Teen couple naughty teen ladies share a boyplayfellow

Teen couple naughty teen ladies share a boyplayfellow
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Memories Past Sometimes memories of past events that could have happened never did. At the time maybe I didn't realize the opportunity (swish over my head) because of a lack of inexperience?

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Or perhaps a lack of self worth? Or Judged by another not to fit the bill so to speak.

Never cry over spilled milk just learn to keep it in the glass and partake of its sweet flavor. Sex between a man abd a woman it a good example.

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Eventually I have reached a point in my life where performace is lacking but oh the memories of the sweet nectar of love and passion. The aroma of sexual gratification. The after glow and sounds of a woman in the throes of orgasmic ecstasy!

Oh to be young again if only for a day. And then perhaps pass to the other side of life to hopefully one day live again or couple with your soul mate near heaven. Not to be judged by other souls but by your own mind.

Remembering the human failures I have done. The good deeds are cherished and bring tears. Does it take several lifetimes to get God's commandments right to be the "perfect being." And achieve perfection and ultimately heaven? Or am I to be recycled like a plant or animal? Or perhaps I just die and leave room on earth for offspring and others of my kind.

Peace to All