the kitchen hips into my thrusts. She now realized that she wants me, she wants me completely inside her. She draws her knees up, this allows her better leverage to thrust up to me.

Her arms are wrapped around my torso, her fingernails are clawing and scratching my back. My knot at the base of my cock is swelling. Dani is now a willing participant to being fucked.

She is thrusting her hips up into my groin, allowing me to get even more of my cock inside her. She is pleasantly surprised that my cock is so wide that it is messaging her inner pussy walls and she loves it.

Nine full inches of cock has now bottomed out in her. The last vestige of my cock is the knot. In a final lunge it also broke past her pussy lips. Dani's eyes bugged out when that happened. She didn't know what just happened and it took her a few minutes to relax again.

I never stopped fucking her. Though I can't pull myself out now, the fucking continues. Her pussy lips being turned inside out as I slam into her, fast and merciless. Dani's body is shaking with each thrust and her breath came in short gasps.

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She somehow manages to trap my tongue back inside her mouth and is sucking on it lovingly. I allowed this and would slither my tongue robin and max are on the prowl again on their hunt for some mighty finy pussy they try to persuade t her oral recess. It is a good ten minutes before I finally ejaculated my cum into her waiting womb. Dani knew immediately when that occurred as she feels the powerful jets striking the very depth of her womb.

The heat that she feels down there is excruciating, but exhilarating as well. " OH Yesss, John! Fill me with your seed!" As he continued dumping his juices into her, Ruffus remained still.

Locked into the bitches cunt as he was he could do nothing else. When the final spurt finally ended he remained stuck into her. Shania thought that this was the end of it. She didn't yet realize that a dog could regain another load without ever disengaging from its mate. The inter species couple remained locked in place for twenty minutes before anything happened.

Then to the amazement of all, the dog began humping into the diva all over again. This went on even longer than the previous fuck. It took over fifteen minutes of constant fucking before I would shoot my second load. Dani had passed out after six minutes of this second fucking from exhaustion of her ordeal and from the numerous orgasms that she has experienced. I didn't care if she was awake or not, I just continued fucking to my satisfaction. A few minutes before I was about to shoot my third load, she regained consciousness.

It took her only a few seconds to recall what is going on. She concentrated her efforts on my thrusting cock in her cunt. She matches me thrust for thrust.

Finally, with a loud groan I begin shooting my third scalding load into this bitch of mine. I'm pumping so much cum into her clenching pussy, that some of it is spurting out of its tight suctioning clasp.

" OH! OH! Oh God, yessss!" she exclaimed in ecstasy. She wraps her legs around the back of me. She wraps her arms around my torso, hugging me tightly.

My final cum load lasted three continuous minutes before it finally stopped. Never had she been so filled with sperm in her entire life. During my climax, she had orgasm six times herself.

In total exhaustion, her legs fell open. I remain locked into her pussy for forty minutes. My knot wouldn't allow us to break free until a forty minutes has passed. This is nature's tool to assure that bitch would be impregnated after coupling. When my knot finally shrunk enough to permit it, I pull myself off of Dani's body. As soon as my huge penis pulls out of her pussy a stream of cum came out of her. I didn't leap off the bed, I just kneel there between her legs.

When the feeling finally returns to her body, Dani lifts herself up onto her elbows and gazes at me as I kneel there between her legs. My cock had shrunk but still is six inches long dangling before her. She sees a sheen of cum mixed with blood coating my cock. As she stared at my dangling penis, a thought crossed her mind. She can't believe that she is thinking of doing another session. But the masturbating teen with small natural tits jasmine jazz fingers her pussy she looks at my dripping cock the more she knew that she wanted another session as soon as I was hard again.

" John, I want you to fuck me again as soon as possible." She said. Dani still has some misgivings about what she just said to me, but her reluctance is quickly dissipating. I cleaned my cock and begin stroking it, after only a few strokes, I feel new life being pumped into my penis. Slowly, inexorably the organ begins to grow and stiffen. As more blood surged into its sex muscle, it would straighten up and out in my grasp. I love that lustful look of desire in her eyes as she lies with naked breasts pressed against the satin sheets and looks over her left shoulder at me kneeling behind, fully ready.

Her round ass is so sexy. The back of her thighs gradually merge with fleshy cheeks, each curving together to form a line, an erotic crevice, to be explored fully in only moments. I feel the heat of her skin when I place the fingers of my right hand on the top of one beautiful cheek. With my thumb under it, touching her inner thigh, I squeeze gently and feel the firmness of her under that soft padding. I do the same with my left hand on her other cheek before gently lifting and parting them, revealing the long pouting lips of her cum covered pussy, drooling slowly, and in desperate need of attention again.

Parting further, I am rewarded with the beautiful sight of her puckered anus clenched tightly against all intruders. I lean in close, tongue outstretched, for quick short flicks that will make her gasp in surprise, and when I stop, whimper for more. Pouring warmed lubricant between her ass cleavage, I watch a slippery bead of clear lube roll slowly over her anus before mixing with her excitement and dripping to the sheets between her parted thighs.

I think more is necessary for the pleasure that is to come. Inching forward on my knees, I rest my rock hard cock in the valley between her cheeks. The first sensation is the heat of her skin against the sensitive underside of my cock.

I feel her fingers gently touch my balls as she reaches under her body and gently presses them against her wet pussy lips.

I hear her moan, urging me to take her. Pressing her cheeks together around my cock, I naughty eurobabe flashes tits and gets banged for cash slide back and forth along her ass, making my body shudder as shivers of pleasure shoot up and down my spine. I watch my cock head, covered in excess lubricant, emerge from between her cheeks with each thrust as I " titty fuck" her ass cheeks.

I pace myself or I will cum before I do her bidding by thrusting deeply into her ass. With the helmeted head of my cock positioned against her anus, I lift my hips to change the angle of attack, and press on my rigid cock with my thumb, watching as she slowly yields to the steady pressure.

She breathes deep and holds her breath with her eyes tightly shut and teeth clenched tight. I don't know whether it is the unrelenting pressure, unstoppable slipperiness of the lubricant, or sheer force of will, but I feel the powerful muscle around her anus gradually yield as the tip of my cock slowly slides into her ass.

I pause to let her body adjust to me. Looking down at her ass, I part her cheeks wide and am rewarded with a erotic sight. The head of my cock is entirely engulfed by her, with the now stretched skin of her anus tightly gripping my hard shaft. Pushing with my hips I watch my cock slowly disappear between her beautiful cheeks.

Two inches in, I pull back slowly only to stop just before popping out. I push back in, three inches this time, four the next, then five, then finally my full length deep into her ass. The sensation is wonderful. Her ultra tight ass grabbing at my cock from all sides at once, and the stimulation is relentless as I slide slowly outward and back again and again. I feel her every twitch and spasm no matter how minute.

But as she reaches up and starts fingering her engorged clit, the spasms became stronger and stronger, squeezing my cock tighter within her. Her animal moans of pleasure urges me deeper and faster. I comply with long thrusts in and out of that beautiful ass.

My balls lift and tingle in anticipation of the orgasm to come, while my cock and pelvic muscles clench tight. Her body tremors as she arches her back and cries out. My balls slap against her pussy as I slam deeper in and out of her ass. I watch her body shaking as her ass clenches around my cock, grasping it with erratic spasms. I feel my balls contract and a euphoric sense of pleasure radiating from my cock. Her body bucking in violent shudders as she cries out in pleasure.

I feel her juices gush against my tightening balls and inner thighs. I plunge deep and squeeze hard, pausing, trying desperately to maintain control.

Her lipstick brunette bunny freedom fucks a bbc hardcore and big dick clamps hard around my pulsing cock shaft pushing me past the point of no return. I feel my cock and pelvic muscles spasm uncontrolled. I am cumming. Euphoria. My cock thrusting deeper, my body jerking as my cock spurts cum deep inside her ass. One, two, three spurts, then continued spasms diminishing in intensity. Her body continues its orgasmic contractions, classy hottie ass rides dildo every drop of cum from my cock.

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Aftershocks continue to ripple through our bodies as the waves of pleasure slowly recede. After several minutes coupled like that, I realize that my cock is buried very deep in her beautiful ass, and that its firmness may be causing discomfort at this point.

I slowly pull my hips back, sliding outward and hear her sigh contently. She clenches for only a moment or two, sending renewed shudders through my body. I can't help but wonder what sensations she is feeling. I look down and see my cock emerge from her ass slowly, leaving a trail of white spunk against her soft skin. I watch as she pushes gently as a gob of cum drips from her ass and runs downward along her pussy lips before dripping to the sheets below. I crawl up her body slowly and lower my chest to her back, feeling the warmth of her skin against mine.

Her eyes closed, I place each of my hands on the back of hers as our fingers entwine. I watch her lips form a smile with eyes closed, and kiss the side of her neck gently before drifting off with a smile of my own.